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Collection of jlSottl) Catoliniana 


V. I 

This hook must not 
he taken from the 
Library building. 

LUNC-15M N.36 


VOL. 1—1936-37 




Volume I 

JOHN S. RAMOND, Compiler-Publisher 

Copyright, 1936 




HEREWITH I present to Southern Baptists my first 
volume of biographical sketches. In the compil- 
ing, editing and publishing of this work I have en- 
deavored to serve my beloved denomination to the 
best of my ability along the line of my talents. This 
has been a labor of love. 

For obvious reasons this work could not have been 
done officially by the denomination. 

This is an informational directory. It is in no sense 
discriminatory. It is not a publicity stunt. Names 
were suggested by a committee in each state of from 
three to five outstanding Baptists. Appreciation is 
hereby expressed for this service rendered. Names 
of committeemen are omitted, as most of them made 
this request. 

Every effort was made to secure all the sketches 
possible. No charge was made nor was any other 
financial obligation imposed for placing sketches in 
the book. Coming in has been purely voluntary. Some 
few refused. A number failed to reply after repeated 
requests for sketches. The vast majority responded 
promptly and enthusiastically. No sketch was turned 
down whether it had been requested or not. Literally 
hundreds wrote letters of commendation and encour- 

I fully realize this volume is incomplete. Probably 
no book of its kind could be complete. There are thou- 
sands yet who ought to be included. I hope to cover 
many of them in a second volume shortly. 

No responsibility is assumed for the authenticity of 
the data given, although it is believed to be correct. 

If this volume is found generally helpful now for its 
informational content, and of value later for historical 


purposes, the year of hard labor consumed in its pro- 
duction will be considered an enduring investment in 
Kingdom work. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 


May 15, 1936. 
Shreveport, La. 


S the names are alphabetically arranged, there is 
no need for an Index or Table of Contents. 

A word as to whose sketches are included in 
AMONG SOUTHERN BAPTISTS, Vol. I, 1936-37, may 
be in order. 

In this volume are the four hundred Foreign Mis- 
sionaries of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

All of the heads of the Southwide denominational 
agencies and institutions are listed. 

Herein are 100 per cent of the State Mission Secre- 
taries, and most of the Editors, Sunday School, Baptist 
Training Union, and Woman's Missionary Union Sec- 
retaries, Book Store Managers, College Presidents, 
Hospital Superintendents, Children's Home or Orphan- 
age Superintendents, Moderators of Associations, and 
Pastors of the larger churches of the South. 

Sketches will be found, also, of scores of individuals 
who do not come under any of the foregoing classifi- 
cations, including leading laymen and women. 

Therefore, it is believed that this initial effort is rep- 
resentative of the leadership and of a cross section of 
Southern Baptist Zion. 


Among Southern Baptists 


Pastor, Hamlin Memorial Church, 
Springfield, Mo.; born, Walhalla, S. 
C, Oct. 8, 1882; son of Louisa Al- 
exander and Wilburn Abbott; edu- 
cation, Furraan Univ., Richmond 
Col., Th.B., Sou. Bapt. Theol. Sem.; 
ordained, 1908; married Bertha Lee 
Deal, Nov. 24, 1910, daughter of 
Mary Ann and Jeremiah Deal; 
children, Bertha Deal, teacher, 
Murphysboro, 111., Thomas, Jr., Fur- 
man Univ., Greenville, S. O, Wil- 
burn J., Ethel Vashti, Billy McNeil, 
Mary Alexander, deceased; pastor, 
English, Ky.; Turners, Ky. ; Glen- 
view, Ky.; Blue Grass Park Church, 
Lexington, Ky. ; Centerville, Va.; 
Lake Drummond, Va. ; Gilmerton, 
Va.; First Church, Franklin, Ohio; 
First Church, Murphysboro, 111.; 
Hamlin Memorial Church, Spring- 
field, Mo., to date; denominational: 
moderator, Southern 111. Bapt. 
Assn.; member, State Bapt. Bd., 
111.; moderator, Green County Bapt. 
Assn., Springfield, Mo.; Pres., Min- 
isterial Alliance, Murphysboro, 111. 
Address: 2051 N. Douglas St., 
Springfield, Mo. 


Missionary to the Mexicans, Bo- 
vina, Tex.; born, Murray, la., May 
17, 1894; daughter of Annie Viola 
Abernathy and John Nelson Mes- 
senger of Murray, la.; education, 
High School; married B. Preston 
Abbott of Bovina, Tex., Sept. 4, 
1913, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 
Abbott; children, John Benjamin, 
Waco, Tex.; teacher, Bovina, segre- 
gated schools, 7 years; missionary, 
Tierra Blanca Association, 11 years; 
missionary, Plains Association, 5 
years; missionary, State Plains As- 
sociation, 6 years; messenger vari- 

ous conventions; 0. E. S. Address: 
Bovina, Tex. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Hannibal, Mo.; born, Menfro, Mo., 
Route 1, Nov. 11, 1895; son of Em- 
ory Franklin and Nora (Yarbor- 
ough) Abernathy; education, A.A., 
Will Mayfield College, A.B., South- 
east Missouri State Teachers Col- 
lege, Th.M., Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained 
May 17, 1917; married Sula Eaker 
of Zalma, Mo., Aug. 5, 1923, daugh- 
ter of Arthur and Ollie (Vance) 
Eaker; children, Dean Judson and 
Floy Jean; pastor, country Baptist 
churches, New Bethel, Iona, Granel 
Hill and Round Pond, Mo., 1916-20; 
pastor, village churches, Diehlstadt, 
Advance, Glen Allen and Puxico, 
1918-22; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Illmo, Mo., 1922-26; First 
Baptist Church, Tioga, Tex., 1927- 
30; Calvary Baptist Church, Hanni- 
bal, since 1930; member Board of 
Trustees, Hannibal-LaGrange Col- 
lege, Hannibal, Mo., 1930 — ; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee, Hanni- 
bal-LaGrange College; Clubs: A. 
F. and A. M., St. Johns Lodge No. 
28, Hannibal. Home and office: 
2138 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Huntington, Ark., April 2, 
1894; educated, Greenwood High 
School, Oklahoma State Normal; 
married J. A. Abernathy, June 20, 
1925; appointed Oct. 10, 1928. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Iredell County, N. O, Jan. 3, 



1896; education, Hiddenite State 
High School, University of North 
Carolina, Southwestern Baptist 
Seminary; appointed Dec. 5, 1924, 
on field; country evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Washington, D. C. ; born, Cedar 
Rapids, la., Nov. 12, 1872; son of 
Mary Elizabeth Jones, Vt., and Wm, 
Judson Abernethy, Conn.; educa- 
tion, Univ. of Minn., Univ. of Chi- 
cago; degrees, B.A., D.D. (Shurt- 
left, 1912, Denison Univ., 1925); or- 
dained, June, 1899; married Jane 
Rickard, Oct. 5, 1899, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rickard; chil- 
dren, Robert William (deceased), 
Theodore Judson, Bradford, Sher- 
man, 111.; work: pastor, Baptist 
Church, Berwyn, 111., 1899-1912; 
pastor, First Church, Kansas City, 
Mo., 1912-1921; pastor, Calvary 
Church, Washington, D. C, 1921 to 
date; denominational: American 
Baptist Home Mission Society 
(Pres., 1916-17); American Baptist 
Foreign Mission Society (Pres., 
1921-23); Pres., Northern Baptist 
Convention, 1933-34; member, Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Baptist* World 
Alliance; author: "Left - Handed 
Folks"; clubs: Mason, 32°; Delta 
Tau Delta, Teta Sigma, Theta 
Phi; served with Y. M. C. A. over- 
seas, 191S-19. Address: Calvary 
Baptist Church, Washington, D. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Earle, Ark.; born, Mansfield, La., 
Nov. 12, 1903; son of Maggie Butler 
and W. E. Abington of Mansfield, 
La.; education, A.B., Union Univer- 
sity, Th.B., Baptist Bible Institute; 
ordained, Colesium Baptist Church, 
New Orleans, La., Apr. 12, 1924; 
married Mary Edith James of 
Humboldt, Tenn., July 8, 1925, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 
James; children, Mary Catherine, 
Robert Butler, James William; 
pastor, country churches, 1924-1928; 
pastor, Bartlett, Tenn., 1928; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Anna, 111., 
1929-1930; pastor, Malesus, Tenn., 

1931-1933; pastor, Bartlett, Tenn., 
1933-1934; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Earle, Ark., 1935 to date, 
State Mission Board, Illinois, 1929- 
1930; Baptist Memorial Hospital, 
Memphis, Tenn., trustee, 1935 to 
date; secretary Board of Control, 
Jonesboro Baptist College, Jones- 
boro, Ark. Address: Earle, Ark. 


Pastor, East Hill Baptist Church, 
Pensacola, Fla.; born, Kenton, 
Tenn., June 25, 1883; son of Belle 
Ridgeway of Kenton, Tenn., and 
William Alpheus Abney of Green- 
field, Tenn.; education, B.S. and 
A.B.; ordained Dec. 25, 1908, Wal- 
nut Grove Baptist Church, Kenton, 
Tenn.; married Eulalia Wilkins of 
Leesburg, Fla., June 25, 1912, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wilkins; 
children, Sarah Belle, Blue Moun- 
tain, Miss., Chester A., Jackson, 
Tenn., Truett R., Winford, Lois and 
Lorene; teacher, public schools, 
West Tennessee, 9 years; pastor, 
Baptist churches, West Tennessee 
and West Kentucky, 3 years; pas- 
tor, Twelfth Street Baptist Church, 
Paducah, Ky., 1916-1918; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Arlington, 
Ky., 1918-1925; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Brookport, 111., 1925- 
1929; pastor, East Hill Baptist 
Church, Pensacola, Fla., 1929 to 
date; moderator, West Kentucky 
Association 6 years; moderator, 
Union Association, Illinois, 4 years; 
moderator, Pensacola Bay Associa- 
tion, 4 years; State Board of Mis- 
sions, 2 years; Illinois State Mis- 
sion Board, 4 years; member Flori- 
da State Mission Board, 6 years; 
Appropriation Committee, Florida 
State Mission Board, 3 years; presi- 
dent, West Florida Assembly, 1 
year; director, West Florida As- 
sembly; president, Pensacola Min- 
isters' Association, 1 year. Address: 
1315 E. Gadsen St., Pensacola, Fla. 


Dean, San Marcos Baptist Acade- 
my, San Marcos, Tex.; born, Rock 
Branch, Miss., Nov. 30, 1871; son of 
Lucy Matilda Caroline Brown of 



Hart County, Georgia, and John 
Beck Abney of Elbert County, Geor- 
gia; education, A.B., M.A., Grayson 
College, A.B., Baylor University; 
married Mary Magdeline Mercer of 
Palmer, Tex., Aug. 12, 1900, daugh- 
ter of John B. and Susanna Lockert 
Mercer; children, Lucy Sue (Mrs. 
W. J. Williams), Waco, Tex., Mil- 
dred Lee (Mrs. G. Tom Bigham), 
Lampasas, Tex., Mary Dee; mod- 
erator, San Marcos Association, 
1919-1921; Mason, Kiwanis, Pi 
Gamma Mu; chairman, board of 
deacons, First Baptist Church, San 
Marcos, Tex. Address: San Mar- 
cos Baptist Academy, San Marcos, 


Born, Pulaski County, Kentucky, 
Jan. 5, 1871; son of Nancy C. Car- 
rier of Lincoln County, Kentucky, 
and Joel Acton of Pulaski County, 
Kentucky; education, Pennsylvania 
University, receiving M.D.; married 
Hattie Gooch of Lincoln County, 
Kentucky, July 18, 1894, daughter 
of Fountain and Patsy Gooch; chil- 
dren, H. M. Acton, Birmingham, 
Ala.; superintendent, Sunday 
School, Glasgow Baptist Church, 
Glasgow, Ky., 16 years; clerk, 
Glasgow Baptist Church, 13% years; 
deacon, Glasgow Baptist Church, 
Glasgow, Ky., .30 years; assistant 
moderator, Liberty Association; 
Mason, Knight of Pythias. Address: 
Glasgow, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Dairen, China; 
born, Brooklyn, Ala., July 14, 1883; 
education, Judson College, 1903, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1907; ap- 
pointed May 27, 1909; married W. 
W. Adams, Tengchow, Oct. 28, 1909; 
evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Cynthiana Baptist Church, 
Cynthiana, Ky.; born, Nelson 
Co., Ky., Dec. 13, 1897; son of Susie 
E. Crume, Nelson Co., Ky., and Jos. 
G. Adams, Washington Co., Ky.; 
education, Bardstown H. S., A.B., 

Georgetown Col., and Southern 
Sem.; ordained, Sept. 1, 1918, Mill 
Creek Ch.; married Kathleen Col- 
liver, Carlisle, Ky., July 15, 1925, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott 
Colliver; children, Marjorie Adams, 
Cynthia, Ky.; work: pastor, Dry 
Run Ch., Scott Co., Ky.; Butler, 
Ky.; Short Creek Ch., Pendleton 
Co., Ky.; Millersburg, Ky., and 
Cynthiana, Ky. ; alumni secy., 
Georgetown Col., Georgetown, Ky.; 
Pres., Millersburg Col., Millersburg, 
Ky. ; denominational: Pres., Ky. 
Bapt. Assembly; member, Bd. of 
Control, Clear Creek Mountain 
Springs, Pineville, Ky.; member, 
State Bd. of Missions; member, Bd. 
of Trustees, Georgetown Col.; Pres., 
Ky. Bapt. Ed. Society; Supt., Union 
Assn. S. S. organization; charter 
member, Pi Kappa Delta Forensic 
Fraternity, Georgetown Col.; mem- 
ber, Rotary Club; charter member, 
and Pres., Bd. of Control of Cynthi- 
ana Public Library. Address: Mil- 
ler St., Cynthiana, Ky. 


Pastor, First Church, Richmond, 
Va. ; born, Palmyra, N. Y., Sept. 
26, 1898; son of Evelyn Parkes and 
Floyd H. Adams; education, B.A., 
Denison Col., 1921, B.D., Rochester 
Theol. Sem., 1924; ordained May, 
1924; married Esther Jilson, Feb. 
26, 1925, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Frank W. Jilson; children, Betsy 
Anne, Theodore F., Jr., John Jilson; 
pastor, Cleveland Hts. Ch., Cleve- 
land, O., 1924-27; Ashland Ave. Ch., 
Toledo, O., 1927-36; First Ch., Rich- 
mond, Va., 1936-....; member, Ex- 
ecutive Com. of the Baptist World 
Alliance. Home address: 24 Albe- 
marle Ave.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Boulevard and Monument 
Ave., Richmond, Va. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Dairen, China; 
born, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 
April 21, 1877; education, Pierce 
City Baptist College, Missouri State 
Normal College, Cheney, Wash., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 



nary, Th.M., 1908; appointed June 
1908; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Church, Norland; 
born, July 10, 1876, Carroll Co., 
Tenn., son of Caline Mills and Al- 
fred Marion Adcock of Lavinia, 
Tenn.; education: Union Univ., D. 
D. ; married, Feb. 25, 1904, Frances 
Rives of Mansfield, La., daughter of 
Emma Durham and Albert Martin 
Rives; children, Frances Rives 
(Mrs. Dr. B. H. Bailey), Sandston, 
Va., Emma Caroline (Mrs. Dr. John 
H. Davis), Memphis, Tenn.; pastor, 
Marianna, Ark., 1901-..; Mans- 
field, La., 1902-04; Bunkie, La., 
1904-06; Leesville, La., 1906-09; 
Tallahassee, Fla., 1911-1919; Orlan- 
da, Fla., 1919 to date; F. & A., Ma- 
son, Blue Lodge, York Rite, Royal 
Arch, Knight Templar, Shrine, 
Rotary. Address: 63 E. Livingston 
Ave., Orlanda, Fla. Office address: 
in church, Cor. Main and Price Sts., 


Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage 
Loans; born, Pickens County, South 
Carolina, May 24, 1889; son of Jef- 
ferson Davis and Mollie D. Aiken; 
education, Furman University; mar- 
ried Pearl Ellis of Florence, S. C, 
Dec. 28, 1909, daughter of Osborne 
Saunders Ellis; children, Osborne 
Saunders, Florence, S. C, Mary 
(Mrs. P. S. Knox, Jr.) of Thomson, 
Ga., Peggy, Jefferson Boone, Jr., 
and John Davis, Florence, S. C; as- 
sistant treasurer, Sullivan Markley 
Hardware Company, Greenville, S. 
C, 1909-13; business manager, 
Greenville Daily Piedmont, Green- 
ville, S. C, 1914; real estate and 
insurance, Florence, S. C, as owner 
of Aiken & Co., Florence, S. C, 1915 
to date; also president, Industrial 
Loans, Inc.; Universal Motors; 
Aiken Investment Company; vice 
president, Standard Motor Com- 
pany; Hyman Motors, Inc., and di- 
rector several other companies; dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Florence, 
S. C, since 1922; general chair- 
man, First Baptist Church Build- 

ing Campaign; past president, 
Furman Alumni Association; teach- 
er, Men's Bible Class, First Baptist 
Church, 10 years; chairman, local 
75 M. Campaign; past president, 
Rotary Club; past district governor, 
Rotary International; past master, 
Masonic Lodge; past commander, 
K. T.; past high priest, Royal Arch 
Masons; past president, Country 
Club; director, Y. M. C. A. Home: 
611 W. Pine St.; office: corner 
Evans and Irby Sts., Florence, S. C. 


Lieutenant Commander (Chap- 
lain Corps) United States Navy, 
U.S.S. Tennessee, San Pedro, Calif.; 
born, Elma, la., March 31, 1894; 
son of Susan Beck and Francis Ja- 
cob Albert; education, Commercial 
Course, Junior College, and Cedar 
Valley Seminary, Osage, la., George 
Washington University, Richmond 
University, Union Theological Semi- 
nary, Divinity School, Chicago Uni- 
versity, degree, Bachelor of Sa- 
cred Literature; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. ; 
married Fern Olson, June 9, 1920, 
White Temple, San Diego, Calif.; 
children, Virginia May, Fern Marie, 
Francis Lee, Jr., Betty Lu; Depart- 
ment of State, Washington, D. C, 2 
years; Spanish and Portuguese 
translator, Southern Railway, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn.; assistant pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Richmond, 
Va.; pastor, Boulevard Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va.; chaplain, 
U. S. Navy, 1918 to date, visiting 21 
countries on 5 continents; author: 
"A Collection of Seventy-five 
Poems," "Primitive Customs and 
Beliefs Among the Natives of Amer- 
ican Samoa," "Chamorro Legends 
from Guam," "History and Progress 
of American Education in Guam," 
"The Hawaiian Islands," "Life's 
Best Philosophy"; Tri Phi, Tau 
Kappa Alpha, Scottish Rite, Sciots; 
national chaplain, Ancient Egyptian 
Order of Sciots; chaplain, American 
Legion, California, 1929-1930; Ro- 
tary; Gulf Coast Council, Boy 
Scouts of America. Permanent 



home: Osage, la.; present address: 
3001 Vista St., Long Beach, Calif. 


Teacher, T. E. L. Class, Sanders- 
ville Baptist Church, Sandersville, 
Ga.; born, Sandersville, Ga.; June 
15, 1874; daughter of Martha Eliza- 
beth Mathis and Thomas Harris 
Sparks of Sandersville, Ga.; educa- 
tion, Sandersville School, private 
teachers; married Jack W. Aldred 
of Davisboro, Ga.; state office, 
Georgia W. C. T. U., 10 years; state 
office, Georgia U. D. C, 2 years; 
superintendent, W. M. U., Wahsing- 
ton Association, 18 years; officer, 
W. M. U., East Central Division, 
Georgia, 4 years; teacher, T. E. L. 
Class, Sandersville Baptist Church, 
Sandersville, Ga., 15 years to date; 
Young People's Leader, East Central 
Division, W. M. XL, 1 year; D. A. R., 
Garden Club, 20th Century Club, 
W. T. C. U., Woman's Club, W. M. 
S., First Baptist Church, Sanders- 
ville, Ga., Peace Society. Address: 
Sandersville, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Blanco, Tex., May 19, 1886; 
education, Blanco High School, 
Baylor University, State University, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1917; ap- 
pointed, Sept., 1920. Pooi To Girls' 


Pastor, De Leon, Tex.; born, Mar- 
lin, Tex., Oct. 17, 1900; son of Ag- 
nes Lenora Giquel of Marlin, Tex., 
and Doc M. Alexander of Austin, 
Tex.; education, 4 years, San Mar- 
cos Acad.; 3 years, Baylor Univ.; 
1 year, Howard Payne Col., Brown- 
wood, Tex., receive. A.B. next year; 
ordained July 16, 1923; married 
Flossie E. Williams of Phelps, Tex., 
Nov. 19, 1922, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. H. L. Williams; work: S. A. & 
A. P., H.B. & T. railroads, Hous- 
ton, Tex., beginning 1914 to help 
support widowed mother; pastor, 
Sugar Land, 2 yrs.; Kyle Church, 
iy 2 yrs.; Lytton Springs Cr., 5 yrs.; 

Clear Fork Ch., 4 yrs.; Elm Mott 
Ch., 3 yrs.; DeLeon, 1934- ; de- 
nominational: State B. T. U. Exec. 
Bd., 1935, and B. T. U. Pres. for 
Dist. 16, Texas; Pres., B. T. U. Co- 
manche Assn., Tex.; also organizer; 
worked in San Marcos and Waco 
Assns.; author: tracts, "God's Plan 
of Salvation," and "The New 
Birth"; I. O. O. F., Chamber of 
Commerce, De Leon. Address: Box 
302, De Leon, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Florence, S. C; born, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Sept. 23, 1889; son of Martha 
Kay Foreman and William Booth 
Alexander of Philadelphia, Pa.; edu- 
cation, A.B., 1907, Temple Univer- 
sity School of Theol. 1908-09; Cro- 
zer Theo. Sem., 1916; D.D., Fur- 
man University 1931; ordained, 
Wayland Memorial Baptist Church, 
Philadelphia, Pa., April 6, 1916; 
married Eva Elizabeth Edge of 
Philadelphia, Pa., June 28, 1911, 
daughter of Catherine Irvine and 
Geo. Edge; children, Ruth Catherine 
(Mrs. John C. Cowell, Jr.), Fayette- 
ville, N. C; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Winchester, Va., 1916-1918; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Stam- 
ford, Tex., 1918-1921; pastor, Mant- 
va Baptist Church, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1921-1922; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Rock Hill, S. C, 1922-1928; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Flor- 
ence, S. C, 1928 to date; trustee, 
Coker College, 1928 to date; trustee. 
Baptist Bible Institute, 1930 to 
date; trustee, Baptist Hospital, Co- 
lumbia, S. C, 1933 to date; traveled, 
1912 British Isles; 1934 Europe and 
Holy Land; author: "Holy Hours 
in the Holy Land"; contributor to 
magazines, denominational papers; 
Rotary, Kiwanis. Address: Flor- 
ence, S. C. 


Statistician for Southern Bap- 
tists; born, Brooksville, Ala., May 
30, 1875; son of Emma Viola South 
and Dr. P. G. Alldredge; education, 
B.A., M.A., B.Th., Baylor Univ., M. 



Th., Southern Sem., D.D. degree by 
Ouachita Col., 1917, and Baylor 
Univ., 1920; ordained, July, 1900; 
married Barbara Taliaferro, Oct. 5, 
1904, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. 
Taliaferro; children, Eugene Perry, 
Jr., and Mary Taliaferro; pastor, 
Kosse, Tex., Groesbeck, Tex., Mexia, 
Tex. (1899-1904); Amarillo, Tex., 
1905-06; Ervay St. Ch., Dallas, 10 
months; sent to New Mexico to die, 
June, 1907; pastor, Portales, N. 
Mex., 1909-11; State Sec, N. Mex., 
1911-12'; pastor, Immanuel Ch., Lit- 
tle Rock, 1913-19; State Sec, Ark., 
1919-20; came to S. S. Bd., Sept. 15, 
1920; established Dept. of Survey, 
Statistics, Information; still serv- 
ing; author: "Southern Baptist 
Hand Book," annually since 1921; 
"Southern Baptists Working To- 
gether," "The New Challenge of 
Home Missions," "Southern Bap- 
tists in World Service," and oth- 
ers; won Texas Inter-collegiate med- 
al for Oratory, 1899; member, 
Charities and Corrections Commit- 
tee of Ark., 1914-18; only minister 
to serve in Constitutional Conven- 
tion, Ark., 1918. Home Address: 
1407 Elmwood Ave.; office: 161 8th 
Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn. 


State Sunday School Superin- 
tendent and Brotherhood Leader, 
Tennessee, Nashville, Tenn.; born, 
Petersburg, Tex., Jan. 9, 1904; son 
of Lela Dillard and John Wiley 
Allen of Belton, Tex.; education, 
West Texas State Teachers' Col- 
lege; B.B.A., Texas University; M. 
R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; married Martha 
Washington Pipkin of San Angelo, 
Texas, June 18, 1930, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pipkin; chil- 
dren, Caylor Drew; secretary, Uni- 
versity Baptist Church, Austin, 
Tex., 1923-1926; secretary to Dr. J. 
M. Price, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1926-1927; 
financial secretary, Gambrell Street 
Baptist Church, 1927-1929 ; assistant 
Sunday School secretary, Texas, 
1929-1934; president, B. S. U., Con- 
vention of Texas, 1927-1928; associ- 

ate to Dr. Frank Tripp, First Bap- 
tist Church, St. Joseph, Mo., 1934- 
1935; educational director, East 
Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Dal- 
las, Tex., 1935; superintendent, 
Sun. School and Brotherhood Work, 
Tennessee, 1935 to date. Home: 
3816 Central Ave., Nashville, Tenn.; 
office: 149 Sixth Ave. N., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 


Pastor, Marion, S. C; born, Latta, 
S. C; son of Theodisia Cox of Flor- 
ence, S. O, and William B. Allen 
Latta, S. C; education, B.A., Fur 
man Univ., Greenville, S. C; Sou 
Bapt. Sem., Louisville, Ky. ; or 
dained, August, 1909; married Lot 
tie Baker of Nichols, S. C, May 11 
1910, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M 
D. Baker; children, B. F., Jr., Mul 
lins, S. O, Gerald B., High Point 
N. C, Euzelia, Eldridge, Cecil C. 
Joyce; Supt., City School, Simpson 
ville, S. C, 1906-07; insurance 
agent during summer, 1907; Y. M. 
C. A. Sec, Thomasville, Ga., 1907; 
pastor, Denmark, S. C; Batesburg, 
S. C; Elloree, S. C; Honea Path, 
S. O; Immanuel Ch., Florence, S. 
O; Johnston, S. O, and Marion, S. 
C, to date; denominational: mod- 
erator of Assn.; trustee, Greenville 
Woman's Col., and S. C. Bapt. 
Hospital; Lions Club, Kiwanis, Past 
Grand Chancellor of K. of P. for 
S. C. Address: Marion, S. C. 


Pastor, Western Avenue Church, 
Statesville, N. C; born, Latta, S. C, 
Nov. 7, 1901; son of Elizabeth Theo- 
dosia Cox, Florence, S. C, and Wil- 
liam Benjamin Allen, Latta, S. C; 
education, graduate Furman Uni- 
versity, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; degrees, A.B., Th.M., 
Ph.D.; ordained, Catfish Baptist 
Church, Latta, S. O, May 30, 1926; 
married Hattie Bell McCracken, Co- 
lumbus, Miss., Aug. 22, 1930, daugh- 
ter of Henry Austin and Carrie 
Adams McCracken; children, Jud- 
son Boyce; work: pastor, Baptist 
Church, McHenry, Ky., May 1, 1926- 
Sept. 30, 1929; pastor, Baptist 



Church, Utica, Ky., Oct. 1, 1929-July 
31, 1932; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Fairmount, N. C, Aug. 1, 
1932-Mar. 31, 1936; pastor, Western 
Avenue Baptist Church, States- 
ville, N. O, since April 1, 1936; 
served as fellow in Greek in 
the Department of New Testa- 
ment Interpretation, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1928-31; denominational: 
General Board, North Carolina Bap- 
tist State Convention; Promotion 
Committee, North Carolina Baptist 
State Convention; chairman, Pro- 
motion Committee, Robeson District 
Association; author: writer for 
Senior B. Y. P. U. Quarterly and 
The Teacher, published by Sun- 
day School Board, Southern 
Baptist Convention; clubs: mem- 
ber, Rotary Club, Fairmont, N. C. 
Address: Statesville, N. C. 


Pastor, First Church, Fountain 
City, Knoxville, Tenn. ; born near 
Camden, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1883; son 
of Mary Eveline Fisher and Daniel 
Jackson Allen of Camden, Tenn.; 
education, Southwestern Bapt. 
Theol. Sem., Ft. Worth, Tex., 2 
yrs.; B.S., A.B. degrees; ordained, 
June, 1911; married Oakley Brown 
of Alexandria, Tenn., June . 3, 
1908, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. 
W. Brown; children, Mary Evelyn, 
David Edgar, Martha Brown, Oak- 
ley Grace, Samuel Judson; chair of 
Mathematics, Hall-Moody Col., 1907- 
10; Pres., Lynnland Col., 1910-11; 
Sem., 1911-13; pastor, Mt. Vernon, 
Ky., 1913-15; First Ch., Rockwood, 
Tenn., 1916-17; Beaver Dam, Ky., 
1917-19; First Ch., Carrollton, Ky., 
1920, built $8,300 pastor's home; 
First Ch., Barbourville, Ky., built 
$75,000 church; Enlistment Sec, 
Northern half of Ala., 1923; pastor, 
First Ch., Horse Cave, Ky., built 
S. S. annex; First Ch., McMinnville, 
Tenn., 1926-28; Kingsport, Tenn., 
1928-31; Dickson, Tenn., Fountain 
City, Knoxville, Tenn., since 1934; 
denominational : moderator, vari- 
ous Bapt. Assns.; Tenn. Bapt. Exec. 
Bd.; member, Advisory Com., Bapt. 

Brotherhood of the South; director, 
75 Million Campaign in Ohio Assn., 
Beaver Dam, Ky., First Assn. in 
Ky. to go over the top with first 
year's cash payment; elected Evan- 
gelical Staff, Bapt. Home Mission 
Bd., but did not accept; preached 
special sermons in 10 states, held 
evangelistic meetings in 5 states. 
Address: Fountain City, Knoxville, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Fort Smith, Ark., Dec. 
10, 1892; education, Converse Col- 
lege, A.B., 1916, State Normal, W. 
M. U. Training School, B.M.T., 1921; 
appointed June 9, 1921; married 
W. E. Allen, 1922; teaching, Rio 


Pastor, Madison Avenue Baptist 
Church, Covington, Ky.; born, 
Smith's Grove, Ky., Aug. 28, 1868; 
son of Mary Dodson of Barren 
County, Kentucky, and James T. Al- 
len of Smith's Grove, Ky. ; educa- 
tion, A.B., Bethel College, Th.M. 
and Th.D., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained June 26, 
1901, Broadway Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky.; married Mary San- 
born of Wooster, O., May 5, 1909, 
daughter of Joseph G. and Kate 
Day Sanborn; children, Joseph S. 
Allen, Ann Arbor, Mich., James H.; 
pastor, Ft. Lawn, Harmony and 
Hopewell Baptist Churches, Chester 
County, South Carolina, 1901; pas- 
tor, Third Avenue Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1901-1904; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Wooster, O., 1905- 
1910; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Erie, Pa., 1911-1914; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Scottdale, Pa., 1914- 
1919; supply pastor, Pineville, Ky., 
1919; pastor, Madison Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Covington, Ky., 1919 to 
date; moderator, North Bend Bap- 
tist Association, 1925-1927; State 
Board of Missions, Kentucky, 1930- 
1932; trustee, Covington Public Li- 
brary, Covington, Ky., 1928 to date. 



Address: 2208 Sterrett Ave., Cov- 
ington, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Blenheim, S. C, 
Aug. 20, 1890; education, Guilford 
College, Furman University, A.B., 
1915, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; appointed June 11, 1919; 
country evangelistic work. 


Superintendent of Schools, War- 
ren County, Warrenton, N. C; born, 
Warrenton, N. C, March 21, 1887; 
son of Florence Davis of Louisburg, 
N. C, and Eugene S. Allen of War- 
renton, N. C; education, Wake For- 
est College, Columbia University, 
Harvard University, receiving A.B., 
and A.M. degrees; married Sue 
Council Broom of Hookerton, N. C, 
June 20, 1921, daughter of Robert 
Houston and Sue Council Broom; 
children, Isabel MacAllister, Fran- 
ces Jean, Edith Louise, John Ed- 
ward, Jr.; teacher, English, War- 
renton, N. C, 1907-1917; principal, 
Warrenton High School, Warren- 
ton, N. C, 1917-1919; superintend- 
ent of schools, Warren County, 1919 
to date; moderator, Tar River Bap- 
tist Association, 7 years; former 
vice president, Baptist State Con- 
vention, North Carolina; member 
Board of Trustees, Wake Forest Col- 
lege; teacher, Allen Bible Class, 
Warrenton Baptist Church, Warren- 
ton, N. C; deacon, Warrenton Bap- 
tist Church, Warrenton, N. C; au- 
thor: "Green Hill," "Masonic Re- 
view" '(30 volumes), "History of 
Brown's Baptist Church, 1785-1907," 
"Freshman Mortality," "Oral Eng- 
lish Practically Applied"; Commit- 
tee, International Relations; Na- 
tional Education Association; asso- 
ciate editor, "North Carolina Edu- 
cation"; Mason; honorary member 
Mason, England, Ireland, Scotland, 
France; co-editor, "American Gould 
History of Freemasonry," pub- 
lished, 1936; Knight Templar. 
Home: Bragg St., Warrenton, N. C; 

office: The Court House, Warren- 
ton, N. C. 


Retired, Tallapoosa, Ga.; born, 
Cleveland County, North Carolina, 
July 20, 1861; son of Sarah Eliza- 
beth Camp and Champion Allen of 
North Carolina; education, High 
School; married Hattie Evelyn 
Mann of Georgia, Dec. 14, 1884, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William 
D. F. Mann; children, Homer 
Loyd, Lockie (Mrs. T. L. Price), 
Alabama, Dewitt Champion, Ger- 
trude (Mrs. N. M. Price), Alabama, 
Lola (deceased), Hattie (Mrs. J. A. 
Canter), David M., L. P., Jr., Wil- 
liam Y. ; taught school, North Car- 
olina, 2 years; taught in school, 
Georgia, 45 years; clerk, Haralson 
County Association, 17 years; mod- 
erator, Haralson County Associa- 
tion, 2 years. Address: Tallapoosa, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Atlanta, Ga., 
March 6, 1894; education, W. M. U. 
Training School, B.M.T., 1917, City 
Hospital, Louisville, Ky.; married 
J. R. Allen, June 14, 1919; appoint- 
ed July 11, 1919; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Pass Christian and Bay 
St. Louis Baptist Churches, Pass 
Christian, Miss.; born near Slate 
Springs, Miss., July 28, 1877; son 
of Nancy Shaw and William Allen 
of Slate Springs, Miss.; education, 
B.P., Mississippi College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained Jan. 29, 1900; married Lillie 
L. Latimer of Utica, Miss., Sept. 
17, 1902, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
R. B. Latimer; children, Mrs. Mar- 
tha Story, Laurel, Miss.; pastor, 
Picayune Baptist Church, Picayune, 
Miss., 2y 2 years; pastor, Florence 
and Morton Baptist Churches, 5 
years; pastor, Shaw and Lyon Bap- 
tist Churches, 2 years; pastor, Lyon 
and Merigold Baptist Churches, 2 
years; pastor, Immanuel Baptist 



Church, Hattiesburg, 10 years; pas- 
tor, Pass Christian and Bay St. 
Louis Baptist Churches, 7 years; 
evangelist; State Convention Board, 
3 years; professor Religious Educa- 
tion, Mississippi Baptist Woman's 
College, 3 years; Building Commit- 
tee, Mississippi Baptist Woman's 
College; contributor, Baptist State 
paper; Scottish Rite Mason, Shrin- 
er, 0. E. S. Address: Pass Chris- 
tian, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Amory, Miss., Jan. 25, 
1892; education, Mississippi College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Th.M., 1918, Colgate Univer- 
sity; appointed June, 1921; teach- 
ing, Rio College. 


President, John B. Stetson Uni- 
versity, DeLand, Fla. ; born, Hico, 
Tex., Oct. 27, 1888; son of Maggie 
LeNoir and Abell Orville Allen of 
Hico, Tex.; education, A.B., Baylor, 
University, A.M. and Ph.D., Colum- 
bia University, LL.D., Simmons 
•University; married Gertrude Eu- 
daly of Hico, Tex., June 22, 1914, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Eu- 
daly; principal, H. S., Italy, Tex., 
1912-1914; principal, Ward School, 
Waco, Tex., 1915-1916; instructor, 
Latin, Baylor University, 1916-1918; 
professor, Secondary Education, 
Baylor University, 1918-1934; dean, 
Baylor University, 1924-1934; acting 
president, Baylor University, 1931- 
1932; vice president and dean, Bay- 
lor University, 1932-1934; president, 
John B. Stetson University, 1934 to 
date; vice president, Florida Bap- 
tist Convention, 1934-1935; member 
Southern Baptist Education Com- 
mission, 1932-1934; author: "A 
Study in Latin Prognosis"; con- 
tributor to educational magazines; 
Kiwanis; Cent. Fla. Council of Boy 
Scouts of America; board of gover- 
nors, DeLand Chamber of Com- 
merce; Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa 
Delta Pi, National Education As- 
sociation; member, Florida State 

Chamber of Commerce Research 
Committee; member Commission on 
Higher Education of Southern As- 
sociation of Colleges and Secondary 
Schools; Florida Education Associ- 
ation; life member, Texas State 
Teachers' Association; Baptist. 
Home: 144 E. Minn. Ave., DeLand, 
Fla.; office: John B. Stetson Uni- 
versity, DeLand, Fla. 


General merchant, Morristown, 
Tenn.; born, Hancock County, Ten- 
nessee, April 3, 1898; son of Lu- 
\erna Shockley, Thornhill, Tenn., 
and Grant Allen of Luther, Tenn.; 
married Minnie Belle Bryant of 
Bulls-Gay, Tenn., Aug. 27, 1922, 
daughter of Joseph and Alice Bry- 
ant; children, James Douglas; 
teacher and farmer, 4 years; min- 
ing, 2 years; salesman, 3 years; 
construction, 2 years; merchant, 9 
years; chairman, board of deacons, 
treasurer, choir director, B. T. U. 
leader, Sunday School teacher, lay 
preacher, Rocky Point Baptist 
Church, Morristown, Tenn.; treas- 
urer, member executive committee, 
orphans home committee, B. T. U. 
group leader, secretary pastors and 
laymen conference, president Lay- 
men's Brotherhood in Association; 
vice president, Tennessee B. T. U. 
Convention; Mason, member Junior 
0. U. A. M., secretary Grange. 
Address: Morristown, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lebanon, Tenn.; born, Gardner, 
Fla., Sept. 17, 1902; son of Naomi 
Whidden and William Lee Almand 
of Gardner, Fla.; education, Missis- 
sippi College, Baptist Bible Insti- 
tute, receiving A.B., Th.M.; or- 
dained, First Baptist Church, 
Gardner, Fla., July 31, 1921; mar- 
ried Madge Hatter of New Orleans, 
La., May 28, 1924, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. D. E. Hatter; children, 
David Lee, Margaret* Naomi; pas- 
tor, Amite, Da., 2 years; pastor, 
Angie and Natalbany, La., 3 years; 
pastor, Wesson Baptist Church, 
Wesson, Miss., 3 years; pastor, 


Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Hat- 
tiesburg, Miss., 2 years; pastor, 
Spencer Memorial Baptist Church, 
Tampa, Fla., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Lebanon, Tenn., 2 
years; moderator, Amite River As- 
sociation, Louisiana; clerk, Tangi- 
pahoa Parish Baptist Association, 
Louisiana; vice moderator, Wilson 
County Baptist Association, Ten- 
nessee; Resolutions Committee, 
Tennessee Baptist State Conven- 
tion; Scottish Rite, Mason, K. of P. 
Home: P. 0. Box 165, Lebanon, 
Tenn.; office: First Baptist Church, 
Lebanon, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wetumpka, Ala.; born, Albertville, 
Ala., July 15, 1901; son of Mary B. 
Wright and Marcus Nathaniel Amos 
of Albertville, Ala.; education, A.B., 
Howard College, Th.M. and Ph.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained Aug. 13, 1922; mar- 
ried Minnie Lee Eastman of Mem- 
phis, Tenn., May 12, 1932, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Eastman; pas- 
tor, Heflin, Ala., 1% years; pastor, 
Lewisport, Ky., S 1 /^ years, and 
other student pastorates; teacher, 
public schools, Etowah County, Ala- 
bama, 1 year; department of evan- 
.gelism, Alabama State Board, sum- 
mers, 1926-1927; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Wetumpka, Ala., 1935 
to date; executive board, Alabama 
Baptist State Convention, 1935- 
1936; author: "The Gnostic Back- 
ground of the First Epistle of 
John"; Lions. Address: Wetump- 
ka, Ala. 



Pastor's wife, Wetumpka, Ala.; 
born, Jackson, Miss., Jan. 19, 1904; 
daughter of Minnie Lee Bullock of 
McComb, Miss., and Harold Leroy 
Eastman of Minn, and La.; educa- 
tion, high school (Milligan Col.), 
B. M. T. (W- M. U. Training- 
School), registered nurse (Louis- 
ville City Hosp.), summer schools 
and business course; married Ho- 
bart Palmer Amos of Albertville, 

Ala., May 12, 1932; stenographer 2 
summers, Memphis, Tenn.; teacher 
and supervisor of pediatrics, City 
Hospital, Louisville, Ky., 2 yrs. ; 
private duty, nursing, 2 summers; 
resident nurse, Sou. Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., 4 yrs.; Music and Magazine 
Club; S. S. teacher, B. T. U. leader. 
Address: Wetumpka, Ala. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, 
Africa; born, San Diego, -Calif., 
Aug. 11, 1902; education, Pomono 
College, B.A. and M.A.; appointed 
July 29, 1927; married J. C. Anders, 
Aug. 29, 1927. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, 
Africa; born, Norfolk, Va., June 20. 
1897; education, Fork Union Uni- 
versity of Virginia, Moody Bible 
Institute, Wake Forrest, Columbia 
University, M.D., 1924; appointed 
July 29, 1927. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Knights, Fla.; born, Barnwell, S. 
C, May 4, 1866; son of Faustina E. 
Ashley and Frances Trotty Ander- 
son of Barnwell, S. C; education, 
Ph.B., Furman Univ., Sou. Bapt. 
Theol. Sem.; ordained, Elko, S. C, 
July 2, 1891; married Tulula Hy- 
drick of Orangeburg, S. C, July 19, 
1893, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. 
Hydrick; children, Joseph T. B., Jr. 
(deceased), Louie Malcolm (de- 
ceased); Loraine (Mrs. Thomas 
Edward Carter), Washington, D. 
C, Frank Trotty; graduate, South- 
ern Sem., Apr. 28, 1936; pastor, Mt. 
Moriah and Damascus Chs., Abber- 
ville Co., S. C, 15 mos.; First Ch.. 
Abberville, S. C, 1893-1894; First 
Ch., Eatonton, Ga., 1894-1900; First 
Ch., Tampa, Fla., 1900-1905; Gon- 
zales, Tex., 1905-1909; First Ch., El- 
berton, Ga., 1909-1911; First Ch., 
Bradenton, Fla., 1911-1913, conduct- 
ed meeting resulting in 134 addi- 



tions to church; First Ch., Metcalf, 
Ga., 1913-1916; Pine Park and 
Ochloenee, Ga., 1913-1916; Jeffer- 
sonville, Ga., 1916-1920; First Ch., 
Vidalia, Ga., 1920-1923; Webster 
Ave. Ch., Lakeland, Fla., 1926-1929; 
Mudella Ch., Lakeland, Fla., 1929- 
1933; Knights Ch., Fla., 1929-1936; 
Waverly, Fla., 1933-1936; Bd. of 
Missions, Tex.; chairman, Gonzales 
Assn., Tex.; conducted an outstand- 
ing revival meeting of nine weeks, 
during which Jack James, son of 
Jesse James, the outlaw, was con- 
verted at Gonzales, Tex.; a hig in- 
gathering for baptism here; built 
churches, Eatonton, Ga., Bradenton, 
Fla., Jeffersonville, Ga., Vidalia, 
Ga., Waverly, Fla.; evangelist. Ad- 
dress: 808 E. Main St., Lakeland, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Tigersville, S. C, 1884; edu- 
cation, Greenville Woman's College, 
1908, W. M. U. Training School, 
1914; appointed July 15, 1915; mar- 
ried P. H. Anderson, Sept. 24, 1918. 


Missionary to China, Foreign Mis- 
sion Board; teaching, Baptist Bi- 
ble Institute, New Orleans, La.; 
born, Estill County, Kentucky, Jan. 
11, 1880; son of Margaret Seale, 
and A. B. Anderson of Jackson 
County, Kentucky; education, Ph. 
B., Baylor University, Th.M., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
D.D., Furman University; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Oklahoma 
City, Okla., January, 1903; married 
Pansey Greene, Dec. 22, 1909 (de- 
ceased 1917); married Sarah Pa- 
neuma Barton of Tigerville, S. C, 
Sept. 24, 1918, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. H. Barton; children, Park 
Harris, Jr., Lumpkin, Ga., Pansy 
Ruth (Mrs. W. M. Gettys), Wil- 
liamston, S. C, Florence Maudlin, 
Green Sea, S. C, David Greene, Fur- 
man University, Theresa King, Blue 
Mountain College, Henry Lee; mis- 
sionary, China, 1907-1925; pastor, 
Waynesboro, Ga., 18 months; pro- 

fessor, School of Christianity, Mer- 
cer University, 3% years; China, 
1930-1935; professor, Graves Theo- 
logical Seminary, China, 18 years; 
president, Graves Theological Semi- 
nary, China, 13^ years; evangelist, 
China and America; chairman, 
South China Mission; chairman, 
executive committee, South China 
Mission; Home Mission Board; 
South China Baptist Convention; 
Hospital Board, South China Bap- 
tist Convention; Ministerial Educa- 
tion Board, South China Baptist 
Convention; Orphanage Board, 
South China Baptist Convention; 
author: translations: "Syllabus of 
Old Testament Study," Sampey; 
"The Course in Christian History," 
McGlothlin; "Old Testament The- 
ology," Davidson; many religious 
articles, Chinese publications; au- 
thor: "Chinese Baptist Initiative 
in South China." Home: 1227 
Washington Ave., New Orleans, La.; 
office: c-o Baptist Bible Institute, 
New Orleans, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Abeokuta, 
Africa; born, Haversham County, 
Georgia, April 1, 1892; education, 
W. M. U. Training School; appoint- 
ed Dec. 19, 1918; girls' school. 


Attorney at law, Birmingham, 
Ala.; born, Tennessee, 1886; son of 
Bettie Freeman and Wiley Ander- 
ton of Tennessee; education, A.B. 
and LL.B. degrees; married Eliza- 
beth Chew of Birmingham, Ala., 
1916, daughter of Mollie and Fred 
Chew; children, Mollie, H. L. Jr., 
Wesley, Martha, Paul, and Walter; 
practiced law, Birmingham, Ala., 
since 1913; city judge, 2 years; 
chairman, Baptist Laymen's Con- 
vention, Alabama; executive board, 
Alabama State Convention; chair- 
man, Social Service Commission. 
Alabama Baptist State Convention; 
executive committee, Birmingham 
Baptist Association; author: City 
Code, Birmingham, Ala.; leader of 



dry forces of Alabama; campaign 
manager for prohibition cause in 
referendum that kept Alabama dry; 
Shriner. Home: 19 Glen Iris Park; 
office: 610-615 First National Bank 
Building, Birmingham, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bryan, Tenn.; born, Lampasas, 
Tex., June 30, 1899; son of Jessie 
Williamson and James Harvey An- 
drew of Lampasas, Tex.; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, D.D., Howard Payne Col- 
lege; ordained June 30, 1920; mar- 
ried Bennie Dell Clayton of Con- 
way, Ark., July 26, 1921, daughter 
of Carrie Condray and William 
Beverley Clayton; children, Wil- 
liam Harvey, Jr.; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Benton, Ark., 1923- 
1926; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Rogers, Ark., 1926-1927; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Stephenville, 
Tex., 1927-1932; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Bryan, Tex., 1932 to 
date; member Executive Board, 
Arkansas State Baptist Convention, 
1923-1927; trustee, Howard Payne 
College, 1932 to date; member, Ex- 
ecutive Bd., Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex., 
1934 to date; Bryan and Brazos Co., 
East Texas Chambers of Commerce; 
state chaplain, Reserve Officers As- 
sociation, Department of Texas; 
chaplain, captain, Officers Reserve 
Corps, U. S. A.; Lions, Mason. 
Study: E, 27th St. and Washington 
Ave., Bryan, Tex. 


Pastor, Marion Church, Marion, 
Md.; born, Pitsboro, N. C, 1875; 
son of Sarah C. Foushee of .Pitsboro, 
N. C, and William Calvin Andrews 
of Chapel Hill, N. C; education, 
Wake Forest College, N. C, and 
Sou. Sem.; married Mary Wilson of 
Oxford, N. C, 1904, daughter of 
Benjamin and Affie Wilson; chil- 
dren, Rev. E. N. C, Jr., pastor, 
Southside Bapt. Ch., Thomasville, 
N. C, Mullin J., Naomi Andrews 
Lowe, Crisfield, Md., Mary Gilmer, 
teacher, Dorothy W., teacher, Ruth 

Andrews Holland, Crisfield, Md., Es- 
ther W. ; pastor, Swansboro, N. C, 
3 yrs.; pastor, Plymouth, N. C, 5 
yrs.; pastor, Kanapolis, N. C, 3 
yrs.; pastor, Mt. Holly, N. C, 8 yrs.; 
pastor, Winton, N. C, 4 yrs.; pas- 
tor, Marion, Md., 5 yrs. to date; 
built 3 brick church houses and one 
pastor's home. Address: Marion, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Texarkana, Tex.; born near Mc- 
Comb City, Miss., April 13, 1869; 
son of Margaret Ellen Rollins and 
Thomas J. Andrews; education, 
Gillsborg (Miss.) Collegiate Insti- 
tute, A.B., Mississippi College, D.D., 
Howard Payne College, D.D., Baylor 
University; ordained, 1895; mar- 
ried Theodocia Ernest Cook of Lib- 
erty, Miss., Dec. 22, 1891; children, 
Mamie (Mrs. B. Y. Daniel), Birdie 
(Mrs. S. B. Dandridge), Rosamonde, 
Tommie (Mrs. J. Leighton Bea- 
vers), Balla (Mrs. Wallace Wy- 
man), Louis E. (deceased), Edna 
Hyatt (Mrs. Rufus Hyde); pastor, 
Amite City, La.; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Marshall, Tex.; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Marlin, Tex.; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Den- 
ton, Tex.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Hillsboro, Tex.; pastor, 
Temple, Tex., until 1924; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Texarkana, 
Tex., 1924 to date; trustee, South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; Executive Board, Baptist 
General Convention, Texas; dele- 
gate, Baptist World Alliance, 
Stockholm, 1923; Toronto, 1928; 
Berlin, 1934; Home Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention ; 
author: "Seeing Europe with Dr. 
Andrew," "Growing a Soul," "Com- 
rades of the Road," "Adults and the 
Art of Learning"; writer of S. S. 
Lessons; Mason, Knight Templar, 
Rotary. Address: 2719 Wood St., 
Texarkana, Tex. 


Evangelist, Texas Baptist Con- 
vention, Ft. Worth, Tex.; born, 
Moghilier, Russia, Jan. 7, 1902; son 



of Rashe Ganetzki and Eleazer 
Appelman of Russia; education, 
L.L.M.; ordained, May 4, 1930; mar- 
ried Verna May Cook of Livermore 
Falls, Me., Sept. 4, 1930, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cook; pas- 
tor, Woodlawn and Geronime Bap- 
tist Church, Comanche County, 
Oklahoma, 1930-1931; pastor, Vick- 
ery Baptist Church, Dallas County, 
Texas, 1931-1934; state evangelist, 
Texas Baptist Convention, 1934 to 
date. Home: 1440 Gambrell St., Ft. 
Worth, Tex. Office: Baptist Head- 
quarters, Burt Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Petropolis, 
Brazil; born, Oxford, Miss., 1895; 
education, Oklahoma State Normal, 
Oklahoma Baptist University, 1920, 
W. M. U. Training School; appoint- 
ed July 10, 1924; married D. P. Ap- 
pleby, Aug. 4, 1924; evangelistic 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Bristol, Tenn.; born, Wilson Coun- 
ty, Tennessee, Dec. 6, 1893; son of 
Mary Mitchener of Sumner County, 
Tennessee, and G. W. Arbuckle of 
Beaver Dam, Tenn.; education, 
A.B., Union University, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained August, 1915; married 
Ruth Mae Parish of Piggott, Ark., 
Dec. 25, 1921, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. S. C. Parish; children, Betty, 
Ruth Jean, LeRoy; pastor, West 
End Baptist Church, Asheville, N. 
C, 1923-1927; pastor, Reed's Chapel 
Baptist Church, Asheville, N. C, 
1927-1930; pastor, Calvary Baptist 
Church, Bristol, Tenn., 1930 to 
date; moderator, Bumcombe Bap- 
tist Association, North Carolina, 
1929-1931; moderator, Lebanon Bap- 
tist Association, Virginia, 1934 to 
date; A. T. O. Address: 941 Wind- 
sor Ave., Bristol, Tenn. 


Pastor, Dauphin Way Church, Mo- 
bile, Ala.; born, Halifax, Va., Aug. 
18, 1886; son of Olivia Lacy and 

J. J. Arendall of Halifax, Va.; edu- 
cation, Richmond Univ., Th.M., 
Southern Sem., D.D., Howard Col.; 
ordained Apr. 16, 1906; married 
Kate Peacock of Madison, Ga., 1912, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Pea- 
cock; children, Chas. Baker, Jr., 
John Thomas, Edgar, Robert Alex- 
ander; work: pastor, Northside 
Oh., Richmond, Va.; Parkview Ch., 
Portmouth, Va. ; First Ch., Troy, 
Ala., and Dauphin Way Ch., Mo- 
bile, Ala.; denominational: Sou. 
Bapt. Hosp. Bd., Ala. Bapt. State 
Mission Bd. Address: Mobile, Ala. 


Administratrix of John T. Ar- 
nold Estate and Investments, Cam- 
den, Ark. ; born, Elliott, Ark., March 
25, 1889; daughter of Martha Jo- 
anna Venable and Benjamin Frank- 
lin Rogers of Ouachita County, Ar- 
kansas; married John T. Arnold of 
Camden, Ark., June 12, 1923, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Arnold. Home: 
Box 100, Camden, Ark.; office: Ar- 
nold and Doyle Bldg. 


Pastor, First Church, Cartersville, 
Ga.; born, Hartwell, Ga., Aug. 10, 
1898; son of Lula Ayers and Henry 
Thomas Atkinson of Hartwell, Ga.; 
education, A.B., Mercer Univ., Th. 
B., Southern Sem.; ordained, 1926; 
married Ruby Mae Ward of Rome, 
Ga., Sept. 27, 1926, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. H. Ward; children, 
Marian Ward; pastor, McDonough, 
Ga., 3 yrs.; First Ch., Cartersville, 
Ga., 7 yrs. to date. Address: Car- 
tersville, Ga. 


Professor Religious Education, 
Hardin-Simmons University, Abi- 
lene, Tex.; born, Clinton, Ky., Sept. 
14, 1874; son of Hettie Frances 
Bugg and Thos. L. Atwood of Clin- 
ton, Ky.; education, graduate Clin- 
ton College, A.B., Georgetown Col- 
lege, Th.M. and Th.D., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, Clinton Ky., Dec. 31, 
1896; married Mabel Bagby of Wal- 
ton, Ky., June 11, 1903, daughter of 



Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Bagby; chil- 
dren, John Leland, Santa Monica, 
Cal., Elmer Bagby, Palo, Alto, Cal.; 
pastor, Yoakum, Tex.; pastor, Al- 
pine, Tex.; pastor, El Paso, Tex.; 
pastor, Quanah, Tex.; secretary, 
Baptist Convention, New Mexico, 
1912-1919; president, Wayland Bap- 
tist College, 1919-1924; professor 
Religious Education, Hardin-Sim- 
mons Univ., 1925 to date; former 
editor, Baptist New Mexican, 1912- 
1919; member first Education Com- 
mission from inception, 1915-1919. 
Home: 2110 Grape St., Abilene, 
Tex.; office: Hardin-Simmons Uni- 
versity, Abilene, Texas. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Roswell, N. Mex.; born, Creal 
Springs, 111., Feb. 8, 1885; son of 
Mary Alice Mayer of Kentucky and 
Thompson Young Atwood, Illinois; 
education, Ewing Col., Southern 111. 
Univ., Th.M., Southwestern Bapt. 
Theol. Sem.; ordained, Carterville, 
111., March, 1908; married Bessie 
Jones of Carterville, 111., Sept. 6, 
1908, daughter of Samuel and Mary 
E. Jones; children, Lucille (Mrs. 
Ben R. Stripling), Zeigler, 111., Shir- 
ley, El Paso, Tex., Julian, Jr., Mar- 
jorie; pastor during college and 
seminary days, Illinois and Texas; 
pastor, Jonesboro, 111., 1914-1917; 
pastor First Baptist Church, Ma- 
rion, 111., 1917-1921; pastor, Venus, 
Tex., 1921-1922; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Harrisburg, 111., 1923- 
1928; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Roswell, N. Mex., 1928 to date; 
Executive Committee, Southern 
Baptist Convention; president, 
State Convention, New Mexico; 
chairman, State Mission Board, 
New Mexico; chairman, Board of 
Trustees, Montezuma, College, New 
Mexico; Roswell Advertising Club; 
Mason. Home: 415 N. Pa. Ave., 
Roswell, N. Mex.; office: First 
Baptist Church, Roswell, N. Mex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lampasas, Tex.; born, Buckholts, 
Tex., Sept. 6, 1900; son of Amy 

Ford and Mack Avant; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
married Eva Mae Howie of China 
Springs, Tex., Aug. 3, 1923, daugh- 
ter of D. T. Howie; children, Eve- 
lyn Ruth, Asa Franklin, Jr., Mel- 
ton Truett; farmer, 19 years; sales- 
man, Goldstin-Migel, Waco, Tex.; 
pastor since 1920; moderator, Lam- 
pasas Baptist Association, 1930 to 
date; committees, Texas State 
Baptist General Convention; Odd 
Fellow, Mason. Address: Lampasas, 


Attorney at law, Rocky Mount, 
N. C; born, Rocky Mount, N. C, 
Feb. 20, 1890; son of Harlow D. 
Avera and Mary Tempie; education, 
Wake Forest Col., receiving B.A. 
and LL.B. degrees; married Fannie 
Hill Herring, Feb. 12, 1920, daugh- 
ter of James R. and Henrietta Her- 
ring of Newman, Ga. ; children, 
Thomas Arrington, Jr., Francis 
Hill; Vice Pres., First Banking 
Trust Co., First National Bank, and 
North Carolina Bank and Trust 
Co., 10 years; Vice Pres., Kirchofer 
and Arnold, security dealers, l 1 /* 
years; attorney at law, 10 years; 
chairman, Bd. of Deacons, First 
Ch., Rocky Mount, N. C; trustee, 
Meredith Col.; Debt Advisory Com- 
mittee, N. C. Bapt. Conv.; director, 
Y. M. C. A., Rocky Mount, N. C; 
N. C. S. S. Assn. Bd.; teacher, Men's 
Bible Class, First Ch., Rocky Mount, 
N. C, 17 years; Supt., S. S., First 
Ch., Rocky Mount, N. C, 2 years; 
Kiwanis; director, Chamber of 
Commerce and Merchants' Assn.; 
Education Bd., Nash Co., N. C; di- 
rector, Country Club; Current Topic 
Club. Home: 507 Park Place; of- 
fice: 186 N. Main St., Rocky Mount, 
N. C. 


Pastor, Shawnee Church, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky; born, Bedford, 
Kentucky, April 2, 1884; son of 
Martha Ann Fix of Bethlehem, Ind., 
and Luther Franklin Averitt of 
Bedford, Ky.; education, A.B., 



Georgetown Col., Th.G., Southern 
Sem., Summer School of the South, 
Louisville Univ., Moody Bible Inst.; 
ordained, First Ch., Georgetown, 
Ky., 1906; married Blanche Wyatt 
of Campbellsburg, Ky., May 31, 
1910, daughter of Leon Taylor and 
Francis Charlotte Caplinger Wyatt; 
pastor, North Fork Ch., Bracken 
Co., Ky., 1906-1907; Asst. pastor, 
Somerset, Ky., 1906; pastor, Oak- 
dale Ch., Louisville, Ky., 1909-1912; 
evangelist, 1912-1916; pastor, Tab- 
ernacle Ch., Columbus, O., 1916- 
1918; First Ch., Portsmouth, O., 
1918-1920; Hildreth Ch., Columbus, 
O., 1920-1921; Hazelwood Ch., 
Louisville, Ky., 1921-1924; evangel- 
ist, 1924-1929; pastor, Shawnee Ch., 
Louisville, Ky., 1929 to date; Long 
Run Board, Louisville, Ky. ; mili- 
tary chaplain, 1918-1919; chaplain, 
U. S. N. G., 1933 to date; American 
Legion chaplain, James Dickey 
Post, Portsmouth, O., 1919-1920; 
chaplain, Franklin Post, Columbus, 
O., 2 years; chaplain, Jefferson 
Post, Louisville, Ky., 3 years; chap- 
lain, Dept. of Ky., 1924-1925; Graves 
Registration Officer, Dept. of Ky., 
1934 to date; Legion Luncheon 
Club, Fidac. Address: 3015 Went- 
worth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Prattville, Ala.; born, 
Enterprise, Ala., Sept. 2, 1906; son 
of Lena Watson and Walter Wen- 
dell Avery of Enterprise, Ala.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Mercer University; 
Th.B., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained Sept. 2, 
1926, First Baptist Church, Dothan, 
Ala.; married Mildred Robinson of 
Dupo, 111., Sept. 26, 1929, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Robinson; 
children, Jo Ann; pastor, Newton, 
Ala., 1929-1933; pastor, Prattville, 
Ala., 1933; moderator, Dale County 
Association, 1932'; .president, Mont- 
gomery City Baptist Ministers' Con- 
ference, 1934; Board of Trustees, 
Alabama Baptist Hospital, 1934- 
1937; Board of Directors, Alabama 
Baptist Ministerial Benefit Society; 
Mason, Sigma Pi. Address: We- 
tumpka Rd., Prattville, Ala. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 
ly stationed at Hwanghsien, China; 
born, Calhoun County, Alabama, 
1861; education, Hartwell, Ga. ; mar- 
ried Dr. T. W. Ayers, 1878; appoint- 
ed Oct. 30, 1900; evangelistic work. 
Address: Atlanta, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Hwanghsien, China, 
Dec. 18, 1899; education, Wake For- 
est College, 1921, A. E. F. Univer- 
sity, France; appointed June 27, 
1921; graduated, Medical College of 
Louisville University, 1931; reap- 
pointed March 8, 1934; medical 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 
ly stationed at Hwanghsien, China; 
born, Ayersville, Ga., 1859; educa- 
tion, Carnesville, Ga., Medical Col-' 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Baltimore, Md.; appointed October, 
1900; medical work. Address: At- 
lanta, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Hattisburg, Miss., 
Jan. 22, 1898; education, Mississippi 
Normal, W. M. U. Training School, 
1920; appointed June 9, 1921; mar- 
ried S. B. Ayers, November, 1921; 
reappointed March 8, 1934; evan- 
gelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Porto Alegre, 
Brazil; born, Kansas City, Mo., 
1859; education, St. Louis- public 
schools and Lexington Female Col- 
lege, Missouri; married W. B. Bag- 
by, 1880; appointed December, 1880; 
educational and evangelistic work. 


Retired Baptist Minister; born, 
Kenton County, Kentucky, March 



26, 1849; son of Elizabeth Roberts 
and Young S. Bagby; education, 
college, university and theological 
seminary, receiving B.S., M.S., M. 
A., Th.M. and Ph.D. degrees; or- 
dained Jan. 1, 1888; married Helen 
D. Borgmann, St. Charles, Mo., 
Aug. 16, 1883, daughter of Henry 
and Mary Borgmann; children, 
Clieney Carlisle, Denver, Colo., 
and Grace Truman (Mrs. J. J. 
Cowsert), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 
pastor, Lancaster, Tex., 2 years; 
pastor, various churches while in 
seminary; pastor, Navasota, Tex., 
3 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, West Side, Wichita, Kans., 
3 years; Lone Oak, Tex., 2 pastor- 
ates, Qy 2 years; field editor, Bap- 
tist Standard, 4 years; general 
field secretary, Anti-Saloon League 
of Texas, 4 years; wrote first paper 
on starting old ministers' relief 
board, secretary of committee who 
carried request to Texas State Con- 
vention for its establishment, and 
member of commission with Dr. J. 
B. Gambrell, chairman, to present 
to Southern Baptist Convention, 
New Orleans, and was chairman of 
locating committee; author: "Bi- 
ble Baptism," 1888, "Rome in 
Prophecy," or "The Roman Catho- 
lic Prophesied in the Bible," 1893, 
"Preservation of the New Testa- 
ment," 1894, "Jesus the Nazarene 
Is Certainly the Messiah of Jew- 
ish Prophecy," 1897; poem, "Where 
Is the Home of Happiness," 1901, 
and numerous articles and poems. 
Address: Lone Oak, Hunt County, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Sao Paulo, 
Brazil; born, Whitestone, Va., July 
5, 1892; education, Whitestone High 
School, Fredericksburg Normal 
School; married T. C. Bagby, Jan. 
1, 1913; appointed June 6, 1918; 
evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Sao Paulo, 
Brazil; born, Rio de Janeiro, Bra- 

zil, 1885; education, Mackenzie Col- 
lege, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Baylor Uni- 
versity, A.B., 1907, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Th.M.; 
appointed June 6, 1918; evangel- 
istic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Porto Alegre, 
Brazil; born, Coryelle County, 
Texas, Nov. 5, 1855; education, Bay- 
lor University, 1875; appointed 
December, 1880; our first mission- 
ary to Brazil; educational and 
evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Ch., College Park, 
Ga.; born, Thor, S. C, May 12, 1894, 
son of William Fort Baggott and 
Elizabeth Gantt; education, B.A., 
Furman Univ., Th.M., Southern 
Sem., M.A., Univ. of S. C; married 
Leslie Thompson King of Charles- 
ton, S. O, 1920, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Clifton P. King; children, 
James Lee, Jr., Leslie King; associ- 
ate pastor, Citadel Square Ch., 
Charleston, S. C, 1919; State Supt., 
B. Y. P. U., S. C, 1920-1927; acting 
Secy., S. S., B. Y. P. U., Colport- 
age Commission, S. C, 1926-1927; 
evangelist and advance man, Home 
Mission Bd., S. B. C, 1927-1928; 
pastor, First Ch., Hawkinsville, Ga., 
1928-1935; pastor, First Ch., College 
Park, Ga., 1935 to date; State Exec. 
Com., Georgia Bapt. Conv. ; member 
of Southern Baptist Convention 
Committees in 1930 and 1933; B. Y. 
P. U. Exec. Com., 192S-1935. Home: 
115 E. Hawthorne Ave., College 
Park, Ga.; office: First Baptist 
Church, College Park, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ty- 
ler, Tex.; born, Ft. Mill community, 
S. C, March IS, 1888; son of Ellen 
Hill of Pineville, N. C, and Z. T. 
Bailes of Ft. Mills, S. C; education, 
Mars Hill College, Furman Univer- 
sity and Seminary, receiving A.B. 
and Th.M. degrees; ordained, Au- 
gust, 1911; married Sarah Button 
of Bedford, Ky., June 24, 1914, 



daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bur But- 
ton; children, Porter Bailes, Jr., 
Waco, Tex., Joe Dean Bailes; pas- 
tor, country churches, South Caro- 
lina, Indiana and Kentucky, 1911- 
1916; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
LaGrange, Ky., 1916-1917; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Greer, S. C, 
1917-1926; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Tyler, Tex., 1929 to date; 
trustee, College of Marshall, Texas 
State Mission Board; district No. 
2, Mission Board; Mason. Address: 
Tyler, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kwei Lin, 
China; born, Owensboro, Ky., June 
16, 1903; education, Kentucky Fe- 
male School, 1921, Baptist Memorial 
Hospital, 1924, Memphis, Tenn.; 
married Dr. J. M. Bailey, July 10, 
1924; appointed, July, 1924; medical 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kwei Lin, 
China; born, Knoxville, Tenn., Jan. 
22, 1897; education, Duncan Prepar- 
atory School, 1915, Vanderbilt Col- 
lege, A.B. and M.D., 1922; appoint- 
ed July 10, 1924. 


Pastor, Baptist Tabernacle, Ma- 
con, Ga.; born, Alexander City, Ala., 
Jan. 9, 1894; son of Mary Williams 
and John William Baker of Ash- 
land, Ala.; education, A.B., M.A., 
Th.M. and D.D. degrees; ordained. 
1915; married Edna Gertrude 
Woods of Louisville, Ky., 1922, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 
Woods; children, Cora Lee Baker; 
pastor, Vine Grove, Ky., 3 yrs.; 
Leitchfield, Ky., 3% yrs.; Taber- 
nacle, Macon, Ga., 3. yrs.; Parkland 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 3 yrs.; sec- 
ond pastorate at Tabernacle, Ma- 
con, Ga., 5 yrs.; served 17 months 
as chaplain during World War; de- 
nominational: Ky. State Bd., 2 yrs.; 
moderator, Goshen Assn., Ky. ; au- 
thor: several tracts and two small 

books; Kiwanis Club, Macon, Ga. 
Address: 232 High St., Macon, Ga. 


Pastor, Lake Village Baptist 
Church, Lake Village, Ark.; born, 
Dunnegan Springs, Mo., Nov. 24, 
1898; son of Susie R. Boyds of 
Deepwater, Mo., and John H. Baker 
of Lowry City, Mo.; education, A. 
B., Ouachita College, and Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained Nov. 11, 1924, 
Rison Baptist Church; married 
Stella Gladys Smith of Benton, 
Ark., Aug. 16, 1928, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Smith; chil- 
dren, Betty Ann; pastor, Sharon 
Baptist Church, Benton, Ark., 1 
year; pastor, Saline Baptist Church, 
Benton, Ark., 3 years; pastor, 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Ben- 
ton, Ark., 1 year; pastor, Zion Bap- 
tist Church, Henderson, Ky., 1 
year; director, Religious Education, 
Louisville and Jefferson counties; 
Children's Home, 4 years; pastor, 
De Vails Bluff Baptist Church, De 
Vails Bluff, Ark., 2% years; pas- 
tor Baptist Church, Lake Village, 
Ark., 6 months to date. Address: 
Lake Village, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Nichols, S. C, 
Feb. 10, 1889; education, Furman 
University, A.B., 1913, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, Th. 
M., 1916; appointed July 3, 1917; 
educational work. 


Pastor, LaBelle Place Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn.; born, New 
Albany, Miss., Jan. 19, 1898; son of 
Robbie Winborn of Blue Mountain, 
Miss., and John Thomas Baker of 
Myrtle, Miss.; education, Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, D.D., Union University; 
ordained Aug. 22, 1922; married 
Elizabeth Holland of Blue Springs, 
Miss., July 16, 1916, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. S. Holland; chil- 
dren, John Thomas, Baylor Univer- 



sity, Sarah Elizabeth (deceased), 
Elsie Minerva, Robert Erin, Edna 
Louise; organizer and pastor, Bak- 
er's Chapel, Tarrant County, Tex., 
13 months; pastor, Neri, Hood 
County, Tex., 15 months; pastor, 
Forest Hill, Tarrant County, Tex., 
3 years; associational missionary, 
Red Fork Association, Texas, 1924- 
1925; pastor, LaBelle Place Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn., 1928 to 
date. Address: 462 Edith, Memphis, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Atlanta, Ga., 
Feb. 11, 1890; education, public 
schools of Greenville, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; married 
C. A. Baker, Sept. 23, 1914; appoint- 
ed July 3, 1917; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Sao Paulo, 
Brazil; born, Nichols, S. C, Feb. 7, 
1891; education, Coker College, A. 
B., 1914, W. M. U. Training School, 
1921; appointed June 14, 1923; girls' 


Retired pastor, Macon, Ga. ; born, 
London, England, Dec. 23, 1863 ; son 
of Rachel Tyler of Dunmow, County 
of Essex, England, and Stephen Na- 
thanael Baker of Yalding, County 
of Kent, England; education, Spur- 
geon's Metropolitan College, Lon- 
don, England; ordained, June, 1888; 
married Emma Ware of London, 
England, July 23, 1888, daughter of 
James and Dinah Ware; children, 
Hilda May (Mrs. P. L. Johnston), 
Atlanta, Ga., Eva Dorothy (Mrs. G. 
T. Powell), Wilfrid Haddon, De- 
troit, Mich., Gladys M. W. (Mrs. 
G. Davison), Athens, Ga., Marjorie, 
Wyandotte, Mich.; pastor, Sarn, 
North Wales, 2% yrs.; pastor, Leo- 
minster, England, I 1 /-; yrs.; pastor, 
Bacup, England, 4 yrs.; pastor, 
Bury St. Edmund's, England, 8 yrs.; 
pastor, Flushing, Mich., 2' yrs.; pas- 
tor, Muskegon, Mich., 1 yr.; pastor, 

St. Augustine, Fla., 3% yrs.; pas- 
tor, Huntsville, Ala., 2 yrs.; pastor, 
Fitzgerald, Ga., 1 year; pastor, La- 
vonia, Ga., 2 yrs.; pastor, Maysville, 
Ga., 2 yrs.; pastor, Second Bapt. 
Ch., Macon, Ga., 1 yr.; pastor, Beth- 
saida, Ga., 2 yrs. Address: 810 Na- 
pier Ave., Macon, Ga. 


Pastor, Hopewell Baptist Church, 
Orlinda, Tenn.; born, Smith Coun- 
ty, New Middleton, Tenn., Aug. 3, 
1908; son of Dora Allison and Pleas 
Solomon Baker of Lebanon, Tenn.; 
education, B.S., A.B., Th.B., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, August, 1929; married 
Bonnie Lourene Anderson of Liber- 
ty, Tenn., April 12, 1933, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson; 
children, Billie Anne; pastor, Hope- 
well Baptist Church, Orlinda, Tenn., 
3 years, 8 months. Address: Orlin- 
da, Tenn. 


Pastor, Seymour, Tex. ; born, Con- 
cord, Ala., Dec. 22, 1885; son of 
Josephine Moore and James Edwin 
Balch of Ala.; education, Decatur 
Bapt. Col., A.B., Baylor Univ.; or- 
dained April 14, 1909; married 
Bertha Holt of Newark, Tex., Feb. 
5, 1912, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
L. C. Holt; children, Holt, Dallas, 
Tex., Judson, Waco, Tex., Lemuel 
and J. B. Seymour; work: pastor, 
Tahoka, Tex., 1910-12; Slaton, Tex., 
1912-13; Matador, Tex., 1913-20; 
Seymour, Tex., 1920-....; denomi- 
national: trustee, Wayland Col., 
Decatur Col.; district organizer, 
State Exec. Bd. ; Chamber of Com- 
merce, Odd Fellow. Address: Sey- 
mour, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, Maryville, 
Tenn.; born, Lackey, Ky., Nov. 6, 
1887; son of Ellen and J. W. Bald- 
ridge; education, B.G., Business 
University; A.B., College, Th.M., 
Seminary; ordained, 1916; married 
Pearle Mae Davis, Nov. 19, 1911, 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Thomas 
D. Davis; children, Howard Davis, 



Jackson, Tenn.; teacher, public 
schools of Ky., 1906-07; pastor, 
Bono, Tex., Mayfield, Tex., and Os- 
ceola, Tex., 1919-21; Gibson, Tenn., 
Sparta, Tenn., and Doyle, Tenn., 
1921-25; teacher, Doyle Inst, 1924- 
25; pastor, Moulton, Ala., 1925-28; 
Goshen, Ala., 1928-31; Lanett, Ala., 
1931-33; Maryville, Tenn., since 
1933; member, Bd. of Directors, 
Etowah T. B. Hospital, Goshen, Ala., 
1931; Bapt. State Mission Bd., Ala. 
Bapt. State Conv., 1929-30; moder- 
ator, Etowah Bapt. Assn., Ala., 1929- 
30; Mason, member, Board of Chari- 
ties, Maryville, Tenn. Address: 
Maryville, Tenn. 


Retired clergyman and educator, 
Birmingham, Ala.; born, Clerkville, 
Ga., Feb. 4, 1861; son of Mary Caro- 
line and William Hugh Baldy, 
Starkville, Ga. ; education, A.B., 
A.M., and LL.D., Mercer University, 
D.D., Richmond University, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary 
graduate; ordained June, 1885; 
married Mary Frances Henderson 
of Aiken, S. C, April 7, 1897, daugh- 
ter of C. K. and Mary Burnette Hen- 
derson; children, Francis Hamil- 
ton, New York City, Elizabeth (Mrs. 
J. Larston Wiggins), Aiken, S. C; 
assistant pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 1890-1894; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Bowling 
Green, Ky., 1894-1899; pastor, Bain- 
bridge Street Baptist Church, Rich- 
mond, Va., 1899-1907; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Hartsville, S. C, 
1907-1923; president, Coker College, 
1908-1910; professor, Philosophy and 
Bible, Coker College, 1908-1916; 
president, Judson College, 1923- 
1930; Civitan Club, Alpha Tau 
Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, F. A. M., 
K. T., K. of P., literary clubs. Ad- 
dress: 2125 16th Ave. S., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 


Pastor, First Church, Lexington, 
Tenn.; born, Cherry Creek, Miss., 
March 16, 1876; son of Lizzie Mc- 
Kay and Rev. Martin Ball; educa- 
tion, Union Univ., Southern Sem., 

receiving B.S. and D.D. degrees; 
licensed Oct. 5, 1895, First Ch., 
Jackson, Tenn.; ordained, July, 
1894, First Ch., Paris, Tenn.; mar- 
ried Flossie Melton, May 14, 1907, 
daughter of R. L. and M. V. Mel- 
ton; children, Mrs. J. T. (Mary 
Elizabeth) Holmes, Flossie Melton, 
Lily McKay and Martha Joe; pas- 
tor, Friendship, Cottage Grove, 
Buena Vista, Union Academy and 
First Church, Lexington, Tenn., 
latter 34 years; pastor, Bolivar, 
Erin, Huntingdon and Wildersville, 
Tenn.; State Mission Bd.; Sec, 
Bapt. Conv., Tenn., 24 years; Cor. 
Ed., Baptist and Reflector, 40 
years; moderator, Western District, 
Beech River Assn., Tenn.; S. A. E. 
Fraternity, Mason, Scottish Rite, 
Knight Templar. Home: 319 Clif- 
ton St., Lexington, Tenn.; office: 
204 N. Main St., Lexington, Tenn. 


Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist 
Church, Washington, D. C; born, 
Mears Ashbey, Northamptonshire, 
England, Jan. 23, 1863, son of 
Rhoda James, Mears Ashbey, Eng- 
land, and John Ball, Mears Ashbey, 
England; education: Temple Col., 
Crozer Sem., D.D.; ordained, 1899; 
married, 1887, Jeanette Lodor, Lam- 
bertville, N. J., daughter of Anna 
and Benjamin Lodor; children: 
Ruth (Mrs. Thomas D. Mills), Har- 
risburg, Pa.; pastor, First Ch., New 
Bethlehem, Pa., 1899-1903; Metropol- 
itan Ch., 1903 to date; dean of the 
Baptist Ministers of the District 
of Columbia; pinch hitting chap- 
lain for the House of Representa- 
tives and in the past 30 years 
opened the House with prayer un- 
der seven speakers: Uncle Joe Can- 
non, Champ Clark, Stephen Gillett, 
Nicholas Longworth, John Garner, 
Henry Rainer and Joseph Byrns; 
the only living man who has had 
this honor. Address: 516 A St. N. 
E. Washington, D. C; Sixth and A. 
Sts. N. E., Washington, D. C. 


Pastor, Citronelle, Ala.; born, Co- 
lumbus, Miss., 1909; son of Laura 



Louise Bancroft of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 
and. Rev. Frank Hamond Bancroft 
of Vicksburgh, Miss.; education, 
A.B., Howard College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, South Avondale Baptist 
Church, 1930; pastor, Citronelle, 
Ala., and Semmer Ala. Address: 
Citronelle, Ala. 


Pastor, First Church, Chester, S. 
C; born, Honea Path, S. C, Dec. 1, 
1887; son of Lety Siberia Mitchell 
and James Adison Banister of 
Honea Path, S. C; education, A.B., 
Univ. of Va., Th.M., Southern Sem.; 
ordained, June, 1913; married Geor- 
gia Wilda Fout of Dayton, Va., June 
7, 1911, daughter of Matilda Munt- 
zing and George M. Fout; children, 
Charles Lamar, Rock Hill, S. C, 
Wilda and James Milton; pastor, 
Red Hill, Va., 1913-15; Earlysville, 
Va., 1915-19; Versailles, Ind., 1919- 
21; First Ch., Seymour, Ind., 1921- 
24; Augusta Road Ch., Greenville, 
S. C, 1924-28; First Ch., Chester, 
S. C, since 1928; denominational: 
member, Bd. of Trustees, Bapt. 
Courier of S. C, 1929; Vice Pres., 
State Bapt. Conv. of S. C, 1935-36; 
Pres., State Bapt. S. S. Conv., S. C, 
1935-36; Promotional director, Ches- 
ter Bapt. Assn., 1934-....; Pres., 
Rotary Club, Chester, S. C, 1935- 
36. Address: 112 Church St., Ches- 
ter, S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Franklin, Ky.; born, Mendota, Va., 
Jan. 19, 1879; son of Frances Jane 
Barker and Lacy Johnson Barbe of 
Virginia; education, B.A., Rich- 
mond College, Th.M., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Lime Hill Baptist Church, 
Washington County, Virginia, 1904; 
married Mary Hahner of Virginia, 
Nov. 1, 1911, daughter of Aug. and 
Emilie Scharf Hahner; children, 
Waverly Wilson; pastor, Bacons 
Castle Baptist Church, Bacons Cas- 
tle, Va., 1908-1921; pastor, Camp- 
bellsburg Baptist Church, Camp- 
bellsburg, Ky., 1922-1924; pastor, 

First Baptist Church, Franklin, 
Ky., 1924 to date; moderator, Simp- 
son Association, Ky., 1926-1927; 
member, Executive Board, General 
Association of Baptists, Kentucky, 
1928-1931, 1934-1937; member, Edu- 
cational Committee, Kentucky Bap- 
tist Board of Missions, 1930; trus- 
tee, Kentucky Baptist Children's 
Home, 1929 to date; chairman, 
Simpson County, Kentucky, Red 
Cross, 1927-1934; president, Ken- 
tucky Alumni Association, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1934. 
Address: 203 High St., Franklin, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Erick, Okla.; born, Wagoner, Okla., 
Sept. 12, 1898; son of Sarah Eliza- 
beth Wood and James Monroe Bar- 
ber of Waco, Tex.; education, A.B., 
Oklahoma Baptist University, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, Nov. 1, 1921; 
married Leta Hollis of Mt View, 
Okla., Aug. 2, 1923, daughter of Mr. 
and. Mrs. A. M. Hollis; children, 
Mildred Sue, Leta Marie and Mar- 
garet Elizabeth ; pastor - teacher, 
Wellston, Okla., 2 years; pastor, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 6 years; as- 
sociation clerk, 3 years; pastor, 
Pauls Valley, Okla., 3 years; associ- 
ation moderator, 2 years; pastor, 
Erick, Okla., 6 months to date; 
Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist University; teacher, Baptist 
Encampment, Falls Creek, Okla.; 
District Sunday School and B. T. U. 
Superintendent; Kiwanis Club; hon- 
orary chaplain, American Legion. 
Address: Erick, Okla. 


Superintendent, Baptist Hospital, 
Alexandria, La.; born, Bell Mills, 
Ala., June 15, 18S7; son of Julia 
Ann Barker and Ephriam Green 
Barker of Bell Mills, Ala.; educa- 
tion, diploma, Jacksonville, Ala., 
State Normal, M.D., Emory Uni- 
versity; married Merle Haggard of 
Birmingham, Ala., June 27, 1927, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 



Haggard; children, Annie Merle; 
intern, Hillman Hospital, Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1917; lieutenant and 
captain, World War, 1917-1919; 
medical officer, Veterans' Adminis- 
tration, 1919-1929; roentgenologist 
and pathologist, Baptist Hospital, 
Alexandria, La., 1929-1933; super- 
intendent, Baptist Hospital, Alex- 
andria, La., 1933 to date; Rapids 
Parish Medical Society, American 
Medical Association, American Hos- 
pital Association, Rotary, Mason, 
Shriner. Home: 403 3rd St., Alex- 
andria, La.; office: 327 3rd St., Al- 
exandria, La. 


Evangelist, Lynchburg, Va. ; born, 
Frederick Hall, Va., June 16, 1889; 
son of Henrietta Hall and William 
Carey Hall of Buchanan, Va.; edu- 
cation, Franklin Military Acade- 
my, W. and L. University; married 
Margaret Apperson of Lynchburg, 
Va., June 20, 1891, daughter of R. 
D. and Lola G. Apperson; children, 
Margaret i(Mrs. Paul H, Coleman), 
Henrietta Apperson, William Carey, 
III (deceased), Carey Apperson, 
Dolly Apperson; evangelist, South 
and Middle West, 10 years to date; 
College Hill Baptist Church, Lynch- 
burg, Va. Address: 107 Huron Ave., 
Lynchburg, Va. 


Pastor, Calvary Church, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; born, Allen, Miss., Apr. 
6, 1879; son of Alice M. Brown of 
Liberty, Miss., and Franklin Nelson 
Barksdale of Magnolia, Miss.; edu- 
cation, A.B. and D.D., Miss. Col., 
Th.B., Th.M., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained, June, 1902, Pleasant Hill 
Ch., Copiah Co., Miss.; married 
Margaret Elizabeth Darbro of Car- 
rollton, Ky., Aug. 1, 1916, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Nathanael T. Dar- 
bro; children, Julia Alice; pastor, 
Harriston, Miss., V yr. ; Martin, 
Miss., 2 yrs.; Damascus Ch., Frank- 
lin Co., Miss., 2 yrs.; Pleasant Grove 
Ch., Lincoln Co., Miss., 2 yrs.; Mt. 
Zion Ch., Franklin Co., Miss., 3 yrs.; 
New Zion and Hebron Chs., Amite 

Co., Miss., 2 yrs.; Tangipahoa Ch., 
Amite Co., Miss., 5 yrs.; Mars Hill 
Ch., Amite Co., Miss., 3 yrs.; West 
Point, Ky., 1 yr.; Dailington, Ky., 

1 yr.; Glading, Miss., 1 yr.; First 
Ch., Natchez, Miss., 2% yrs.; First 
Ch., Tupelo, Miss., 3% yrs.; pastor, 
Calvary Ch., Louisville, Ky., 20 yrs.; 
clerk, Union Assn., Miss.; Mod., 
Long Run Assn., Ky. ; Mission Bd., 
Ky., 18 yrs, (chairman, 2 yrs.). Ad- 
dress: 3607 West Broadway, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Executive Secretary, Alabama 
Baptist Convention; born, Planters- 
ville, Ala., Dec. 5, 1885; son of Mi- 
chael Harrison and Sarah (Friday) 
B. ; education, D.D. from Howard 
College and Th.B. from Southern 
Baptist Seminary; ordained Sept. 
22, 1907; married Marie Griffin of 
Moundville, Ala., Dec. 29, 1920, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. 
Griffin; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Guntersville, Ala., for 9 
years, and pastor, Clayton Street 
Baptist Church, Montgomery, Ala., 
for 14 years; recording secretary, 
Alabama Baptist State Executive 
Board for 19 years; member, Execu- 
tive Committee of Alabama State 
Board for 15 years; member, Bud- 
get Committee, 5 years; president, 
Alabama Baptist State Convention, 

2 years; executive secretary, Ala- 
bama State Convention since April 
1, 1935. Home: 131 Martha St., 
Montgomery, Ala.; office: 127 S. 
Court St., Montgomery. 

(MRS. S. R.) 

Corresponding Sec, W. M. U., 
Md.; born, Baltimore, Md., Feb. 22, 
1878, daughter of Kathryn Virginia 
Shelly and Benjamin Howell Hays 
of Va. ; education, Business Col.; 
married Samuel Russell Barnes of 
Maryland, Jan. 26, 1898; children, 
Philip Hays, Pittsburgh, Pa. Home 
address: 4315 Park Hts. Ave.; of- 
fice: 405 Hearst Tower Bldg., Bal- 
timore, Md. 




Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mt. 
Holly, N. C; born, Davidson Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, June 25, 1886; 
son of J. A. and Eliza Jane (Hil- 
liard) Barnes; education, A.B., 
Wake Forest, graduate student, Co- 
lumbia University; ordained, Janu- 
ary, 1920; married Ezora Mallard 
of Thomasville, N. C, December, 
1913, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
W. Mallard; children, Hildegarde, 
Beverly, Mary Zoe, Martin Luther, 
Jr., and Breta; superintendent, 
Spencer Graded Schools, 1912-16; 
superintendent, Mt. Holly Public 
Schools, 1916-18; secretary, Wood- 
lawn, Nims, Adrian and American 
Manufacturing Company, 1918-20; 
pastor, Ranlo and Calvary Churches, 
1920-23; Ranlo, Flint and Groves 
Churches, 1923-26 ; Cooleemee 
Church, 1926-30; First Baptist 
Church, Mt. Holly, since 1930; su- 
perintendent, Victory Schools, Gas- 
tonia, N. C, 1920-25; secretary, 
State Pastors' Conference; clubs: 
Mason, P. O. S. A. Home: Mt. Hol- 
ly, N. C. 


Pastor, Eufaula Baptist Church, 
Eufaula, Okla.; born, Calhoun 
County, Ala., June 29, 1873; son of 
Elizabeth Monk and Geo. W. Bar- 
nett of Jacksonville, Ala.; ordained 
Aug. 29, 1894, Valley Home Baptist 
Church, Morgantown, Ark.; mar- 
ried Maggie Greeson of Clinton, 
Ark., Aug. 7, 1892, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. H. Greeson; children, 
Major Jas. W., Ft. Leavenworth, 
Kans., and Tom, Tampa, Fla.; pas- 
tor, VanBuren County, Arkansas, 
6 years; pastor, Plumerville, Ark., 
4 years; pastor, Atkins and Perry- 
ville, Ark., 5 years; state mission- 
ary, Bentonville, Ark., 1 year; pas- 
tor Atkins, Ark., 2 years; pastor, 
Waldron, Ark., 6 years; pastor, 
Clarksville, Ark., 2 years; pastor, 
Greenwood, Ark., 3 years; district 
missionary, Springdale, Ark., 1 
year; pastor, Eufaula, Okla., 7 
years to date; moderator, Buckner 
Association, Arkansas; member, Ar- 
kansas Executive Board, several 

years; recording secretary, 1 year; 
member, State Mission Board, Ar- 
kansas; moderator, Mcintosh Coun- 
ty, Oklahoma, Association, 4 years; 
occasional Baptist newspaper arti- 
cles; Mason, Lions Club. Address: 
120 S. "E." St., Eufaula, Okla. 


Pastor, Main St. Church, Hatties- 
burg, Miss.; born, Brooksville, 
Miss., June 24, 1893; son of Mat- 
tie Hines and J. F. Barnhill; edu- 
cation, B.A., Miss. Col., Th.M., 
Southern Sem.; ordained, June, 
1914; married Louise Sullivan, May 
11, 1918, daughter of Joseph and 
Margaret Sullivan; children, Jo- 
seph Mason, James Orris; work: 
Assnl. Missionary, Deer Creek 
Assn., Miss., 1921-22; pastor, Sum- 
ner, Miss., 1922-25; Calvary Ch., 
Memphis, Tenn., 1925-29; Main St. 

Ch., Hattiesburg, Miss., 1929- ; 

denominational: Trustee, Miss. Col., 

1923-25; Woman's Col., 1929- ; 

Mod., Lebanon Assn., 1931-35. Home 
address: 1027 Main St., Hattiesburg, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pochow, 
China; born, Breezewood, S. C, 
Feb. 11, 1893; education, Winthrop 
Normal & Industrial College, 1915, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1921; 
appointed June 9, 1921; evangel- 
istic work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Churfch, 
Santa Fe, N. Mex. ; born, Daljas 
County, Missouri, March 16, 18JJ4; 
son of Sarah Highfill and Chas. 
Barrick of Laverne, Okla., educa- 
tion, college, university and semi- 
nary, receiving A.B., M.A., Th.jVI., 
and Ph.D.; ordained, Laverhe, 
Okla., 1916; married Elva Sawyer 
of Cherokee, Okla., Sept. 12, 1915, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hehry 
Sawyer; children, Joy Louise; gen- 
eral missionary work, Nigeria, Af- 
rica, 1923-1924; professor and presi- 
dent, Montezuma College, 1924-1929 ; 



pastor, First Baptist Church, Clay- 
ton, N. Mex., 1931-36; pastor, Santa 
Fe, N. Mex., since Apr. 1, 1936; As- 
sociational Mission Bd., State Mis- 
sion Bel., N. Mex.; Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary Board; 
member, Foreign Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention; au- 
thor: "A Study in Religious Fa- 
naticism, the Penitenties," "The 
Place of Mysticism in the Normal 
Christian Experience"; Scottish 
Rite Mason, Phi Delta Kappa, Ro- 
tary. Home: 107 Court St., Clay- 
ton, N. Mex.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Santa. Fe, N. Mex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hapeville, Ga.; born, Upson County, 
Georgia, June 15, 1881; son of Ar- 
nimda Phylis Waller and James 
Everett Barron of Upson County, 
Georgia; education, Mercer Univer- 
sity; ordained, Atwater Missionary 
Baptist Church, Upson County, 
Georgia, April 25, 1905; married 
Mary R. Rucker of Barnesville, Ga., 
Nov. 6, 1901, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. F. Rucker; children, Fran- 
ces Everett, Quitman, Ga., William 
Marion, Boxley, Ga., Sara (Mrs. 
Roy G. McArity), Baxley, Ga., 
Ruth; organizer and lecturer, 
Farmers Union of Georgia, 1903- 
1905; pastor, Devotie Chapel, Grif- 
fin, Ga., 1905; pastor, Second Bap- 
tist Church, Griffin, Ga., 1906-1907; 
pastor, Orchard Hill Baptist 
Church, Orchard Hill, Ga., 1906- 
pastor, Sardis, Henry County, Ga., 
1908-1915; pastor, Philippii, Butts 
County, Ga., 1908-1909; pastor, 
Macedonia, Stark, Butts Co., Ga., 
1913-1915; pastor, Providence, Jef- 
ferson Co., Ga., 1909-1912; pastor, 
Old Bethel, Jefferson Co., Ga., 1909- 
1912; pastor, East Thomaston Bap- 
tist Church, Thomaston, Ga., 1909- 
1911; pastor, Cabinis, Monroe Coun- 
ty, Ga., 1909-1911; pastor, Paran 
Baptist Church, Monroe County, 
Ga., 1914-1915; pastor, Grooverville, 
Brooks County, Georgia, 1920-1923; 
pastor, Marshallville, Ga., 1915- 
1919; pastor, Boston, Ga., 1919-1923; 
pastor, Mabel White, Macon, Ga., 

1923-1925; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Baxley, Ga., 1925-1929; pas- 
tor, Cherokee Heights Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 1929-1930; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Hape- 
ville, Ga., 1930 to date; Executive 
Committee, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1927-1932; moderator, Conco- 
lation Association, 1928-1929; chair- 
man, Executive Committee, Mercer 
Association, Thomas and Brooks 
County, 1920-1923; author: "On 
Travels in Europe, Asia, and Afri- 
ca and France, Italy, Germany, 
Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Turkey, 
Holland, Switzerland, England, Cy- 
prus Rhodes in M. S. S."; Mason, 
Knight Templar, Shriner, K. of P., 
Odd Fellow, W. O. W. ; superintend- 
ent, Jenkins High School, Jenkins- 
burg, Ga., 1912-1914; superintend- 
ent, Atwater Grammar and High 
School, Atwater, Ga., 1908. Home: 
620 College St., Hapeville, Ga.; of- 
fice: corner College and Fulton 
Sts., Hapeville, Ga. 


Pastor, Temple Church, Wilming- 
ton, N. C; born, Jonesboro, Ark., 
Feb. 2, 1867; son of Eliza Martha 
Morgan of Gowensville, S. C, and 
William Henderson Barton of Ti- 
gerville, S. C; education, A.B., D.D. 
and L.L.D., Union Univ., D.D., Bay- 
lor Univ.; ordained, Oct., 1888; pas- 
tor, First Ch., Batesville, Ark., 
1888-89; married Georgia May 
Jones of Trenton, Tenn., Dec. 27, 
1893, daughter of Major and Mrs. 
LeGrand M. Jones; children, Nan- 
nie Landis (Mrs. John D. Free- 
man), Nashville, Tenn., Rev. Wil- 
liam Henderson, Nashville, Tenn.; 
principal, Gadsden (Tenn.) Male 
and Female Acad., 1891-92; Pres., 
Lexington (Tenn.) Bapt. Col., 1892- 
94; pastor, country and village 
churches, 1888-92; First Ch., Lex- 
ington, Tenn., 1892-94; North Edge- 
field Ch., Nashville, Tenn., 1894-96; 
Asst. Cor. Sec, Foreign Mission Bd., 
S. B. C, and editor, Foreign Mis- 
sion Journal, 1896-99; Cor. Sec, 
Mission Bd., Ark. Bapt. Conv., 1900- 
02; founder and editor, Baptist Ad- 
vance, Little Rock, Ark., 1902-04; 



Field Sec, Home Mission Bd., S. 
B. C, 1904-05; pastor, Beech St. 
Ch., Texarkana, Ark., 1906-07; First 
Ch., Waco, Tex., 1907-09; Cor. Sec, 
Educational Bd., Gen. Conv., Tex., 
1909-14; pastor, Emmanuel Ch., Al- 
exandria, La., 1918-21; founder and 
pastor, Calvary Ch., Alexandria, 
La., 1921-24; Supt., Mo. Bapt. Gen. 
Assn., 1924-26; Gen. Director, Co- 
operative Program, S. B. C, 1926- 
27; Supt., Dept. of Church Exten- 
sion,, Home Mission Bd., S. B. C, 
1927-30; member, S. S. Bd., S. B. C, 
1895-96; trustee and first Rec. Sec, 
Southwestern Theol. Sem.; Pres., 
Exec. Bd., La. Bapt. Conv., 1918- 
21; chairman, standing committee 
on Temperance, S. B. C, 1908 and 
1910-14; chairman, Social Service 
Commission, 1915 to date; member, 
S. B. C. Commission on founding 
American Bapt. Theol. Sem. for Ne- 
gro Ministers, Nashville, Tenn., 1913 
to date, and member, Sem. Bd. of 
Directors, 1913 to date; member, 
Joint Comm. of Conference between 
Northern and Southern Bapt. Con- 
ventions to adjust differences in the 
relation of the two conventions in 
N. Mex., 1911-12; Mod., Wilmington 
Assn., since 1934; chairman, Exec. 
Comm., Natl. Conference, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1911 (Webb Bill); Pres., 
Second Natl. Conference, Washing- 
ton, D. C, to promote this legisla- 
tion; official delegate, U. S. Govern- 
m e n t, International Conference 
Against Alcoholism, Milan, Italy, 
1913; Sou. Sociological Congress; 
official delegate, U. S. Government, 
16th International Congress Against 
Alcoholism, Lausanne, Switzerland. 
1921; Supt., Anti-Saloon League of 
Tex., editor Home and State, 1915- 
18; member, National Exec. Comm., 
Anti-Saloon League of America, 
1913 to date; chairman, 192-4-36; 
Pres., Natl. Conference of Organiza- 
tions Supporting the 18th Amend- 
ment; member, Exec Comm., Natl. 
Temperance Council; Natl. Council, 
Boy Scouts of America; Clergy- 
men's Advisory Bd. of World Alli- 
ance for International Friendship 

Through the Churches. Address: 
1810 Market St., Wilmington, N. C. 


Office secretary, Alabama Bap- 
tist Training Union; born, Quitman, 
Ga.; daughter of Rosa Belle Hurt 
of Ballsville, Va., and L. E. Barton 
of Jonesboro, Ark.; education, A.B., 
Richmond University, Alabama Uni- 
versity. Home: 1607 S. Hull St., 
Montgomery, Ala.; office: 127 S. 
Court St., Montgomery, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ha- 
zlehurst, Ga.; born, Cherokee Coun- 
ty, Canton, Ga., Oct. 31, 1895; son 
of Lilly Mae Beavers and Joseph 
Caroll Barton; education, Canton 
High School, Mercer University, 
1920-24; ordained, Canton Baptist 
Church, Canton, Ga., January, 1921; 
married Lona Ellen Brown (de- 
ceased) of Nashville, Ga., June 21, 
1920, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John T. Brown; children, Grace 
Elizabeth; served as pastor 4 years 
each during school work the follow- 
ing churches: Cross Keys Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., Mt. Zion Bap- 
tist Church, Twiggs County, Dan- 
ville, Ga., Little Horse Creek Bap- 
tist Church, Woodcliff, Ga.; served 
as pastor of the following field of 
churches 4% years: Flat Rock Bap- 
tist Church, Muscogee County, 
Bethsadia Baptist Church, Ellerslie, 
Ga., Rehobeth Baptist Church. 
Cataula, Ga., Waverly Hall Baptist 
Church, Waverly Hall, Ga. ; pas- 
tor, Blue Ridge Baptist Church, 
Blue Ridge, Ga., 4 years, 4 months; 
Mod., Morganton Bapt. Assn., 1 yr. ; 
pastor, Ellijay, Ga., Baptist Church, 
2 years; Blairsville, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 1 year; Hemptown Baptist 
Church, Blue Ridge, Ga., First Bap- 
tist Church, Hazlehurst, Ga., for 
past 2 years, 3 months; member, 
Executive Committee, Georgia Bap- 
tist Assembly, Blue Ridge, Ga. ; 
takes active part in all civic activi- 
ties; past president, Lions Club; 
member, Masonic Lodge, past Wor- 
shipful Master. Address: Hazle- 
hurst, Ga. 




Born, Jonesboro, Ark., Apr. 25, 
1870; son of Eliza Martha Morgan 
and William Henry Barton; educa- 
tion, A. M., Union Univ., Jackson, 
Tenn., 1898, D.D., 1911, Southern 
Theol. Sem., Louisville, Ky.; or- 
dained, 1896; married Rose Belle 
Hurt of Ballsville, Va., 1899; chil- 
dren, Anne Alethia (Mrs. C. H. 
Chapman), Jenny Dean, Lee Ed- 
ward, Elizabeth Tumpkin; pastor, 
Hope, Ark., 1899-1900; Suffolk, Va., 
1900-04; Quitman, Ga., 1905-08; 
West Point, Miss., 1908-13; Jackson 
Hill Church, Atlanta, Ga., 1913-16; 
First Church, Fayetteville, Ark., 
1916-19; Gen. Sec, Exec. Bd., Ark. 
Bapt. Conv., 1920-21; pastor, Larch- 
mont Ch., Norfolk, Va., 1922-25; 
First Ch., Andalusia, Ala., 1926-29; 
Chmn., Exec. Com., Alliance Against 
Repeal of 18th Amendment, since 
1932; denominational: member, 
Exec. Bd., Ala. Conv., since 1926; 
Gen. Sec. and Treas., 1929-1935; 
Vice Pres., S. B. C, 1927; Chmn., 
Com. on New Bds., 192'9; member, 
Promotion Com., Southern Baptists, 
since 1931; member and Gen. Dir., 
State Promotion Com. of Ala.; au- 
thor: "Three Dimensions of Love"; 
brochure, "Four Pillars of the Bap- 
tists' Temple"; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon, Rotary. Address: Montgomery, 


Pastor, Edgefield Church, Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; born, Trenton, Tenn., 
1898; son of Georgia Mae Jones of 
Trenton, Tenn., and Arthur James 
Barton of Jonesboro, Ark.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Baylor Univ., MA , 
Brown Univ., Th.M., Southern 
Sem.; ordained, 1921; married Met 
tie Marie Taylor of Bowling Green 
Ky., June 26, 1923, daughter of Mr 
and Mrs. C. Willard Taylor; chil 
dren, Billy and Mettie Rie; editor 
Louisiana State Bapt. paper; pas 
tor, Piano, Ky., 1% yrs.; Little 
Union, Fairfield, Ky.,- 1 yr.; Comp- 
ton Heights, St. Louis, Mo., 2% 
yrs.; First Ch., Tuscumbia, Ala." 
3 yrs.; Edgefield Ch., Nashville, 

Tenn., 6 yrs. to date; member, Bapt. 
S. S. Bd.; Pres., Pastors' Assn., 
Nashville, 1936; Bapt. Pastors' Con- 
ference, Nashville, 1935; chaplain, 
American Legion, Nashville, Tenn.; 
chairman, Nashville Kagawa Com. 
Address: 818 Russell St., Nashville, 


Born, Dixon's Spring, Tenn., Aug. 
22, 1867; daughter of Mary Eliza- 
beth Lowe of Hartsville, Tenn., and 
Robert Allen Burford of Dixon's 
Spring, Tenn.; education, diploma, 
Columbia Institute, certificate for 
completion of 4 years course, Chau- 
tauqua Library and Scientific So- 
ciety; traveled and studied abroad 
1% yrs.; married Leopold Max Bash- 
insky of Troy, Ala., June 17, 1891; 
children, Leopold E., Birmingham, 
Ala., Helen Goode (deceased), Mary 
Elizabeth (Mrs. James Noble 
Crump), Montgomery, Ala.; teach- 
er, Dixon's Spring, Rome and 
Hendersonville, Tenn.; teacher in 
State Normal School (now State 
Teachers College), Troy, Ala.; 
trustee, Judson College; past presi- 
dent, W. M. U., First Baptist 
Church, Troy, Ala.; teacher, Phila- 
thea Class, First Baptist Church, 
Troy, Ala.; executive member, W. 
M. U. Executive Committee, Ala- 
bama; filled pulpits: Dauphin Way, 
Mobile, Ala., M. E., Troy, Ala., First 
Baptist Church, Troy, Ala., M. E. 
Church, Washington, Ga., First Bap- 
tist Church, Washington, Ga. ; mes- 
sage, Union Service, Evansville, 
Ind., World Day of Prayer, 1933; 
author: "Tried and True Recipes," 
receipts from the sale amount to 
$15,000.00, given for endowment of 
scholarships for education of poor; 
past president, XIX Century Club, 
Troy, Ala.; past president, Improve- 
ment Club, Troy, Ala.; parliamen- 
tarian, Geographic Study Club, 
Troy, Ala.; Troy Chapter, U. D. C; 
Past Pres. and Chmn., Ed. Com., 
Ala. Div. U. D. C; past 3rd V. P., 
past Rec. Sec, past Pres., and past 
Chmn., Ed. Com., Gen. U. D. C; 
member, D. A. R., Huguenot Socie- 



ty, U. S. D. of 1812. Address: Troy, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Meridian, Miss.; born, Wills Point, 
Tex., March 2, 1881; son of James 
W. and Emma (Cain) Bass; educa- 
tion, B.S., Kentucky Southern Nor- 
mal School, A.B., Baylor University, 
and Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; held "Wood Scholar- 
ship" in Baylor University; or- 
dained, Gibson Baptist Church, Gib- 
son, Tenn., 1903; married Anna 
Shaw Garrison of Hallsville, Tex., 
May 23, 1906, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. W. Johnson; children, 
Hardie C, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Emma 
Lou and Zou-Steele, Meridian; 
preached every Sunday while in col- 
lege; pastor, Baptist Church, Halls- 
ville, Tex., Killeen, Tex., Milford, 
Tex., Lancaster, Baptist Church, 
Lancaster, Tex., Terrell Baptist 
Church, Terrell, Tex., First Baptist 
Church, Dothan, Ala., West End 
Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala., 
First Baptist Church, Meridian; 
served on the Baptist Text Book 
Commission of Texas, under ap- 
pointment of the Texas Baptist Con- 
vention; Howard College, Birming- 
ham, conferred D.D. degree; mem- 
ber, State Board of Texas, State 
Board of Alabama; leader, Hundred 
Thousand Club, Mississippi; clubs: 
Scottish Rite Mason, Chamber of 
Commerce, Rotary, Erisophian De- 
bating Society, Baylor University, 
on winning team of Society, 1911. 
Address: First Baptist Church, Me- 
ridian, Miss. 


Pastor, Cliff Temple Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex.; born, Middle 
Grove, Mo., Dec. 31, 1884; son of 
Mollie Settle and Alexander Martin 
Bassett; education, Ph.B., La- 
Grange, Mo., Kansas City Seminary, 
Newton Theological Institute, Bos- 
ton, Mass., D.D., LaGrange, Mo., 
D.D., Baylor University, Waco, 
Tex.; ordained July, 1905, La- 
Grange, Mo.; married Dec. 25, 1906, 
Lottie Bounds, Gorin, Mo., daugh- 

ter of I. L. and Marcella Bounds; 
children, Margaret (Mrs. Travis 
Johnson), New York City, Elaine, 
New York City, Verona (Mrs. Wes- 
ley Tomlinson), El Paso, Tex., and 
Wallace Herman; work: pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Sulphur 
Springs, Tex., 4% years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Amarillo, 
Tex., 3 years; pastor, Cliff Temple 
Baptist Church, Dallas, Tex., since 
March 1, 1918; denominational: 
president, Southern Baptist Relief 
and Annuity Board; trustee, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Louisville, Ky.; trustee, Baylor 
University, Waco, Tex.; member, 
Texas State Board, Dallas City Mis- 
sion Board; clubs: Masonic Lodge; 
independent in politics. Home: 219 
Montreal, Dallas, Tex.; office: 109 
S. Beckley Ave., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Dixon, Mo.; born, Drake, Gascon- 
ade County, Mo., Jan. 6, 1893; son 
of Mary L. Oberg and G. J. Baur 
of New Haven, Mo.; education, 
Will Mayfield College; ordained 
June 13, 1923; married Mamie Mae 
Shockley of Rosebud, Mo., March 
25, 1915, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. W. Shockley; children, John J., 
Mildred F., Margaret Fern, Doro- 
thy Mae, Rose Eileen, and Jessie 
Naomi; pastor, Walbert, Mo., 3 
years; pastor, Moselle, Mo., 3 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Union, 
Mo.; pastor, Hillsboro, Mo., 1929- 
1930; pastor, Glen Allen Baptist 
Church, 1 year; pastor, Pilot Knob, 
Mo., 1929-1930; pastor, Marionville, 
Mo.; 1930-1931; pastor, Dixon, 
Mo., 1931 to date; Mission Board, 
Franklin County Association, Mis- 
souri; Mission Board, Lawrence 
County Association, Missouri; A. F. 
& A. M., I. O. O. F. Address: Dix- 
on, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kwei Lin, 
China; born, McKinney, Tex., Feb. 
24, 1900; education, Baylor College, 
A.B., 1923, Southwestern Training 



School; married R. L. Bausum, July 
23, 1929; appointed July 10, 1924. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kwei Lin, 
China; born, Harrold, S. D., March 
22, 1893; education; Annapolis, Md., 
High School, Richmond College, 
Crozer Seminary; appointed June 
10, 1920; boys' work. 


Pastor, Mangham, La.; born near 
Wilmar, Ark., Sept. 2, 1897; son of 
Elzie Irene Rogers and Robert 
Monroe Baxter of Monticello, Ark.; 
education, Ouachita Col., Ark., 
Southwestern Sem.; degrees, A.B., 
Th.M.; ordained, May, 1918; mar- 
ried May 13, 1926, to Pearle Mayo 
of Gorman, Tex., daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. M. J. Mayo; children, 
Roger M., Jr., Lee Monroe, Mayrene, 
Martha Ann, and Ha Maude; Asso. 
Mission work, summers, 1918, 1919 
and 1922; principal, Maynard 
Acad., 1920-22; teacher, Maynard 
Acad., 1924-25; pastor, Slagle, La., 
Nov., 1925-27; organized Simpson 
Bapt. Ch., 1927; pastor, Baxuite, 
Ark., 1928-29; pastor, Groom, Tex., 
1929-30; organized Central Bapt. 
Ch., Monroe, La., 1930; remained 
pastor until 1935; pastor, Mangham, 
La., since 1935. Address: Mangham, 


Pastor, Park View Church, Ports- 
mouth, Va. ; born, Princess Ann Co., 
Va. ; son of Annie Elizabeth Holt 
and Richard Henry Baylor; educa- 
tion, Rochester Theol. Sem., South- 
ern Bapt. Theol. Sem., D.D., Rich- 
mond Univ.; ordained, 1890; mar- 
ried Julia Phillips of New Albany, 
Ind., Jan. 21, 1896; children, Mabel 
Louise (Mrs. Wallis P. Jester), 
Ralph Phillips, Selma Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Charles M. Knoblock), Mary 
Ellen (Mrs. Fred E. Brumble) ; pas- 
tor, Calvary Ch., Portsmouth, Va., 
1890-94; Grace Ch., Baltimore, Md., 
1898-1915; Sec, State Mission Bd. 
and Supt. Missions, Md. Bapt. Union 
Assn., 1915-26; Park View Ch., 

Portsmouth, Va., Jan. 1, 1927 to 
date; denominational: trustee, Rich- 
mond Univ.; Southern Bapt. Theol. 
Sem.; author: "Better Not, or 20 
Don'ts for Preachers." Address: 
Baylor Apts., Portsmouth, Va. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Laichowfu, 
China; born, Wellsville, Kans., Jan. 
20, 1885; education, high schools, 
W. M. U. Training Schools, Cen- 
tral College of Osteopathy, Kansas 
City University of Physicians and 
Surgeons; appointed, September, 
1919; Kathleen Mallory Hospital. 


Missionary, Home Mission Board, 
Director, Negro Missions, Southern 
Baptist Convention, Atlanta, Ga.; 
born, Dranketown, Ga., March 8, 
1900; son of Mary Addie Fuller of 
Hazen, Ark., and Thomas Noble 
Beall of Dranketown, Ga. ; educa- 
tion, graduate Newton Junior Col- 
lege, A.B., Howard College, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
graduate, School for Chaplains; or- 
dained, June 3, 1923, First Baptist 
Church, Enterprise, Ala.; married 
Jewel Porter Chancy of Hartford, 
Ala., July 12, 1925, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. C. Chancy; children, 
Helen, Charles Noble, and Judson 
Porter; pastor, during college and 
seminary days, 5 years; pastor, 
Chisholm Baptist Church, Montgom- 
ery, Ala., 2 years; pastor, Ozark 
Baptist Church, Ozark, Ala., 2 
years; pastor, Twelfth Street Bap- 
tist Church, Gadsen, Ala., 3 years; 
Home Mission Board and Southern 
Baptist Convention, Atlanta, Ga., 1 
year; Baptist State Mission Board, 
Alabama, 3 years; vice president, 
Alabama B. Y. P. U. Convention, 
4 years; secretary, Alabama Baptist 
Sunday School Convention, 2 years; 
moderator, Etowah County Baptist 
Association, Gadsen, Ala., 1 year; 
president, B. S. U., Alabama, 1 
year; author: articles and tracts on 
Negro Missions; American Legion; 
commission as first lieutenant, U. S. 



Reserve Officers' Corps; president, 
Alabama Chapter, U. S. Chaplains' 
Association, 1 year; member, South- 
ern Inter-racial Commission, 2 yrs.; 
Southern Sociological Society, 1 yr. 
Home: 208 Poplar Circle, Atlanta, 
Ga.; office: 315 Red Rock Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lenoir City, Tenn.; born, Riddle- 
ton, Tenn., May 7, 1903; son of Ad- 
die Ricks and James William 
Beasley of Riddleton, Tenn.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Carson-Newman Col- 
lege, Tennessee Polytechnic Insti- 
tute; ordained Oct. 12, 1924; mar- 
ried Pauline Potter of Lenoir City, 
Tenn., Nov. 7, 1932, daughter of 
Henry W. and Minnie Scarbrough 
Potter; pastor, Del Rio Baptist 
Church, Tennessee, 3 years; pastor, 
Church Hill Baptist Church, 2V 2 
years; pastor, Baptist Church, Ste- 
venson, Ala., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Lenoir City, Tenn., 
1931 to date; Civitan Club. Home: 
203 A. St., Lenoir City, Tenn.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Lenoir 
City, Tenn. 


Professor of History, Southwest 
Baptist College, Bolivar, Mo.; born, 
Appomattox, Va., June 2, 1890; son 
of Isabella Day and Benjamin 
Walker Beasley; education, Univer- 
sity of Richmond, Southern Baptist 
Seminary, and University of Mis- 
souri, receiving A.B. and Th.M. de- 
grees; ordained, Sept. 13, 1921; 
principal, Jarratt High School, Jar- 
ratt, Va., 1918-19; Sunday School 
Institute work in Virginia, sum- 
mers of 1920 and 1921; pastor, 
Lewistown Baptist Church, Lewis- 
town, Mo., 1924-26; Monticello Bap- 
tist Church, Monticello, Mo., 1923- 
26; professor of History, LaGrange 
College, LaGrange, Mo., 1923-28, and 
Will Mayfield College, Marble Hill, 
Mo., 1928-31; professor of History, 
Missouri Southeast Teachers' Col- 
lege, Cape Girardeau, Mo., part of 
1930; professor of History, South- 
west Baptist College, Bolivar, Mo., 

since 1931; has done supply preach- 
ing for past 8 years, 1927-35; Kappa 
Sigma and Beta Beta, University of 
Richmond, 1917-18; member, Subur- 
ban Lodge No. 740, A. F. & A. M., 
Louisville, Ky., 1921-36; H. B. 
Grant Chapter No. 153, R. A. M., 
Louisville, Ky., 1922-36; Isaac T. 
Woodson Council No. 83, R. & S. M., 
Louisville, Ky., 1922-36; Star of 
Bethlehem Commandery, No. 37, 
Knights Templar, Canton, Mo., 
1926-36; LaGrange Chapter No. 114, 
O. E. S., LaGrange, Mo., 1925-36; 
Missouri Academy of Science, Co- 
lumbia, Mo., 1934-35; American 
Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Philadelphia, Pa., 1935-36; 
Pi Gamma Mu, national Social Sci- 
ence Honor Society, 1929-36; Na- 
tional Geographic Society, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1925-36. Address: Box 
82, Bolivar, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wuchow, 
China; born, Callaway County, 
Kentucky, Dec. 9, 1883; education, 
high school, Murray, Ky., W. M. U. 
Training School, 2 years; appoint- 
ed July, 1909; married Dr. R. E. 
Beddoe at Shanghai, November, 
1911; reappointed Nov. 23, 1933; 
evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wuchow, 
China; born, Dallas, Tex., Sept. 9, 
1882; education, Dallas High 
School, 1901, Baylor University Col- 
lege of Medicine, 1909; appointed 
July 15, 1909; reappointed Nov. 23, 
1933; medical work. 


Retired Baptist minister; born, 
Henry County, Tennessee, May 26, 
1868; son of Susan Frances Felts 
and Herbert Lewis Bell; education, 
Menida Normal College, Southern 
Normal University, Hall Moody 
Institute and Union University, re- 
ceiving B.S. and A.B. degrees; or- 
dained October, 1891; married Lou- 



etta Butler, Dec. 24, 1890, daughter 
of Rev. Clark S. and Martha Butler; 
children, Herbert Spercer, Houston, 
Tex., Charles Athel, Wichita, Kans., 
Thomas Extine, Oklahoma City, 
Okla., Martha Corinne, Chickasha, 
Okla., Lewis Butler, Oklahoma City, 
Okla., James Wilber, Wichita, 
Kans.; pastor, Prospect, Weakly 
Count, Association, Tennessee, 1 
year; pastor, Palmersville, Weakly 
Count Association, Tennessee, 3 
years; pastor, Cypress Creek, Weak- 
ly Count Association, 3 years; pas- 
tor, Little Obion, Weakly Count As- 
sociation, Tennessee, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Bible Union Weakly Count As- 
sociation, Tennessee, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Jolly Springs, Weakly Count 
Association, 4 years; pastor, Rals- 
ton, Bulah Association, Tennessee, 
4 years; pastor, Tumbling Creek, 
2 years; pastor, New Home, Tenn., 
7 years; pastor, Pleasant Hill, 
Tenn., 4 years; pastor, Pleasant 
Home, Tenn., 1 year; pastor, Mt. 
Peliah, Tenn., 2 years; pastor, Mt. 
Moriah, Tenn., 2 years; pastor, 
Bethlehem, Tenn., 4 years; pastor, 
Bethpage, Tenn., 3 years; pastor, 
New Salem, Tenn., 1 year; pastor, 
Oak Grove, Tenn., 2 years; pastor, 
Kenton, Tenn., 2 years; pastor, 
Gibson, Gibson County Association, 
Tennessee, 1 year; pastor, Old Sa- 
lem, Gibson County Association, 2 
years; pastor, Spring Hill, Western 
District Association, Tennessee, 7 
years; pastor, Cottage Grove, Tenn., 
2 years; pastor, Birds Creek, Tenn., 
2 years; pastor, Thompson Creek, 
Tenn., 2 years; pastor, Wildersville, 
Tenn., 4 years; pastor, Bingham- 
ton Baptist Church, Memphis, 3 
years; pastor, Centennial Baptist 
Church, Nashville, Tenn., 3 years; 
pastor, Holdenville, Okla., 4 years; 
pastor, Paul Valley, Okla., 3 years; 
pastor, Purcell, Tenn., 3*4 years; 
pastor, Milford, Tex., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Itily, Tex., 2 years; pastor, Si- 
loam Springs, Ark., 2% years; pas- 
tor, Boydesville, Ky., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Temple, Oklahoma City, Okla., 
9 years; trustee, Moody Institute, 
12 years; State Board, Oklahoma, 4 

years; Publication Baptist Messen- 
ger, 2 years; business manager, 
Baptist Banner, Tennessee, 4 years; 
Baptist Mission Board, Ark., 1 year; 
chairman, Location of Churches, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 4 years; Ma- 
son, Eagle, Odd Fellow. Address: 
R. F. D. 2, Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Pastor, Parker Memorial Baptist 
Church, Anniston, Ala.; born, An- 
niston, Ala., Aug. 15, 1907; son of 
Margaret Gertrude Tartt of Liv- 
ingston, Ala., and Charles Renfroe 
Bell of Anniston, Ala.; education, 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Howard College, Ph.B., 
Brown University; ordained, April 
20, 1930; supply pastor, Parker 
Memorial Church, Anniston, Ala., 
1932; pastor, Parker Memorial Bap- 
tist Church, Anniston, Ala., 1933 to 
date; Sigma Nu, Beta Pi Theta. 
Home: 1431 Leighton Ave., Annis- 
ton, Ala.; office: 1205 Quintard 
Ave., Anniston, Ala.; 


Missionary to the Mexicans; born, 
Rio Frio, Tex., Dec. 9, 1886; educa- 
tion, A.B., Baylor Univ., Southwest- 
ern Theol. Sem., 1 yr., graduate 
work, Univ. of Tex.; ordained Dec. 
10, 1912'; married Ida Perle, June 3, 
1914; six daughters and one son; 
missionary to Mexicans under 
State Mission Bd. of Tex., 6 yrs. ; 
appointed missionary by Home Mis- 
sion Bd., 1919; opened Mexican 
Bapt. Inst., Bastrop, Tex., 1926; still 
head of this institution. Address: 
Bastrop, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, Decatur, 
Tex.; born, Blanco, Tex., Jan. 14, 
1872; son of Virginia A. Cochran 
of Fayette, Ala., and Montgomery 
H. Bell of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Baylor Univ., Th.M., 
Southern Sem.; ordained, 1896; 
married Amy Bentley of Deweyville, 
Tex., Aug. 5, 1903, daughter of 
Sarah and Rev. P. N. Bentley; chil- 
dren, Margaret (Mrs. B. E. Cudd), 
Corpus Christi, Tex., Grace (Mrs. 



Gerald Stevens), Corpus Christi, 
Tex., Marian Joy; pastor, Athens, 
Tex., 2 yrs.; Mart, Tex., 3 yrs.; 
Gatesville, Tex., 4 yrs.; dean, Way- 
land Col., Plainview, Tex., 1 yr.; 
pastor, Bowie, Tex., 6 yrs.; Sey- 
mour, Tex., 3 yrs.; Decatur, Tex., 
15 yrs. to date; denominational: 
Pres., Bd. of Trustees, Decatur Bapt. 
Col., 20 yrs.; member, State Exec. 
Bd., Bapt. Gen. Conv., 15 yrs. Ad- 
dress: Decatur, Tex. 


Pastor, Third Avenue Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky.; born, Mc- 
Lean, N. Y., May 23, 1888; son of 
Mary Luella Weeks and Fred H. 
Benedict of McLean, N. Y.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Colgate University, Th. 
M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Cook Academy, Colgate 
Theological Seminary, Cortland 
Business Institute; ordained, Ham- 
ilton, N. Y., 1918; married Ger- 
trude Mary Hurd of Elmira, N. Y., 
June 8, 1918; children, Joseph; 
chaplain, U. S. Army, 1918-192-0; 
pastor, Middletown, Ky., 1920-1921; 
pastor, West Point, Ky., 1921-1923; 
pastor, Parkland Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1923-1926; pastor, 
Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1926-1934; pastor, 
Third Avenue Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1934 to date; Delta 
Sigma Rho, F. A. A. M., Veterans 
of Foreign Wars. Home: 1346 Ol- 
ive St., Louisville, Ky.; office: 
1726 S. Third St., Louisville, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Barcelona, 
Spain, Europe; born, Karlstad, 
Sweden, May 14, 1885; education, 
Eible School, Stockholm, London 
Missionary School of Medicine: 
married Nils J. Bengston, Nov. 25, 
1911; appointed on field, Oct. 10, 
1928; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Barcelona. 
Spain, Europe; born, Montola, Swe- 
den, May 16, 1882; education, Bible 

School of Orebro-Betel Seminary, 
Stockholm, Harley College, London, 
one year, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; appointed on 
field, Oct. 10, 1928; evangelistic 


Pastor, Baptist Tabernacle, Tam- 
pa, Fla. ; born, Warren County, Vir- 
ginia, Aug. 24, 1872; son of Han- 
nah Elizabeth Osborne of Loudon 
County, Virginia, and Walter Fred- 
erick Bennett of Dunstable, Eng- 
land; education, D.D., Columbia 
College, West Virginia Academy, 
Broadus College, Cozer Theological 
Seminary; ordained March 23, 

1898, Greenboro, Ga.; married 
Mattie Sarah Veazey of Veazey, Ga., 

1899, daughter of Eli and Josie 
Veazey; children, Maymie Louise 
(Mrs. L. D. Simmons), Arthur Mar- 
riott, Jr., Covington, Ga., Martha 
Elizabeth (Mrs. R. S. Berry), Vir- 
ginia, Frances, Mary Camille (de- 
ceased), Sarah i( deceased); pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Greensboro, 
Ga., 1898-1900; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Moultrie, Ga., 1900-1906; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Nor- 
man Park, Ga., and teacher in Jun- 
ior College, 1906-1910, 1912-1915; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Ft. 
Myers, Fla., 1915-1917; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Lake City, Fla., 
1917-1920; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Plant City, Fla., 1920-1923; 
pastor, Palm Avenue Baptist 
Church, Tampa, Fla., 1923-1933; 
pastor, Baptist Tabernacle, 1933 to 
date; assistant secretary, Georgia 
Baptist Convention, 1909-1915; 
State Mission Board, Florida, 1916- 
1935; moderator, Beulah Associa- 
tion, Florida, 1913-1920; president, 
Florida Baptist Assembly, 1921- 
1922; moderator, Tampa Bay Asso- 
ciation, Florida, 1930-1931; vice 
president, Florida Convention, 1924; 
vice president, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1926; Florida member, 
Sunday School Board, 1929 to date; 
author: "The Place of the Junior 
College in Our Educational Sys- 
tem"; I. O. O. F., Mason, Royal 
Arch, Jou A. M., Knight of Invis- 



ible Empire, Board of Trade, Ki- 
wanis. Home: 908 23rd Ave., 
Tampa, Fla.; office: 2909 Nebraska 
Ave., Tampa, Fla. 


Pastor, Second Baptist Church, 
Lancaster, S. C; born, Malboro 
County, South Carolina, Dec. 9, 
1879; son of Mary Jane Smith and 
Thomas Fletcher Bennett of Mal- 
boro, S. C; education, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Southside Baptist Church, 
Columbia, S. C, Sept., 1916; mar- 
ried Daisy Saunders, of Richland 
County, South Carolina, August, 
1902, daughter of Henry Saunders; 
children, Sally Ruth, Edna Kath- 
leen, Mary Helen, Henry Pinckney; 
pastor, Sally, S. C, 1916-1922; pas- 
tor, Neeses, Orangeburg County, 
South Carolina, 1922-1925; pastor, 
Second Baptist Church, Lancaster, 
S. C, and 2 small churches, 1925 
to date; former member, Baptist 
General Board, South Carolina; 
member, Executive Committee, Mo- 
rian Association; Time, Place and 
Preacher Committee, Baptist State 
Convention; Mason, W. O. W., Jun- 
ior Order Improved American Me- 
chanics. Address: 1416 14th St., 
Lancaster, S. C. 


Chaplain (Major), U. S. Army, 
assigned now to Philippine Divi- 
sion, U. S. Army, Ft. William Mc- 
Kinley, Philippine Islands; born, 
Ash, N. C, April 22, 1892; son of 
Zillah Russ and Iredell Bennett of 
Ash, N. C; education, Wake Forest 
College, LaSalle University, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
graduate, School for Chaplains and 
Chaplain Candidates, U. S. Army, 
graduate, Chaplains' Service School, 
U. S. Army, receiving A.B. and 
LL.B. degrees; ordained, 1914; mar- 
ried Ruby Jenrette of Ash, N. C, 
Dec. 26, 1917, daughter of Isaac 
and Amaretta Regan Jenrette; 
children, Ivan L., Jr., John Charles, 
Richard Thomas; associate prin- 
cipal, Winterville High School, 
Winterville, N. C, 1 year; princi- 

pal, Dell School, Delway, N. C, 1 
year; supply pastor, Clayton Bap- 
tist Church, Clayton, N. C.; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Roxboro, N. 
C, 6 months; pastor, Spray, Bap- 
tist Church, Spray, N. C, 8 months; 
supply pastor, Beechland Baptist 
Church, Valley Station, Louisville, 
Ky.; chaplain (1st Lt.) 1918; chap- 
lain (1st Lt.) Regular Army, 1920; 
chaplain (Capt.), 1924; 12th U. S. 
Calvary, Mexican border; Ft. Mon- 
roe, Va. ; Philippine Islands, 1924- 
1926; Camp Taylor, Ky.; Camp 
Knox, Ky. ; Camp Humphries, Va. ; 
Camp Meade, Md.; Camp Eustis, 
Va.; Ft. Brown, Tex.; Yorktown, 
Va.; accompanied trips from New 
York via Panama Canal to San 
Francisco, Honolulu, Philippines, 
Chinwantano, China, Nogasaki, Ja- 
pan; 1925, Japan, Kona, Man- 
churia and China; Division Chap- 
lain, Philippine Division, 1933 to 
date; chaplain (Major) Regular 
Army, Ft. William McKinley, P. I.; 
Senior Chaplain, P. I.; Head of 
School for training chaplains, P. I.; 
council of chaplains, Washington, 
by Gen. Pershing, 1922; member, 
special staff for Yorktown Sesqui- 
Centennial Celebration; charge co- 
ordination of religious activities, 
Yorktown. Home: Ash, N. C. ; of- 
fice: c/o The Adjutant General of 
U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 


Pastor, Lamar and Knoxville, 
Ark.; born, Nevada Co., Ark., Nov. 
5, 1856; son of Purtell and George 
W. Bennett of Nevada Co., Ark.; 
education, A.B., Ouachita Col.; or- 
dained Oct. 12, 1884; married Sarah 
Frances Basden of Nevada Co., Ark., 
Nov. 20, 1878, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs, W. R. Basden; children, Ho- 
race Monroe, Bastrop, La. , Mrs. 
Glenn Parker, Shawnee, Okla., 
Hernando G., Addington, Okla., 
James Basden, Kansas City, Mo., 
Pattie Lee (deceased); pastor in 
Howard Co., Ark.; organized Bap- 
tist Ch., Carter Pait, Ark., 1885; 
pastor, Malvern, Ark., 1889-1891; 
Decatur, Tex., 1891-1893; a builder 
Decatur Bapt. Col.; pastor, Grape- 



vine, Tex., 1894-1898; pastor, Roch- 
nall, Tex., 4 yrs. ; Kaufman, Tex., 2 
yrs.; First Ch., Cheeha'sla, Okla., 4 
yrs.; organized Second Ch., Chicka- 
sha, Okla.; evangelist, 1908-1917; 
organized, Second Ch., Amarillo, 
Tex.; Exec. Bd., Okla. Bapt. Conv.; 
Educational Commission, Okla., 
1906, for establishing Okla. Bapt. 
Univ. Address: 110 N. Washington, 
Hope, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Camilla, Ga.; born, Barbour Coun- 
ty, Alabama, Oct. 31, 1878; son of 
Rev. Benjamin C. and Amanda 
(Grubbs) Bennett; education, A.B., 
Howard College, Th.M., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained May 22, 1901; married 
Achsah Hall of Birmingham, Ala., 
April 30, 1902, daughter of H. Y. 
and Fannie (Jones) Hall; children, 
Samuel Henry of Lynchburg, Va.; 
assistant pastor, Southside Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, 1901-05; pas- 
tor, Floralla, Ala., 1905-07; Central 
Church, Selma, Ala., 1907-1913; 
Jacksonville, Ala., 1913-1919; state 
organizer for 75 Million Campaign, 
1919; camp pastor, Camp McClel- 
lan, during war; superintendent of 
Field Work in Alabama, 1919-1925; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, Ga., 1925-1930; Hartwell, Ga., 
1930-33; First Baptist Church, Ca- 
milla, since 1933; member, State 
Board of Alabama, for several years; 
Alabama trustee of Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Sem.; Ga. state 
member, Relief and Annuity Board, 
since 1931; registration clerk of the 
Southern Baptist Convention since 
1931; chairman, Welfare Associa- 
tion, Washington, Ga., 1928. Home: 
Camilla, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Mansfield, La.; born, Jonesboro, 
Tex., Oct. 21, 1895; son of Amanda 
Ellen Kellum of Texas-Kansas, and 
William Benjamin Bennett of Geor- 
gia-Texas; education, graduate 
Burleson College Academy; 11 ma- 

jors in college; ordained, Coop- 
er, Tex., Dec. 30, 1922; married 
Bertie Olive Parnell of Dickens 
County, Texas, Oct. 29, 1916, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Parnell; 
children, William Carroll, Louisi- 
ana College, Robert Calvin, Elbert 
White; pastor, Price Baptist 
Church, Delta County, Texas, 1923- 
1926; pastor, Blue Prairie Baptist 
Church, Delta County, Texas, 1923- 
1926; pastor, Mt. Joy, Delta Coun- 
ty, Texas, 1923-1924; pastor, Vasco 
Baptist Church, Delta County, Tex- 
as, 1923-1924; pastor, Charleston 
Baptist Church, Delta County, Tex- 
as, 1923-1924; pastor, Ben Frank- 
lin Baptist Church, Delta County, 
Texas, 1924-1926; pastor, Immanuel 
Baptist Church, Paris, Tex., 1926- 
1928; pastor, Rose Hill Baptist 
Church, Texarkana, Tex., 1928-1933 ; 
pastor, Mansfield Baptist Church, 
Mansfield, La., 1933 to date; evan- 
gelist; remodeled and enlarged one 
church building, erected and paid 
for one tabernacle, raised and left 
$2,000 building fund, Paris, Tex., 
$27,000 on debt, Mansfield, La.; 
moderator, Delta County Associa- 
tion, Texas, 1925; moderator, La- 
mar County Association, Texas, 
1928; association organizer, Delta 
Association and Lamar Association; 
district leader for evangelism, Dis- 
trict No. 1, Texas, 2 years; B. T. U. 
president, District No. 1, Texas, 
2 years; Executive Board, Louisi- 
ana; district leader, 100,000 Club, 
and Every Member Canvass; au- 
thor: "The Lord's Day Sabbath"; 
A. F. and A. M. Home: P. O. Box 
No. 775, Mansfield, La.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Mansfield, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at El Paso, Tex. 
(Mexico); born, Palopinta, Tex., 
Aug. 28, 1876; education, local 
schools; married J. H. Benson, July 
28, 1904; appointed Dec. 1, 1906; 
evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 



sionary, stationed at El Paso, Tex. 
(Mexico) ; born, Wabash, Mo., 1872; 
went to Texas; education, Baylor 
University, 1904; appointed evan- 
gelistic work. 


Pastor, Mignon Baptist Church, 
Sylacauga, Ala.; born, Sylacauga, 
Ala., Jan. 14, 1894; son of Minnie 
Lou Edwards and Dr. John Emory 
Berkstresser of Talladega, Ala.; 
education, Howard College, Union 
University, and Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, 1913, First Baptist Church, 
Talladega, Ala.; married Louise 
Mildred Nail of Birmingham, Ala., 
Sept. 11, 1917, daughter of Col. and 
Mrs. "William Talbot Nail; children, 
Mildred Louise and John Emory; 
pastor, Green Springs Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 1913- 
1914; pastor, Austinville Baptist 
Church, Decatur, Ala., 1914-1915 
Y. M. C. A. secretary, World War 
pastor, Port Royal, Ky., 1920-1923 
pastor, Mt. Ranier and Berwyn, 
Md., 1923-1925; professor, Greek 
and Biblical Introduction, Wash- 
ington Bible Institute, 1923-1925; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Del- 
mar, Del., 1925-1929; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Decatur, Ala., 1929- 
1934; pastor, Mignon Baptist 
Church, Sylacauga, Ala., 1934 to 
date; secretary, Delaware Baptist 
State Convention, 1926-1929; secre- 
tary, Alabama Baptist Sunday 
School Convention, 1934 to date; 
Herald of Alabama Baptist R. A. 
Council, 1930 to date; secretary, 
Howard College Preachers' Alumni 
Association, 1929 to date; dean, 
Eldridge Academy, Preachers' 
School, 1934 to date; contributor 
of regular articles to "Alabama 
Baptist," 1933-1934. Home: 400 
Court St., Talladega, Ala.; office: 
No. 4 Seminole Drive, Sylacauga, 



President, Hillman College, Clin- 
ton, Miss.; born, Blue Mountain, 

Miss., Aug. 22, 1878; son of Mo- 
dena Lowrey and Rev. William Ed- 
win Berry of Blue Mountain, Miss.; 
education, Ph.B., Mississippi Col- 
lege; married Mary Wyatt Gregory 
of Prentiss, Miss., Sept. 6, 1903, 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. Greg- 
ory; children, Edwina (Mrs. Har- 
old Cox), Jackson, Miss., Lowrey 
Halbert (deceased) ; business man- 
ager, Blue Mountain College, 5 
years; registrar, Mississippi Col- 
lege, 3 years; business manager, 
Hillman College, 4 years; vice 
president, Hillman College, 8 years; 
president, Hillman College, 12 years 
to date; president, State Board 
Ministerial Education; treasurer, 
Clinton Baptist Church, 25 years; 
deacon, Clinton Baptist Church, 
Clinton, Miss.; former president, 
Mississippi Association of Col- 
leges. Address: Clinton, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Paris, Ark., 
Nov. 8, 1902; education, Magazine 
Academy; married W. H. Berry, 
Sept. 2, 1921; appointed May 16, 
1922; educational work. 


Lawyer, Morganton, N. C; born, 
Caldwell County, North Carolina, 
Feb. 26, 1901; son of Emma McCall 
of Lenoir, N. C, and James A. 
Berry of Granite Falls, N. C; edu- 
cation, degrees from Mars Hill Col- 
lege and Law, University of North 
Carolina, Amherst Academy; mar- 
ried Evelyn Wagg Kibler of Mor- 
ganton, N. C, June 19, 1929, daugh- 
ter of M. B. and Gertrude Wagg 
Kibler; children, Lamar, Frank 
Kibler; practicing law, Morganton, 
N. C, 1927 to date; moderator, Ca- 
tawba River Baptist Association, 
Morganton, Burke County, North 
Carolina; deacon, First Baptist 
Church, Morganton, N. C; Lions. 
Address: Edgewood Ave., Morgan- 
town, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Crossett, Ark.; born, Donaldson, 



Ark., June 20, 1883; son of Lou- 
vinia C. Harkins and Daniel. N. 
Berry of Lono, Ark.; education, Ba- 
cone College and Ouachita College, 
receiving A.B. degree; ordained 
March 6, 1924; married Mary El- 
len Cauthen of Elmo, Tex., Oct. 27, 
1909, daughter of Lee and Mattie 
Cauthen; children, Gerald A., Wil- 
mar, Ark., Gervais C, Banks, Ark., 
Daniel L., Thomas H., Timothy S.; 
superintendent, Public Schools, Car- 
thage, Ark.; principal, Public 
Schools, Fordyce, Ark.; principal, 
Public Schools, England, Ark.; su- 
perintendent, Public Schools, Rison, 
Ark. ; superintendent, Public 
Schools, Sheridan, Ark.; superin- 
tendent, Public Schools, Sparkman, 
Ark.; editor, weekly newspaper, 
Sparkman, Ark., Sparkman Times; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Sparkman, Ark., 9 years; pastor, 
Crossett, Ark., 3 years to date; for- 
merly chairman, Board of Christian 
Education; formerly member Ex- 
ecutive Board; trustee, Bottoms 
Baptist Orphanage; moderator, Bar- 
tholomew Association; formerly 
County Examiner, Cleveland Co., 
Ark. Address: 520 Gates and 5th, 
Crossett, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Magazine, Ark., 
July 27, 1894; education, Magazine 
Academy, Ouachita College, A.B., 
1920; appointed May 16, 1922; boys' 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Maceio, Bra- 
zil; born, Ramer, Tenn., Oct. 26, 
1S96; education, Fort Cobb Public 
Schools, Southwestern Training 
School, B. M. T., 1921; married J. 
L. Bice, July, 1923; appointed June 
14, 1923; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Maceio, Bra- 
zil; born, Blue Springs, Miss., June 
17, 1889; education, Jacksonville 
College, A.B., 1912, State Univer- 

sity, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, Th.M., 1923; appoint- 
ed June 14, 1923; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Gregory, Tex.; born, Geneva, Tex., 
Jan. 9, 1878; son of Cathrine Ag- 
nes Strawbridge and Jack Simeon 
Bickley, near Macon, Ga.; educa- 
tion, Patroon College; graduate, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained June 25, 1908; 
married Delia lone Eddins, June 9, 
1901, daughter of Will D. and Sarah 
Cathrine Eddins; children, B. P., 
Corpus Christi, Tex., Dr. Estill 
Truett, Corpus Christi, Tex., Mary 
(Mrs. Horace Bryan Conway), Cor- 
pus Christi, Tex.; superintendent, 
Patroon Schools, 7 years; pastor, 
Calvary Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., 4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Chillicothe, Tex., 2 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bowie, Tex., 3 years; pastor, Park 
Avenue Baptist Church, Corpus 
Christi, Tex., 13 years; pastor, 
Gregory Baptist Church, Gregory, 
Texas, past 2 yrs.; moderator, Cor- 
pus Christi Baptist Association, 4 
years; State Mission Board, several 
years; president, Board of Trustees, 
Fred. Roberts Memorial Hospital, 
Corpus Christi, Tex., 8 years; led 
in raising money and building Fred. 
Roberts Memorial Hospital, $75,- 
000.00 Protestant Hospital; led in 
building pastor's home and $50,- 
000.00 church building at Corpus 
Christi, Tex. Address: Gregory, 


Pastor, Southport Baptist Church, 
Southport, N. C; born, Palmers- 
ville, Stanley County, N. C, Feb. 
9, 1900; son of Isaac Ervin and 
Mary Alice (Hall) Biles; education, 
Buie's Creek Academy, University 
of North Carolina, Wake Forest 
College, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving B. A., and 
Th.M. degrees; won medal for best 
student in Languages from Buie's 
Creek Academy, 1921; ordained 



May 13, 1928; licensed to preach 
Sept. 3, 1916; married Penelope 
Adeline Parker of Polkton, N. C, 
Nov. 5, 1921, daughter of Isaac 
Wiley and Mary (Nance) Parker; 
children, Ervin Wiley; worked in 
textile mills and department store 
in early life; taught, Efird School, 
Albemarle, N. O, 1921-22; assistant 
principal, Coleraine High School, 
192'4; rural Sunday School and B. 
Y. P. U. work, under Baptist Sun- 
day School Board in Missouri, sum- 
mers of 1921 and 1925; educational 
director, Green Street Baptist 
Church, High Point, N. C, 1926-27; 
pastor of the following rural 
churches in Kentucky, 1928-30: 
Lockport, Henry County, Pleasant 
View, Grant County, Elliston, Grant 
County, and Bewleysville, Brecken- 
ridge County; pastor, Williams- 
town, Ky., Baptist Church, 1930-31; 
Southport Baptist Church, since 
1932; special worker, North Caro- 
lina State Convention, November, 
1933; special enlargement cam- 
paigns conducted by Sunday School 
Board, 1928-31; author: "A History 
of Stanly County," 1923; commis- 
sioned chaplain in the Army of 
U. S., 1935. Home: Nash St., South- 
port, N. C. 


Pastor, First Ch., Beeville, Tex.; 
born, Buckhorn, Tex., June 30, 
1894; son of Mary Ann of Pampa, 
Tex., and Benjamin Ingram Bin- 
ford (deceased); education, Rusk 
Col., A.B., Baylor Univ.; ordained 
June 20, 1917; married Vesta Mae 
Riley of Lytle, Tex., June 30, 1921, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. 
Riley; children, Martha Joyce and 
Benjamin Riley; pastor, Cold 
Springs, Burke, Moscow, Second 
Ch., Lufkin, 1919-22; Purdon, 
Bruceville, Travis, Courtney, 1922 1 - 
25; Asst. pastor, Cameron, Tex., 
1925, 4 months; pastor, Rogers, 
Tex., Jan. 1 -Oct. 1, 1926; First Ch., 
Winnsboro, Tex., 13 mos., First Ch., 
Taft, Tex., Nov., 1927-May, 1930; 
First Ch., Beeville, Tex., since May 
1930; denominational: Cor. Sec, 
Blanco Assn., 3 yrs.; member, 

Blanco Assn., past 9 yrs.; chairman, 
Committee on Obituaries of Bapt. 
Gen. Conv., Waco, 1931. Address: 
Beeville, Tex., Box 329. 


Pastor, University Baptist 
Church, Chapel Hill, N. C; born, 
Harmony, N. C, Aug. 4, 1908; son 
of Minnie Trivette and Joseph N. 
Binkley of Harmony, N. C; edu- 
cation, B.A., Wake Forest College, 
Th.B., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, B.D., Yale Divinity 
School, Ph.D., Yale University; or- 
dained, Holly Springs Baptist 
Church, Sept. 1, 1928; married Paul- 
ine Margaret Eichmann of New 
Haven, Conn., Aug. 24, 1933, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Werner S. Eich- 
mann; children, Pauline Edith; 
associate pastor, Calvary Baptist 
Church, New Haven, Conn., 1931- 
1933; pastor, University Baptist 
Church, Chapel Hill, N. C, 1933 to 
date; member, Executive Commit- 
tee, Mt. Zion Association; presi- 
dent, Religious Workers' Council, 
University of North Carolina; au- 
thor: "The Anti-Evolution Move- 
ment in Relation to Public Educa- 
tion in the United States"; arti- 
cles: "Christianity and Race Rela- 
tions," "The Return of Faith," "A 
Plea for Idealism"; Rotarian, Pyth- 
ian. Home: Wilson Court, Chapel 
Hill; office: University Baptist 
Church, N. Columbia St., Chapel 
Hill, N. C. 


Lawyer, Atlanta, Ga.; born, 
Washington, Ga., Nov. 24, 1897; son 
of Laura Arnold and James Walter 
Binns of Wilkes County, Georgia; 
education, Mercer University and 
Columbia University Law School, 
receiving A.B., and LL.B. degrees; 
married Marie Alcetha Charlotte 
McLean of Aiken, S. C, June 24, 
1931, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
Phillip J. McLean; children, Mary 
Arnold and John Carlton; solicitor, 
Criminal Court, Atlanta, Ga., 1926- 
1929; lawyer, Atlanta, Ga., 1920 to 
date; president, Atlanta, Ga., B. Y. 
P. U., 1920-1923; president, Georgia 



B. Y. P. U., 1923-1926; moderator, 
Atlanta Baptist Association, 1930- 
1932; Executive Committee, Geor- 
gia Baptist Convention, 1929-1934; 
deacon, Second Ponce de Leon Bap- 
tist Church, Atlanta, Ga.; superin- 
tendent, Sunday School, Second 
Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, At- 
lanta, Ga.; Exchange Club, Demo- 
cratic Club, Ansley Park Golf Club, 
Phi Delta Theta, Mason. Home: 
830 Myrtle St., N. E. Atlanta, Ga.; 
office: 1601-2 William-Oliver Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Roanoke, Va.; born, Washington, 
Ga., Sept. 18, 1895; son of Laura 
Arnold and James Walter Binns of 
Washington, Ga. ; education, Mer- 
cer University, Southern Ba/ptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving A. 
B., Th.M., D.D. degrees; ordained, 
West End Baptist Church, Atlanta, 
Ga., Sept. 2, 1917; married Blanche 
Roberta Mallary of Macon, Ga., Nov. 
11, 1918, daughter of Edgar Young 
and Mary Jelks Mallary; children, 
Edgar Mallary, Emma Arnold, 
James Walter, Blanche Mallary; 
pastor, Cherokee Heights Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 1917-1918; pas- 
tor, Lawrenceburg Baptist Church, 
Lawrenceburg, Ky., 1918-1923; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Moultrie, 
Ga., 1923-1926; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, LaGrange, Ga., 1926-1931; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Roa- 
noke, Va., 1931 to date; chaplain, 
U. S. Army, World War; Relief and 
Annuity Board, 1929-1931; Foreign 
Mission Board, 1931-1934; Execu- 
tive Committee, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1934 to date; Educa- 
tion Committee, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1928-1931; trustee, Mer- 
cer University, 1924-1931; president, 
Mercer Alumni Association, 1931; 
vice president, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention, 1928; president, Georgia 
B. Y. P. U., 1926-1929; moderator, 
Western Association, Georgia, 1927; 
trustee, Hargrove Military Acade- 
my, Virginia, 1934 to date; trustee, 
Virginia Baptist Orphanage; Pub- 
lic Welfare Board, Georgia, 1930- 

1931; president, Roanoke Goodwill 
Industry and Gospel Mission, 1932; 
Kiwanis, Roanoke Country Club, 
Phi Delta Theta, "Shakespeare 
Seven" (Seminary), "Who's Who in 
America." Home: 375 Highland 
Ave., Roanoke, Va.; office: First 
Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va. 


Pastor, Cusseta Baptist Church, 
Cusseta, Ga. ; born, Pineville, 'Ga., 
Feb. 19, 1875; son of Marthene Cox 
and Martin Luther Bivins of Pine- 
ville, Ga.; education, college and 
seminary, receiving B.S. and M.S. 
degrees; ordained, 1896; married 
Mollie Purser of New Orleans, La., 
Dec. 24, 1896, daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. D. I. Purser; children, Mar- 
thena (Mrs. W. D. McGlaun), Buena 
Vista, Ga., Bess (Mrs. H. Lockhart, 
Jr.), New Orleans, La.; Robert 
Purser, and Mary (Mrs. J. A. 
Thompson), Inverness, Fla.; pas- 
tor, Americus, Ga., 20 years; pastor, 
Forsyth, Ga., 8 years; pastor, Cus- 
seta and rural churches, Cusseta, 
Ga., 10 years; moderator, Friend- 
ship Association, Georgia, 15 years; 
moderator, Rehoboth Association, 
Georgia, 16 years; Exchange Club, 
Mason, Knights of Pythias. Ad- 
dress: Cusseta, Ga. 


Pastor, Bruington Baptist Church, 
Bessemer City, N. C. ; born, Meck- 
lenburg County, North Carolina. 
May 9, 1872; son of Harriet Hutch- 
ison and James Cyrus Black of 
Mecklenburg County, North Caro- 
lina; education, Th.D., Erskine Col- 
lege; ordained July 6, 1896; mar- 
ried Annie Elizabeth of Mecklen- 
burg County, N. C, Jan. 16, 1895. 
daughter of Hampton and Margaret 
Black; children, Dr. Chas. S., Wake 
Forest Col., Ruth (Mrs. L. B. Big- 
gers), Castonia, N. C, Odessa. 
Ronda, N. O, Helen (Mrs. Bill Bak- 
er), Kings Mountain, N. C, James 
H., Anabel (Mrs. Jack Houser), Co- 
lumbia, S. C, Geo. Truett, Wake 
Forest College, Billie Louise, A. S. 
T. College; principal, Big Lick 
Academy, Big Lick, N. C, 4 years; 



pastor, West Albemarle Baptist 
Church, 11 years; pastor, Wingate 
Baptist Church, 5 years; pastor, 
Marshville, 3 1 /* years; pastor, Nor- 
wood Baptist Church, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Loray Baptist Church, Castonia, 
4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Kings Mountain, N. C, 5 
years; pastor, Bessemer City, N. 
C, 5 years; pastor, Bruington, Beth- 
lehem, Oak Grove, Mt. Beulah, N. 
C; pastor, Old Silver Springs, 
Stanley County, N. C, 18 years; 
moderator, Stanley Baptist Associa- 
tion, 9 years; director, 75 Million 
Campaign, Stanly County, North 
Carolina; chairman, Anti-Saloon 
League, 1908; author: "A History 
of the Brown Creek-Union Baptist 
Association," "A Short History of 
Sanday Plains Baptist Church," 
"The Origin of the Baptist," "A 
Short History of Independence Hill 
Baptist Church, "History of the 
First Baptist Church of Kings 
Mountain, N. C." ; Mason, Knight 
Templar, Scottish Rite. Address: 
Bessemer City, N. C. 


Director, Music and Education, 
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Alexan- 
dria, La.; born, Oxford, Miss., Dec. 
27, 1896; son of Thomas W. and 
Lucy (Holloman) Black; education, 
graduate of Music Department, 
Baptist Bible Institute, New Or- 
leans; married Daisy Newsome of 
Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 22, 1920, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. New- 
some; children, Miriam Patricia; 
director of music, Emmanuel Bap- 
tist Church, New Orleans, 1 year; 
Valence Street Baptist Church, New 
Orleans, 3 years; director of music 
and education, First Baptist Church, 
Minden, La., 1% years; First Bap- 
tist Church, Winnfield, La., 5 
months; Emmanuel Baptist Church, 
Alexandria, La., 7 years; clubs: 
secretary-treasurer, Lions. Home: 
819 Ann St.; address: Box 866, Al- 
exandria, La. 


Pastor, Trion Baptist Church. 
Trion, Ga.; born, Bufort, S. C, May 

14, 1877; son of Mary Burns and 
Rev. John E. Black of Georgia; edu- 
cation, A.B., John B. Stetson Uni- 
versity; ordained Aug. 16, 1899, 
Deland, Fla.; married Alida Gardi- 
ner of Bucyrus, 0., May 20, 1908; 
children, Mary Marjorie (Mrs. E. 
E. Carithers), Atlanta, Ga.; pastor, 
Green Cove Springs, Fla., 1899-1907; 
pastor, Genesee Street Baptist 
Church, Rochester, N. Y., 1907-1910; 
pastor, Cottondale, Fla., 1910-1913; 
pastor, Shellman, Ga., 1913-1917; 
pastor, Cornelia, Ga., 1917-1921; 
pastor, Trion, Ga., 1921-1932; pas- 
tor, Tyerly, Ga., 1921 to date; pas- 
tor, Menlo, Ga., 1921 to date; pas- 
tor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Fay* 
ett, Ga., 1934 to date; Y. M. C. A. 
chaplain, France, 1918-1919; mod- 
erator, Chattooga Baptist Associa- 
tion, 1922-1925; moderator, Chatoo- 
ga Baptist Association, 1930. Ad- 
dress: R. F. D. No. 1, Trion, Ga. 


Evangelist; born, Hatton, Mo., 
Jan. 31, 1889; son of Bettie Smith 
and Oscar Black; education, A.B., 
Westminster Col., Fulton, Mo.; Th. 
M., Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem.; or- 
dained Sept. 27, 1911; married 
Anna Stone Walthall, Sept. 6, 1911, 
daughter of Elizabeth and James 
Wm. Walthall; children, Don H., 
Frank W.; pastor, Ebenezer, Mo., 
and Unity, Mo., 1911; Alexandria, 
Ky., 1914; Immanuel Ch., Jefferson- 
ville, Ind., 1915; Mercedes, Tex., 
1916; Kingsville, Tex., 1917; Asso. 
Sec, S. S. work, Tex., 1918; State 
S. S. Sec, Ky., 1919-20; pastor, Har- 
lan, Ky., 1920-28; Asso. pastor, First 
Ch., Memphis, Tenn., 1928; pastor, 
Temple Ch., Memphis, Tenn., 1929- 
35; denominational: member, Sou. 
Bapt. Hosp. Commn., 3 yrs. ; Tenn. 
Bapt. Orphans' Home, 3 yrs. Ad- 
dress: 39 N. Third St., Memphis, 


Pastor, Latonia Ch., Covington, 
Ky. ; born, Rowan Co., Ky., Dec. 13, 
1875; son of Margaret and John A. 
Black; education, Newfoundland 
Normal (private), Southern Bapt. 



Theol. Sem.; ordained June 1, 1916; 
married Jennie L. Adkins, Jan. 3, 
1896, daughter of Laura and Van 
Adkins; children, Otis W., Jack- 
son, Mich., Robert O., White Plains, 
N. Y., Orrin F.„ San Pedro, Calif., 
Ethel, Covington, Ky., Ivel V., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., Harold E., Lexington; 
pastor, Howard Mill Ch., Levee Ch., 
Jackson Ch., Wheatley Ch., Dry 
Ridge Ch., and Latonia Ch., Coving- 
ton, Ky., since 192'6; denomination- 
al: clerk, Three Forks Assn.; Mod., 
Concord Assn.; member, State Bd. 
Missions, 7 yrs.; member, Appropri- 
ations Committee, 7 yrs., and chair- 
man, 2 yrs.; studied law, practiced 
a number of yrs.; elected County 
Attorney; ordained to ministry 
while holding office. Address: Cov- 
ington, Ky. 


Deacon, Bamberg Baptist Church, 
and Executive Committee, Barnwell 
Baptist Association; born, Bamberg, 
S. C, April 30, 1882; son of Sarah 
Harriett Ayer and James B. Black, 
Bamberg, S. C; education, S. C. C. 
I. and Medical College of South 
Carolina, receiving M.D. degree, 
1905; ordained deacon, 1910; mar- 
ried Mattie E. Newsom of Willis- 
ton, S. C, May 30, 1906, daughter 
of W. A. B. Newsom; children, Rob- 
ert, Jr., New York, N. Y.; physician 
and druggist; since 1905, banking, 
building and loan, and farming; 
moderator, Barnwell Baptist Asso- 
ciation, 1923-1934; member General 
Board of South Carolina Baptist 
Convention, trustee, Anderson Col- 
lege, 10 years; chairman, Building 
Committee, Bamberg Baptist 
Church; delegate from South Caro- 
lina to World Alliance, Berlin, 
1934; teacher of class of men; su- 
perintendent of Sunday School; 
clubs: past president, Lions; past 
master, Masonic Lodge; past chan- 
cellor, Knights of Pythias; surgeon, 
Southern Railroad Company; presi- 
dent, Bamberg County Medical So- 
ciety; W. O. W. Home: 127 Brab- 
ham St.; office: 129 S. Main St., 
Bamberg, S. C. 


Pastor, Monroeville Baptist 
Church, Monroeville, Ala.; born, 
Brundige, Ala., Feb. 28, 1883; son 
of Eliza Green and Rev. John Black 
of Brundige, Ala.; education, Th.B., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Louisville University; or- 
dained July, 1911, Salem Baptist 
Church, Brundige, Ala.; married 
Louise Patterson of Louisville, Ala., 
Nov. 12, 1917, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. P. Patterson; children, 
William Henry, Jr., Janie Louise; 
teacher, public schools of Alabama, 
8 years; pastor, Louisville, Ala., 4 
years; pastor, Dothin, Ala., 3% 
years; pastor, Albertville, Ala., 5 
years; pastor, Leeds, Ala., 13 
months; pastor, Monroeville, Ala., 
sy 2 years; Alabama Baptist State 
Executive Board, 10 years; moder- 
ator, Bethlehem Baptist Associa- 
tion, 7 years; Civitan Club, Kiwa- 
nis, Chamber of Commerce, Mason. 
Address: Box 103, Monroeville, Ala. 


Pastor, Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church, teacher, Mabelvale, Ark.; 
born near Mt. Pleasant, Tex., Sept. 
19, 1903; son of Queen Ann Whit- 
ley of Heath Springs, S. C, and 
Jesse Lee Blackmon of Lanchester, 
S. C; education, A.B., Ouachita 
College, Th.M., Southwestern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; ordained 
April 23, 1924; married Bessie 
Grace Hicks of Mabelvale, Ark., 
June 8, 1930, daughter of S. F. and 
Margaret Hicks; children, James 
Truett; pastor, Lick Creek Baptist 
Church, Magazine, Ark., 1 year; 
pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Nel- 
la, Ark., 1% years; pastor, Parks 
Baptist Church, Parks, Ark., 18 
months; pastor, Pleasant Grove 
Baptist Church, Abbott, Ark., 18 
months; pastor, New Prospect Bap- 
tist Church, Magazine, Ark., 1 year; 
pastor, Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church, Mabelvale, Ark., 20 months; 
pastor, Cabot Baptist Church, Ca- 
bot, Ark., 21 months; pastor, Oak 
Grove Baptist Church, Lonoke. 
Ark., 10 months; pastor, Plum 
Grove Baptist Church, Markley, 



Tex., 1 year; pastor, Pleasant Hill 
Baptist Church, Mabelvale, Ark., 
1934 to date; student member of 
Board of Trustees of Student Loan 
Fund in Ouachita Bapt. Col. for 2 
yrs. (1928-30); associational mis- 
sionary, Buckner Association, Wal- 
dron, Ark., 4 months; Executive 
Board, Buckner Association, 3 
years; Executive Board, Caroline 
Association, 2-0 months; Executive 
Board, Central Association, 1927- 
1929, 1934 to date; author: "Paul's 
Message of the Holy Spirit in the 
Christian's Life"; Pi Gamma Mu; 
principal, Midway Junior High 
School, Cabot, Ark., 1930-1931; prin- 
cipal, Sardis Elementary School, 
Mabelvale, Ark., 1934 to date; Ar- 
kansas Education Association, 1931- 
32; 1934 to date. Address: Mabel- 
vale, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Wake County, North 
Carolina, Feb. 9, 1897; education, 
Peabody College, B.S., 1920, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, W. M. U. 
Training School, 1922; married L. 
E. Blackman, August, 1920; appoint- 
ed May, 1922; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Goldsboro, N. C, 
June 10, 1892; education, public 
schools, Wake Forest College, 1916, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Th.M., 1922; appointed May 
15, 1922; evangelistic work. 


Manager, Baptist Book Store, At- 
lanta, Ga.; born, Haralson County, 
Georgia; daughter of Wilson V. and 
Nancy (Blackmon) Blackstock; has 
been with Baptist Book Store since 
Jan. 1, 1920. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rosario, Ar- 
gentina; born, Kathleen, Fla., Feb. 
13, 1890; education, Columbia Col- 

lege, Dade City Normal, W. M. U. 
Training School, B. M. T., 1915; 
married M. S. Blair, Sept. 20, 1916; 
appointed July 10, 1919; evangel- 
istic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rosario, Ar- 
gentina; born, Martindale, Tex., 
Jan. 14, 1884; education, Baylor 
University, A.B., 1912, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, Th. 
M., 1918; appointed July 10, 1919; 
evangelistic work. 


Lumber Manufacturer, Lumpkin, 
Ga.; born, Teacheys, Duplin Coun- 
ty, N. C, Jan. 17, 1889; son of Har- 
riette Ellen and Abram Francis of 
Duplin County, North Carolina; ed- 
ucation, Wake Forest College; mar- 
ried Willie Love Wall of Lilesville, 
N. C, July 12, 1910, daughter of 
Henry J. and Fannie Love Wall; 
children, Henry Wall, Stephen Gra- 
ham and Harriette Love; lumber 
manufacturing, 28 years; ordained 
deacon, 1910, Lilesville Baptist 
Church, Lilesville, N. C; deacon, 
Lumpkin Baptist Church, 12 years; 
Sunday School superintendent, Ju- 
liette, Ga., 3 years; Sunday School 
superintendent, Lumpkin, Ga., 5 
years; moderator, Summerhill Bap- 
tist Association, 1930 to date; Ma- 
son, Shriner, Lions Club; president, 
Roofer Manufacturers Association, 
1931; vice president, North Caro- 
lina Pine Association, several 
years; representative, Stewart 
County, Georgia, General Assembly, 
1928 to date; president, Alexander 
and Bland, Inc., Lumpkin, Ga. Ad- 
dress: Lumpkin, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark.; born, Greenwood, 
Ark., Dec. 1, 1897; son of Joe E. and 
Alice (Smith) B.; education, A.B. 
and D.D., Ouachita College, student, 
Southern Baptist Seminary; or- 
dained, Magazine, Ark., July, 1917; 
married Irene Mitchell of Youngs- 
ville, N. C, Oct. 25, 192-2, daughter 
of John F. and Viola (Holmes) M.; 



children, Billie Irene, Elizabeth Jo- 
sephine and John Joseph; evangel- 
istic work in seven states for ten 
years; Field Street Baptist Church, 
Cleburne, Texas, 2 years; First Bap- 
tist Church, Little Rock, for the 
past four years; member, Arkansas 
State Executive Board; member, 
Ouachita College Executive Board; 
Southern Baptist Hospital Execu- 
tive Board; Arkansas Baptist State 
Hospital Executive Board; vice 
president, Arkansas Baptist State 
Convention; president, Baptist Pas- 
tors' Conference, Greater Little 
Rock; clubs: Mason. Home: 1720 
W. 24th, Little, Rock; office: 1201 
Louisiana, First Baptist Church, 
Little Rock. 


Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, 
Temple, Tex.; born, Raleigh, N. C, 
Sept. 22, 1872; son of Kedie Hill 
and Jas. W. Blaylock of North Caro- 
lina; education, Wedemeyer Male 
Academy, Baylor University; or- 
dained April, 1896; married Ida 
Whitley of Holland, Tex., January, 
1895, daughter of Wilson and Eliza 
Whitley; children, Opha Lee (Mrs. 
M. D. Mortin), Dallas, Tex., George 
Truett; adopted: Ann Mae (Mrs. C. 
L. Johnson), Dallas, Tex., Anne 
Howell (Mrs. Marven Schultz), 
Dallas, Tex., Elsie Ruth (Mrs. 
William Hill) ; pastor, Dyess Grove, 
Tex., 1896-1898; pastor, Troy, Tex., 
1898-1901; pastor, Corn Hill, Tex., 
1901-1903 pastor, Rogers, Tex., 1903- 
1905; pastor, Holland, Tex., 1905- 
1906; pastor, Granger, Tex., 1906- 
1910; pastor, Georgetown, Tex., 
1910-1911; pastor, Rockdale, Tex., 
1911-1915; pastor, Cameron, Tex., 
1915-1920; pastor, Memorial Baptist 
Church, 1921-1925; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Orange, Tex., 1927- 
1928; pastor, Mart, Tex., 1928-1930; 
pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, 
Temple, Tex., 1930 to date; evangel- 
ist, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1920-1921; evangel- 
ist, State Board, Texas, 1925-1927. 
Home: 801 S. 13th St., Temple, 
Tex.; 817 S. 13th St., Temple, Tex. 


State President, Woman's Mis- 
sionary Union of South Carolina; 
born, King and Queen County, Vir- 
ginia; daughter of A. C. and Lucy 
Thomas (Dew) Acree; education, 
Roanoke Female College; married 
John B. Boatwright of Danville, 
Va.; has held various offices in W. 
M. U. work since 1907; vice presi- 
dent of Eastern Division of South 
Carolina, 1907-12; White Cross chair- 
man, 5 years; State Mission Study 
chairman, 4 years; State president 
since 1930; approved Sunday School 
worker for past 10 years; chairman, 
Board of Visitors, Coker College 
for 8 years; member Advisory 
Board of Baptist Bible Institute; 
trustee of Connie Maxwell Orphan- 
age; member General Board of 
South Carolina for 5 years; club: 
vice chairman Democratic Marion 
County Convention; Red Cross. 
Home: Mullins, S. C. 

Pastor, Orangeburg, S. C; born, 
Orangeburg County, South Caro- 
lina, Aug. 17, 1880; son of Martha 
Fogle and Rev. Geo. E. Bolen of 
Orangeburg, S. C; education, Or- 
angeburg Collegiate Institute ; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Apr. 1, 1908, Wal- 
nut St. Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky. ; married Estelle Lancaster of 
Govan, S. C, married Lillian Lan- 
caster of Govan, S. C, Oct. 1, 1913; 
daughter of Luther L. and Annie R. 
Lancaster; children, Estelle Rebec- 
ca; pastor four Baptist Churches, 
25 years, 18 years, 13 years and 9 
years, near Orangeburg, S. C; (4 
new plants, 3 remodeled); moder- 
ator, association, 6 years; member 
Southern Convention Baptist Gen- 
eral Board, 10 years; trustee, Bap- 
tist Courier; representative, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Barnwell and Orangeburg Associa- 
tions; 27 Southern Baptist 
Churches, without break. Address: 
Orangeburg, S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ruston, La.; born, Lexington, 



Tenn., Nov. 12, 1863; son of Elmina 
Clark and John W. Bolin of Lex- 
ington, Tenn.; education, A.B., Clin- 
ton College, D.D., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
Mt. Moriah, Ky., 1890; married 
Callie Stubblefield of Clinton, Ky., 
1897, daughter of David and Julia 
Stubblefield; children, Maymie 
(Mrs. W. M. King), Knoxville, 
Tenn., Herbert J., Knoxville, Tenn., 
James B., Knoxville, Tenn.; pastor, 
Milan, Tenn., 3 years, pastor, Orlan- 
do, Fla., 2 years, pastor, Mt. Sterl- 
ing, Ky., 7 years, pastor, Baton 
Rouge, La., 2 years, pastor, Tampa, 
Fla., 2 years, pastor, Newport, Ky., 
2 years, pastor, Knoxville, Tenn., 5 
years, pastor, Alexandria, La., 3 
years, pastor, Ruston, La., 3 years, 
pastor, Lakeland, Fla., 6 years, pas- 
tor, Tampa, Fla., 4 years, pastor, 
Ruston, La., 1929 to date; book 
agent, college professor, newspaper 
editor, high school principal, 1885- 
.1890; member, Sunday School 
Board, 1915-1920; Relief and Annu- 
ity Board, 1921-1922; member State 
Board, Kentucky, Tennessee, Flor- 
ida, Louisiana; moderator and 
clerk, 3 or 4 associations, state 
board, Louisiana Orphanage Board; 
trustee, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; author, "Bible 
Briefs," 'A Pilgrim's Program"; 
Mason, Odd Fellow, Kiwanis. Home: 
201 S. Vienna St., Ruston, La. Of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Ruston, 


General ministerial and literary 
work, Birmingham, Ala.; born, 
Wilson County, Tennessee, Mar. 9, 
1874; son of Mary Cason of Ten- 
nessee, and James Houston Bond 
of Wilson County, Tennessee; edu- 
cation, Peabody College, Nashville, 
University, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, receiving L.I., A. 
B., A.M., Th.M. and D.D. degrees; 
ordained, September, 1895, Central 
Baptist Church, Nashville, Tenn.; 
married Ruth Pugh of Clarksville, 
Tenn., Dec. 20, 1898, daughter of 
Andrew B. and Martha Pugh; mar- 
ried, Catherine E. Walmsley of Bir- 

mingham, Ala., Oct. 7, 1925, daugh- 
ter of Geo. A. and Mamie G. Walms- 
ley; children, Richmond Pugh, 
Chapel Hill, N. C; pastor, Magno- 
lia and Brookhaven, Miss., 1899-1901, 
pastor, Pembroke, Ky., 1901-03, pas- 
tor, Price Hill, Cincinnati, O., 1903- 
1905, pastor, West Point, Ga., 1905- 
1908, pastor, Marietta, Ga., 1908- 
1911, pastor, Clarksdale, Miss., 1912- 

1913, pastor, Aberdeen, Miss., 1913- 

1914, pastor, Franklin, Tenn., 1915- 
1917; editor, Baptist and Reflector, 
Nashville, Tenn., 1917-1920, Educa- 
tional Bulletin, 1920-1927; editorial 
secretary, Education Board, South- 
ern Baptist Convention, Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1920-1927, Southern 
Radio News, Birmingham, Ala., 
1932-1933; secretary, Southern Bap- 
tist Assembly, 1921-1927, Southern 
Baptist Educational Association, 
1914-1927, 1930-1931, Southern Bap- 
tist Press Association, 1917-1920; 
Council Church Schools of South, 
1924-1927; President Montezuma 
Baptist College, 1926; author, "The 
Master Preacher," "The Denomina- 
tions in Education," "Southern Il- 
literacy," "Southern Baptists and 
Illiteracy;" contributor to Baptist 
periodicals; publicist; lecturer; 
member, Southern Baptist Sunday 
School Board, 1917-1920; listed in 
"Who's Who in America," and 
"Who's Who Among North Ameri- 
can Authors;" Mason. Address: 
1605 12th Ave., S., Birmingham, 


Pastor, First Church, Wilson, 
Okla.; born, Reform, Ala., Oct. 18, 
1898; son of Vernie Pritchard of 
Gordo, Ala., and P. T. Bonner of 
Reform, Ala.; education, high 
school, A.B., Howard Col., Birming- 
ham, Ala., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem., Ft. Worth, Tex.; ordained, 
July, 1921; married Laura Norwood 
of Mathiston, Miss., March, 1920, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Nor- 
wood; children, Gawain and Lena 
Ruth; pastor, New Hope (near 
Sayre, Ala.), Corona, Ala., Thorsby, 
Ala., 4 yrs., while in college; Gordo, 
Ala., Alberta Ch., Tuscaloosa, Ala., 



2 yrs. ; Anna, Tex., and Melissa, 
Tex., 5 yrs.; Wilson, Okla., 3 yrs. to 
date; denominational: member, Ex- 
ec. Comm., Enon Assn.; Wilson Ro- 
tary Club, Mason. Home address: 
604 B. St., Wilson, Okla. 


Pastor, Ponchatoula Baptist 
Church, Ponchatoula, La.; born, St. 
Francisville, La., Aug. 13, 1900; 
son of Nettie Hall of Greensburg, 
La., and James Monroe Bookter of 
St. Francisville, La.; education, 
Louisiana Bapt. Col., Pineville, La., 
Th.M., B.B.I. ; ordained, Emmanuel 
Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, La., 
1922'; married Willie Mae Jarrell 
of Bogalusa, La., Sept. 7, 1926, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William 
Solomon Jarrell; children, Fred 
Bassil, Jr., Kathryn Lucile, Kath- 
leen Estelle, Eleanor Pearl; pastor, 
Harmon Baptist Church, 2 years, 
pastor, Cypress Baptist Church, 3 
years, pastor, Melville Baptist 
Church, 5 years, pastor, Livingston 
Baptist Church, 2 years, pastor, 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, St. 
Helena Parish, 3% years, pastor, 
Ponchatoula Baptist Church, 1931 
to date; organizer of Zimmerman 
Camp Baptist Church, 1923, Natal- 
bany Camp Baptist Church, 1933, 
Maringouin Baptist Church, 1928; 
nominating commissioner, Louisi- 
ana State Convention, 1935; clerk, 
Tangipahoa Parish Association, 
1932-1935; executive board, Tangi- 
pahoa Association. Address: Box 
101, Ponchatoula, La. 


Supply pastor, Memphis, Tenn.; 
born, Elkton, Ky., Sept. 7, 1860; 
son of Martha Maria Edwards and 
Higgason Grubbs Boone of Elkton, 
Ky.; education, local schools, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary. 
D.D. ; ordained, Elkton, Ky., 
Jan. 5, 1887; married Eddie Belle 
Cooke of Bowling Green, Ky., Apr. 
30, 1891; married Ida Mcintosh of 
Memphis, Tenn., June 9, 1927; 
children, Rev. W. C. Boone, Jack- 
son, Tenn., Mrs. Frank H. Leavell, 
Nashville, Tenn.; pastor, Elkton, 

Leitchfield, Smith's Grove, Ky., 
1887-1891, pastor, Clarksville, Tenn., 
1881-1898, pastor, Memphis, Tenn., 
1898-1930, supply pastor, Tulsa and 
Shawnee, Okla., supply pastor, Im- 
manuel Baptist Church, Nashville, 
Tenn., supply pastor, Montgomery, 
Ala., supply pastor, Shelbyville, 
Tenn., supply pastor, Tampa, Fla., 
supply pastor, Eastland Baptist Ch., 
Nashville, Tenn., supply pastor, 
Temple Baptist Church, Memphis, 
Tenn.; supply pastor, Springfield, 
Tenn.; president, Tennessee Baptist 
Convention, 1903-1906; Sunday 
School Board member from Ten- 
nessee; state board of Tennessee 
Baptist Convention; trustee, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
author, "Entertainments for Reve- 
nue," 'A Statement of Baptist Doc- 
trines," trip to Europe, trip to Holy 
Land, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and 
Rumania. Address: 1935 Goodbar 
Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ma- 
con, Ga.; born, Galveston, Tex., 
June 15, 1880; son of Mary E. Cole 
of Galveston, Tex., and Joseph 
Prince Boone, Sr. of Beaufort, S. 
C. ; education, B.A., Baylor Univer- 
sity, MA. , Alabama University., D. 
D., Howard Payne College, LL.D., 
Alabama University, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, Rochester Seminary, North- 
western University; ordained, Sept. 
6, 1903, Gaston Avenue Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex.; Married 
Leona Randal of Waco, Tex., May 
24, 1906, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
G. W. Randal; children, James C, 
Houston, Tex., Frances (Mrs. Chas. 
E. Abbott), Tuscaloosa, Ala.; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Weath- 
erford, Tex., pastor, Kentucky Ave- 
nue Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wichita Falls, Tex., pastor, Ervay 
Street Baptist Church, Dallas, Tex., 
pastor, Beech Street Baptist 
Church, Texarkana, Ark., pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Waxahachie, 
Tex., until 1925, pastor, First Bap- 



tist Church, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1925- 
1933, pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Macon, Ga., 1934 to date; instruc- 
tor, Baptist Chair of Bible, Alabama 
University, 1930-1933; president, 
Druid City Hospital, Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., 1930-1933; district director, 
Liberty Loan Drive, 1917; secre- 
tary, Student Department, Baptist 
Executive Board, Dallas, Tex., 1920- 
1925; Baptist Executive Board, 
Montgomery, Ala., 1929-1933; trus- 
tee, Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary from Alabama, 
1930-1933; developed Baptist Stu- 
dent Union plan of organization 
and established the work; author, 
"Baptist Student Union Manual," 
"The Denominational College of 
Alabama"; Kappa Delta Pi, Rotary 
Club, Mason. Home: 121 High St., 
Macon, Ga. Office: First Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Jackson, Tenn.; born, Bowling 
Green, Ky., Feb. 8, 1892; son of 
Eddie Belle Cooke of Bowling 
Green, Ky., and Arthur Upshaw 
Boone of Blkton, Ky. ; education, 
A.B., A.M., William Jewell College, 
D.D., Georgetown Col., Ky., Univ. 
School, Memphis, Tenn., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 24, 
1914; married Ruth Harvey Trotter 
of Grenada, Miss., Sept. 1, 1915, 
daughter of Dr. I. P. and Susie 
Eager Trotter; children, Ruth Trot- 
ter, Marth Maria, Arthur Upshaw, 
Nan Eager, William Cooke, Jr.; 
pastor, Baptist Church and princi- 
pal High School, Hernando, Miss., 
1914-1916; pastor, Baptist Church, 
Marianna, Ark., 1917-1918, pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Owensboro, 
Ky., 1918-1927, pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Roanoke, Va., 1927-1930; 
president, Oklahoma Baptist Uni- 
versity, 1930-1932; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Jackson, Tenn., 
1932 to date; vice president, South- 
ern Baptist Convention, 1931; trus- 
tee, Union University, Executive 
Board, Tennessee Baptist Conven- 
tion; author, "What God Hath 

Joined Together," "What We Be- 
lieve"; Mason, Knight Templar, 
Ex-Rotary, Ex-Kiwanis, Sigma Nu. 
Home: 906 Highland Ave., Jackson, 
Tenn. Office: First Baptist Church, 
Jackson, Tenn. 


Pastor, Ericson Memorial Bap- 
tist Church, Washington, D. C; 
born, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 
Aug. 16, 1876; son of Elizabeth 
Brooks of Greene County, Pennsyl- 
vania, and Oliver Gans Boorde, Fay- 
ette County, Pennsylvania; educa- 
tion, Classical and Scientific Insti- 
tute; ordained, 1903, Monongahela 
Association, Pennsylvania; married 
Myrtle Bernice Hazlett of Fayette 
County, Pennsylvania, Jan. 22, 
1898, daughter of James K. and 
Ruth D. Hazlett; children, Oliver 
Gans, Elizabeth (Mrs. A. R. Colan), 
Thomas E., Jr., Myrtle Ruth, Eu- 
gene Kesel; pastor, Monongahela 
Association, Pennsylvania, 1902- 
1906, pastor, Pittsburg Association, 
Pennsylvania, 1906-1908, pastor, 
Wylie Avenue Baptist Church, 
Pittsburg, Pa., 1908-1912; evange- 
list-colporteur, Pennsylvania Mis- 
sion Board and American Baptist 
Publishing Societies, Central, 
Pennsylvania, 1913-1917; Y. M. C. 
A. War relief work, U. S. Naval 
Base, Norfolk, Va., 1918-1919; 
evangelist, Mission Board, Virginia, 
1920-1922; pastor, Shady Grove, 
Strawberry Association, Virginia, 
1922-1924, pastor, Virginia Beach, 
Va., 1924-1927; pastor, Temple Bap- 
tist Church, Washington, D. C, 
1927-1934; evangelistic work, Mary- 
land Baptist Union, Sunday School 
Board, Nashville and Columbia As- 
sociation; moderator, Monongahela 
Association, Pennsylavnia, 1905; 
Home Mission Board, Southern 
Baptist Convention, 1933 to date: 
president, Baptist-Christian Minis- 
terium, 1933-1934; Washington, D. 
C, Logan Circle Citizens Associa- 
tion; chaplain, F. A. A. M. Ad- 
dress: 29 M St., N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 




Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Salem, 111.; born, Williamson Coun- 
ty, Illinois, May 30, 1904; son of 
Martha Borum and John E. Borum 
of Thompsonville, 111.; education, 
Marion J. H. S., A.B., Union Univ.; 
ordained, First Bapt. Ch., Marion, 
111.; married Beulah Mitchell of 
West Frankfort, 111., Sept. 8, 1933, 
daughter of Theodore Mitchell; chil- 
dren, Donald Gene; pastor, Elkville 
Baptist Church, Illinois, 14 months; 
pastor, Indian Baptist Church, Illi- 
nois, 3 years; pastor, Center Bap- 
tist Church, Illinois, 3 years; pas- 
tor, Crab Orchard Baptist Church, 
111., 3 yrs.; pastor, Mounds Bapt. 
Ch., 111., 2 yrs.; pastor, Grassy Creek 
Baptist Church, Illinois, 8 months; 
pastor, Royalton Baptist Church, 
Illinois, 8 months; pastor, Holley 
Grove Baptist Church, Jones, Tenn., 
3 years; winner, Dr. J. R. Graves 
award, Religious Education, Union 
University, 1934; winner, Alpha Phi 
Epsilon Oratorical medal, Union 
University, 1935; Who's Who of 
America, Colleges and Universities, 
1935. Address: 200 W. Olive St., 
Salem, 111. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kweiteh, 
China; born, North Carolina, Sept. 
16, 1875; educated, Judson College; 
appointed Oct. 4, 1916; evangelistic 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pochow, 
China; born, Rutherford County, 
North Carolina, Jan. 22, 1874; edu- 
cated, Wake Forest College, 1899; 
went out as Gospel Missionary, 
1904; appointed May 4, 1910; 
evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Parkland Church, Louis- 
ville, Ky. ; born, Rockingham, N. C, 
June 28, 1886; son of Fannie J. Lu- 
ther and W. W. Bostick; education, 
Miss. Col. and Southern Sem., re- 

ceiving Ph.B., Th.B. and D.D. de- 
grees; ordained, Sandersville, 
Miss.; married Myrtle E. Durham, 
Aug. 18, 1908, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. C. Durham; children, Mary 
Francis and Ruth Elizabeth; work: 
pastor, Newton, Miss., 3 yrs.; Co- 
lumbia, Miss., 3 yrs.; Winona, 
Miss., 3 yrs.; Bellevue, Memphis, 6 
yrs.; evangelist, Home Bd., 1 yr.; 
pastor, First Ch., Clarksdale, Miss., 
3 yrs.; Parkland Ch., Louisville, 
Ky., 5 yrs.; denominational: mem- 
ber, Bd. of Trustees, Miss. Col., 1927- 
31; Blue Mtn. Col., 1930-31; State 
Bd., Ky.; Vice Mod., Long Run 
Assn., 1936. Home address: 1338 
Catalpa St., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Oil- 
ton, Okla. ; born, Union City, Tenn., 
Oct. 10, 1909; son of Fannie Ella 
Nichols of Troy, Tenn., and Joe S. 
Boston of Union City, Tenn.; educa- 
tion, Okla. Bapt. Univ.; ordained, 
Pawhuska, Okla., Feb. 23, 1934; 
married Mary Jane Plummer of 
Pawhuska, Okla., Dec. 21, 1930, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. 
Plummer; children, Mary Jo and 
James Lee; pastor, First Bapt. Ch., 
Maramec, Okla., 2 yrs.; Assnl. S. S. 
Supt., Pawnee Creek Assn., Okla. 
Address: Oilton, Okla. 


Pastor, North Waco Church; born. 
Round Rock, Williamson Co., Tex., 
April 19, 1877; son of Lou Crunk 
and H. D. Boswell, Sr. ; education 
Th.M., Baylor Univ.; married Em 
ma Beal McKinney, June 6, 1907 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mc 
Kinney; children, Mrs. Delma Ham 
nack, Taylor, Tex., William James 
Grady, Edwin McKinney, Hugh 
Charles and Kathleen, all of Waco, 
Tex.; pastor, Provident Hts. Ch., 
3 yrs.; Graham, Tex., 3 yrs.; Olney, 
Tex., 4 yrs.; De Leon, Tex., 3 yrs.; 
Granger, Tex., 3 yrs.; Waco, Tex., 
10 yrs.; denominational: member, 
Education Bd., Bapt. Gen. Conv. of 
Tex., Sanitarium Bd., Waco Assn. 
Home address: 1902 Alexander Ave., 
Waco, Tex. 




Texarkana, Ark.; born, Marion 
County, Texas, daughter of Au- 
gustus and Margaret Whetstone 
Blankenship; education, Mary 
Sharp College; married George W. 
Bottoms; sent 48 missionaries to 
foreign lands; pioneer, orphanage 
work with Joe Buckner of Dallas; 
member board, Orphans Home, 
Monticello, Ark., 10 years to date; 
created an endowment for carrying 
on the work in Cuba and among 
foreign speaking people in the U. 
S.; helped Ouachita College and 
4 mountain schools, Arkansas; 
23 girls and boys partially educat- 
ed through her aid; made it pos- 
sible to build the First Baptist 
Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 
also publishing- house; built church 
in Palestine and a missionaries' 
home in China; Music and Civic 
Clubs, Texarkana, Ark.; Red Cross 
worker, war days. Address: Tex- 
arkana, Ark. 


Associate Young People's Secre- 
tary, Woman's Missionary Union, 
Southern Baptist Convention; born, 
Virginia, Nov. 30, 1902; daughter, 
Emmett and Mary Catherine (Coch- 
ran) B. ; education, Virginia Inter- 
mont College, Louisville University, 
and W. M. U. Training School, de- 
grees, A.B. and B.M.T.; Young Peo- 
ple's secretary for W. M. U. of Ken- 
tucky, 1925-1929; Associated Young 
People's secretary for W. M. U. of 
Southern Baptist Convention, since 
1929; director of Southern Y. W. 
A. Camp, Ridgecrest, N. C, since 
1929. Home: Empire Hotel, Bir- 
mingham. Office: 1111 Comer 
Bldg., Birmingham. 


Pastor, First Ch., Elizabethton, 
Tenn.; born, Covington, Tenn., Apr. 
9, 1894; son of Mary Emma Miller 
and John Andrew Bowden; educa- 
tion, A.B., Th.M., and D.D. degrees; 
ordained Sept. 17, 1917; married 
Lena Mae Sloan, Oct. 2, 1923, daugh- 
ter of Sallie Payne and Dr. L. W. 

Sloan; children, Sunshine and Ches- 
ley Lee II; pastor, Charleston Ch., 
near Covington, Tenn., 5 yrs.; 
Brighton Ch., 2' yrs.; Edgewood, 
Tex., 2 yrs.; Humboldt, Tenn., 5 
yrs,, 2 mos.; First Ch., Elizabeth- 
ton, Tenn., since Apr. 1, 1930; chap- 
lain, 327 Infantry, Oct. 18, 1918-July 
1, 1919, in France 1 yr. ; denomina- 
tional: clerk, Big Hatchie Assn., 2 
yrs.; trustee, Union Univ., 5 yrs.; 
Pres., Union's Alumni, 8 yrs.; mem- 
ber, State Bd., Tenn., 5 yrs.; Pres., 
local pastors' Assn.; Pres., Rotary 
Club, Elizabethton, 1934-35. Home 
address: 121 Lynn Ave., Elizabeth- 
ton, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Cipolletti, Ar- 
gentina; born, Santiago, Chile, Jan. 
10, 1889; educated, Union Univer- 
sity, Jackson, Tenn., University of 
Minnesota; graduated, Des Moines 
Baptist College, 1916, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; appoint- 
ed June 11, 1919, Boys' School. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Cipolletti, Ar- 
gentina; born, Carlisle, Iowa, April 
14, 1892; educated, Public Schools 
of Carlisle, Iowa; married G. A. 
Bowdler, Jan. 30, 1919; appointed 
June 11, 1919; educational work. 


Pastor, First Church, Gastonia, 
N. C; born, Littleton, N. C, June 
28, 1873; son of Mary E. Dowtin and 
T. R. Bowers; education, Union 
Community School near Littleton, 
Univ. of Penn.; special course, 
Home Correspondence School; Cro- 
zer Theol. Sem., D.D., Lincoln Me- 
morial Univ., Tenn.; ordained July, 
1905; married Lemma S. Moss, 
daughter of Susan A. and B. F. 
Moss; children, M. Helen (Mrs. O. 
K. Hunerwadel), Lawrenceburg, 
Tenn., Anthony, Jr., S. Katherine 
(Mrs. R. H. McDowell), Belmont, 
N. C, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Donal B. 



Johnston), Elizabeth, N. J.; pastor, 
Point Pleasant, Pa., 1906-09; Cape 
May, N. J., 1909-12; Bellville, N. J., 
1912-14; Frederick, Md., 1914-16; 
First Ch., Baltimore, Md., 1916-20; 
Broadway Ch., Knoxville, Tenn., 
1920-28; First Ch., Gastonia, N. C, 
since 1928; denominational: State 
Mission Bd., N. C; state member, 
S. S. Bd., S. B. C; trustee, Mere- 
dith College; Pres., Kiwanis Club. 
Address: Gastonia, N. C. 


Pastor, Avondale Church, Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn.; born, Elizabethton, 
Tenn., Aug. 2-0, 1881; son of Rev. 
John' L. and Martha Bowers; edu- 
cation, Carson-Newman Col.; or- 
dained, 1910; married N. L. Nave, 
June 30, 1911, daughter of H. J. 
and Bina Nave; children, Winnie 
Crete, Lucy, Georgia, J. Wiley, Vina, 
Martha and Wyona; pastor, Moun- 
tain City, Tenn., 2 yrs.; Myrtle 
Creek and Riddle, Ore., 3 yrs.; But- 
ler, Tenn., 5 yrs.; First Ch., Rock- 
wood, Tenn., 3% yrs.; First Ch., 
LaFollette, Tenn., 3% yrs.; Avon- 
dale Ch., Chattanooga, Tenn., 9 yrs. 
to date; Exec. Bd., Tenn., 9 yrs. 
to date; Bd. of Managers, Baptist 
and Reflector; Encampment Com., 
Exec. Bd.; A. F. and A. M. Ad- 
dress: 1314 Dodson Ave., Chattanoo- 
ga, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ponca City, Okla.; born, Clay Coun- 
ty, near Charleston, W. Va., Apr. 
14, 1885; son of Eliza Egleston of 
Kentucky, and William Warfield 
Bowles of West Virginia; educa- 
tion, B.O., Union University, D.D., 
Eastern University, and 3 years' 
work toward Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, May 17, 1907, Martin, Tenn.; 
married Annie Laurie Shelton of 
Springfield, Tenn., Aug. 7, 1911; 
children, Donald Eugene, Oklahoma 
City, Okla., Charles Cornelius, Dal- 
las, Tex., Lloyd Shelton, Dallas, 
Tex., and Edward Brooks; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, McKinsey, 
Tenn., 1913-1915; pastor, First Bap- 

tist Church, Cherokee, Okla., 1915- 
1919; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Henrietta, Okla., 1922-1925; state 
evangelist, Oklahoma, 1926; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Ponca City, 
Okla., 1926 to date; Executive 
Board, State Missions, 1924-1925; 
member board trustees, Oklahoma 
Baptist University, 1924 to date; 
moderator, Perry Baptist Associa- 
tion, 1933 to date; Mason, Chamber 
of Commerce, K. of P. Address: 
Ponca City, Okla. 


Pastor, Bowmar Avenue Baptist 
Church, Vicksburg, Miss.; born, 
Pike County, Mississippi, June 23, 
1881; son of Annie Laura Beard 
and John W. Boyd; educated, Pub- 
lic Schools, Pike County, Mississip- 
pi, Mississippi College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Louisville, Ky., degrees, B.S., Th. 
M.; ordained, Crescent Hill Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., Apr. 17, 
1912; married Clara D. Reeves, Mc- 
Comb, Miss., Sept. 3, 1908, daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. J. R. G. 
Reeves; children, Alice Katherine, 
teacher, Mississippi Woman's Col- 
lege, Hattiesburg, Miss., and Jesse 
Laney, Jr., student, Raymond, 
Miss.; pastor, Sonora and Fisher - 
ville, Ky., 3 years; pastor, Central 
Baptist Church, Coldwater, Miss., 2 
years; pastor, Galilee Baptist 
Church, Gloster, Miss., 2 years; 
chaplain in army during World 
War, October, 1917-May, 1919; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Biloxi, 
Miss., 4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Magee, Miss., 6 years; pas- 
tor, Pickens, Miss., 3 years; pastor, 
Bowmar Avenue Baptist Church, 
Vicksburg, Miss., 5 years; de- 
nominational member, Board Trus- 
tees, Mississippi Woman's College; 
clerk, Gulf Coast Association, 4 
years; Simpson County Associa- 
tion 6 years; Holmes County As- 
sociation, 2 years; historical re- 
search of State Convention, 7 years; 
Southern Baptist Preservation of 
Baptist History, 3 years; Program 
Committee, State Convention; 
chairman, Centennial Committee; 



president, Pastors' and Laymen's 
Conference, 2 years; author, Simp- 
son County Baptist Association 
(formerly Strong River), 1853-1927; 
A Popular History of the Baptists 
in Mississippi, 1780-1930; clubs, 
Masonic Order, Master Mason; at 
times member American Legion 
and Veterans of Foreign Wars; 
worthy patron, Order of Eastern 
Star, 2 years. Address: 718 Bow- 
mar Ave., Vicksburg, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pingtu, China; 
born, Barnell County, South Caro- 
lina, Mar. 15, 1885; educated, Union 
Baptist Institute, 1912, W. M. U. 
Training School, B. M. T., 1914, 
Georgia Baptist Hospital, New York 
Hospital Nurses Training School, 
R. N., 1917; appointed April 4, 
1918; trained nurse. 


Professor and head, department 
of modern languages, Furman Uni- 
versity; born, Tipton County, Ten- 
nessee, Aug. 10, 1869; son of Mary 
Florence Hambleton of Pittsylvania 
County, Virginia, and Sidney John 
Bradshaw, Amelia County, Virgin- 
ia; education, B.A. and M.A. (hon- 
orary), Bethel College, Ph.D., Uni- 
versity of Virginia, LL.D., Furman 
University, Chicago University, 
Leipzig University, Berlin Univer- 
sity, and studied in Paris; profes- 
sor of English, Bethel College, 5 
years, Bardstown Institute, 1 year, 
M. T. High School, Louisville, Ky., 
1 year, professor of modern lan- 
guages, Furman University, since 
1904, chairman of faculty, since 
1912, acting president, Furman Uni- 
versity, 1918-1919; trustee and 
chairman of Executive Committee of 
Baptist Currier; deacon, First Bap- 
tist Church (formerly chairman of 
board); on Southern Poetry Prior 
to 1860; editorials, reviews and ad- 
dresses; Sigma Nu, Lambda Pi, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Club of Thirty-nine 
(ex-president), member (former di- 
rector), Chamber of Commerce. 
Home: 321 University Ridge. Of- 

fice: Furman University, Green- 
ville, S. C. 


Pastor, Brown Memorial Baptist 
Church, Hickory, N. C; born, Burke 
County, North Carolina, July 14, 
1866; son of Anne Bush and Elijah 
E. Bradshaw; education, A.B., 
Wake Forest College; ordained, 
July 28, 1892; married Zora L. 
Bush of Granite Falls, N. C, Sept. 
11, 1892, daughter of John A. and 
Sarah Anne Summers Bush; child- 
ren, Bertha (Mrs. E. N. Carr; pas- 
tor, Morain Falls, N. C, Wilkes- 
boro and North Wilkesboro, N. C, 
1892-1903; pastor, Reidsville, N. C, 
1903-1906; evangelist, W. N. C, 
1906-1911; assistant corresponding 
secretary, North Carolina State 
Convention, 1911-1917; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Hickory, N. C, 
1917-1925; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Morganton, N. C, 1925- 
1935; pastor, Brown Memorial Bap- 
tist Church, Hickory, N. C, 1935 
to date; member, State Mission 
Board of North Carolina more than 
20 years; trustee, Meredith College, 
20 years; Kiwanis Club. Address: 
Hickory, N. C. 


Pastor, Second Baptist Church, 
Okmulgee, Okla. ; born, Checotah, 
Okla., Mar. 15, 1911; son of Mar- 
garet Estella Batterton of Marietta, 
Okla., and Camelous Ray Brady of 
Warner, Okla.; education, Okla- 
homa Baptist University; ordained, 
University Baptist Church, Shaw- 
nee, Okla., Mar. 10, 1932; married 
Hilah Inez Watson of Quinton, 
Okla., Feb. 21, 1934, daughter of 
Hon. and Mrs. William E. Watson; 
pastor, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; 
pastor, Haywood, Quinton, Porter, 
Okla.; pastor, Second Baptist 
Church, Okmulgee, Okla., 1935 to 
date; president, East Central Dis- 
trict B. Y. U. Convention, Musko- 
gee Missionary Board Association 
Board, 1935 to date; president, Pot- 
tawatomie Lincoln Association, 
Baptist Young People's Union, 1930- 



1932. Address: 1000 N. Griffin St., 
Okmulgee, Okla. 


Professor, Bible, head of Reli- 
gious Work, La. Col.; born, Lowry's, 
S. O; education, Furman Univ., 
Southern Theol. Sem., D.O.; mar- 
ried Donna Greenlaw, Hazelhurst, 
Miss., 1907; children, Edward and 
Carol, both graduated from La. 
Col.; pastor, Covington, La., 3M> 
yrs.; church builder; helped build 
first encampment, Mandeville, La., 
1906; pastor, Bogalusa, 11 yrs., 
built beautiful church building, 
1911; Prof., Bible and Head of Re- 
ligious Work, La. Col., 16 yrs. to 
date; denominational: advisor to 
ministerial students; trustee, La. 
Orphanage, 3 yrs.; Mod., Washing- 
ton Parish Assn., 3 yrs.; member, 
Exec. Comm., La. Bapt. Encamp- 
ment, 5 yrs.; member, State Exec. 
Bd., 22 yrs.; S. B. C. Comm. to 
found Bapt. Bible Inst., 1915; one 
of the organizers, 75 Million Cam- 
paign, 1919; Vice Pres., State Conv., 
1922-23; on faculty of Mandeville 
Encampment 7 yrs. Address: Lou- 
isiana College, Pineville, La. 


Associate Secretary, Department 
of Southern Baptist Student Work, 
Nashville, Tenn.; born, Long Beach, 
Miss., Dec. 16, 1909; daughter of 
Grace Stroud and Webb Brame of 
Yazoo City, Miss.; education, B.A., 
Blue Mountain Col.; teacher, Fresh- 
man English, Blue Mountain Col- 
lege, 1931-1933; Baptist Student sec- 
retary, Blue Mountain College, 
1932-1933; associate secretary, De- 
partment of Southern Baptist Stu- 
dent Work, 1933 to date. Home: 
302 22nd Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn. 
Office: 161 8th Ave., N., Nashville, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Saltillo, Mex- 
ico; born, Plant City, Fla., Mar. 21, 
1894; education, Columbia College, 
A.B., 1917; A.B., Th.S., Th.M., 1922; 
appointed May 16, 1922; theological 


Pastor, Davisboro, Ka., Midville, 
Ga., Kite, Ga., Riddleville, Ga.; 
born, Baxley, Ga., Aug. 27, 1899; 
son of Martha Courson and Joseph 
Branch of Baxley, Ga.; education, 
A.B., LL.B. and Th.B.; ordained, 
1918; married Willa Hatcher of Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1920, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hatcher; pas- 
tor, Davisboro Baptist Church; pas- 
tor, Midville Baptist Church; pas- 
tor, Kite Baptist Church; pastor, 
Riddleville Baptist Church, 5 years; 
lawyer, several years; chairman, 
Association Executive Committee; 
member, State Executive Commit- 
tee, 1 year; member Committees 
Southern, State and Association 
Conventions; author, "Sermons and 
Addresses;" Mason, W. O. W., K. 
of P., District Bar Association, Ro- 
tary, Kiwanis. Address: Davisboro, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Saltillo, Mex- 
ico; born, Mullins, S. C, May 7, 
1900; education, Coker College, 
Pidge School of Theology; W. M. 
U. Training School; married C. W. 
Branch, May, 1922; appointed May 

16, 1922; educational work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pell 
City, Ala.; born, Shelby, Ala., Nov. 

17, 1875; son, of Sarah Ann Reams 
and Esam T. Brasher of Shelby, 
Ala.; education, Howard College; 
ordained, June 2, 1901; married Lee 
Anna Hope of Shelby, Ala,, Nov. 
1, 1894, daughter of John and 
Louise Hope; children, Jas. T., Sil- 
uria, Ala., Mrs. Clyde Deal, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., Mrs. Bessie Seale, 
Colera, Ala., W. P., Augusta, Ga., 
Mrs. Clyde Mobbs, Birmingham, 
Ala., Mrs. Bream Lyon, Birming- 
ham, Ala., Roy R., Birmingham, 
Ala., Mrs. Herman Pratt, Birming- 
ham, Ala., Mrs. Ira Wilbern, Tif- 
ton, Ga., Mrs. Austin Stone, and 
Clinton E.; pastor 7th Avenue, 
Montgomery, Ala., 15 months; pas- 
tor, Gurley, Ala., 1 year; pastor, 



5th St. Bapt. Ch., Huntsville; pastor, 
Plantersville, 4 years; pastor, Cen- 
tral Park, Birmingham, Ala., 2 
years; pastor, Inglenook Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 2 years; 
pastor York, 6% years; pastor 
27th Street, Birmingham, Ala., 1 
yer; pastor, Pell City, Ala., 4% 
years; member, Alabama Baptist 
State Executive Board; moderator, 
St. Clair County Baptist Associa- 
tion; Mason. Address: Pell City, 


Practicing medicine, Camden, S. 
C; born, Lancaster County, South 
Carolina, Oct. 7, 1873; son of Louise 
Clemantine Neal and Rev. James 
Thos. Brasington of Lancaster, S. 
C; education, Kentucky College of 
Medicine; married Annie Elizabeth 
Evans of Jefferson, S. O, Apr. 19, 
1890, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben- 
jamin Albert Evans; children, Ben- 
jamin Cecil, Charlotte, N. C; prac- 
ticed medicine, Lucknow, S. C, 2 
years; Camden, S. C, 35 years; dea- 
con First Baptist Church, Camden, 
S. O; moderator, Kershaw Baptist 
Association; trustee, Coker College, 
Hartsville, S. O; chairman board 
ushers, First Baptist Church, Cam- 
den, S. O; mayor of Camden, S. C, 
8 years; state senator, Kershaw 
County, South Carolina. Address: 
Camden, S. C. 


Pastor, Carter Baptist Church, 
Carter, Okla. ; born, Tarrant Coun- 
ty, Texas, Oct. 3, 1886; son of Jane 
Sanders of Waxiehachie, Tex., and 
George Braswell of Wadesborough, 
N. O; education, academic; or- 
dained, Newcastle Baptist Church, 
Newcastle, Okla.; married, Minnie 
Bradberry of Nolan, Tex., Dec. 24, 
1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- 
liam Bradberry; children, Travis 
and Gladys; pastor, Belleview Bap- 
tist Church, Belleview, Okla., 3 
years; pastor Verden Baptist 
Church, Verden, Okla., 2% years; 
pastor, Olustee Baptist Church, 
Olustee, Okla., 2 years; pastor Car- 

ter Baptist Church, Carter, Okla., 
2 years to date; moderator, Beck- 
lam Association, 2 years. Address: 
Carter, Okla. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Jan- 
eiro, Brazil; born, Caneyville, Ky., 
Nov. 2, 1890; education, Public 
Schools of Caneyville, Georgetown 
College; married L. M. Bratcher, 
June 15, 1915; appointed June 6, 
1918; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio College, 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; born, Black 
Rock, Ky., June 11, 1888; education, 
Georgetown College, A.B., 1914; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, Th.M., 1917; appointed June 
6, 1918. 


Pastor, First Church, Chaffee, 
Mo.; born, Montrose, Mo., Nov. 5, 
1887; son of Mary Delilah Couch of 
Henry Co., Mo., and Squire Philip 
Bray of LaRue County, Mo.; edu- 
cation, William Jewell Col.; or- 
dained June 14, 1914; married Min- 
nie Mae Dearing of Jamestown, Mo., 
Nov. 10, 1907, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. I. Dearing; children, Gwen- 
dolyn Jewell (Mrs. 0. J. Absher), 
Wakefield, Kans., Frederick Earl, 
Boise, Ida., Ralph Lowell, Wilma 
Roberta, Paul Lorane; pastor, Mt. 
Vernon Ch., near Excelsior Springs, 
Mo., iy 2 yrs.; LaCygne, Kans., 1915- 
1916; Mountain View, Mo., 1916- 
1917; Picher, Okla., 1917-1920; mis- 
sionary, Central Dist. Assn., 1920- 
1921; pastor, Medford and Nardin, 
Okla.; Nash, Okla., 1922-1923; Car- 
mon, Okla., 1923-1924; Medicine 
Lodge, Kans., 1925-1926; Downs, 
Kans., 1926-1927; Clay Center, 
Kans., 1927-1929; LaGrange, Mo., 
1929-1932; Chaffee, Mo., 1932 to 
date; chairman, Charleston Assn. 
Bd., Mo.; Court of Honor, Boy 
Scouts; Mason, Scottish Rite. Ad- 
dress: Box 85, Chaffee, Mo. 




Pastor, College Avenue Baptist 
Church, Bryan, Tex.; born, Llano, 
Tex., Nov. 19, 1899; son of Lavinia 
Edman and Robert Franklin Brea- 
zeale of Burnet, Tex.; education, 
A.B., and Th.M. degrees, College 
and Seminary; ordained, Seventh 
and James Baptist Church, Waco, 
Tex.; married Marie Thurman of 
Jacksonville, Fla., May 12, 1933, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. 
Thurman; worked as woodsman, 4 
years; waited tables in hotels, 1% 
years; printer, pressman and lino- 
type operator, 15 years; pastor, 1927 
to date; clerk, Milam County Asso- 
ciation, 1 year; president, Milam 
County Baptist Encampment, 3 
years; clerk, Creath-Brazos Asso- 
ciation, 2 years; president, B.T.U., 
Creath-Brazos Association, 1 year. 
Address: 3617 E. 25th St., Bryan, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Richmond, Ky. ; born, Philadelphia, 
Miss., Aug. 4, 1895; son of Rosa 
Lee Johnson and Robert Lee Bre- 
land of Philadelphia, Miss.; educa- 
tion, Clarke College, Mississippi 
College, Southern Baptist Theologi- 
cal Seminary, receiving A.B., Th.M., 
Th.D. degrees; ordained, May 15, 
1922; married Bessie Nicholson of 
Newton, Miss., Sept. 5, 1915, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Nichol- 
son; children, Thelma Anice (de- 
ceased), Elsie Kaye, Clyde Lamont, 
Jr., Robert Elton, Martha Ann, pas- 
tor, Williamston, Ky., 1922-1926; 
pastor, Walton, Ky., 1926-1928; pas- 
tor, Richmond, Ky., 1928 to date; 
board manager, Western Recorder; 
chairman, Mission Board, Tate's 
Creek Association. Address: Wal- 
lace Apartments, Richmond, Ky. 


Pastor, Coffeeville Baptist 
Church, Coffeeville, Miss.; born, 
Philadelphia, Miss., Nov. 25, 1870; 
son of Manerva Odom of Poplar- 
ville, Miss., and Rev. Oliver F. Bre- 
land of Philadelphia, Miss.; educa- 

tion, Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Nov. 
28, 1907, Philadelphia Baptist 
Church, Philadelphia, Miss.; mar- 
ried Rosa Lee Johnson of Philadel- 
phia, Miss., Nov. 1, 1894, daughter 
of Cornelius and Matilda Tullos 
Johnson; children, Dr. Clyde L., 
Richmond, Va., Hazel Lee, and 
Kathryn G. (Mrs. Julius Thomp- 
son, Jr.), Hollandale, Miss.; pas- 
tor, Conehatta Baptist Church, 
Conehatta, Miss., 12 years; pastor, 
Bay Springs Baptist Church, Bay 
Springs, Miss., 2 years; pastor, 
Neshoba Baptist Church, Neshoba, 
Miss., 11 years; pastor, Mathiston 
Baptist Church, Mathiston, Miss., 8 
years; pastor, Beulah Baptist 
Church, Decatur, Miss., 6 years; 
pastor, Lawrence Baptist Church, 
Lawrence, Miss., 6 years; pastor, 
Hazel Baptist Church, Lake, Miss., 
8 years; pastor, Duck Hill Baptist 
Church, Duck Hill, Miss., 2 years; 
pastor, West Baptist Church, West, 
Miss., 2 years; pastor, Oakland Bap- 
tist Church, Oakland, Miss., 4 
years; pastor, Elam Baptist 
Church, Coffeeville, Miss., 5 years; 
pastor, Scuna Valley Baptist 
Church, Coffeeville, Miss., 5 years; 
pastor, Pittsboro Baptist Church, 
Pittsboro, Miss., 6 years; pastor, 
Coffeeville Baptist Church, Coffee- 
ville, Miss., 12 years to date; mod- 
erator Baptist General Association 
of Southeast Mississippi, 2 years; 
clerk, Oktibbeha Baptist Associa- 
tion, Mississippi, 4 years, clerk, 
Neshoba County Baptist Associa- 
tion, Mississippi, 4 years; different 
committees, Mississippi State Bap- 
tist Convention, Ministerial Board, 
Mississippi Baptist Convention; 
contributor to "East Mississippi De- 
partment" of the Baptist Record, 
Jackson, Miss.; was editor of the 
Mississippi Baptist, Newton, Miss.; 
superintendent of public education, 
Neshoba County, Miss., 4 years; 
member, Lower House of Mississippi 
legislature, Neshoba County, 4 
years; member Mississippi Senate, 
from 17th Senatorial District, 4 
years; Mason, W. O. W. Address: 
Coffeeville, Miss. 




President, Meredith College, Ral- 
eigh, N C; born, Wake Forest, N. 
C, July 12, 1866; son of Ann Eliza 
Wait, Wake Forest, N. C, and John 
Marchant Brewer, Nansemond 
County, Virginia; education, Wake 
Forest College, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Cornell University, de- 
grees, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., married 
Miss Love Bell, Shawboro, N. C, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. C. 
Bell, Oct. 2-8, 1891; children, Joseph 
Bell, deceased, Ellen Dozier, Mere- 
dith College, Raleigh, N. C, Ann 
Eliza, Brenau College, Gainesville, 
Ga., Charles Edward, Jr., deceased; 
professor, Chemistry, Wake Forest, 
College, 1889-1915; dean, Wake For- 
est College, 1912-1915; president, 
Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C, 
since 1915; clerk, Central Baptist 
Association, 1888-1915; clerk, North 
Carolina Baptist State Convention, 
1908-1915; clubs: National Coun- 
cilor of Junior 0. U. A. M., 1931- 
1933, Rotarian; president, N. C. Ed- 
ucational Association, 1922. Ad- 
dress: Meredith College, Raleigh, 
N. C. 


General Secretary, Executive 
Board, Little Rock, Ark.; born, 
Pine Bluff, Ark., Aug. 9, 1888; son 
of Julia Drain Caldwell and Wil- 
liam Nathan Bridges of Pine Bluff, 
Ark.; education, Friendship Acad., 
A.B., Ouachita Col., D.D.; ordained 
Feb. 18, 1908; married Vivian Stone 
of Augusta, Ark., Oct. 29, 1934; chil- 
dren, James Bridges; rural mission 
work, 1908; pastor, rural churches, 
1909-13; Hazel St. Ch., 1914-15 
First Ch., Crossett, Ark., 1915-18 
First Ch., Paragould, Ark., 1918-29 
First Ch., Little Rock, Ark., 1929- 
31; Gen. Sec, Exec. Bd., Ark. Bapt 
State Conv., since 1931; denomina 
tional: Pres., Exec. Bd., Ark. Bapt 
State Conv., 1930; author: booklet 
"State Missions in the Great Com 
mission." Address: 507 Federal 
Bank and Trust Bldg., Little Rock, 


Pastor, Baptist Church, Buena 
Vista, Ga., and Oglethorpe, Ga.; 
born, Mars Hill, N. C, Aug. 15, 
1899; son of Sara Loretta Sparks 
of Yancey County, North Carolina, 
and John W. Briggs of Madison 
County, North Carolina; education, 
A.B., Wake Forest College; Colgate 
University and Theological Semin- 
ary, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Eastern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, Crozer Theolog- 
ical Seminary and Chase Conserva- 
tory of Music; ordained, First Bap- 
tist Church, Hendersonville, N. C, 
1919; married Eugenia Wood Tay- 
lor of Greenwood, Fla., Apr. 25, 
1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 
H. Taylor; children, Mary Loretta 
(deceased); principal, Greenwood 
High School, Greenwood, Fla., 2 
years; principal, Central Grammar 
School, Gastonia, N. C, 1 year; 
superintendent Whigham, Ga. Pub- 
lic Schools, 1 year; pastor Green- 
wood, Fla., Baptist Church, 1 year; 
pastor, Clayton, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 3 years; pastor, Oglethorpe 
Ga., Baptist Church, 1934 to date; 
pastor, Buena Vista, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 1929 to date; evangelistic 
singing and training and directing 
choirs and choruses; missionary, 
Adirondack Mountains, New York 
State Mission Board, 1918; moder- 
ator Rabun County, Georgia Bap- 
tist Association, 1925-1928; various 
committees, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention; chairman committee, 
Home Missions, Georgia Baptist 
Convention, 1935; author, Short 
Stories, Scoutmaster, Lions Club, 
member, Wake Forest Glee Club, 
1917-1919; member, Wake Forest 
Male Quartet, 1923; member, Male 
Chorus, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1928-1929; medals 
and honors, oratory and debating, 
1912-1917 organized and directs 
Buena Vista Male Quartet. Address: 
Box 86, Buena Vista, Ga. 


Pastor, Fifth Baptist Church, 
Washington, D. C; born, Person 
County, North Carolina, July 12, 



1873; son of Sarah F. Long and 
John Dolphin Briggs of Person 
County, North Carolina; education, 
A.B., and D.D., Mercer University 
and Richmond University, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, May, 1897; mar- 
ried Marion T. Law of Portsmouth, 
Va., Sept. 24, 1902; pastor, Bellevue 
Bapt. Ch., Macon, Ga., 1897-1898; 
pastor, Greensboro, Ga., 1901-1904; 
state missionary and assistant to 
secretary of Missions, 1904-1905; 
pastor, Capitol Avenue Baptist 
Church, Atlanta, Ga., 1905-1909; 
pastor, Fifth Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1909 to date; past 
moderator, Columbia Baptist Asso- 
ciation, Washington, D. C; Home of 
Mission Board, Atlanta, Ga., 20 
years; trustee, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1909 to date; 
trustee, Eastern Baptist Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1925 to date; mem- 
ber, Foreign Mission Board; Junior 
Order United American Mechanics; 
Mason. Address: 623 F St., S. W., 
Washington, D. C. 


Superintendent, Southern Baptist 
Hospital, New Orleans, La.; born, 
Timmonsville, S. C, Jan. 19, 1876; 
son of Elizabeth Blackwell and 
James Tazewell Bristow of Dar- 
lington County, South Carolina; 
education, Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
May, 1901; married Caroline Wink- 
ler of Summerville, S. C, Oct. 29, 
1902, daughter of Edwin T. and 
Rosa Burckmyer Winkler; child- 
ren, Gwen (Mrs. Bruce Manning), 
Hollywood, Calif., Louis, Jr., An- 
derson, S. C, Caroline, Blue Moun- 
tain College; pastor, Wedgefield, S. 
C, 1901-1903; pastor, Marion, S. C, 
1903-1905; editor, Baptist Press, 
Greenwood, S. C, 1905-1906; asso- 
ciate editor, Baptist Courier, 1906- 
1909; pastor, Willimston, S. C, 
1906-1910; pastor, Abbeville, S. C, 
1910-1915, 1918-1921; founder and 
superintendent, South Carolina 
Baptist Hospital, 1915-1918; super- 
intendent, Alabama Baptist Hos- 
pital, 1921-1924; builder and super- 

intendent, Southern Baptist Hospit- 
al, New Orleans, La., 1924 to date; 
secretary, Education Commission, 
South Carolina Baptist Convention, 
3 years; moderator, Abbeville Bap- 
tist Association, 1 year; vice presi- 
dent, Southern Baptist Convention, 
1926-1928; state member, Home 
Mission Board, 1915-1916; clerk, 
Southeastern Baptist Association, 
S. C, 1896-1897; secretary, South- 
ern Baptist Hospital Commission, 
1923 to date; author, "Healing Hu- 
manity's Hurt," "Hospital Stories," 
"Why Christian Hospitals," colonel, 
Chief of Ordnance, Governor's 
Staff, South Carolina, 1900-1901; 
lieutenant, Batallion Adjutant Sec- 
ond South Carolina Infantry, war 
with Spain (Cuban service), 1898- 
1899; grand chancellor, Knights of 
Pythias, South Carolina, 1917-1918; 
supreme representative, 1919-1924; 
Rotary; president, Louisiana Bap- 
tist Hospital Association, 1930- 
1932; president, N. O. Hospital 
Council, 1930-1931; elected Supreme 
Prelate, Knights of Pythias, San 
Francisco, 1924, declined. Home: 
4501 Magnolia St., New Orleans, 
La. Office: 2700 Napoleon Ave., 
New Orleans, La. 


Executive Secretary - Treasurer, 
Fla. Bapt. Conv., Jacksonville, Fla.; 
born, Conyers, Ga., Dec. 16, 1873; 
son of Ida Callaway of Washing- 
ton, Ga., and Jabez Marshall Brit- 
tain of Lexington, Ga. ; education, 
graded schools, Covington, Ga., Em- 
ory Col., A.B., Mercer Univ., D.D., 
Columbia Col.; ordained Dec, 1899; 
married Susie Marie Moore of Ma- 
con, Ga., June 27, 1900, daughter of 
Dr. and Mrs. K. P. Moore; children, 
Kingman M., Orlando, Fla... Charles 
C, Jacksonville, Fla., Milner Cal- 
laway, Soochow, China, Nathaniel 
H., Jefferson City, Tenn., Carson, 
Jefferson City, Tenn.; pastor, Ham- 
ilton and Talbotton, Ga., 3 yrs.; 
teacher, Pelham H. S., Pelham, Ga., 
2 yrs.; pastor, McDonough and Mo- 
lina, Ga., 3 yrs.; Kissimmee, Fla., 
2 yrs.; Lake City, Fla., 1 yr.; Co- 
lumbia, Ala., 2 yrs.; editor, Florida 



Baptist Witness, 2 yrs.; teacher, 
History and Bible, financial manag- 
er, Columbia Col., Lake City, Pla., 
5 yrs.; pastor, First Ch., Ocala, Fla., 
1 yr.; Asso. Sec, Missions, Fla. 
Bapt. State Mission BcL, Fla. 
Conv., 10 yrs. to date; Mod., Pine 
Mtn. Asso., Ga.; Mod., Beulah Assn., 
Fla.; trustee, John B. Stetson Univ., 
DeLand, Fla., 7 yrs. to date; Fla. 
Bapt. Rep., Baptist World Alliance, 
Toronto, 1925, Berlin, 1933; Sec, 
Assn. of Baptist State Secretaries, 
S. B. C; editorial writer, Florida. 
Baptist Witness; Rep., Army Chris- 
tian Commn., Spanish-American 
War, Cuba, 1898; Mason, Kappa Al- 
pha; special commission from Fla., 
Century of Progress exhibit, ap- 
pointed by governor; "Who's Who 
in America." Home: 1226 Willow 
Branch Ave.; office: 205-209 Rog- 
ers Bldg., Jacksonville, Fla. 


President, Georgia School Tech- 
nology, Atlanta, Ga. ; born, Wash- 
ington, Ga., Nov. 11, 1866; son of 
Ida Callaway of Washington, Ga , 
and Dr. J. M. Brittain of Ogle- 
thorpe County, Georgia; education, 
A.B. and LL. D., Emory Univer- 
sity; ordained, deacon; married 
Lettie McDonald of Atlanta, Ga., 
Dec. 20, 1889, daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. Henry McDonald; children, 
McDonald, Marion L., and Mrs. 
Spann Milner; teacher, Boys' High 
School, Atlanta, Ga., 10 years; 
superintendent, Fulton County 
Schools, Atlanta, Ga., 10 years; 
state superintendent of schools of 
Georgia, 12 years; president, Geor- 
gia School of Technology, Atlanta, 
Ga., 14 years; Baptist State Mis- 
sion Board; State Education 
Board; deacon, Second Baptist 
Church, Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Kappa Alpha; Rotary; Lt. 
Col. R. O. T. C; member, U. S. 
Prison Board. Home: 204 N Ave- 
nue, Atlanta, Ga. Office: Georgia 
Tech., Atlanta, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 

ly stationed at Wusih, China; born, 
Bertie County, North Carolina, Mar. 
6, 1867; education, Chowan Female 
Institute, 1887; married T. C. Brit- 
ton, October, 1888; appointed June 
4, 1888; evangelistic work. Ad- 
dress: Shanghai, China. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 
ly stationed at Wusih, China; born, 
Northampton County, North Caro- 
lina, August 25, 1862; educated, 
Wake Forest, A.M., 1886, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, Th. 
M., 1888; appointed June 4, 1888; 
evangelistic work. Address: Shang- 
hai, China. 


Superintendent and Medical Di- 
rector, Southern Baptist Sanatori- 
um; born, Waco, Tex., Jan. 18, 
1878; son of Anna Westbrook of 
Waco, Tex., and John Marshall Brit- 
ton; education, Baylor Univ., 3 yrs., 
M.D.; married Fanny Wells of 
Okla., Jan. 18, 1910, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. W. C. Wells; children, 
Jack Wells, age 14; general practice 
11 yrs.; connected, Hendricks Sana- 
torium, Ed Paso, Tex., 2 yrs.; Ho- 
man Sanatorium, El Paso, Tex., 12 
yrs.; Supt. and Med. Dir., Southern 
Bapt. Sanatorium, El Paso, Tex., 6 
yrs. to date; member, Medical Assn., 
County, State and American. Home 
address: 3800 Cambridge St., El 
Paso, Tex. 


Associate Missionary, Clayton, N. 
Mex.; born, Granbury, Hood Coun- 
ty, Texas, Sept. 28, 1891; son of 
Sarah Rodgers and George Frank- 
lin Brock; education, Simmons 
University, Oklahoma Baptist Uni- 
versity; ordained, Nubin Ridge 
Baptist Church, December, 1913; 
Pearl Irene Bain, Granbury, Tex., 
Aug. 6, 1912, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jim Bain; children, James 
Athol; pastor, Cheyenne Valley, 
Okla., November, 1923-May, 1926; 
pastor, Billings, Okla., September, 
1926-January, 1929; mission work, 
Hood County, Texas, June, 1929- 



January, 1930; pastor, Cheyenne 
Valley, Okla., August, 1930-May, 
1933; pastor, Laverne, Okla., Sep- 
tember, 1933-July, 1934; missionary, 
Northeast Association, New Mexico, 
Nov. 1, 1934. Address: Clayton, 
N. Mex. 


Pastor, First Church, Appalachia, 
Va. ; horn, London, Ky., Nov. 11, 
1874; son of Mary Lockington Lu- 
cas Brock and Daniel Ragan Brock; 
education, A.B., Univ. of Ky., Th. 
M., Ph.D., Southern Theol. Sem.; or- 
dained, 1903; married Nettie Wat- 
kins, Nov. 5, 1914, daughter of N. 
Watkins and Dorcas E. Watkins; 
children, Mary Watkins, Walter Lu- 
cas, Daniel Nathan; principal, Bapt. 
Inst., Barbourville, Ky., 1901-02; 
pastor, London, Ky., 5 yrs.; Felix 
Memorial Ch., Lexington, Ky., 1910- 
16; Gen. S. S. Sec, Ky. Baptists, 
Louisville, Ky., 1916-17; camp pas- 
tor, Home Mission Bd., Pensacola, 
Fla., 1918; pastor, Immanuel Ch., 
Lexington, Ky., 1918-24 First Ch., 
Appalachia, Va., 1924-25 First Ch., 
West Frankfort, 111., 1926-27; de- 
nominational: charter member, Bd. 
of Trustees, Ky., Children's Home, 
Glendale, Ky.; pastor, First Ch., 
Appalachia, Ky., since 1929. Ad- 
dress: 411 Kilbourne Ave., Appala- 
chia, Va. 


Gospel Singer, Southern Baptist 
Evangelism, Atlanta, Ga. ; born, 
Concord, Ga., Aug. 6, 1888; son of 
Mary Elizabeth Prior and Rev. Wil- 
liam Austin Brooks of Morgan 
County, Georgia; education, Busi- 
ness Education; licensed (honor- 
ary), Jackson Hill Baptist Church, 
Atlanta, Ga. ; married Mary Olivia 
Walters of Florida, May 24, 1931, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Helen P. 
Walters; office work, collection, fi- 
nance; independent gospel singer, 
Southern Baptists, 15 years; assist- 
ant pastor, Curtis Baptist Church, 
Augusta. Ga., 1924-1925; director of 
music, First Baptist Church, Ft. 
Lauderdale, Fla., 1926; music di- 
rector, financial director and en- 

listment in special campaigns, 
Home Mission Board and State 
Boards as gospel singer and Young 
People's worker; one or two ar- 
ticles in Baptist papers on "Value 
of Gospel Singing," diploma, choral 
conducting, Chicago Conservatory; 
voice certificates, Metropolitan 
School Singing, Illinois; pupil, Bar- 
ili, Atlanta, Ga. ; pupil, Mr. Andrew 
Hemphill, formerly of Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
pupil Mr. D'Angelo, Tampa, Fla. 
Address: Box 607, Atlanta, Ga. 


Pastor, McDonough Baptist 
Church, McDonough, Ga.; born, 
Newton County, Georgia, Dec. 4, 
1896; son of Cynthia Louise Beam 
and William Joshua Brooks; educa- 
tion, by working his way, Norman 
Jr. Col., 1 yr.; graduate, Piedmont 
Inst., 1923, first honor; graduate, 
Mercer Univ., A.B., 1927, M.A., 1928, 
with Magna Cum Laude; pastor of 
country and small town churches 
while in school; ordained, Central 
Bapt. Ch., Waycross, Ga., 1919; mar- 
ried Irene Virginia Kendrick, Bar- 
wick, Ga., June 17, 1919, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kendrick; 
children, Lamar Judson and Mary 
Frances; reared on farm; worked 
in dry goods and clothing store in 
Florida, then did carpenter work 
in Southern Georgia for 5 years; 
pastor, Ludowici, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 4 years; pastor, Patterson, 
Ga., Baptist Church, 7 years, during 
which time drew plans and directed 
work on new church house; was 
also student at Mercer University 
at the same time; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Warrenton, Ga.; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, McDon- 
ough, Ga., for past 7 years; dt-ew 
plans and directed work on 8 Sun- 
day School rooms at Salem Baptist 
Church, out from McDonoiigh, 
where he has been pastor for last 
seven years; president. Kimkell As- 
sociation B. T. U. ; vice moderator, 
Kimkell Association; moderator, 
Flint River Baptist Association, 
which position he still holds; 
author: thesis for MA., "The Plan 


of Redemption as Taught by the 
Apostle Paul"; has held various 
offices in civic and Kiwanis Clubs 
at Warrenton and McDonough, Ga. 
Address: McDonough, Ga. 


Pastor, First Church, Sanford, 
Fla.; born, Monroe Co., Ga., Nov. 26, 
1897; son of Loura May Allen and 
W. P. Brooks of Pike Co., Ga.; edu- 
cation, A.B., A.M., Univ. of Ga., Th. 
G., Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem.; or- 
dained July 2'4, 1918; married Ma- 
rie Tingle of Forsyth, Ga., May 22, 
1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
A. Tingle; teacher, public schools 
of Ga., 7 yrs.; pastor, Edward's 
Chapel, Athens, Ga., 1919-20; Met- 
calf, Ga., Hickory Head, near Quit- 
man, Ga., 1922; Comer, Ga., Lexing- 
ton, Ga., 1922-24; Warrenton, Ga., 
1924-28; Bostwick, Ga., 1928-29; 
First Ch., Sanford, Fla., since 1929: 
supply pastor, First Ch., Bridgeport, 
Nebr., 1920; denominational: Exec. 
Comm., Seminole Bapt. Assn., Fla.; 
member, Comm. on Evangelism, 
Fla. Bapt. Conv. ; author: "Ideals of 
the Commonplace," "H istorical 
Sketch of Warrenton Baptist 
Church," "Baptist Ministers Among 
Alumni of University of Georgia," 
"Baptist Ministers from Warren 
County, Georgia"; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Address: Sanford, Fla. 


Enlistment Secretary of the Bap- 
tist General Board of South Caro- 
lina; born, King and Queen County, 
Virginia, June 24, 1878; son of 
Elizabeth Garrett and Philip Ed- 
ward Brooke; education, Fork 
Union Academy, Fork Union, Va., 
B.A., University of Richmond, Th. 
G., Southern Baptist Seminary; or- 
dained, Danville, Va., June, 1907; 
married Janie Louise Fulton, Dan- 
ville, Va., Nov. 12, 1913, daughter 
of Robt. H. and Mary Quin Ful- 
ton; children, Janie Louise, Coker, 
College, Hartsville, S. C; pastor, 
Second Baptist Church, Danville, 
Va., 1906-1908; while in seminary 
during winters of 1908-09 and 1909- 
10, worked on Sundays for Ken- 

tucky Anti-Saloon League; sum- 
mer of 1909, helped to raise en- 
dowment for Southern Seminary, 
under direction of Dr. E. Y. Mul- 
lins; pastor, Greenville Baptist 
Church, 1912-16; Johnston Baptist 
Church, Johnston, S. C, 1916-22; 
Lake City Baptist Church, Lake 
City, S. C, 1922-29; enlistment sec- 
retary for South Carolina General 
Board since 1929; has served as 
member, Baptist Hospital Board 
and on Baptist Courier Board; was 
associate director, 75 Million Cam- 
paign. Home: 829 King St.; of- 
fice, 1301 Hampton Ave., Columbia, 
S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, El- 
berton, Ga.; born, Gaddistown, Ga., 
April 25, 1893; son of Nancy Eliza- 
beth Ingram and George Leach 
Brookshire of Gaddistown, Ga.; 
education, A.B. and D.D., Mercer 
University, North Georgia Col- 
lege, Union Theological Seminary; 
ordained July, 1916; married Lor- 
raine Harmon Walker of Savannah, 
Ga., Jan. 16, 1924, daughter of 
Joshua Taylor and Mary Bronson 
Walker; children, Helen; pastor, 
Central Baptist Church, Americus, 
Ga., 1920-1923; pastor, Woodward 
Avenue Baptist Church, Atlanta, 
Ga., 1923-1927; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Barnesville, Ga., 1927-1930'; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, El- 
berton, Ga., 1930 to date; Executive 
Committee, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention, 1931-1932; vice president, 
Georgia Baptist Convention, 1933; 
Executive Committee, Georgia Bap- 
tist Convention, 1933-1938; Atlanta 
Baptist Ministers' Conference, 1923- 
1927; president, Atlanta Baptist 
Ministers' Conference, 1925; con- 
tributor, Book Reviews and arti- 
cles to Christian Index and secular 
papers; Lions, Civitan Club, Rotary. 
Address: 132 Heard St., Elberton, 


Layman; born, Clinton, Miss., 
July 9, 1876; son of Flora M. 
Thompson and Charles Milton 



Brough; education, B.A., Miss. Col., 
1894, M.A., 1901, Ph.D., Johns Hop- 
kins, LL.D., Univ. of Miss., 1902, 
LL.D., Univ. of Ark., 1917, Baylor 
Univ., 1918, Miss. Col., 1920; mar- 
ried Anne Wade Roark of Frank- 
lin, Ky., June 17, 1908, daughter of 
Sallie Norvell and Granville Wade 
Roark; fellow, Political Economy, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, 
1897-98; Prof., Philosophy, History 
and Economics, Miss. Col., 1898- 
1901; Philosophy, History and Log- 
ic, Hillman Col., 1902-03; Econom- 
ics and Sociology, Univ. of Ark., 
1903-15; governor of Ark., 1917-21 
(two terms); Redpath Chautauqua 
lecturer, 1921-25; Dir., Ark. Public 
Utilities Bureau, 1927-28; Pres., 
Central Bapt. Col., Conway, Ark., 
1928-29; Dir., Public Service Rela- 
tions, Univ. of Ark., 1929-32; can- 
didate for the U. S. Senate, involv- 
ing a year's campaign, 1932; lec- 
turer and commencement orator, 
1932-34; chairman, D. C. - Virginia 
Boundary Commn., appointed by 
Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1934; 
campaign orator and Chautauqua 
lecturer; denominational: First 
Vice Pres., S. B. C, 1918-19; mem- 
ber, Social Service Com., S. B. C, 
1929-32; Bible teacher, First Ch., 
Fayetteville, Ark., Second Ch., Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark., and Natl. Memorial 
Ch., Washington, D. C; author: 
"Irrigation in Utah," "History of 
Banking in Mississippi," "Taxation 
in Mississippi," Vols. Ill, VII, VIII, 
"Industrial History of Arkansas," 
Vol. I, "Arkansas Historical Publi- 
cations," "Political Problems of the 
Present," "Mississippi State Histor- 
ical Publications," and many oth- 
ers; Mason, Shriner, Scottish Rite, 
W. O. W., Beta Theta Pi, Praetori- 
ans, Ben Hur, Little Rock Country 
Club; Pres., Natl. Good Roads Assn., 
1919-26; Dir., Democratic League of 
D. C; Tau Kappa Alpha; organizer, 
first "Woodrow Wilson for Presi- 
dent" Club, U. S., March, 1911. 
Home: 1855 Arch St., Little Rock, 


North Carolina State Librarian, 
Raleigh, N. C; born, Raleigh, N. C, 
Sept. 16, 1879; daughter of Caro- 
line R. Lougee and Needham B. 
Broughton of Raleigh, N. C; educa- 
tion, Peace Junior College, North 
Carolina College for Women and 
Meredith College; North Carolina 
assistant librarian, 1902-1918; North 
Carolina state librarian, 1918 to 
date; president, W. M. U., Taber- 
nacle Baptist Church, Raleigh, 1922- 
1927; member, North Carolina State 
Executive Committee, W. M. U.; 
assistant superintendent, Adult De- 
partment, Tabernacle Sunday 
School; teacher, Sunday School 
class of women; circle leader; mem- 
ber Church Finance Committee; 
compiled bibliography of more than 
5,000 North Carolina newspapers, 
dating back to 1799; chairman, 
North Carolina Library Commission 
Board; member, North Carolina 
and American Library Associa- 
tions. Home: 227 Newborne Ave., 
Raleigh, N. C; office: North Caro- 
lina State Library, Raleigh, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Temuco, 
Chile; born, Orange, N. J., Jan. 1, 
1896; education, Winthrop College, 
A.B., 1919, Carolina State Normal, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1919; 
appointed June, 1921; girls' school. 


Pastor, First Church, Knoxville, 
Tenn.; born, Glenville, N. C, Nov. 
27, 1882; son of Dorcas Elizabeth 
and Horace Alonzo Brown; educa- 
tion, Skyland Inst., Asheville, N. C, 
Mars Hill Col., B. A., Wake Forest 
Col., 1908, M.A.. 1909, D.D., 1925. 
Th.M., Southern Theol. Sem., Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1912, Th.D., 1913; or- 
dained, 1913; married Nona Lee 
Dover of St. Louis, Mo., April 15, 
1914; children, Nona Lee, Ailene 
Virginia, Imogene, Fred Maxey, 
Mary Elizabeth; pastor, Harrods- 
burg and Frankfort, Ky., Sherman, 
Tex., First Ch., Knoxville, Tenn., 



since 1921; denominational: Exec. 
Sec, Promotion Committee, S. B. 
C, 1931-32; Pres., S. B. C, 1933; 
trustee, Carson-Newman Col., Jef- 
ferson City, Tenn., Southwestern 
Theol. Sem., Ft. Worth, Tex.; Ma- 
son, Kiwanian (Hon.). Home ad- 
dress: 956 Temple Ave., Knoxville, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Marietta, Ga. ; born near Young 
Harris, Ga., Jan. 18, 1885; son of 
Mary Ann Anderson and James El- 
bert Brown of near Young Harris, 
Ga.; education, B.A. and Th.M.; 
ordained, Oothcalooga Baptist 
Church, Adairsville, Ga. ; married 
Amy Lovingood of Cherokee Coun- 
ty, Georgia, Aug. 16, 1904, daughter 
of William D. and Lula Terrell Lov- 
ingood; children, Amy Lou (de- 
ceased), Fred Elbert, Dallas, Tex., 
George Foster, Dallas, Tex.; pas- 
tor, Baptist Tabernacle, Carters- 
ville, Ga., 3% years; pastor, Im- 
manuel Baptist Church, Savannah, 
Ga., 2 years; pastor, Central Bap- 
tist Church, Americus, Ga., 4 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Ho- 
bart, Okla., 3 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Midland, Texas, 6 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Marietta, Ga., 1931 to date; clerk, 
Middle Cherokee Association, Geor- 
gia; vice president, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist Sunday School Convention; 
clerk and moderator, Big Spring 
Association, Texas ; moderator, 
Noonday Association, Georgia; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Georgia Baptist 
Convention; Administration Com- 
mittee, Executive Board, Georgia 
Baptist Convention. Home: 208 
Church St., Marietta, Ga. ; office: 
First Baptist Church, Marietta, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Denham Springs, La.; born, Cuba, 
Ala., Aug. 29, 1901; son of Susie 
Thorne of Hickory, Miss., and D. 
H. Brown of Cuba, Ala.; education, 
A.B., Th.B., A.M. degrees (Ph.D., 
pending Louisiana State Universi- 
ty); conductor, Birmingham Elec- 

tric Company, 1920-1930. Address: 
Denham Springs, La. 


Pastor, Festus-Crystal City Ch., 
Festus, Mo.; born, Upson Co., Ga., 
Apr. 12, 1879; son of Mildred Wade 
of Ga. and John Franklin Brown; 
education, Schools of Ga., with A.B. 
degree, Sem., Louisville, Ky.; oi'- 
dained, 1903; married Girtrude 
Huddleston of Harrisburg, Ark., 
1907, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- 
ward Huddleston; children, . Paul 
Edgar, Blytheville, Ark., and John 
Edward of Festus, Mo.; pastor, Ri- 
son and Kingsland, Ark., 1908-09; 
Warren, Ark., 1910-13; Russellville, 
Ark., 1914; Ashdown, Ark., 1915-17; 
Augusta, Ark., 1917-19; Frederick- 
town, Mo., June, 1919-March, 1922'; 
Kennett, Mo., March, 1922-31; Fes- 
tus-Crystal City Ch., Festus, Mo., 
since March 13, 1931; denomination- 
al: was member, Ark. State Bd., 
Orphans Home Bd. and S. S. Bd.; 
chairman, Red Cross work, Wood- 
ruff Co., Ark., during the World 
War. Address: Moore St., Festus, 


Editor, Word and Way, Kansas 
City, Mo.; vice president, Western 
Baptist Publishing Company; born, 
Butler, Mo., June 30, 1890; son of 
Lulu Everingham and Rev. Sanford 
M. Brown of Kansas City, Mo.; edu- 
cation, A.B., William Jewell Col- 
lege, LL.B., Columbia University; 
married Mildred Bergfeldt of Kan- 
sas City, Mo., June 24, 1919, daugh- 
ter of C. A. Bergfeldt; children, 
Joseph E., Jr., Robert B.; practiced 
law, Kansas City, Mo., 1914-1917; 
Major, A. G. D., U. S. Army, 1917- 
1919, France and Germany; mort- 
gage and investment business, 1919- 
1922; vice president, Walton Trust 
Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1922- 
1928; licensed to preach, 1928; vice 
president, Western Baptist Publish- 
ing Company, Brown-White Com- 
pany and editor, Word and Way, 
1928 to date; editor, Ivanhoe Ma- 
sonic News, 1933 to date; Social 
Service Commission, Promotion 



Committee, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention; past president, Southern 
Baptist Press Association; supply 
pastor, several Baptist Churches; 
Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Ivanhoe 
Lodge, A. P. and A. M. ; American 
Legion. Home: 655 W. 61st St. Ter- 
race, Kansas City, Mo.; office: 113- 
117 E. 31st St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Pastor, Edgewood Baptist Church, 
Atlanta, Ga.; born, Culpeper Co., 
Va., Sept. 15, 1874; son of James R. 
and Bettie (Bickers) Brown; educa- 
tion, Shenandoah Col., Gale Col., 
Colgate University and Illinois Col- 
lege of Law, receiving Litt.B., Litt. 
M., LL.B., D.C.L., D.D. and LL.D. 
degrees; ordained, Amissville Bapt. 
Church, Va., 1899; married Ethel 
Hardy, Lancaster County, Virginia, 
1903, daughter of Andrew S. and 
Frances (Treakle) Hardy; children, 
Ethel (Mrs. Arthur S. Talmadge) of 
Rome, Ga., Lester A., Jr., Boston, 
Mass.; pastor, Bangor, Wis., 2 
years; Village, Va., 3 years; Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., 4 years; Winder, Ga., 
2y 2 years; dean and acting presi- 
dent, Cox College, Georgia, 2 years; 
pastor, Temple Baptist Church, At- 
lanta, 2 years; platform lecturer, 
11 years; pastor second time in 
Chattanooga, 5 years; Edgewood 
Baptist Church, 4 years; taught mu- 
sic 1 year in Crozer Theological 
Seminary, Chester, Pa., and 1 year 
in Colgate U., Hamilton, N. Y.; dur- 
ing first pastorate in Atlanta lec- 
tured in Atlanta Theol. Sem. and 
University School of Music; author: 
"Facts," several song hooks, name- 
ly, "Soul Refreshing Songs," "On- 
ward and Upward," "Best Songs," 
"Brown's Method of Teaching." 
Home: 450 Clairmont Ave., Deca- 
tur, Ga.; office: Edgewood Baptist 
Church, Mayson and Iverson Sts., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Pastor, First Church, Wayne 
City, 111.; born, Shady Grove, Ky., 
Sept. 10, 1902; son of George T. and 
Mildred Ann Brown; education, 
graduate, Ewing Col. Acad., Ewing, 
111., Bethel Col.; ordained July 8, 

1924; married Florence Crystal Fox, 
May 22, 1930, daughter of John V. 
and Hattie Jane Fox; children, Mil- 
dred Jo-Ann; pastor, First Ch., Al- 
lensville, Ky., 2 yrs.; First Ch., 
Nashville, 111., 3 yrs.; First Ch., 
Albion, 111., 3 yrs.; Wayne City, 111., 
2 yrs.; Dir., 111. Bapt. State Assn.; 
Education Com., 111. Bapt. State 
Assn.; Mod., Mt. Erie Bapt. Assn. 
Address: Wayne City, 111. 


Vice president and head of En- 
glish Department, Virginia Inter- 
mont College, Bristol, Va.; born, 
Madison County, North Carolina, 
Sept. 17, 1895; son of Joanna Drake 
of Henderson County, North Caro- 
lina, and James Walter Brown of 
Madison County, North Carolina; 
education, B.A., Wake Forest Col- 
lege, M.A., Chicago University; 
married Martha Coles Buchanan of 
Saltville, Va., June 7, 1923, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Bu- 
chanan; children, Anne Coles; 
teacher, Henderson County, North 
Carolina, 2 years (principal) ; head 
English Department, Virginia In- 
termont College, 1921 to date; dean, 
1921-1922; vice president to date; 
coach of Debate, Virginia Inter- 
mont College, 1928 to date; di- 
rector, summer session, Virginia In- 
termont College, 1932-1933; chair- 
man, Promotion Committee, Leba- 
non Association, Virginia, 1932- 
1934; chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Lebanon Association, Virginia, 
1934-1935; deacon, First Baptist 
Church, Bristol, Va.; associational 
Sunday School superintendent, 
First Baptist Church, Bristol, Va., 
1934 to date; organizer, Lebanon 
Association Brotherhood, 1935; ed- 
itor, Lebanon Association Bulletin; 
Phi Rho Pi, Pi Kappa Delta, Delta 
Sigma Rho, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi 
Gamma Mu, Civitan Club; editor, 
The Persuader, Phi Rho Pi. Home: 
428 Harmeling St., Bristol, Va.; of- 
fice: Virginia Intermont College, 
Bristol, Va. 

Editor, Word and Way, Kansas 
City, Mo.; born, Yadkin County, 



North Carolina, July 12, 1855; son 
of Priscilla Eldridge and Rev. Wil- 
liam G. Brown of Yadkin County 
North Carolina; education, private 
schools, North Carolina, Moravian 
Falls Academy; ordained, 1876, 
Flat Rock Baptist Church, Yadkin 
County, N. C; married Lulu Ev- 
eringham of Butler, Mo., Nov. 9, 
1887, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jo- 
seph Everingham; children, Joseph 
Everingham, Sanford Miller, Jr., 
(deceased), Edith Mayo (Mrs. F. 
0. White); pastor, Pleasant Hill, 
Mo., 4 years; pastor, Butler, Mo., 4 
years; pastor, Tabernacle Baptist 
Church, Kansas City, Mo., 10 years; 
pastor, Michigan Avenue Baptist 
Church, Kansas City, Mo., 13 years; 
superintendent, City Missions, Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 1 year; secretary, 
State Missions, Missouri, 5 years; 
editor, Central Baptist, St. Louis, 
Mo., 3 years; editor, Word and 
Way, Kansas City, Mo., 39 years; 
State Mission Board, Missouri, 29 
years; president, Southern Baptist 
Press Association, 5 years; author: 
"Church Organization and Work," 
"Woman," "The Gospel in Nature," 
'•'The Cross of Christ," "Regular 
Baptism," "Triune, Name and Oth- 
er Sermons," "The School of Ex- 
perience." Home: 1009 W. 63rd 
St., Kansas City, Mo.; office: 115 
E. 31st St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chickasha, Okla. ; born, Hancock 
County, Kentucky, Jan. 24, 1881: 
son of Ellen Aul and Dee Bruner 
of Hancock County, Kentucky; edu- 
cation, A.B., Clinton College, LL.D., 
Oklahoma Baptist University; or- 
dained, Nov. 28, 1904, Clinton, Ky.: 
married Bertha A. McDonald of 
Clinton, Ky., Jan. 28, 1908, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDon- 
ald; children, Vivian Adeline, Ber- 
nard Bailey, Waco, Tex., Delbert 
Dodd, J. W., Jr., Fred M., Elvin 
Bruce; pastor, Moscow, Oakton, Mt. 
Carmel, Mt. Moriah, Poplar Grove, 
Wickliffe, Ky., 1904-1908; pastor. 
Second Baptist Church, Paducah, 
Ky., 1908-1909; pastor, Hartford, 

Ky., 1909-1911; pastor, Center, Tex., 
1911-1914; pastor, Quanah, Tex., 
1914-1918; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Roswell, N. Mex., 1918- 
1919; corresponding secretary-treas- 
urer, Baptist Convention, New Mex- 
ico, 1919-1922; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Chickasha, Okla., 1919 to 
date; Executive Committee, South- 
ern Baptist Convention, 1927 to 
date; trustee, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1926-1927. 
Home: 1508 S. Ninth St., Chickasha, 
Okla.; office: Fourth and Colorado 
Ave., Chickasha, Okla. 


Pastor of Grace Baptist Church. 
Sumter, S. C; born, Darlington, S. 
C, April 17, 1862; son of Hannah 
Maria Burch and John Alexander 
Brunson of Darlington, S. C; edu- 
cation, Furman University and 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving A.M. and D.D. de- 
grees; ordained, Greenville, S. C, 
Nov. 18, 1886; married Sophia 
Boatwright of Ridge Spring, S. C, 
June 2, 1889, daughter of Elijah 
and Sara Prothro Boatwright; chil- 
dren, Sophia Boatwright; opened 
Southern Baptist Convention mis- 
sionary work in Japan in collab- 
oration with J. W. McCollum of Ala.; 
pastor, Cheraw, S. C, 1 year; pas- 
tor, Ashville, N. C; evangelist, 10 
years; pastor, Elloree, S. C, 4 
years; pastor, St. Matthews, S. C, 
6 years; pastor, Sumter, S. C, 20 
years; chaplain, Battle Creek Sani- 
tarium, Battle Creek, Mich.; trus- 
tee, Baptist Hospital, Columbia, S. 
C; contributor to religious period- 
icals; lecturer on prohibition. Ad- 
dress: 133 N. Washington St., Sum- 
ter, S. C. 


Dean, Wake Forest College, Wake 
Forest, N. C; born, Apex, N. C, 
Dec. 23, 1886; son of Texana Stone 
and Atlas J. Bryan of Apex, N. C; 
education, B.A., North Carolina Uni- 
versity, M.A., Columbia University, 
Ph.D., New York University; mar- 
ried Affie Griffin of Pittsboro, N. 
C-, 1912, daughter of J. M. and Eu- 



phemia Hatch Griffin; children, Eu- 
phemia, Dan B., Jr., Helen, Eliza- 
beth, Mary Griffin; principal, Rich 
Square High School, 1911-1913; as- 
sociate professor, Education, Rich- 
mond College, 1915-1917; professor, 
Education, Richmond College, 1917- 
1920; professor, Education, Wake 
Forest College, 1921 to date; dean, 
Wake Forest College, 1923 to date; 
director, summer school, Wake For- 
est College, 1921 to date; addresses, 
Baptist State Convention and dis- 
tricts and associations; monographs 
and articles in various journals. Ad- 
dress: Wake Forest, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Chinkiang, China, 
June 18, 1886; daughter of Dr. R. 
T. Bryan; education, Meredith Col- 
lege, graduated Hollins College, 
1908; appointed on field Nov. 10, 
1908; educational and evangelistic 


Housekeeper, son, O. E., Jr., Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn.; born, Clark Coun- 
ty, Alabama, June 14, 1877; daugh- 
ter of Ann Campbell Sturgis of 
Demopolis, Ala., and William Cor- 
nelius Davidson of Clark County, 
Alabama; education, Baylor Uni- 
versity, Baylor College,, graduate 
W. M. U. Training School, South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; married 0. E. Bryan (de- 
ceased) of Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 2, 
1903, son of Jacob A. and Mutelle 
Aunaur Bryan; children, Mary E., 
Burlington, Iowa, William Ray, 
Nashville, Tenn.; Frances (Mrs. 
Burton Dowell), Birmingham, Ala., 
O. E., Jr., Harriett Newell, Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; teacher, public schools, 
Colorado County, Texas, 1896-1900; 
preacher's wife, 1903-1934; organ- 
izer and leader. Sunbeam Band, 
Clark County, Alabama; organized 
and was superintendent, organist 
and teacher, Sunday School, Clark 
County, Alabama; organizer and 
secretary, W. M. U., Colorado Bap- 

tist Association, Texas, 1898-1900; 
Sunbeam organizer, Waco Associa- 
tion, 1904-1905; state superintend- 
ent, Sunbeams, Ark., 1906-1907; W. 
M. U. Executive Board, State Stew- 
ardship Chairman, Tennessee, 1934; 
author: "Fifty-two Sunbeam Pro- 
grams"; edited "Sunbeams," month- 
ly paper, Texas, 1905; edited Sun- 
beam page, Baptist Advance, Ark., 
1906-1907; secretary, W. C. T. U.; 
leader, "Loyal Temperance Legion," 
Columbus, Tex., 1896; O. E. S., D. 
A. R. Address: 914 Ewing Blvd., 
Murfreesboro, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Chapel Hill, Tenn., 
March 2', 1891; education, Belmont 
.College, Cumberland University; 
married Dr. N. A. Bryan in 1917; 
appointed June 10, 1920; medical 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Middleburg, Ky., Feb. 
24, 1873; education, Bardstown In- 
stitute, B. A., 1889, Baptist Mis- 
sionary Training School, Chicago; 
appointed April 11, 1905; married 
R. T. Bryan, December, 1909; edu- 
cational and evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Shop Spring, Tenn., 
Nov. 7, 1889; education, Cumber- 
land University, A.B., 1913; Van- 
derbilt University, M.D., 1917; ap- 
pointed June 10, 1920; Warren Me- 
morial Hospital. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Dublin County. North 
Carolina, Oct. 14, 1855; education, 
University of North Carolina, 1882; 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, 1885; appointed, 1885; educa- 
tional and evangelistic work. 




Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wynnewood, Okla.; born, Nixon, 
Tenn., May 29, 1881; son of Mutel 
Armour of near Florence, Ala., and 
Jacob Allen Bryan of Shelby Coun- 
ty, Tennessee; education, Th.B., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary and Baylor University; 
ordained, Decatur, Tex., 1912; mar- 
ried Rita Alline Edwards of Arka- 
delphia, Ark., Dec. 24, 1912, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Edwards; 
children, Frances E., Marthy Lou- 
ise, and William Carey; missionary, 
Lamar County Association, Texas, 
2 years; pastor, Claton Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Hugo, Okla., 2 years; 
missionary evangelist, Oklahoma, 4 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Yukon, Okla., 5 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Wynnewood, Okla., 
10 months to date; moderator, Cen- 
tral Association, Oklahoma, 2 
years; member, Board of Enid Bap- 
tist Hospital, 7 years. Address: 
Wynnewood, Okla. 


Pastor, Clopton Street Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va. ; born, Rich- 
mond, Va., Feb. 19, 1897; son of 
Lillie Martin and John William 
Bryant of Richmond, Va.; educa- 
tion, Richmond University, Union 
Seminary; ordained July 8, 1926; 
married Bertha Maxey of Rich- 
mond, Va., April 31, 1918, daughter 
of Charles and Lucy Jane Utley 
Maxey; children, Margaret Lee, 
Harvey Lee, Jr. ; pastor, Hardy Cen- 
tral Baptist Church, Dover Associ- 
ation, 6 months, 1922; pastor^ Clop- 
ton Street Baptist Church, Rich- 
mond, Va., 1922 to date; member, 
Executive Committee, Middle Dis- 
trict Association, 5 years; moder- 
ator, Middle District Association, 
1933-1934; Virginia Baptist Orphan- 
age Board; Alpha Delta. Address: 
306 W. 30th St., Richmond, Va. 


First Lieutenant Chaplain, Res. 
344th Medical Regiment, U. S. 
Army; pastor-evangelist, Tyler- 
town, Miss.; born, Taylorsville, 

Miss., Sept. 23, 1902; son of William 
Walter Bryant and Susan Smith 
Bryant; education, A.B., Miss. Col., 
Th.M., Southwestern Sem.; ordained 
Crystal Springs, Miss., Aug. 14, 
1927; married Margaret Elizabeth 
Faulk, Apr. 16, 1926, daughter of 
Margaret Stone and Dr. Everette 
Faulk; children, Betty Sue, James 
Walter; pastor, Trinity Ch., Paul's 
Valley, Okla., 1930-1932; chaplain, 
Okla. Reformatory, Paul's Valley, 
Okla., 1931-1932; pastor, Enon Ch., 
Tylertown, Miss., 1932 to date; 
clerk, Walthall Assn., 1934 to date; 
author: "What It Means in This 
Life to Be Lost." Address: Tyler- 
town, Miss. 


Pastor, Barton Heights Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va.; born, Eas- 
ley, S. C, Feb. 11, 1898; son of 
Mary P. Robinson and Wade Hamp- 
ton Bryant of Easley, S. C; educa- 
tion, B.S., Clemson College, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained July 20, 1924; mar- 
ried Lillian E. Martin of Laurens, 
S. C, Sept. 1, 1927, daughter of 
Rev. Joseph A. and Mrs. Ella R. 
Martin; children, Virginia Joye; 
pastor, Second Baptist Church, 
Highland Park, Louisville, Ky., 3 
years; pastor, Clemson College Bap- 
tist Church, Clemson, S. C, 2 years; 
pastor, Barton Heights Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va., 1929 to 
date; Foreign Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention; State 
Mission Board, Virginia Baptist 
General Association. Home: 3037 
Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. ; of- 
fice: Hanes and Norwood Aves., 
Richmond, Va. 


General Manager, Buckner Or- 
phans Home, Dallas, Tex. ; born, 
Dallas, Tex., Oct. 13, 1878; son of 
Vienna Long and Robert Cooke 
Buckner; education, Baylor Univ., 
Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem.; or- 
dained Oct., 1900; married Bertha 
Aston of Jacksboro, Tex., Sept. 4, 
1901, daughter of Mollie Crumpton 
and Frank R. Aston; children, Rob- 



ert Cooke, Monroe, La., Henrietta 
Jo, Franklin Aston, Travis Kerfoot; 
pastor, 10 yrs.; foreign missionary 
in China, 10 yrs. ; co-manager, Buck- 
ner Orphans Home, Sept., 1919-Nov., 
1935; Gen. Mgr. since 1935; evan- 
gelistic work while missionary, 
China, among the Hakkas, 3 yrs.; 
the Cantonese, 7 yrs.; Prof., New 
Testament Interpretation, Graves 
Theol. Sem., Canton, China, 5 yrs.; 
translated Broadus Harmony of 
the Gospels and prepared an origi- 
nal manuscript of New Testament 
Outlines and Studies for use in the 
Cantonese dialect; accomplished 
much at the Orphans Home on re- 
ligious educational lines; stimulat- 
ed the putting of the physical equip- 
ment on modern basis. Address: 
Buckner Orphans Home, Dallas, 


Superintendent, Louisiana Baptist 
Children's Home, Monroe, La.; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Children's 
Home, Monroe, La.; born, Hamilton, 
Tex., Feb. 26, 1903; son of Bertha 
Aston of Jacksboro, Tex., and Rev. 
Hal F. Buckner of Dallas, Tex.; 
education, Baylor University, Bap- 
tist Bible Institute, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, T. C. 
U., receiving A.B., B.R.E., M.R.E., 
Th.B., and A.M. degrees; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Dallas, Tex., 
Feb. 1, 1933; married Sara Frances 
Gregory of Tallahassee, Fla., Aug. 
21, 1934, daughter of Harbert Lee 
and Annie Rooney Smith (now Mrs. 
Geo. Gwynn Crawford) Gregory; 
children, Gregory Hamilton; associ- 
ational Sunday School and B. Y. P. 
U. worker, Brady, Tex., 1921; Cor- 
sicanna, Tex., 1924; Troy, Ala., 
1927; extension worker, First Bap- 
tist Church, Galveston, Tex., 1925; 
associate Young People's Director, 
Gaston Avenue Baptist Church, Dal- 
las, Tex., 1925; teacher, Science, 
Senior High School, Vernon, Tex., 
1930-1932; pastor, Mentone, Tex., 
1933-1934; pastor, Pyote, Tex., 1933- 
1934; pastor, Toyah, Tex., 1933; 
pastor, Barstow, Tex., 1934; super- 
intendent, Baptist Children's Home, 

Monroe, La., 1934 to date; captain 
of infantry, Reserve, U. S. Army; 
member, Scholarship Societies of 
the South. Address: Louisiana Bap- 
tist Children's Home, Monroe, La. 


Pathologist, U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C; 
born, Portsmouth, O., June 15, 1885; 
son of Sarah Anne Squire of She- 
boygan, Wis., and Seymour Wells 
Bunyea of Pontiac, Mich.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Georgetown, Ky., Col- 
lege, D.V.M., U. S. College of Veteri- 
nary Surgeons, Washington, D. C, 
Crozer Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Georgetown, Ky., First Bap- 
tist Church, April 17, 1907; mar- 
ried Pearl Dyer of Washington, D. 
C, Jan. 2, 1911, daughter of Rob- 
ert C. and Nora E. Dyer; children, 
Marian May (Mrs. Kenneth Bran- 
nan), Jacksonville, Fla., Robert 
Seymour, Louise (Mrs. Wm. W. 
Richards), Hubert, Jr., Paul, Em- 
ma Virginia, Walter Clifford ; 
pastor, Indian Creek Baptist 
Church, Ky., 1 year; pastor, Ir- 
vingsville, Ky., 1 year; pastor, 
Chelsea Baptist Church, Atlantic 
City, N. J., 1 year; pastor, Randle 
Highlands Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 3 years; pastor, Foun- 
tain Memorial Baptist Church, 
Washington, D. C, 4 years; pastor, 
Anacostia Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 4 years; pastor, East 
Riverdale Heights Baptist Church, 
Md., 1 year; supply pastor, Del Ray 
Baptist Church, Va., 1 year; supply 
pastor, Congress Heights Baptist 
Church, Washington, D. C, 6 
months; co-author: "Grace Before 
Meals"; scientific papers, bulletins, 
etc. Home: 1520 You St., S. E., 
Washington, D. C; office: U. S. 
Department of Agriculture, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chandler, Okla.; born, Ladonia, 
Tex., Jan. 1, 1903; son of Mary Asi- 
lee Anderson, Cedar Bluff, Ala., 
and Monroe J. Burge of Batesville. 
Ark.; education, Oklahoma Baptist 



University, Oklahoma University, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., B.S. de- 
grees; ordained Dec. 14, 1921; mar- 
ried Nancy Emiline Gentry, of 
Shawnee, Okla., Sept. 21, 1924, 
daughter of John G. and Ellen Gen- 
try; children, Patsy Joyce; pastor, 
Hickory, Dale, McLoud, Okla., 1921- 
1929; pastor, Calvary Baptist 
Church, Shawnee, Okla., 1930; pas- 
tor, Chandler, Okla., 1931 to date; 
clerk; Pottawatomie County Bap- 
tist Association, 8 years; moder- 
ator, Pottawatomie-Lincoln Baptist 
Association; State Committees; 
author: "History of Pottawatomie 
County Baptist," "The Minister"; 
Mason, Chamber of Commerce, 
Chandler, Okla. Home: 412 Dewey 
Ave., Chandler, Okla.; office: 915% 
Manvel Ave., Chandler, Okla. 


Professor of Journalism, Baylor 
University, Waco, Tex.; born, Cot- 
ton Gin, Tex., April .19, 1880; son 
of Sallie P. McMillan and P. H. 
Burkhalter of Freestone County, 
Texas; education, Ph.B., Baylor Uni- 
versity, A.B., Columbia University, 
Wisconsin University; local and 
staff reporter, Ft. Worth Record, 
Ft. Worth, Tex., 1908-1911; news 
editor, Waco Tribune, 1912-1913; 
editor-in-chief, Waco Morning News, 
1914-1915; state news editor, San 
Antonio Express, 1916; state news 
editor, Houston Chronicle, 1917; 
publicity and editorial secretary, 
Texas A. and M. College, 1918-1919; 
publicity director, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention, 1919-1929; pro- 
fessor, Journalism, Baylor Uni- 
versity, Waco, Tex., 1929 to date; 
secretary, Executive Committee, 
Southern Baptist Convention, 1926- 
1929; Southern Baptist representa- 
tive, United Stewardship Council 
of America, 1922-1929; publicity di- 
rector, Baptist World Alliance, 
Stockholm, 1923, and Toronto, 1928; 
superintendent, First Baptist Sun- 
day School, Nashville, Tenn., 1925- 
1929 ; teacher, First Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex.; author: "Win- 
ning the Adolescent Boy," and 

"Texas Baptist Laymen and Their 
Achievements" in Centennial His- 
tory of Texas Baptists; contribu- 
tor to denominational magazines; 
Rotarian; long time worker with 
boys; president, Board of Directors, 
Working Boys Club, Waco, Tex. Ad- 
dress: Brooks Hall, Baylor Univer- 
sity, Waco, Tex. 


Secretary, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, Macon, Ga.; born, Au- 
burn, Ky., May 6, 1872; son of 
Laura Duff of Lincoln, 111., and Jo- 
seph H. Burnett of Auburn, Ky. ; 
education, Auburn College; married 
Marietta Abbot of Louisville, Ky., 
Jan. 25, 1899, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas. Abbott; children, George 
Lee (deceased), Oscar Weaver, 
Greensboro, N. C, J. Henry, Jr., 
New York City, Robert Sibley, Lex- 
ington, Va., Catherine (deceased) ; 
secretary, Walnut Street B. S. S., 
Louisville, Ky., 13 years; clerk, 
Walnut Street Baptist Church, 10 
years; clerk, Long Run Association, 
Kentucky, 7 years; assistant secre- 
tary, General Association, Ken- 
tucky, 1 year; superintendent, Wal- 
nut Street Baptist Sunday School, 
1 year; deacon, Murfreesboro Bap- 
tist Church, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; 
superintendent, Sunday School, 
Murfreesboro Baptist Church, 
Tenn.; deacon, Grace Street Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va., 2 years; 
teacher, Mahone Bible Class, Grace 
Street Baptist Church, Richmond, 
Va., 2 years; deacon, First Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 4 years; teach- 
er, Men's Bible Class, Macon, Ga., 
2y 2 years; secretary, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention, 17 years to date; 
author: "Hand Book on Institution 
Management"; Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar; traveling salesman. Home: 
Macon, Ga., Massee Apts.; office: 
409 W. Huron St., Chicago, 111. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Belton, S. C; born, Del Rio, Tenn., 
Aug. 29, 1870; son of Henrietta Co- 
dy of Alabama and Rev. J. M. L. 
Burnett of Del Rio, Tenn.; educa- 



tion, Richmond College and South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
receiving B.A., Th.M., D.D. degrees; 
ordained, Jefferson City, Tenn., 
1900; married Lucile Phillips, Jef- 
ferson City, Tenn., Oct. 6, 1897, 
daughter of Rev. J. M. and Lucy 
Daton Phillips; children, Hamilton 
S., Knoxville, Tenn., Katherine 
(Mrs. Louis Seel, Jr.), Belton, S. C, 
Dorothy (Mrs. D. C. Poole), Clay- 
ton, N. C, Margaret, Laura (Mrs. 
E. E. Waite, Jr.), New Hampton, 
N. H., Jesse M., Knoxville, Tenn., 
and Henrietta; professor of Greek 
and Philosophy, 1895-1912, Carson- 
Newman College; president, Car- 
son-Newman College, 1912-1917; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Belton, 
S. C., November, 1917 to date; mem- 
ber, Board of Trustees, Anderson 
College; member, Board, Baptist 
Courier and Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; contributor to 
periodicals. Address: Belton, S. C. 


Registrar, Union University, pas- 
tor two country churches, Jackson, 
Tenn.; born, Trimble County, Bed- 
ford, Ky., Aug. 25, 1899; son of 
Mary Alpha Sibley and Charles Har- 
vey Burnett of Trimble County, 
Kentucky; education, Carson-New- 
man College, Peabody College, and 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving B.S., Th.B., Th.G., 
and MA. degrees; ordained April 
30, 1926, Pulaski, Tenn.; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Pulaski, 
Tenn., 1925-1927; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Dickson, Tenn., 1927- 
1928; state leader and rural work- 
er, B. Y. P. U. Department, Georgia 
Baptist Convention, 1929, summer 
1930-1932; pastor, Forest Hill Bap- 
tist Church, Forest Hill, Tenn., 1930 
to date; professor, Bible, Tennessee 
College, 1933-1934; professor, Edu- 
cation, Union University, 1934; reg- 
istrar, Union University, 1935. Ad- 
dress: Union University, Jackson, 


Southwide Chairman, Margaret 
Fund, W. M. U.; born, Waynesboro, 

la., May 11, 1882; daughter of Mar- 
tha Chandler and Charles W. 
Hurst; education, A.B., Cox College, 
Ga., Emerson College of Oratory, 
Boston, Mass.; married Frank 
Swanson Burney, Jan. 9, 1908, son 
of Rev. and Mrs. Samuel A. Burney 
of Madison, Ga.; children, Martha 
Hurst (Mrs. Nat S. Turner), Cov- 
ington, Ga. ; denominational: local 
Sunbeam leader, 20 yrs.; teacher, 
T. E. L. Class; Assnl. Dist. Sec, 25 
yrs.; organizer, local Y. W. A.; 
chairman, Margaret Fund, Ga., 10 
yrs.; Southwide chairman, Mar- 
garet Fund, 14 yrs. in May, 1936; 
one of editors of "Royal Service"; 
chairman, 5 yrs., Scientific Temper- 
ance Instruction Dept. of local W. 

C. T. U.; organizer and First Pres., 
Waynesboro P. T. A.; member, U. 

D. C. Address: Waynesboro, Ga. 


Pastor's wife, Gallatin, Mo.; born 
near Leadwood, Mo., Nov. 28, 1899; 
daughter of Emily Ann Eaves and 
George Shaner of Leadwood, Mo.; 
education, Will Mayfield Junior 
College graduate; married O. R. 
Burnham of Gallatin, Mo., June 26, 
1929; children, George Leonard; 
Associational Mission Study Chair- 
man, Davies County, W. M. U., Mis- 
souri; worker, B. T. U. and Sun- 
day School. Address: Gallatin, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Gal- 
latin, Mo.; born, Ellington, Mo., 
April 2, 1894; son of Martin Leon- 
ard and Sarah (Horney) Burnham; 
education, Will Mayfield and Wil- 
liam Jewell Colleges in Missouri, 
A.B. in Sociology; ordained Sept. 
18, 1927; married Lena Pearl Shan- 
er of Leadwood, Mo., June 26, 1928; 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Geo. 
Shaner; children, George Leonard; 
taught in public schools of Reynolds 
County, Missouri, 4 years; served 
with 10th Field Artillery, 3rd Di- 
vision, U. S. Army, 1917-19; assist- 
ant cashier, Ellington Bank, 1919- 
26; pastor, Oak Ridge Baptist 
Church, Mo., 2 years; Hornersville, 
Mo., Baptist Church, 3 years; New 
Hope Baptist Church, Holt, Mo., 3 



years; Winston, Mo., Baptist 
Church, 2 years; First Baptist 
Church, Gallatin, for past 2 years; 
member, Executive Committee, Da- 
viess County, Missouri, Baptist 
Association. Address: Gallatin, 

Pastor, Stantonsburg, N. C; born, 
Union Parish, La., Jan. 20, 1895; 
son of Amanda Simpson of Opelika, 
Ala., and John William Burns of 
Bernice, La.; education, A.B. and 
Th.B., college and seminary; or- 
dained, Pineville, La., Dec. 16, 1915; 
married Sarah Alice Fountain of 
Tarboro, N. C, April 6, 1926, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. T. Foun- 
tain; pastor, Luxora, Ark., 1923- 
1924; pastor, Bethel, N. C, 1925- 
1926; pastor, Mt. Holly, N. C, 1927- 
1928; field representative, Baptist 
Orphanage, North Carolina, 1928- 
1929; pastor, Farmville, N. C, 1929- 
1933; pastor, Stantonsburg, N. C, 
1933 to date; Rotary; Scoutmaster. 
10 years; mason. Address: Stan- 
tonsburg, N. C. 


Preacher, Nashville, Tenn. ; born, 
Spring Place, Ga„ April 25, 1860; 
son of Elizabeth Louisa Pair of 
Bradley County, Tenn., and Rev. 
John Lard Burns of Monroe Coun- 
ty, Tennessee; education, M.A., 
Union University, and Th.M., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, Zion Baptist Church, 
Polk County, Tenn., Aug. 11, 1889; 
married Eva M. Redman of Shop 
Springs, Tenn., April 11, 1898, 
daughter of Dr. A. S. and Mary J. 
Redman; children, Herman F.; 
pastor, Union Baptist Church; pas- 
tor, Spring Hill Baptist Church; 
pastor, Oak Grove Baptist Church; 
pastor, Saulsbury Baptist Church; 
pastor, Salem Baptist Church, pas- 
tor, Collierville Baptist Church; 
pastor, Fisherville Baptist Church; 
pastor, Howell Memorial (now Park 
Avenue) Baptist Church, Nashville, 
Tenn.; pastor. Seventh Baptist 
Church, Nashville, Tenn.; pastor, 
Radnor Baptist Church, Nashville, 

Tenn.; pastor, Union Hill Baptist 
Church, Tenn.; pastor, Barren 
Plains Baptist Church, Tenn.; 
pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, 
Tenn.; pastor, Little Hope Bap- 
tist Church, Tenn.; pastor, Mill 
Creek Baptist Church, Tenn.; pas- 
tor, Brush Creek Baptist Church, 
Tenn.; pastor, New Middleton Bap- 
tist Church, Tenn.; pastor, Monte- 
rey Baptist Church, Tenn.; pastor, 
Goodlettsville Baptist Church, 
Tenn.; pastor, Fall Creek Baptist 
Church, Tenn.; pastor, Elizabeth- 
ton Baptist Church, Tenn.; pastor, 
Copperhill Baptist Church, Tenn.; 
pastor, Olive Branch Baptist 
Church, Miss.; pastor, Coldwater 
Baptist Church, Miss.; pastor, Ar- 
kabutler Baptist Church, Miss.; 
pastor, Oak Grove Baptist Church, 
Miss.; pastor, Colesburg Baptist 
Church, Ky. ; pastor, East Rheuds 
Creek Baptist Church, Ky. ; pastor, 
Leitchfield Baptist Church, Ky. ; 
pastor, Underwood Baptist Church, 
Underwood, Ind.; member Orphan- 
age Board; member, State Board; 
moderator, three different associa- 
tions. Address: 3703 Princeton 
Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 


Moderator, Clear Creek Baptist 
Association, Double Springs, Ala.; 
born, Winston, Ala., Sept. 23, 1887; 
son of Rebecca Lovett of Winston 
County, Alabama, and William 
Burns of Marshall County, Ala- 
bama; education, high school; or- 
dained June, 1919; married Nelsie 
Thomas of Double Springs, Ala., 
June 16, 1891, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. M. T. Thomas; children, Will, 
Odie and Ellie May (deceased) ; 
pastor, Ephesus, 15 years; pastor, 
Rock Creek, 5 years; chairman, Ex- 
ecutive Committee; moderation, as- 
sociation; member, State Executive 
Committee; co-superintendent, edu- 
cation, 1913-1917; representative, 
1919; Mason. Address: Double 
Springs, Ala., Rt. 1. 


Pastor, Reed Memorial Church, 
Biltmore, N. C; born, Ottawa, Cana- 
da, Sept. 1, 1871; son of Lucy 



Timms and Charles Edward Bur- 
rell of England; education, B.A., 
Col., D.D.; ordained May 15, 1900; 
married Edith Sara Bowsfield of 
Canada, Sept. 26, 1896, daughter 
of Robert and Jane Bowsfield; chil- 
dren, William Ernest, Richmond, 
Va., Reginald Oliver, Asheville, N. 
C, Victory Gregory, Florence, S. C, 
Edith Beatrice, Winston-Salem, N. 
C; pastor, Hillsburg, Canada, 1898- 
1903; Livingston, N. J., 1903-10; 
Richmond, Va., 1910-14; Field Sec, 
Childrens Home Society of Va., 
1914-15; Williamston, N. C, 1915- 
21; Louisburg, N. C, 1921; First 
Ch., Monroe, 1921-25; Head Bible 
Dept. and Prof, of Greek, Chowan 
Col.; pastor, Murfreesboro, N. C, 
1925-32; Reed Memorial Ch., Bilt- 
more, N. C, since 1932; denomina- 
tional: Vice Pres., N. J. State Conv., 
1906-07; Mod., Essex Assn., N. J., 
1906-07; Bd. of Missions, N. J., 
1907; trustee, Wingate Jr. Col., 
1921-25; Vice Pres., N. C. State 
Conv., 1931-32; author: "From Out 
the Flame," "Journal of Otherwise 
Men," numerous articles, especially 
on the Orient; member, Mesopota- 
mian Expeditionary Force, British 
Army, World War; Mason, Shrin- 
er, Past Pres., Kiwanis Club, Mon- 
roe, N. C, Odd Fellows; Pres., Cho- 
wan Col., 1925-26; Pres., Bapt. Min- 
isterial Assn., Asheville, N. C, 1934; 
Gen. Ministerial Assn., Asheville, 
N. C, 1935. Address: 24 Ridgecrest 
Rd., Biltmore, N. C. 


Dean, Wingate Junior College, 
and head of the English Dept., Win- 
gate, N. C; born, Stanly Co., N. C, 
Mar. 6, 1891; son of James Taylor 
Burris and Frances Allen Bnrris; 
education, A.B., M.A., Wake For- 
est Col.; ordained, 1917; married 
Virginia Nulin Currie, 1921, daugh- 
ter of Hugh S. and Bennie Holt 
Currie; children, James Currie, 
Mary Ben, Craven Allen, William 
Coy and Frances Emeline; pastor, 
Ansonville, N. G, 4 yrs.; Union 
Bapt. Ch., N. C, 3% yrs.; Hopewell 
Ch., N. C, 10 yrs.; Waxhaw Ch., 
N. C, 17 yrs.; Bd. of Education, 

Union Co., N. C, 8 yrs. (chairman, 
4 yrs.); Mason; Sec, Jr. Col Ath- 
letic Assn., N. C. Address: Win- 
gate, N. C. 


Pastor, Oakdale, Tenn.; born, 
New York City, May 30, 1887; son 
of Mary Coley of Big Lick, N. C, 
and David Burris, Richmond, Va.; 
education, A.B. and Th.D.; or- 
dained Aug. 26, 1923; married Cres- 
sie Hill of Strieby, N. C, Jan. 18, 
1918, daughter of James and Lena 
Hill; children, Jewell, Paul, Mary, 
Ruth, Rachel, Naomi, Dorcas; pas- 
tor, Packard, Ky., 18 months; pas- 
tor, Wallins, Ky., 1 year; pastor, 
Brodhead, Ky., 2 years; pastor, 
Oakdale, Tenn., 1925 to date; as- 
sociation office; chairman, Execu- 
tive Board; publisher, "The Baptist 
Sentinel." Address: Oakdale, Tenn. 


Educational Secretary, Baptist 
Sunday School Board, Nashville, 
Tenn.; born, Prairie Lea, Tex., Dec. 
31, 1871; son of Virginia Duval and 
Hardy Marshall Burroughs; educa- 
tion, Centenary College, A.B., Bay- 
lor University, D.D. and Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; married Corinne Gayle of 
Kentucky, April 4, 1898; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, 
Tex., 1892-1893; pastor, New Liber- 
ty and Harrisburg, Ky., 1895-1902; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Tem- 
ple, Tex., 1902-1906; pastor, Broad- 
way Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., 1906-1910; educational secre- 
tary, Baptist Sunday School Board, 
Nashville. Tenn., 1910 to date; au- 
thor: "Old Testament Studies," 
"Outlines of Bible History," "How 
to Win to Christ," "The Baptist 
People," "From the First to the 
Twentieth Century," "The Grace of 
Giving," "Our Lord and Ours," 
"Growing a Church," "The Func- 
tioning Church," "Our Church and 
Ours," "Honoring the Deaconship." 
Home: 1901 Convent Place, Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; office: 161 8th Ave., 
N., Nashville, Tenn. 




Pastor, First Church, Hartselle, 
Ala.; born, Robbs, Miss., Dec. 19, 
1896; son of Virginia Alice Davis 
and Richard A. Burson of Calhoun 
Co., Miss.; education, B.A., Howard 
Col., Th.M., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained, Oct. 22, 1922, First Bapt. 
Ch., Birmingham, Ala.; married 
Ardia Elizabeth Simpson of Louis- 
ville, Ky., June 17, 1930; children, 
Thomas Daniel; student pastor 
while in Howard Col. of Adamsville 
Ch., Jefferson Co., White Springs 
Ch., Etowah Co., and Vinemont 
Ch., Cullman Co.; pastor, Collins- 
ville, Ala., 2 yrs.; student pastor, 
Waterford Ch., Spencer Co., Ky., 2 
yrs. while in Sem.; pastor, East 
Gadsden, Ala., 18 mos.; First Ch., 
Alabama City, Ala., 2 yrs.; First 
Ch., Hartselle, Ala., 2 yrs. to date; 
State Exec. Bd., Ala.; Assnl. Exec. 
Com.; Mod., Etowah Co. Assn., Ala., 
3 yrs.; Mason, Knight Templar. 
Address: Hartselle, Ala. 


Pastor, Central City Ch., Ky.; 
born, Clark Co., Ky., Apr. 20, 1879; 
son of Lucy Johnston and Josiah 
Joshua Bush of Clark Co., Ky.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Georgetown Col., Ph. 
G., Southern Sem.; ordained Feb. 
15, 1902; married Nancy Augusta 
Bush of Richmond, Ky., Dec. 23, 
1908, daughter of Emma Partello 
and Joseph Bush; children, Oliver 
Price, Jr., Sheldon Lester, Dorothy 
Augusta; pastor, Lancaster, 1908- 
13; Columbia, Ky., 1913-18; Great 
Crossing Ch., Georgetown, Ky., 
1918-25; Little Union Ch., Nelson 
Co., Ky., 1925-27; Smiths Grove, 
Ky., 1927-32; Central City, 1932- . . . ; 
denominational: Mod., Warren Co. 
Bapt. Assn., 1929-31; Muhlenberg 
Co. Bapt. Assn., 1933-35; various 
committees, Dist. and State Assns. 
Home address: 208 N. 3rd St., Cen- 
tral City, Ky. 


Sunday School, Baptist Training 
Union and General Secretary, Bap- 
tist Convention of Arizona; born, 
Waxachie, Tex., Sept. 26, 1879, son 

of Rowena Wilee Bussell, Bloom- 
ing Grove, Tenn., and James Wil- 
liam Bussell, Indian Mound, Tenn.; 
education, high school, North Texas 
Teachers Col., Denton, Tex., Th.G., 
Th.B., Southern Sem., Louisville, 
Ky.; ordained, Italy, Tex., 1906; 
married Daisy H. Morrow, Clarks- 
ville, Tenn., 1910, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. John J. Morrow; children, 
Carey Bussell, A.B., Phoenix, Ariz., 
Robertine Bussell, James Russell, 
Phoenix, Ariz.; work: First Ch., 
Atoka, Okla., 1906-1907; First Ch., 
Oak Cliff, 1910-17; Y.M.C.A., France, 
1917-18; First Ch., Troup, Tex., 
1918-21; S. S. and B. Y. P. U. Sec, 
N. Mex., 1921-22; S. S. Sec, 1922-31; 
S. S., B. T. U. Gen. Sec, Bapt. State 
Conv., Ariz., since 1931; denomina- 
tional: trustee, Southern Sem., 
Louisville, Ky.; editor, Arizona 
Baptist Beacon. Home address: 
1015 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, Ariz.; 
business address: Box 746, Phoenix, 


Pastor, Bowman Baptist Church, 
Bowman, Ga.; born, Edgefield 
County, South Carolina,' Aug. 30, 
1879; son of Emma Whitmire of 
Greenville, S. C, and Rev. Geo. 
Washington Bussey of Parksville, 
S. C; education, Furman Univer- 
sity and Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving LL.B.(?); 
ordained Dec. 26, 1906; married 
Clara Hickery of Bowman, Ga., Oct. 
16, 1902, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
W. J. Vickery; children, Earl W., 
St. Augustine, Fla., Evelyn, and 
George W., Georgia Tech., Atlanta, 
Ga.; pastor, Hebron and Tugalo As- 
sociations, 7 years; teacher, Gib- 
son Merces Academy; pastor, Bap- 
tist Church, Talbotton, Ga., 1 year; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Martin, 
Ga. ; pastor, Bowman Baptist 
Church, Bowman, Ga., 16 years to 
date; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Fort Pierce, Fla., 2 years; pastor, 
Martin Baptist Church, Martin, Ga., 
22 years to date; pastor, several 
country churches, still pastor to 4; 
moderator, Hebron Association; 
clerk-treasurer, Hebron Associa- 



tion; Executive Committee, Hebron 
Association; president, Ministers' 
Conference, Hebron Association; 
member, State Board of Missions, 
Florida; author: "The Cosmic 
Plan," ''Loose Leaves from a Coun- 
try Pastor's Desk," "A Running 
Comment on the Books of the Bi- 
ble"; former Scoutmaster; Mason, 
Scottish Rite; evangelist; contrib- 
utor to religious periodicals; cor- 
respondent, Atlanta Journal. Ad- 
dress: Bowman, Ga. 


Pastor, Immanuel Church, Flor- 
ence, S. C; born, Edgefield, S. C, 
Dec. 24, 1882; son of Mamie Nixon 
of Clarks Hills, S. C, and P. H. 
Bussey, Sr., of Edgefield, S. C; edu- 
cation, S. C. C. I., Peabody Col., 
Nashville, Tenn., Southern Sem., 
Louisville, Rochester Sem., N. Y., 
diplomas, B.S., L.I. and Th.G. de- 
grees; ordained Aug., 1911; married 
Hortense Peak of Edgefeld, S. C, 
Sept., 1915, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. W. Peak; children, Carver 
Thaxton, Charleston, S. C, William 
Royall; ' pastor, rural churches, 
Hartsville, S. C, 4 yrs.; Summer- 
ville, S. C, 2 yrs.; Andrews, S. C, 
11 yrs.; Immanuel Ch., Florence, 
S. C, 7 yrs. to date. Address: 
Florence, S. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bello Hori- 
zonte, Brazil; born, Sanger, Texas, 
March 28, 1898; education, North 
Texas Normal, Southwestern Train- 
ing School, 1920; appointed July 14, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, De- 
Witt, Ark.; born near Oakville, Live 
Oak County, Tex., Aug. 27, 1900; 
son of Lanie Dunn of Live Oak 
County, Texas, and George Lee But- 
ler of Mississippi; education, Bay- 
lor University; ordained, Beeville, 
Tex., September, 1923; married Co- 
rita Stovall of Mt. Calm, Tex., June 
11, 1931, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Geo. W. Stovall; pastor, Dale, Tex., 
3 years; pastor. Red Rock, Tex., 1 

year; pastor, Lytton Springs, Tex., 
1 year; pastor, Mendoza, Browns- 
boro (Clear Fork), near Lockhart, 
Cladwell County, Tex., 2 years each; 
pastor, Post Oak, Bell County, Tex., 
1 year; pastor, Abbott, Tex., 5 
years; pastor, Mertens, Tex., 1 
year; pastor, Malone, Tex., 2 years; 
pastor, Vaughan, Tex., 2 years; pas- 
tor, DeWitt, Ark., 1932 to date; San 
Marcos Baptist Association Board 
secretary; secretary-treasurer, Cen- 
tral Texas Baptist Encampment, 
Hill County, Texas, 3 years; Ma- 
son, Rotary; regular assistant chap- 
lain, C. C. C. Camps, St. Charles 
and DeWitt, Ark. Address: De- 
Witt, Ark. 


Stewardship evangelist, State 
Board, Missouri; born, Rockwall, 
Tex.; son of Rosa Bowden of Hope, 
Ark., and Nathan B. Butler of Tex- 
as; education, 0. B. U., Vanderbilt 
University, receiving A.B., M.A., 
B.D., and D.D. degrees; ordained 
June 28, 1931; married Eugenia C. 
Davis of Tennessee, Sept. 14, 1918, 
daughter of Eugene and Lela Da- 
vis; children, Dorothy Gene, Eve- 
lyn Rose, Virginia Davis; Cumber- 
land Presbyterian minister, 1912; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1912-1916; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Knoxville, 
Tenn., 1920-1922; pastor, North 
Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Mo., 
1923-1926; pastor, First Presbyteri- 
an Church, Lawrence, Kans., 1926- 
1928; pastor, Tabernacle Presby- 
terian Church, Springfield, Mo., 
1928-1931; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Maryville, Mo., 1931-1932; 
pastor, Forest Avenue Baptist 
Churc h, 1932-1935; stewardship 
evangelist, Missouri Baptist Board, 
1935 to date; committees, boards 
and agencies, Southern Baptist 
Convention, reporting, 1934; Lions. 
Address: 1729 E. 47th Terrace, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 


Pastor, Hartford, Ark.; born, Ft. 
Smith, Ark., Sept. 27, 1872; son of 
Carrie C. Turner of Morton, Miss., 



and Joseph Pinson Byers of Bir- 
mingham, Ala.; education, Ouachi- 
ta College; ordained Sept. 28, 1894; 
married Nona Ann Cacy of Mans- 
field, Ark., Jan. 13, 1892, daughter 
of William and Elizabeth Cacy; 
children, Joe, Memphis, Tenn., Bar- 
nabas (deceased), Bland, Hulsey J., 
and Robert, Mansfield, Ark., Mrs. 
Blzie Barnett, Mansfield, Ark.; pas- 
tor, Shady Grove, Ark., 4 years; pas- 
tor, Hon, Ark., 8 years; pastor, 
Waldron, Ark., 2 years; pastor, 
Unity, Ark., 3 years; pastor, Parks, 
Ark., 4 years; pastor, Cedar Grove, 
Ark., 4 years; pastor, lone, Ark., 
3 years; pastor, Bates, Ark., 1 year; 
pastor, Shiloh, Ark., 2 years, pastor, 
Poteau, Ark., 3 years; pastor, Mans- 
field, Ark., 7 years; pastor Maga- 
zine, Ark., 2 years; pastor, Hunt- 
ington, Ark., 3 years; pastor, Fel- 
lowship, Ark., 3 years; pastor, Day- 
ton, Ark., 2' years; pastor, Midland, 
Ark., 1 year; pastor, Hockett, Ark., 
3 years; pastor, Providence, Ark., 

1 year; pastor, James Fork, Ark., 3 
years; pastor, Hartford, Ark., 
years; pastor, W. Hartford, Ark., 
5 years; pastor, Alexander, Ark., 

2 years; pastor, Buna Vista, Ark., 

2 years; pastor, Monroe, Okla., 3 
years; pastor, Liberty Hill, Okla., 

3 years; pastor, Cameron, Okla., 4 
years; pastor, Albian, Okla.., 2 
years; pastor, Talihina, Okla., 2 
years; pastor, Gilmore, Okla., 1 
year; pastor, Stigler, Okla., 3 years; 
pastor, Poteau, Okla., 6 years; mis- 
sionary, Buckner Ann, 5 years; mis- 
sionary, evangelist, Arkansas, 3 
years; missionary, Leflore Latimer 
Association, Oklahoma, 1 year; mis- 
sionary, pastor and evangelist, Gen- 
eral Association, West Arkansas 
and Indian Territory, 1896-1899; 
Board member, Arkansas State 
Convention; Association Mission 
Board, Oklahoma; moderator, Buck- 
ner Association, Arkansas. Ad- 
dress: Hartford, Ark. 


Baptist Sunday School Secretary, 
Mississippi, Jackson, Miss.; born, 
Covington County, Mississippi, May 
10, 1872; son of Malissa Rogers of 

Williamsburg, Miss., and John K. 
Byrd of Mt. Olive, Miss.; education, 
Iuka Normal Institute; Draughn's 
Business College, Nashville, Tenn., 
honorary D.D., Mississippi College; 
married Leona McNeill of Jaynes- 
ville, Miss., May 11, 1898, daughter 
of H. A. D. and Caroline McLaurin 
McNeill; children, Corinne, Hat- 
tiesburg, Miss., Juanita, Shanghai, 
China, Annie Ward, Drew, Miss., 
Hasseltine, Tylertown, Miss., Ed- 
ward Leavell, Amory, Miss., Hugh 
McNeill, Mississippi College, Valois, 
Mt. Olive, Miss.; teacher, 7 years; 
Mississippi Legislature, 1900-1904; 
Baptist Sunday School Secretary, 
Mississippi, 1903 to date; trustee, 
university and colleges, Mississippi; 
trustee, Southwestern Baptist The- 
ological Seminary; trustee, Missis- 
sippi Woman's College; president, 
Mississippi Baptist Convention, 3 
years; president, United Drys, 1934. 
Home: Mt. Olive, Miss.; office: 
Box 530, Jackson, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Mt. Olive, Miss., Feb. 
15, 1904; education, Mississippi 
Woman's College, A.B., 2 years 
Southwestern Theological Semi- 
nary; appointed July 16, 1929; edu- 
cational work. 


Pastor, East Dallas Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex.; born, San 
Antonio, Tex., June 7, 1895; son of 
Jeanette Sabin and Aides H. Cad- 
wallader of Indiana; education, di- 
ploma, Moody Bible Institute, Bay- 
lor University and Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving B.A., B.M., and Th.M., de- 
grees; ordained, Prospect Hill Bap- 
tist Church, San Antonio, Tex., 
1917; married Carrie Kendall of 
Palestine, Tex., June 27, 1918, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. 
Kendall; children, Chester S., Jean 
Christine and Miriam Kendall; 
evangelist; associate pastor, R. G. 
Bowers, Paducah, Ky., 1918-19 — ; 



associate pastor, R. G. Bowers, Wa- 
co, Tex., 1919-19 — ; evangelist, Bap- 
tist Home Mission Board, 1920-19 — ; 
pastor, Abbott, Vaughan, Holland, 
Eddy, Tex., 1920-1926; pastor, 
Crowley, Wilmer, Tex., 1927-1929; 
pastor, Kaufman, 1929-1935; pastor, 
East Dallas Baptist Church, Dallas, 
Tex., 1935 to date; teacher, Baylor 
University, 1922-1926; moderator, 
R. C. Burleson Association and 
Board; author: Hymns and Hymn 
Tunes; Mason, M. W. A. Address: 
4902 Tremont, Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Third Baptist Church, 
Owensboro, Ky.; born, Benine, Ark., 
July 25, 1885; son of Annice Lee 
Kirkpatrick and A. H. Cagle, Owens- 
boro, Ky.; education, B.L., Ouachi- 
ta Baptist College, B.T., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, D.D., 
Bethel College; ordained, Bingen, 
Ark., December, 1906; married 
Flossie Singleton of Hope, Ark., 
June 30, 1915, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. L. E. Singleton; children, An- 
nice Elizabeth, Ouachita College, 
Alonzo Singleton, Paul Haynes; 
pastor, Dudley Avenue Baptist 
Church, Texarkana, Ark., 1908-1911; 
pastor, Highland Park, Ky., 1912- 
1915; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Russellville, Ky., 1915-1918; chap- 
lain overseas, 1918-1919; pastor, 
Batesville, Ark., First Baptist 
Church, 1919-1925; field man, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, 1925; vice president, Fran- 
ces Shimer College, 1926; pastor, 
Third Baptist Church, Owensboro, 
Ky., 1927 to date; Daviess-McLean 
Association Mission Board; State 
Board of Missions, Kentucky; Old 
Ministers' Relief and Annuity 
Board, Kentucky; American Legion. 
Home; 1130 Griffith Ave., Owens- 
boro, Ky.; office: 527 Allen St., 
Owensboro, Ky. 


Pastor, Sonora Baptist Church, 
Sonora, Ark.; pastor, Spring Valley 
Baptist Church, Spring Valley, 
Ark.: pastor. Hindsville Baptist 
Churdi. Hindsville, Ark.; mission- 

ary, Arkansas Baptist State Con- 
vention; born, Colorado City, Tex., 
July 18, 1898; son of Henrietta 
Johnson of Palo Pinto County, Tex- 
as, and Henry Clay Caldwell of 
Warrensburg, Mo.; education, 2 
years college and graduate South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, Aug. 12, 1928, 
Turner Memorial Baptist Church, 
Ft. Worth, Tex.; married Martha 
Anna Home of Springdale, Ark., 
Dec. 25, 1920, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. H. J. Home; children, Helen 
Grace, Joanna and John Henry; as- 
sociate pastor, Turner Memorial 
Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, Friendship Baptist 
Church, Springdale, Ark., 2 years; 
pastor, Sonora Baptist Church, So- 
nora, Ark., 3 years; pastor, Spring 
Valley Baptist Church, Spring Val- 
ley, Ark., 5 years; pastor, Hinds- 
ville Baptist Church, Hindsville, 
Ark., 1 year; pastor, Huntsville 
Baptist Church, Huntsville, Ark., 
2 years; missionary, Washington 
County Baptist Association, Arkan- 
sas, 3 years; missionary, Arkansas 
Baptist State Convention, 2 years; 
vice moderator, Washington County 
Baptist Association, Arkansas, 1 
year; member, Executive Board, 
Washington County Baptist Associ- 
ation, Arkansas, 5 years. Address: 
S. Holcomb St., Springdale, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pingtu, China; 
born, Cherry Creek, Miss., Aug. 19, 
1877; education, Blue Mountain 
College, Mississippi State Normal 
School, graduated W. M. U. Train- 
ing School, 1910; appointed June 3, 
1910; country evangelistic work. 


Vice president, Callaway Mills, 
La Grange, Ga. ; born, La Grange, 
Ga., June 5, 1880; son of Rev. Ab- 
ner Reeves and Mary Wilburn 
(Ely) Callaway; education, Busi- 
ness College and Valparaiso Uni- 
versity, Valparaiso, Ind.; married 
Loula Walker of Madison, Ga., Oct. 
21, 1908, daughter of P. G. and Bes- 



sie (Robertson) Walker; children, 
Bessie Walker, Mary (Mrs. Elmer 
B. Crim), Loula and Ely R., Jr., 
all of La Grange; vice president 
and general manager, Callaway's 
Department Store, La Grange, 1910- 
18; president, La Grange National 
Bank and La Grange Savings Bank, 
1919-22'; became treasurer, Calla- 
way Mills, Inc., New York, N. Y., 
1922; now vice president and di- 
rector, Callaway Mills, La Grange; 
associate director, Baptist 75 Mil- 
lion Campaign for Georgia, 1919; 
vice president, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention, 1931; vice president, Geor- 
gia Baptist Orphans' Home, Hope- 
ville, Ga.; deacon, First Baptist 
Church, La Grange; clubs: member, 
Georgia Society of New York City, 
1922-25; member, Southern Society 
of New York, 1922-25; vice presi- 
dent, Georgia State Y. M. C. A. Com- 
mittee; trustee, La Grange College; 
chairman, various Liberty Loan 
drives during World War, Troup 
County, Georgia; state director, 
United War Campaign, 1918; mem- 
ber, National Council, Boy Scouts 
of America and Chairman for 
Georgia, 1921; committeeman, 
Roosevelt Memorial Association of 
Georgia, 1919; president, Salvation 
Army Advisory Board, La Grange, 
1932; Democrat; Highland Country 
Club. Home: Vernon Rd., La 
Grange, Ga. 


President, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention and pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Thomasville, Ga.; born, 
Americus, Ga., March 30, 1882; son 
of Merrel and Ann Catherine (Fur- 
low) Callaway; education, L.B., 
Mercer University, 1902; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Americus, 
Ga., Dec. 26, 1906; married Lula 
Wells Brown of Americus, Ga., Dec. 
27, 1906, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. E. Brown; children, Mary Hin- 
ton, Edwin Brown, Katherine F., 
and Timothy F.; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Orlando, Fla., 1907-11; 
Second Baptist Church, Macon, Ga., 
1911-14; Tabernacle Baptist Church, 

Macon, 1914-17; evangelist, Georgia 
Baptist Convention, 1917-27; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Thomasville, 
since 1927; Georgia representative, 
Southern Baptist Sunday School 
Board; member, Executive Commit- 
tee, Georgia Baptist Convention; 
member, Executive Committee, 
Georgia Baptist Training Union; 
president, Georgia Baptist Sunday 
School Convention, 1931-32; elected 
president, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1934; clubs: Kiwanis. Home: 
130 N. Love St.; office: First Bap- 
tist Church, Thomasville, Ga. 


Pastor, St. Elmo Baptist Church, 
Chattanooga, Tenn.; born, Ameri- 
cus, Ga., March 22, 1874; son of 
Kate Furlow and Merrel Callaway 
of Americus, Ga.; education, Mer- 
cer Univ., Ga., Moody Bible Inst., 
Chicago, D.D., Bob Jones Col., 
Cleveland, Tenn.; ordained, Oct., 
1904; married Rosalind Royall of 
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 5, 1896, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs, C. Royall; 
children, Mrs. J. C. Jackson, Sum- 
merville, Ga., Rev. Royall Callaway, 
Plains, Ga., Mrs. R. J. Beckham, 
Fernandina, Fla., Mrs. J. L. Osment, 
N. Platte, Nebr., Mrs. W. D. Mef- 
ritt and T. W., Jr., Chattanooga, 
Tenn., Christine, Ft. Valley, Ga., 
Rev. Merrel, Bob Jones Col., Cleve- 
land, Tenn.; pastor, Tabernacle, 
Macon, Ga., 1906-14, organized it; 
First Ch., Dublin, Ga., 1914-18; Tab- 
ernacle, Macon, Ga., 1918-20; Taber- 
nacle, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1920-26; 
Hough Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., 1926- 
28; Central Ch., Waycross, Ga,, 1928- 
32; Avondale Ch., Jacksonville, 
Fla., 1932'-35; St. Elmo Ch., Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., since 1935; author: 
"Romanism vs. Americanism," "Pre. 
and Post Millennialism." Address: 
5410 St. Elmo Ave., Chattanooga, 


Pastor, farmer; born, Cullman 
Co., Ala., May 22, 1878, son of Mar- 
tha Lu-Tishia Harbison of Winston 
Co., Ala., and James Canon Calvert 



of Winston Co., Ala.; education, 
grammar school; ordained June 13, 
1913; married Nov. 2, 1899, Martha 
Jane Aaron of Walker Co.; chil- 
dren, Edgar Alton Calvert, Cull- 
man, Ala., Brvin Odus, Cullman, 
Ala., Rev. Everette Uel, Shawmutt, 
Ala., Essie (Mrs. Verllie Henry), 
Cullman, Ala., Ethel (Mrs. Ossie 
Giles), Cullman, Ala., Eva, Cullman, 
Ala., Ella, Cullman, Ala., Ellis, Cull- 
man, Ala., Emory, Cullman, Ala.; 
pastor, Bethel Ch., 1912-16; pastor, 
Arley Ch., 1913-17; Nathan Ch., 
1913-17; Liberty Ch., 1914-17; Sa- 
lem, 2 yrs.; Harmony, 1 yr.; pres- 
ent pastorate, Hopewell, half time, 
Amaues. Author: "History of Cull- 
man Baptist Association"; A. F. & 
A. M. Address: R. F. D. 6, Cullman 
Co., Ala, 


President, Averett College, Dan- 
ville, Va.; born, Orange County, 
Virginia, April 28, 1875; son of 
Mary Jane Pidgeon of Guilford, N. 
C, and George Walter Cammack of 
Orange County, Virginia; educa- 
tion, Fredericksburg Institute, 
Richmond University, Virginia Uni- 
versity, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving B.A., M.A., 
Th.M., Ph.G., and D.D. degrees; or- 
dained, Richmond, Va., 1900; mar- 
ried Bessie Clay Hagan of Rich- 
mond, Va., June 14, 1905, daughter 
of Charles H. and Mary L. Hagan; 
pastor, Virginia and West Virginia 
1905; associate editor, Religious 
Herald, 1911-1916; secretary, Bap- 
tist Education, Virginia, 1914-1922; 
executive secretary, Education 
Board, Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1923-1927; president, Averett 
College, 1927 to date; Education 
Commission, 1913-1920; president, 
Southern Baptist Education Associ- 
ation ; secretary-treasurer, Baptist 
Education Association; vice presi- 
dent, Baptist General Association, 
Virginia; member. Inter Board 
Commission, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention; author: numerous tracts 
of Education; Rotary, University 
Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Eminent 
Commander, Dove Commandery, 

Shriner, Aca Temple, Golf Club. 
Address: Averett College, Danville, 


President, Coker College, Harts- 
ville, S. C; born, Buies Creek, N. 
C, Nov. 28, 1894; son of Cornelia 
Frances Pearson and James Archi- 
bald Campbell of Harnett County, 
North Carolina; education, Buies 
Greek Academy, A.B., A.M., Wake 
Forest College, Columbia Universi- 
ty, LL.D., University of South Caro- 
lina; married Marion Lee Newman, 
Holland, Va., July 25, 1925, daugh- 
ter of Dr. and Mrs. N. G. Newman; 
children, Virginia Lee and Carlyle, 
Jr.; instructor, Buies Creek Acade- 
my, 1911-1920, except military serv- 
ice, 1917-18; professor, English, 
Coker College, 1923-1925; president 
Coker College, 1925 to date; mem- 
ber, Social Service Commission, 
South Carolina Baptist Convention; 
deacon, First Baptist Church, Harts- 
ville, S. C; author: "Some Essen- 
tials of English Composition"; Ro- 
tarian. Home: Hartsville, S. C. ; 
office: Coker College, Hartsville, 
S. C. 


Pastor, Rivermont Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Lynchburg, Va. ; born, 
Lavonia, Ga., March 20, 1890; son 
of Julia Hasseltine Ayers and John 
Maxwell Campbell of Hart Co., Ga.; 
education, A.B., D.D., Mercer Uni- 
versity, B.D., and S.T.M., Newton 
Theological Seminary; ordained 
Aug. 30, 1914; married Anne Goet- 
chius of Rome, Ga., Dec. 10, 1918, 
daughter of Chas. B. and Elizabeth 
Daniel Goetchius; children, Eliza- 
eth Anne, Mary Goetchius, Chas. 
Frederick; pastor. First Baptist 
Church, Milton, Mass., 1919-192-0; 
pastor. First Baptist Church, Gains- 
ville. Ga., 1920-1926: pastor, Temple 
Baptist Church, Memphis. Tenn., 
1926-1929; pastor, Tattnall Square 
Baptist Church, Campus Mercer 
University, 1929-1933; pastor, Riv- 
ermont Avenue Baptist Church, 
Lynchburg, Va., 1933 to date; trus- 


tee, Mercer University, 4 years; 
vice president, Georgia Baptist 
Convention, 1 term; member, Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Georgia Conven- 
tion, 4 years; contributor to de- 
nominational papers; Kiwanis Club, 
Gainsville,, Ga., and Memphis, 
Tenn.; Exchange Club, Macon, Ga.; 
Commandery in Masonry. Home: 
1460 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, 
Va.; office: Rivermont Avenue 
Baptist Church. 


Pastor, First Southern Baptist 
Church, Tucson, Ariz.; born, Sarep- 
ta, La., Sept. 20, 1888; son of Exie 
Amarintha Wilkins, Tucson, Ariz., 
and Rev. J. S. Campbell of Louisi- 
ana; education, B.S., A.B., Th.B., 
Th.M., Th.D., William Jewell Col- 
lege and Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained 
Oct. 13, 1909, First Baptist Church, 
Crowley, La.; married Myrtle Carra 
Copeland of Loraine, Tex., Nov. 17, 
1913, daughter of Drs. W. M. and 
C. A. Copeland; children, Paul C, 
Rosebud, Tex.; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Colorado, Tex., 17 
months; pastor, Baptist Church, 
Junction, Tex., 13 months; pastor, 
Creath Memorial Baptist Church, 
Laredo, Tex., 19 months; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Hamilton, Tex., 12 
months; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Las Vegas, N. M., 2 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Wal- 
ters, Okla., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Douglas, Ariz., 18 
months; pastor, DeLeon Baptist 
Church, DeLeon, Tex., 4 years; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Pharr, Tex., 2 
years; chicken ranch, 2 years, 
Stephenville, Tex.; pastor, First 
Southern Baptist Church, Tucson, 
Ariz., 1934 to date; moderator, 
Cotton-Camanche Association, 1922; 
board member, New Mexico, 1922; 
president, Gambreil Memorial Bap- 
tist Assembly, Arizona, 1935. Ad- 
dress: 1008 E. Elm St., Tucson, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church. 

Canton, Miss.; born, Lawrence 
County, Mississippi, Dec. 27, 1882; 
son of Amanda Smith of Lincoln 
County, Mississippi and William 
Thomas Campbell of Covington 
County, Mississippi; education, 
Clarke College and Mississippi Col- 
lege, receiving B.A., Th.B., B.C.T., 
Th.B., B.O., M.A., M.C.T., Th.M., 
M.D., M.O., and Th.D.; ordained, 
Georgetown, Miss, Dec 30, 1912; 
married Douthitt W. Gallman of 
Georgetown, Miss., Deo. 7, 1912, 
daughter of John E. and Alice Gall- 
man; children, Leonard Frank, Ha- 
zel Carolyn, Lawrence Bracey, Jr., 
John William; water boy on rail- 
road track gang, pump operator, 
messenger boy, I. C. R. R., Brook- 
haven, Miss.; gravel pit, 3 years; 
teacher, Lincoln, Lawrence, and 
Copiah Counties, Mississippi, 9 
years; principal, Mississippi Col- 
lege Academy, 1 year; professor, 
Homiletics, Baptist Bible Institute, 
6 years; professor, Social Sciences, 
Southwest Mississippi College, 1 
year; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Canton, Miss., 1934 to date; mem- 
ber, Mississippi Baptist Convention 
Board; chairman, Appropriations 
Committee; won medals in Clark 
Memorial College; won class medals 
and Mississippi Intercollegiate Ora- 
torical Association Medal, 1919; in- 
tercollegiate debater, 6 times, won 
every time; won right to speak 
valedictory oration for class, 1923, 
New Orleans College of Oratory 
and Dramatic Art; won Alcee For- 
tier Medal in Oratory, New Orleans 
College of Oratory and Dramatic 
Art; evangelist; preached com- 
mencement sermons and addresses 
for schools and colleges; bacca- 
laureate address, Mississippi Col- 
lege; convention sermon, Mississip- 
pi State Convention, 1934; Master 
A. F. and A. M., W. O. W., Rotary 
Club. Address: Box 161, Canton, 


President, Campbell College, 
Buies Creek, N. C; born, Buies 
Creek, N. C, April 3, 1892; son of 



Cornelia Pearson Campbell and 
James Archibald Campbell; educa- 
tion, B.A., MA., Wake Forest Col- 
lege, University of North Carolina, 
Columbia University; married Ora 
Lee Green, Harnett County, North 
Carolina, June 25, 1925, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Green; 
children, Hartwell, Catherine Mc- 
Lean, Elizabeth Pearson, Ora Green, 
James Archibald; work:' teacher, 
Buies Creek Academy, 1911-26; dean 
of Campbell College (formerly 
Buies Creek Academy), 1926-1934; 
president, Campbell College, since 
1934; clubs: member, Pi Gamma 
Mu, Social Science Fraternity. Ad- 
dress: Campbell College, Buies 
Creek, N. C. 


Pastor, First Church, Boone, N. 
C; born, Lincoln Co., May 6, 1891; 
son of Theodosia Norwood and 
John Franklin Canipe; B.A., Wake 
Forest Col., B.D., Southern Sem.; 
ordained, 1918; married Effie 
Thomas Burton of Roxboro, N. C, 
Nov. 26, 1919, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. R. A. Burton; children, Fran- 
ces, J. C, Jr., Dorothy Ann; pastor, 
Mebane, N. C, 1918-1920, and 1922- 
1924; State Mission evangelist, N. 
C, 1924-1927; pastor, First Ch., Sil- 
er City, N. C, 1927-1934; pastor, 
First Ch., Boone, N. C; State Mis- 
sion Gen. Bd., N. C; Sec, Training 
Activities Commn.; Pres., Co. Min- 
isterial Assn.; contributor to Bib- 
lical Recorder; traveled abroad; 
Chamber of Commerce; Chmn., 
Troop Committee of Boy Scouts; 
evangelist. Address: 13 College St., 
Boone, N. C. 


Pastor, Hampstead Square Bap- 
tist Church, Charleston, S. C; born, 
Taylors, S. C, Sept. 16, 1872; son of 
Thursa Jane Taylor and Elisha Da- 
vis Cannada, of Taylors, S. C; edu- 
cation, Furman University and 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving A.B. and Th.M. de- 
grees; ordained, 1898, at Taylors, 
S. C; married Clara Jenkins of 
West Point, Ky., Sept. 16, 1902, 

daughter of Solomon Hillon and 
Lavinia Ann Jenkins; children, 
Edith Rosalind (Mrs. J. Oscar Mil- 
ler), Chattanooga, Tenn., William 
Henry, Jr., deceased, Nellie Win- 
terton; 1898-1899, public school 
teacher and pastor, Greenville 
County; 1899-1902, pastor of coun- 
try churches; 1902-1912, missionary 
to Brazil; founded and directed 
Baptist college and seminary, Por- 
namhuco, Brazil; assisted in school 
work at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 
1912-1913, teacher in North Green- 
ville Academy, Tigerville, S. C; 
1913-1915, pastor, country churches 
around Grove Station, S. C; 1915, 
founded and built Edisto Baptist 
Academy; president, Edisto Baptist 
Academy, 1915-1929; pastor, Seivern 
Baptist Church; pastor, Hampstead 
Baptist Church, Charleston, S. C, 
1929 to date. Address: 10 Montagu 
St., Charleston, S. C. 


Pastor's wife, Port Arthur, Tex.; 
born, Greenville, Tex., Sept. 22, 
1875; daughter of Helen Eugenia 
Vise of Spartenberg, S. C, and Sam 
Houston McElreath of Cartersville, 
Ga.; education, common school; 
married Rev. Travis Edwin Can- 
nedy of Caddo Mills, Tex., April 29, 
1894; children, Kathryn (Mrs. Earl 
Smith) ; association corresponding 
secretary, W. M. U., Tarrant Coun- 
ty, Texas; association president, 
W. M. U., Wichita County, Texas, 1 
year; juvenile leader. United South 
District, W. M. U., Texas, 1 year; 
association president and field 
worker, W. M. U., Southeast Texas 
Association, 5 years; president, W. 
C. T. U., Port Arthur, Tex., 1 year; 
vice president. District W. C. T. U. 
No. 2, 2 years; president, W. M. S., 
Central Baptist Church, Port Ar- 
thur, 9 years; member, State Ex- 
ecutive Board, W. M. U., Texas, 13 
years; State Executive Board, W. 
C. T. U., 2 years; first to enroll, 
Personal Workers' Class, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 
which led to establishment, Louis- 
ville Training School; member first 



board representing Ormsby Avenue 
Church; teacher, Mission Sunday 
School, Oklahoma City; assisted in 
survey which led to establishment 
of Good Will Center, Oklahoma 
City, Okla.; led establishment, Good 
Will Center, Port Arthur, Tex.; su- 
perintendent, Good Will Center, 
Port Arthur, Tex.; author: History 
of the Southeast Texas W. M. XL, 
25 years; teacher or superintend- 
ent, Sunday School, 44 years. Ad- 
dress: 1110 DeQueen Blvd., Port 
Arthur, Tex. 


Pastor, Central Church, Pont Ar- 
thur, Tex.; born, Caddo Mills, Tex., 
March 4, 1872; son of Frances Ora- 
dell Tackitt of Clinton and John 
Wesley Cannedy of Caddo Mills; 
education, Baylor Univ., Th.G., Th. 
B., Th.M., Southern Sem.; ordained 
June 3, 1894; married Annie Gee 
McElreath of Campbell, Tex., April 
29, 1894, daughter of Helen E. Vise 
and Capt. Sam Ross McElreath; 
children, Kathryn (Mrs. Earl 
Smith), Port Arthur, Tex.; teach- 
er, country schools, 6 sessions; 
pastor, Pleasant Valley Ch., Hunt 
Co., 1895; Assnl. Missionary, Hunt 
Co., 1897; pastor, Friendship, 
Greenhope and Elm Creek churches, 
1898-1901; organizer and pastor, 
Ormsby Ave. Ch., Louisville, Ky., 
1902-04; pastor, Franklinton, Turn- 
ers, Port Royal and Union Chs., 
Ky., 1905; First Ch., Graham, Tex., 
1906-10; South Park Ch., Dallas, 
Tex., 1906; Calvary Ch., Ft. Worth, 
Tex., 18 months, 1910-12; First Ch., 
Seymour, Tex., 1912-14; City Mis- 
sionary, Wichita Falls, Tex., 1914- 
15; pastor, Fourth St. Ch., Wichita 
Falls, Tex., 1914-16; Olivet Ch., 
Oklahoma City, 1916-17, few mos.; 
Fourth St. Ch., Wichita Falls, Tex., 
1917, few mos.; Magnolia Ave. Ch., 
Beaumont, Tex., 1917-20; mission- 
ary, Southeast Tex. Bapt. Assn., 
Oct., 1920-Jan., 1923; pastor, Cen- 
tral Ch., Port Arthur, Tex., since 
Jan., 1923; work in the ministry 
has been largely "foundation 
work"; denominational: clerk of 
several Assns. and missionary of 3; 

author: "Experiences of a Young 
Minister with Evidences of Con- 
version," "History, First Baptist 
Church, Graham, Texas," "History, 
First Baptist Church, Seymour, 
Texas"; Mason, I. O. O. F., W. O. 
W. Address: 1110 DeQueen Blvd., 
Port Arthur, Tex. 


Pastor, evangelist and gospel 
singer; born, Palazzo Adriano, 
Italy, Sept. 24, 1886; son of An- 
tonina Lo Burgio and Joseph Can- 
zoneri of Italy; education, Missis- 
sippi College and Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving B.S. and G.M. (Gospel Mu- 
sic) degrees; ordained Nov. 11, 
1916; married Mabel Barnett of 
Carthage, Miss., July 11, 1918, 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Bar- 
nett; children, Mabel Antonina, 
Robert Wilburn, Joe Gambrel, and 
Geo. Arden; evangelistic singer, 
Southwestern Seminary staff, 1922; 
voice teacher, San Marcos Acade- 
my, 1924-1925; pastor, Eatonton, 
Ga., 1919; evangelistic singer for 
Mississippi State Board, 1926-1927; 
associate pastor, Calvary Baptist 
Church, Jackson, Miss., 1928; inde- 
pendent evangelistic singer, 1929- 
1932; pastor, Bogue Baptist Church, 
Bogue Chitto, Miss., and part time 
evangelist and singer since 1932; 
assistant camp social secretary and 
song leader, Y. M. C. A. Camp Jack- 
son, Columbia, S. C, during the 
World War. Address: Clinton Blvd., 
Jackson, Miss. 


Manager of Sales and Advertising 
Dept., Baptist S. S. Bd., Nashville, 
Tenn.; born, Hantsport, Nova Sco- 
tia, Jan. 16, 1882; son of Emma 
Hines and Judson Masters Card; 
education, high school, business in- 
stitution; married Mary Twyman, 
June 9, 1914, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Buford Twyman; children, 
William Judson, Philip Twyman; 
accounting, Washburn-Crosby Co., 
Boston, Mass.; District Sales Mgr., 
Washburn-Crosby Co., Louisville, 
Ky., 12 yrs.; Mgr., Advertising, 



Louisville Seed Co., Louisville, Ky., 
4 yrs.; director, education and mu- 
sic, Walnut St. Ch., Louisville, Ky., 
2 yrs.; Mgr., Sales and Advertising 
Dept., Bapt. S. S. Board, Nashville, 
Tenn., 12 yrs. to date; denomina- 
tional: charges of Sales and Adver- 
tising, 17 State Bapt. Book Stores; 
Dir., Music, Belmont Hts. Bapt. 
Ch., Nashville; evangelistic singer; 
approved Intermediate worker, B. 
S. S. Bd.; Supt. of Intermediate 
Dept., 18 yrs.; member, Committee 
of One Hundred, Law Enforcement, 
Nashville, Tenn.; deacon; Mason; 
formerly member Exchange Club, 
Louisville, Ky.; member, Committee 
of S. B. C. under the Conv. Sec, 
responsible for annual Conv. exhib- 
its. Home address: 1808 BeeJh- 
wood Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Church, Sour Lake, 
Tex.; born, Ruston, La., Dec. 7, 
1884; son of Mary Jane of Vienna, 
La., and Cornelius Cargill of Vien- 
na, La.; education, Mt. Lebanon 
Col., La. Col., Southwestern Sem.; 
ordained June 19, 1910; married 
Iva Inez Rabb of Vienna, La., Dec. 
24, 1905, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. B. Rabb; children, Neilye Lea 
Dell (Mrs. Frank T. William), Men- 
denhall, Miss., Barnett Rabb, Rus- 
ton, La., Belva Ovalene (deceased), 
Milton Canon, Jr., pastor, Vienna, 
La., 1910-13; New Prospect Ch., Vi- 
enna, La., 1910-13; Walnut Creek 
Ch., Simsboro, La., 1910-13; St. 
Rest Ch., Vienna, La., 1910-13; Le- 
Compte Ch., LeCompte, La., 1912- 
13; Sharon Ch., Dubach, La., 1914- 
17; Dubach Ch., Dubach, La., 1914- 
17; Mochine, Tex., 1917-18; Cedar 
Hill, Tex., 1917-18; Pisgah Ch., 
Union Par., 1918-20; Bernice, La., 
1918-20; Pine Grove Ch., Bernice, 
La., 1917-20; Rose Hill Ch., Texar- 
kana, Tex., 1920-25; Dubach, La., 
(second pastorate) 1925-26; Sour 
Lake, Tex., 1927 to date (1936); 
denominational: member, State Mis- 
sion Bd., Texas Conv.; Mason, 
Lions Club. Address: Sour Lake, 


Pastor, Big Sandy, Tenn.; born, 
Apache, Okla., Oct. 13, 1911; son of 
Thomas W. and Hattie MeGee Carl; 
education, Okla. Bapt. Univ.; or- 
dained May 11, 1934, at Newcastle, 
Okla.; married Clara B. Davis, 
Dej. 13, 1935, daughter of Burgie 
and Erin McClure Davis; pastor, 
Middleburg, Okla., 1 yr.; pastor, Big 
Sandy, Tenn. Home: Paris, Tenn. 


Pastor, Overlea Baptist Church, 
Baltimore, Md.; born, Union City, 
Pa., April 14, 1887; son of Anna 
Johnson and Gus Carlburg of Swe- 
den; education, civil engineer, 
Princeton University, Moody Bible 
Institute; ordained April 14, 1925; 
married Bernice Gertrude Hatch of 
Union City, Pa., Jan. 18, 1910, 
daughter of Geo. Clinton and Ellen 
Wilkinson Hatch; department store, 
Buffalo, N. Y., 2 years; superintend- 
ent, Right House Department Store, 
Hamilton, Canada, 2 years; general 
manager, Begg and Company, 2 
years; pastor, Peoples' Congrega- 
tion Church, Chicago, 111., 3 years; 
farmer, 1 year; employment man- 
ager, Boston Dry Goods Company, 
Erie, Pa., 1 year; Cumberland Box 
and Crate Company, 1 year; pas- 
tor, Overlea Baptist Church, 1925 
to date. Address: 4014 Overlea 
Ave., Baltimore, Md. 


Pastor, Leedley Baptist Church, 
Leedley, Okla.; born, Stratford, 
Okla., March 30, 1912; son of Ethyl 
Edwards and R. E. Carleton of 
Stratford, Okla.; education, Okla. 
Univ. and E. Central State Teachers 
Col., Ada, Okla.; ordained, Oct. 26, 
1933; married Imo Daniel of Strat- 
ford, Okla., Oct. 20, 1932, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Daniel; chil- 
dren, James Edward; evangelist, 3 
months, Tennessee; pastor, Leedey 
Baptist Church, Leedey, Okla.; 
clerk, Mills Association, Oklahoma. 
Address: Box 213, Leedey, Okla. 


Associate Professor, Hebrew and 
Old Testament Interpretation, 



Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Ft. Worth, Tex.; born, 
Chicago, 111., Oct. 14, 1893; son of 
Emma Bengtson and Edward Carl- 
son of Chicago, 111.; education, B.A., 
M.A., T.C.U., Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, di- 
ploma of Music, Moody Bible Insti- 
tute; ordained July 21, 1917; mar- 
ried Edna Sarah Massey of East St. 
Louis, Mo., Sept. 16, 1917, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. John Newton Mas- 
sey; children, Ernest Leslie, Jr., 
John Edward, Edna Louise, Benja- 
min Eugene; pastor, Smithfield 
Baptist Church, Smithfield, Tex., 
1919-1920; pastor, Roane Baptist 
Church, Roane, Tex., 1919-1920; pas- 
tor, Soldiers Memorial Baptist 
Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1920-1921; 
pastor, Rehobeth Baptist Church, 
Mensfield, Tex., 1921-1922; pastor, 
Euless Baptist Church, Tarrant, 
Tex., 1921-1922; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Morgan, Tex., 1922- 
1925; pastor, Ash Creek, Baptist 
Church, Azle, Tex., 1929-1933; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Rio Vis- 
ta, Texas, 1930 to date; pastor, 
Pleasant Point Baptist Church, Lil- 
lian, Tex., 1933 to date; associate 
professor, Hebrew and Old Testa- 
ment Interpretation, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1921 
to date; member, Executive Boards 
in Associations, where pastor; 
member, Executive Board, Johnson 
County Association, Texas; author: 
"The Criticism of the Old Testa- 
ment," "Some Essentials in He- 
brew"; Mason, National Travel 
Club, National Geographic Society, 
associate member, American Schools 
of Oriental Research. Home: 4527 
Stanley Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas; of- 
fice: Box 135, Seminary Hill, Tex. 


Pastor, two country churches, 
Rome, Ga.; born, Priors Station, 
Polk County, Ga., March 22, 1871; 
son of Pernelipy Emiline Whitlock 
and Joseph Patric Carnes of Vam- 
vert, Ga. ; education, Hearn School, 
Cave Spring, Ga., Baylor Univer- 
sity; ordained, Concord Baptist 
Church, near Tola, Grimes County, 

Tex., May, 1898; married Caroline 
Louise Griffith of Cave Springs, 
Ga., Dec. 27, 1896, daughter of Jas. 
P. and Elizabeth Morris Griffith; 
children, Mrs. Quanie M. Medlock, 
James Russell, Allen Webster, Mrs. 
Ruth Joice Lloyd, Charles Linton, 
Henry Ward, Asa Ray, Opal 
and Louise; farmer; teacher, 1897, 
Tex.; pastor, Sandi Prairie Baptist 
Church, Grimes County, Texas, 2 
years; teacher, Georgia, 3 years; 
blacksmith shop, 1907; pastor, Lin- 
dale Baptist Church, Georgia, 2 
years; pastor, Dwight Baptist 
Church, Alabama City, Ala., 1% 
years; pastor, Center Church, 2% 
years, and Cedar Bluff Baptist 
Church, Cedar Bluff, Ala., 7 
years; pastor and farmer, 1916; 
pastor, Pisgah Baptist Church, 
Rome, Ga., 20 years to date; mod- 
erator, Cherokee County Baptist 
Association, Alabama, 2 years; rep- 
resented the Home Mission Board, 
Cherokee County, Alabama; moder- 
ator, Floyd County, Georgia, Asso- 
ciation, 2 years; Mason, Odd Fel- 
lows, W. O. W., Junior Order, Amer- 
ican Mechanics. Address: 1105 N. 
5th Ave., Rome, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Blytheville, Ark.; born, Sussex, N. 
J., June 29, 1892; son of Lizzie An- 
dreas of Mayfield, Okla., and George 
Thompson Carpenter; education, 
Oklahoma Baptist University and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., Th.B., 
and M.R.E. degrees; ordained, Sept. 
10, 1921; married Minnie Bryant 
of Blytheville, Ark., Jan. 8, 1916, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bry- 
ant; pastor, Cement, Okla., 3% 
years; pastor, Dallas, Tex., 3% 
years; pastor, Balboa Heights Bap- 
tist Church, Canal Zone, 3% years; 
superintendent, West Indian mis- 
sion work, Home Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention, 3 
years; field representative, Home 
Mission Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1923-1934; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Blytheville, Ark., 



1934 to date; field representative, 
Building Loan Department, Home 
Mission Board; executive commit- 
tee, State Mission Board, Arkansas; 
member Board of Control, Jones- 
boro Baptist College; president, 
Arkansas Baptist Assembly, Siloam 
Springs, Ark. Home: 806 W. Ash 
St., Blytheville, Ark.; office: Wal- 
nut at 8th, Blytheville, Ark. 


Head, Department Religion, 
Limestone College, Gaffney, S. C; 
born, near Carpenter, Wake Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, Nov. 29, 1891; 
son of Betty Rogers and Rufus 
Jackson Carpenter, Wake County, 
North Carolina; education, B.A., 
1913, Wake Forest, Th.M., 1916, Th. 
D., 1918, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, Ph.D., 1927, Yale 
University; ordained, March, 1912, 
Green Level Baptist Church, Wake 
County, North Carolina; married 
Lucille O'Brian, Oxford, N. C, Sept. 
2, 1919, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Solomon O'Brian; children, Robert 
O'Brian, William Levy; teaching 
fellow, New Testament, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1916- 
1918; post chaplain, U. S. Army, 
Ft. Howard, Md., 1918; pastor, For- 
est Avenue Baptist Church, Greens- 
boro, N. C, 1919-1921; chaplain and 
professor, Bible, University of 
South Carolina, 1921-1926; pastor, 
Eastover, S. C, 1922-1926; profes- 
sor religion, Furman University, 
Greenville, S. C, 1926-1930; pastor, 
Mountain Creek Church, Greenville, 
S. C., 1926-1930; member, faculty 
Furman University Summer School, 
1922-1923, 1926-1936; head depart- 
ment religion, Limestone College 
since 1930; pastor, Providence Bap- 
tist Church since 1930; denomin- 
ational vice president, North Caro- 
lina Baptist State Convention, 1919- 
1920; chairman, Program Commit- 
tee, South Carolina Baptist State 
Convention, 1930; superintendent, 
Officer and Teacher Training, 
Broad River Association, 1931-1933, 
1934-36; author, Primitive Christian 
Application of the Doctrine of the 
Servant, Duke University Press, 

1929; associate editor and co-auth- 
or, Introduction to Religious Edu- 
cation, The MacMillan Co., 1932; 
fellow, National Council on Reli- 
gion in Higher Education since 
1923; president, Ministerial Union, 
Greensboro, N. C, 1920; secretary- 
treasurer, Association of Southern 
Baptist Teachers of Bible and Re- 
ligious Education, 1928-1930; presi- 
dent, Association Southern Baptist 
Teachers, Bible and Religious Edu- 
cation, 1932-1934; vice president, 
Gaffney Rotary Club, 1933-1934; 
president, 1934-1935; member, Re- 
ligious Education Association and 
National Association Biblical In- 
struction. Address: Limestone Col- 
lege, Gaffney, S. C. 


Born, Oxford, N. C, Sept. 25, 
1895, daughter of Jennie Meadows 
of Oxford, N. O, and Solomon 
O'Brian of Granville County, North 
Carolina; education, East Carolina 
Teachers College, and A.B., Lime- 
stone; married L. L. Carpenter of 
Wake County, North Carolina; 
children, RoDert O'Brian, Greens- 
boro, N. C, and William Levy, 
Columbia, S. C; mother and teach- 
er; member, General Board of 
South Carolina, 1930-1935; vice 
president of South Carolina W. M. 
U., 1931-1936; superintendent, Fair- 
field W. M. U. Association; presi- 
dent P. T. A., Gaffney, S. C, 1933- 
1934; president, Woman's Club, 
Gaffney, S. C, 1933-1934; member, 
Thursday Afternoon Club, Green- 
ville, S. C, 1926-1930. Home: Gaff- 
ney, S. C. 


Pastor, Galvez, La.; born, Galvez, 
La., Sept. 23, 1885; son of Eliza- 
beth Dentall, and Alfred D. Car- 
penter of Baker, La.; education, 
High School; ordained, 1933; mar- 
ried Annie Dixon of Port Vincent, 
La., Jan. 27, 1907, daughter of J. 
P. and Elizabeth Dixon; children, 
Herman W., Verna M., Effie Fern; 
officer of ward, 4 years; preached 
in Methodist churches, South, 9 



years; pastor, Methodist churches, 
3 years; moderator, Ascension 
Parish Baptist Association, 1934; 
Mason. Address: Galvez, La. 


Dean and professor of History, 
Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, N. 
C; born, Gatlinburg, Tenn., Feb. 
29, 1892; son of Marion and Rosan 
(McCarter) Carr; education, A.B. 
and M.A., Carson-Newman, M.A., 
University of North Carolina, Duke 
University, 1927-1929, University 
Poitiers, France, 1919; married 
Lena Bird of Seviervi'ile, Tenn., 
June 26, 1920, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. A. Bird; children, James 
Clyde, Wilbur Lloyd, Glenn Frank 
and Marion Turley, all of Mars 
Hill; teacher in Sevier County Pub- 
lic Schools, (Bridge, Banner, Green- 
brier, Fighting Creek, Mill Creek) 
for five short terms; superintend- 
ent of schools, Willacoochee, Ga., 
1916-1917; U. S. Army, A. E. F., 
1917-1919; high school principal, 
Church Hill, Tenn., 1919-1920; prin- 
cipal, Yancey Collegiate Institute, 
Burnsville, N. C, 1920-1923; head 
of History Department, Mars Hill 
College, 1923; dean, Mars Hill Col- 
lege, 1924; fellow, Duke Univer- 
sity, 1927-1928; Angier Duke Fel- 
low, Duke University, 1928-1929; 
member, Baptist Church, French 
Broad Association; chairman, 
Board of Deacons, Mars Hill Bap- 
tist Church; teacher, Fearless 
Fighters Sunday School Class, Mars 
Hill Baptist Church; author, Book 
Reviews, Social Science Quarterly, 
"Mars Hill College in the War Be- 
tween the States" in the North 
Carolina History told my contem- 
poraries, "Opinions of Junior Col- 
lege Graduates," Junior College 
Journal; president, Asheville School 
Master's Club; president, South- 
western Athletic Association of Jun- 
ior Colleges; president, North Caro- 
lina Junior College Athletic Asso- 
ciation; Mason; Captain (Reserve 
Officer) U. S. Army. Address: Box 
575, Mars Hill, N. C. 


Supply pastor and missionary, 
Texas; born, Thomas County, Geor- 
gia, Feb. 5, 1859; son of Parizada 
Deacal of Thomas County, Georgia, 
and Stephen Carroll of South Caro- 
lina; education, Baylor University; 
ordained, Pontitock Missionary 
Baptist Church, Mason County, Tex- 
as, Sept. 4, 1887; married Mollie 
A. Cobb, Dec. 5, 1878, daughter of 
Henry and Martha Cobb; married 
Mrs. Fannie A. Rucker,* Apr. 24, 
1883, daughter of Dr. W. D. and 
Martha Anderson; children, Mrs. 
Chas. G. Sivells, Brownwood, Tex.; 
Mrs. Lela Mary Cummins, Taft, 
Tex., Mrs. Mary Edna Anderson, 
Vernon, Tex., Van, Teague, Tex., 
James Harvey, Hollywood, Calif, 
Mrs. Willie Lois Basham, Wichita 
Falls, Tex.; pastor, School Houses, 
where there were no church organ- 
izations, before ordination, Llano 
and Mason Counties, Texas; pastor, 
Montvail, Pilgrim Rest, Pleasant 
Grove Baptist Churches, near Lam- 
pasas, Tex., 8 months; pastor, 
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, 
Falls County, Tex., 8 months, 
(helped build church house); mis- 
sion work, Lampasas Association, 
Texas, summer, 1890; pastor, Val- 
ley Springs Baptist Church, Llano 
County, Texas, 1 year; pastor, 
Friendship Baptist Church, Mason 
County, Texas, 3 years; pastor, Lit- 
tle Bluff Creek Baptist Church, 
Mason County, 2 years; pastor, 
Bangs Baptist Church, Brown Coun- 
ty, Texas, 3 years; (built Baptist 
Church) ; pastor, Cross Cut, Brown 
County, Texas, 2 years; pastor, In- 
dian Creek Baptist Church, Brown 
County, Texas, 8 months; pastor, 
Salt Creek, Baptist Church, Brown 
County, Texas, 3 years; pastor, 
Steps Creek, Brown County, Texas, 
1 year; pastor, Antioch Baptist 
Church, 2' years; organizer, Baptist 
Church, Blanket, Tex., 1896; pastor, 
Zephyr Baptist Church, Brown 
County, Texas, 2 years; pastor, 
Mullin Baptist Church, Mills Coun- 
ty, Texas, 2 years; mission work, 
Pecan Valley Association, 2 years; 


missionary, Brownwood, Tex., 2 
years; missionary, State Mission 
Board, Texas, Middle West, Texas, 
3% years; mission work, Lampasas 
Association, Texas, 4 years; (8 Bap- 
tist Churches, built and paid for); 
mission work, Salada Association, 
Texas, 4 years; missionary, Cole- 
man County, Texas, 1 year; mis- 
sion work, Falls County Associa- 
tion, Texas, 2 years; mission work, 
Salasa Association, Texas, 1 year; 
mission work, Wilbarger and Ford 
Associations, Texas, 2 years; mis- 
sion work, Southern Panhandle As- 
sociation, Texas, 1 year; mission 
work, Red Fork Association, Texas, 
5 years; Sunday School work, 1929 
to date. Address: Brownwood, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, 
Africa; born, Birmingham, Ala., 
Nov. 26, 1891; education, Judson 
College, three years, W. M. U. 
Training School, 1916; married W. 
H. Carson, Sept. 16, 1914; appointed 
Dec. 19, 1918; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, 
Africa; born, Sheffield, Ala., Dec. 
27, 1887; education, Howard Col- 
lege, A.B., 1914, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1917; 
appointed Dec. 19, 1918; Boys' 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Halls, Tenn.; born, Athens, Ala., 
Apr. 29, 1892; son of Martha E. 
Quails of Athens, Ala., and Edmund 
Carter of Decatur, Ala.; education, 
A.B., Union University, Th.B., B. 
B.I.; ordained, December 6, 1922; 
married Alice lone Allen of Jack- 
son, Tenn., July 28, 1919, daughter 
of A. H. and Alice F. Allen; child- 
ren, Marjorie H., Martha A.; man- 
ager, South China Christian 
Book Co., Canton, China, 1924-1927; 
pastor, Central Baptist Church, Mc- 
Comb, Miss., 1928-1931; pastor, Ly- 

on Baptist Church, Lyon, Miss., 
1932-1934; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Halls, Tenn., 1934 to date; 
Sergt., Medical Dept., 167th Inf., 
1917-1919, England, France, Bel- 
gium, Luxembourg and Germany; 
trustee, Mississippi Baptist Orphan- 
age, 1933; clerk, Riverside Associa- 
tion, Mississippi, 1932-1933; clerk, 
Dyer County Association, Tennes- 
see, 1934-1935; Rainbow Division 
Veterans, American Legion, 40 and 
8, Mason, 0. E. S., Exchange Club. 
Address: Halls, Tenn. 


Pastor, Felix Memorial Baptist 
Church, Lexington, Ky. ; born, Bun- 
comb County, North Carolina, Oct. 
8, 1894; son of Nannie E. Garren 
of Fletcher, N. C, and Leonard P. 
Carter of Hendersonville, N. C; 
education, Fruitland Institute, 
Moody Bible Institute, Carson- 
Newman College, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving A. 
B. and Th.M. degrees; ordained 
August, 1924; married Mary Grace 
Wells of Forest City, N. C, Aug. 
28, 1923, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John L. Wells; children, Betty 
Rae, Mary Jo; evangelistic singer, 
Home Mission Board, 6 years; pas- 
tor. Forest Hill Baptist Church, 
Newport, Tenn., 2 years; associate 
pastor, West Broadway Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 1 year; 
pastor, Ormsby Avenue Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 7 years; 
pastor, Felix Memorial Baptist 
Church, Lexington, Ky., 1935 to 
date; secretary, Long Run Board, 
Louisville, Ky., 3 years; State Mis- 
sion Board, Kentucky, 3 years; au- 
thor: "Warming by the Enemy's 
Fire"; home: 248 Campsie Pla:e, 
Lexington, Ky. ; office: Felix Me- 
morial Baptist Church, Lexington, 


Dean and Professor, Bible and 
Ancient Languages, Clarke College, 
and pastor, Liberty and Midway 
Churches, Newton Co., Miss.; born. 
Cherry Creek. Mississippi, Feb. 10, 
1888; son of Ida May Plehn Carter 



of Coring, Kans., and J. T. Carter 
of Cedar Grove, Ind.; education, 
Mississippi Heights Academy, Miss- 
issippi College, Southwestern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Mercer 
University and University of Du- 
buque, receiving A.B., Th.M., A.M., 
Th.D., and Ph.D. degrees; ordained 
June, 1912; married Mattie Mae 
George of Mantee, Miss., Sept. 7, 
1916, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. 
T. George; children, John Thomas 
and Henry Sproles; pastor, Man- 
tee, Miss., and Woodland, Miss., 2 
years; professor, Clarke College, 10 
years; president, Clarke College, 4 
years; professor, Mercer University, 
2 years; professor, Bessie Tift Col- 
lege, 1 year; professor, Carson- 
Newman College, 1 year; Mississip- 
pi Board of Ministerial Education, 
1920-1923, 1929-1934; vice president, 
Mississippi Bapt. State Convention, 
1920. Address: Newton, Miss. 


Director of Voice, Carson-New- 
man Col., Jefferson City, Tenn.; 
born, Sevier Co., Tenn., May 17, 
1892; son of Harriet Kirby and Jas. 
A. Carter of Sevier Co., Tenn.; edu- 
cation, Chicago Musical Col., receiv- 
ing B. Mus. Ed.; married Iva E. 
Pickle of Knoxville, Tenn., June 14, 
1915, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. 
G. Pickle; children, Clyde, Alice, 
Bud and Jean Ann; work: teacher, 
public schools, Tenn., 3 yrs.; evan- 
gelistic singer, 5 yrs.; teacher of 
voice in Chicago, 9 yrs.; Dir., Music, 
and soloist, Chicago churches, 9 
yrs.; First Ch., Knoxville, Tenn., 
1Y-2 yrs.; voice, Carson-Newman 
Col., 6 yrs. Address: Jefferson City, 



Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Louisville, Ky., Nov. 
12, 1905; education, Averett' Col- 
lege, Westhampton College, A.B.; 
married George iCarver, Sept. 7, 
1928; appointed on field, Dec. 14, 
1933; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Louisville, Ky., July 
6, 1904; education, Yale College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; appointed on field Dec. 14, 
1933; educational work. 


Professor, Comparative Religion 
and Missions, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Louisville, 
Ky. ; born, Wilson County, Tennes- 
see, April 10, 1868; son of Almeda 
Adaline Buckley of Hermitage, 
Tenn., and Alexander Jefferson 
Carver of Wilson County, Tennes- 
see; education, Richmond College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving M.A., Th.M., Th.D., 
D.D. (3), LL.D. (2); ordained, New 
Hope Baptist Church, Hermitage, 
Tenn., Dec. 25, 1891; married Alice 
Hughes Shepard of Gladeville, 
Tenn., Dec. 29, 1897, daughter of 
Rev. Col. and Mrs. (Major) S. G. 
Shepard; children, Ruth (Mrs. E. 
Norfleet Gardner), Dum, N. C, Wil- 
liam Owen, Jr., Janes Edward, New 
York City, George Alexander, 
Shanghai, China; Dorothy Shepard, 
Tokyo, Japan; Alice (Mrs. Maurice 
B. Cramer), Smith Hadley, Mass.; 
pastor, Caroline County, Virginia, 
2 years; pastor, Hermitage, Tenn., 
1% years; pastor, Christian Coun- 
ty, Kentucky, 3 years; pastor, 
Deatsville, Ky., 11 years; professor, 
Ancient Languages and Philosophy, 
Bacone College, Nashville, Tenn., 
1893-1895; instructor and assistant 
and associate professor, New Tes- 
tament Interpretation, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1896- 
1922; professor and organizer of 
chair of Comparative Religion and 
Missions, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1899 to date; Ken- 
tucky State Board of Missions, 
1906-1907; Southern Baptist com- 
mittees; Norton lecturer, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1933- 
1934; author: "The Rediscovery of 
the Spirit," "The Furtherance of 
the Gospel"; charter member, Bap- 



tist Tau Club, Phi Beta Kappa; ed- 
itor, "Review and Expireter," 1902, 
review editor to 1920, managing 
editor, 1920 to date. Home: 403 
Pleasant View Ave., Louisville, Ky.; 
office: 2825 Lexington Road, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Ch., Benton, Ky.; 
born, Marshall Co., Ky., June 10, 
1854; son of J. H. and Armelia W. 
Castleberry; education, common 
school; ordained, Jan. 14, 1883; 
married Sarah J. Prizzelle, Oct. 7, 
1875, daughter of Robt. R. and 
Sarah Jane Frizzelle; children, 
Andrew, Lloyd, Alberta, William, 
Clinton, James, Arthur, Robt. E., 
Louis M., Gerta, Lee and Galen S.; 
has served 28 churches; his longer 
pastorates were: Chapel Hill, 11 
yrs.; Bethany, 7 yrs.; Puryear, Ha- 
zel and Locust Grove, 6 yrs.; Lone 
Oak, 2 yrs.; Clarks River, 6 yrs., 
Murray, Benton, Gilbertsville, Cal- 
vert City, New Harmony, New 
Bethel, Elm Grove, 25 yrs., and 
Sinking Springs, 30^ yrs.; Mod., 
Blood River Assn., 24 yrs., and 
Chnin. of Dist. Bd. of Blood River 
Assn., 14 yrs. Address: R. F. D. 
No. 2, Benton, Ky. 


Dean and professor of Philoso- 
phy, Carson-Newman College, Jef- 
ferson City, Tenn.; born, Jefferson 
County, Tennessee, July 9, 1890; 
son of Malinda Douglass and E. 
Bain Cate of Jefferson County, 
Tennessee; education, B.A., Carson- 
Newman College, Th.B., and Th.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Th.M., Crozer Seminary, M.A., 
Pennsylvania University; ordained 
Jan. 12, 1921; married Leola B. 
McDonald of Chattanooga, Tenn., 
June 18, 1924, daughter of Thomas 
C. and Cassie L. Stockberger Mc- 
Donald; children, Glenn McDonald, 
Sara Arline, James Douglass, Anne 
Laurel; teacher, rural schools, Jef- 
ferson County, and Knox County, 
Tennessee, 1910-1914; teacher, 
High School, Coke and Knox Coun- 
ties, 1916-1917; enlisted, U. S. Army, 

1918; salesman, Lumber Company, 
Birmingham, Ala., 1919-1920; pas- 
tor, Kentucky and Pennsylvania; 
organized the Riverdale Baptist 
Church, Knox, Tenn., 1923, pastor, 

8 years; professor, Philosophy and 
Economics, Carson-Newman College, 
1924, dean and professor of Philoso- 
phy, and associate in Bible, 192o to 
date; Chmn., Credits Com., Disci- 
pline Com., Carson-Newman Col.; 
Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner; 
held a commission as chaplain in 
Officers' Reserve Corps, U. S. Ar- 
my; chaplain, Reserve Officers' 
Corps, Department of Tenn.; com- 
mander, local post, American Le- 
gion. Address: Jefferson City, 


Farmer and preacher to country 
churches, De Funiak Springs, Fla.; 
born, Pleasant Hill, Ala., July 31, 
1863; son of Adeline Rebecca Suny- 
lon and Capt. Samuel Walker Catts; 
education, Politec Academy, How- 
ard College, and LL.B., Cumberland 
University; ordained, Aug. 10, 1885, 
Pleasant Hill, Dallas County, Ala,; 
married Alice May Campbell of 
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 18, 1883, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. 
Campbell; children, Edward Doug- 
las, Greenville, Fla., Ruth, Mrs. 
Bessie Pudenck, Jacksonville, Fla., 
Sidney, Jr., Palm Beach, Fla.. 
Waites Jay (deceased), Row Put- 
nay (deceased), Amattay Brown, 
Jacksonville, Fla.; pastor, Mt. Gil- 
lead, Shiloh Baptist Church, Dal- 
las County, and Lowrey County, 
Alabama; pastor, Ft. Deports, Ala., 

9 years; pastor, Tuskeegee, Ala., 9 
years; pastor, De Funiak Springs, 
Fla., 4 years; war governor of 
Florida, 1917-192-1. Address: De 
Funiak Springs, Fla. 


Pastor, Zwolle Baptist Church, 
Zwolle, La.; born, Liberty, Miss., 
March 26, 1905; son of Lois Lavisa 
Nelson and Martin Trantham 
Causey; education, B.A., Mississippi 
College, 1926; Th.M. (1931) and 
Th.D. (1933), Baptist Bible Insti- 



tute; ordained, Clinton, Miss., Dec. 
17, 1924; married Emma Mae Mc- 
Cawley of Atmore, Ala., June 21, 
1932, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. 
L. McCawley; children, Carol Mae; 
pastor, Gentilly Baptist Church, 
New Orleans, La., 6 years; pastor-, 
Zwolle Baptist Church since Janu- 
ary, 1935; moderator, North Sabine 
Association; member, State Promo- 
tion Committee; Mason. Address: 
Zwolle, La. 


Pastor, Polytechnic Church, Ft. 
Worth, Tex.; born, Huntsville, Tex., 
Dec. 20, 1909; son of Maude Baker 
and J. S. Cauthen; education, S. F. 

A. State Teachers' Col. (A.B.), Bay- 
lor Univ. (M.A.), Southwestern 
Sem. (Th.M.); ordained March 24, 
1927; married Eloise Glass, May 20, 
1934, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. 

B. Glass of Hwanghsien, Shantung, 
China; work: student pastorates, 
Nov., 1926-33; Polytechnic Ch. 
since 1933; member, Ft. Worth Ro- 
tary Club. Home Address: 905 
Haynes, Ft. Worth, Tex. 


Pastor, Fredericksburg Church, 
Va. ; born, West Virginia, Aug. 2, 
1894; son of Sarah Elizabeth 
Bishop and Robert Jay Caverlee; 
education, G.A., D.D., Univ. of Rich- 
mond, Va., Th.B., Th.M., Southern 
Sem.; ordained Feb., 1914; married 
Lillian Irene Warren, Dec. 25, 1918, 
daughter of Mary Alene Pancake 
and Virgil J. Warren; children, 
Mary Eloise, Carolyn Elizabeth, 
Barbara June; pastor, Walnut Hills 
Ch., Huntington, West Va., 1914-15; 
Fairmount Ave. Ch., Richmond, Va., 
1917-21; Crestwood Ch., Louisville, 
Ky., 1921-24; First Ch., Logan, West 
Va., 1924-32; Fredericksburg Ch., 
Va., since 1932; denominational: 
Pres., W. Va. State Conv., 2 yrs. ; 
Pres., Bd. of Trustees, Alderson 
Broadus Col.; Vice Pres., Alderson, 
Jr. Col.; Educational Comm., W. 
Va. Bapt. Conv.; Pres., W. Va. Sum- 
mer Assembly, 4 yrs.; Bd. of Trus- 
tees, Bapt. Hosp., Lynchburg, Va.; 
Mason, Knight Templar, Rotary; 

Prof., Bible, State Teachers Col., 
Fredericksburg, Va.; Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha. Address: 
1111 Princess Anne St., Fredericks- 
burg, Va. 


President, San Marcos Baptist 
Academy, San Marcos, Tex.; born, 
Snyder, Tex., July 2, 1904; son of 
Kate Virginia Buchanan of Virgin- 
ia, and William McCarey Cavness of 
Arkansas; education, B.A., San 
Marcos State Teachers College, 
M.A., Texas University; married 
Maurine Sweeten of Rocksprings, 
Tex., May 22, 1926, daughter of 
Franklin D. and Nona Sweeten; 
children, Ramona Maurine, Vir- 
ginia Ruth, Raymond Lattimore; 
teacher, Spanish and athletic coach, 
Donna Public Schools, Donna, Tex., 
1921-1923; teacher, Spanish and 
English, Demonstration School, San 
Marcos State Teachers College, 1924- 
1925; superintendent, Public 
Schools, Weimar, Tex., 1925-1927; 
instructor, Spanish, Southwest Tex- 
as Teachers College, 1927-1931; 
president, San Marcos Baptist 
Academy, 5 years; treasurer, San 
Marcos Baptist Association; Execu- 
tive Board, District 6, Baptist 
General Convention; Board of Di- 
rectors, San Marcos Chamber of 
Commerce; Rotary. Address: San 
Marcos Academy, San Marcos, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Cor- 
pus Christi, Tex.; born, Vancouver, 
B. C, Canada, Aug. 17, 1898; son 
of Minnie Maclntyre of Ontario, 
Canada, and Richard Cawker of 
Cornwall, England; education, A.B., 
Baylor University, Th.B., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained February, 1920; 
married Leta Nicholson of Green- 
ville, Tex., Sept. 4, 1921, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholson; 
children, Richard Orville, Ann Caro- 
lyn; pastor, Third Street Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex., 1925-1928; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, 
Tex., 1928-1933; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Corpus Christi, Tex., 



1933 to date; Executive Board, Bap- 
tist General Convention, Texas; 
Board of Trustees, Texas Baptist 
Encampment; Kiwanis; chairman, 
Gulf Coast Area, Boy Scouts Fi- 
nance Committee. Home: 12'40 
Third St., Corpus Christi, Tex.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Corpus 
Christi, Tex. 


Pastor, Highland Baptist Church, 
Shreveport, La.; born, Opp, Ala., 
March 23, 1894; son of Julia Gar- 
rett and M. G. Caylor; education, 
Howard Col., A.B. of 0. B. U., A.M. 
of Alabama Univ., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; assistant pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1920- 
1923; instructor, John C. Townes 
Bible Chair, Texas University, 1923- 
1924; education director, First Bap- 
tist Church, Oklahoma City, Okla., 
1924-1925; secretary, Student De- 
partment, Baptist General Conven- 
tion, Texas, 1926-1932; president, 
Burleson College, 1927-1930; asso- 
ciate pastor, Broadway Baptist 
Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1932-1933; 
pastor, Highland Baptist Church, 
Shreveport, La., 1933 to date; au- 
thor: "Baptist Student Union Or- 
ganization Plan, Brochure," "Lesson 
Notes for Young People," Sunday 
School Young People and Adult 
Magazine, 1928-33. Address: 520 
Olive St., Shreveport, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Coleman, Texas, Feb. 
17, 1885; education, Howard Payne 
College, Simmons College, W. M. U. 
Training School, 1913; Bapt. San., 
Tex.; appointed July 8, 1913; mar- 
ried Dr. R. E. Chambers, Oct. 24, 
1918; literary work. 


President, Bessie Tift. College, 
Forsyth, Ga.; born, Canton, Ga., 
Dec. 3, 1S69; son of Malinda Rob- 
ertson and George W. Chamlee of 
Canton, Ga.; education, A.B., Mer- 

cer Univ.; Th.G., Southern Sem., 
D.D. ; ordained Dec. 28, 1892; mar- 
ried Mamie Beck of Tennille, Ga., 
Sept. 6, 1898, daughter of Mamie 
Louise King and T. J. Beck; chil- 
dren, Mary Beck, deceased; pastor, 
Sandersville, Jan. 1, 1898-Dec. 31, 
1909; Forsyth, Ga., Jan. 1, 1909-Dec. 
31, 1913; Cartersville, Ga., Jan. 1, 
1914-Oct. 31, 1914; Hawkinsville, 
Ga., Nov. 1. 1914-July 1, 1922; Pres., 
Bessie Tift College, Forsyth, Ga., 
since 1922"; denominational: Mod., 
Washington Assn., 1908; clerk of 
Pulaski Assn., 2 yrs.; member, 
State Bd. of Missions, 1914-15; Vice 
Pres., Ga. Bapt. Conv., 1920; Asst. 
Sec, Ga. Bapt. Conv., 1905-08, 1915- 
17; trustee, Bessie Tift Col., 1917- 
19; Mason, Odd Fellow, Lions Club. 
Address: Bessie Tift Col., Forsyth, 


Pastor, Galilee Baptist Church, 
Louisiana; born, East Baton Rouge 
Parish, Louisiana, July 10, 1903; 
son of Theodthia Davis of St. 
Helena Parish, Louisiana, and 
James S. Chandler of East Baton 
Rouge Parish, Louisiana; educa- 
tion, Louisiana. College, Baptist Bi- 
ble Institute; ordained, Zoar Bap- 
tist Church, East Baton Rouge 
Parish, Louisiana, April 30, 1923; 
married Eva Leona Robards of 
Denham Springs, La., June 22, 
1933, daughter of James Marion and 
Katherine P. Robards; pastor, 
Sandy Creek Baptist Church, 1 
year; pastor, Galilee Baptist 
Church, La., 2 years; pastor, Beth- 
any Baptist Church, La., 2 years: 
pastor, Bluff Creek Baptist Church. 
La., 1 year; pastor, Hillsdale Bap- 
tist Church, La., 1 year; pastor, Dry 
Prong Baptist Church, La., 2 years: 
pastor, Grayson Baptist Church, 
La., 2 years; pastor, Castor Baptist 
Church, La., 1 year; pastor. Zim- 
merman Baptist Church, Louisiana. 
% year; pastor. Magnolia Baptist 
Church, 3 years; pastor, Salem 
Baptist Church, La., 1 year; pastor, 
Doyle Baptist Church. 6 years; pas- 
tor, Amite Baptist Church, La., 3 
years; pastor, Galilee Baptist 



Church, La., to date; Louisiana 
Baptist State Board, 1934-1935; 
moderator, East Louisiana Baptist 
Association, 3 years; vice president, 
Associational Sunday School, 2 
years; vice president, Associational 
B. T. U., 2 years. Address: Slaugh- 
ter, La. 


Pastor, Westhaven Baptist Church 
Portsmouth, Va.; born, Columbia, 
N. C, March 4, 1896; son of Addie 
Lois and Lorey Roger Chaplin of 
Columbia, N. C; B.A., Wake For- 
est College, M.A., Univ. of Penn- 
sylvania, B.D., Crozer Theological 
Seminary, Th.M., Berkeley Baptist 
Divinity School; ordained, Nov. 1, 
1923, Millville, N. J.; married Rosa 
Jones of Pantego, N. C, Sept. 19, 
1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Her- 
bert Jones; children, Jean Elaine; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Anglesea, N. 
J., 1921-1923; pastor, North Bap- 
tist Church, Millville, N. J., 1923- 
1925; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Shinnston, W. Va., 1925-1928; direc- 
tor, Religious Education, First 
Baptist Church, Berkeley, Calif., 
1929; pastor, Westhaven Baptist 
Church, Portsmouth, Va., 1930 to 
date; director, Sunday School and 
Young People's work, West Jersey 
Baptist Association, 1924-1925; as- 
sociation committees; contributor 
to newspapers and religious maga- 
zines; Kiwanis, Rotary. Address: 
King and Caroline Sts., Portsmouth, 


Pastor, Albuquerque Baptist Ch., 
Albuquerque, N. M.; born, Mt. Zion, 
Ky., Deo. 22, 1895; son of Minnie 
Bell Conrad and William Dudley 
Chapman, Ky. ; education, Carson- 
Newman Col., A.B., 1920; South- 
western Sem., Univ. of Tenn., post 
graduate, 1928; graduate, Japanese 
Language and Culture, Tokyo, 1924; 
ordained May 12, 1915; married 
Vecie Patience King, Houston, Tex., 
June 27, 1921, daughter of Mary 
Lewis and Elvis Wade King; chil- 
dren, J. Griffin Chapman, Jr., Valna 
Mae Chapman, Albuquerque, N. M.; 

work; pastor, Unity Ch. Dry Ridge, 
Ky., 1915-17; World War service, 
U. S. Army, 1917; pastor, First Ch., 
Jacksboro, Tenn., 1918-20; Sandflat 
Ch., Cleburne, Tex., 1920-21; mis- 
sionary to Japan, 1921-30; mission- 
ary to China, 1930-31; pastor, First 
Ch., Portales, N. M., 1932-35; pastor, 
Albuquerque, N. M., since 1935; de- 
nominational: Pres., Southwestern 
Sem. Alumni Assn. of N. M., 1932; 
Vice Mod., Portales Bapt. Assn., N. 
M., 1934-35; Chmn., Special Com. 
on Bapt. Hospital of N. M., 1934; 
member, Bapt. State Bd. of N. M., 
since 1934; author: -'Mr. Kuriya — 
My First Japanese Convert" (Bap- 
tist and Reflector), 1922; series of 
articles on Japan, Western Record- 
er, 1924; "Modern Buddhism" 
(Southwestern Evangel), 1927; 
"The Call of Japan," 1936; general: 
toured America and lectured on Ja- 
pan and the Far East, 1927-29; 
guest speaker, Ky. Bapt. Assembly, 
1930; Arizona Bapt. Assembly, 
1934; guest of the Emperor of Ja- 
pan, 1923; received official thanks 
of government of Japan for services 
rendered the cause of friendship 
and understanding between the peo- 
ples of America and Japan, 1934; 
received the official thanks of the 
government of Manchuko for serv- 
ices rendered the cause of world 
peace and a better understanding of 
problems of Far East, 1934; chap- 
lain, American Legion; member, 
Masonic Lodge. Home address: 21 
Chadwick Road; business address: 
1307 N. Fifth St., Albuquerque, 
N. M. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Van 
Buren, Ark.; born, Waco, Tex., Oct. 
8, 1896; son of E. F. and Nannie 
M. (Williams) Chastain; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, Th.M. and 
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Seminary; 
ordained, First Baptist Church, 
Waco, Tex.; married Bessie Naomi 
Belchamber of Muskogee, Okla., 
May 1, 1923, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. D. B. Belchamber; children, 
Bessie Louise and Oscar Jack, Jr.; 
State B. Y. P. U. Field Secretary, 



Texas, 1920-21; pastor, Petersburg, 
Ky., 1923-24; Wheatley, Ky., 1924- 
26; First Baptist Church, Monte- 
vallo, Ala., 1925-29; Wagoner, Okla., 
1929-33; First Baptist Church, Van 
Buren, since 1933; trustee, Central 
Baptist College, Conway, Ark.; sec- 
retary, Arkansas Southern Baptist 
Seminary Alumni Association. 
Home: 105 N. 13th St., Van Buren, 
Ark.; office: First Baptist Church. 


Pastor, First Church, Mart, Tex.; 
born, Torreon, Coahuila, Mex., June 
15, 1905; son of John Self Cheavens 
and Katherine Herndon Cheavens; 
education, B.A., Baylor Univ., Th. 
M., Southwestern Sem.; ordained, 
First Ch., Waco, Tex., 1928; mar- 
ried Lula Lee Fountain, 1929; 
Asst. pastor, Harlingen, Tex., 1927- 
2'8; pastor, New Baden, Tex., Crow- 
ley, Tex., 1929-31; Dir., Mission 
work, Good Will Center, San An- 
tonio, Tex., 1931-34; pastor, Frank- 
lin Ch., Franklin, Tex., 1935 r 36; 
pastor, First Ch., Mart, Tex., 1936 
to date. Address: Mart, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bristow, Okla.; born, Wewoka, 
Okla., March 11, 1904; son of Maggie 
(Almond) and Isaac Sidwell Cherry 
of Seminole, Okla.; education, 
Oklahoma Baptist University and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B. and Th. 
M. ; ordained, 1923, Immanuel Bap- 
tist Church, Shawnee, Okla.; mar- 
ried Virgie Viola Boatman of Dal- 
las, Tex., June 6, 1930, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Madison Boatman; 
children, Dena Lee and Bert Buck- 
ner; pastor, Rock Creek, Okla., 2 
years; pastor, Story, Okla., 3 years; 
pastor, Maysville, Okla., 5 years; 
pastor, Lindsay, Okla., 3 years and 
4 months; pastor, Bristow, Okla., 
1935 to date; Executive Board, 
Banner Association, 5 years; vice 
moderator, Banner Association, 2 
years; member, Executive Board, 
Chickasaw Union Association, 3 
years; vice moderator, Chickasaw 
Union Association, 1 year; author: 

"Commentary on Malachi"; Mason. 
Home: 303 E. 5th, Bristow, Okla.; 
office: Sixth and Chestnut, Bristow, 


Pastor, Harrisburg Baptist 
Church, Houston, Tex.; born, Luf- 
kin, Tex., Oct. 2', 1892; son of Ida 
Borden and Alfred Chesnutt of 
Homer, Tex.; education, A.M., 
Washington Missionary College, M. 
A., T. C. U., Texas University; or- 
dained, Pasadena, Tex., 1927; mar- 
ried Edith Milby of Edna, Tex., 
Jan. 28, daughter of Mrs. Lela Mil- 
by; children, Chlorita, Milby Bor- 
den; pastor, Pasadena Baptist 
Church, Tex., 1927; pastor, Harris- 
burg Baptist Church, Tex., 1928 to 
date. Address: 8117 Bangle St., 
Houston, Tex. 


Pastor, Ninth and O Church, 
Louisville, Ky. ; born, Orlando, Ky., 
1889; son of Nancy McGuire and 
James Childress ordained, 1910; 
married Nora Ballinger, 1907, 
daughter of Lucy and John Ballin- 
ger; independent evangelist, 1910- 
20; pastor, Brodhead, Ky., 1920-22; 
Waynesburg, Ky., 1922-25; Stamp- 
ing Ground, Ky., 1925-29; Lockland 
Ch., Cincinnati, 1929-32; 9th and O 
Ch., Louisville, Ky., since 1933; 
member, Bd. of Managers, Louis- 
ville Bapt. Children's Home; Ma- 
son, Jounion Order. Address: 2902 
Taylor Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Barbourville, Ky. ; born, Morgan, 
Ky., Sept. 21, 1905; son of Melinda 
Elizabeth Colvin and Ira C. Chiles; 
education, A.B., Georgetown Col- 
lege, 1929, Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Seminary, 1932, and has done 1^ 
years work on Ph.D. in seminary; 
ordained, June 8, 1924; married 
Elizabeth Mitchell, Georgetown, 
Ky., Oct. 8, 1928, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Vester Mitchell; pastor, 
Morgan Baptist Church, Morgan, 
Ky., 1925-26; First Baptist Church, 



Mentor, Ky., 1927-33; First Baptist 
Church, Barbourville, Ky., since 
Nov. 20, 1933; vice president, Clear 
Creek Baptist Encampment, Ky.; 
member, Kentucky Baptist State 
Board of Missions; Kentucky Bap- 
tist Ministers' Conference, and Ken- 
tucky Baptist Education Society; 
author: "A Call to Citizenship"; 
won first place in Kentucky Inter- 
collegiate Oratorical Contest in 
1927; member, Kiwanis Club, Free 
and Accepted Masons, Independent 
Order of Odd Fellows. Home: 119 
Pine St.; office: corner, Main and 
High Streets, Barbourville, Ky. 


Pastor, Rogersville Baptist 
Church, Rogersville, Tenn.; born, 
Corryton, Tenn., Oct. 20, 1879; son 
of Cordelia Tarver and Noah H. 
Chiles of Corryton, Tenn.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Carson-Newman College, 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; ordained, Little Flat 
Creek Baptist Church, 1897; mar- 
ried Ollie V. Hale of Jefferson City, 
Tenn., June 2, 1904, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hale; children, 
Walter H., Columbia, S. C; John 
R., " Jr., Kingsport, Tenn.; Julia 
Rachel, Mary Carolyn, Carson- 
Newman College, Hansel and Henry 
(deceased); pastor, Blackville Bap- 
tist Church, Blackville, S. C, 1 
year; pastor, LaFollette, Tenn., 14 
months; pastor, Jonesboro, Tenn., 
3 years; pastor, First Ch., Johnson 
City, Tenn., 13 months; supply 
pastor, Yoakum, Tex., 3 months; 
pastor, Keene, Ky., 3y 2 years; pas- 
tor, Rogersville, Tenn., 21 years to 
date; mission work in surrounding 
country places Sunday afternoons 
at own charges; one church thus 
organized and house of worship 
built; another mission house just 
completed (1936); member, Tenn. 
State Mission Board, 18 years; 
member of no clubs and no lodges; 
church offers full outlet for time, 
energy and means; clerk, Holston 
Valley Association, 6 years; con- 
tributed articles to Western Record- 
er, Baptist Courier, Religious Her- 
ald, Home and Foreign Fields, Bap- 

tist and Reflector; winner, article 
on "The Undeveloped Resources of 
East Tennessee." Address: Rog- 
ersville, Tenn. 


Pastor, Benton Boulevard Church, 
Kansas City, Mo.; born, May 4, 1899, 
Ky. ; son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. 
Chism; education, Bethel Col., Har- 
dusburg Normal, Southern Sem., 
and Moody Bible Inst., receiving 
A.B. and Th.G. degrees; ordained, 
1918; married Inez Dell Bennett, 
1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
F. Bennett; children, Donald, 
Dorothy, Dean, Martha Jean; pas- 
tor, Ky., 14 yrs.; pastor, Ind., 2 
yrs.; pastor, Mo., 2 yrs.; Dist. mis- 
sionary, 3 yrs. Home: 3015 Askew 
Ave.; office: 25th and Benton Blvd., 
Kansas City, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Campos, Bra- 
zil; born, Taylor County, Kentucky, 
Oct. 23, 1876; education, William 
Jewell College, four years; Ottawa 
University, 1904, Newton Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1907; appointed June 
19, 1907; evangelistic and Educa- 
tional Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Campos, Bra- 
zil; born, McDonald County, Mis- 
souri, Mar. 3, 1880; education, Coop- 
er College and State Normal; ap- 
pointed Aug. 20, 1907; married A. 
B. Christie, 1907; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Tal- 
lahassee, Fla.; born, Halifax Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, Feb. 3, 1873; 
son of Martha Barfield and Thomas 
Hervey Christie; education, D.D., 
Richmond University, Central Insti- 
tute, Trinity College (now Duke 
University) ; ordained, Feb. 11, 
1898; married Blanche Wilson of 
Perquimans County, North Caro- 
lina, June 21, 1899; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. C. Wilson; children, 
Mary (Mrs. T. M. Forbes), Atlanta, 
Ga., James Thomas, Concord, Ga.; 



pastor, Spurgeon Memorial, Norfolk, 
Va., 2 years; pastor, Windsor, Va., 
2 years; pastor, Valdosta, Ga., 7 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Columbus, Ga., 8 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Savannah, 
Ga., 4 years; pastor First Baptist 
Church, Meridian, Miss., 4 years; 
pastor, Ponce de Leon Baptist 
Church, Atlanta, Ga., 7 years; pas- 
tor, Fourth Avenue Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 2 years; pastor 
First Baptist Church, Tallahassee, 
Fla., 1935 to date; Foreign Mission 
Board; Home Mission Board; Sun- 
day School Board, at different 
times; Executive Board, Georgia 
Baptist Convention; trustee, Sem- 
inary, Shorter College, Monroe Fe- 
male College; president, Home Mis- 
sion Board, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention; president, Christian Coun- 
cil of Atlanta, Ga.; Mason, Knight 
Templar, Shriner, Kiwanis, Rotary. 
Address: 108 College Ave., Talla- 
hassee, Fla. 


Instructor in Biology, William 
Jewell College, Liberty, Mo.; born, 
Lawrence, Kans., Nov. 14, 1907, 
daughter of Lillian Simmons and 
Whitman A. Churchill of Lawrence, 
Kans.; education, A.B., Kansas Uni- 
versity, Chicago University, Michi- 
gan University; instructor and li- 
brarian, Will Mayfield College, 
Marble Hill, Mo.; secretary to presi- 
dent and dean, William Jewell Col- 
lege, 1930-1931; instructor in Biolo- 
gy, William Jewell College, 1931 to 
date; Business and Professional 
Women's Club; American Associa- 
tion of University Women; Ameri- 
can Association of University Pro- 
fessors; Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Ep- 
silon; Alpha Kappa Delta; Missouri 
Academy of Science. Home: 1210 
Ohio St., Lawrence, Kans.; office: 
William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Kos- 
ciusko, Miss.; born, Anderson Coun- 
ty, Kentucky, Oct. 1, 1864; son of 
Elizabeth F. McGaughey of Ander- 
son County, Kentucky, and William 

Christopher Cinnamond of Shelby 
County, Kentucky; education, Th.G., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Morganfield Bap- 
tist Church, Morganfield, Ky. ; mar- 
ried, Ora Givens of Morganfield, 
Ky., daughter of Thos. R. and 
Frances Givens; children, Verlie 
(Mrs. H. R. Tucker, deceased), Eu- 
dina (Mrs. T. E. Fisher), Horn 
Lake, Miss.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Senatobia, Miss., 10% 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Kosciusko, Miss., 18 years to date; 
trustee, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; Convention Board, 
Mississippi Baptist Convention; 
moderator, Kosciusko District As- 
sociation; president, Kosciusko Pas- 
tors Association; Mason. Address: 
Kosciusko, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Kingsville, Tex.; born, Hermanville, 
Miss., Mar. 20, 1882; son of Roberta 
Trim and John Wesley Clark of 
Hermanville, Miss.; education, Th. 
B., Mississippi College; ordained, 
Hermanville, Miss., 1903; married 
Annie Roe Jackson of Clinton, La., 
Oct. 10, 1907, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. I. L. Jackson; children, Es- 
telle (Mrs. Jack Wayne), Cuero, 
Tex., Camille, Archer, Jack; pastor, 
Carpenter, Miss., 1903-1905; pastor, 
Centerville, Miss., 1904-1909; pastor, 
Hammond, La., 1909-1912; pastor, 
Amite, La., 1912; pastor, Grosbeck, 
Tex., 1912-1913; pastor, Northom, 
Tex., 1913; pastor, Kenedy, Tex., 
1914-1915; pastor, Beeville, Tex., 
1915-1916; pastor Biloxi, Miss., 1916- 
1917; pastor, Beeville, Tex., 1917- 
1918; pastor, Kingsville, Tex., 1918- 
1926; pastor, Cuero, Tex., 1926-1931; 
pastor, Kingsville, Tex., 1931 to 
date; moderator, Corpus Christi As- 
sociation, Texas, 1921-1922; corre- 
sponding secretary, Goundalupe As- 
sociation, Texas, 1927-1928; contrib- 
utor. Church Management and Bap- 
tist Standard; Mason, Odd Fellow, 
K. of K, Boy Scout Council, Red 
Cross committees, etc. Address: 
Kingsville, Tex. 




Chaplain, Civilian Conservation 
Corps Camps, Huntsville, Ala.; 
born, Alexandria, La., May 11, 
1895, son of Laura C. Taylor, 
Farmerville, La., and Benjamin 
Charles Clark, Ga. ; education, 
B.A., Louisiana College, Pineville, 
La.; Th.D., Bapt. Bible Inst.; or- 
dained, Calvary Bapt. Ch., Alexan- 
dria, La., 1924; married Mary W. 
Greer, Pine Prairie, La., July, 1921, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. 
Greer; children, Charles Baron, 
age 12, Mary Edna, age 4, John 
Byron, age 2; work: pastor of the 
following churches : Friendship, 
Holton, La., 1924-25;- Broussard 
Grove, Hobart, La., 1924-25; First, 
Georgetown, La., 1926-27; Poland, 
La., 1926-27; First, Pass Christian, 
Miss., 1927-28; Central, New Or- 
leans, La., 1928-33; Oak Grove, Ba- 
ton Rouge, La., 1934; evangelistic, 
missionary and denominational 
work of general nature in 1935; de- 
nominational: Chmn., New Orleans 
Bapt. Assn., 1929-31; Pres., Exec. 
Bd., New Orleans Bapt. Assn., 1929- 
31; Pres., New Orleans Bapt. Pas- 
tors' Conf., 1930; member, Exec. 
Bd., La. Bapt. Conv., 1930-33, 1934- 
35; member, Bd. of Trustees, La. 
Col., 1932-34; general: World" War 
Veteran; member, Chaplains' Assn. 
of the U. S. Address: Huntsville, 


Pastor, Highland Park Baptist 
Church, Chattanooga, Tenn.; born, 
Cuthbert, Ga., Oct. 24, 1887; son of 
Abi Morris and Adoniram Judson 
Clark; education, A.B., Mercer Uni- 
versity, Th.M. and D.D., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, June, 1908; married Nell 
Jarman of Lascassas, Tenn., May 
1, 1917, daughter of Rufus E. and 
Elizabeth Baird Jarman; children, 
Elizabeth Baird, Clarence Ford, Jr., 
Georgia State Mission Field Work- 
er, 1908; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Perry, Ga., 1910-1911; pas- 
tor, Whigham, Ga., and Colquitt, 
Ga., 1911-1912; pastor, Oglethorpe, 
Ga., and Pinehurst, Ga., 1912-1913; 

pastor, First Baptist Church, Monte- 
zuma, Ga., 1913-1916; pastor, Jud- 
son Memorial Baptist Church, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., 1916-1923; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Cleveland, Tenn., 
1923-1928; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Covington, Ky., 1928-1930; 
pastor, Highland Park Baptist 
Church, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1930 to 
date; trustee, Tennessee Baptist 
Orphanage, 1919-1923; Executive 
Board, Tennessee Baptist Conven- 
ton, 1920-1928, 1930 to date. Home: 
1905 Union Avenue, Chattanooga, 
Tenn.; office, Highland Park Bap- 
tist Church, Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Pastor, Chevy Chase Baptist 
Church, Washington, D. C. ; born, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 23, 1893; son 
of Clara Jane Drew and John David 
Clark of Hamilton, Can. ; education, 
A.B., A.M., Bucknell Univ., B.D., 
Colgate-Rochester Divinity School; 
ordained, May 29, 1917, Calvary 
Baptist Church, Towson, Md.; mar- 
ried Eva Gertrude Thayer of Brad- 
ford, Pa., Sept. 4, 1918, daughter of 
Gilbert and Gertrude Burton Thay- 
er; children, John Burton, Esther 
Virginia, Dorothy Jean, Helen Eliza- 
beth; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Churchville, N. Y., 1917-1918; Chap- 
lain 74th Artillery, Coast Artillery 
Corps, 1918-1919, overseas; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Pitman, N. 
J., 1919-1924; pastor, Chevy Chase 
Baptist Church, 1924 to date; in- 
structor, Psychology of Religion, 
"Old Testament Introduction," 
Howard University, 1928 to date; 
president, Ministerial Union, 1935; 
author, "Opening Blind Eyes" in 
"Prize Sermons, 1934;" Mason; 
Round Table International Lunch- 
eon Club; I. O. O. F.; Home: 3708 
Livingston St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C; office: Western Ave. and 
Belt Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


State agent, John Hancock Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Co., Maryland 
and D. C; born, Newtonsville, O., 
June 27, 1872'; son of Sarah An- 
shults Rondebush, and Benjamin 



Franklin Clark of Newtonsville, 0.; 
education, college; married Marie 
Breson de La Tour of Lynchburg, 
Va., Nov. 14, 1900, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Louis de La Tour; chil- 
dren. Ernest Judson, Jr., Aileen de 
La Tour (.Mrs. Joseph M. Gazzani, 
Jr.), Philadelphia, Pa., and Alicia 
Gilmer (Mrs. John R. Howland), 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Mutual Benefit 
Life Ins. Co., Cincinnati, 0., 1892; 
supervisor of agents, John Hancock 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., Ohio and 
West Virginia, 1894, and state agent 
same company, Maryland and D. C, 
1S97 to date; organizer, Baltimore 
Life Underwriters Association, 
1900; secretary and president, Na- 
tional Association of Life Under- 
writers, 1904-1907 and 1913-1919 re- 
spectively; receiver, United Surety 
Co., 1910-1925; one of founders of 
American College of Life Underwrit- 
ers, 1927; secretary American Col- 
lege of Life Underwriters; presi- 
dent, American College of Life Un- 
derwriters, 1928-1934; member, Eu- 
taw Place Baptist Church, Balti- 
more, Md., 1897 to date; chairman 
board trustees, Endowment and Mu- 
sic committees; deacon, Eutaw 
Place Baptist Church; author, vari- 
ous publications on Life Insurance; 
president Baltimore Criminal Jus- 
tice Commission, 1928-1933; former 
vice president, General National So- 
ciety, S. A. R.; former president, 
Md. Society, S. A. R., 1927-1929; first 
president, Ohio Society of Maryland, 
1910-1911; member, Maryland His-' 
torical Society; Maryland Society 
for Preservation of Antiquities; 
Scottish Rite, Knight Templar; Uni- 
versity, Maryland, Baltimore Coun- 
try and Merchants Clubs. Home: 211 
Highfield Road, Guilford, Bal- 
timore, Md.; office: 1039-1055 Cal- 
vert Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tokyo, Japan; 
born, Dougherty County, Georgia, 
July 4, 1867; educated, Mercer Uni- 
versity, two j'ears, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1898; ap- 

pointed Oct. 1, 1898; Evangelistic 


Pastor, Calvary, Bowling Green 
and other Baptist Churches, Va.; 
born near Gaffney, S. C, Feb. 21, 
1870; son of Orlando H. H. and 
Mary Sabry (Whelchel) Clary; edu- 
cation, B. Litt., Furman University 
and B.D., Colgate-Rochester Divin- 
ity School; ordained, Corinth Bap- 
tist Church, July 31, 1898; married 
Julia Wharton Jackson of Front 
Royal, Va., May 9, 1906, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph 
Jackson; children, Elizabeth Hunt- 
ingdon, Mary Jack and Amos Whar- 
ton; taught school and served as 
pastor at Neches and Omen, Tex. 
1898-1899; superintendent pastor 
Hollins, Va., 1902-1903; Front Roy 
al, Va., 1903-1906; Bristol, Va.-Tenn. 
1906-08; field editor, Religious Her 
aid, Richmond, Va., 1908-1909; pas 
tor Cambridge, Md., 1909-1913; pas 
tor, Saluda, S. C, 1913-1916; pas 
tor, Mt. Tabor, Washington, D. C 
1916-1920; pastor, Marshall, N. C 
1920-1922; pastor, Natural Bridge 
Va., 1922-1925; pastor, Calvary 
Bowling Green, Va., since 1925 
served on various committees in 
Virginia General Association; mem- 
ber, Board of Trustees of Baptist 
Orphanage, Salen, Va.; chairman, 
Executive committee, Hermon As- 
sociation, 6 years; moderator, Her- 
mon Association; author, "The 
Queen of Hearts — Mother," 3 un- 
published manuscripts, large vol- 
ume of newspaper articles, religious 
and secular; member, "Executive 
Committee, local Red Cross cap- 
ter; member, Advisory Committee, 
County FERA; clubs, Masonic Blue 
Lodge, Royal Arch Chapters. Home: 
Bowling Green, Va. 


Pastor, Orianna and Ohoopee 
Churches. Harrison, Ga.; born, 
Bartow. Ga.. June 4, 1S82, son of 
Belle Allen and L. B. Claxton, Bar- 
tow, Ga.; education, graduate of 
Mercer Univ.. A.B.; ordained June, 
1904; married Ethel Wood, Harri- 



son, Ga., Oct. 11, 1914, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. J. Wood; chil- 
dren, Jas. L., Jr., Washington, D. 
C, Miriam, Wade, Helen, Harrison, 
Ga.; work: pastor of the following 
churches: Edison, Ga., 3 yrs.; Al- 
bany, Ga., 2Vs yrs.; Claxton, Ga., 
3 yrs.; Cornelia, Ga., 2% yrs.; Horn- 
erville, Ga., 3 yrs.; Collins, Ga., 3 
yrs.; Harrison, Ga., 2 yrs.; denomi- 
national: Enlistment Field Worker 
under Ga. Bapt. Exec. Com., 2 yrs. 
Address: Harrison, Ga. 


Pastor, Acipco Baptist Church, 
Birmingham, Ala.; born, Franklin, 
Ga., Jan. 6, 1907; son of Lula Mae 
Alexander and Rev. L. N. Claxton 
of Anniston, Ala.; education, Col- 
lege Training; ordained, May 25, 

1928, First Baptist Church, Annis- 
ton, Ala.; married Mary Winfield 
Scott of Iron City, Ala., Mar. 16, 

1929, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. 
S. Scott; children, Nancy Carolyn, 
Billie Scott, William Gerald; pas- 
tor, Glen Addie Baptist Church, and 
Alexander Baptist Church, Annis- 
ton, Ala., 1928-1929; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Anniston, Ala., 
1929-1930; pastor, Acipco Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 1930 to 
date; chairman, State Mission Com- 
mittee, Birmingham Association; 
Mason. Address: 1809 31st Ave., 
N., Birmingham, Ala. 


Pastor, Warrenton, Ga.; born, 
Walton County, Georgia, Sept. 22, 
1897; son of Frances Prather and 
James Oliver Clegg of Monroe, Ga.; 
education, Locust Grove Institute, 
and Th.B., Mercer University; or- 
dained, May, 1923; married Mary 
Phillips of Macon, Ga., Aug. 25, 
1925, daughter of Ruth Crosland 
and James Phillips; children, James 
Lloyd, Jr., Charles Crosland; prin- 
cipal, Sylvania, Ga. High School, 
and pastor rural churches, Screven 
County, 2 years; pastor, Locust 
Grove and Hampton, Ga., 3% years; 
pastor, Warrenton, Ga., 6 years; 
executive committee, Georgia Bap- 
tist Convention; member, Budget 

Committee, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion; moderator, Kilpatrick Asso- 
ciation; Kiwanis Club, Mason. Ad- 
dress: Warrenton, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mission- 
ary, stationed at Kong Moon, 
China; born, Spartanburg, S. C, 
Feb. 24, 1889; educated, Winthrop 
Normal and Industrial School, 
Moody Bible Institute; appointed 
Sept. 14, 1915; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Sabinal, Tex.; born, Center, Tex., 
Oct. 24, 1898; son of Emma Frances 
Beasley and Thomas Jefferson 
Clements of Ozark, Ala.; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, and Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, Tabernacle 
Baptist Church, Waco, Tex., 1922; 
married Omie M. Scarborough of 
Lake Butler, Fla., Sept. 6, 1926; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
Scarborough; children, Willa Lee 
and Betty Jean; pastor, Merril- 
town, Tex., 1 year; pastor Althea, 
Tex., 6 mos. ; preached, Jones Hill 
School House, Moody, Texas, 1 year; 
Willow Grove, Moody, Tex., 2 years; 
Arcadia Park, Dallas, Tex., 3 years; 
pastor, Charleston, Ark., 4 years; 
pastor, Dilley, Tex., 3 years; pastor, 
Sabinal, Tex., 1934 to date; vice 
moderator, Rio Grande Association, 
1933; clerk-treasurer, Del Rio 
Uvalde Association, 1934-1936; 
treasurer, Alto Frio Encampment, 
1935; Mason, 0. E. S. Address: 
Sabinal, Tex. 


President, Judson Col., Marion, 
Ala.; born, Marlow, Ala., March 11, 
1895; son of Millicent Grove and 
W. I. Cleverdon of Summerdale, 
Ala.; education, M.C.T., 1922, Bapt. 
Bible Inst., Th.D., 1926 ibid, A.B., 
1925, Tulane Univ., M.A., 1928, ibid, 
graduate study, 1930-31, Yale Univ.; 
married Edna Childress of Foley, 
Ala., Apr. 3, 1915, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. B. Childress; children, 



Shirley Margaret, Leroy Childress, 
Annie Elizabeth ; work: instructor, 
Religious Education, Bapt. Bible 
Inst., 1922-24; Asst. Prof., Religious 
Education, Bapt. Bible Inst., 1924- 
25; head, Dept. Religious Educa- 
tion, Bapt. Bible Inst., 1925-29; pas- 
tor, Calvary Ch., Alexander, La., 
1929-30; Calvary Ch., New Haven, 
Conn. (interim-pastor), 1930-31; 
Pres., Judson Col., 1931- ; de- 
nominational: member, Southern 
Bapt. Education Commn. Address: 
Marion, Ala. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Jerusalem, 
Palestine; born, Russia, Aug. 11, 
1894; education, Askaloosa, Iowa 
Methodist Nurses' Training School; 
converted under preaching of Dr. 
A. C. Dixon; joined Baptist Church, 
June 29, 1924; appointed Nov. 11, 
1927; Evangelistic Work. 


District missionary, Waco, Tex.; 
born, Kaufman, Tex., June 28, 1889; 
son of Mary Francis Booth and 
John K. Cloyd of Somerville, Tenn.; 
education, A.B., Baylor University 
and Th.M., Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
1915; married Eva Quindlen of 
Edgewood, Tex., June 11, 1913, 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. M. A. 
Quindlen; children, James K., and 
Virgil M.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Hereford, Tex., 1927-1934; 
district missionary, District 14, 
Texas, 1934 to date; trustee, Way- 
land Col.; member, Exec. Bd., Tex- 
as Baptist General Convention. Ad- 
dress: 1806 S. 8th St., Waco, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Statesboro, Ga. ; born, Dallas, Ga., 
Oct. 20, 1895; son of Alice Robbins 
and John Thomas Coalson of Dal- 
las, Ga:; education, A.B., and A.M., 
Mercer University; ordained, Aug- 
ust, 1917, County Line Baptist 
Church, Rockmart, Ga. ; married, 
Rena Peck of Lithia Springs, Ga., 
Feb. 8, 1920, daughter of John Mar- 

ion and Leonora Rambo Peck; 
children, Leonora Annelle, and 
Carolyn DeLynn; assistant, Public 
Speaking Department, Mercer Uni- 
versity, 1924-1925; pastor, Wadley 
Baptist Church, Wadley, Ga., 1925- 
1933; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Statesboro, 1933 to date; executive 
committee, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1932 to date; moderator, Ogee- 
chee R. Baptist Association, 1933 
to date; Mason. Address: 110 N. 
Main St., Statesboro, Ga. 


Secretary, South Carolina Educa- 
tion Association; born, Cross 
Hill, Laurens County, South Caro- 
lina, July 17, 1888; son of Myra 
Cox and Wm. Coates of Cross Hill, 
S. C; education, University of 
South Carolina, and Peabody Col- 
lege, receiving A.B. and A.M. de- 
grees; married Bess F. Madden of 
Laurens County, Dec. 22, 1912, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney 
Madden; children, Myra Elizabeth; 
superintendent, Fort Mill Schools, 
1913-1915; superintendent, Beaufort 
Schools, 1915-1917; superintendent, 
Seneca Schools, 1917-1925; secretary 
South Carolina Education Asso- 
ciation, 1925 to date; instructor, 
Furman University summer schools, 
1922-1923, Winthrop College, sum- 
mer schools, 1924-1926, and Lime- 
stone College summer school, 1933; 
superintendent Sunday School, Sen- 
eca, S. C; superintendent Sunday 
School, First Baptist Church, Co- 
lumbia, S. C; chairman, Board Dea- 
cons, First Baptist Church, Colum- 
bia, S. C; chairman, Finance Com- 
mittee, First Baptist Church, Co- 
lumbia, S. C. ; president, South Car- 
olina Bapt. Sunday S:hool Conven- 
tion; Phi Sigma Sigma. Kappa Phi 
Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa. Home: 
107 Southwood Rd.; office: 1218 
Senate St., Columbia, S. C. 


Pastor, Green Street Baptist 
Church, Spartanburg, S. C; born, 
Abbeville County, South Carolina; 
Sept. 14, 1884; son of F. E. Whit- 
ley and W. H. Cobb; education, N. 



Greenville Academy, and Purman 
University; ordained, June 30, 
1912; married Willie C. Sprouse of 
Waynesboro, Ga., Aug. 3, 1903, 
daughter of W. T. and Nellie 
Sprouse; children, Allice Grace, 
Rev. James H.; pastor, Dunean Bap- 
tist Church, Greenville, S. C, 1914- 
1922; pastor, Green St. Baptist 
Church, Spartanburg, S. C, 1922- 
1926; pastor, Brandon, N. C, Green- 
ville, S. C, 1926-1929; pastor, Green 
Street Baptist Church, Spartanburg, 
S. C, 1929 to date; (built $55,400, 
$12,740 churches) evangelist; mem- 
ber, General Board, Baptist State 
Convention, South Carolina; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee, North 
Spartan Association, Spartanburg, 
S. C. Address: Spartanburg, S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chickamauga, Ga. ; born, Dublin, 
Ga., Oct. 22, 1895; son of Rebecca 
Vason and B. F. Cochran of Albany, 
Ga. ; education, Moody Bible Inst., 
1917, A.B., Mercer Univ., 1920, Th. 
M., 1922, and Th.D., 1924, Southern 
Sem.; ordained May, 1918; married 
Dorothy Perry of Dublin, Ga., June, 
1921, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. 
Perry; pastor, Bethel Ch., Ebenezer 
Assn., Ga., 1917-1919; Geneva, Ga., 
1918-1920; Bethsaida Ch., Laurens, 
Assn., Ga., 1919-1920; Emanual 
Ch., Jeffersonville, Ind., 1920-1922; 
S. S. Sec, Roanoke Assn., Va., 1922; 
pastor, Parksville, Ky., 1923-1925; 
Junction City, Ky., 1923; First Ch., 
Cochran, Ga., 1925-1932; Eatonton, 
Ga., 1932-1934; First Ch., Chicka- 
mauga, Ga., 1934 to date; teacher, 
Greek, Mercer Univ., 1926-1927; 
teacher, Mathematics, Louisville 
Inst, of Technology, 1920-1925; 
Exec. Com., Pulaski-Bleckley, Cen- 
tral and Coosa Assns.; clerk, Pu- 
laski-Bleckley Assn., 1928-1931; 
Treas., Middle Ga. Pastors' Conf., 
1932-1933; Pres., Pastors' Conf., 
Middle Ga., 1934; author: "Some 
Attributes of Jesus Christ in the 
Light of Egyptian Papyri." Ad- 
dress: Chickamauga, Ga, 


Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church r 
Ft. Smith, Ark.; born, Sulphur 
Springs, Ky., Feb. 5, 1892'; son of 
Margaret Virginia and W. T. Coff- 
man of Kentucky; education, Ohio 
Valley College, Bethel College, Wil- 
liam Jewel College, and Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, August, 1914, Sturgis, Ky.; 
married Mary Elizabeth Crewdson 
of Russellville, Ky., May 16, 1916, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. 
Crewdson; children, Mary Margar- 
et, and Victor Maclay; pastor, Mill- 
wood, Ky., 1 year; pastor, Woodbine 
Baptist Church, St. Joseph, Mo., 1 
year; pastor, Adrian, Mo., 2 years; 
pastor, Republic, Mo., 1 year; pas- 
tor, Eureka Springs, Ark., 3 years; 
pastor, Pine Bluff, Ark., 5 years; 
pastor, Ft. Smith, Ark., 8 years to 
date; supply and evangelistic work 
while in college; Concord Associa- 
tion Board; Arkansas State Board; 
Siloam Springs Assembly Board; 
Social Service Commission, South- 
ern Baptist Convention; several 
state committees; Southern Baptist 
Convention, Time and Place Com- 
mittee; Missouri State Board; As- 
sociation Boards; Mason, Lions 
Club, Social Welfare Association. 
Home: 900 S. 16th St., Ft. Smith, 
Ark.; office: 1101-1105 S. 16th St., 
Ft. Smith, Ark. 


Pastor, South Main St. Church, 
Greenwood, S. C; born, Fork 
Shoals, S. O, Dec. 31, 1893; son of 
Sarah Nolan of Ashville, N. C, and 
James Harrison Coker; education, 
A.B., Furman Univ., Th.M., South- 
ern Theol. Sem., Univ. of Louisville, 
Penn., and S. C, did research work; 
ordained, 1915; married Callie Self 
of Kirksey, S. C, Nov. 5, 1928, 
daughter of Dr. J. H. Self; children, 
Callie Self and Katherine Holliway; 
pastor, Due West Ch., Due West, 
S. C, 4 yrs.; Pottsville Ch., Potts- 
ville, Penn., 1 yr.; Eau Claire Ch., 
Columbia, S. C, 2 yrs.; First Ch., 
Edgefield, S. C, 2 yrs.; South Main 
St. Ch., Greenwood, S. C, 6 yrs. to 
date- Address: Greenwood, S. C. 




Pastor, Berea Baptist Church, 
Plant City, Fla.; born, Lisman, Ky., 
Nov. 12, 1885; son of William Sid- 
ney and Nannie (Edwards) Cole; 
education, High School, Commercial 
and Seminary; ordained, May 11, 
1912; married Roxie Ann Sisk of 
Mortons Gap, Ky., Oct. 14, 1907, 
daughter of Chas. H. and Kate Sisk; 
married Minnie R. Kington of Mor- 
tons Gap, Ky., Sept. 11, 1934, daugh- 
ter of B. M. and Mary Kington; 
children, Winfrey Duval of Titus- 
ville, Fla. ; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Mortons Gap, Ky., 1912- 
1931; pastor, Titusville, Fla., Bap- 
tist Church, 1931; pastor, Hopewell 
Baptist Church, Plant City, Fla., 
1932-1934; pastor, Berea Baptist 
Church, Plant City, 1935; teacher 
of Theology, Southern Florida Bap- 
tist Bible School, Plant City, 1932- 
1935; author, Booklet, "The Bible 
Doctrine of Election," and three 
tracts, "Divine Healing," "The Di- 
vine Order of the Sexes," and 
"Righteousness for the Unrighte- 
ous." Home: Route 3, Box 71, Plant 
City, Fla. 


Pastor, Highland Hts. Church, 
Memphis, Tenn.; born, Gibson Co., 
Tenn., May 29, 1899; son of Gene- 
via Inez and Sidney Limuel Cole; 
education, academic and honor 
graduate, college degree, Union 
Univ., Southwestern Sem.; ordained 
Apr., 1921; married Latta Mai Can- 
ada, of Dyer, Tenn., Jan. 12, 1919, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arch 
Thomas, Canada; children, James 
Franklin and Ruby Frances; work: 
pastor, Grand Junction and Sauls- 
bury, Tenn., 1926-27; First Oh.., 
Newbern, Tenn., 1928-29; Main St. 
Ch., Grand Saline, Tex., 1930-32; 
Highland Hts. Ch., Memphis, Tenn., 
1932-36, during which time have 
been 1,100 additions; denomina- 
tional: member, West Tenn. S. S. 
Exec. Bd., Promotion Com. of Shel- 
by County Assn., member, Exec. Bd., 
Shelby Co. Assn., and Vanzandt Co. 
Assn., Tex.; member. Highland 
Hts. Civic Club, Memphis, Tenn., 

and Lions Club, Grand Saline, Tex.; 
conducted revivals in Tenn., Tex., 
Ark., Miss., and Ky. Home address: 
3378 Faxon, Memphis, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Seguin, Tex.; born, Colmesniel, 
Tex., Nov. 12, 1898; son of Willie 
Mason of Mississippi, and C. W. 
Cole of Pennsylvania; education, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, A. & M. College, Baylor 
University, Columbia University, N. 
Y. C, receiving B.S. degree; or- 
dained, First Baptist Church, Luf- 
kin, Tex., 1921; married Annie Lor- 
etta Cary of Houston, Tex., Sept. 
18, 1923, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. R. Cary; children, Willye Ruth, 
Etta Loyce; teacher, Ball High 
School, Galveston, Tex., 5% years; 
associate pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, Okla. ; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Rich- 
mond, Tex.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Bastrop, Tex.; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Seguin, Tex., 7 
years to date; moderator, San Mar- 
cos Baptist Association; chairman, 
Executive Board, San Marcos Bap- 
tist Association; chairman, Mission 
Committee; vice president, District 
B. T. U. Convention; District Ex- 
ecutive Board; moderator, San Mar- 
cos Association Executive Board; 
A. F. and A. M., Scottish Rite, 
Lions. Home: 510 N. Milam St., 
Seguin, Tex.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Seguin, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ra- 
ton, N. Mex.; born, Deatsville, Ky., 
July 23, 1877; son of Selecta Jones 
of McKinney, Ky., and James Mere- 
dith Coleman of Harrodsburg, Ky.: 
education, B.A., M.A., William Jew- 
ell College, Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary. Th.D., Kan- 
sas City Seminary; ordained, June 
27, 1906; married Ettabel Foss of 
Springfield, Mo., Nov. 30, 1900. 
daughter of Alfred N. and Lizzie 
M. Foss; children, James Shannon 
(deceased), David Shannon; teach- 
er, Simmons College (now Simmons 



University), 1902-1905; teacher, 
Oklahoma City High School, 1906; 
pastor, Hazen Baptist Church, De- 
Valls Bluff, Ark., 1907-1909; pastor, 
McKinney and Plum Creek, Ky., 
1909-1911; pastor, Fredericktown, 
Mo., 1911-1913; pastor, Brinkley, 
Ark., 1914-1915; pastor Uvalde, and 
Kingsville, Tex., 1916-1919; pastor, 
Magnolia, Ark., 1919-1922; pastor, 
Van Buren, Ark., 1923-1925; teach- 
er, Ouachita College, 1925-1926; 
teacher, Montezuma College, New 
Mexico, 1926-1927; pastor, Tucum- 
cari, N. M., 1927-1931; pastor, Ben- 
ton Boulevard Baptist Church, Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 1932-1933; pastor, Ra- 
ton, N. Mex., 1934 to date; former 
member, Home Mission Board and 
Foreign Mission Board, and trustee, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, from New Mexico; member, 
State Mission Board, Arkansas and 
New Mexico; president Montezuma 
College Board; member, Ouachita 
College Board. Address: 316 Rio 
Grand Ave., Raton, N. Mex. 


Assistant pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex., and Song 
Book Publisher; born, Bardstown, 
Ky., Nov. 1, 1869; son of Quintella 
Belle Jones and Thomas Henry 
Coleman of Kentucky; education, 
Georgetown College; married Lura 
Pearl Dye of Piano, Tex., Feb. 20, 
1890, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
Thomas Dye; children, Henry La- 
Rue, Lois (Mrs. D. T. Hamilton); 
druggist, Piano, Tex., 5 years; Piano 
National Bank, Piano, Tex., 5 years; 
editor and publisher, Piano Courier, 
Piano, Tex., 3 years; assistant sec- 
retary, Y. M. C. A., Dallas, Tex., 
6 months; assistant in the State 
Mission Rooms, Dallas, Tex., 1901- 
1903; business manager, The Bap- 
tist Standard, Dallas, Tex., 1909- 
1915; assistant pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Dallas; Tex., 1903-1909, 
1915 to date; secretary of the cor- 
poration, Baptist General Conven- 
tion, Texas; recording secretary, 
Relief and Annuity Board, Southern 
Baptist Convention, since it was 
founded; recording secretary, Board 

Trustees, The Baptist Standard; 
deacon, 1903 to date; superintend- 
ent Sunday School, First Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex., 1910 to date; 
president and secretary, State B. Y. 
P. U., Texas; congregational Song 
Leader, First Baptist Church, Dal- 
las, Tex.; director of music, for- 
merly Baptist General Convention, 
Texas; Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion, Northern Baptist Convention, 
Baptist World Alliance, Stockholm, 
1923; editor and publisher, 29 Hymn 
Books. Home: 5908 Swiss Ave., 
Dallas, Tex.; office: 710 and 711 
Burt Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, 16th St. Church, Greens- 
boro, N. C; born, Sampson Co., N. 
C, July 30, 1894; son of Sena Jack- 
son and Elisha E. Coley; education, 
college 2 yrs.; ordained May, 1922; 
married Daisy Pearl Bone, July 30, 
1914, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry A. Bone; children, Mary 
Clay, James Marshall, Lorene 
Pearl; pastor, Calvary Ch., Rocky 
Mount, N. C, 5 yrs.; Sixteenth St. 
Ch., Greensboro, N. C, 7 yrs. to 
date; present membership, 915. 
Address: 79 16th St., Greensboro, 
N. C. 


Superintendent, Baptist Orphans' 
Home, Troy, Ala.; born, Rockford, 
Ala., Apr. 3, 1875; son of Frances 
A. Akins of Coosa County, Alabama, 
and Jesse Allen Colley of Talopoosa 
County, Alabama; education, A.B., 
Howard College, and D.D. (honor- 
ary) Howard College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained October, 1903, Verbena, Ala.; 
married Berta A. Hitchcock, of Mid- 
way, Ala., May 10, 1907, daughter 
of J. G. and Sara E. Hall Hitch- 
cock; children, James Oscar, Jr., 
Sara F., Clanton, Ala., Judson, Jesse 
Hall, Matthew C, Berta Gibbs; pas- 
tor, East Birmingham, Ala.; pastor, 
West End Baptist Church, Birming- 
ham, Ala.; pastor, 27th St. Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 7 years; 
pastor, Springfield, Ky., 2 years; 
pastor, Albertville, Ala., 2 years; 



pastor, Lineville, Ala., 18 months; 
pastor, Clayton St. Baptist Church, 
Montgomery, Ala., 4 years; pastor, 
Enterprise, Ala., 2 years; superin- 
tendent, Baptist Orphans' Home, 
Alabama, 1923 to date; member, 
State Executive Board, 1914-1923; 
trustee Baptist Bible Institute, 1918- 
1920; president, Board Trustees, 
Newton Collegiate Institute, 1925; 
president Alabama Conference of 
Child Caring Institute, 1930-1935; 
member, Executive Commitee, Ala- 
bama Conference of Social Work, 
1934-1935. Address: Baptist Or- 
phans' Home, Troy, Ala. 


Superintendent, West Texas Bap- 
tist Hospital, Abilene, Tex.; born, 
St. James, Mo., Jan. 20, 1898; son of 
Lula Sawyers and James A. Collier 
of St. James, Mo.; education, col- 
lege, 2 yrs. ; fellowship, American 
Col. of Hospital Administration; 
married Wilma Pilkerton of St. 
Louis, Mo., Sept., 1923, daughter of 
Mrs. L. Pilkerton; children, Rich- 
ard Earl and Earlene Texas; Asst. 
Supt., Mo. Bapt. Hosp., St. Louis, 
Mo., 5 yrs.; Supt, West Tex. Bapt. 
Hosp., Abilene, Tex., 7 yrs. to date; 
denominational: Pres., Texas Hosp. 
Assn.; Mason, Lions Club, Reserve 
Army officer. Address: Abilene, 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Alexandria, La.; born, Chester, S. 
C, Jan. 19, 1902; son of Susie Boney 
and Samuel Eugene Colvin of Green- 
ville, S. C; education, B.S., Furman 
University, Th.M., and Th.D., Bap- 
tist Bible Institute; ordained, May 
28, 1924; married Pauline Hasel 
ton of Greenville, S. C, Oct. 29, 1921 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C 
Haselton; children, Edwin Elmore 
Jr., David Ray; pastor, Jackson 
La., 1924-1928; pastor, Hepzibah 
La., 1925-1928; pastor Clinton, La. 
1924-1926; pastor, Oak Grove Bap 
tist Church, Hope Villa, La., 1926 
pastor, Norwood, La., 1927-1928 
pastor, Ethel Baptist Church, Ethel 
La., 1927-1928; pastor, Forest Bap 

tist Church, Forest, La., 1928-1930; 
pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, 
Jonesville, La., 1930; pastor, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Alexandria, 
La., 1930 to date; clerk, Judson As- 
sociation, 1925-1928; moderator, 
Bayou Macon Association, 1929; 
moderator, Louisiana Association, 
1931-1933; member, State Executive 
Board, Louisiana, 1930, 1932-1935; 
author, "The New Testament 
Church Ideal Perpetuated in South- 
ern Baptist History;" F. and 
A. M. Address: Alexandria, La. 


Pastor, Holden, La., and New 
Hope, La.; born, Gillsburg, Miss., 
Nov. 16, 1868; son of Margaret Eliz- 
abeth Wall of Miss., and William 
Cornish of New York, N. Y.; educa- 
tion, public schools, Clinton Col., 
Miss., Southern Sem.; ordained 
May 6, 1896; married Lucy L. Tuck- 
er of Clio, La., Nov. 22, 1896, daugh- 
ter of Sallie Rownd and B. W. Tuck- 
er; children, Henry Carey, Baton 
Rouge, La.; Warren Willingham, 
Ponchatoula, La., Samuel Edwin, 
Holden, La., Oscar Landry, Greens- 
burg, La., Hugh Tucker, Indianola, 
Miss., Alice Mae (Mrs. T. J. Bry- 
son, Jr.), Greensburg, La., Ava Lu- 
cille (Mrs. W. A. Higginbotham), 
Holden, La., Willie Byron, Paul 
Barton and Allen Beza; pastor, 
Colyell, Clio, Mt. Zion, Hebron and 
Centerville, La., churches, 1896- 
1900; Denham Springs, Amite, Sa- 
lem, Judson, Corbin, Bethlehem, 
New Beulah and Holden, La., 
churches, 1900-22; Welch, La., 
Jones Creek, Galilee, Broussard 
Grove 'and New River, 1 yr. ; Pon- 
chatoula, La., 1922-26; Albany, Hol- 
den and New Hope, La., churches, 
since 1926 ; denominational: mis- 
sionary, East La. Assn.; member. 
State Mission Bd.; Appropriation 
Com. of State Mission Bd.; Mod., 
Tangipahoa River Assn.; Amite 
River Assn.; Chmn., Bd., Finances 
Bank, Denham Springs, La.; K. of 
P., Knights of Honor, Mason, W. O. 
W. Address: Holden, La. 




Adjutant General, State of Arkan- 
sas; attorney-at-Law, El Dorado, 
Ark.; born, Witcherville, Ark., Feb. 
26, 1880; son of Josephine I. Mullins 
of Copiah County, Mississippi, and 
Rev. Ebenezer Lee Compere of Dal- 
las (Mena) Ark.; education, A.B., 
Ouachita Baptist College, and LL. 
B., Arkansas University; ordained 
deacon, 1933, First Baptist Church, 
El Dorado, Ark.; married, Emma 
Lucille Hawkins of McGehee, Ark., 
Dec. 29, 1914, daughter of E. P. 
and Emma Hughson Hawkins; 
children, Edgar Lattimore, Powell 
Butler, and Lee Hawkins; practic- 
ing law and serving in Military 
Establishment; board of trustees, 
Ouachita College; board trustees, 
Baptist State Hospital; member, 
Executive Board, Arkansas Baptist 
State Convention; clerk, Bartholo- 
mew Association, 3 years; moder- 
ator, Bartholomew Association, 3 
years. Home: 806 Robinson St., 
El Dorado, Ark.; office: Garrett 
Bldg., El Doardo, Ark. 


Retired preacher, Waco, Tex.; 
born, Corsicana, Tex., Mar. 15, 1870; 
son of Eliza A. Pettigrew of Mis- 
sissippi (deceased), and Rev. Thos. 
Hechigee Compere of Alabama (de- 
ceased); A.B., Baylor University, 
D.D., Baylor and Oklahoma Baptist 
University; ordained, Speegleville, 
Tex.; married Clara Sanford Davi- 
son of Reagan, Tex., Oct. 24, 1900, 
daughter of Dr. S. D. and Kate 
Stallworth Davison; children, Dr. 
Edward L., Chicago University, 
Kathleen (Mrs. H. H. Hughes), 
Lawton, Okla., Thos. S., N. Y., Clin- 
ton Lee, Chicago University, Verna 
Ruth (Mrs. Joseph R. Odell), Chi- 
cago, 111., Clara Dee; pastor, 
Speegleville, Tex., 4 years; pastor, 
Lorena and Concord, Tex.; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Chickasha, In- 
dian Territory, 2y 2 years; pastor, 
Dublin, Tex., 4% years; pastor, 
Greenville, Tex., 3 years; president, 
Burleson College, 3 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Shawnee, 

Okla., 7 years; pastor, Joplin, Mo., 
sy 2 years; pastor, Weslaco, Tex., 
6 years; Educational Commission, 
Texas State Convention; trustee, 
Burleson College; Oklahoma State 
Board of Missions; Missouri State 
Board; chairman, Executive Com, 
Mo. State Bd.; trustee, Baptist 
Hospital, Harlington, Tex.; moder- 
ator, Pottowatamie Co. Assn., Okl., 
several years; built and seated Bapt. 
Church, Concord, Tex.; built $60,000 
Baptist Church, Weslaco, Tex.; 
Oklahoma representative, Sunday 
School Board; Campaign Commis- 
sion member, 75 million cam- 
paign; evangelist, helped organize 
Washington St. Ch., Greenville, 
Tex.; helped organize two Baptist 
Churches, Shawnee, Okla.; his 
crowning work as pastor was with 
the First Church, Shawnee, Okla.; 
more than 1,600 were received into 
the church during his pastorate and 
more than 600 of these were by bap- 
tism. Address: 1924 Mitchell Ave., 
Waco, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Cor- 
ning, Ark.; born, Charleston, Ark., 
Aug. 9, 1873; son of Josephine Isa- 
bella Mullins of Hamburg, Ark., 
and Ebenezer Lee (deceased); edu- 
cation, A.B. and D.D., Ouachita Col., 
Th.M., Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem- 
inary; ordained, Jan. 2, 1901, First 
Baptist Church, Arkadelphia, Ark.; 
married Pen Lile of Waldo, Ark., 
June 7, 1896, daughter of Luther 
Rice and Whitfield Warren, Lile; 
children, Amy Josephine (Mrs. C. 
V. Hickerson), Hot Springs, Ark.; 
Sue (deceased), Luther Lee (de- 
ceased), Bess, Little Rock, Ark., 
James Seth, Bolivar, Mo., Lois 
(Mrs. G. A. Jimerson), and Pen 
Lile; missionary, Africa, 1905-1909; 
pastor, Warren, Magnolia, Fordyce, 
Lewisville, and Stamps, Ark., to 
1917; head Bible Department, 
Ouachita, College, 1912-1914; assist- 
ant general secretary, Arkansas 
Baptist State Convention, 1917-1919; 
editor, Baptist Advance, 1919-1929; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Charleston, Mo., 1930-1933; pastor, 



Hayti, Mo., 1933-1934; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Corning, Ark., 1934. 
Address: Corning, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsiningchow, 
China; born, Shelbina, Mo., Aug. 
20, 1890; education, William Jewell 
College, A.B., 1913, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Th.M., 
1916; appointed July, 1916; evangel- 
istic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsiningchow, 
China; born, Pingtu, China, Sept. 
7, 1894; educated, Hardin College, 
1914, State Normal, W. M. U. Train- 
ing School, 1916; married F. H. 
Connely, June 27, 1916; appointed 
July, 1916; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Clifton Forge Baptist 
Church, Clifton Forge, Va.; born, 
Gladys, Va., Sept. 3, 1886; son of 
Manda Elizabeth Williams and Sim- 
eon Connelly; education, B.A., Rich- 
mond College, Th.B., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Gladys, Va., June, 1914; 
married Ellen Rebecca Wofford at 
Hohenlinden, Miss., 1918; pastor, 
Tabscott, Va., 1914-1915; pastor, 
Barboursville, Ky., 1916-1917; pas- 
tor, New Canton, Va., 1918-1919; 
pastor, Second Baptist Church, Dan- 
ville, Va., 1920-1923; pastor, Mel- 
rose Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va., 
1923-1930; pastor, Newport News, 
Va., 1930-1935; pastor, Clifton Forge, 
Va., 1935. Address: 708 McCormick 
St., Clifton Forge, Va. 


Professor, Systematic Theology, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Seminary Hill, Tex.; 
born, Cleveland County, Arkansas, 
Jan. 19, 1877; son of Frances J. 
Monk of Cleveland County, Arkan- 
sas, and Orlander P. Conner of Mis- 
sissippi; education, A.B., A.M., D. 
D., Baylor University, Th.B., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semin- 

ary, B.D., Rochester; Ph.D., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, October, 1899, Caps, Tex.; 
married Blanche Ethel Home of Al- 
bany, Tex.; children, Mary (Mrs. 
P. J. Talley), College Station, Tex- 
as, John D., Washington, D. C, Ar- 
nette, Blanche, Neppie Lee, Sarah 
Frances; pastor, small churches in 
connection with school work; teach- 
er, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1910 to date; author, 
"System of Christian Doctrine," 
"Gospel Doctrines," "Teachings of 
Mrs. Eddy," "Teachings of Pastor 
Russell," "The Resurrection of 
Jesus," "The Epistles of John;" 
Mason, Pi Gamma Mu. Address: 
Seminary Hill, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, High Point, 
N. C; born, Beachville, Can., May 
1, 1868; son of Julia P. Hull and 
Henry Austin Conrad; education, 
Cook Acad., N. Y., Kalamazoo Col., 
Hillsdale Sem., D.D. from Temple 
Univ.; ordained, 1891; married 
Maude Grey (deceased), daughter 
of Elisha and Maria Grey; married 
Mary Olmsted, July 14, 1908, 
daughter of Hiram and Mary Olm- 
sted; children, Dorothy (Mrs. J. C 
Holloran), Lynchburg, Va., Mar- 
garet (Mrs. V. C. Lewis), Ilion, N. 
Y.; three children deceased; work: 
pastor, Harbor Beach, Mich.; Cuba, 
N. Y.; Little Falls, N. Y.; First 
Ch., Schenectady, N. Y.; Ilion, N. 
Y.; College Hill Cr., Lynchburg, 
Va.; Va. Hts. Ch., Roanoke, Va.; 
First Ch., High Pt., N. C; denomi- 
national: Mod., various Assns. : 
Huron in Mich., Allegheny and Mo- 
hawk River in N. Y. ; state Bds. and 
Assns. Comms. ; author: "New Tes- 
tament Characters"; contributor to 
denominational press; member. 
Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Odd Fel- 
lows, Mason. Home address: 255 
Lindsay St., High Point, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, An- 
dalusia, Ala.; born, Roanoke, Ala., 
Sept. 15, 1882; son of Wiley H. and 
Mary (Faucett) C; education, A.B. 



and D.D., Howard College, student, 
Southern Baptist Seminary; or- 
dained, April 8, 1908; married Ruth 
Hopson of Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 
10, 1909, daughter G. W. and Delia 
(Hudmon) H.; children, Mary Del- 
la (deceased), Jesse Allen, Jr., 
George W. Ill; pastor, Domopolis 
Baptist Church, 1909; pastor, Clay- 
ton Street Baptist Church, Mont- 
gomery, Ala., 1910-1913; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ala., 
1914-1918; pastor, West End Baptist 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 1918- 
1926; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Raton, N. Mex., 1926-1927; pastor, 
Las Cruces Baptist Church, Las 
Cruces, N. Mex., 1927-1930; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Andalusia 
since 1930; Mason. Home: 60 E. 
Three Notch St., Andalusia, Ala.; 
office: First Baptist Church, An- 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Brewton, Ala.; born, Birmingham, 
Ala., Jan. 13, 1907; son of Dittie 
Bertha Whitehead and Judson Mat- 
thew Cook of Greenville, Ala.; edu- 
ation, A.B., Howard College, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, September, 1932; married 
Martha Dell James of Phenix City, 
Ala., Aug. 3, 1933, daughter of Rev. 
and Mrs. C. N. James; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Brewton, Ala., 1933 
to date; vice president, Alabama 
Baptist Pastors' Conference; vice 
president, Escambia Baptist Asso- 
ciation; Pi Kappa Phi, Rotary, 
Brewton Country Club. Home: 400 
Evergreen St., Brewton, Ala.; of- 
fice: 378 Belleville St., Brewton, 


Lawyer, Greensboro, N. C; born, 
Murfreesboro, N. C, Apr. 24, 1876; 
son of Elizabeth Florence Maddrey 
and Henry Harrison Cooke; educa- 
tion, Murfreesboro Male Academy, 
Franklin (Va.) Male Academy, A. 
M., LL.B., Wake Forest College; 
married Annie M. Owen of Provi- 
dence, R. I., Oct. 12, 1904; children, 
Arthur Owen, William Owen; chair- 

man, Guilford County Board of 
Elections, 1906-1910; chairman, 
Democratic Executive Committee, 
Guilford County, 1910-1912; mem- 
ber, State Democratic Executive 
Committee, 1910-1912; chairman 
Congressional Executive Committee, 
5th District, 1910-1912; city attor- 
ney, Greensboro, N. C, 1910-1916; 
compiled City Code, Greensboro, 
1912; postmaster, Greensboro, N. C, 
1916-1922; judge, Emergency Super- 
ior Court, North Carolina, 1926; 
clerk of Superior Court, Guilford 
County, 1930 to date; judge, Juven- 
ile Court, Guilford; vice president, 
North Carolina State Bar Associa- 
tion, 1930-1932; president, Greens- 
boro Bar Association, 1930; secre- 
tary and member, Board of Direc- 
tors, North Carolina Baptist Hos- 
pital; member, Executive Commit- 
tee, North Carolina Baptist Hos- 
pital, 1922 to date; charter member, 
Board of Directors, Baptist Hospit- 
al, North Carolina; member, Mere- 
dith Bond Commission, when Mere- 
dith College was moved to its new 
site, near Raleigh, N. C, 1924-1925; 
member, Board of Education, Bap- 
tist State Convention, 1924-1926; 
member, Board of Directors, North 
Carolina Baptist Foundation, Inc., 
1924-1926; chairman committee, 
Amendments to Constitution of Bap- 
tist State Convention, 1928; chair- 
man committee, Nomination of 
Trustees of the Colleges and Insti- 
tutions of Baptist State Conven- 
tions, North Carolina, 1933; one of 
the teachers, Men's Bible Class, 
1900 to date; Greensboro Council 
Royal Arcanum; past president, 
Greensboro Rotary Club, past Coun., 
Greensboro Lodge Jr. O. U. A. M., 
Rotary, Greensboro Country Club; 
director, Oak Ridge Military Insti- 
tute, 1915 to date; director and 
member, Executive Committee, Se- 
curity Life and Trust Co., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. Address: Greensboro, 
N. C. 


Head of Department of Religious 
Education, Virginia Intermont Col- 
lege, Bristol, Va.; born, Daviess 



County, Kentucky, June 3, 1900; 
son of Anna Daniel and Joseph 
Cooke of Daviess County, Ken- 
tucky; education, A.B., Richmond 
University, MA., Harvard Univer- 
sity, Oxford, England; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Owensboro, 
Kentucky; pastor, suburban Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va., 1922-1924; 
teacher, Greek and director Relig- 
ious Activities, Alderson Junior 
College, Alderson, W. Va., 1924-1926, 
1928-1929; teacher, Bible, Virginia 
Intermont College, Bristol, Va., 1930 
to date; author, "The Bible of Our 
Time;" independent travel in Eu- 
rope, 7 tours. Home: 502 Harmel- 
ing St., Bristol, Va.; office: Vir- 
ginia Intermont College, Bristol, 


Pastor, First Church, Charleston, 
Mo.; born, Ozark Mt., Ark., July 19, 
1898; son of James Franklin and 
Mary Edna Clem Cooper; education, 
A.B., Ouachita Col.; married Janie 
May Lawrence, Feb. 8, 1918; chil- 
dren, Allen Autry, Velna May, Julia 
Edyth, Betty Sue, Jennie Katharine 
and James Franklin; public school 
teacher, Ark., 1914; pastor, First 
Ch., Brinkley, Ark., 1927-1933; First 
Ch., Charleston, Mo., 1933 to date; 
past member, State Executive Bd., 
Ark.; past trustee, Jonesboro Col., 
Ark.; Chmn., Miss. Co. Chapt., Red 
Cross; Kiwanis Club, Golf Club; 
Mason. Address: First Baptist 
Church, Charleston, Mo. 


Sunday School Field "Worker, 
Montgomery, Ala.; born, Minden, 
La., June 7, 1891, daughter of Lucy 
Claire Geren and James F. Hill of 
Minden, La.; education, B.L., Jud- 
son College, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; married 
Davis Clay Cooper, Jr. of Oxford, 
Ala., Dec. 12, 1911; state approved 
Young People's Worker, Ala. ; Kappa 
Delta. Address: 430 S. McDonough 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 


Superintendent of Schools, Park- 
in, Ark.; born, Woodberry, Ark- 

Dec. 8, 1897; son of Ada Dunn and 
Prof. Andrew Cooper of Woodberry, 
Ark.; education, Woodberry Normal 
Academy, A.B., Ouachita College, 
Vanderbilt University, Geo. Peabody 
College, M.A., Arkansas University; 
married Vera Hazel Rogers of Arke- 
delphia, Ark., Aug. 26, 1928, daugh- 
ter of W. V. and Emma Rogers; 
children, Emily Ann; superintend- 
ent Schools, Danville, Ark., 5 years; 
superintendent, Schools, Parkin, 
Ark., 9 years; member, Ouachita 
College Summer Faculty, 1935; 
member, Arkansas State College Ex- 
tension Faculty, 1934-1935; presi- 
dent, School Masters Club, Arkan- 
sas University, 1934; president, 
Ouachita College Alumni Associa- 
tion, 1934-1935; member, Ouachita 
College Board Trustees, 1934 to 
date; "History of Highway Building 
in Arkansas;" Rotary, W. O. W., 
Kappa Delta Pi, worker, Boy Scouts 
of America, Hy Y Club. Address: 
Parkin, Ark. 


Director, Department of Educa- 
tion and Training, Alabama State 
Executive Board; born, Anniston, 
Ala., July 26, 1889; son of Davis 
C. and Annie (Constantine) C; 
education, B.S., Howard College, 
1908; Vanderbilt University, 1909- 
1910; special student, Louisiana 
State University, 1911, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
1925-1926, graduate work, Columbia 
University, summer session, 1930; 
married Martha Claire Hill of Meri- 
dian, Miss., Dec. 12, 1911, daughter 
of James F. and Lucy Claire (Ger- 
en) H.; secretary, Army Y. M. C. 
A., 1917-1918; cashier, First Nation- 
al Bank, Oxford, Ala., 1918-1922; 
educational director, First Baptist 
Church, Lexington, Ky., 1922-1923; 
educational director, First Baptist 
Church, Bowling Green, Ky., 1923- 
1925; educational director, First 
Baptist Church, Macon, Ga., 1926- 
1928; Alabama State Sunday School 
secretary, 1928-1929; director of De- 
partment of Education and Train- 
ing of Alabama Baptist State Ex- 
ecutive Board, since 192"9; presi- 



dent, Southwide Sunday School and 
B. Y. P. U. Field Workers Associa- 
tion, 1933-1934; Sigma Nu Frater- 
nity, Rotary of Lexington, Ky., 
president, Civitan of Anniston, Ala., 
Civitan of Macon, Ga., Mason, 
Knights of Pythias. Home: 430 S. 
McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala.; 
office: 127 S. Court St., Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 


Lawyer, Indianola, Miss.; born, 
Monticello, Lawrence County, Mis- 
sissippi, April 8, 1892; son of Alvah 
W. and Flora (Burkett) Cooper; 
education, B.S. and LL.B., Univer- 
sity of Mississippi; married Mar- 
guerite Park of Jackson, Miss., 
Sept. 5, 1918; children, Elizabeth,. 
Flora Frances, Marguerite and For- 
rest Graham, Jr.; superintendent, 
Sunday School, 3 years, teacher, 
Men's Bible Class, 4 years, and Dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Indian- 
ola; vice president, Mississippi 
State Convention, 1933; member, 
Board, Baptist Home for Children 
since 1927; author, "History of 
Scott County;" Department Com- 
mander of Mississippi American Le- 
gion, 1930-1931; national vice Com- 
mander, Amer. Legion, 1931-1932; 
member, National Executive Com- 
mittee, American Legion since 1931, 
president, Sunflower River Council, 
Boy Scouts of America, 1928, presi- 
dent, Rotary; vice president, Missis- 
sippi Baptist Convention, 192(5-36. 
Home: Indianola, Miss. 


Pastor, Baptist Church, Rockville, 
Md.; born, Blackburn, England, 
Sept. 1, 1891; son of Sarah Jane 
Mills of Wales and James Cooper 
of England ; education, Crozer Theo 
logical Seminary; ordained, Mar 
21, 1935; married Harriet A. Car 
los of Brooklyn, N. Y., June 18 
1926, daughter of Mr. and Mrs 
James R. Carlos; ordained, Chris 
tian Church, September, 1925; pas 
tor, Calhoun Street Christian 
Church, Baltimore, Md., 1929-1935 
Cotton Mill operator, New Bedford, 
Mass., 12 years; bookkeeper, New 

York City, 5 years; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Rockville, Md., 1935 to 
date; Mason; naturalized citizen, 
June 3, 1918. Address: 17 S. Wash- 
ington St., Rockville, Md. 


Church activities Anylist and 
Stewardship Evangelist, Ft. Worth, 
Tex.; born, Temple, Tex., June 7, 
1885; son of Adella Clark and Dave 
L. Cooper of Temple, Tex.; educa- 
tion, Baylor University, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
married Ruth J. Tucker of Ft. 
Worth, Tex., 1920, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. W. Tucker; a son, 
J. D.; salesman, Hoffman Steam 
Press Machinery Co., several 
months; Noby Cleaners and Moore 
Steam Dye House, Ft. Worth, Tex.; 
First Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., financial secretary and enlist- 
ment worker, 1913-20; First Bap- 
tist Church., Houston, Tex., finan- 
cial secretary, 1920-1922; education- 
al director, Traves Avenue Baptist 
Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1922-1923; 
approved Finance and Stewardship 
Evangelist, Texas (freewill offer- 
ings), 1923-1926; Inst, financeer, 
Texas, Oklahoma, and several other 
states, 1926-1930; church activities 
anylist and stewardship evangelist, 
approved worker, Texas, 1930 to 
date; co-author, '"Financing the 
Church Through the Sunday 
School;" author, "How to Do Stew- 
ardship and Church Finances." Ad- 
dress: 515 Montecello Dr., Ft. 
Worth, Tex. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Tupelo, Miss.; born, Pontotoc, Miss., 
Apr. 28, 1900; son of Anna Lou 
Berry of Cherry Creek, Miss., Rob- 
ert Allinson Cooper of Blue Mt., 
Miss.; education, B.A., Mississippi 
College, Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
Senatobia, Miss., Aug. 15, 1926; mar- 
ried Sarah Elizabeth Simmons of 
Trenton, Tenn., Feb. 20, 1925, 
daughter of Hugh G. and Hortense 
Tyree Simmons; children, Sarah 
Elizabeth, Silas Berry, Jr.; pastor, 



Lusby Mills Baptist Church, Owen- 
ton, Ky., 3 years; pastor, Junction 
City, Ky., 5 years; pastor, Sardis, 
Miss., 3 years; pastor, Calvary Bap- 
tist Church, Tupelo, Miss, (built 
bldg.) Home: 516 N. Robins, Tupe- 
lo, Miss.; office: Main at Church 
St., Tupelo, Miss. 


Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, 
Montgomery, Ala.; born, Itta Bena, 
Miss., Oct. 20, 1904; son of Ruby 
Myers and William Richard Cooper 
of Miss.; education, B.A., Mississip- 
pi College, Th.B., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Columbus, 
Miss.; married Kathryn Tomlinson 
of Mississippi, Apr. 26, 1927, daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. Tom Tomlin- 
son; children, Mary Beth, William 
Frazier, Davis Lowrey, and Annie 
Glen; educational director, Dauphin 
Way Baptist Church, Mobile, Ala., 
3 years; educational director, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Jackson, 
Miss., 1 year; educational director 
and music director, Deer Park 
Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky., 
3 years; pastor, Baptist Church, 
Moorehead, Miss., 1 year; pastor, 
Southside Baptist Church, 15 
months to date. Address: 5 Bur- 
ton Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 


Pastor, First Church, Tylertown, 
Miss.; born, Morton, Miss., 1874; 
son of Harriet Ann Edwards and 
Richard C. Cooper of Morton, Miss. ; 
education, Miss. Col., Southern 
Sem., D.D. degree; ordained, 1897; 
married Ruby Myers of Morton, 
Miss., 1899, daughter of Mrs. Ruby 
Aycock Myers; children, Ruby 
Dale, Florence, Miss., Pearl, Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Mary Lee, Hatties- 
burg, Miss., Virginia, Tylertown, 
Miss., Love, Ruston, La., Elizabeth 
Ann, Hattiesburg, Miss., Ruben Col- 
lins; pastor, Itta Bena, 8 yrs.; en- 
listment work, Conv. Bd., 4 yrs.; 
pastor, First Ch., Grenada, 3 yrs.; 
Summer Ch., 6 yrs.; Columbia Ch., 
3 yrs.; Blue Mtn. Ch., 4 yrs.; Drew 
Ch., 7 yrs.; Tylertown, 3 yrs. to 

date; member, Bapt. Conv. Bd. Ad- 
dress: Tylertown, Miss. 


Professor, Old Testament Inter- 
pretation, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, 
Tex.; born, Clementsville, Tenn., 
May 29, 1865; son of Lucinda Bow- 
man and Charles Wesley Copass of 
Clementsville, Tenn.; education, 
Bethel College and Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, receiving 
A.B., A.M. and D.D. degrees; or- 
dained, July 20, 1889, Willette, 
Tenn.; married Cloantha Williams 
of Russelville, Ky., May 29, 1894; 
married Cricket Keys of Waxa- 
hachie, Tex., Sept. 12, 1904; child- 
ren, Mrs. A. B. Kennedy, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., Ben A., Jr., Mineola, Tex., Mrs. 
A. J. Halgren, Seattle, Washington, 
Mike Keys, Seattle, Wash.; pastor, 
Clinton, Ky., 1894-1896; pastor, Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1896-1899; pastor 
Marksburry, Ky., 1899-1901; pastor, 
Waxahachie, Tex., 1901-1906; pastor, 
San Marcas, Tex., 1906-1912; pastor, 
Denton, Tex., 1912-1913; assistant 
corresponding secretary, Executive 
Board, Baptist General Convention, 
1914-1918; professor, Old Testament 
Interpretation, Southwestern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, 1918 to 
date; author, "The Message of 
Hosea," "Old Testament Theology," 
"Notes on the English Old Testa- 
ment," "Theology in Hebrew 
Words," "One God," Mason, Phi 
Gamma Delta. Address: Box 105, 
Seminary Hill, Tex. 


Pastor, Istrouma Ch., Baton 
Rouge, La.; born, Washington Par- 
ish, La., Aug. 4, 1887; son of Mary 
Jane Magee and Charles Thomas 
Corkern; education, high school, 
Southwestern Sem., Ft. Worth, Tex., 
A.B., Baylor Univ., Waco, Tex.; 
ordained Jan. 2, 1910; married 
Edna Ethredge of Waco, Tex., Dec. 
4, 1918, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Eli Ethredge; children, Evelyn 
Cloma, Bille Beth, Mavinee Mary; 
pastor, Crystal Springs Ch., 3 yrs.; 
Clifton Co. Ch., 3 yrs.; Maypearl, 



Tqx., 4% yrs.; Reagan, Tex., 2 yrs.; 
Kerens, Tex., 11 yrs. and 8 mos.; 
Lampasas, Tex., 13 mos.; Uvalde, 
Tex., 15 mos.; Istrouma Ch., Baton 
Rouge, La., since Jan., 1934; de- 
nominational: member, La. Conv.; 
Exec. Bd., 1935-36; Promotional 
Comm. of La. Conv., 1936; Mod., 
Corsicana Assn., Tex., 2 yrs.; Mod., 
Uvalde Assn., Mod., Lampasas Assn., 
member of District 6 Executive 
Board, Southwest Texas, 1933; Vice 
Mod., Judson Assn., La., 1936; 
member, Health Comm., Baton 
Rouge, La., connected with Boy 
Scouts. Address: Box 1422, Baton 
Rouge, La. 


Retired Baptist Minister, Marble 
Falls, Tex.; born, Piedmont, Ala., 
June 4, 1870; son of Martha An- 
geline Catlett and Rev. Miles An- 
derson Cornelius of Piedmont, Ala.; 
education, Walnut Grove Col., Th.B., 
Baylor Univ., Th.B., Southwestern 
Sem.; ordained, Aubrey Ch., Den- 
ton Co., Tex.; married Atonia Goe- 
bel of Marble Falls, Tex., May 14, 
1912, daughter of Prof. A. and Ma- 
rie Matern Goebel; married Carrie 
Compton of Waco, Tex., Aug. 2, 
1923, daughter of John Henry and 
Rado Martin Compton; one child, 
Martha Angeline, Waco, Tex.; mis- 
sionary, Denton Co. Assn. , Tex., 
1895-1898; missionary, Hubbard 
City Assn., Tex., summer 1900; pas- 
tor, Delia Ch., Delia, Tex., 5 yrs.; 
Mt. Antioch, Tex., 20 mos.; Armour, 
Tex., 4 yrs.; missionary, Waco 
Assn., Tex., 1905-1908; pastor, Mar- 
ble Falls, Tex., 1910-1914; Spice- 
wood, Tex.; Hale ' Springs, Tex.; 
Killeen, Tex., 1914-1916; Wingate, 
Tex., 1 yr.; Mazeland, Tex., 2 yrs.; 
Bethel, Tex., 2 yrs.; Valley View, 
Tex., 2 yrs.; Kingsland, Tex., 3 yrs.; 
Lone Grove, Tex., 2% yrs.; Oatman 
Creek, Tex., 4 yrs.; Spicewood, Tex., 
4 yrs.; Marble Falls, Tex., 1 yr.; 
Round Mtn., Tex., 9 yrs.; pastor, 
Johnson City, Tex., 5 yrs.; Blanco, 
Tex., 4 yrs.; Shady Grove, Tex., 1 
yr.; Bapt. Ed. Bd., Waco, Tex., 
1906-1908; Baylor Univ. Com., 1929- 
1930; contributor to newspapers and 

religious papers; led in building 4 
churches; Mason, W. O. W., Order 
of Eastern Star; School Bd., Mar- 
ble Falls, Tex. Address: Marble 
Falls, Tex. 


Director of Sunday School and 
B. T. U. work for South Carolina; 
born Union County, Illinois, Aug. 
31, 1892; son of Mary Ellen Brown 
and William Justice Corzine of Un- 
ion County, Illinois; education, Uni- 
versity of Illinois, Southern Illinois 
Teachers College, University of 
South Carolina receiving A.B. and 
M.A. degrees; married Nellie May 
Carter of Carbondale, 111., Aug. 30, 
1914, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 
Grant Carter; children, Elma 
Frances, and Charlotte Ellen; state 
Sunday School and B. Y. P. U. sec- 
retary Illinois, 4 years; rural Sun- 
day School Field Worker in South 
Carolina, 2 years; director religious 
education, First Baptist Church, 
Greenville, S. C, 2 years; teacher 
of education, Mars Hill Baptist Col- 
lege, 1 year; director of Sunday 
School and Training Union Work, 
10 years; author, "Looking at 
Learning," "!How to Conduct B. Y. 
P. U. Enlargement Campaign," 
"Fields of Service in the Church" 
(to be published) ; Kappa Phi Kap- 
pa. Home: 1230 Hagood; office: 
1301 Hampton, Columbia, S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Searcy, Ark., and editor, The Ar- 
kansas Baptist; born, Damascus, 
Ark., Oct. 7, 1888, son of Helen 
Hutto and Isaac Mack Cossey; edu- 
cation, public schools at Damascus, 
graduate, Ouachita College, Arka- 
delphia, Ark.; degrees, Bachelor of 
Literature, Ouachita College, Th.B., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Fort Worth, Tex.; or- 
dained, Sweet Hill Baptist Church, 
Arkadelphia, Ark., 1913; married 
Lucille Young, Gurdon, Ark., Dec. 
26, 1917, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. H. Young; children, Mary Helen 
and Robert (foster son); work: 
pastor, Mount Pleasant, Dallas 



County, Arkansas, 2 years; pastor, 
Whelen Springs, Clark County, Ar- 
kansas, 1 year; pastor, Levy, Pulas- 
ki County, Arkansas, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Stop Six Baptist Church, Fort 
Worth, Tex., 2 years; missionary, 
Hope Association, Arkansas, 1 year; 
pastor, Wright City, Okla., 6 
months; pastor, Boswell, Okla., 1 
year; pastor, Fort Towson, Okla., 

2 years; pastor, DeQueen, Ark., 2 
years, nine months; educational 
and missionary work in Tarrant 
County Association, Texas, 3 years; 
budget director in Arkansas Baptist 
State Convention, 2 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Searcy, Ark., 
6 years, and editor, The Arkansas 
Baptist, 3 years; denominational: 
Arkansas Baptist Convention Board, 

3 years; Central College Board, 2 
years. Home address: Box 215, 
Searcy, Ark.; office address: 511 
Federal Bank and Trust Bldg., 
Little Rosk, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pur- 
cell, Okla.; born, Henderson, Tex., 
Dec. 30, 1891; son of Gertrude and 
J. N. Cost of Fletcher, Okla.; edu- 
cation, Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, and Oklahoma 
Baptist University; ordained, 1918, 
Fletcher Baptist Church, Fletcher, 
Okla.; married Laura Maye Clark 
of Brinkman, Okla., 1913, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Clark; child- 
ren, Elmo, Milton, Glenn, Wilson, 
Herbert, Billy Patt and Joan; pas- 
tor, Fletcher, Okla., 3 years; pastor, 
Apache, Okla., 2 years; Chickasha, 
Okla., 18 months; pastor, Sentinel, 
Okla., 1 year; city missionary, Okla- 
homa City, Okla., 3 years; pastor, 
Purcell, Okla., 8 years; member 
state executive board, 5 years to 
date; member, State Committee Re- 
lief and Annuity Board; moderator, 
Chickasaw Union Baptist Associa- 
tion; association leader, Baptist 100 
Thousand Club; Rotary, Mason, W. 
O. W., Chamber of Commerce, Red 
Cross chairman, United Charities. 
Address: Purcell, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Princeton, Ky.; born, Belton, S. C, 
Rt. 3, Greenville County, May 24, 
1897; son of John Creacy and Es- 
ther Mae (Cooley) Cothran; educa- 
tion, A.B., Furman University, 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; ordained, Walnut 
Street Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky., 1924; married Mary Louise 
Riley of ElDorado, Ark., June 23, 
1925, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al- 
bert Riley; children, Joseph Guy, 
Jr., Mary Virginia, William Albert, 
John Clark, and Riley, all of Prince- 
ton, Ky. ; taught school and worked 
in stores before entering ministry; 
pastor, English, Ky., Baptist 
Church, 18 months; Millville, Fla., 
Baptist Church, 18 months; First 
Baptist Church, Benton, Ark., 1927- 
35; accepted pastorate, First Bap- 
tist Church, Princeton, Ky., May, 
1935; while working in Arkansas, 
served on various boards; upon 
leaving state, resigned following po- 
sitions: member, Baptist Hospital 
Board, Central College Board, re- 
cording secretary, Executive Board 
and Executive Committee, moder- 
ator, Central Association. Home: 
Main Street, Princeton, Ky. 


President, Louisiana College, 
Pineville, La.; born, Ottoman, Va., 
May 4, 1881, son of Virginia Lou- 
ise Palmer, Saluda, Va., and George 
Cottingham, Ottoman, Va. ; educa- 
tion, University of Richmond, Rich- 
mond, Va., B.A., M.A., Doctor of 
Laws from Baylor University; mar- 
ried in 1904, Myrtle Baker, Mt. 
Lebanon, La., daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jesse Lewis Baker; children, 
Mary Virginia (Mrs. Boone Majors. 
Mexico City, Mexico), Margaret 
Drew (Mrs. G. M. Davis, Jr.) Je- 
na, La., Claybrook Baker; work: 
assistant principal, Chesapeake 
Academy, Irvington, Va., 1900-02; 
professor, Greek and Philosophy, 
Mt. Lebanon College, Mt. Lebanon, 
La., 1902-05; president, Mt. Leba- 
non College, 1905-06; professor, 
Greek and Philosophy, Louisiana. 



College, Pineville, La., 1906-10; 
president, Louisiana College, since 
1910; denominational: president, 
Louisiana Baptist Convention, 1913- 
15; vice president, Southern Bap- 
tist Education Association for 
three years; member, Education 
Commission, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, two or three years; ex of- 
ficio member, Board of Trustees, 
Louisiana College, 5 years; civic 
work: president, Alexandria, La., 
Rotary Club; governor, 17th Rotary 
District; member, Club Service 
Committee of Rotary International; 
International Director of Rotary; 
member, Board of Directors, Alex- 
andria Chamber of Commerce; pres- 
ident, College Section, Louisiana 
Teachers' Association; vice presi- 
dent, Southern Intercollegiate Ath- 
letic Assn. Address: Pineville, La. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Baytown, Tex.; born, Oakville, 
Wash., Aug. 17, 1893; son of Mar- 
garet Anderson of Olney, 111., and 
Joseph Page Couch of Lawrence- 
ville, 111.; education, graduate 
Moody Bible Institute; Baylor Uni- 
versity; ordained, Orlinda, Tenn., 
1920; married Wilma Goodnight of 
Holland, Tex., June 6, 1926; chil- 
dren, Rodney, Rex Goodnight, Mary 
Gail; evangelistic work, T. T. Mar- 
tin, Blue Mountain, Miss., 1919- 
1920; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ukiah, Calif., 1921-1925; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Holland, 
Tex., 1925-1927; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Baytown, Tex., 1927 to 
date; member, Executive Board, 
Union Baptist Association, Texas. 
Address: Baytown, Tex. 

Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Morganton, N. C. ; born, Burlington, 
N. C, May 26, 1906; son of Ella 
Squires and William Henry Coun- 
cilman of Burlington, N. C; educa- 
tion, B.A., Wake Forest College, 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Burlington, N. C, Sept. 22, 
1929; married Emily Mae Sargent 
of HendersonviUe, N. C, Nov. 30, 

1933, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. 
Sargent; pastor, Burlington, N. C, 
5 years; pastor, Holly Springs, N. 
C, 2 x / 2 years; pastor, Frankfort, 
Ky., Evergreen Baptist Church, 3 
years; pastor, Glens Creek Baptist 
Church, Versailles, Ky., 3 years; 
pastor, Morganton, N. C., 2 years to 
date; regional president, State B. 
T. XL, 1929 and 1934; Kiwanis. Ad- 
dress: Morganton, N. C. 


President, Shorter College, Rome, 
Ga.; born, Luthersville, Ga., Dec. 
1, 1889, son of Lou Ella. Fuller and 
Dr. S. B. Cousins (Bapt. minister), 
Luthersville, Ga. ; education, gradu- 
ate, Locust Grove Inst, Mercer 
Univ., Columbia Univ.; degrees: 
A.B., .M.A.; married Marjorie Now- 
ell, Monroe, Ga., Aug. 30, 1923, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. F. 
Nowell; one child, Paul Mercer, Jr.; 
work: Prof., Greek and English, 
Locust Grove Inst., 1910-15; Vice 
Pres., Locust Grove Inst., 1912-15; 
Prof., English, Shorter Col., 1915- 
18; on leave in government service, 
1918; Prof, in English and head of 
the Dept., Shorter Col., 1919-36; 
Pres., Shorter Col., since 1933; gen- 
eral: Rome Kiwanis Club, past 
Pres.; member, Rome Chamber of 
Commerce; trustee, Cooper Hall; 
teacher, Men's Bible Class; past 
Chmn., Bd. of Deacons, First Bapt. 
Ch., Rome, Ga. Home address: 205 
Sherwood Road, Rome, Ga.; busi- 
ness address: Shorter Col., Rome, 


Evangelist, Fayetteville, N. C; 
born, Fayetteville, N. C, Feb. 25, 
1901; son of Elizabeth Dell New- 
berry of Fayetteville, N. C, and 
John Christopher Cowell of Down- 
ing, Mo., education, Moody Bible 
Institute; ordained, June 6, 1926; 
married Ruth Catherine Alexander 
of Florence, S. C, April 12, 1935, 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Walter R. 
Alexander; evangelist, 10 years; 
writes: "Cowell's Comment," Syla- 
cauga Advance, Sylacauga, Ala. Ad- 
dress: Fayetteville, N. C. 




Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Lancaster, Tex., Aug. 
20, 1888; education, Blue Mountain 
College, Baylor University, Powers- 
Myers Conservatory, Southwestern 
Training School; married J. J. Cow- 
sert, September, 1918; appointed 
July, 1920; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Goodman, Miss., Sept. 
16, 1890; education, Mississippi Col- 
lege, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, Th.M., 1919; appoint- 
ed July 15, 1920; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kaifeng, 
China; born, Providence, Ala., Oct. 
24, 1885; education, Public Schools, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1913; ap- 
pointed July 11, 1918; Country 
Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, East Benton Baptist 
Church, Benton, 111.; born, Posey 
County, Indiana, Mar. 20, 1901; son 
of Melvina McReynolds of Posey- 
ville, Ind., and John T. Cox of 
Wadesville, Ind.; education, schools 
of Southern Indiana; ordained, July 
18, 1926; married Mary E. Reeves 
of Albion, 111., Feb. 25, 1920, daugh- 
ter of L. M. and Betty Reeves; 
children, Earl Dale, Harold Edward, 
Delbert Ray; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Ridgway, 111.; pastor, Mc- 
Kinley Avenue Baptist Church, Har- 
risburg, 111.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Johnston City, 111.; evange- 
list, 1st vice chairman, Illinois Bap- 
tist State Board; State Sunday 
School and B. T. U. Committee; 
Radio Hour, WEBQ, Harrisburg, 
111., 5 years; Rotary. Address: 717 
E. Main St., Benton, 111. 


Superintendent, Open Door Mis- 
sion, Memphis, Tenn.; born, Wei- 
lingboro, England, Dec. 19, 1866; 
son of Deborah Watts and John 

Cox; education, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Chicago Uni- 
versity, D.D., Union University; or- 
dained, 1894; married Jennie Dun- 
lap of Little Rock, Ark., Feb. 26, 
1890; children, Deborah (Mrs. C. 
S. Leavell), Spurgeon, Marks, Miss., 
Mamie; pastor, Argenta, Ark., 
1894-95; pastor, Carlisle and Brink- 
ley, 1895-1896; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Little Rock, Ark., 1897- 
1913; pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn., 1913-1933; 
pastor, Open Door Baptist Church, 
Memphis, Tenn., 1933-1934; superin- 
tendent, Open Door Mission, 1934 
to date; president, Baptist Advance 
Publishing Co., Little Rock, Ark., 
many years; executive president, 
Board Baptist Schools and Colleges, 
Arkansas; executive president, trus- 
tee, Central Baptist College, Con- 
way, Ark.; secretary, Board Trus- 
tees, Baptist Memorial Hospital, 
Memphis, Tenn.; State Mission 
Board; trustee, Union University; 
founder, Memphis, Tenn., Noon 
Prayer Meeting, January, 1914; 
founder, Strand Bible Class, Febru- 
ary, 1921; city organizer, Memphis 
Annual Bible Conference, 1920; 
author, "An Army Y. M. C. A. Par- 
son," pamphlets and sermons; presi- 
dent and superintendent, Cox Gar- 
rett Society, Memphis and Dallas; 
appointed first probation officer. 
Federal Court, Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 
5, 1925; director, Memphis, Tenn., 
Salvation Army; National No-To- 
bacco League. Address: 2210 S. 
Parkway E., Memphis, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Carlisle, Ark.; born, Liberty, Mo., 
Nov. 26, 1896; son of Zona Virginia 
Bowman of Stanton, Neb., and Jos- 
eph C. Cox of Mt. Lebanon, La.; 
education, Oak Hill Academy, Wil- 
liam Jewell College, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained First Baptist Church, Min- 
den, La., December, 1920; married 
Ruth Day of Gibsland, La., 1931, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 
Day; children, Byron Bowman, Jr.; 



evangelistic singer, independent, 
1920-1925; evangelistic singer, 
Home Mission Board, 1926-1928; as- 
sistant pastor, Educational Direc- 
tor, West Monroe, La., 1929; assist- 
ant pastor, financial secretary, 
choir director, Minden, La., 1930; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Stamps, Ark., 1931-1934; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Carlisle, Ark., 
1935 to date; Mason. Address: Car- 
lisle, Ark. 


Pastor, Gihbsland, La.; born, 
Grayson Co., Va., July 11, 1870; edu- 
cation, B.A., William Jewell Col.; 
married Zona V. Bowman; chil- 
dren, Charles S., Rev. Bryon B., J. 
C, Jr.; pastor, Stanton, Nebr., 4 
yrs.; Marceline, Mo., 7% yrs., twice 
pastor, installed fine Estey pipe or- 
gan, raised money for their present 
fine building costing $50,000.00; 
principal and co-principal, Mt. Leb- 
anon Acad., 4 yrs.; principal, Home 
Mission Board's mountain schools, 
Kindrick, Va., 1912; pastor, Arcadia, 
La., built 2 church buildings there; 
Homer, La.; Cypress Springs, 12 
yrs.; Gibbsland, La., 13 yrs. Ad- 
dress: Gibbsland, La. 


Superintendent, Wilmington Di- 
vision, N. C. W. M. U. ; born, Ken- 
ansville, N. C, July 11, 1873; daugh- 
ter of Mary Carroll and James 
Woodard Cox; education, common 
school; mercantile business, 1893 to 
date; Supt., W. M. TJ. of Eastern 
Assn., 27 yrs. 8 mos.; Supt., W. M. 
U., Wilmington Div. of ten Assns., 
15' yrs. ; teacher, young ladies' S. S. 
class, 1905 to date; leader, Sunbeam 
Band, 1907 to date; led in establish- 
ment of Heck Memorial Annual Of- 
fering, W. M. U., in 1924; Chmn., 
"United Dry Force and Temperance 
work, Duplin Co., N. C. Address: 
Magnolia, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pernambuco, 
Brazil ; born, Groesbech, Texas, July 

8, 1906; educated, Baylor Univer- 
sity, A.B., Southwestern Theological 
Seminary; appointed on field Mar. 
8, 1934. 


Pastor, Fifth Ave. Church, Hunt- 
ington, W. Va.; born, Climax, Ga., 
Oct. 28, 1888; son of Louise Brock 
and Barclay Wade Cox; education, 
B.A., D.D., Mercer Univ., Th.M., 
Southern Sem.; ordained, 1910; 
married Osye Lee Matthews, Sept. 
7, 1910; children, Graham Wade, 
Sara Margaret; pastor, First Ch., 
Barnesville, Ga.; Portsmouth, Va. ; 
Savannah, Ga. ; Meridian, Miss.; 
First Ch., Mobile, Ala., 1931-1933; 
Fifth Ave. Ch., Huntington, W. Va., 
1933 to date; trustee, Shorter Col.; 
trustee, Southern Sem.; trustee, 
Southwestern Sem.; contributor to 
religious press; Mason, Shriner, 
Rotary. Home: 1112 6th Ave., 
Huntington, W. Va.; office: Box 
954, Huntington, W. Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bluff City, Tenn.; born, Sweetwa- 
ter, Tenn., Oct. 9, 1909; son of Clara 
M. Haynes of Clyde, N. C. and Eu- 
gene A. Cox of Jefferson City, 
Tenn.; education, B.A., Carson-New- 
man College, Th.M., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Sept. 25, 1929, First Baptist 
Church, Jefferson City, Tenn.; mar- 
ried Meriam Elizabeth Bryum of 
Lenoir City, Tenn., June 14, 1934, 
daughter of Delia Scarbro and Wil- 
lie Byrum; pastor, Holston Valley, 
1929-1930; pastor New Providence, 
1929-1930; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Bluff City, 1930 to date. 
Address: Bluff City, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil ; born, Russell County, Va., 
Aug. 11, 1889; education, Richmond 
College, A.B., 1914, Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary, B.D., Rich- 
mond, 1921; appointed June 9, 1921; 
Rio College and Seminary. 




Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Vinton, Va., Jan. 27, 
1892; educated, Westhampton Col- 
lege; married A. R. Crabtree, July 
15, 1918; appointed June 9, 1921; 
Educational Work. 


Pastor, South Broad Baptist 
Church, Rome, Ga.; born, Hartwell, 
Ga., June 14, 1885; son of Eleanor 
Gordon Goss and Capt. John Frank- 
lin Craft; education, S.B., Mercer 
Univ., A.M., Harvard Univ., Th.G., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, Chicago University, ordained 
1912, Baptist Church, Hartwell, 
Ga.; married Edith Rickenkacker 
Galphin of Toccoa, Ga., June 29, 
1910, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T. 
M. Galphin; children, Edith Gal- 
phin, Shorter College, James P., Jr., 
Ensign, U. S. Navy; educational 
work, 2 years; pastor, Louisville, 
Swainsboro, and Shellman, Ga., 
1912-1919; teacher, Bible and Social 
Sciences, Shorter College, 1919-1921; 
president, Averett College, 1921- 
1927; president, Hardin College, 
1927-1928; pastor, South Broad Bap- 
tist Church, Rome, 1929 to date; 
contributor to denominational pa- 
pers; Thayer Scholar, Harvard Uni- 
versity; listed in Who's Who in 
America, in "Who's Who in Ameri- 
can Education, and in Who's; Who 
in the Clergy. Address: 8 Lookout 
Circle, Rome, Ga. 


Pastor, Gaston Ave. Church, Dal- 
las, Tex.; born, Anderson, S. C, 
May 28, 1889; son of Mamie Part- 
low and Samuel Thomas Craig of 
Anderson, S. C. ; education, B.A. 
and D.D., Furman Univ.; ordained, 
1913; married Loulie Cullum of 
Batesburg, S. C, Oct. 21, 1915, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Cul- 
lum; Asst. pastor. First Ch., Wil- 
mington, N. C, and pastor, Winter 
Park Ch., Wilmington, N. C, 3 
yrs.; First Ch., Kinston, N. C, 4 
yrs.; First Ch., Petersburg, Va., 7 
yrs.; Gaston Ave. Ch., Dallas, Tex., 

since 1927; denominational: mem- 
ber, Exec. Bd., Bapt. Gen. Conv., 
Texas; trustee, Baylor Univ. and 
Howard Payne Col.; member, Re- 
lief and Annuity Bd., S. B. C; 
Bd. of Dir., Bapt. Standard; Ki- 
wanis Club, Dallas, Tex. Home ad- 
dress: 5212 Tremont St., Dallas, 


Pastor, City View Baptist Church, 
Greenville, S. C. ; born, Upper 
Greenville County, South Carolina, 
June 4, 1885; son of Mary Jane 
Sudduth and David Hoke Crain of 
Greenville, S. C; education, A.B., 
D.D., Furman University, Th.G., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, Aug. 31, 1918; mar- 
ried Gertrude Hambright of King's 
Mountain, N. C, June 10, 1919, 
daughter of James B. and M. Eliza- 
beth Hambright; children, Mary 
Gene; E. B., Jr.; teacher, 9 years; 
pastor, Chesnee, S. C, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Kentucky, 2 years; pastor, 
City View Baptist Church, 1923 to 
date; General Board, Baptist, 
South Carolina; moderator, North 
Greenville Baptist Association; 
moderator, Union meeting, North 
Greenville Baptist Association, 9 
years; chairman, Executive Com- 
mittee North Greenville Baptist 
Association; chairman, trustees, 
North Greenville Baptist Academy 
and Junior College; teacher, New 
Testament, North Greenville Acad., 
and Jr. College; superintendent, 
S. S., Ebenezer Welcome Church; 
clerk, treasurer, chairman deacons, 
Ebenezer Welcome Ch.; Pres. of 
Literary Society, High School; Y. 
M. C. A. president, Furman Univer- 
sity; Sigma Section Literary So- 
ciety; first president, Furman 
Council (Student Body); winner, 
Rhodes Medal, McMilliam Medal, 
Intercollegiate Orator's Medal. Ad- 
dress: 1112 McKennie Ave., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 


Author, compiler and editor, Dal- 
las, Tex.; born, Parker Co., Tex., 
Sept. 12', 1S5S; son of Martha Jane 



Galloway and Eaton Cranfill; edu- 
cation, M.D., Tex. Medical Bd.; LL. 
D., Simmons Col. and Baylor Univ.; 
married Ollie Allen of Crawford, 
Tex., Sept. 1, 1878; practiced medi- 
cine, 1879-1882; editor, Turnersville 
Effort, 1881-1882; editor, Gatesville 
Advance, 1882-1886; Waco Advance, 
1886-1888; financial Sec, Baylor 
Univ., 1888-1889; Supt., mission 
work, Tex., 1889-1892; founder and 
editor, Baptist Standard, 1892-1904; 
editor, Baptist Tribune, 1905-1907; 
editorial writer, Associated Prohi- 
bition Press; editor, Baptist Book- 
man, 1917-1918; joint editor, The 
Pilot, 1925; editor, Advance, 1928; 
manager, Battle Creek Health Cen- 
ter, 1930; Prohibition candidate, 
Vice Pres., U. S., 1892; stated lec- 
turer, Southwestern Sem.; honor- 
ary member, Philomathesian Socie- 
ty; Old Trail Drivers Assn.; au- 
thor: "Dr. J. B. Cranf ill's Joke 
Book," "Cranfill's Chronicle, a 
Story of Life in Texas," "Courage 
and Comfort," "From Nature to 
Grace," "Cranfill's Heart Talks"; 
joint-author: "R. C. Buckner's Life 
and Works," "Founder, the Baptist 
Standard"; compiler and editor: 
"Interpretation of the English Bi- 
ble," "Sermons by B. H. Carroll," 
"Baptists and Their Doctrines," 
"Evangelistic Sermons," "The Riv- 
er of Life," "Inspiration of the 
Bible," "History of Texas Baptists," 
"We Would See Jesus," "A Quest 
for Souls," "God's Call to Ameri- 
ca." Address: 5619 Swiss Ave., 
Dallas, Tex.; 1017 Fidelity Bldg., 
Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Bast Lake Church, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn.; born, Hamilton, 
Ga., June 6, 1887; son of Amanda 
Spears and Millard Humphries 
Crantford of Hamilton, Ga. ; educa- 
tion, Locust Grove Inst., Howard 
Col.; ordained Oct. 17, 1909; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Iris Shepard of Jack- 
son's Gap, Ala., June 4, 1914, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Littleton 
Shepard; children, Leonard Bethel, 
Jr., Carey Shepard; pastor, Mtn. 

Hill Ch., Hamilton, Ga., and Lanett 
Ch., Lanett, Ala., 1909-11; Highland 
Ave. Ch., Montgomery, Ala., 1912- 
13; Pike Ave. Ch., Ensley, Ala., 
1913-14; Fivepoints Ch., Fivepoints, 
Ala., 1914-16; Phenix City, Ala., 
1916-19; Hurtsboro, Ala., 1919-20; 
Richland, Ga., 1920-22; Edgewood 
Ch., Atlanta, Ga., 1922-32; East 
Lake Ch., Chattanooga, Tenn., 1932 
to date; denominational: Mod., 
Russell Assn., Hurtsboro, Ala.; 
Pres., Atlanta Bapt. Pastors' Conf . ; 
member, Exec. Com., Ga. Bapt. 
Conv.; Pres., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Bapt. Pastors' Conf. Home address: 
3200 12th Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Whitfield County, Ga., Aug. 
10, 1888; education, Dalton Female 
College, Bessie Tift, Columbia Uni- 
versity, W. M. U. Training School, 
1922; appointed May 16, 1922; girls' 


Teacher, Young Married Women, 
Sunday School, Frankfort, Ky.; 
born, Loretto, Ky., June 14, 1880; 
daughter of Emma Slaughter of 
Hodgenville, Ky., and Dr. Garrett 
Davis Smock of Loretto, Ky. ; edu- 
cation, A.B., married Charles F. 
Creal of Hodgenville, Ky., Oct. 10, 
1906; Sunday School teacher, Phila- 
thea Class, Hodgenville, Ky. ; W. M. 
U. superintendent, Severn's Valley 
Association, 4 years; teacher, Inter- 
mediate Department, Young Peo- 
ple's Department; present teacher, 
Young Married Women's Class, 
Frankfort, Ky. ; president, local W. 
M. U., Frankfort, Ky.; Association 
Mission Study chairman; vice presi- 
dent, Central District, W. M. U., 3 
years; former state president, W. 
M. U., Kentucky; Womans' Club, 
Garden Club, D. A. R., Book Review 
Club, leader, local King's Daughters 
Organization; chairman, State Li- 
brary Commission. Address: 302 
Conway St., Frankfort, Ky. 




Pastor, Fountain City, Tenn. ; 
born, Hodgenville, La Rue County, 
Kentucky, Nov. 30, 1872; son of 
Sarah Elizabeth Spalding and John 
Cates Creal of Hodgenville, Ky.; 
education, East Lynn College, A.B. 
and D.D., from Georgetown Col.; or- 
dained, May 27, 1906; married Kath- 
erine Thompson of Frankfort, Ky., 
Nov. 21, 1914, daughter of Edwin 
Porter and Marcella Thompson; 
children, John Arthur, Detroit, 
Mich., Robert E. Lee, Jr., of Foun- 
tain City, Tenn.; pastor, First Bapt. 
Ch., Tempe, Ariz., 1907-1911; pastor, 
Arlington Bapt. Ch., Arlington, Ky., 
1911-1913; pastor, Central Bapt. 
Church, Bowling Green, Ky., 1913- 
15; pastor, Beaver Dam Bap- 
tist Church, Beaver Dam, Ky., 1915- 
1917; pastor, Cumberland R. Bap- 
tist Church, i (now First Baptist 
Church), Barbourville, Ky., 1917- 
1920; pastor First Baptist Church, 
Bryson City, N. C, 1925-1934; mem- 
ber North Carolina State Mission 
Board; associate superintendent, 
Mt. Missions and Schools of Home 
Board, 1920-1922; president, Ten- 
nessee R. Institute, 1922-1924; or- 
ganizer and president, Western 
North Carolina Ministers' Confer- 
ence; moderator, 2 associations in 
Kentucky; moderator of Tennessee 
R. Association, Western North Caro- 
lina; chairman, Red Cross, Barbour- 
ville, Ky. (during World War) ; 
president, Lions' Club, Bryson City, 
N. C, 4 years; president, College 
Y. M. C. A., Georgetown College; 
president, Pi Kappa Alpha, George- 
town College; president, Senior 
Class, Georgetown College, presi- 
dent College Athletic Association, 
Georgetown College. Home: May- 
fair Apts., Fountain City, Tenn.; 
office: 100 Hotel Ave., Fountain 
City, Tenn. 


Pastor, Park Avenue Baptist 
Church, Nashville, Tenn.; born, 
Charleston, Tenn., Feb. 19, 1896; 
son of Aritta Haney and William 
B. Creasman of Charleston, Tenn.; 

education, Carson-Newman College; 
ordained, March, 1918; married Re- 
becca Mae Brock of Athens, Tenn., 
June 24, 1919; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. N. B. Brock; children, Ralph 
W., Paul R.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Crossville, Tenn., 1920- 
1922; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Kingston, Tenn., 1922-1924; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Lenoir City, 
Tenn., 1924-1928; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Shelbyville, Tenn., 1928- 
1934; enlistment evangelist, Tennes- 
see Baptist Convention, 1934-1935; 
pastor, Park Avenue Baptist 
Church, Nashville, Tenn., 1935 to 
date; board trustees, Tennessee Col- 
lege; board managers, Tennessee 
Baptist Orphanage; chairman, 
Christian Educational Committee, 
Tennessee Baptist Convention. 
Home: 4401 Park Avenue, Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; office: 4310 Park Ave., 
Nashville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Salisbury; born, Innerleithen, Scot- 
land, March 9, 1872; son of Agnes 
Walher of Cupar-Fife, Scotland, and 
Archibald Cree of Saltcoats, Scot- 
land; education, M.A., Wake Forest 
Col., Th.D., Southern Sem., L.L.D., 
Mercer Univ.; ordained, First Ch., 
Henderson, N. C, June, 1894; mar- 
ried Virginia Carroll of Gaffney, 
S. C, Oct. 15, 1901, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Carroll; chil- 
dren, Mary (Mrs. William M. Mc- 
Laughlin), Roanoke, Va.; Virginia 
(Mrs. J. M. Snyder), London, Eng- 
land, Agnes Walher; pastor, First 
Ch., Gaffney, S. C, 1900-1903; 
Twenty-second and Walnut St. Ch., 
Louisville, Ky., 1903-1905; pastor, 
Edgefield Ch., Nashville, Tenn., 
1905-1908; pastor, First Ch., Moul- 
trie, Ga., 1909-1912; enlistment 
Sec, Home Mission Bd., S. B. C, 
Atlanta, Ga., 1912-1915; Exec. Sec, 
Ga. Bapt. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., 1915- 
1930; Exec. Sec.-Treas., Bapt. Home 
Mission Bd., 1925-1929; pastor, First 
Ch., Salisbury, N. C, 1930 to date; 
member, S. S. Bd., Bd. of Minis- 
terial Relief and Annuities and 



Home Mission Bd.; Southern Pres., 
British-American Fraternal; state 
Dir., Bapt. 75 Million Campaign, 
Ga.; Mason, Rotary; traveled in 25 
foreign lands. Home: 322 S. 
Church St., Salisbury, N. C; office: 
S. Church and Council Sts., Salis- 
bury, N. C. 


Pastor Ahoskie Baptist Church, 
Ahoskie, N. C; born, Johnston 
County, North Carolina, Feb. 3\ 
1886; son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. 
Creech; education, B.A., Wake For- 
est College, and Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
June, 1915, Baptist Church, Nash- 
ville, N. C; married Mattie Gulley, 
Clayton, N. C, August, 1907; daugh- 
ter of M. M. and Sophia Ann Gul- 
ley; assistant director athletics, 
Wake Forest, 1 year; principal, 
Castalia High School, Nash County, 
4 years; principal, Nashville High 
School, 2 years; superintendent 
schools, Nash County, 5 years; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Nashville, N. 
C, 4 years; pastor, Red Oak Bap- 
tist Church, 5 years; principal, Red 
Oak school, 3 years; pastor Ahos- 
kie Bapt. Ch., Ahoskie, N. C, since 
Jan., 1925; evangelist; clerk, West 
Chowan Assn.; member, Bd. Trus- 
tees, Meredith Col.; member, Gen. 
Board, Baptist State Convention, 
North Carolina; Kiwanis Club, 
Scoutmaster, Ahoskie Boy Scouts. 
Address: Ahoskie, N. C. 


Promotional Secretary of Missis- 
sippi Baptist State Convention; 
born, Martin, Weakley County, Ten- 
nessee, Mar. 10, 1891; son of Lelia 
Albertine Boyd and William Lee 
Crittendon; education, A.B., B.S., 
and B.O., Hall-Moody Institute 
(combined with Union University), 
Colgate University, and Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; resident work completed 
for Th.D.; ordained, Sept. 18, 1910; 
married Birdie Louise Canady, 
Trenton, Tenn., June 30, 1914; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Emmett Canady; children, Ann 

Athaline, William Floyd and Robert 
Russell, Jackson; various student 
pastorates and pastor, Trimble and 
Obion Baptist Churches, Tennessee, 
2 years; pastor, Rector, Ark., 2 
years; Pittsburg, Tex., 4 years; Fes- 
tus-Crystal City, Mo., 2 years; In- 
dianola, Miss., 3 years; First Bap- 
tist Church, Brookhaven, Miss., 6 
years; promotional secretary, Mis- 
sissippi Baptist State Convention, 
since Feb. 1, 1935; moderator, Pitts- 
burg Baptist Association, 1922-1924: 
moderator, Lincoln County, Missis- 
sippi Baptist Association, 1930-1934; 
president, District B. Y. P. U. Con- 
vention, 1927-1928 and 1932-1933; 
member, Mississippi Baptist State 
Convention Board, 1927-1935; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee of South- 
ern Baptist Convention, 1934-1935; 
chairman, Lincoln County Chapter, 
American Red Cross, 1932-1933. 
Home: 856 Arlington St.; office: 
Baptist Bldg., Jackson, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sla- 
ter, Mo.; born, near Heath Springs, 
S. C, June 1, 1884; son of Clara 
Anna Floyd and Samuel Perthimus 
Criminger of Heath Springs, S. C. ; 
education, A.B., William Jewel Col- 
lege, Th.M. and Th.D., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, 1913, Rural Dale Baptist 
Church, near Trenton, Mo.; married 
Dorothy Berry Barnes of Louisville, 
Ky., Aug. 15, 1923; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Geo. L. Barnes; children, 
Frederick Osborne, Jr., and George 
Lindsay; pastor, Good Hope, 3 
years; pastor, Worth, Mo., 2 years; 
pastor, Gilliam Baptist Church, 
Missouri, 3 years; pastor, Rural 
Dale Baptist Church, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Sulphur Baptist Church, Sul- 
phur, Ky., 1 year; pastor, Excelsior 
Springs, Mo., 1 year; pastor, Lyn- 
don Baptist Church, Lyndon, Ky., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Suffolk, Va.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Mt. Vernon, 111.; substitute 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Mem- 
phis, Tenn.; pastor, Immanuel Bap- 
tist Temple, Henderson, Ky., 6 yrs.; 



pastor, First Bapt. Church, Slater, 
Mo.; evangelist; secretary, Y. M. 
C. A. in U. S. Army, chaplain over- 
seas; Sunday School president, 
Blackwater Association, Virginia, 2 
years; assistant moderator, Ohio 
Valley Baptist Association, Ken- 
tucky, 1 year; trustee, Bethel Bap- 
tist College; special committee for 
raising funds for Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; R. A. Mason 
(past). Office: 529 Rich St., Slater, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Farmington, Mo.; born, Memphis, 
Tenn., Feb. 27, 1893; son of Agnes 
Miller of Miller, Miss., and A. F. 
Crockett of Symrna, Tenn.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Union University, Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, A.M., University of Mis- 
sissippi; ordained, Bellevue Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn., 1919; mar- 
ried Nelle Williams of Stanton, 
Tenn., Aug. 4, 1920; daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Williams; child- 
ren, Frances, David and Martha; 
pastor, Stanton, Tenn.; pastor, Bag- 
well, Tex.; pastor, Thornton, Tex.; 
pastor, Heber Springs, Ark.; pastor, 
DeWitt, Ark.; pastor, Sumner, 
Miss.; pastor, Tunica, Miss.; pas- 
tor, Farmington, Mo., 1931 to date; 
trustee Missouri Home for Aged 
Baptists; introductory sermon, Mis- 
souri Baptist General Association, 
Centennial Session, St. Louis, Mo., 
1934; author, "David Crockett, 
Frontier Congressman" (unpub- 
lished); first president, Farming- 
ton, Mo., Rotary Club. Address: 
Farmington, Mo. 


Executive Secretary of Executive 
Committee, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, Nashville, Tenn.; born, Car- 
rollton, Mo., July 13, 1870; son of 
Adelaide Newell and Elbert Hilde- 
brand Crouch of Tenn.; education, 
A.B., Baylor University; A.M., How- 
ard College, D.D., Carson-Newman, 
Union University and Baylor Uni- 
versity; ordained, 1893, McKinney, 
Tex.; married Arianna Hill, 1895 

(died 1909); married Myrtle Old- 
ham of Birmingham, Ala., Apr. 26, 
1911; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 
E. Oldham; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Corinth, Miss., 1900-1905; 
pastor, Woodlawn Baptist Church, 
Birmingham, Ala., 1905-1909; pas- 
tor, Gaston Avenue Baptist Church, 
Dallas, Tex., 1909-1912; pastor First 
Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, 
Tenn., 1912-1919; patsor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Jonesboro, Ark., 1919- 
1922; superintendent, Department 
of Church Extension, Baptist Home 
Mission Board, 1922-1923; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, 
Tenn., 1923-1927; executive secre- 
tary, Executive Committee, South- 
ern Baptist Convention, 1927 to 
date; author, "Plan of Salvation," 
several tracts. Home: 208 Fairfax 
Ave., Nashville, Tenn.; office: 161 
Eighth Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Corrente, Bra- 
zil; born, Duncan, Okla., Mar. 18, 
1892; education, Baylor University, 
A.B., 1921, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; appointed 
June 14, 1923; Educational Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Corrente, Bra- 
zil; born, Killeen, Texas, Aug. 11, 
1892; education, Polytechnic Col- 
lege, Baylor University, A.B., 1921; 
married E. H. Crouch, June 26, 
1918; appointed June 14, 1923; Edu- 
cational Work, 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church. 
Morganton, N. C; born, Alexander 
County, North Carolina, July 24, 
1907; son of William L. and Mary 
Kate (Austin) Crouch; education. 
A.B., Lenoir-Rhyne College, North 
Carolina, and Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Seminary; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Hickory, N. O, De- 
cember. 1928; married Floy Mae 
Havnaer of Hickory, N. C. Sept. 
1, 1926; children, William Henry, 



Robert Perry and Daniel Gay; pas- 
tor, Charlie, Blue Grove and Deer 
Creek, Clay County, Texas, while 
student in Seminary; First Baptist 
Church, Hollis, Okla., 1932-1934; 
Calvary Baptist Church, Morganton 
since 1934; member, State Promo- 
tion Committee from Catawba River 
Association. Home: South Green 
St., Morganton, N. C. 


Was born near Hayesville, Tenn., 
Mar. 27, 1873; son of Lovina Hol- 
land of Meadorville, Tenn., and Jo- 
seph Ray Crowder of LaPayette, 
Tenn.; education, Baylor Univ., 
Waco, Tex., and Southwestern Sem., 
Ft. Worth, Tex., A.B. degree from 
Baylor, E.B. from Sem., and D.D. 
from Webster Univ., Atlanta, Ga. ; 
ordained at Weston, Tex., Mar. 3, 
1900; married Allie May Morrow, 
daughter of John S. and Rebecca 
Morrow, June 1, 1897; she died Apr. 
1, 1934; married Mrs. May Fair, 
daughter of Josie Forbis and Geo. 
W. Burke, May 11, 1935; children, 
Mrs. Noma Hodson, Alvin, Tex., and 
Carroll M. Crowder, Ft. Worth, 
Tex.; teacher in public schools, of 
Tenn., 2 yr., of Ky., 3 yrs. and of 
Tex., 4 yrs.; pastor of churches 5 
yrs.; teacher in Southwestern Sem., 
26 yrs.; now teaching Introductory 
Greek, Dir. of Extension Dept., com- 
piling, arranging and editing the 
works of Dr. B. H. Carroll and su- 
pervising the Floral interests of 
Southwestern Sem. Home: 2300 
Gambrell St., Ft. Worth, Tex.; of- 
fice: Room 130, Ft. Worth Hall, 
Southwestern Bapt. Sem., Seminary 
Hill, Tex. 


Sunday School and Baptist Train- 
ing Union Secretary, Illinois Bap- 
tist State Association; born, near 
Princeton, Ky., Sept. 16, 1909; son 
of Bessie Guess of Kuttawa, Ky., 
and Otho C. Crowe of Princeton, 
Ky. ; education, A.B., William Jew- 
ell College, Union University, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, 1929; married Edna Earl 
Elliott of Richmond, Va., May 18, 

1933; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. 
W. Elliott; children, John Marvin, 
Jr., Elizabeth Ann; pastor, Winn- 
wood, Mo., 15 months; pastor, Elk- 
ville, 111., 9 mos.; Third Ch., Marion, 
111., 2 years; state B. T. U. and 
Sunday School secretary, Illinois, 
1933 to date. Home: Herrin, 111.; 
office: Baptist Bldg., Carbondale, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Monticello, Ark.; born, Dennsville, 
Va., Jan. 30, 1890; son of Julia Eliza- 
beth Mitchell and Thomas B. Crox- 
ton of Dunnsville, Va. ; education, 
Richmond University, and Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving A.B., and Th.M., (Ph.D. 
nearly finished), degrees; ordained, 
1912, Norfolk, Va.; married Jose- 
phine Saunders of Arkadelphia, 
Ark., 1915; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. C. Saunders; children, 
Thomas Wade, Jr., Louisiana State 
University, Hardy W. and Jo-Beth; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Car- 
rollton, Ky., 1915-1918; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Harlan, Ky., 1918- 
1921; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Clarendon, Ark., 1922-1934; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Prescott, Ark., 
1924-1930; editor, Baptist Advance, 
Arkansas Baptist paper, 1929-1930; 
head of Department Bible and Re- 
ligious Education, Ouachita College, 
1930-1934; pastor First Baptist 
Church, Monticello, Ark., 1930 to 
date; member, Board Trustees, 
Ouachita College, 1925-1930; mem- 
ber, Executive Board, Arkansas 
Baptist State Convention, 1925- 
1930; moderator, Red River Baptist 
Association, 1933-1934; Lions, Ma- 
son. Home: 205 Wood Ave., Monti- 
cello, Ark. Office: W. Main St., 
Monticello, Ark. 


Evangelist, Florence, Ky.; born, 
Bardstown, Ky., Aug. 1, 1886; son 
of Anna Mclntyre of Loretta, Ky., 
and Cadman Wallace Crume of 
Bardstown, Ky. ; education, Col- 
gate University, and Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, receiv- 



ing A.B., MA., Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D., 
Sc.D., D.D. degrees; ordained May, 
1910; married Martha Riedel of 
Woodlawn, Ky., July 7, 1911; daugh- 
ter of Charles and Mary Riedel; 
children, Pauline, Western State 
Teachers College, Bowling Green, 
Ky., Thomas Clinton, Jr., Union, 
Ky.; pastor, Sanders, Ky. ; pastor, 
Mill Creek Baptist Church, Breland, 
Ky. ; pastor, New Liberty, Ky. ; pas- 
tor, Monterey, Ky. ; pastor Latonia 
Baptist Church, Covington, Ky., 10 
years; built modern Baptist 
Church; moderator, North Bend As- 
sociation, 1 year; State Mission 
Board, Kentucky, 5 years; author, 
"Evangelism in Action;" evange- 
list. Address: Florene, Ky. 


Pastor, Temple Baptist Church, 
Baltimore, Md.; horn, Franklin, 
Tenn., Oct. 8, 1897; son of Lula 
Leonidas Whitaker of Mulberry, 
Tenn., and John Osborne Crump of 
Franklin, Tenn.; education, A.B., 
Union Univ., Th.M., Eastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Crozer Theo- 
logical Seminary, and Graduate 
School, Univ. of Pennyslvania; 
ordained Mar. 8, 1922, First Baptist 
Church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; mar- 
ried Alma Blanche Hess of Everett, 
Pa., Nov. 23, 1921; daughter of Mary 
Elizabeth Traux and Amos Jackson 
Hess; children, Melvine Osborne; 
John Whitaker, Leonidas Elizabeth 
(deceased), Ben Hess; teacher, High 
School, 3 years; pastor, Greenbrier 
Baptist Church, Greenbrier, Tenn., 
1922-1923; student pastor, First 
Ch., Everett, Pa., 1923-1924; student 
pastor, First Church, Morris- 
ville, Pa., 1924-1925; pastor, North 
Baptist Church, Millville, N. J., 
1925-1929; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Ford City, Pa., 1929-1930; 
pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Bal- 
timore, Md., 1930 to date; Mary- 
land Baptist State Mission Board, 
1930; advisory commitee, Baptist 
State Mission Board, 1931 to date; 
I. O. O. F. Address: 3100 Walbrook 
Ave., Baltimore, Md. 


Pastor, Riverside Baptist Church, 
Tampa, Fla.; born, Lewisburg, 
Tenn., July 12, 1870; son of Betty 
Welch and Chas. James Crutcher of 
Lewisburg, Tenn.; education, B.S., 
D.D., LL.D., Union University; or- 
dained, 1891; married Jennie Kim- 
brough of Jackson, Tenn., 1897; 
daughter of D. L. and Sally Kim- 
brough; children, Elizabeth (Mrs. 
S. L. Fugler), New Orleans, La., 
Jenora (Mrs. B. Locke Davis), 
Brookhaven, Miss., Ida Love (Mrs. 
John E. Evans), Live Oak, Fla.; 
Mary Louise; pastor, Shelbyville, 
Tenn., 3 years; missionary, Mexico, 
1 year; pastor, Dyersburg, Tenn., 8 
years; pastor, East Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1 year; evangelist, 
Home Mission Board, 3 years; ex- 
ecutive secretary, Missions, Louisi- 
ana, 8 years; professor, evangelism, 
Baptist Bible Institute, New Or- 
leans, La., 8 years; pastor, Fifth 
Avenue Baptist Church, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla., 2 years; pastor, River- 
side Baptist Church, Tampa, 6 
years; moderator, Duck River Asso- 
ciation, 1899; member, State Mis- 
sion Board, 1912-1920; member, So- 
cial Service Commission, Southern 
Baptist Convention, 3 years; called 
first meeting looking to the found- 
ing of Baptist Bible Institute; lead- 
er 75 million Camp, Louisiana; Fra- 
ternal Representative, Baptist 
Home Mission Board, 1910, to New 
Mexico. Home: 6411 R Blvd., Tam- 
pa, Fla.; office: Riverside Baptist 
Church, Tampa, Fla. 


Pastor, Central Baptist Church, 
Muskogee, Okla.; born near Sparta, 
Tenn., Feb. 1, 1900; son of Juliet 
Helen Grubbs and Richard Dodge 
Cullen of Sturgis, Ky. ; education, 
A.B., Oklahoma University, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Norman, Okla., Feb. 6, 
1924; married Eva Jeanette Marney 
of Walters, Okla., Dec. 26, 1926, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. M. 
Marney; children, David Paul; li- 
brarian, Southeastern State Teach- 



ers College, Durant, Okla., 1924- 
1928; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wetumka, Okla., 1928-1930; pastor, 
Colbert, Okla., 1924-1928; pastor, 
Calera, Okla., 1924-1928; pastor, 
Blue, Okla., 1924-1926; pastor, Elm 
View Baptist Church, Bryan Coun- 
ty, Oklahoma, 1924-1928; pastor, 
Franklington, Ky., Prairie Baptist 
Church, Noblesville, Ind., 1930-1933; 
pastor, Central Baptist Church, 
Muskogee, Okla., 1933 to date; 
Board, Bryan Association, Oklaho- 
ma, 1925-1928; Board, North Ca- 
nadian Baptist Association, Okla- 
homa, 1928-1930; Board, Muskogee 
Baptist Association, Oklahoma, 1933 
to date; secretary-treasurer, Mus- 
kogee Baptist Association, 1934 to 
date; Board of Trustees, Oklahoma 
Baptist Uni-versity, 1934 to date; 
U. S. Army, 1918; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Oklahoma University Foren- 
sic squad; State Intercollegiate 
Peace Oratorical Contest, 1923; first 
prize, State High School Oratorical 
Contest, 1919, New Mexico. Home: 
623 E. Side Blvd., Muskogee, Okla.; 
office: Central Baptist Church, 
Muskogee, Okla. 


Chaplain in CCC camp work, Mc- 
Comb, Miss.; born, New Orleans, La., 
Mar. 24, 1894; son of Agusta Die- 
tel and P. B. Cullorn; education, 
Louisiana State Univ., B.A., Miss. 
Col., Th.B., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained, Central Bapt. Ch., McComb, 
Miss., 1926; married Pearl Gard- 
ner, Oct., 1918, daughter of Rev. 
and Mrs. E. Gardner; children, 
Jack, Fay, Mary; pastor, Lawrence 
and Covington Counties, Miss., 1 
yr.; Waco, Ky., y 2 yr.; Sligo, Ky., 
1% yrs. ; pastor, Pike, Amite, Lin- 
coln, and Franklin Counties, Miss., 
2y 2 yrs.; Navilla and Pike Coun- 
ties, Miss., 2 yrs.; Pres., Eleventh 
B. T. U. Dist., Miss., 2 yrs.; chap- 
lain, Am. Legion Post, McComb, 
Miss.; chaplain, Miss. Dept. Officers 
Res. Corps. Home: McComb, Miss.; 
office: CCC Camp, SCS-8, Canton, 


Head Department of Religion, 
Wake Forest College; born, Halifax 
County, North Carolina, Jan. 15, 
1867; son of Mary Eliza Johnson 
and Joseph John Cullom of Halifax 
County, North Carolina; MA., 
Wake Forest College, Th.M. and Th. 
D., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, M.A., Th.D. and D.D., 
University of Richmond; ordained, 
May, 1888; married Frances Farmer 
of Louisville, Ky., June 2, 1897; 
daughter of John and Nannie Farm- 
er; children, Edward F., Mrs. Fant 
Kelly, High Point, N. C, Mrs. Law- 
rence Harris and Mrs. C. C. Pear- 
son; head of Department of Re- 
ligion, Wake Forest College, since 
1896; organizer for 75 million cam- 
paign, 1919-1920 (on leave of ab- 
sence from Wake Forest College) ; 
pastor, country and village 
churches, since 1896; member State 
Mission Board; dean of School for 
Preachers, 8 years. Address: Wake 
Forest, N. C. 


Pastor, Queensboro Baptist 
Church, Shreveport, La.; born, 
Anna, 111., Dec. 17, 1883; son of 
Jennie Eaves and Joseph Culp of 
Anna, 111.; education, Shurtleff 
College, Southwestern Baptist The- 
ological Seminary, receiving B.L., 
and D.D. degrees; ordained, Sep- 
tember, 1907; married Martha 
Rich of Anna, 111., April 1, 1904, 
daughter of Dr. T. J. and Mary 
Rich; children, Earl R., Los An- 
geles, Calif., Mary E. (Mrs. Fred 
G. Hill), Port Arthur, Tex.; Paul 
M.; pastor, Alto Pass, 111., 5 years; 
pastor, Anna, 111., 2 years; pastor, 
Du Quoin, 111., 7 years; pastor, 
Port Arthur, Tex., 8 years; pastor, 
Minden, La., 2 years; pastor, 
Queensboro Baptist Church, Shreve- 
port, La., 4 years to date; member, 
Executive Board, Illinois Baptist 
Convention, Texas Baptist State 
Convention, Louisiana Baptist State 
Convention; director, Denomina- 
tional Campaigns, Texas, Illinois; 
Lion, Port Arthur, Tex., Mason, 
Odd Fellow. Home: 2700 W, Col- 



lege St., Shreveport, La.; office: 
2737 Judson St., Shreveport, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Shriner, Texas, March 
10, 1895; education, Baylor Univer- 
sity, A.B., 1919, Draughman's Busi- 
ness College, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1922; 
appointed June 14, 1923; evangel- 
istic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Center Point, Tex., 
Aug. 14, 1896; education, Baylor 
College, Southwestern Training 
School; married C. L. Culpepper, 
Sept. 14, 1919; appointed June 14, 
1923; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Ch., Stephenville, 
Tex.; born, Hooker, Miss., July 14, 
1876; son of Sarah Troylor and 
Samuel B. Culpepper, Sr. ; educa- 
tion, Miss. Col., Baylor Univ., South- 
western Sem., D.D.; ordained, 1899; 
married Maggie Donnell of Pela- 
hatchie, Miss., Dec. 19, 1901, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Don- 
nell; children, Prof. S. B., Jr., Co- 
myn, Tex., Prof. John, Alexander, 
Tex., Mrs. Boyd C. Dillon, Cleburne, 
Tex., Wayne (deceased); pastor, 
country churches, Miss.; Stonewall, 
Miss.; Newton, Miss.; Pres., Clarke 
Col., Newton, Miss., 1906-12; pastor, 
Abbott, Tex., Bynum, Tex.; Bver- 
man, Tex.; Brandon, Tex.; Rosebud, 
Tex.; Clovis, N. Mex.; Willington, 
Tex.; Cameron, Tex.; Stephenville, 
Tex., 1921-27; First Ch., Cleburne, 
Tex., 1928-32; returned to Stephen- 
ville, Tex., 1933 to date; denomina- 
tional: member, Bd. of Trustees, 
Howard Payne Col., since 1926; 
Exec. Bd., Bapt. Gen. Conv. of Tex.. 
1927-35. Address: Stephenville, 


Evangelist. Anadarko, Okla.; 
born, Clearspring, Ind., Aug. 14, 
1892; son of Mary Ellen Foster and 

Hiram Albert Cummings of Indi- 
ana; education, Anadarko, Okla., 
Business College, Anadarko Com- 
mercial College, Academy of Sim- 
mons College, Hardin-Simmons Uni- 
versity, 0. B. U., B.A. degree, A.M., 
Baylor University, LL.D., Lanier 
University; ordained March 19, 
1916, First Baptist Church, Shaw- 
nee, Okla.; married Verna Carter 
of Anadarko, Okla., Sept. 1, 1918, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren 
J. Carter, Anadarko, Okla.; chil- 
dren, Walter B. and Joseph Spen- 
cer; clerk and stenographer, Su- 
pervising Inspector's Office, U. S. 
Immigration Service, Mexican Bor- 
der District, El Paso, Tex., 1913; 
assistant registrar and stenogra- 
pher, Rev. Prof. Wm. Francis Fry, 
Simmons College, 1913-1915; in- 
structor, Shorthand, Simmons Col- 
lege; stenographer, chief clerk's of- 
fice, U. S. Railway Mail Service, 
1914; student pastor, Davenport 
Church, Davenport, Okla., 1916; 
head, Commercial Department, 
Simmons College, 1916-1918; Com- 
mercial Department, 0. B. U., 1918- 
1920; pastor, Weatherford, Okla., 
1920-1921; pastor, Alva, Okla., 1921- 
1923; evangelist, 1924-1925; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Pond Creek, 
Okla., 1925-1926 ; pastor, First Bap- 
tict Church, Healdton, Okla., 1926- 
1927; evangelist, 1927 to date; act- 
ing chairman and author of report 
committee on Christian Education, 
Association and State Convention, 
1922; author: "A Codification of 
the Law of Moses," "The New 
Year," "By Many Waters," "The 
Rainbow Throne"; Pi Gamma Mu; 
commissioned colonel, governor's 
staff, Okla. Address: 407 E. Broad- 
way, Anadarko, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Grant City, Mo.; born, Sheldon. Mo . 
March 17, 1909; son of Sallie 
Phipps and Martin Cunningham ; 
education. Southwest Bapt. Col., 
William Jewell Col.. Southern Sem., 
receiving AA., A.B. and Th.M.; or- 
dained Sept., 1931, Sheldon, Mb.; 
married Bonita Nichols, Sept. 12, 



1935, daughter of John Robert and 
Rose Emma McDowell Nichols; 
Assnl. missionary, Cane Creek 
Assn., Mo.; pastor, First Ch., Grant 
City, Mo.; Assn. B. T. U. leader; 
Assnl. Bd. member. Address: 
Grant City, Mo. 


Pastor, Central Church, Selma, 
Ala.; born, Grove Hill, Ala., Dec. 
21, 1891; son of Eva Chapman of 
Grove Hill and Joseph W. Cunning- 
ham of Cunningham, Ala.; educa- 
tion, B.S., M.S., Univ. of Ala., Th. 
B'., Th.M., Southern Sem.; ordained 
June, 1912; married Berniece Cath- 
'ryn LeMoi, Dec. 12, 1918, daughter 
of P. A. and Martha Hewitson Le- 
Moi; children, Elizabeth Juclson, 
Martha Jane; mission work, First 
Ch., Tuscoloosa, Ala., summer ot 
1913; chemist, Tenn. State Bd. of 
Health, 1914, Haleyville, Ala., 1 yr.; 
Nashville, Tenn., Y. M. C. A. mem- 
bership, 1914; Eastern Ky. Mts., 
Hyden and Oneida, Ky., 5 yrs.; 
Berca, Ky., 4 yrs.; Paint Lick, Ky., 
1 yr., these 10 yrs. as employee of 
Ky. Bapt. State Mission Bd.; pas- 
tor, Pleasureville, Ky., 2y 2 yrs.; 
Central Ch., Selma, Ala., 8 yrs. — ; 
denominational: Ala. Bapt. State 
Bd. Employee, 1915-24; organizer, 
Ala. Bapt. Council, Royal Ambassa- 
dors and Camp Leader, 3 yrs.; au- 
thor: "Radio Activity of Some Ala- 
bama Coals," and proposed "Manual 
for Royal Ambassadors." Home ad- 
dress: 1715 Alabama Ave., Selma, 


W. M. U. Young People's Secre- 
tary, W. M. U. of North Carolina, 
Raleigh, N. C; born, Vance County, 
North Carolina, May 19, 1905; 
daughter of Minnie Hoyle and Wil- 
liam W. Currin of Vance County, 
North Carolina; education, A.B., 
Meredith College, M.R.E., W. M. U. 
Training School; teacher, public 
schools, North Carolina, 1924-1928; 
W. M. U. Young People's Secretary, 
North Carolina, 1935 to date. 
Home: Rt. 2, Henderson, N. C; of- 

fice: 215 Recorder Bldg., Raleigh, 
N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Pensacola, Fla. ; born, Ogelthorpe, 
Ga., Aug. 21, 1898; son of Susie 
Clark and William Loomis Cutts 
of Georgia; education, D.D., How- 
ard Col., A.B., Mercer Univ., A.M., 
Univ. of Cincinnati, Th.M., South- 
ern Sem.; ordained March 31, 
1918, Vineville Baptist Church, Ma- 
con, Ga.; married Hazel Hurst of 
Perry, Ga., June 11, 1919, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Sam T. Hurst; mar- 
ried Arrie Moody of Russellville, 
Ala., Oct. 16, 1928, daughter of 
Judge and Mrs. R. J. Moody; chil- 
dren, Sarah Hazel; pastor, Georgia, 
1916-1919; pastor, Kentucky, 1922- 
1924; pastor, Ohio, 1923-1924; pas- 
tor, Athens, Ala., 1924-1928; pastor, 
Highland Avenue Baptist Church, 
Montgomery, Ala., 1928-1931; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Pensa- 
cola, Fla.„ 1931 to date; president, 
Alabama Baptist Sunday School 
Convention; member, State Board 
of Missions; director, Alabama. 
State Convention; member, Flori- 
da Baptist State Board of Mis- 
sions; member, Hospital Commis- 
sion, Southern Baptist Convention; 
director, Florida Baptist Assembly; 
moderator, Pensacola Bay Baptist 
Convention, 1932-1934; contributor: 
Sunday School Builder, Young Peo- 
ple and Adult Magazine, B. T. U. 
Magazine; author: Sunday School 
Lesson, Pensacola News, 1932; Ki- 
wanis. Home: 24 E. Brainard St., 
Pensacola, Fla.; office: First Bap- 
tist Church, Pensacola, Fla. 


Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church, 
Kansas City, Mo.; born, St. Paul, 
Minn., May 28, 1891; son of Aman- 
da Stagg and Carl P. Dahlby of 
St. Paul, Minn.; education, B.A., 
Minnesota University, Kansas City 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained June 15, 1917; married 
Edith Evangeline Lindberg of 
Grove City, Minn., June 12, 1917, 
daughter of Rev. Olaf S. Lindberg; 



children, Roger Judson, Grenfell, 
Philip Chalmers, Grace Evangeline; 
relief secretary, Seamans' Church 
Institute, New York City, 1917; pas- 
tor, Dassel, Minn., 1919; mission- 
ary, Assom, India, 1919-1920; pas- 
tor, Boston Baptist Church, Bethel, 
1921-1922; pastor, Parkers Prairie, 
Minn.; pastor, Duluth Central, 
Minn.; pastor, Worthington, Minn., 
1922-1928; pastor, Broadway Bap- 
tist Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1928 
to date; executive committee, Kan- 
sas City Baptist Association; Execu- 
tive Committee, Council of 
Churches, Kansas City, Mo.; chair- 
man, Race Relations Committee, 
Kansas City, Mo.; magazine arti- 
cles. Address: 2921 Washington 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Superintendent of Banks County 
Schools, Homer, Ga.; born, Banks 
County, Georgia, Oct. 16, 1877; son 
of Amanda Jordan and Leonard 
Dalton of Banks County, Georgia; 
education, common school and high 
school; married Docia V. Davis of 
Banks County, Georgia, Dec. 31, 
1903, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 
Thomas Davis; children, Branson 
L., Baldwin, Ga., L. Broughton, 
Thomas W., Buford E., E. Mercer; 
teacher, Habersham and Banks 
Counties, 29 years; superintendent, 
Banks County schools, 7 years to 
date; farmer; moderator of Liberty 
Baptist Association, 12 years to 
date; deacon, Line Baptist Church; 
president, Georgia Sunday School 
Association, Banks County, Geor- 
gia; Odd Fellows. Home: Alto, 
Ga. ; office: Homer, Ga. 

Pastor, Marion Baptist Church, 
Marion, Ky. ; born, Salisbury, Mo., 
Jan. 7, 1886; son of Maggie Grimes 
and B. F. Dameron; education, 
North Missouri College, with Ph.B. 
degree; ordained, February, 1913; 
married Ella Fisher, Ava., Mo.; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fish- 
er; children, Hazel and Ruth; pas- 
tor, Senath, Mo., Baptist Church, 
3 years; Oran, Mo., Baptist Church, 
V/-i years; DeSoto, Mo., Baptist 

Church, 3 years; Johnston City, 111., 
Baptist( Church, 6 years; Winstan- 
ley Baptist Church, East St. Louis, 
111., 3 years; Marion Baptist 
Church, Marion, Ky., for the past 
6% years; assistant moderator, 
Illinois State Association; vice 
president, State Mission Board; 
chairman, Sunday School and B. Y. 
P. U. Committee; Illinois repre- 
sentative, Sunday School Board of 
Southern Baptist Convention, 8 
years; member, Kentucky State 
Board, 3 years; moderator, Ohio 
River Association; member, Reese 
evangelistic staff in 1926; member, 

A. F. and A. M. Address: Marion, 


Professor of New Testament In- 
terpretation, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Seminary 
Hill, Tex.; born near Vicksburg, 
Miss., June 21, 1888; son of Eva 
Grace Smith of Lorman, Miss., and 
Charles Martin Dana of Vicksburg, 
Miss.; education, A.B., Mississippi 
College, Th.M. and Th.D., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, November, 1908; married 
Tommy Pettit of Vicksburg, Miss., 
July 13, 1909, daughter of Mrs. W. 

B. Luckett; children, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. J. R. Branton), Norman, 
Okla., Elsie Marie; pastor, Utica 
and Hermanville, Miss., 1913-1915; 
pastor, Port Gibson, Miss., 1912- 
1913; pastor, Alvord, Tex., 1916- 
1918; teacher, Southwestern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Ft. 
Worth, Tex., 1919 to date; pastor. 
First Baptist Church, Ardmbre. 
Okla., 1931-1935; pastor, Graford, 
Tex., 1935 to date; author: "Au- 
thenticity of the Holy Scriptures," 
"Christ's Ecclesia," "New Testa- 
ment World," "Manual Grammar of 
the Greek New Testamen t," 
"Searching the Scriptures"; Socie- 
ty of Biblical Literature and Ex- 
egesis. Address: Seminary Hill, 


Pastor. First Ch., El Dorado, 
Ark.; born, Monticello. Ark., May 
6, 1874; son of Effie Clayton and 



William Dudley Daniel of Monticel- 
lo, Ark.; education, M.A., Union 
Univ., Southern Sem., D.D., and 
LL.D. degree; ordained, March, 
1S93; married Alice Calhoun of 
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1897, 
daughter of Maria and George R. 
Calhoun; children, Mrs. Flippen D. 
Burge, Atlanta, Ga.; Mrs. Thomas 
B. Washington, Richmond, Va.; pas- 
tor, First Ch., Texarkana, Tex., 
1896; First Ch., Pine Bluff, Ark., 
1898; First Ch., Covington, Ky., 
1902; First Ch., Ft. Worth, Tex., 
1905; First Ch., Atlanta, Ga., 1909; 
First Ch., Richmond, Va., 1928; 
First Ch., El Dorado, Ark., since 
1935. Address: El Dorado, Ark. 


Pastor, Northwest Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
born, Dublin, Tex., Sept. 23, 1891; 
son of Tommie Marshall of Abe- 
line, Tex., and William Taylor Dan- 
iel of Dublin, Tex.; education, B.A., 
0. B. U.; ordained, 1918; married 
Emma Winifred Banta of Colorado 
Springs, Colo., Dec. 25, 1916, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Banta; 
children, John Buford, Walter 
Franklin; evangelist, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Tonkawa, Okla., 2% years; pas- 
tor, Earlsboro and McLoud, Okla., 
1919-1920; pastor, McLoud, Okla., 
1920-1924; pastor, Ferguson, Kans., 
1 year; pastor, Tonkawa, Okla., 4 
years, 8 months; pastor, Sayre, 
Okla., 4 years, 4 months; pastor, 
Northwest Baptist Church, Oklaho- 
ma City, Okla., 1934 to date; re- 
cording secretary, Baptist General 
Convention, Oklahoma, 9 years; di- 
rector, Baptist General Convention, 
secretary; trustee, O. B. U., 8 years; 
publisher, church paper each week; 
contributor, Baptist Messenger, Ok- 
lahoma Baptist paper. Home: 3023 
N. W. 16; Office: 1601 Drexel Blvd., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Dean, Furman University; born, 
Gravel Hill, Va., Nov. 8, 1888; son of 
Va., and John Robert Daniel of 
Lillian Florence Hall of Gravel Hill, 
Roanoke County, Virginia; educa- 

tion, Fork Union Military Academy, 
B.A. and M.A., Richmond College, 
Ph.M., University of Chicago; mar- 
ried Frances Evelyn Pack of 
Greenville, S. C, June 24, 1914, 
daughter of Eliza Walker and Chas. 
Henry Pack; children, Frances Eve- 
lyn, Robert Norman, Jr., Elizabeth 
Sandison, and Chas. Pack; instruc- 
tor, Latin and German, Fork Union 
Military Academy, 1908-1909; as- 
sociate professor, English, Furman 
University, 1911-1914; professor, 
English, Georgetown College, 1914- 
1920; professor, English, Furman 
University, 1920 to date; dean, Fur- 
man University, since 1922; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa Phi. Home: 
324 U. Ridge, Greenville, S. C; of- 
fice: Administration Bldg., Furman 
University, Greenville, S. C. 


Vice president and cashier, First 
National Bank, Dallas, Tex.; born, 
Lamar County, Texas, June 29, 
1878; son of Mary Virginia Owens 
and John Danna of Alabama; edu- 
cation, public schools, Dallas, Tex.; 
married Bertie Louise Bradfield of 
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 19, 1901, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bradfield; 
one child, John Bradfield; 
started as office boy, T. & P. Ry. 
Co., then general office, then ac- 
counting department, 11% years; 
clerk, American Exchange National 
Bank, Dallas, Tex., 1905-1919; as- 
sistant cashier, First National 
Bank, Dallas, Tex., 1926-1929; vice 
president and cashier, First Nation- 
al Bank, Dallas, Tex., 1929 to date; 
ordained deacon, First Baptist 
Church, Dallas, Tex., 1913; secre- 
tary-treasurer, Baptist Foundation 
of Texas; treasurer and member of 
Executive Board of the Relief and 
Annuity Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention; Executive Committee, 
Southern Baptist Convention; trus- 
tee, Buckner Orphans Home, Dal- 
las, Tex.; Fire Prevention Com- 
mittee, Dallas, Tex., 2 years; com- 
missioner, Highland Park, 2 years. 
Home: 3717 Stratford Ave., High- 
land Park, Tex.; office: First Na- 
tional Bank, Dallas, Tex. 




Pastor, Gilead Baptist Church, 
Glendale, Ky.; born, Glasgow, Ky., 
Feb. 29, 1892; son of Susan Eliza- 
beth Vaughn of Cae City, Ky., and 
Mike E. Darter of Glasgow, Ky.; 
education, A.B., Georgetown Col- 
lege, Th.M., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, July, 
1921; married Elsie Mae Bailey of 
Harrodsburg, Ky., Sept. 12, 1922; 
daughter of William and Alberta 
Claunch Bailey; children, Doris 
Mae, Etta Jean; pastor, Kirkwood 
Baptist Church, Bondville, Ky., 3 
years; pastor, Maple Grove Baptist 
Church, Newby, Ky., 1 year; pas- 
tor, Sand Spring Baptist Church, 
Lawrenceburg, Ky., 3 years; pas- 
tor Gilead Baptist Church, Glen- 
dale, Ky, 1925 to date; State Mis- 
sion Board, Kentucky, 3 years; mod- 
erator, Severns Valley Association, 
1935 to date. Address: Glendale, 


Pastor, Field Street Church, Cle- 
burne, Tex.; born, Live Oak Co., 
Tex., May 22, 1901; son of Elizabeth 
Freasier and Jim David of Sandia, 
Tex.; education, A.B., Howard 
Payne Col., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem. ; ordained, 1921; married Ar- 
tie Vickers of Robstown, Tex., Nov. 
16, 1921, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
L. C. Vickers; children, Billie Ben; 
pastor, First Ch., Sodville, Tex.; 
Chapman Ranch Ch., Chapman 
Ranch, Tex.; First Ch., Rochelle, 
Tex.; First Ch., Royse City, Tex.; 
Field St. Ch., Cleburne, Tex., 2 yrs. 
to date; pastor, 14 yrs.; Prof., Pub- 
lic Speaking, Howard Payne Col., 
Brownwood, Tex., 1 yr. ; Assoc. 
Prof., Bible and Greek, Howard 
Payne Col., 1 yr.; Field St. Ch., Cle- 
burne, Tex., was third in Texas, No. 
of baptisms; denominational: Mod., 
Johnson Co. Bapt. Assn.; Chmn., 
Exec. Bd., Johnson Co. Bapt. Assn.; 
Chmn., Evangelism, Dist. 12, and 
member, Dist. 12 Exec. Bd., Bapt. 
Gen. Conv. of Texas; member, Bd. 
of Ministerial Education, Howard 
Payne Col.; trustee, Howard Payne 
Col.; author: "The History of 

Howard Payne College," various 
tracts and short articles; Lions 
Club, Odd Fellows, Gen. Ministers' 
Assn., Pi Kappa Delta Natl. Frat. 
organization. Home address: 107 
Field St., Cleburne, Tex. 


Pastor, Emeritees Baptist Church, 
and New Prospect Baptist Church, 
Livingston, Ala.; born, Franklin 
County, Missouri, Dec. 3, 1846; son 
of America Billups of Alabama, and 
Samuel M. Davidson of Missouri; 
education, A.B. and A.M., George- 
town College, D.D., Howard Col- 
lege, and LL.D., Georgetown; or- 
dained July 8, 1871, Eminence, Ky. ; 
married Lizzie Keene of George- 
town, Ky., Nov. 17, 1874, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keene; 
children, Mettis (Mrs. Tom Seal), 
Allen i (deceased), Marion Tabb, 
Birmingham, Ala., Harvey Frazer; 
pastor, Eminence, Ky., 1871-1876; 
pastor, Bloomington, Ind., 1876- 
1879; pastor, Aurora, Ind., 1879- 
1884; pastor, Marion, Ala., 1884- 
1887; pastor, Covington, Ky., 1887- 
1893; president, Georgetown Col- 
lege, Kentucky, 1893-1898; pastor, 
Southside Baptist Church, Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1898-1906; pastor, Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn., 1906-1908; pastor, 
Covington, Ky., 1908-1912; pastor. 
Livingston and Entreo, Ala., 1912- 
1928; pastor, New Prospect, near 
Livingston, Ala.; pastor, Emeritees 
Baptist Church, Livingston, Ala.; 
Board of Truatees, Georgetown Col- 
lege; trustee, Howard College 
(president of the board); member. 
Hymn Book Commission; wrote 
February for the Book of Devo- 
tions; dean, Baptist Preachers' 
School, Alabama; lecturer, B. Y. P. 
U., Alabama, Sunday School Asso- 
ciation, Alabama, W. M. U., Ala- 
bama. Address: Livingston, Ala. 


Sunday School Superintendent, 
First Baptist Church, Glasgow, Ky. ; 
born, Glasgow, Ky., Jan. 13, 1912; 
son of Martha Burnett and Herbert 



Ellis Davidson of Glasgow, Ky.; 
education, Furman University, B. 
S.; wholesale groceries; Sunday 
School superintendent, First Bap- 
tist Church, Glasgow, Ky., 1934 to 
date; Kappa Sigma. Address: 
Glasgow, Ky. 


Bible Department, Hannibal-La 
Grange College, Hannibal, Mo.; 
born, Freeman, Cass County, Mo., 
Sept. 6, 1891; son of Mary Eliza- 
beth Holman of Albany, Ore., and 
Rev. Franklin Pierce Davidson of 
Freeman, Mo.; education, A.B., Wil- 
liam Jewell College, Th.D., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, Savannah, Mo., August, 
1917; married Mary Skidmore of 
Chillicothe, Mo., 1917, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Thayer Skid- 
more; children, Dorothy and Vir- 
ginia; missionary, Timber Lake, S. 
D., 1913-1914; missionary, Valparai- 
so, Chile, 1917-1926; pastor, Gilliam, 
Mo., 1927; Bible Department, La 
Grange and Hannibal La Grange 
College 1927 to date; author: "Cate- 
cismo de Doctrina Cristiana." Ad- 
dress: Hannibal, Mo. 


Pastor, First Ch., Brookhaven, 
Miss.; born, Call, Tex., May 30, 
1897; son of Lillie Joe Fortenberry 
and Richard David Davis; educa- 
tion, A.B., Simmons Univ., Th.M. 
and Residence Work on Th.D., Bapt. 
Bible Inst.; ordained June, 1920; 
married Jenora Crutcher, June, 
1927, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
George Harvey Crutcher; children, 
Dorothy Gene and David Harvey; 
pastor, Tye, Tex., Ovalo, Tex., Stith, 
Tex., 2 yrs. ; Lake View Ch., New 
Orleans, 1 yr.; Central Ch., Mc- 
Comb, Miss., 2 yrs,; First Ch., Pica- 
yune, Miss., 2 yrs.; instructor, Dept. 
of Rel. Ed., B. B. I., 2 yrs,; Prof., 
same Dept., 2 yrs.; pastor, First Ch., 
Gulfport, Miss., 5 yrs.; First Ch., 
Brookhaven, Miss., 8 mos. to date; 
denominational: Bd. of Trustees, 
Mississippi Woman's Col.; Missis- 
sippi State Mission Bd.; Masonic 
order, Kiwanis Club. Home address: 

207 East Cherokee St., Brookhaven, 



Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Asheville, N. C; born, Indiana 
County, Pennsylvania, Aug. 30, 
1891; son of Martha Patterson and 
Evan G. Davis of Indiana County, 
Pennsylvania; education, Mt. Pleas- 
ant Academy, Denison University, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Crozer Seminary, Pennsyl- 
vania University, receiving Ph.B., 
B.D. degrees; ordained, Pine Flats, 
Pa., July 20, 1920; married Pearle 
Harrison of Cleveland, Tenn., Dec. 
14, 1921, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. I. Harrison; children, Martha 
Lillian, James Evan, Mary Ellen; 
assistant pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Lexington, Ky., 1 year; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Cyn- 
thia, Ky., 3 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Mt. Airy, N. C, 4 
years; pastor, Tabernacle Baptist 
Church, Raleigh, N. C, 3% years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Beck- 
ley, W. Va., 18 months; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Asheville, N. C, 
1933, to date; General Mission 
Board, North Carolina Baptist 
State Convention, 8 years; West 
Virginia Baptist State Mission 
Board, 1 year; vice president, North 
Carolina Baptist Ministers' Confer- 
ence; representative, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Western 
North Carolina; vice president, 
Good Samaritan Mission, Asheville, 
N. C. ; Kiwanis, Knight Templar, 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu. 
Home: 133 Woodfine St., Asheville, 
N. C; office: First Baptist Church, 
Asheville, N. C. 


President, Security Life and Trust 
Co.; Chmn., Bd. of Dir., Atlas Sup- 
ply Co., Winston-Salem, N. C; born, 
Yadkin Co., N. C, Apr. 28, 1882; son 
of Nannie Caroline Marion of Sur- 
ry Co., N. C, and Eli Thomas Da- 
vis of Yadkin Co., N. C; education, 
Y. V. I. and Wake Forest Col., re- 
ceiving LL.B. degree; married An- 
nie Pearl Shore of Boonville, N. C, 



Oct. 30, 1907, daughter of Henry 
and Julia Williams Shore; chil- 
dren, Egbert L., Jr., Harrisburg, 
Pa., Julia Caroline, Pauline, Thomas 
H., Tucson, Ariz.; salesman and 
Dept. Sales Mgr., R. J. Reynolds 
Tobacco Co., 1905-1926; Chmn. of 
the Bd. of Dirs., Atlas Supply Co.; 
Pres., Davis, Inc.; Pres., Business 
Properties, Inc.; Pres., Security Life 
and Trust Co., 1926 to date; Chmn., 
Board of Trustee, N. C. Bapt. Hosp.; 
Chmn., Fin. Com. and deacon, First 
Ch., Winston-Salem, N. C; Pres., 
Wake Forest Col. Alumni; Twin 
City Country Club; Civitan Inter- 
natl.; Dir., Chamber of Commerce, 
Winston-Salem, N. C; trustee, Y. 
W. C. A.; Isaac Walton League. 
Home: Reynolda Rd.; business: Box 
1217, Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Retired pastor, born, Portsmouth, 
Va., July 9, 1866; son of Mary Jane 
and John Richard Davis; education, 
public school, Portsmouth, Va. ; 
Richmond Col., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained, July 30, 1894; married Alice 
Floyd McDaniel of Blackstone, Va., 
Oct. 15, 1895; children, Rev. Henry 
J. Davis, Mrs. Maggie D. Inge, Mrs. 
Alice D. Parker; pastor, Phoebus 
Ch., Phoebus, Va., July, 1894-May, 
1900; Glebe Landing Ch., Lane 
View, Va., May 1, 1900-Sept., 1902; 
Floyd Ch., Floyd, Va., 1903-07; Dill- 
wyn, Va., 1907-10; Belmont Ch., 
Roanoke, Va., 1910-12 4 ; Singer's 
Glen, Va., 1912-15; Zion Ch., Acco- 
mac Co., Va., 1915-19; Westhaven 
Ch., Portsmouth, Va., 1919-22; Ea- 
gle Rock Ch., Eagle Rock, Va., 1922- 
35; evangelist, church builder, 10 
churches and S. S. plants; known 
as "Parson" Davis. Address: Black- 
stone, Va. 


Pastor, Downtown Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
born, Lamar, Mo., April 3, 1892; 
son of Florence Viola Haines and 
Arden V. Davis; education, B.A., 
D.D., O. B. U., M.A., Oklahoma Uni- 
versity; ordained, 1916; married 
Hazel Schuyler, Jan. 27, 1934; 

chaplain, World War, 1918; pastor, 
Exchange Avenue Baptist Church, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 1918-1932; 
president, O. B. U., 1932-1934; pas- 
tor, Downtown Baptist Church, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 1934 to date; 
president, Radio Station KGFG; 
manager, successful City Manager 
Campaign, Oklahoma City, 1923; 
captain chaplain, Officers Reserve 
Corps; past director, Oklahoma 
City Chamber of Commerce; Ki- 
wanis, Rotary; author: "The 2*0 
Year Program of Exchange Avenue 
Baptist Church"; editor, The Build- 
er (weekly paper in Southwest 
Oklahoma City), 12 years; Phi Del- 
ta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi; state 
chaplain, 1933, Sons of American 
Revolution; chaplain, Post No. 35, 
American Legion. Home: 1933 N. 
W. 17th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
office: 200 Perrine Bldg. 


Pastor, Orange Baptist Church, 
Orange; Va. ; born, Phoebus, Va., 
Jan. 16, 1897; son of Alice McDan- 
iel and Rev. Eugene Colier Davis 
of Blackstone, Va.; education, Fork 
Union Military Academy, Wake 
Forest College, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Eastern Uni- 
versity, receiving A.B., LL.B., Th. 
B., and Ph.D. degrees; ordained, 
Zion Baptist Church, Accomac 
County, Virginia, Dec. 29, 1918; 
married Josephine Ruth Funk of 
Singer's Glen, Va., June 12, 1919, 
daughter of J. R. and Louie C. 
Funk; children, Jean Carolyn, 
Edith Adair, Henry Joseph; pas- 
tor, Estill Baptist Church, Estill, 
S. C, 3 years; assistant pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Anderson, S. 
C, 2 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Tryon, N. C, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Holland Baptist Church, Hol- 
land, Va., 3 years; pastor, Orange 
Baptist Church, Orange, Va., since 
May 1, 1931; Exec. Bd., Goshen Bapt. 
Assn., Virginia; Ordinations Com., 
Goshen Baptist Association, Vir- 
ginia; chairman, Red Cross, Orange, 
Va. ; chaplain. Orange Post 156, 
American Legion; chaplain. Orange 
Volunteer Fire Company; served in 



U. S. Navy, World War; a Mason. 
Address: Orange, Va. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at El Paso, Tex. 
(Mexico) ; born, Jackson County, 
Missouri, March 22, 1873; educa- 
tion, William Jewell College, 1899; 
appointed July 5, 1904; charge, 
Baptist Publishing House; issue 
Sunday School literature and tracts 
for Spanish people in all countries. 


State Representative, "United 
Texas Drys," Dallas, Tex.; born, 
Newton, Ala., May 26, 1877; son of 
Calla Bond and Elias Davis; edu- 
cation, Baylor University and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, August, 1903; 
married Roxie May McKinney of 
Cameron, Tex., Feb. 7, 1907, daugh- 
ter of Fayette and Belle McKinney; 
children, Jeff, Jr., Athens, Tex., 
Alta Belle, A. L., Crowley, La., Er- 
nest Gale (deceased) ; pastor, Win- 
ters, Tex., 1909-1911; 1915-1917; 
pastor, North McKinney, Tex., 1912- 
1914; pastor, Caldwell, Tex., 1917- 
1920; pastor, Snyder, Tex., 1924- 
192'6; pastor, San Benito, Tex., 
1926-1928; pastor, Center, Tex., 
1929-1935; field secretary, Baptist 
Board, Texas, 4 years; endowment 
secretary, College of Marshall, Tex- 
as, 1928-1929; chaplain, France, 
1918-1919; Executive Board, Texas 
Baptist General Convention, 9 
years; trustee, College of Marshall; 
president, Ministers' and Laymen's 
Conference, Texas, 1926-1927; state 
chaplain, Sons and Daughters of 
the Confederacy, Texas, 1923-1927; 
assistant chaplain-in-chief, United 
Sons C. V., of the South, 1924; state 
representative, "United Texas 
Drys." Home: 5941 Bryan Park- 
way, Dallas, Tex.; office: 428-29 
Fidelity Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Virginia Heights Baptist 
Church, Roanoke, Va.; born, Crewe, 
Va., March 11, 1902; son of Lee 
Jackson and Cornelia Jane (Rob- 

erts) Davis; education, B.A., Uni- 
versity of Richmond, M.A., Ameri- 
can University, B.D., Crozer Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Washington, D. C, 
August, 1929; married Martha Eliz- 
abeth Lavisson of Washington, D. 
C, Oct. 15, 1930; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Henry A. Lavisson; asso- 
ciate pastor, Brooklyn Baptist 
Church, Washington, D. C, 1925- 
27; student pastor, Wilson Avenue 
Baptist Church, Clomar Manor, 
Md., 1927-30 ; pastor, Virginia 
Heights Baptist Church since 1930; 
clubs: Tau Kappa Alpha. Home: 
604 Virginia Ave., Roanoke, Va. 


Professor, Physics, and Business 
Manager, William Jewell College, 
Liberty, Mo.; born, Pickering, Mo., 
Feb. 2, 1883; son of Mary Eleanor 
Craven and Noah Harris Davis; 
education, A.B., William Jewell Col- 
lege, Missouri University, Chicago 
University; married Sylvia May 
Kimsey of Colorado Springs, Colo., 
June 25, 1913, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Kimsey; children, Elea- 
nor Alice, John Kimsey; assistant, 
Department of Chemistry and 
Physics, William Jewell College, 
1904-1907; fellow, Chicago Univer- 
sity, Department of Physics, 1910- 
1912; professor, William Jewell 
College, 1912 to date; Clay County 
Association Board; deacon, Prop- 
erty Committee, Sunday School su- 
perintendent, Baptist Church, Lib- 
erty, Mo.; Rotary; Executive Com- 
mittee, Commercial Club; F. E. R. 
A. Advisory Committee, State of 
Missouri. Home: 425 Miller Ave., 
Liberty, Mo.; office: William Jew- 
ell College, Liberty, Mo. 


Assistant Professor, Modern Lan- 
guages, William Jewell College, Lib- 
erty, Mo.; born, Moberly, Mo., April 
6, 1903; son of Mary Gamble and 
Jones Edgar Davis of El Paso, Tex.; 
education, A.B., William Jewell Col- 
lege, M.A., Missouri University; 1 
year on Ph.D., Texas University; 
married Jessie D. Barrett of Clare- 



more, Okla., June, 1925, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Barrett. Ad- 
dress: 455 E. Kansas St., Liberty, 


Born, Sharon, Penn., April 27, 
1877; daughter of Mary Travers 
and Frank B. Test, of Sharon, Pa.; 
education, Hall College, private 
schools and tutors; married George 
Edward Davis of Baltimore, Md., 
Sept. 10, 1894, son of Ths. B. and 
Josephine Magruder Davis; chil- 
dren, Josephine Hellen (Mrs. Guy A. 
Gulleck), Greenville, S. C, Jean- 
nette Test (Mrs. Ths. C. Latimer); 
secretary, Orangeburg Chapter, Red 
Cross, 1917-1925; chairman, Orange- 
burg Chapter, Red Cross, 1933 to 
date; member, Southern Interracial 
Commission; chairman, Junior De- 
partment, South Carolina Federa- 
tion of Woman's Clubs; treasurer, 
South Carolina International Kings 
Daughters; chairman, South Caro- 
lina Association Prevention of 
Lynching; member, First Baptist 
Church, Orangeburg, S. C; college 
correspondent, South Carolina W. 
M. XL, 1912-1930; Young People's 
Leader, South Carolina W. M. U., 
1912-1930; South Carolina trustee, 
W. M. U. Training School, 1912- 
1930; trustee, Limestone College, 
1921 to date; poet and writer, spe- 
cial articles, Southern Baptist W. 
M. U. magazines; writer, programs, 
The "Window; special reporter, Bap- 
tist Courier; member, Executive 
Board, Dixie Library Club; mem- 
ber, Executive Board, Local Kings 
Daughters. Address: Orangeburg, 
S. C. 


Prosecuting Attorney, (Solicitor) 
County Court, Beaufort, N. C; born, 
Beaufort, N. C, Aug. 9, 1879; son 
of Narcissa Elizabeth Webb of 
Beaufort, N. C and John 
Dixon Davis of Beaufort, N. C; 
education, A.B. and B.L., Wake For- 
est College; married Ruth Claire 
Ivey of Nashville, Tenn.. Dec. 1, 
1914, daughter of Dr. Thomas N. 
and Nora Dowd Ivey; children, 

Marion Leslie, Jr., Thomas Neal 
Ivey, John Dixon, Robert Dowd; at- 
torney at law, city alderman, 1901- 
1903; city clerk, 1903; member, Gen- 
eral Assembly of North Carolina, 
1907-1908; state senator (represent- 
ing 6 counties), 1911-1915; member, 
General Assembly (House) 1915- 
1917; treasurer, Carteret County, 
1918-1920; member, General Assem- 
bly (House), 1923-1924; Judge, 
County Court, 2 years; solicitor, 
County Court, 3% years; prosecut- 
ing attorney (solicitor) County 
Court, Beaufort, N. C, to date; mod- 
erator, Neuse-Atlantic Association, 
19 years; moderator, Atlantic Asso- 
ciation, 3 years to date; trustee, 
Baptist State Convention, several 
years; member, State Baptist His- 
torical Commn., deacon, First Bapt. 
Church, Beaufort, N. C, 1901 to 
date; superintendent, Sunday 
School, First Baptist Church, Beau- 
fort, N. C, 24 years; clerk, First 
Baptist Church, Beaufort, N. C, 
1909 to date; teacher of Men's Bi- 
ble Class, 1906 to date; teacher, 
Sunday School, 35 years; A. F. and 
A. M., Mason, I. O. O. F.; govern- 
ment Appeal Agent, 14 months, 
World War; chairman, Legal Ad- 
visory Board, Carteret County, 
World War; county chairman, Vic- 
tory Loan Drive, 1919; Beaufort 
Graded School Board; trustee, 
Wake Forest College; trustee, North 
Carolina State College, Raleigh, 
N. C. 1923-24; Pres., Wake Forest 
Col. Alumni Association, 1910-1911; 
Rotary. Address: Beaufort, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, Stationed at El Paso, Tex. 
(Mexico) ; born, Tazewell, Va., Nov. 
18, 1873; education, Sentinery Col- 
lege, Cleveland, Tenn.; married J. 
E. Davis, 1894; appointed July 5, 
1904; assist in publication work. 


Professor. Biblical Literature, 
Howard Payne Col.. Brownwood. 
Tex.; born, Gilmer Co.. Ga... Nov. 
9, 1SS1; son of Elmira Pickett and 



Relus Witlus Davis of Gilmer Co., 
Ga.; education, B.A., Howard Payne 
Col., M.A. and B.D., Colgate Univ., 
Th.M., Southwestern Sem.; D.D. de- 
gree, Howard Payne Col.; ordained 
Nov., 1902; married Mary Elizabeth 
McKinzie of Comanche, Tex., July 
26, 1906, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles M. McKinzie; children, Lila 
Routh (deceased), Marcus Edgar; 
pastor, Gustine, Tex., 1906-11; Lo- 
meta, Tex., 1911-13; Prof., Greek 
and Bible, Burleson Col., Greenville, 
Tex., 1913-15; pastor, Granbury, 
Tex., 1915-16; Royse City, Tex., 
1916-19; Prof. Biblical Literature, 
Howard Payne Col., since 1920; au- 
thor: "An Outline Study, First 
John," "Victory Triumphan t," 
"Study in the Book of Revelation," 
"The Supremacy of Good Over Evil 
in Providence," Study, "Book of 
Job," "Poimenics, Pastoral Theolo- 
gy" (in preparation) ; member, So- 
ciety of Biblical Literature and 
Exegesis; Soc. of Classic Literature 
of the Southwest; Masonic frater- 
nity, Master, Chapter and Command- 
ery; Kiwanis. Home address: 1403 
Center Ave., Brownwood, Tex. 


Student, Southern Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., Louisville, Ky.; born, Win- 
ston County, Alabama, Sept. 13, 
1907; son of Jerusha Cagle and 
James H. Davis; education, A.B., 
Howard Col., Birmingham, Ala.; or- 
dained, 1927; pastor, Double Spr'gs, 
Dolomite, Eulaton, Holt and Mound- 
ville, Ala. Home address: Double 
Springs, Ala.; present address: Mul- 
lins Hall, Southern Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Richmond, Mo.; born, Lexington, 
Mo., May 2, 1880; son of Sarah Lou 
Adams, of Lexington, Mo., and John 
S. Davis of Lone Jack, Mo.; educa- 
tion, William Jewell College and 
Potomac University, receiving A.B., 
A.M. and Ph.D. degrees; ordained, 
July, 1901, West Plains, Mo.; mar- 
ried Anna J. Prather of St. Joseph, 
Mo., November, 1901, daughter of 

W. P. and Blanche Prather; chil- 
dren, William E., St. Joseph, Mo., 
Evelyn Lower (foster daughter); 
pastor, Pine Street Baptist Church, 
Nevada, Mo., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Stanberry, Mo., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Monte Vista, Colo., 2 years; pastor, 
Robberson Avenue Baptist Church, 
Springfield, Mo., 4 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Clinton, Mo., 
4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Chanute, Kans., 2 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Cam- 
eron, Mo., 4 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Clifton Hill, Mo., 4 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Richmond, 1930 to date; State 
Board of Missions, Missouri; clerk- 
treasurer of Southeast Association, 
Kansas, 1918-21; Mod., Clinton Co. 
Assn., Missouri, 1923; Mod., Mt. 
Pleasant Association, 1927-1930; 
moderator, Caldwell-Ray Associa- 
tion, Missouri, 1930-1935. Address: 
209 W. North Main St., Richmond, 


Minister, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. ; 
born, Rhea Springs, Tenn., 1876; 
son of Carline Breeding and Rufus 
M. Davis of Rhea Springs, Tenn.; 
education, Carson-Newman College; 
ordained, 1901; married Annie 
Elizabeth Henegar of Chattanooga, 
Tenn., 1902, daughter of Thos. and 
Jane Henegar; children, Mrs. James 
Lyle, Louisville, Ky., Ruth, Anne 
Elizabeth; pastor, Windom, Tex., 18 
months; pastor, Lenard, Tex., 4 
years; pastor, Wast Lake, Tex., 4 
years; pastor, Ridgedale, QVi 
months; pastor, Lawrenceburg, 
Tenn., 9 years; member, Tennessee 
State Executive Board. Address: 
Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Brunswick, Ga.; born, Woodville, 
Greene County, Georgia, Nov. 3, 
1881; son of Charles Clement and 
Elizabeth (Callahan) Davison; edu- 
cation, Ph.G., Atlanta College of 
Pharmacy, 1902, A.B., Mercer Uni- 
versity, 1908, Th.M., Southern Bap- 



tist Theological Seminary, 1911, 
and Th.D., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1922; ordained, 
Woodville, Ga., Nov. 3, 1907; mar- 
ried May Elizabeth Gheesling of 
Greensboro. Ga., Dec. 30, 1915, 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joshua 
Hillman Gheesling; children, 
Charles Hillman, Emma Elizabeth, 
Mary Louise and Thomas Henry; 
worked in drug store, 1898-1900 and 
1902-05; pastor, Ashburn, Ga., 1911- 
15; Cuthbert, Ga., 1916-18; Camp 
pastor, Camp McClellan, 1918; as- 
sociate pastor, Parmer Memorial 
Church, Anniston, Ala., 1919; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, 
Ala., 1920-26; assistant pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Miami, Fla., 
1926-27; pastor, Sandersville, Ga., 
1927-30; First Baptist Church, 
Brunswick since 1930; moderator, 
Piedmont Baptist Association; 
member, Board of Trustees, Georgia 
Baptist Orphans' Home; member, 
Executive Committee, Piedmont 
Baptist Association; author: "Race 
Friction in the South Since 1865"; 
club: Mason, Knights of Pythias, 
Odd Fellow, Lions, Young Men's 
Club. Home: 710 Mansfield St.; 
office: Brunswick, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Clarksville, Tenn. ; born, Woodville, 
Ga., July 15, 1888; son of Sarah 
Armstrong and Thomas Cobb Da- 
vison of Woodville, Ga. ; education, 
A.B., Georgia University, Th.M., 
Th.D., Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, D.D., Mercer Univer- 
sity; ordained, Baptist Church, 
Boston, Ky., April 9, 1911; mar- 
ried Anne Victoria Greene of Dan- 
ielsonville, Ga., daughter of L. E. 
and Willie Queen Greene; children, 
Sarah Quinn, Anne, Margaret; pas- 
tor. Baptist Church, Boston, Ky., 
1911-1913; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Camden, S. C, 1913-1917; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Selma. 
Ala., 1917-1922; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Columbus, Ga., 1922- 
1927; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Clarksville, Tenn., 1927 to date; 
Executive Committee, Tennessee 

Baptist Convention; Relief and An- 
nuity Board; Executive Committee, 
South Carolina State Convention; 
Executive Committee, Georgia Bap- 
tist Convention; trustee, Shorter 
College; trustee, Judson College; 
Education Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention, Alabama member; trus- 
tee, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; member, Hospital Board, 
Alabama State Convention. Home: 
425 Madison St., Clarksville, Tenn.; 
office: First Baptist Church, Clarks- 
ville, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Wisconsin, Feb. 28, 1871; edu- 
cation, Baptist Indian University, 
Oklahoma, Bible Training School, 
Kansas City, one year, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; went 
to China, 1898, as gospel mission- 
ary; appointed July 5, 1910; evan- 
gelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Missouri, Aug. 12, 1876; edu- 
cation, Baptist Indian University, 
Oklahoma; married J. V. Dawes, 
1897; went to China, 1898; appoint- 
ed July 5, 1910; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, First Church, Hico, Tex.; 
born, Ellis Co., Tex., Dec. 12, 1880; 
son of Martin J. and Laura F. Daw- 
son; education, Baylor Univ., South- 
western Sem., D.D., Howard Payne 
Col.; ordained, 1902; married Nora 
M. Hooser, Nov. 12, 1902, daughter 
of W. C. Hooser; children, Geoffrey 
Samuel, Evangel Cogie, Ruth Ha- 
zel, Mildred Norene, Joe William; 
editor, Western Evangel, Abilene, 
Tex., 6 yrs.; editor, Southwest Tex- 
as Baptist, 8 mos. ; pastor, Merkel, 
Coleman, Tulia, Kingsville, Del Rio, 
Fort Davis, Hico, Tex.: State Ex- 
ecutive Bd., 3 yrs. Address: Hico, 


Head of Romance Languages, 
University of Alabama; born, 



Huntsville, Ala., Aug. 10, 1876; son 
of Alice Roberts and Granville Jo- 
seph Dawson; education, A.B., 
Georgetown College, Kentucky, 
1901; A.M., Howard College, Ala- 
bama, 1910, Ph.D., Columbia "Uni- 
versity, 1921, LL.D., Georgetown 
College, 1926, LL.D., Howard Col- 
lege, 1917; married Fletcher Stin- 
son (deceased), later married Avis 
Marshall; children, Mrs. Dorothy 
Dawson McConnell; principal, 
Scottsboro, Ala., Baptist Institute, 
1901-03; professor, Modern Lan- 
guages, Howard College, beginning 
1903; dean, 1917; acting president, 
1918; president, 1921-31; head of 
Romance Languages, University of 
Alabama, since 1931; American 
dean, A. B. F., of 1200 soldier stu- 
dents, University of Toulouse, 
France, 1919; taught summer 
schools of Western State College 
of Colorado and Columbia Univer- 
sity; formerly member, Southern 
Baptist Education Board; author: 
"Toulouse in the Renaissance," 
New York, 1923, and various arti- 
cles to Modern Language Journals; 
past member, Birmingham Rotary 
Club; member, since 1924, of Lon- 
don, England, Authors' Club; presi- 
dent, 1935, of South Atlantic Mod- 
ern Language Association; member, 
honorary societies; Kappa Phi Kap- 
pa, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: Uni- 
versity of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Pastor, First Church, Waco, Tex. ; 
born, Maypearl, Tex., June 21, 1879; 
son of Laura Underwood of Ga., 
and Martin J. Dawson of Mo.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Baylor Univ., D.D. de- 
gree; ordained Jan., 1900; married 
Willie Turner of Dallas, Tex., June 
3, 1908, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
D. F. Turner; children, Alice (Mrs. 
David A. Cheavens), Dallas, Tex., 
Leighton Brooks, Dallas, Tex., Jo- 
seph Turner, Houston, Tex., Ralph 
Matthew, Donna Booch; pastor, 
South Fork, Ellis Co., Hewitt, Tex., 
Albany, Tex., while in college; First 
Ch., Lampasas, Tex., 1906; Hills- 
boro, Tex., 1909-11; Temple, Tex., 
1912-14; First Ch., Waco, Tex., since 

1915; editor and founder, Baylor 
Daily Lariat, 1900-02; editor-chief, 
Baylor Round Up Annual, 1904; ed- 
itor and founder, Western Evangel, 
1907; editor, Baptist Standard, 
1908; staff of the Christian Cen- 
tury; denominational: Exec. Bd., 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex., 1908-35; 
member, Southern Bapt. Home Bd., 
1915-24; Baylor Univ. Bd., 1915-35; 
Central Tex., Bapt. Hosp.; Southern 
Bapt. Exec. Com., 1935; author: 
"The Light that Grows," "The Spir- 
itual Conquest of the Southwest," 
"Brooks Takes the Long Look," 
"Souls Aflame," "Christ and Social 
Change"; Waoo Kiwanis Club, 
Texas Historical Society. Home ad- 
dress: 717 Speight Ave., Waco, 


. Chair of Bible, Howard College, 
Birmingham, Ala.; born, Chambers 
County, Alabama, April 24, 1865; 
son of Marie Antoinette Bailey and 
Andrew Jackson Dawson of Ha- 
verly, Ala.; education, A.B., D.D., 
Howard College, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
1888; married Margaret Samuel 
Lewis of Marion, Ala., Oct. 30, 1890, 
daughter of Dr. Samuel Logan and 
Margaret Reese Lewis; children, 
Andrew Lewis and Eugene Reese; 
pastor, Hopewell, Ky.; pastor, Mt. 
Vernon Baptist Church, Woodford 
County, Kentucky, 1888-1892; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Tuska- 
loosa, Ala., 1892-1924; head, Bible 
Department, Howard College, 1924 
to date; pastor, Edgewood Baptist 
Church, 1925 to date; trustee, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; trustee, Central College; 
chairman, Education Commission, 
Alabama Baptist State Convention; 
member, Alabama Baptist State 
Executive Committee; member, Re- 
lief and Annuity Board, Southern 
Baptist Convention; president, Ala- 
bama Convention, 3 terms; presi- 
dent, Southern B. Y. P. U., ten 
terms; author: "Light Spots," "A 
State, a Father and a Son," "After 
Fifty Years"; member, Tuskaloosa 
Board of Trade, Rotary; member, 



Druid City Hospital Board of 
Trustees; chairman, Building Com- 
mittee, Druid City Hospital, Tuska- 
loosa, Ala. Home: 800 S. 39th St., 
Birmingham, Ala.; office: How- 
ard College, Birmingham, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Mt. Vernon, Mo.; born, Bethel, Mo., 
March 30, 1905; son of Allie Mor- 
ris and James Edgar Day of La 
Grange, Mo.; education, A.B., Col- 
lege, 1 year Seminary; married Lu- 
cille Carman of Wyaconda, Mo., 
April 17, 1927, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Carman; children, Al- 
fred Vernon; pastor, Hedge City, 
Mo., 2 years; pastor, Dowing and 
Richland, Mo., 2 years; pastor, Cen- 
ter and Wayland, Mo., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Holt and Chandler, Mo., 2 
years; pastor, Southern Prong Bap- 
tist Church, Waxachie, Tex., 1 year; 
pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, 
Moberly, Mo., 3% years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon, 
Mo. Address: Mt. Vernon, Mo. 


Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, 
Lakeland, Fla. ; born, Bradenton, 
Fla., April 30, 1902; son of James 
S. and Olive (Wilhelm) Day; edu- 
cation, A.B. from John B. Stetson 
University, and Th.M. from South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained Oct. 24, 1924; married 
Merle Louise Stevens of De Land, 
Fla., Aug. 10, 1925, daughter of 
James Allen and Stella M. (Stir- 
ling) Stevens; children, Virginia 
Lee; pastor, Chuluota, Fla., 1 year; 
supply work, First Baptist Church, 
Charleston, S. C, 1 summer; sup- 
ply work, Blockley Baptist Church, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 2 summers; pas- 
tor, Orville, Ky., 1 year; First Bap- 
tist Church, Sebring, Fla., 4 years; 
First Baptist Church, Punta Gorda, 
Fla., 4 years; club: Kiwanis. 
Home: 826 S. Johnson Ave., Lake- 
land; office: Southside Baptist 


Minister, Seventh Baptist Church, 
Baltimore, Md.; born, Norfolk, Va., 

Sept. 5, 1883; son of Martha Emma 
Fitchett and John Henry Day of 
Virginia; education, LL.B., and 
D.D., Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity, B.D. and Th.M., Crozer Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained Sept. 17, 
1911; married Jessie May Newland 
of North Carolina, May 9, 1908, 
daughter of Lieut, and Mrs. Wil- 
liam Calhoun Newland; children, 
Jessie Bird (Mrs. John S. Morris), 
Sparrows Point, Md., William New- 
land, Raleigh, N. C, John Henry, 
Jr., and Newland Edward; prac- 
ticed law, Norfolk, Va., 1904-1911; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Rid- 
ley Park, Pa., 1914-1916; pastor, 
Calvary Baptist Church, Yonkers, 
N. Y., 1916-1922; pastor, Memorial 
Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1922-1926; pastor, Seventh Baptist 
Church, Baltimore, Md., 1926 to 
date; trustee, Crozer Theological 
Seminary; Kappa Alpha, Mason, 
Clergy Club, New York City, Q 
Club, New York City, Heilikrinitis 
Club and City Club, Philadelphia, 
Inter-Church Club, Baltimore. 
Home: 2734 St. Paul St., Baltimore, 
Md.; office: N. Ave. and St. Paul 
Sts., Baltimore, Md. 


Pastor, First Ch., Big Spring, 
Tex.; born, Freerun, Miss., Oct. 11. 
1883; son of Laura M. White and 
Rev. Elisha Day; education, Rusk 
Col. and Southwestern Sem.; or- 
dained July 30, 1911; married 
Florene Belle Stanfill, June 4, 1902, 
daughter of H. H. and Virginia 
Harding Stanfill; children, Lottie 
Belle (Mrs. Clinton Groves), Tulsa, 
Okla., Rev. Morris Eugen Day, 
Rockwell, Tex., Leola Bertis (Mrs. 
Theo. A. Ash), Abilene, Tex., Lilian 
Corine (Mrs, E. V. McCollum), 
Ponca City, Okla.; pastor while 
in school, Diboll, Corrigan, Bul- 
lard, Frankston. Crandall and 
Kemp, all in Texas; evangelist 
for Southwestern Sem., 2 yrs., First 
Ch., Conroe, Tex., 5 yrs.; First Ch., 
Uvalde, Tex.. 18 mos.; First Ch., 
Bryan, Tex., 5 yrs.; First Ch., Big 
Spring, Tex., 5% yrs.; member, Ex- 
ecutive Bd. of Bapt. Gen. Conv. of 



Tex., 7 yrs.; preached annual ser- 
mon for Pastors' and Laymen's Con- 
ference of Tex. Baptists, San An- 
tonio, Nov., 1934; Chmn. of Com. on 
Time, Place and Preacher, State 
Conv., 1934; First Vice Pres, of 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex., 1934-35; Ma- 
sonic Lodge, Shriner. Address; 
Box 244, Big Spring, Tex. 


District CCC Chaplain; born, 
Tennille, Ga., R. F. D., May 5, 1891; 
son of Susan Anna Vickers and 
Wiley Deal; education, Tennille In- 
stitute, Mercer University, Draugh- 
on Business College, Atlanta Law 
School, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, Eastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, University of 
Pennsylvania, New York Univer- 
sity, with A.B., DL.B., B.D., Th.M. 
and D.D. degrees; ordained, Ten- 
nille Baptist Church, May 30, 1913; 
married Mary Jordan of Sanders- 
ville, Ga., Feb. 9, 1911, daughter of 
Mattie Kelley and William Jor- 
dan; children, Frances, Martha, 
Wayman Ray, and Walter Jordan; 
practiced law at Sandersville, Ga., 
and editor, Tennille News, 1910-13; 
pastor, Lumpkin, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 1916-17; pastor, Sulphur, 
Ky., and Baptist camp pastor, Camp 
Zachery Taylor, 1917-18; district 
organizer, Baptist 75 Million Cam- 
paign, 1919; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Tallapoosa, Ga., 1919-20; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, West 
Point, Ga., 1920-23; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Doylestown, Pa., 
1924-27 - ; pastor, Clinton Avenue 
Baptist Church, Newark, N. J., 1927- 
30; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Maryville, Tenn., 1930-34; president, 
Baptist Ministers' Conference of 
New York City and Vicinity, 1928; 
moderator, Essex County (N. J.) 
Baptist Association, 1930; author: 
"Dedication," "Service Pledge," and 
other pamphlets; member, Kiwanis 
Club, Royal Arch Mason, Knight 
Templar, American Public Welfare 
Association, Chaplains' Associa- 
tion, American Academy of Politi- 

cal and Social Science. Home ad- 
dress: 24 W. Nassau St., Lake City, 
Fla. ; business address: Company 
451 CCC Olustee, Fla. 


Pastor, First Church, Old Hick- 
ory, Tenn.; born, Springfield, Tenn., 
Jan. 25, 1900; son of Sally Lou Wil- 
lis and Gillie Richmond Dean of 
Springfield, Tenn.; education, A.B., 
Carson Newman Col., Th.M., South- 
ern Sem.; ordained Aug., 1925; mar- 
ried Nelle Elizabeth Babb of Orlin- 
da, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1925, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Add Babb; children, 
Sarah Katherine, Patricia Nelle; 
pastor, Harmony and Little Hope 
Ch., Clarksville, Tenn., 1925-28; 
Winona, Tex., 1929, 6 mos.; Buck- 
grove Ch., Bradenburg, Ky., 1929- 
31; First Ch., Old Hickory, Tenn., 
1931 to date; evangelistic singing, 
Tenn., 1921-25; denominational: 
Pres., Nashville Pastors' Conf., 
1934; Chmn.', Com. on Order of 
Business, Nashville Assn., 1934; 
member, Exec. Com., Nashville 
Assn. Address: 805 Lawrence St., 
Old Hickory, Tenn. 


Attorney-at-law, Rockingham, N. 
C; born, Ansonville, N. C, Nov. 
1, 1899; son of Florence Boyette of 
Polkton, N. C, and John Leaird 
Deane of Wadesboro, N. C; edu- 
cation, LL.B., Wake Forest College; 
married Agnes Walker Cree of 
Rockingham, N. C, Oct. 15, 1927, 
daughter of James A. and Daisy 
Williams Cree; children, Betty 
Cree, Agnes Carol; attorney and 
assistant cashier, Farmers Bank 
and Trust Company, 1923-1926; 
registrar of deeds, Richmond 
County, North Carolina, 1926-1935; 
compiler, Congressional Directory, 
Washington, D. C, 1935 to date; 
attorney, 1935 to date; trustee. 
Wake Forest College; deacon, Rock- 
ingham Baptist Church; clerk, Pee 
Dee Baptist Association, 1927 to 
date; recording secretary, North 
Carolina Baptist State Conven- 
tion, 1932 to date; Civitan Club. 
Address: Rockingham, N. C. 




Missionary under Louisiana State 
Mission Board; born, Oakdale, Cal- 
casieu Parish, La., Dec. 17, 1872; 
son of Mary Ann Swain and George 
McDuffy Been; education in public 
schools of Louisiana; licensed to 
preach Sept. 7, 1895, and ordained 
some months later; April 14, 1894, 
married Mary J. Woods of Vernon 
Parish; Nov. 20, 1913, married Lula 
E. Barnett of Denham Springs, La., 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. 
Barnett; children, Alice Mae and 
Eata Maxine; forty years in minis- 
try has been spent in Louisiana, in 
almost every part of the state; 
much of the work has been of mis- 
sionary nature; association mem- 
ber, Foreign Mission Board, for 3 
years; moderator, St. Tammany 
Association, 10 years; member, 
Louisiana Historical Society, and 
missionary under Louisiana State 
Mission Board for 12 years. Ad- 
dress: Box 94, Mandeville, La. 


Pastor, Sylva, N. C; born, Jack- 
son Co., N. C, Sept. 5, 1868; son of 
Nathaniel and Misa Q. Deitz; edu- 
cation, common school; ordained 
July 1, 1891; married Theresa 
Cowan, Jan. 22, 1886, daughter of 
Burdett and Martha Cowan; chil- 
dren, Ollie L., Ruffus R., Frank, 
Alonzo M., Charles S., Thad, Jr., 
Ethel L., Flossie L., Ruth A.; pas- 
tor, Bryson City, N. C, 23 yrs.; An- 
drews, N. C, 9 yrs.; Sylva, Dills- 
boro and Webster, N. C, 4 yrs.; 
Scott Creek, 15 yrs.; Brasstown and 
Ebenezer Bapt. Chs., Ga., 3 yrs.; 
evangelist, State Mission Bd., 3 
yrs.; Mason. Address: Sylva, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Yangchow. 
China; born, Manuet, N. Y., Jan. 2, 
1889; education, Barnard College; 
appointed June 11, 1919; Girls' 


Music director and educational 
secretary, Clayton Street Baptist 

Church, Montgomery, Ala.; born, 
Laurel, Miss., Aug. 11, 1908; son of 
Nannie Stone of Laurel, Miss., and 
George Luther Denham; education, 
Mississippi College, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving B.Mus. degree; married 
Irene Gross of Laurel, Miss., Jan. 1, 
1929, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hen- 
ry Gross; children, Hardy Ross, 
Jr., Doris Wayne, Mary Kay; mu- 
sic director, Sagamore Hill Baptist 
Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1931; mu- 
sic director, First Baptist Church, 
Laurel, Miss., 1932; associate pas- 
tor, Turner Memorial Baptist 
Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1934; mu- 
sic director and educational secre- 
tary, Clayton Street Baptist Church, 
Montgomery, Ala., 1935 to date. Ad- 
dress: Clayton Street Baptist 
Church, Montgomery, Ala. 


Pastor, Euclid Baptist Church, 
St. Louis, 'Mo.; born, Swansea, 
South Wales, United Kingdom, Jan. 
4, 1881; son of Emeline Jenkins 
of Swansea, S. W., and Frederic 
Charles Denham of Edmonton, Lon- 
don, N. England; education, gradu- 
ate, Moody Bible Institute, A.M., 
Tulane University, Th.M. and Th.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, June, 1911; mar- 
ried Myrtle Lane, Okla., June 15, 
1910, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. 
C. Lane; children, William Ernest, 
Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Richard Lane, 
Midland, Tex., Frederic Charles 
and Bonnie Lenore; pastor, Mitchell, 
Ind.; pastor, Simpsonville, Ky.; 
pastor, Finchville, Ky. ; pastor, Sec- 
ond Bapt. Ch., Columbia, S. C, 1916- 
1918; Prof., Baptist Bible Institute, 
1918-1929; pastor, Coliseum Baptist 
Church, New Orleans, La., 1918- 
1919; pastor, Carrollton Avenue 
Baptist Church, New Orleans, La., 
1922-1929: pastor, Euclid Baptist 
Church, St. Louis, Mo., 1929 to 
date; chairman, City Mission 
Board. New Orleans, La., 1925-1929: 
chairman, City Mission Board, St. 
Louis, Mo.. 1933 to 1935; member. 
Board, Missouri Baptist Hospital, 
St. Louis, Mo.; member, Board, 



Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, 
Mo.; member of Board, Home for 
Aged Baptists, Ironton, Mo.; au- 
thor: "Synthesis," "New Testament 
Studies," "The Comforter." Home: 
4846 Fountain Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; 
office: Euclid Baptist Church, St. 
Louis, Mo. 


President, Anderson College, An- 
derson, S. C; born, Goldsboro, N. 
C, Sept. 29, 1887; daughter of W(ll- 
lis Arthur and Sara Emma (Boy- 
ette) Denmark; education, diploma 
in piano, Meredith College, studied 
piano under Raphael Joseffy, New 
York City, 1909; Virgil Piano 
School, Alberta Jonas, 1916-17; 
student, Chautauqua Institution, 
Department of Religion, summers 
of 1921-27, 1931 and 1935; A.B., 
Anderson College, 1925; instructor 
of Piano, Buies Creek, N. C, Acad- 
emy, 1908-09; Tennessee College, 
1910; Shorter College, 1910-16; An- 
derson College, 1917-25; Dean of 
Women, Anderson College, 1925-26, 
and president, Anderson College, 
since 1926; president, W. M. U., 
Saluda Baptist Association, 1931; 
author: "White Echoes"; clubs: 
member, Executive Committee, 
Southern Association of Colleges 
for Women, 1931; president, South- 
ern Association of Colleges for 
Women, 1935-36. Home: Goldsboro, 
N. C; office: Anderson, S. C. 


Pastor, Marion, La.; born, Web- 
ster Parish, La., April 12', 1891; son 
of Martha Ann Wilson of Ga., and 
Geo. L. Dennis; education, La. Col. 
and Southwestern Sem.; ordained 
Mar. 16, 1916; married, Nov. 22, 
1920, to Lacy Belle McFerrin, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Mc- 
Ferrin; children, Waunda Juanita 
Dennis; pastor, Benton, Delhi, 
Choudrant, Mooringsport, Standard 
and Marion Chs.; Exec. Bd., La. 
Bapt. Conv. ; Mod., Caldwell Assn.; 
Clerk, Concord Assn.; did mission 
work a year under the Bd. of Ark.; 
member, Blue Lodge of Master Ma- 
sons, Royal Arch, Odd Fellows, 

Knights of Pythias and Eastern 
Star. Address: Marion, La. 


Pastor, Baptist Tabernacle, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn.; born, Clinton, 
Tenn., June 26, 1896; son of George 
W. and Mary Ann Denny; educa- 
tion, B.A., Carson- Newman Col.; 
Southern Sem.; ordained May 16, 
1924; Black Oak Ch., Clinton Assn., 
Tenn.; married Sciota Elizabeth 
Long, June 12, 1928, of Harriman, 
Tenn.; children, Ray, Carl Robert; 
pastor, Moran Ch., Dossett, Tenn., 
1924; Concord Ch., Concord, Tenn., 
1925-1926; Burning Bush Ch., Ring- 
gold, Ga., 1925-1926; S. S. and B. 
T. U. work, summers of 1926-1927; 
pastor, Oakwood Ch., East Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., 1927-1930; Ooltewah 
Bapt. Ch., Ooltewah, Tenn., 1930- 
1932; Bapt. Tabernacle, Chattanoo- 
ga, Tenn., 1932 to date; Ocoee Assnl. 
Exec. Com. Home: Westona Drive 
East Ridge; office: Long and 21st 
Sts., Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Pastor, Buena Baptist Church, 
Buena Vista, Va.; born, Corbin, Va., 
Jan. 14, 1903; son of Maria Eliza- 
beth Brokaw and Frank Wilson 
Denson of Corbin, Va.; education, 
A.B., Richmond University, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, Round Oak Baptist 
Church, Corbin, Va., May, 1926; 
married Anne Celeste Whiteside of 
Columbia, S. C, Dec. 28, 1929, 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W. M. 
Whiteside; children, Anne White- 
side, Bettie Dean; rural field work- 
er, Sunday School and B. Y. P. U., 
Baptist Mission Board, Virginia; 
pastor, Beaver Dam Baptist Church, 
Carrsville, Va., 6 years; pastor, 
Buena Vista Baptist Church, Buena 
Vista, Va., 1934 to date. Address: 
Buena Vista, Va. 


Pastor, First Bapt. Ch., Ralls, 
Tex.; born, Russell Co., Ky., Sept. 
3, 1887; son of Josephine Phemila 
Sevier of Tenn., and David Stephen 
Derr of Pa.; education, Wayland 



Bapt. Col.; A.B., Simmons Univ.; 
ordained, First Ch., Plainview, Tex., 
1921; married Josephine Dorcas 
Huff of Sweetwater, Tex., Aug. 14, 
1915, daughter of S. W. and Senna 
Huff; married Edessa Ellen Kuy- 
kendall of Abilene, Tex., Aug. 16, 
1931; daughter of W. K. and Ellen 
Kuykendall; children, Opal Jo, 
Plainview, Tex., Billy Newton, 
Ralls, Tex.; pastor, Dimmit, Tex.; 
Petersburg, Tex.; Coahoma, Tex.; 
Caps Ch., Abilene, Tex.; Immanuel 
Ch., Abilene, Tex.; acting Field 
Sec, West Tex. Bapt. Sanitarium, 
Abilene, Tex., 3 yrs.; Mason; 
Chmn., Speakers Bureau, United 
Drys, Abilene and Taylor Go., 
Tex., 3 yrs. Address: Ralls, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bastrop, Tex.; born, Pisguah, Ala., 
March 31, 1885; son of Angie Lena 
Dodd and Thomas Jefferson Der- 
rick of Pisquah, Ala.; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained September, 1911; married 
Loraine Teague of Moody, Tex., 
June 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Eugene Teague; children, Jesse 
Allen, Jr.; pastor, Elmot Baptist 
Church, Texas, 1911; pastor, Con- 
cord and Rusel Baptist Churches, 
Texas, 1914-1917; U. S. Army, 1917- 
1919; pastor, Eddy, Ross, Bethany 
and Benceville, Tex., 1919-1921; pas- 
tor, Strawn Baptist Church, Texas, 
1921-1923; pastor, Italy Baptist 
Church, Texas, 1923-1926; pastor, 
Palaciss Baptist Church, Texas, 
1926-1929; pastor, New Gulf Bap- 
tist Church, Texas, 1929-1931; pas- 
tor, Bastrop Baptist Church, Texas, 
1931 to date; teacher, Mexican 
Baptist Base, Bastrop, Texas, 2 
years; teacher, Mexican Public 
School, 1934 to date; organizer, 
Palo Pinto Association, 1921-1923; 
organizer, Colorado Association, 
1926-1928. Address: Bastrop, Tex. 


Professor, Greek, William Jewell 
College, Liberty, Mo.; born, Zanes- 

ville, O., Jan. 31, 1889; son of Mary 
Anderson and John S. Derwacter of 
Zanesville, 0.; education, Denison 
University, Newton Theological In- 
stitution, Harvard University, Chica- 
go University, receiving A.B., B.D., 
S.T.M., and Ph.D. degrees; ordained, 
Newton Center, Mass., 1916; mar- 
ried Miriam Wood of Huntington, 
W. Va., June 19, 1919; daughter of 
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Wood; 
children, Mary Louise and Eliza- 
beth Wood; instructor, Greek, New- 
ton Theological Institution, 1914-16; 
pastor, Baptist Church, North Ben- 
nington, Vt, 1916-192'0; missionary, 
Tokyo and Himeji, Japan, American 
Baptist Foreign Mission Society, 
1920-1925; professor, Greek, Wil- 
liam Jewell College, 1928 to date; 
treasurer, Japan Mission, A.B. F. 
M.S., 1923-1924; member, Joint Com- 
mittee, 1924-1925; author, "Prepar- 
ing the Way for Paul;" Phi Delta 
Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. Home: 202 
W. Franklin St., Liberty, Mo.; of- 
fice: William Jewell College, Lib- 
erty, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Curityba, Bra 
zil; born, Dade County, Mo., Oct 
25, 1868; education, Normal College 
Parsons, Kan., Baylor University 
1894, post graduate work, William 
Jewell College, 1896, Southern Bap 
tist Theological Seminary, one year 
Rochester Seminary, 1901; appoint 
ed April, 1901; Evangelistic Work 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Curityba, Bra- 
zil; born, Lakefield, Ont., Canada, 
May 1, 1880; education, Lakefield 
High School, Trained Nurse; mar- 
ried A. B. Deter, June 19, 1901; ap- 
pointed 1901; evangelistic Work. 


Pastor-Evangelist, Louisville, Ky.; 
born, Henderson, Ky., June 24, 
1912; son of Sadie B. Robertson of 
McLean County, Kentucky, and 
Charles Earl Deusner of Henderson 



County, Kentucky; education, 
Georgetown College, Evansville 
College, Southern Baptist Theologi- 
cal Seminary; ordained, Henderson, 
Ky., Apr. 29, 1934; editor, "George- 
tonian," 1932-1933; pastor, Heb- 
bardsville, Ky., 1933-1935; pastor, 
Spottsville, Ky., 1934-1936; pastor, 
Stanley, Ky., 1934-1936; evangelistic 
work, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, 
1934-1935; president, Ohio Valley 
Association, B.T.U., 1933-1934; as- 
sistant clerk, Ohio Valley Associa- 
tion of Baptists, 1932 to date; Ex- 
ecutive Board, Ohio Valley Asso- 
ciation; Junior Order United Amer- 
ican Mechanics, Pi Kappa Delta, 
Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, 
Pi Kappa Alpha. Home: Hender- 
son, Ky.; office: Mullins Hall, 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist 
Church, Alexandria, La.; born, Ran- 
dolph County, Georgia, Jan. 13, 
1888; son of Thomas W. and Mary 
R. (Tyson) DeVane; education, 
Norman Junior College; A.B., and 
D.D., Mercer University.; Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Blakely, Georgia, 
June 13, 1912; married Lillie Gold- 
en Burgess of Atlanta, Ga., June 
29, 1916; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
S. G. Burgess; children, Mary Cor- 
delia; pastor, Mabel White Memor- 
ial Baptist Church, Macon, Ga., 2y 2 
years; pastor, Hazelwood Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 3 years; 
chaplain, 144th Infantry, World 
War; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Cedartown, Ga., 4 years; pastor, 
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Alexan- 
dria, 11 years; Executive Commit- 
tee, Southern Baptist Convention; 
trustee, Louisiana Baptist Child- 
ren's Home, Louisiana College; 
Northeast Louisiana Encampment; 
district member, Louisiana State 
Board; moderator, Louisiana Asso- 
ciation; author, "Fourteen Cardinal 
Points of Our Faith;" clubs: organ- 
izer and president, Cedertown Ki- 
wanis, Rotary, Mason, Woodman, 
chaplain, U. S. Reserve. Office: 
Emmanuel Baptist Church. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Gid- 
dings, Tex.; born, near Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich., Jan. 25, 1892; son of 
Johannah Calsbeek and Nicholas De 
Young of Vriesland, Netherlands; 
education, Rusk College, Baylor Uni- 
versity, Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, receiving A.B. 
and G. M. degrees; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Rusk, Tex., Janu- 
ary, 1922; married Hazel Louise 
Butler of Allegan County, Michigan, 
Dec. 4, 1913; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Wilbur Butler; children, Nich- 
olas, U.S.N., San Diego, Calif., Ruth 
Rose, Eunice; pastor, Broaddus, 
Tex., 1 year; pastor, Oakflat, Tex., 
1 year; substitute pastor, Hunting- 
ton, Tex., 3 months; pastor Elmina, 
Tex., 2 years; pastor, Oakhurst, 
Tex., 2 years; pastor, Lexington and 
Giddings Baptist Churches, 1927- 
1934; pastor, Giddings, Tex., 1934 
to date; missionary work, Euro- 
peans, Tex., Baptist Mission Board, 
adjacent territory, Texas; clerk, 
Burleson-Lee Baptist Association, 
Texas. Address: Giddings, Tex. 


President, El Dorado Junior Col- 
lege and Superintendent of City 
Schools, El Dorado, Ark.; born, 
Elizabethtown, Ky., Dec. 1, 1877; 
son of C. W. and Mary (Williams) 
Dicken; education, High School, 
College and University, with A.B., 
D.D., and DL. D. degrees; ordained, 
Weston, Mo., 1904; married Belle 
Hurley Quick of Raton, N. M., 1906; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. 
Quick; children, Albert R.; execu- 
tive secretary, Liberty Ladies Col- 
lege, Liberty, Mo.. 1903-1911; presi- 
dent, Mary Connor College, Paris, 
Tex., 1911-1915; president, Ouachita 
College, Arkadelphia, Ark., 1916- 
1926; associated with A. B. Banks 
Insurance Co., 1926-1928; president, 
El Dorado Junior College and super- 
intendent, City Schools, El Dorado, 
Ark., 1928-1935; member, Nominat- 
ing Committee, Arkansas; member, 
Accrediting Association, Southern 
Baptist Convention; 1st vice presi- 
dent, Southern Baptist Convention; 



life member, Southern Baptist Edu- 
cational Association; author, "Lec- 
tures on the Old Testament and the 
New;" contributor, "Poets and 
Poetry of Arkansas Authors;" Ro- 
tary, president, Community Chest, 
3 years, XV Club, Golf and Country 
Club, Mason, K. of P., Kappa Alpha, 
American Academy of Political and 
Social Science, National Economy 
League, League of Nations Associa- 
tion, National Geographic Society. 
Address: El Dorado, Ark. 


Hospital Baptist Missionary, 
New Orleans, La.; born, Wilson 
County, Tenn., Nov. 21, 1871; son of 
Ophelia Jarrell and Mathew Rich- 
ard of Tennessee; education, gradu- 
ate, Union University, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; re- 
ceiving A.B., Th.B. and D.D. de- 
grees; ordained, June, 1900; mar- 
ried Frances Virginia Rowe of Win- 
ona, Miss., May, 1909, daughter of 
Dr. A. V. and Frances Dodd Rowe; 
married Eva Parker of New Or- 
leans, La., November, 1920; daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Margaret O'Neal 
Parker; children, R. J., Longview, 
Tex., Mary Frances, McComb, Miss., 
Sarah Corinne (deceased), Rowe 
W., Coco Solo, Panama, C. Z.; pas- 
tor, Crystal Springs, Miss., 1905- 
1912; pastor, Second Baptist 
Church, Jackson, Tenn., 1912-1916; 
instructor, Homiletics, Union Uni- 
versity, 1913-1914; pastor, Lafay- 
ette, La., 1917-1925; pastor, Welsh, 
La., 1925-1929; field representative, 
Baptist Bible Institute, 1929-1930; 
pastor, Metaire Baptist Church, 
New Orleans, La., 1931-1935; 
trustee, Union University; Relief 
and Annuity Board, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention; State Board of 
Missions, Louisiana; chairman, 
Dodd College Commission, Louisi- 
ana; moderator, New Orleans Bap- 
tist Association; occasional articles 
for secular and religious press; Ma- 
son, K. of P., W. O. W.; trustee, 
Louisiana Anti Saloon League. Ad- 
dress: 8316 Panola St., New Or- 
leans, La. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mo- 
bile, Ala.; born, Culpepper, Va., 
Aug. 22, 1889; son of Lucy Stone 
of Culpepper, Va., and Alfred J. 
Dickinson of Louisa, Va.; education, 
Marion Military Institute, Alabama 
University, Chicago University, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, September, 1914; 
married Bertha Trotter of Granada, 
Miss., Oct. 27, 1914; daughter of 
Rev. and Mrs. I. P. Trotter; child- 
ren, Susie, Alfred J., Jr., Lucy, 
Bertha; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Eufaula, Ala., 1914-1918; 
chaplain, U. S. Army, 1918-1919; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Tupe- 
lo, Miss., 1920-1923; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Newport News, Va., 
1923-1934; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Mobile, Ala., 1934 to date; 
Mississippi Baptist Board of Mis- 
sions; Virginia Baptist Board of 
Missions and Education; Alabama 
Baptist State Executive Board; 
Southern Baptist Social Service 
Commission; president, Virginia B. 
Y. P. U.; Kiwanis, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Home: 200 S. Georgia 
Ave., Mobile, Ala.; office: 419 First 
National Bank Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Un- 
iontown, Ala.; born, Louise County, 
Virginia, May 23, 1863; son of Bet- 
tie Valentine and Rev. Charles Rich- 
ard Dickinson of Louisa County, 
Virginia; education, D.D., Rich- 
mond College; ordained, Berea Bap- 
tist College, Louisa County, Virgin- 
ia, June, 1886; married Sallie Bel- 
cher of Rocky Mountain, Va., July 
26, 1887; daughter of B. F. and 
Jane Hunt Belcher; children, Al- 
pheus Chewning, Birmingham, Ala., 
Lula Valentine (Mrs. Fenn, de- 
ceased), Thomas Belcher (de- 
ceased), Mrs. M. I. Tolman, Vir- 
ginia, Birmingham, Ala., John Val- 
entine, Jr. (deceased) ; Colporter, 
Portsmouth Association, Virginia, 
1882-1883; pastor, Beulah, Oakland 
and New Bridge Baptist Churches, 
Virginia, 1883-1886; pastor Rocky 
Mount, Va., 1886-1S90; pastor, 



Pooahontas, Va., 1890-1893; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Gadsden, Ala., 
1893-1897; state evangelist, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1897; pastor, Pratt 
City Baptist Church, Birmingham, 
Ala., 1897-1902; secretary, Educa- 
tional Board and Associate Editor, 
Alabama Baptist, 1902; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Jasper, Ala., 1903- 
1906; state evangelist and pastor, 
Clayton, Ala., 1907-1908; general 
missionary, San Antoniq, Tex., 
1908-09; pastor, Riverside Park Bap- 
tist Church, San Antonio, Tex., 
1917; field agent, Home for Aged 
Ministers, Tex., 1918-1919; pastor, 
Linden, Ala., 1919-1920; pastor, 
First Church, Uniontown, Ala., 1920- 
36; Board Ministerial Education, 
Birmingham, Ala.; Board, Orphans 
Home, Alabama; trustee, San Mar- 
cos Academy, San Marcos, Tex.; 
State Board of Missions, Alabama 
and Texas; contributor articles, 
song poems, denominational papers. 
Address: Uniontown, Ala. 

(MRS. W. D.) 

Superintendent, Junior Depart- 
ment, Sunday School, Glasgow Bap- 
tist Church, Glasgow, Ky.; born, 
Auburn, Ky., Apr. 23, 1877; daugh- 
ter of Laura Ann Duff of Lincoln, 
111., and Rev. Joseph Herndon Bur- 
nett; education, Boscobel College, 
Hollins Institute; married Rev. 
Polemon E. Lowe, De3. 30, 1902 (de- 
ceased) ; married "William Day 
Dickinson of Glasgow, Ky., June 24, 
1908; son of Elizabeth Brents and 
William Dickinson; teacher, War- 
ren County, Kentucky, 1 year; 
teacher, Liberty College, 8 years; 
teacher, Tennessee College, 1 year; 
Sunday School teacher, Glasgow 
Baptist Church, Glasgow, Ky., 17 
years; organizer and superintend- 
ent Junior Department, Glasgow 
Sunday School, 18 years; organizer 
and superintendent, Home Depart- 
ment, 2 years; treasurer, W. M. S., 
11 years; president W. M. S., 8 
years; president. Civic League, 3 
years; D. A. R. Address: 313 Cleve- 
land Ave., Glasgow, Ky. 


Field representative of Relief and 
Annuity Board, Dallas, Tex.; born 
May 9, 1856, Carlowville, Dallas 
County, Alabama; son of Jane Lee 
Alison and Thomas John Dill of 
Carlowville, Ala.; education, How- 
ard College and Southern Baptist 
Theol. Sem.; D.D., Howard Col.; or- 
dained Aug. 3, 1874; married Laura 
Lyman of Montevallo, Ala., Nov. 4, 
1879 (died 1881); married Kate 
Tichenor of Auburn, Ala., July 6, 
1882; daughter of Dr. and Mrs. I. 
T. Tichenor; pastor, Auburn, Ala., 
Union Springs, Ala., Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., Goldsboro, N. C; pastor, Cen- 
tral Baptist Church, Los Angeles, 
Calif.; pastor, Venable Street Bap- 
tist Church, Richmond, Va. ; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Fredericks- 
burg, Va.; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Bowling Green, Ky. ; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Gaffney, 
S. C. ; with Baptist Courier 7 years; 
Relief and Annuity Board; supply 
pastor, Liberty, S. C, Abbeville, S. 
C, and Central Baptist Church, 
Greenville, S. C, Brandon Baptist 
Church, Greenville, S. C, Sans 
Souci Baptist Church, Greenville, 
South Carolina, and Augusta Road 
Baptist Church, Greenville, S. C. 
Address: 9 Crescent Ave., Green- 
ville, S. C. 


Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, 
Birmingham, Ala.; born, Danville, 
Va., June 3, 1879; son of Annie Rob- 
ertson and Edward B. Dillard of 
Danville, Va.; education, A.B., Wil- 
liam Jewell College, D.D., William 
Jewell College, A.M., Clarksburg, 
LL.D., Howard College; ordained, 
1898, Centralia, Mo.; married, Lil- 
lian Madison of St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 
15, 1903; daughter of John and 
Lillian Cotton Madison; children, 
James, Jr., Louisville, Ky., Lilyan 
(Mrs. Wheeler Tracy), Chicago, 
111.; president, Clarksburg College, 
1901-1907; pastor, Sturgeon, Mo., 
Macon, Mo., Delmar Baptist Church, 
St. Louis ,Mo., First Baptist Church, 
St. Joseph, Mo.; pastor, Southside 
Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala., 



1918 to date; president, Alabama 
Baptist Convention; chairman, Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention; literary editor, The 
Alabama Baptist, 1918 to date; trus- 
tee, Howard College; author, "Anti- 
Rust Browning Book," "Biblical 
Introduction;" many tracts and ar- 
ticles on education and relative sub- 
jects; collaboration, "Book of Daily 
Devotions." Home: 1950 16th Ave., 
South, Birmingham, Ala.; office: 
Southside Baptist Church, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Frankfort, Ky.; born, Woodlawn, 
Birmingham, Ala., June 29, 1898; 
son of Leila Law and Frank Dillon 
of Cropwell, Ala.; education, A.B., 
Howard College, Th.M. and Ph.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, May 4, 1921; mar- 
ried Rose Ethel Mehaffey of Bir- 
mingham, Ala., June 29, 1918; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. 
Mehaffey; children, Betty Rose. 
Birmingham, Ala., Emily C, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; pastor, Kosmosdale, Ky., 
18 months; pastor, Georgetown, 
Ind., 18 mos.; pastor, First Bapt. 
Ch., Brownstown, Ind., 18 mos.; pas- 
tor, Pleasant Grove Bapt. Ch., Avo- 
ca, Ky., 2 yrs.; Asst. pastor, Bapt. 
Tabernacle, Louisville, Ky., 1 year; 
pastor, Ormsby Avenue Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 18 months; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Paris, 
Ky., 6 years; pastor. First Baptist 
Church, Frankfort, Ky., to date; 
Executive Committee, Kentucky 
State Board; trustee, Georgetown 
College; moderator, Franklin Bap- 
tist Association; president, Clear 
Creek Baptist Encampment, Ken- 
tucky; trustee, Kentucky Bapt. Hos- 
pital. Address: 208 Steele St.. 
Frankfort, Ky. 


State Missionary to the Italians, 
Louisiana, Independence, La.; born, 
San Giuseppe Iato, Italy. Jan. 28. 
1888; son of Vincenza Napoli and 
Marion Di Maggio of Italy; educa- 
tion High School, Italy; B.C.T. and 

M.C.T., Baptist Bible Institute; or- 
dained, Calvary Baptist Church, 
New Orleans, La., May 3, 1922; mar- 
ried, Giacoma Provenzano of Bor- 
getto, Italy, Mar. 28, 1913; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Proven- 
zano; children, Virginia, Marion, 
Peter and Paul; Home Missionary 
to Italians, DuQuoin, 111., 1 year; 
State Missionary to Italians, New 
Orleans, La., 4 years; Shreveport, 
La., 3 years; Independence, La., 8 
years; author, "The Chain of the 
Popes." Address: Independence, 


Deacon, S. S. teacher, Chmn., Bd. 
of Trustees, First Bapt. Ch., Deca- 
tur, Ala.; born, Winchester, Tenn., 
Nov. 1, 1875; son of Helen Beach 
and Rev. A. F. Dix; education, com- 
mon school; married Mary Vernon 
Nix of Montgomery, Ala., June 19, 
1902, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. 
Nix; children, Mary Vernon, Nell 
Beach, Frank Greenboro, N. C, Oli- 
ver P., Mobile, Ala.; Ch. clerk, 
Pine Grove, Ala., 1892-1896; S. S. 
Sec, teacher, deacon. First Ch., 
Montgomery, Ala., 1896-1919; Green- 
wood, Miss., 1919-1921; deacon. S. 
S. teacher, Chmn., Bd. of Trustees, 
First Ch., Decatur, Ala., 1921 to 
date; Scoutmaster, Kiwanis. Home: 
304 Line St.; office: 519 14 Bank 
St., Decatur, Ala. 


Physician, Mt. Vernon, 111.; born, 
Golconda, 111., 1880; son of Sallie 
Unsell and James W. Dixon of Gol- 
conda, 111.; education, M.D. ; mar- 
ried Mattie Blanchard of Golconda. 
111., 1902; daughter of Eld Isaac 
Blanchard; children, Jewell, Mary 
Lee. Russell, Glen, Dr. Claire. 
Blanchard; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Fairfield, 111., 1922-1926; 
pastor, Sims. 111., 1920-1922; physi- 
cian, 1902 to date. Address: Mt. 
Vernon, 111. 


Professor, Church Efficiency and 
Religious Education, and treasurer, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 



inary, Louisville, Ky.; born, Langs- 
dale, Miss., July 29, 1886; son of 
Letitia Gaines and Charles Wesley 
Dobbins; education, B.A., Mississip- 
pi College, Th.D., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, MA., Colum- 
bia University, Chicago University, 
ordained, 1914; married May Vir- 
ginia Riley of New Hebron, Miss., 
December, 1910; daughter of F. L. 
and Balsorah Riley; children, 
Gaines Stanley, Riley Franklin, 
Charles Austin; pastor, Gloster, 
Miss., 1914; pastor, New Albany, 
Miss., 1915; editor, Home and For- 
eign Fields, 1915-1930; professor, 
Church Efficiency and Religious 
Education, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1920 to date; 
treasurer, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1933 to date; 
chairman, Southern Baptist Text- 
book Commission; editorial staff, 
Southern Baptist Sunday School 
Board; secretary, Committee on 
Missionary Instruction, Southern 
Baptist Convention; author, "The 
Efficient Church," "Working with 
Intermediates," "Baptist Churches 
in Action," "Source Book in the 
History, Theory and Practice of Re- 
ligious Education" !(4 volumes, re- 
vised, 1933-1934), "How to Teach 
Young People and Adults in the 
Sunday School," "The School in 
Which We Teach," "Working To- 
gether in a Spiritual Democracy," 
co-author, "Vitalizing the Church 
Program." Home: 2920 Rainbow 
Drive, Louisville, Ky. ; office: 2825 
Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. 


Superintendent, Kentucky Bap- 
tist Hospital, Louisville, Ky.; born, 
Cameron, Tex., Fpb. 3, 1908; son of 
Velma Fuller and Samuel H. Dobbs, 
Cameron, Tex.; education, High 
School, and Business College; mar- 
ried Eugenia Cook of Silsbee, Tex., 
Dec. 22, 1934; daughter of Albert 
P. and Avia V. Banks Cook; Me- 
morial Hospital, Houston, Tex., 
1928-1935; assistant superintendent, 
Kentucky Baptist Hospital, April 1, 
1935; acting superintendent, July 
1, 1935; superintendent, Oct. 1, 

1935; member, Walnut Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky.; Rotary; 
president, Kentucky Hospital Assn.; 
Home: 1308 Barret Ave., Louisville, 
Ky.; office: 810 Barret Ave., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Ch., Dothan, Ala.; 
born, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 2, 
1888, son of Permelia Charlotte 
Watson and W. S. H. Dockery, Tus- 
caloosa, Ala.; education, Univ. of 
Ala., Howard Col., Univ. of Louis- 
ville, Southern Sem. ; degrees: A.B., 
A.M., Th.M., Th.D., D.D.; ordained 
Nov. 12, 1911, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
married Christine Hughes, Haines 
City, Fla., Aug. 28, 192'3, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hughes, 
Haines City, Fla.; children, Ruth 
Snyder (adopted niece), Reece and 
Willard Snyder (adopted nephews), 
Tuscaloosa, Ala.; work: shoe sales- 
man, 1910-13; pastor, Hamilton 
Memorial and 66th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1913-18; chaplain, 3rd 
Div., A. E. F., 1918-19; pastor, 
Hillsboro, Versailles, Ky., 1921-24; 
Wetumpka, Ala., 1924-28; Sylacau- 
ga, Ala., 1928-30; Dothan, Ala., since 
1930; denominational: Vice Pres., 
Ala. Bapt. State Conv. ; member, 
State Mis. Bd.; member, Bd. of 
Trustees, Howard Col.; general: Ki- 
wanis. Home address: 300 West 
Main, Dothan, Ala.; business ad- 
dress: P. O. Box 623, Dothan, Ala. 

(MRS. M. E.) 

Active in State and Southern W. 
M. U.; born, Jackson, Tenn., May 
1, 1878; daughter of Fannie Wil- 
liams and Rev. George Martin Sav- 
age; education, B.A., Union Univ., 
Jackson, Tenn.; married Rev. Mon- 
roe Elmon Dodd, Oct. 10, 1904, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dodd of 
Trenton, Tenn.; children, Dorothy 
(Mrs. C. H. Webb), Helen (Mrs. 
Clayton Dupree), Martha Evelyn, 
Monroe Elmon, Jr., Frances Lucile 
(Mrs. Dak Pellerin), all of Shreve- 
port, La.; S. S. teacher, First Ch., 
Shreveport; former Chmn., Wom- 
an's Advisory Council; Mission 



Study teacher, local W. M. U.; act- 
ive in State and Southern W. M. U.; 
in 1923 attended Baptist World Al- 
liance, Stockholm, Sweden, and 
toured Europe with Dr. Dodd; in 
1934 attended Baptist World Alli- 
ance, Berlin, Germany, and made 
round-the-world tour with Dr. Dodd, 
visiting Baptist Mission Fields; on 
program, Southern W. M. U., Mem- 
phis, 1935; denominational: trustee 
from La., Woman's Training School, 
Louisville, Ky., 5 yrs.; member, 
Building Com., Dodd Col., a stand- 
ard Jr. Col. for girls, which is 
named for Dr. and Mrs. Dodd. 
Home: 601 Ockley Drive, Shreve- 
port, La. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Shreveport, La.; former Pres., S. 
B. C, and founder and first Pres., 
Dodd College for Girls; born, Sept. 
8. 1878, Brazil, Tenn., son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Lucy Williams 
Dodd; education, Union Univ., B.A. 
and B.O., 1904, D.D., 1909, and LL. 
D., 1930, Baylor Univ., D.D., 1918; 
Corr. work, Univ. of Chicago and 
Crozer Theol. Sem.; ordained, 1902; 
married Emma Savage, Oct. 10, 
1904, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. G. 
M. Savage of Jackson, Tenn.; chil- 
dren (see Mrs. Dodd's sketch) ; pas- 
tor, First Ch., Fulton, Ky., 1904-08; 
First Ch., Paducah, Ky., 1908-11; 
22nd -and Walnut Ch., Louisville, 
Ky., 1911-12; First Ch., Shreveport, 
La., since 1912', except 7 months, 
pastor of Temple Bapt. Ch., Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1927; founder and 
first Pres., now Chmn. of Bd. of 
Dirs., Dodd Col. (Jr. Col. for girls), 
Shreveport; preached S. B. C. ser- 
mon, 1919; has served as officer and 
member of State, Home and For- 
eign Mis. Bds. ; Trustee of La. Col., 
Southern Sem., Southwestern Sem.; 
member, $75,000,000 Campn. Com.: 
Pres., La. Bapt. Conv., 1926-27; 
Pres., S. B. C, 1933-34 and 1934-35: 
member, Exec. Com., Bapt. World 
Alliance; KWKH Radio Pulpit 
preacher; pastor-evangelist; author 
of 31 tracts with distribution of over 
half million; books: "Jesus Is Com- 

ing Again," 1917; "Baptist Princi- 
ples and Practices," 1918; "Jesus, the 
Lily, Lamb, Lion, Lord," 1920; "The 
Prayer Life of Jesus," 1923; "The 
Democracy of the Saints," 1924 
"Concerning the Collection," 1929; 
"Missions, Our Mission," 1929; "The 
Christ Whom We Worship," 1930; 
"Radio Revival Sermons," 1931; 
"Christ's Memorial," 1934; "The 
Gospel for Today," 1934; "Girdling 
the Globe for God," 1935; "The New 
Testament Three Sixteens," 1936; 
round-the-world tour, 1934, visiting 
Baptist mission fields; presided 
over and addressed the Baptist 
World Congress, Berlin, Germany, 
August, 1934; member, Chamber of 
Commerce, Rotary Club, Y. M. C. A. 
Bd. of Dirs., 32nd degree Mason, 
Shriner. Home address: 601 Ock- 
ley Dr.; office: First Bapt. Ch., 
Shreveport, La. 


Pastor, First Ch., Thomaston, 
Ga.; born, Adamsrun, S. C, April 
16, 1900; son of Frances Emily 
Dandridge of Cottageville, S. C, 
and Simeon Hogan Dodd of Round, 
S. C; education, Fruitland Bapt. 
Inst., Mercer Univ., Southwestern 
Sem.; ordained, Hampstead Square 
Ch., Charleston, S. C, Aug. 10, 1925; 
married Janie Katherine Smith of 
Orangeburg, S. C, May 21, 1922', 
daughter of Joseph Harry and Kath- 
erine Smith; children, Frances 
Katherine (deceased), Ralph Dow- 
ling, Jr., Carolyn Janice, Rutland 
Hogan, Raleigh White: pastor, 
Fairview Ch.. Flint River Assn., 
Ga., 2 yrs'.; Colomokee Ch., Bethel 
Assn., 2 yrs.; Hilton Ch., Bethel 
Assn., Ga. ; New Hope Ch., Bethel 
Assn., 2 yrs.; Meldrim Ch., New 
Sunbury, Assn., Ga., 2 yrs.; First 
Ch., Havana, Fla., 1929-1930; Byne 
Memorial, Albany, Ga.. 1930-1932; 
First Ch., Thomaston, Ga.. 1932 to 
date; Pres., West Fla. B. T. U. 
Conv., 1930; Vice Pres., West Fla. 
Bapt. Assembly, 1930; Supt. Gads- 
den Co. S. S. Assn., Fla, 1929-1930; 
Vice Mod.. Centennial Assn., Ga., 
1934-1935; Supt, Centennial Assn., 
S. S., 1934 to date; Mason, Kiwanis. 



Home: 210 W. Lee St., Thomaston, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Tex- 
homa, Okla.; born, Miller County, 
Arkansas, Aug. 18, 1893; son of 
Alpha Grogan and E. T. Dodd of 
Georgia; education, College receiv- 
ing A.B. degree; ordained, Decem- 
ber, 1929; married Emmie Massey 
of Louisiana, April, 1911; daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Massey; child- 
ren, Edwin, Quantico, Va.; Harold, 
Nellie Ruth, and Charles Douglas; 
R. R. Telegrapher, until 1925; pas- 
tor near Abilene, Tex., until 1931; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Springer, N. M., until 1934; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Texhoma, 
Okla., 1934 to date; A. F. and A. M. 
Address: Texhoma, Okla. 


Pastor, Jonesboro Ch., La.; born, 
Deville, La., Feb. 21, 1896; son of 
Mrs. Marcelia LaPrairie and Sid- 
ney Dodge of Alexandria, La.; edu- 
cation, B.A., A.D., La. Col.; or- 
dained Sept. 10, 1916; married Lil- 
lie V. McLaurin of Georgetown, 
La., Dec. 24, 1922, daughter of Mrs. 
Callie McLaurin of Jonesboro, La.; 
children, John McLaurin; pastor, 
Emmanuel Ch., Baton Rouge, La., 
1926-30; financial student, Alumni 
Sec. and Advertising Mgr., La. Col., 
1930-32; pastor, Jonesboro, La., 
since, 1932; denominational: mem- 
ber, Exective Bd., La. Bapt. Conv.; 
trustee, La. Col.; State Promotion 
Com., La. Conv. ; Mod., Jackson 
Parish Assn.; Trustee, Northeast 
La. Encampment; author: pamph- 
lets, "Interesting Thoughts About 
Louisiana College," "Some Salient 
Facts About Louisiana College"; 
Master Mason, Lions Club; Chmn., 
North Central Pastors' Conf . ; Jones- 
boro-Hodge Pastors' Conference; 
member, Pi Kappa Delta. Address: 
Jonesboro, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Monticello, Ky., Feb. 23, 1888; 

educated, Kentucky State Univer- 
sity, W. M. U. Training School, 
1917; appointed July 3, 1917; Pooi 
to Girls' School. 


Pastor, Baptist Church, Dardan- 
elle, Ark.; born, near Crane, Barry 
Co., Mo., Aug. 20, 1898; son of Mary 
Ann Gist of Aurora, Mo., and Pey- 
ton Lisbon Dodson of Crane, Mo.; 
education, A.B., Ouachita College; 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Southwest Missouri 
State Teachers' College, Vanderbilt 
University; ordained, Aug. 2, 1922, 
First Baptist Church, McGehee, 
Ark.; substitute pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, McGehee, Ark., 1922; 
pastor, Third Baptist Church, Mal- 
vern, Ark., 1922-1923; substitute 
pastor, Oilton, Okla., 1924; pastor, 
Seven Gums Baptist Church, Mor- 
ganfield, Ky., 1924-1925; Sunday 
School and B. Y. P. U. worker, 
Wright County, Missouri, 1926; Sun- 
day School and B. Y. P. U. worker, 
Bledsoe Association, Tennessee, 
1927; pastor, Baptist Church, Cass- 
ville, Mo., 1928-1929; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Bellebuckle, Tenn., 1929- 
1931; substitute pastor, Hannah's 
Gap Baptist Church, Petersburg, 
Tenn., 1931-1932; substitute pastor, 
Baptist Church, Cassville, Mo., 
1933; substitute pastor, Baptist 
Church, Bentonville, Ark., 1934- 
1935; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Dardanelle, Ark., 1935 to date; 2d 
Lieutenant, Infantry-Reserves, 1924- 
1928; First Lieutenant Infantry- 
Reserves, 1928-1933; Pi Kappa 
Delta. Address: P. O. Box 505, 
Dardanelle, Ark. 


Education and Music Director, 
First Baptist Church, Pineville. 
La.; born, Johnston City, 111., Aug. 
30, 1899; son of Christina Zoeller 
and Emil Doerr of Johnston City, 
111.; education, grad., Moody Bible 
Institute, A.B., Howard Payne Col- 
lege, Northwestern University; edu- 
cational director, First Baptist 
Church, Marion, 111., 5% years; edu- 
cational director, First Baptist 



Church, Brownwood, Tex., 7 
years; director Young People's Ac- 
tivities, Broadway Baptist Church, 
Ft. Worth, Tex., 16 months; pianist, 
Hamilton Evangelistic Party, 2 
years; pastor's assistant, First Bap- 
tist Church, Johnston City, 111., 1 
yr. ; approved Intermediate Worker 
Illinois, 3 years; Schubert Music 
Club, Woman's Club, Lincoln Schol- 
arship Society. Home: 501 S. Mon- 
roe St., Johnston City, 111.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Pineville, La. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Mart, Tex.; born, Deanville, Tex.. 
June 19, 1903; son of Mary Moore 
and Ad Donath; education, A.B., 
Baylor University, Th.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semin- 
ary; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Caldwell, Tex., 1924; mar- 
ried Christena Breazeale of Waco, 
Tex., Aug. 22, 1927; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. F. Breazeale; children, 
Dorothy Elaine, Jack Lanier; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Lampas- 
as, Tex., 3 years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Mart, Tex., 5 years; 
missionary, Nigeria, Africa, Foreign 
Mission Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention; moderator, Lampasas 
Association, 3 years; district B. T. 
U., president, past; member, State 
B. T. U. Board; president, Central 
Texas Baptist Encampment; Execu- 
tive Board, Central Baptist Sani- 
tarium; past vice president, Preach- 
ers' and Laymens' Conference, Tex- 
as. Address: Mart, Tex. 


Pastor, Lyndon Baptist Church, 
Lyndon, Ky. ; born, Finchville, Ky., 
May 13, 1872; son of Rowena Eliza- 
beth Weakley and Thomas Jefferson 
Doolan; education, graduate, Shelby 
Academy, Shelbyville, Ky., A. B., 
Central University of Kentucky, 
Rochester Theological Seminary, 
Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, 1897; married 
Elizabeth Todd Hodges of Louis- 
ville, Ky., Oct. 23, 1901; children, 
Elizabeth Hodges, Leonard W.. 
Rowena Lewis; instructor, Chem- 

istry, Central University, Kentucky, 
1893-1894; Greek, 1894-1895; presi- 
dent, Hardin Collegiate Institution, 
Elizabethtown, Ky., 1895-1897; pas- 
tor, Madison, Ind., Henderson, Ky., 
to 1904; professor, Hebrew and 
Practical Theology, Baylor Univer- 
sity, 1904-1907; pastor, Louisville 
and Bowling Green, Ky., Columbus, 
O., and Hopkinsville, Ky., to 1924; 
pastor, Danville, Ky., 1924-1935; 
pastor, Lyndon, Ky., 1935 to date; 
trustee, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; author, "The Scar- 
let Thread-Salvation Stories;" les- 
son writer, Sunday School Board, 
1925-1926; contributor, Interna- 
tional Standard Bible Encyclope- 
dia, 1915; Sigma Nu. Address: R. 
F. D. No. 7, Box 110, Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Andrews, S. C; born, Dor- 
set, Va., April 1, 1863; son of Mary 
Catherine Dorset and S. T. B. Dor- 
set; education, D.D., Richmond 
Col., Southern Sem.; ordained Jan., 
1887; married Corie Lynn Slater, 
Sept., 1887, daughter of Parke and 
Virginia Lee Slater; married Mrs. 
Blanche Griffith Merritt, Aug. 7, 
1930; children, George Newton, 
Henry West, Corie Lynn, Stirling 
Murdoch; pastor, Williamsburg Ch., 
Williamsburg, Va., 1887-1889; Mill- 
wood, Rock Hill and Bethel Chs., 
Clarke Co., Va., 1889-1897; Summer- 
ville, S. C, 1897-1902; Beaufort, S. 
C, 1902-1905; Hartsville, S. C, 1905- 
1907; Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, Va., 
1907-1910; Johnston, S. C, 1910- 
1913; Washington, Ga., 1913-1915; 
Fort Valley, Ga., 1915-1918; A. E. F., 
Y. M. C. A., France, 1918-1919; In- 
ternational, Y. M. C. A., Bologna, 
Italy, 1919-1920; pastor, Ridge 
Spring, S. C, 1920-1930; Andrews, 
S. C, 1930 to date; Rec. Sec, For- 
eign Mis. Bd., S. B. C; trustee, 
Richmond Woman's Col.; Chmn., 
Ed. Bd., Ga. Bapt. State Conv.; Gen.. 
Bd., S. C. State Conv.; Chmn,. 
Coramn, on Benev. ; Mod., Ridge 
Assn., S. C; Vice Pres., S. C. State 
Conv. Address: P. O. Box 243, An- 
drews, S. C. 




Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, 
Shawnee, Okla.; born, Decatur, 
Tex., Feb. 10, 1888; son of Sarah 
Elizabeth Flowers of Van Zant 
County, Texas, and Joseph Eli Doss 
of Kentucky; education, Decatur 
Baptist College, Baylor University 
and Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving B.A. and 
Th.M. degrees; ordained, 1912, De- 
catur, Tex.; married Lula Alice 
Shirley of Ft. Worth, Tex., Aug. 
24, 1914; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. C. Shirley; children, Doyle J., 
and Tommy Lu; pastor, Newark, 
Tex., 2 years; pastor, Tolbert, Tex., 
3 years; pastor, Travis, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, Alvord, Tex., 4 years; 
pastor, Waurika, Okla., 4 years; 
pastor, Mission, Tex., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Bowie, Tex., 6 years; pastor, 
Immanuel Baptist Church, Shaw- 
nee, OklaT, 2 yrs. to date; commit- 
tees, Texas Convention; moderator, 
Montague-Wise Association, 3 
years; moderator, Pottawatomie- 
Lincoln Association, Oklahoma; 
Red Cross Council, Lions, Mason, 
Community Chest. Home: 1109 E. 
Main, Shawnee, Okla.; office: 1103 
E. Main, Shawnee, Okla. 


Evangelist for the state of Texas, 
Dallas, Tex.; born, Hill County, 
Texas, Sept. 12, 1900; son of Minnie 
Florence Johnson and Joseph Perry 
Dossey; education Baylor Univer- 
sity, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving A.B., Th.M. 
degrees; ordained, 1920; married 
Katie Lee Davis of Hillsboro, Tex., 
Jan. 29, 1923; daughter of Pies G. 
and Myrtie Davis; pastor, Lakenon, 
Tex., 2y 2 years; pastor, Brandon, 
Tex., 3 years; pastor, Bynum, Tex., 
2y 2 years; pastor, North McKinney 
Baptist Church, McKinney, Tex., 2 
years; evangelist for Baptist Gen- 
eral Convention, Texas, 1927 to 
date; member, Evangelistic Staff, 
Baptist General Convention, Texas, 
1927 to date; Mason, Lions. Home: 
4106 Junius St., Dallas, Tex.; of- 
fice: 701 Burt Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, 4 churches, Tullos, La.; 
born, Rhineheart, La., Sept. 21, 
1884; son of Martha Miles and Ma- 
jor Doughty of Tullos, La.; 
education, 8th grade; ordained, 
Aug. 19, 1918; married Mary Jane 
Bradford of Rhineheart, La., Sept. 
9, 1906; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
H. G. Bradford; children, Alvin 
Olive, Henry Gaharan, Mabel, John 
Lee, Major Monroe, Alma Marree; 
evangelist; pastor, 15 Baptist 
Churches, 17 years; Ouachita Asso- 
ciation, Big Creek Association, Deer 
Creek Association; moderator, 
Ouachita Association, 1930-35; 
built church building; Mt. Hermon 
Baptist Church, Walters, La., 1926; 
New Ouachita Baptist Church, En- 
terprise, La., 1929; Nebo Baptist 
Church, Nebo, La. Address: Tullos, 


Superintendent, W: M. U., Walk- 
er County Association, Cordova, 
Ala.; born, Tyler, Ala., Jan. 14, 
1900; daughter of Dorothy Haral- 
son and Clarence Homer Morgan of 
Autauga, Co., Ala.; education, grad., 
Meridian School of Music, Meridian, 
Miss.; married Buell W. Douglas of 
Cordova, Ala., April, 1925; active 
in Sunday School, W. M. U.; mem- 
ber, Executive Board, Walker Coun- 
ty, Association, 1935 to date; W. M. 
U., superintendent, Walker County 
Association, 1934 to date; Sunday 
School teacher, 1916 to date. Ad- 
dress: Box 113, Cordova, Ala. 


Pastor, Carlisle Ave. Ch., Louis- 
ville, Ky.; born, Fulton Co., Ga., 
May 19, 1891; son of Hannah Jane 
Burdette and William Calvin Dow- 
is; education, A.B. Col., Th.M., 
Sem. ; ordained, Dec, 1912; married 
Frances Mae Freeman, Nov. 5, 1918, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Free- 
man; children, Frances Mae, Sarah 
Evangeline, Solomon Franklin, Jr., 
William Courson; taught school, 
Milton Co., Ga., 1912; Bibb Co., Ga., 
1917-18; Duluth, Ga., 1921-22-; De 
Pont Manuel Training High School, 



Louisville, Ky., 1924-25; served 
World War, Y. M. C. A. Education 
Sec, 1917; chaplain, World War 
(overseas 1918-19) ; evangelistic and 
mission work, Ga., 1909-12; pastor, 
Shady Grove, Ga., Concord Ch., 
Ga., 1912-13; Shiloh Ch., Ga., 1913; 
Yellow River, Ga., 1913-14; Syca- 
more, Ga., 1913-14; Hored Ch., 
Mayfield, Ga., 1914-17; Jewell Ch., 
1914-18; Dry Branch Ch., Ga. and 
Mikado Ch., Macon, Ga., 1919-21; 
Duluth, Suwanee and Norcross, Ga., 
1921-24; Cumming, Ga., 1920-22; 
Hemp Ridge and Fisherville, Ky., 
1923-24; Carlisle Ave. Ch., Louis- 
ville, Ky., since 1924; denomination- 
al: Mod., Long Run Assn., Louis- 
ville, Ky.; member, Long Run Exec. 
Bd., Louisville, Ky. ; Chmn., Pro- 
motion Com., Long Run Bd., Louis- 
ville; Ky. State Bd. of Missions and 
Exec. Com.; F. and A. M. ; chap- 
lain, Plumb Lodge 852. Home ad- 
dress: 3540 Taylor Blvd., Louisville, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Fukuoka, Jap- 
an; born, Nagasaki, Japan, April 
16, 1908; educated, Wake Forest 
College, A.B., M.A., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; appoint- 
ed July 14, 1933; educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Fukuoka, Ja- 
pan; born, Unionville, N. C, Aug. 
16, 1907; education, Wake Forest 
College, Mississippi Woman's Col- 
lege, A.B., W. M. U. Training 
School, B. M. T. ; married Edwin 
B. Dozier, April 30, 1932; appointed 
July 14, 1933; Educational Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Fukuoka, Ja- 
pan; born, Statesville, N. C, Sept. 
18, 1881; educated, Statesville Fe- 
male College, Normal and College 
Institute, Meredith College, 1903, W. 
M. U. Training School; appointed 
April, 1906; married C. K. Dozier, 
June 6, 1906; educational work. 


Pastor, First Ch., Drumright, 
Okla.; born, Dec. 3, 1881, Pineville, 
Mo., son of Darius and Joannah 
(Keeney) Drake; education, South- 
western Sem., Th.M., 1918; Central 
State Teachers Col., A.B., 1929, Ed- 
mond, Okla.; Southwestern State 
Teachers' Col., 1910-11, Weather- 
ford, Okla.; married Willie Thomas, 
Jan. 7, 1906; ordained Aug. 6, 1911; 
previously taught school in Tex., 
and Okla.; Supt, Custer City pub- 
lic schools, 1908-11; pastor, First 
Ch., Butler, Okla., 1911-12; First 
Ch., Custer City, Okla., 1911-12; 
Brooklyn Hts. Ch., Ft. Worth, Tex., 
1915-18; First Ch., Tipton, Okla., 
1918-20; Grandfield, Okla., 1921-24; 
Templey Okjla., I924r26; .)Edmond, 
Okla., 1926-33; Drumright, Okla., 
First Ch., since 1933; denomina- 
tional: Mod., Cotton-Commanche 
Assn., of Okla., 1925-26; Publicity 
Dir., 75 Million Campaign, Tillman 
Co. Assn., 1919; Dir., Debt-Paying 
Campaign, Cotton - Commanche 
Assn., 1925; Vice Mod., Pawnee 
Creek Assn., 1935-36; taught Old 
Testament History, Central State 
Teacher Col., 1929-33; post grad. 
work in Measurements of Educa- 
tion, 1932-33 ; made an investigation 
to determine the correlation be- 
tween the College Entrance Ex- 
aminations and grades of 254 fresh- 
men, 1932; member, B. H. Carroll 
Literary Society, Southwestern 
Bapt. Theol. Sem., 1914-18. Home 
address: 400 S. Ohio St.; office: 229 
S. Ohio St., Drumright, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hartford, Ark.; born, Leola, Ark., 
Aug. 26, 1913; son of Lillian May 
Poff, Wisconsin, and William El- 
liott Draper; education, Little Rock 
High School, Little Rock, Ark., A. 
B., Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, 
Ark.; ordained. First Baptist 
Church, Malvern, Ark., Oct. 21, 
1931; married Lois Jeanne Keeling, 
Malvern, Ark., July 2"4, 1934; daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. L. M. Keeling; 
pastor, Caddo Gap, Ark., 15 months; 
pastor, Black Springs, Ark., 14 



months; pastor, Manfred, Ark. 
(rural from Caddo Gap), three 
months; pastor, Forester, Ark., 29 
months to date; Hartford, Ark., 
First Baptist Church, liy 2 months 
to date; denominational secretary- 
treasurer, Caddo River Association, 
1933-1934; president, Buckner Asso- 
ciation, B. T. U., 1935-1936. Ad- 
dress: Hartford, Ark. 


Pastor, East Park Baptist Church, 
Greenville, S. C; born, Florence 
County, South Carolina, Sept. 30, 
1887; son of Lillis Thompson and 
Samuel David Driggers of Darling- 
ton County, South Carolina; educa- 
tion, Johnsons School of Newberry, 
S. C, and Furman University; or- 
dained, Feb. 3, 1918; married Mary 
Elizabeth Darby of Greenwood, S. 
C, July 29, 1920; daughter of Max- 
well Clarence Darby; children, 
Ernest Palmer, Jr.; pastor, Jordan 
Street Baptist Church, and South 
Greenwood Baptist Church, Green- 
wood, S. C., 1920-1922; pastor Nine- 
ty Six Baptist Church, Ninety Six, 
S. C, 1922-1925; pastor, Anderson 
Second Baptist Church, Mt. Bethel, 
Little River and Mt. Tabor, 1926- 
1933; pastor, East Park Baptist 
Church, Greenville, S. C, June, 
1933 to date; Mason, Eastern Star. 
Address: 10 Ebaugh Avenue, Green- 
ville, S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ma- 
con, Mo.; born, Mt. Pleasant, Tex., 
Jan. 24, 1890; daughter of Nancy 
Adeline Mitchell and William Tally 
Driggers of Anniston, Ala.; educa- 
tion, A.B., Baylor; Th.M., Th.D., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, graduate, North Texas 
State Teachers' College; ordained, 
Mt. Sylvia Baptist Church, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tex., Aug. 23, 1914; mar- 
ried. Leola Harris of Mt. Pleasant, 
Tex., Sept. 8, 1912; daughter of 
Wm. H. and Lila S. Harris; 
children, Samuel Wyatt, Jr., Doris, 
Horace, Wm. Carl, Howard Spen- 
cer; teacher, Mt. Sylvia School, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tex., 2 years; principal 

and teacher, High School, Denton 
County, Texas, 1 year; pastor, Bat- 
tle Baptist Church, Waco, Tex., 1 
year; superintendent, teacher, High 
School, Troy, Tex., 2 years; pastor, 
Mabledean Baptist Church, Wichita 
Falls, Tex., 2 years; pastor Argo 
Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, Tex., 
1 year; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Grandview, Tex., 4 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Char- 
leston, Mo., 1 year; pastor, Central 
Baptist Church, Charleston, Mo., 7 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Macon, Mo., 3 years to date; em- 
ployee, Executive Board, Baptist 
General Convention, 1920; chairman 
committee to direct missionary ac- 
tivities, Macon Baptist Association, 
Mo.; Mason, Odd Fellow. Home: 
314 Sheridan St., Macon, Mo.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Macon, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, By- 
ers, Tex.; education, B.A., Baylor 
University, Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, B.D., 
Newton Theological Institute; mis- 
sionary to Burma, Foreign Mission 
Board, Northern Baptist Conven- 
tion, some years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Byers, Tex., to date. 
Address: Byers, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Tampa, Fla. ; born, Nansemond 
County, Virginia, July 17, 1865; son 
of Abram and Sarah Louise 
(Daughtrey) D.; education, M.A. 
from University of Richmond, Th. 
M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, D.D., Columbia College, 
Florida, John B. Stetson Univer- 
sity; ordained, Western Branch 
Church, Virginia, 1895; married 
Marie Estelle Butt of Norfolk, Va., 
June 28, 1899; daughter James 
Bruce and Annie M. Butt; children, 
Anna Louise (Mrs. J. Q. Brantley) 
of Tampa, Claude Walter D., Jr., 
Richmond, Agnes Virginia and Es- 
telle Bruce D., Tampa; pastor, 
Berkley Avenue Baptist Church. 
Norfolk, Va., 1896-1897; pastor, Im,- 



manuel Baptist Church, Baltimore, 
Md., 1897-1900; pastor First Baptist 
Church, Elizabeth City, N. C, 1900- 
1905; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Tampa, since 1905; member, City 
Mission Board, Tampa, State Mis- 
sion Board, Florida, Home Mission 
Board, of Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion, trustee of Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, John B. Stet- 
son University, Deland, Fla., and 
Columbia College, Lake City, Fla.; 
preached Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion sermon, New Orleans, La.; 
president, State Baptist Convention 
in Florida; member, Tampa Baptist 
Ministers Association, and General 
Association of Ministers, Tampa. 
Home: 820 S. Orleans Ave., Tampa; 
office: First Baptist Church. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Carthage, Mo.; born, Ben Lomond, 
Ark., Dec. 16, 1893; son of Nancy 
Bowen and Alfred E. Du Laney of 
Ben Lomond, Ark.; education, B. 
A., Simmons University, M.A., Tex- 
as University; ordained, Apr. 15, 
1915; married Irene Duncan of 
Waldron, Ark., Jan. 5, 1918; daugh- 
ter of Judge and Mrs. S. K. Dun- 
can; children, Arthur Ainslee, Jr., 
Beatrice Eugenia, Jimmie Louise; 
professor, Education and Psychol- 
ogy, Mtn. Home College, Arkansas; 
professor. Religious Education, Cen- 
tral College, Arkansas, 1920-1923; 
professor, Education and Business 
Manager, Montezuma College, 2 
years; pastor. First Bapt. Ch., Rog- 
ers, Ark., 4 yrs.; pastor, Washing- 
ton St. Bapt. Ch., Greenville, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Longview, Tex., 18 months; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Carthage, 
Mo., 1933 to date; trustee, Mtn. 
Home Col., Central Col.. Burel- 
son Col., Southwest Baptist Col.; 
vice president, Texas State Sunday 
School Convention; vice president, 
Arkansas State Sunday School Con- 
vention; moderator, Benton County, 
District Association, Arkansas; 
president, Baptist Hill Assembly, 
Missouri; author, "History of Bap- 
tist Education in Arkansas." Home: 

901 S. Maple, Carthage, Mo.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Garri- 
son at Sycamore, Carthage, Mo. 


Attorney at Law, Ashdown, Ark.; 
born, Ben Lomond, Ark., Feb. 5, 
1885; son of Elizabeth Casey of 
Lockesburg, Ark., and Rev. Thomas 
DuLaney of Mississippi; education, 
A.B., and LL.B., University of Ark.; 
teacher, Arkansas University, 1909- 
1910; professor, History, Ouachita 
Baptist College, 1910-1912'; adjunct 
professor, Economics and Social, 
Vanderbilt University, 1913-1917; 
faculty, Texas University, summer 
1919; State Senator, 22nd District 
of Arkansas, 1922-1926; prosecuting 
attorney, 9th Judicial District, Ar- 
kansas, 1929-1930; Democratic Elec- 
tor at Large, Arkansas, 1920; U. 
S. Food Administration, 1917-1918; 
member, State Executive Board, Ar- 
kansas Baptist Convention, 1933 to 
date; deacon and teacher of Men's 
Bible Class, First Baptist Church, 
Ashdown, Ark.; sponsor, B. Y. P. 
U., First Baptist Church, Ashdown, 
Ark.; lectures, "The Imperial Book 
—the Bible," "The Call of the 
Church to Its Young People," "The 
Glory of the Son of Man," "The Dis- 
tinctive Merits of the Christian Re- 
ligion," "The Perfect Religion or a 
Four Square Gospel;" Mason, W. O. 
W. ; lecturer, leading churches in 
Little Rock, Ark., Ft. Smith, Ark., 
Hope, Ark., Arkadelphia, Ark., Van 
Buren Ark., Texarkana Ark., and 
First Baptist Church, Shreveport, 
La. Address: Ashdown, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mc- 
Alester, Okla.; born, Madison Coun- 
ty, Ga„ June 26, 1873; son of Nora 
Ann Oglesby and John McCurry 
Duncan of Elbert County, Georgia; 
education, Gibson-Mercer, D.D., 
Baylor University; ordained, First 
Baptist Church. Bowman, Ga., No- 
vember, 1894; married Rosa. Hart of 
Mineola, Tex., Feb. 10, 1904; daugh- 
ter of Dr. and Mrs. V. T. Hart; 
children, died in infancy; pastor, 
Mineola, Tex., 5 years; pastor, 



Longview, Tex., 6 years; pastor, 
Sulphur Springs, Tex., 1 year; pas- 
tor, Greenville, Tex., 16 years; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, McAles- 
ter, Okla., 7 years to date; asso- 
ciate secretary, Missions, Texas. 
1926-1928; acting secretary of Mis- 
sions, Texas, few months. Home: 
Aldridge Hotel, McAlester, Okla.; 
office: First Baptist Church, Mc- 
Alester, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Kennett, Mo.; born, Sparta, N. C, 
Dec. 12, 1876; son of Catherine 
Douglass and Geo. Washington Dun- 
can of Sparta, N. C; education, 
A.B. and A.M., William Jewell Col- 
lege, Th.M. and Th.D., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, 1898; married Estella Co- 
rinne Waller of Eldorado Springs, 
Mo., June 15, 1898; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. John D. Waller; children, 
George Douglass, Mansfield, Mo., 
Gertrude May, Independence, 
Mo., William Kyle, Kansas City, 
Mo., John Ernest, Tupelo, Miss., 
Frank Monroe, Kansas City, Mo., 
Edgar Waller, Mrs. Katherine Co- 
rinne Hutcherson, Donald Kenneth 
and Paul Emmett; pastor, Finch- 
ville and Simpsonville Ky., 3 years; 
principal, Finchville High School, 
2 years; president, Clinton College, 

1 year; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Independence, Mo., 5% 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hope, Ark., 3% years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, New Albany, Miss., 
3% years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Nevada, Mo., 3% years; 
pastor, Roanoke Baptist Church, 
Kansas City, Mo., 5 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Kennett, Mo., 
1934 to date; member, State Board 
Arkansas Baptist State Convention; 
member, Hospital Board, Arkansas 
Baptist State Convention; member, 
Mississippi Baptist State Conven- 
tion State Board; chairman, Board 
Trustees, Blue Mt. College; moder- 
ator, Kansas City, Mo., Baptist As- 
sociation; chairman, Kansas City 
Baptist Union (City Mission Board) 

2 years; Missouri member, Educa- 

tion Commission of Southern Bap- 
tist Convention (president, 1 year) ; 
chairman, Missouri Baptist Minis- 
ters' Alliance; chairman, Alliance 
of Baptist Ministers, Kansas City, 
Mo., 2 years; president, General 
Alliance of Ministers, Kansas City, 
Mo., 1 year; program committee, 
Missouri Baptist General Associa- 
tion, Joplin, Mo.; served on com- 
mittees, district, state and Southern 
conventions; author, "Where Shall 
I Go to School," "The Christian 
School in the Life of Today." Ad- 
dress: Box 356, Kennett, Mo. 


Pastor, Prince Avenue Baptist 
Church, Athens, Ga.; (born, Hart 
County, Georgia, Apr. 16, 1883; son 
of Matilda Maxwell of Hart Coun- 
ty, Georgia, and Malcom Duncan of 
Elbert County, Georgia; education, 
A.B., D.D., Mercer University, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, Th.B., Th.M., Th.D.; or- 
dained, Dec. 25, 1910; married 
Mabel Roberts of Bowman, Ga., Oct. 
2, 1910; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. C. Roberts; children, Pope Alex- 
ander, Jr.; pastor, Glasgow, Ky., 
1918-1923; pastor, Cordele, Ga., 
1923-26; pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Muskogee, Okla.; pastor, 
Prince Avenue Baptist Church, 
Athens, Ga. ; trustee, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist Hospital, 1929-1931; vice presi- 
dent, Georgia Baptist Convention, 
1927; member executive committee, 
Georgia Baptist Convention; mem- 
ber, Budget Committee, Georgia 
Baptist Convention. Home, 1150 
Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga.; office: 
Prince Ave. Bapt. Ch., Athens, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
East Point, Ga.; born, Bowman, Ga., 
Oct. 28, 1891; son of Sara Ann 
White and Asa Chandler Duncan of 
Bowman, Ga. ; education, A.B., Mer- 
cer University, B.D., Newton Theo- 
logical Institute; ordained, Bowman 
Baptist Church, Aug. 29, 1915; mar- 
ried Florence Milner Sammons of 
Macon, Ga., July 8, 1917; daughter 
of Harriet Louise Perryman and 



Adam Jones Sammons; children, 
W. A., Jr., and Edwin Eldridge; 
pastor, Horace Memorial Baptist 
Church, Chelsea, Mass., 1918-1920; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, East- 
man, Ga., 1920-1924; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Hartwell, Ga., 1924- 
1927; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
East Point, Ga., 1927 to date; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee, Georgia 
Baptist Convention, 1929-1934; vice 
president, Executive Committee, 
Georgia Baptist Convention, 1933; 
vice president, Atlanta Baptist Sun- 
day School Association, 1927 to 
date; vice moderator, Atlanta Asso- 
ciation of Baptist Churches; Blue 
Lodge Mason. Address: 215 Thomp- 
son Ave., East Point, Ga. 


Missionary, Baptist Indian River 
Association, State Board of Mis- 
sions, Okeecho City, Fla.; born 
Collivans, Lawndes County, Ala- 
bama, Apr. 28, 1863; son of Mary 
Ann Hardy and Dr. Edward Clay- 
ton Dunklin of Lawndes County, 
Ala.; education, Georgetown Col- 
lege, Th.G., Th.B., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Bushnell, Fla., July 30, 
1899; married Pauline Gomes of 
Palatka, Fla., June 25, 1902; daugh- 
ter of Julius B. and Mary Anna 
Gomes; children, Edward Paul, Ox- 
ford, Fla., Estelle Irene, Oxford, 
Fla., Audrey Ellon, Oxford, Fla., 
John Clayton, Tampa Fla. Edith 
Annice, Tampa, Fla., Arthur George, 
Palatka, Fla.; colporter and Sunday 
School missionary, Board of Mis- 
sions, Kentucky, 6 summers; pas- 
tor, Oxford, Fla., 8 years; mission- 
ary, Tampa, Fla., 10 years; mission- 
ary, St. Johns River Association, 5 
years; missionary, Indian River 
Association, 14 years; built 14 Bap- 
tist Churches. Address: Okeecho 
City, Fla., Box 155. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Sweetwater, Tex.; born, Comanche 
County, Comanche, Tex., Sept. 19, 
1897; son of Arminta Jane Wood 

and Elbert John Dunlap of Abilene, 
Tex.; education, A.B., Hardin-Sim- 
mons University; ordained, Decem- 
ber, 1922; married Dassie Burrus 
of Loraine, Tex., Apr. 6, 1918; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bur- 
rus; children, Dorthea Marie; pas- 
tor, while in school; pastor, Park 
Heights Baptist Church, San Ange- 
lo, Tex., 2 years, 8% months; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Sweet- 
water, 4 years, 1 month; district 
organizer, Texas Baptist, District 
17, 1% years; chairman, committee 
on Time, Place and Preacher, Bap- 
tist General Convention, Texas, 
1931; clerk, Concho Valley Associa- 
tion, 1931-1932; chairman, District 
Board, District 17, Texas, 2 years; 
member, Encampment Boards, 6 
years; chairman, Program Commit- 
tee, Lueder and Christoval Encamp- 
ment, 5 years; chairman, Sweet- 
water Association Board, 2 years; 
B. T. U. Board, Texas, 4 years; 
Round Table Club, Lions, Mason. 
Home: 211 E. 3rd St., Sweetwater, 
Tex.; office: First Baptist Church, 
Sweetwater, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pelotas, Bra- 
zil; born, Jackson County, Georgia, 
July 14, 1869; education, Hightower 
Baptist Institute, Furman Univer- 
sity, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, one year; appointed June 
28, 1901; Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pelotas, Bra- 
zil; born, La Grange, Ga., Dec. 28, 
1899; education, Methodist Mission- 
ary School, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 
Cox College, 1920; appointed Octob- 
er, 1921; Educational Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pelotas, Bra- 
zil; born, Putman County, Georgia, 
Aug. 31, 1877; education, Athens, 
Ga. ; married A. L. Dunstan, June 
12, 1898; appointed June 2'8, 1901; 
Evangelistic Work. 




Pastor, Converse, La.; born near 
Cuthbeth, Ga., Sept. 29, 1853; son of 
Eliza Davis and James Durham; or- 
dained, 1886; married Jemimiah 
Porter, 1877; (2) Mrs. J. S. Moore, 
1925, daughter of Rev. W. R. Carroll 
of Desoto Parish; children, Mrs. 
W. H. Henry, Alexandria, La.; Dr. 
C. B., and Dr. R. L., Pineville, La.; 
Mrs. C. S. Barlow, Mansfield, La.; 
Mrs. W. A. Keel, Gainesville, Ga.; 
4 deceased; missionary and evan- 
gelist, under State Bd., 11 yrs.; 
church builder; pastor, 40 churches 
in 11 parishes; Converse, La., since 
Aug., 1929; organized many S. S.'s, 
W. M. U.'s and B. Y. P. U.'s. Ad- 
dress: Converse, La. 


Pastor, junction City, Ark.; born, 
Atlanta, La., Nov. 2, 1871; son of 
Talitha Mcllwain and James Lucius 
Durham; education, Atlanta Inst., 
Baylor Univ., Keachie and Mt. Leb- 
anon Col., B.L. degree; ordained, 
1898; married Minnie Estes of 
Keachie, La., Sept. 1, 1898; chil- 
dren, Gordon, Hereford, Tex., Dr. 
K. Jt., Tahoka, Tex., P. M., Monroe, 
La., Lillian (Mrs. L. L. McKeehan), 
Fayetteville, Ark., Grady C, Alexan- 
dria, La., James H., Fayetteville, 
Ark., Dorothy (Mrs. Aubrey Bolen), 
Alexandria, La., J. P., Jr.; school 
teacher, 12 yrs.; pastor, Atlanta 
Ch.; pastor, teacher and mission- 
ary, Central Assn., East Texas, 3 
yrs.; pastor, Winnifield, Jennings, 
Opelousas, Vivian, Bernice, Bastrop, 
Queensboro (Shreveport), Ringgold, 
Spring Hill, Cheneyville and Long- 
leaf, La., 28 yrs.; organized 4 
churches, reorganized 3; denomina- 
tional: principal, Mt. Lebanon 
Acad., 1910-11; Bd. member, 2 
Assns. ; Mod., Caddo River and La. 
Assn.; Sec, La. Conv., 14 yrs. Ad- 
dress: Junction City, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Oyo, Africa; 
born, St. John, N. B., Feb. 18, 1875; 
educated, Northfield Bible Training 
School and Missionary Institute; 

appointed March 29, 1902; married 
L, M. Duval; Educational and Evan- 
gelistic Work. 


Principal Blue Ridge Mountain 
Mission School; pastor, Sycamore 
Church, Buffalo Ridge, Va.; born, 
Blackville, S. C, June 19, 1871; son 
of Susan Bodiford and Martin C. 
Dyches of Blackville, S. C; educa- 
tion, A.B., Peabody College, Th.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Double Pond Bap- 
tist Church, Blackville, S. C, Sep- 
tember, 1896; married Bettie Mar- 
shall Gregory of Clover, Va., Nov. 
12, 1902; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
C. A. Gregory; children, Martha 
(Mrs. J. A. Sasser), Hampton, Greg- 
ory, Garland, Eva Dell, Raymond, 
Kenneth C; pastor, Clover Bapt. 
Ch., Clover, Va., 1900-03; pastor, 
Hunting Creek Bapt. Ch., Lennig, 
Va., 1900-03; pastor, Bethel Bapt. 
Ch., Scottsburg, Va., 1900-01; pastor, 
Drakes Branch Baptist Church, 
Drakes Branch, Va., 1900-1910; pas- 
tor, Staunton River Baptist Church, 
Charlotte County, Virginia, 1901- 
1910; pastor, Keysville Baptist 
Church, Keysville, Va., 1903-1909; 
pastor, Charlotte C. H. Baptist 
Church, Virginia, 1909-1910; pastor 
Heath Springs Baptist Church, 
Heath Springs, S. C, 1910-1917; pas- 
tor, Sand Hill Baptist Church, Ker- 
shaw, S. C, 1910-1912; pastor, High 
Point Baptist Church, Lancaster 
County, S. C, 1911-1912; pastor, 
Flint Ridge Baptist Church, Heath 
Springs, S. C, 1912-1917; pastor, 
Rich Hill Baptist Church, Heath 
Springs, S. C, 1912-1917; pastor, 
Fort Mill Baptist Church, Fort Mill, 
S. C, 1917-1924; pastor, Pleasant 
Valley Baptist Church, Fort Mill, 
S. C, 1919-1924; pastor, New Hope 
Baptist Church, Cross Anchor, S. 
C, 1924-1926; moderator, Moriah 
Baptist Association, South Carolina, 
1 year; president, York County 
Baptist Sunday School Convention, 
5 years; Board Trustees, South 
Carolina Baptist Hospital, 6 years; 
president, Patrick County, Virginia 



Ministerial Association, 1935 to 
date; councilor, Junior Order, U. 
A. M., Heath Springs, S. C. Coun- 
cil; Chap., S. C. State Council, Jr. 
Order, 11 yrs.; A. F. M.; Chmn., 
Heath Springs, S. O, Chautauqua 
Assn., 1 year; City School Board, 
Port Mill, S. C. Address: Buffalo 
Ridge, Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Las 
Cruces, N. M.; born, Tulsa, Okla., 
Apr. 7, 1907; son of Pearl Upton 
and Harvey S. Dye of Tulsa, Okla.; 
education, Montezuma College; or- 
dained, 1927; married Ina Pearl 
Hollaway of Montezuma, N. M., Dec. 
21, 1927; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Gordon Holloway; children, Lila 
Belle, Joyce, Jeanne; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Hagerman, 5 years; 
editor weekly newspaper, 1929-1934; 
pastor, Montezuma College, 1926- 
1928; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Las Cruces, N. M., 1935 to date; 
board director, Baptist Convention, 
N. M.; operating county, Monte- 
zuma College; Lions; chairman, 
promotion committee, Boy Scouts 
(Local). Home: 320 S. Mironda, 
Las Cruces, N. M.; office: First 
Baptist Church, Las Cruces, N. M. 


Pastor, Wake Forest Baptist 
Church, and chaplain Wake Forest 
College, Wake Forest, N. C; born, 
Greenville, S. C, May 31, 1893; son 
of Nancy Tupper Hyde of Charles- 
ton, S. C, and John Allen Easley 
of Greenville, S. C; education, A. 
B., D.D., Furman Univ., Th.M., 
Southern Seminary, Harvard Univ.; 
ordained, May 1, 1918; married 
Eleanor M. Robertson of Louisville, 
Ky. Mar,. 21, 1921; daughter of A. 
T. and Ella B. Robertson; children, 
John Allen, Charlotte Robertson, 
Nancy Hyde, Eleanor Robertson; 
chaplain, U. S. Army, 1918-1919; 
pastor, Manning Baptist Church, 
Manning, S. C, 1919-1923; pastor, 
Glasgow Baptist Church, Glasgow, 
Ky., 1923-1928; pastor, Wake Forest 
Baptist Church. Chaplain, Wake 
Forest College, 1928 to date; gener- 

al board, South Carolina Baptist 
State Convention, 1920-1921; chair- 
man, Executive Committee, Central 
Association, North Carolina, 1930- 
1934; Mason, Knight Templar. 
Home: N. Main St., Wake Forest, 
N. C; office, Wake Forest Baptist 
Church, Wake Forest, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Cleveland, Miss.; born, Coldwater, 
Tate County, Mississippi, Aug. 10, 
1893; son of Mattie Y. Wright, Ty- 
ro, Miss., and Willie Dennis Eaven- 
son; education, B.A., Mississippi 
Literature and Theological College, 
B.A., Mississippi College, Th.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, Central Baptist 
Church, Coldwater, Miss., Septem- 
ber, 1916; married, Nancy Miller, 
Leakesville, Miss., September 30, 
1918, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 
Miller; children, Ira Dennis, Jr., 
Lester Wright and Doris Eileen; 
work: pastor, Baptist Church, 
Leakesville, Miss., June, 1917-Au- 
gust, 1918; assistant professor, En- 
glish, Mississippi College, 1918-19; 
pastor, Tunica Baptist Church, Tu- 
nica, Miss., June, 1919-August, 
1920; missionary, Southern Baptist 
Convention, Interior China, Kai- 
feng, August, 1920-September, 1927; 
secretary, Interior China Mission, 
Kaifeng, China, for three years; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Glen Dean. 
Ky., September, 1927-28; assistant 
professor, Christianity, Mississippi 
College, summer, 192'8; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Cleveland, Miss., 
since October, 1928; denomination- 
al member, Mississippi State Mis- 
sion Board since 1930; member, Ex- 
ecutive Mississippi State Mission 
Board since 1934; chairman, Boli- 
var County Pastors' Conference. 
1929-34; clubs: 3 years, executive 
secretary, Cleveland Exchange 
Club; 3 years, member Cleveland 
Rotary Club; organizer and pastor, 
Chinese Baptist Mission. Cleveland, 
which works among the Chinese 
resident in and near Bolivar Coun- 
ty. Home address: 121 N. Bolivar 
St., Cleveland, Miss. 




Pastor, Unity Baptist Church, 
Ashland, Ky. ; born, Johnson City, 
Tenn., March 26, 1885; son of Mary 
Shipley and Nathaniel Edens of 
Johnson City, Tenn.; education, A. 
B., Carson and Newman College; 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, D.D., Oskaloosa College; 
ordained, July 12, 1913; married 
Mayme Rutledge of Jefferson City, 
Tenn., Aug. 20, 1913, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Rutledge; chil- 
dren, Don, Carson-Newman College, 
Jack; pastor, Sonora Baptist 
Church, Sonora, Ky., 1913-1915; pas- 
tor, Salem Baptist Church, Pembroke, 
Ky., 1915-1918; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Athens, Ala., 1918-1919; 
pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1919-1922; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Versailles, 
Ky., 1922-1924; pastor, Unity Bap- 
tist Church, Ashland, Ky., 19 24 to 
date; State Mission Board, Ken- 
tucky, 1926-1929; moderator, Green- 
up Association, Kentucky, 1927- 
1929. Address: 3410 Blackburn 
Ave., Ashland, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, At- 
talla, Ala.; born, Knoxville, Tenn., 
Dec. 15, 1903; son of Lilly Rule and 
Frank Edington of Knoxville, 
Tenn. ; education, Harrison-Chilho- 
wee Baptist Academy; A.B., Carson- 
Newman College, Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Stock Creek Baptist 
Church, February, 1926; married 
Helen Johnson of Knoxville, Tenn., 
July 20, 1928, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. S. T. Johnson; teacher, ath- 
letic coach, Harrison-Chilhowee In- 
stitute, 1924-1925; pastor, Mt. Leb- 
anon Baptist Church, Maryville, 
Tenn., 1927-1929; principal, Rus- 
sellville High School, Russellville, 
Tenn., 1927-1929; pastor, Little 
Flock Baptist Church, Sheperds- 
ville, Ky., 1929-1932; pastor, Bos- 
ton Baptist Church, Boston, Ky., 
1929-1932; pastor, Goodwater Bap- 
tist Church, Goodwater, Ala., 1932- 
1935 ; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Attalla, Ala., 1935 to date; moder- 

ator, Central Baptist Association, 
Alabama, 1932-1935 ; Executive 
Board, Alabama, 1933-1935; Execu- 
tive Board, Alabama Baptist Sun- 
day School Convention, 1933-1934; 
R. A. Counselor of Alabama; Civi- 
tan Club. Address: 607 N. Fourth 
St., Attalla, Ala. 


Vice president, Mary Hardin Bay- 
lor College, Belton, Tex.; born, 
Franklin, Ky., April 1, 1870; son 
of Malvenia Bridges Stark of Rob- 
ertson County, Kentucky, and John 
Washington Edwards of Franklin, 
Ky.; education, Bethel College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving A.B., M.A., D.D. de- 
grees; ordained, Stowers, Ky., April 
14, 1894; married Ilda Eleanor 
Crumpton of East Lake, Ala., Nov. 
20, 1900, daughter of Rev. Wash- 
ington Bryan and Mrs. Ellen Coch- 
ran Crumpton; children, Charles 
Vernon, Jr., Pampa, Tex.; Martha 
(Mrs. Hugh Orton Davis), Win- 
throp, Mass., Ilda (Mrs. James Jar- 
rell Muirhead), Vernon, Tex., Kirt- 
ley (Mrs. George Wilson Tait), 
Melrose, Mass., Anne Crumpton 
(Mrs. J. Walter Friberg), Wichita 
Falls, Tex., Marion Dickins, Ray- 
mondville, Tex., Ruth Hart; farm- 
er until 19 years of age; teacher, 
public schools, Simpson County, Ken- 
tucky, 3 years; pastor, Middleton, 
Ky., Barren Plains, Tenn., 2 years; 
pastor, Springfield, Tenn., 2% 
years; pastor, Livermore, Ky., 1 
year; pastor, Central City, Ky., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
New Orleans, La., (moved to St. 
Charles Avenue Baptist Church, 
which he built) 10 years; pastor, 
Greenwood, Miss., 4 years (led in 
building a new Baptist Church); 
pastor, College Avenue Baptist 
Church, Fort Worth, Tex., 17 years, 
8 months <(led in moving and build- 
ing a new Baptist Church) ; vice 
president, Mary Hardin Baylor Col- 
lege, 5 years to date; Executive 
Boards, Baptist Conventions, Louisi- 
ana, Mississippi and Texas; char- 
man, Finance Committee, Baptist 
General Convention, Texas, 3 years; 



Board of Trustees, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; 
Board of Trustees, Mary Hardin 
Baylor College; trustee, Ft. Worth 
Baptist Hospital; member, Tarrant 
County Association Executive 
Board; president, Baptist State 
Encampment, Louisiana; president, 
Mississippi Baptist Encampment. 
Address: 510 Baylor Station, Bel- 
ton, Tex. 


Director, Goodwill Center and 
Teacher, Music, W. M. U. Training 
School, Louisville, Ky. ; born, 
Greenwood, S. C, Feb. 22, 1901; 
daughter of Anna Wallace of Flor- 
ence, S. C, and Thomas Hartwell 
Edwards of Darlington, S. C; edu- 
cation, Winthrop College, Music 
Schools, W. M. U. Training School, 
Louisville and St. Louis, receiving 
B. Mus., and B.M.T. degrees; piano 
teacher, Rock Hill, S. C, 3 months; 
music teacher, Long Creek Acade- 
my, 2% years; director, Goodwill 
Center and director of Music, Bap- 
tist W. M. U. Training School, 1927 
to date. Address: 334 E. Broadway, 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Jacksonville, Ala.; born, Wilson- 
ville, Ala., March 7, 1901; son of 
Caroline Pitts and William Henry 
Edwards of Wilsonville, Ala.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Howard College, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained March 25, 1923, Wil- 
sonville Baptist Church, Alabama; 
married Mary Lois Small of Selma, 
Ala., Sept. 9, 1928, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. H. Small; children, An- 
na Caroline; principal, Casey Con- 
solidated High School, 1926-1927; 
principal, Pleasant Hill High 
School, 1925-1926; teacher, Dinkins 
Military Academy, 1924-1925; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Jackson- 
ville, Ala. ; Alabama State Mission 
Board, 1934; superintendent, Cal- 
houn County Association Sunday 
School, 1934. Address: 411 Church 
St., Jacksonville, Ala. 


Minister, Ruston, La.; born, Ed- 
wards, Miss., Sept. 10, 1851; son of 
Mary Byram of Byram, Miss., and 
Green Edwards of Edwards, Miss.; 
education, Concord Inst.; Miss. Col., 
D.D. degree; ordained July 14, 1878; 
married Lena Woodard of Dufferly, 
La., Aug. 8, 1905, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. W. T. Woodard; children, 
Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. David Cook, 
Jr.), and John Rodden, Jr., (de- 
ceased); pastor, Downsville, 1878; 
Ruston, 1887; Mt. Lebanon, 1900; 
Ruston, 1905 Winnfield, 1907 mem- 
ber, State Mission Bd., 1915; de- 
nominational: Pres., Mt. Lebanon 
Col., 1900-05; State Conv., 3 yrs.; 
Trustee, La. Col., since its begin- 
ning; ordained, Shiloh Ch., during 
session of La. State Conv., the fol- 
lowing composed the presbytery: 
Revs. J. B. Searcy, J. B. Gambrell, 
Jesse Hart, G. H. Tucker, H. C. Ar- 
dis, J. P. Everett. Address: Rus- 
ton, La. 


Evangelist, writer, Cookeville, 
Tenn.; born, Putnam County, 
Tennessee, Aug. 29, 1880; son of 
Mary P. Grime and Thomas J. Ed- 
wards; education, A.B., Carson- 
Newman College, LL.B., Cumber- 
land University; ordained, 1918; 
married Cleo Jean Walters of May- 
nardville, Tenn.; married Sallie 
Lee Oakes of Salisburg, N. C; chil- 
dren, Thomas Edward, and Mary 
Pauline; practiced law; organizer 
and pastor, Cookeville Baptist 
Church, 16 years; independent 
evangelism and writing; author: 
several brochures on doctrinal and 
evangelistic subjects; judge, : 8 
years; chairman, Cookville Council 
of Defense, World War; teacher, 
"War Aims" at T. P. I.; active, in 
Charity organizations. AddreBs: 
1810 E. Broad St., Cookeville, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shaki, Africa; 
born, Madison, Mo., March 9, 1895; 
education, LaGrange College, Mis- 
souri University, William Jewell Col- 



lege, A.B., 1923; W. M. U. Training- 
school 1922; appointed June 14, 
1923; educational work. 


State B. T. U. and B. S. U. Sec. 
of N. Mex.; born, Agnes, Tex., Sept. 
7, 1884; son of Mary A. Cutberth, 
and James P. Elam, both of Agnes, 
Tex.; education, graduated N. Tex. 
State Normal and Southwestern 
Sem.; degrees, B.R.E. ; ordained, 
Nov. 21, 1920, First Ch., Weather- 
ford, Tex.; married Sept. 17, 1922, 
to Ethel Lorine Robertson of New- 
castle, Tex., daughter of Lacy L. 
and Lessie A. Robertson; children: 
Geo. F., Dorothy K., James R., and 
Wm. Jerry Elam, all of Albu- 
querque, N. Mex.; taught school 6 
yrs.; worked under Tex. State Mis. 
Bd. in S. S. and B. Y. P. XL; came 
to N. Mex. as State B. Y. P. U. Sec. 
June 1, 1923; in addition to B. Y 
P. U. Secretary's work was elected 
State Sec. of B. S. U. work for N. 
Mex.; member of Soc. Service Com- 
mission with one more year to 
serve; Pres., Parker Co., Tex., Assn. 
B. Y. P. U., 1918-20; Pres., one yr., 
Field Workers' Assn., S. B. C; at 
one time member of Knights of 
Pythias and I. O. 0. F. Home ad- 
dress: 723 W. Fruit Ave., Albu- 
querque, N. Mex.; office address: 
Box 485, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 


Pastor, Dover Baptist Church, 
Shelby, N. C. ; born, Cleveland, 
County, N. C, Sept. 2, 1878; son of 
Martha McCall and Samuel Weath- 
erford Elam of Cleveland County, 
North Carolina; education, B.A., 
Wake Forest College; ordained 
Aug. 28 , 1914; married Georgia 
Wayne Parker of Cleveland County, 
North Carolina, Nov. 22, 1900, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 
Parker; children, Mrs. Guy F. 
Lane, Ramseur, N. C; pastor, Liles- 
ville, N. C, 3 years; pastor, Second 
Baptist Church, Shelby, N. C, 4 
years; pastor, Ramseur and Frank- 
linville Field, Ramseur, N. C, 6 
years ; pastor, Dover Baptist 
Church, Shelby, N. C, 6 years; vice 

president, Kings Mountain Associ- 
ation, Cleveland County, North 
Carolina; chairman promotional 
work, Kings Mountain Association. 
Address: Shelby, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Buenos 
Aires, Argentina; born, Oamaru, 
N. Z., April 13, 1877; educated in 
Melbourne, Australia; married R. 
F. Elder, Oct. 30, 1901; appointed 
July 15, 1920; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Buenos Aires, 
Argentina; born, Maheno, New 
Zealand, Feb. 5, 1873; education, 
Spurgeon's College; appointed on 
field July 15, 1920; evangelistic 


Lawyer and banker, Winston-Sa- 
lem, N. C; born, Wilkes Co., N. C, 
Apr. 9, 1861; son of Mary Ann Carl- 
ton and James Eller; education, Mo- 
rovian Falls Acad., N. C; A.B., U. 
N. C, Folks Law School, Cilly, N. 
C. ; married Laura Winifred New- 
land, Nov. 19, 1896; children, Mary, 
deceased, John DeWalden, Adolphus 
Hill; N. C. Bar, 1886; lawyer, Win- 
ston-Salem, since 1887; secretary- 
treasurer, N. C. R. R. Co., 1905-1913; 
trust officer, 1912 to date; Vice 
Pres. and member, Executive Com., 
Wachovia Bank and Trust Co.; or- 
ganizer and Pres., Standard Bldg. 
and Loan Assn., to 1934; N. C. State 
Senate, 1905-1907; Chmn., Demo- 
cratic Executive Committee, N. C, 
1908-1912; Chmn., Winston-Salem 
Com., public schools, 1927 to 1933; 
trustee, U. N. C, 1905 to 1931; one 
of the founders, N. C. Baptist Hos- 
pital; deacon, First Bapt. Ch.; Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon; Mason; Twin 
City Country Club; Cosmos. Home: 
129 Cascade Ave., Winston-Salem, 
N. C; office: Main and 3rd Sts., 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Pastor, Fordyce Baptist Church, 
Fordyce, Ark.; born, Burton, Miss., 



Oct. 19, 1878; son of Manerva Flor- 
ence Polk of Mississippi, and James 
Riley Elledge of Georgia; education, 
Union University and Hall-Moody 
Institute; ordained, Aug. 31, 1902, 
Mt. Providence Baptist Church, 
Burton, Miss.; married Minnie Lee 
Stricklin of Iuka, Miss., Nov. 12, 
1908, daughter of Henry and Emma 
Stricklin; children, Rev. Paul, 
Louisville, Ky.; Otho Lee, Arkadel- 
phia, Ark.; pastor, Mt. Gilead and 
Sardis Chs., Iuka, Miss., 1904-1905; 
pastor, New Prospect Baptist 
Church, Iuka, Miss., 1905; pastor, 
Mt. Providence Baptist Church, 
Burton, Miss., 1904; pastor, Ebe- 
nezer Baptist Church, Belmont, 
Miss., 1904-1907; pastor, Grace Bap- 
tist Church, Ripley, Tenn., 1907- 
1910; pastor, Macedonia Baptist 
Church, Edith, Tenn., 1907-1910; 
pastor, Enon Baptist Church, 
Nankipoo, Tenn:, 1907-1910; pastor, 
Curve Baptist Church, Curve, Tenn., 
1907-1910; pastor, Farmington Bap- 
tist Church, Corinth, Miss., 1907- 
1908; pastor, Licking Baptist 
Church, Licking, Mo., 1910-1913; 
pastor, Boone Creek Baptist Church, 
Licking, Mo., 1910-1911; pastor, 
Houston Baptist Church, Houston, 
Mo., 1911-1913; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Springdale, Ark., 1913-1920; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Clare- 
more, Okla., 1920-1922; pastor, For- 
dyce Baptist Church, Fordyce, Ark., 
1922 to date; moderator, Washing- 
ton County Association, 1918-1920; 
moderator, Carey Association, For- 
dyce, Ark., 1922-1932; member, State 
Mission Board, Arkansas, 1924- 
1926; member, Executive Board, Ar- 
kansas Convention, 1928 to date; 
Mason, Rotary, Boy Scout Council, 
DeSoto Council, Boy Scouts of 
America, South Arkansas; member, 
County Juvenile Court. Address: 
Fordyce, Ark. 


Pastor, Asheboro Street Baptist 
Church, Greensboro, N. C; born, 
Madison County, North Carolina, 
Oct. 1, 1882; son of Judith Branson 
and William Elbert Eller of Madi- 
son County, North Carolina; edu- 

cation, Mars Hill, A.B., Wake For- 
est College and Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Dec. 26, 1909; married Ruth 
Cozart of Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 
13, 1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John D. Cozart; children, Judith 
Sarah, Ruth, Jane Elizabeth, Luke 
Branson, and James Coite; pastor, 
Lee Street Baptist Church, Danville, 
Va., 1911-1913; pastor, West Dur- 
ham Baptist Church, Durham, N. 
C, 1916-1919; pastor, Salem, Va., 
1919-1922; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Statesville, N. C, 1922-1934; 
pastor, Asheboro Street Baptist 
Church, Greensboro, N. C, 1934 to 
date; trustee, Baptist Orphanage, 
Salem, Va., 1919-1922; member, Edu- 
cation Board of North Carolina Bap- 
tist State Convention, 1923-1924; 
member, General Board of North 
Carolina Baptist State Convention, 
1925-1935; president, North Caro- 
lina Baptist Pastors' Conference, 
1928; vice president, North Caro- 
lina Baptist State Convention, 1934- 
1935; trustee, Mars Hill College, 
1932-1935; Kiwanis Club, Mason. 
Address: 709 Asheboro St., Greens- 
boro, N. C. 


Pastor, First Ch., Clarksville, 
Ark.; born, JCully Chaha, Indian 
Terr., Okla., Feb. 12, 1887, son of 
Jas. Thomas Elliff of Tenn., and 
Sarah Jane Boren Elliff of Miss.; 
education, B.S., Ouachita Col., A.B., 
Okla. Bapt. Univ., Southwestern 
Sem.; married Sue Etta Bishop, 
1911, daughter of William Thomas 
Bishop of Arkadelphia, Ark., and 
Emma Jane Smith Bishop; chil- 
dren, James Thomas, Mary Sue; 
singing evanglist, Ark. Stat Conv.; 
pastor, Mt. Olive, Ark., 3 yrs.; Mt. 
Bethel, Ark., 2 yrs.; Pocahontas, 
Ark., 1 yr.; Broken Bow, Okla., 3 
yrs.; Wright City, Okla., 3 yrs.; Oak 
St. Ch., Ada, Okla., 2 yrs.; Fair- 
view, Okla., 2 yrs.; Cotter, Ark., 2 
yrs.; Caledonia, Ark., 2 yrs.; Lava- 
ca, Ark., 4 yrs.; Greenwood, Ark., 
3% yrs.; Mulberry, Ark., 2 yrs.; 
Ozark, Ark., 3M> yrs.; Clarksville, 
Ark., to date; teacher, Subscription 



School, Indian Terr., Okla., 3 mos.; 
public school, Limestone, Okla., 6 
mos.; Indian school, Bengal, Okla., 
7 mos.; public school, Lone Star, 
Okla., 8 mos.; public school, Reich- 
art, Okla., 9 mos.; Mt. Olive, Ark., 3 
mos.; Supt., Kanawa High School, 
Ark., 9 mos.; Prin., Academic Dept., 
Okla. Bapt. Univ., 3 yrs.; dean, Mt. 
Home Col., Ark., 1 yr.; Prin., Cot- 
ter High School, Ark., 1 yr. ; Prin., 
Caledonia Academy, Ark., 2 yrs.; 
Asst. Prin., Lavaca High School, 
Ark., 2' yrs.; Prin., Greenwood Con- 
solidated High School, Ark., 3 yrs.; 
clerk, Concord Assn., Ark., 4 yrs. ; 
clerk, Clear Creek Assn., Ark., 2 
yrs.; treas., Clear Creek Assn., Ark., 
1 yr. to date; deputy marshal; past 
member, Vigilant Com., Broken 
Bow, Okla.; clerk, Reichart, Okla. 
Address: Clarksville, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hammond, La.; born, Musselbor- 
ough, Scotland, March 4, 1898; son 
of Daniel and Margaret (Dickin- 
son) Elliott; education, 4 years in 
university and 5 years in seminary, 
receiving Th.M. and D.D. degrees, 
and only lacks a thesis on Th.D. at 
Baptist Bible Institute; ordained, 
Valence Street Baptist Church, New 
Orleans, La., in January, 1926; mar- 
ried Willie Pierce of Sunny Hill, 
La., July 10, 1926, daughter of An- 
drew and Celia Pierce; converted 
in Panama by Missionary Stephen 
Witt of the Home Mission Board; 
baptized by Dr. M. E. Roberts of 
Balboa Heights Church, Canal 
Zone, 1924; assisted Stephen Witt 
at mission points in Panama field 
for a time; entered Baptist Bible 
Institute and was called to half- 
time church at Sunny Hill, La., 
1926-27; pastor, mission of First 
Baptist Church, Bogalusa, 1927, and 
organized mission into Calvary 
Baptist Church, Bogalusa and it be- 
came full time church during 5 
years' pastorate; accepted call of 
First Baptist Church, Hammond, 
December, 1931, during which time 
has reduced building debt from 
$18,000 to $7,900 and increased 

membership 284 and church gives 
consistently every month to Cooper- 
ative Program; member, State 
Board, from Tangipahoa Associa- 
tion, chairman, Sixth District Pro- 
motional Committee; supervisor, 
Italian Missions in Tangipahoa As- 
sociation; trustee, Louisiana Chil- 
dren's Home, Monroe, La.; chaplain, 
108th Cavalry, Louisiana National 
Guard; clubs: vice president, Ham- 
mond Rotary; World War veteran 
with military medal, 1914-15 Mons 
Star, General Service Medal and 
Victory Medal of Britain, was with 
Gen. Allenby at Jerusalem, Dec, 
1917; member, Hammond A. F. & 
A. M., 160; 14° Lodge of Perfection, 
Panama. Home: 204 S. Pine St., 
Hammond, La. 


Retired minister, Arkadelphia, 
Ark.; born, Clinton, Ala., July 24, 
1862; son of Mollie E. Gulley and 
Charles C. Elliott; education, M.A., 
Howard Col., Th.M., Southern Sem.; 
ordained, Meridian, Miss., July 19, 
1891; married Mary Hackett of 
Meridian, Miss., Dec. 1, 1898; 
daughter of Elder J. A. and Annie 
Storr Hackett; children, Charles 
Hackett, Mary, John Hackett, Lewis 
Hackett; pastor, Covington, Tenn., 
1892-1893; Forty-first Ave. Ch„ Me- 
ridian, Miss., 1893-1894; Immanuel 
Ch., Meridian, Miss., 1894-1908; Wal- 
nut Ridge, Ark., 1914-1917; Beech 
St. Ch., Burdon, Ark., 1918-1920; 
clerk, Lebanon Assn., Miss., 9 yrs.; 
clerk, Chickasahay Assn., Miss., 
1910-1911; clerk, Lauderdale Co. 
Assn., Miss., 1913; Mod., Lauderdale 
Co. Assn., Miss., 1904-1909; Mod., 
Black River Assn., Ark., 1916-1917; 
Exec. Bd., Lauderdale Co. Assn., 
Miss.; Exec. Bd., Chickasahay Assn., 
Miss.; Exec. Bd., Red River Assn., 
Ark. Address: 515 Ouachita, Arka- 
delphia, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Paris, Ark.; born, Shelby, N. C, 
May 18, 1893; son of Callie Wright 
and J. Y. Elliott of Shelby, N. C; 



education, B.A., Wake Forest Col- 
lege, Th.M., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained Sept. 3, 
1921 ; married Pearl Cornwell of 
Shelby, N. C, June 9, 1925, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. William Corn- 
well; children, Edward Cornwell 
and William Salin; pastor, Wake 
Union Baptist Church, Wake For- 
est, N. C, 2 years; pastor, Mill- 
brook Baptist Church, Wake Forest, 
N. C, 2 years; pastor, River View 
Baptist Church, Cox's Creek, Ky., 7 
years; pastor, Glencoe, Ky., 5 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Paris, Ark., 4% years; moderator, 
Concord Baptist Association, Arkan- 
sas, 1932-1934; Kiwanis. Address: 
Paris, Ark. 


Librarian and assistant in New 
Testament Greek, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. 
Worth, Tex.; born, Rosetta, 111., 
Sept. 30, 1886; son, Hortense Rob- 
inson of Missouri, and Judson An- 
drew Elliott of Ohio; education, 
William Jewel College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., Th.M., 
and Th.D. degrees; ordained, Im- 
manuel Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky., July, 1911; married Mary 
Ethelyn Shearer of Unionville, Mo., 
May 31, 1911, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Zachery Taylor Shearer; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Butler, Mo., 
1912'-1914; pastor, Baptist Church, 
Arvada, Colo., 1915-1917; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Del Rey, Calif., 
1917-1919; pastor, Baptist Church, 
Lisbon, Tex., 1919-1921; librarian, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1921 to date; assistant in 
New Testament Greek, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
1927 to date; life member, American 
Baptist Foreign Mission Society, 
New York; Bible teacher, Summer 
Assembly, San Joaquin Baptist As- 
sociation, California; member, His- 
torical Commission, Texas Baptist 
General Convention; author: ar- 
ticles in various Baptist papers; 
editor: "Centennial Story of Tex- 

as Baptist" (to be published, spring, 
1936); literary editor, "Southwest- 
ern Evangel," 1924-1931; Bible lec- 
turer to various societies, study 
clubs and classes. Home: 1728 
Broadus St., Ft. Worth, Tex.; of- 
fice: Seminary Hill, Tex. 


Head of the English Dept., West- 
ern Carolina Teachers Col., Cullo- 
whee, N. C; born, Marcus, N. C, 
Sept. 22, 1891; son of Rachel Dianah 
(Jenkins) and Isaac Bantley El- 
liott; education, B.A., Wake Forest 
Col., M.A., Univ. of N. C; Johns 
Hopkins, Duke; ordained, 1915; 
married Etta Maurine Carringer of 
Robbinsville, N. C, Aug. 27, 1918; 
children, Ruth Eleanor, Anna Jane, 
Philip Lovin, Jr.; Prin., Mitchell 
Collegiate Inst., Bakersville, N. C, 
1919-20; missionary pastor, Rob- 
binsville, N. C, 1920-1921; enlist- 
ment Sec, State Mission Bd., West- 
ern N. C, 1921-1922; pastor, Cullo- 
whee, N. C, 1922-1923; Vice Pres. 
and head of the English Dept., 
Mars Hill Col., Mars Hill, N. C, 
1923-1930; Prof., English, Western 
Carolina Teachers Col., 1930 to 
date; Instructor, English Univ. of 
N. C, 1924-1925. Address: Cullo- 
whee, N. C. 


Pastor, Clayton Ch,, Clayton, N. 
C; born, Shelby, N. C, 1899; son 
of Caldonia Wright and James Yan- 
cey Elliott of N. C. ; education, B. 
A., Wake Forest Col., Th.M., South- 
ern Sem.; ordained Jan. 30, 1929; 
married Lucille Martin of Fayette- 
ville, N. C, April 11, 1933, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Martin; chil- 
dren, Yancey C, Jr.; Bapt. Student 
Sec, N. C. State College, 1926-29; 
pastor, Mill Creek Ch.. Ky., 1929-33; 
Clayton Ch., N. C, 1933- ; de- 
nominational: member, N. C. State 
Promotion Committee for Johnston 
Bapt. Assn. Address: Clayton, N. C. 


Pastor, McLean Boulevard Bap- 
tist Church, Memphis, Tenn.; born, 
Cordova, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1878; son 



of Tennie Carter and J. E. Ellis of 
Cordova, Tenn.; education, A.B. 
and D.D., Union University; or- 
dained July 31, 1900; married Ora 
Wilson of Moscow, Tenn., Dec. 25, 
1900, daughter of W. M. and Dora 
Smith Wilson; children, Evelyn 
(Mrs. M. B. Wallace) ; pastor, Dy- 
ersburg, Tenn., 1 year; pastor, Jack- 
son, Tenn., 6 years; pastor, Corinth, 
Miss., 3 years; pastor, La Belle, 16 
years; pastor McLean, 9 years; 
moderator, Shelby County Associa- 
tion, 13 years; chairman, Board of 
Trustees, Union University; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee, Baptist 
Hospital; Executive Committee, 
Tennessee and Southern Baptist 
Convention. Address: 1820 Crump 
Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 


Pastor; born, Birmingham, Ky., 
Feb. 26, 1882; son of Martha Haynes 
Ragan of Tenn., and Dr. John Cal- 
vin Ellis of Birmingham, Ky.; edu- 
cation, West Kentucky Col., Lone 
Oak, Ky., B.A., Union University; 
ordained, Second Bapt. Ch., Padu- 
cah, Ky., June 13, 1912; married 
Hettie Boaz of Paducah, Ky., Sept. 
27, 1907, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Clinton Boaz, Paducah, Ky.; 
children, Calvin Clinton, Ruth 
Elizabeth and Martha Kathryn; pas- 
tor, Immanuel (formerly Second) 
Ch., Paducah, Ky., 1917-29; First 
Ch., Columbia, Miss., 1929-1932; 
First Ch., Humboldt, Tenn., 1933-35; 
pastor-evangelist, 1936- . . . . ; denom- 
inational: member, State Bd. of 
Missions, Miss., 1930-32; Mod., Ma- 
rion County Assn., Miss., 1930-32; 
trustee, Union Univ., 1934- . . . . ; au- 
thor: "Linking Up Southern Bap- 
tists' Financial Problems with 
Southern Baptists' Financial 
Power," and co-athor, "The E-P 
Group System of Church Finance"; 
tracts, "What Must I Do to Be 
Saved?" and "True Believers: Their 
Past, Their Present and Their Fu- 
ture." Composer of numerous songs 
(words) and poems. Address: 
James Apt., Humboldt, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Wil- 
son, N. C; born, Old Colwyn, North 
Wales, Great Britain, June 14, 1874; 
son of Martha Jones of Haverford- 
west, South Wales, and Hugh Ellis, 
of Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesea; edu- 
cation, graduate Dunoon Theolog- 
ical Seminary, Scotland; University 
of Glasgow, Scotland; Hon. D.D., 
Wake Forest College; ordained, 
England, 1900; married Edith Mary 
Pratt of Liverpool, England, 1904, 
daughter of James and Mary Good- 
win Pratt; children, Geraldine 
Mary (Mrs. Kermit S. Combs), 
Louisville, Ky., and Constance 
Edith (deceased); pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Quebec, Canada, 
1909-1912; pastor, Waverly Road 
Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada, 
1912-1918; pastor, Ashland Baptist 
Church, Ashland, Va., 1918-1923; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Hen- 
derson, N. C, 1923-1933; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Wilson, N. C, 
1933 to date; preached convention 
sermon, Baptist State Convention, 
North Carolina, 1934. Address: 102 
S. Daniel St., Wilson, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Sherman, Tex. ; born, Chatham Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, 1882; son of Se- 
lina Ann Jones of Moore County, 
North Carolina and John Wesley 
Ellis of Chatham County, North 
Carolina; education, A.B., A.M., D. 
D., Wake Forest College, Th.M., Th. 
D., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, 1909; married 
Helen Mary Becker of Roanoke, 
Va., 1919, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
E. S. Becker; children, Elaine El- 
lis, Jack, Jr., Mary Gordon, Leland; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Dunn 
N. C. 1917-1918; Chaplain Army 
1918-1919, France; pastor, Pullen 
Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, 
N. C, 1919-1929; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Sherman, Tex., 1929 to 
date; Executive Board, General 
Convention, Texas, and Executive 
Committee, Executive Board, Gen- 
eral Convention, Texas; Kiwanis. 
Home: 610 S. Travis St., Sherman, 



Tex.; office: First Baptist Church, 
Sherman, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Al- 
exandria, Va.; born, Pocomoke City, 
Md., April 3, 1892; son of Ida Vir- 
ginia and Charles Henry Ellis of 
Pocomoke City, Md.; education, 
Richmond College, Pennsylvania 
University, Crozer Theological Sem- 
inary, receiving A.B., B.D., S.T.D. 
degrees; ordained, Richmond, Va., 
December, 1915; married Edna Shu- 
man of Richmond, Va., June 1, 
1916, daughter of Geo. E. and Jenny 
L. Shuman; children, Edna Vir- 
ginia, Richmond, Va., Pierce S., Jr.; 
chaplain, Clemson College, South 
Carolina, 1917-1919; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, St. Albans, W. Va., 
1920-1922; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, West Point Va. 1922-1925; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Union 
Springs, Ala., 1925-1929; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Alexandria, 
Va., 1929 to date; vice president. 
Baptist General Association, Vir- 
ginia, 1934-1935; Baptist Board of 
Missions and Education; vice mod- 
erator, Potomac Association; chair- 
man, Committee on Resolutions, 
General Association, Virginia; 'Con- 
tributor of religious tracts and pam- 
phlets, to Religious Herald, Baptist 
Banner, Baptist Courier; manu- 
script ready on "The Future of the 
Church"; director, Children's Day 
Nursery, Alexandria, Va. ; chair- 
man, Jail Commission; associate 
Juvenile Judge; Rotary; Alexandria 
United Charity Board; president, 
Ministerial Union, Alexandria, Va.; 
Mason. Home: 126 N. Columbus 
St., Alexandria, Va.; office: 216 S. 
Washington St., Alexandria, Va. 


Professor, Biology, William Jew- 
ell College, Liberty, Mo.; born, St. 
Charles, 111., Feb. 25, 1870; son of 
Emeline S. Hall and Jerome H. El- 
more of St. Charles, 111.; education, 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Nebraska Uni- 
versity; married Anna Elizabeth 
Allen of Talmage. Nebr., June 19, 
1S95, daughter of Geo. W. and Caro- 

line Allen; children, Helen A., 
Kalamazoo, Mich., Mary (Mrs. Fred 
C. Sauer), Wichita, Kans., Leroy 
W. (deceased), Ruth (deceased); 
teacher, Sciences, high school, 
Crete, Nebr., 1896-1899; professor, 
Biology, Grand Island College, 1908- 
1918; professor, Biology, Westmin- 
ster College, 1918-1919; professor, 
Biology, Grand Island College, 1919- 
1921; professor, Biology, College of 
Emporia, 1921-1923; professor, Bi- 
ology, William Jewell College, 1923 
to date; member, American Associ- 
ation for Advancement of Science, 
American Microscopical Society, 
Botanical Society of America, Mis- 
souri Academy of Sciences; Ameri- 
can Genetics Association. Home: 
429 Wilson St., Liberty, Mo.; office: 
William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Selbyville, Ky. ; born, Laurel Coun- 
ty, Kentucky, June 10, 1880; son 
of Sarah Jane Moren and Thomas 
Alexander Elsey; education, Pub- 
lic Schools of Fayette County, Ken- 
tucky, Georgetown College, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
A.B., Th.G., D.D.; ordained June 29. 
1902; married Nov. 26, 1912, Birdie 
Gibson Young, Lexington, Ky., 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. 
Young; work: pastor, Fifth Street 
Baptist Church, Lexington, Ky., 
Oct. 19, 1902-Nov. 12, 1908; pastor, 
First Baptist Church. Cynthiana, 
Ky. Nov. 15. 1908-Aug. 1, 1921; pres- 
ident Cumberland College, Williams- 
burg, Ky., Aug. 1, 1921-June 1, 1925; 
pastor. First Baptist Church, Shel- 
byville, Ky., since March 1, 1926; 
denominational: trustee, George- 
town College; trustee, Kentucky 
Baptist Children's Home; chairman, 
Board of Managers, Western Re- 
corder; member, Baptist Education 
Society of Kentucky; author: Jour- 
neying with Jesus. Home: 1324 
West Main St., Shelby ville; office: 
Box 107, Shelby ville, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 



sionary, stationed at Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil; born, Mountain Grove, Mo., 
July 31, 1S98; education, Drury 
College, B.S., 1923, W. M. U. Train- 
ing School, 1922; married W. W. 
Enete, May, 1924; appointed July, 
1924; evangelistic work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rio de Janei- 
ro, Brazil; born, Jonesville, La., 
Nov. 26, 1893; education, Louisiana 
College, A.B., 1920, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary 1924; ap- 
pointed July 10, 1924; Young Peo- 
ple's Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Toluca, Mexi- 
co; born, Alma, Mich., Oct. 5, 1898; 
education, Wayland Baptist Col- 
lege, Baylor University, A.B., 1921, 
Southwestern Theological Semi- 
nary, 192'4; appointed April 9, 1925; 
educational work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Toluca, Mexi- 
co; born, Cleveland, Tenn., July 26, 
1900; education, Carson-Newman 
College, A.B., W. M. U. Training 
School B. M. T., 1925; married L. 
0. Engelman, Aug. 16, 1926; ap- 
pointed June 10, 1925; girls' school. 


Pastor, Nilwood and New Hope 
Chs., Nilwood, 111.; born, Girard. 
111., Sept. 21, 1880; son of Elizabeth 
Adcock and Geo. F. England of 
Girard, 111. education, Some Col.; 
ordained Oct. 30, 1908; married 
Nanna I. Mitchell of Gillespie, 111., 
May 7, 1913, daughter of William 
and Nan Mitchell; pastor, Hettick 
and Honey Creek Chs., 111., 190S- 
1910; Oconee and Herrick Chs., 111., 
1911-1913; Union and Modesto 
Chs., 111., 1929-30; Coffern Ch., 111., 
11 mos.; Edwardsville Ch., 111., 
Nov., 1914-June, 1918; East Alton 
Ch., 111., June, 1918-June, 1919; Bis- 
marck, Mo., 1919-1922; Leakwood 
Ch., Mo., part of 1923; pastor, 

Fredericktown, Mo., 1923-1925; pas- 
tor, Edwards Street Ch., Spring- 
field, 111., 1926-1928. Address: Nil- 
wood, 111. 


Pastor, First Ch., Whitesburg, 
Ky. ; born, Hodgeville, Ky., Oct. 2, 
1890; son of Emma Jane Ferrill and 
Abe Bnlow of Hodgeville, Ky„- edu- 
cation, A.B., Georgetown Col., Th. 
M., Southern Sem. ordained, George- 
town Ch., Georgetown, Ky., Aug. 
15, 1915; married Marzella Phillips 
of Covington, Ky., June 10, 1919, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. 
Phillips; children, Eugene I., Philip 
F., Charlotte Ruth; newspaper re- 
porter; pastor, Pleasant Ridge Ch., 
Campbell Co., Ky., 1 yr.; Junction 
City, Ky., 2 yrs.; Mt. Hebron Ch., 
N. Madison, Ind., 1% yrs.; Hope- 
well Ch., Mercer Co., Ky., 5 yrs.; 
Long Ridge Ch., Owenton, Ky., 1919- 
1925; First Ch., Whitesburg, Ky., 
1925 to date; evangelist; State Bd. 
of Missions, 3 yrs.; Nomination 
Com., Gen. Assn. of Ky., 4 sessions; 
Mod. and Asst. Mod., Three Forks 
Assn., Ky. ; editor, Baptist News, 3 
yrs.; editor, local church paper; di- 
rector, 5 mission stations, First Ch., 
Whitesburg, Ky. Address: Whites- 
burg, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ringgold, Ga.; born, Summervilie, 
Ga., Jan. 15, 1887; son of Dortha 
Elizabeth Duke and Rev. David 
Thomas Espy of Rome, Ga.; educa- 
tion, Mercer University, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving Th.G. degree; ordained Dec. 
15, 1912, Summervilie, Ga. ; married 
Carrie B. Anderson of Dahlonega. 
Ga , Jan. 6, 1907. daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. F. Anderson; children, 
Thomas Judson, Jr., Mercer Uni- 
versity, Macon, Ga. ; pastor, Chatta- 
nooga County, Ga., 1912-1914; pas- 
tor, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn., 1919-1920; pastor, 
Hartwell, Ga., 1920-1924; led in 
erecting Sardis Baptist Ch.; pastor, 
Concord, Ga., 1925-1934; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Ringgold, Ga., 



1934 to date; moderator, Chattanoo- 
ga Association, 1913-1914; president, 
Sunday School Convention, Hebron 
Association, Hartwell, Ga., 1922- 
1923; president, Flint River Sunday 
School Convention, 1925-1928; mod- 
erator, Flint River Association, 
1929-1930; moderator, Catoosa As- 
sociation, 1935 to date; Kiwanis 
Club, Givitans, Temperance League. 
Boy Scout Master, 1934 and 1936. 
Address: Ringgold, Ga. 


Pastor, Stuart Church, Stuart, 
Va. ; born, London, Eng., June, 
1872; son of Elizabeth and Edwin 
Davis Estall; education, Missionary 
degree, Seminary, England; or- 
dained, Canada; married Isabella 
Gordon Carson of Colerain, Ireland, 
Feb. 10, 1904; children, Kathleen 
Nora, Irene; evangelist, England, 
Scotland, Ireland; pastor, Canada, 
5 years; New York State, 6 years; 
Christiansburg, Va., 3 yrs. ; Irving- 
ton, Va., 9 yrs.; Stuart, Va., 6 yrs. 
to date; missionary pastor, Bapt. 
Bd. of Missions and Education, Va. 
Address: Stuart, Va. 


Pastor, Morton Baptist Church 
and several country churches, Mor- 
ton, Miss.; born, Lee County, Missis- 
sippi, March 28, 1898; son of .Mary 
Jane Young and Ben Estes of Lee 
Co., Miss.; education, Miss. Col., A. 
B., Baylor University, Tn.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained July 23, 1923; mar- 
ried Maurine Moore of Aberdeen, 
Miss., Aug. 1, 1926, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. C. Moore; children, Ed- 
win Taylor, Margaret Ruth, and 
Mary Olive; pastor, Angus Baptist 
Church, Angus, Tex., 13 months; 
pastor, Mission of First Baptist 
Church, Corsicanna, Tex., 2 years; 
assistant superintendent. Practical 
Christianity, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1 year; pas- 
tor, Brooksville Baptist Church, 
Brooksville, Miss., 6 years; pastor, 
Morton Baptist Church (Spring- 
field, Polkville. Line Creek) 1% 
years to date; evangelistic singing; 

State Mission Board member, 1 year 
to date; moderator of Noxubee 
County, Mississippi Baptist Associ- 
ation, 1933-1934; Boy Scout Master, 
4 years; member, Lions' Club In- 
ternational. Address: Morton, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bogalusa, La.; born, Sumner Coun- 
ty, Tennessee, Feb. 3, 1886; son of 
Lou Fuqua and Alfred Anderson of 
Sumner County, Tennessee; educa- 
tion, B.A., Mississippi College, Th. 
B., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, Emmanuel 
Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, Miss., 
May, 1915; married Frances Eliza- 
beth Ellis of Meridian, Miss., Dec. 
21, 1915, daughter of Jasper and El- 
len Smith Ellis; children, Otto P., 
Jr., Ellen Lourene, Dorothy, David, 
Frances Elizabeth; pastor, Shubuta, 
Miss., 3 years; teacher, Mississippi 
Woman's College, 2 years; pastor, 
Lyon, Miss., 3 years; pastor, Pica- 
yune, Miss., 3 years; pastor, Boga- 
lusa, La., 11 years to date; Execu- 
tive Board of Missions, Mississippi; 
moderator, Pearl River County As- 
sociation, Mississippi; president, 
Sunday School and B. Y. P. U. Con- 
vention, Mississippi; clerk, River- 
side Association, Mississippi; Loui- 
siana member, Foreign Mission 
Board; Louisiana Mission Board; 
president, Louisiana State Conven- 
tion, 1933-1935. Address: Bogalusa, 


Pastor, First Bapt. Ch.. Vienna, 
111.; born. Christian Co., 111., Dec. 
25, 1871, son of Hiram and Matilda 
Faulkner Etter; education, Ewing 
Col., 111.; ordained, June 1900; mar- 
ried March 25, 1S94, Mary E. Lowe 
of Shelby Co., 111., daughter of Da- 
vid and Rosanna Lowe; children, 
Ella Mae, Charles) Franklin, Grace 
Marie, and Gladys Loraine; pastor, 
country and village churches. 1900- 
1920; pastor, Vandalia, 111., 1921- 
1927; pastor, Metropolis. 111., 1927- 
1933; pastor. Vienna, 111., 1933 to 
date; moderator, State Assn.. 111.. 
192S-1929; clerk. Union Assn., 7 yrs. 



to date; Chmn., Bd. of Dirs., 111. 
Bapt. State Assn., 1932 to date; 
State Board, 111., 20 yrs. to date. 
Address: Vienna, 111. 


Personnel Secretary and Field 
Representative, William Jewell Col- 
lege, Liberty, Mo.; born, Monett, 
Mo., Jan. 18, 1903; son of Flora 
Bell Shipman and James Walter 
Eubanks of Monett, Mo.; education, 
Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, 
Mo., A.B., William Jewell College, 
Missouri University; ordained, Mt. 
Olivett Baptist Church, Pierce City, 
Mo.; pastor, Mt. Olivett Baptist 
Church, Windsor, Mo., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Pleasant Home Baptist Church, 
Spruce, Mo., 2 years; pastor Cairo 
Baptist Church, Cairo, Mo., 1 year; 
pastor, Grubville Baptist Church, 
Grubville, Mo., 1 year; field repre- 
sentative, Southwest Baptist Col- 
lege, summers, 1929-1930; part-time 
Baptist Student Secretary, Missou- 
ri, 1% years; personnel secretary 
and field representative, William 
Jewell College, 1933 to date. Home: 
Monett, Mo.; office: Liberty, Mo. 


President, Montezuma Baptist 
College, Montezuma, N. Mex.; born, 
Jack County, Texas, Feb. 10, 1898; 
son of Virginia Hickman and John 
B. Evans of Jacksboro, Tex.; edu- 
cation, Hardin-Simmons; A.B., Mon- 
tezuma College; married Lucile 
Lacy of Moriorty, N. Mex., June 1, 
1923, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas Lacy; children, Margaret 
Louise, Nell Laverne, Mabel Lucile, 
Clarence Avorey; teacher, rural 
schools, New Mexico, 10 years; pas- 
tor, Mission Points, N. Mex.; pastor, 
Venus, N. Mex., 3 years; pastor, 
Estonia, N. Mex., 1 year; pastor, 
Mountain Air, N. Mex., 1 year; pres- 
ident, Montezuma Baptist College. 
Address: Montezuma, N. Mex. 


Dean of Montezuma College, Mon- 
tezuma, N. Mex.; born, Jacksboro, 
Tex., Aug. 30, 1889; son of Vir- 
ginia A. Hickman and Rev. John B. 

Evans of Albuquerque, N. Mex.; ed- 
ucation, B.A., Simmons University, 
M.A., Austin College; ordained July 
1913, First Baptist Church, Sweet- 
water, Tex.; married Grace H. Dob- 
son of Jacksboro, Tex., May 9, 1909; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James 
Dobson; children, Maurene (Mrs. 
W. M. Parker), Virginia, J. W., Jr., 
Carroll; teacher, public schools, 
Texas and New Mexico, 1914-1919; 
pastor, Capitan, N. Mex., 1919-1921; 
pastor, Elida, N. Mex., 1921-1922; 
pastor, Hagerman, Tex., 1925-1928; 
pastor, Farmington, N. Mex., 1930- 
1933; dean and professor of History, 
Montezuma College, 1933 to date. 
Address: Montezuma, N. Mex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Baltimore, Md., Nov. 22, 1875; 
daughter of Joshua Levering, for 
some years president, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention; education, Bryn 
Mawr Prep. School; married Dr. 
Philip S. Evans, Jr., November, 
1899; appointed April, 1901; evan- 
gelistic work. 


Evangelist, Texas State Board, 
Ft. Worth, Tex.; born, Alabama, 
July 15, 1877; son of Martha Moore 
and D. W. Evans of Alabama; edu- 
cation, A.B., Baylor University; 
Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; married Ola Es- 
telle Gant of Oklahoma, Oct. 9, 
1907, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. 
E. Gant; children, Mildred (Mrs. 
Henry Price), Carol Ray (Mrs. 
James Rutherford), Freddie Lee, 
pastor, Valley Mills, Tex., 6 years; 
pastor, Anson. Tex., 6 years; field 
man and assistant in evangelism, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, several years; field man, 
Buckner Orphans' Home, several 
years; led state campaign, Louisi- 
ana, in interest of Louisiana Col- 
lege. Home: Seminary Hill, Ft. 
Worth, Tex.; office: Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary. 




Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsinan, China; 
born, Williamantic, Conn., Aug. 18, 
1870; education, Yale University, 
A.B., Hopkins Medical School M.D. ; 
appointed April 18, 1901; medical 


Missionary and Superintendent, 
St. Louis Baptist Mission Board, St. 
Louis, Mo.; born, Sandoval, 111., 
May 12, 1865; son of Minerva J. 
Martin of Ohio and Robert Ewing 
of Ireland; education, A.B., William 
Jewell College, Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, and 
D.D., Ewing College; ordained, 
Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, 
Mo., June, 1893; married Mar- 
tha J. McCourt, of St. Louis, 
Mo., 1896 (deceased); married Eu- 
nice E. Ringer of St. Louis, Mo., 
1926; children, Samuel Edgar, Jr.. 
Los Angeles, Calif.; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo., 
1892-1893 ; pastor, Logan Street Bap- 
tist Church, Louisville, Ky., 1894- 
1897; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Holden, Mo., 1897-1898; pastor, Eu- 
clid Avenue Baptist Church, St. 
Louis, Mo., 1899-1910; missionary 
and superintendent, St. Louis Bap- 
tist Mission Board, 1910 to date; 
member, Board, and secretary, Mis- 
souri Baptist Hospital Committee, 
1900 to date; secretary, St. Louis 
Baptist Association, 1907 to date; 
secretary, St. Louis Baptist Mis- 
sion Board, 1910 to date; recording 
and statistical clerk, Missouri Bap- 
tist General Association, 1917 to 
date; member, Southern Baptist 
Convention Hospital Commission, 
1926 to date; author: pamphlets 
and tracts on City Missions, and 
Historical Baptist Matters in Mis- 
souri; Mason, Phi Gamma Delta. 
Home: 5939 De Giverville Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo.; office: 919 N. Taylor 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Pastor, First Ch., Clanton, Ala.; 
born, Chesnee, S. C, May 7. 1886; 
son of Eliza Sophia Wall and Rev. 

W. G. P. Ezell; education, B.S., 
Clemson Col., and Th.M., Th.D.. 
Southern Sem.; ordained, 1910; 
married Grace Elizabeth Hicks, 
June 5, 1912, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Zeno Hicks, Chesnee, S. C; 
children, John Samuel, Wake For- 
est, N. C, and Grace Hicks, Clan- 
ton, Ala.; work, student pastor, 
Franklinton, Ky., 2 yrs.; Port Royal, 
Ky., 2 yrs.; Pleasureville, Ky., 2 
yrs., and Bagdad, Ky., 2 yrs,; reli- 
gious work director, Y. M. C. A. 
(Army) Chattanooga, Tenn., IS 
mos. ; -pastor, Eaton ton, Ga., 1919- 
22; First Ch , Clanton, Ala., 1922-36; 
denominational: member, Ala. Bapt. 
State Exec. Bd., Sec, Ala. State 
Exec. Bd.; Mason, Kiwanis Club. 
Address: Clanton, Ala. 


Pastor, Second Ave. Ch., Laurel, 
Miss.; born, Isney, Ala., Jan. 3. 
1894; son of Sarah LuElla McAd- 
ams and Benj. Thos. Fagan of Is- 
ney, Ala.; education, college, semi- 
nary; ordained, March, 1920; mar- 
ried Mildred E. Easterling of Onett, 
Miss., Dec. 28, 1916, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. H. B. Easterling; children, 
Estelle, J. W., Jr., Martha Lou, 
Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Jo; work: 
taught school, Janes Co., 10 yrs.; 
Bear Creek, 1 yr.; Onett, 2 yrs.; 
Glade, 1 yr.; Ramey, 6 yrs.; Prin., 
Ellisville, 3 yrs.; pastor, quarter- 
time churches, Parker Co., 2 yrs.; 
half time churches, Denton Co.; Lau- 
rel, Miss., since June 12, 1927; de- 
nominational : leader, Orphans' 
Home drive for Assn.; Chmn., Five 
Thousand Club in Assn.; member, 
Exchange Club, Master Mason, 
Chapter Mason, Knight Templar, 
Odd Fellow. Address: 1500 Second 
Ave., Laurel, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Rus- 
sellville, Ala.; born, Montevallo, 
Ala., Oct. 7, 1877; son of Sallie Over- 
ton Sutton of Randolph, Ala., and 
John Mathis Fancher of Monteval- 
lo, Ala.; education, A.B., Howard 
College, Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; Harvard 



University; ordained, Montevallo, 
Ala., June, 1901; married Thomas 
Ulmer Crumpton, Oct. 8, 1916, 
daughter of J. R. and Lillian Catts 
Crumpton; children, James Elmo 
(deceased), Margaret Sutton, and 
Henry Wiley, Jr.; pastor, Demopo- 
lis, Ala., 1902-1904; pastor, Rome, 
Ga., 5th Avenue Baptist Church, 
1905-1907; pastor, Mobile, Ala., Cen- 
tral Baptist Church 1909-1911; pas- 
tor, Winchester and Decherd, Tenn., 
1912-1914; pastor, Clanton, Ala., 
1914-1916; served country churches, 
during illness, 1916-1925; pastor, 
Russellville, Ala., 1926 to date; Ala- 
bama Committee of Association 
Representatives, 1928-1932; moder- 
ator, Franklin County Association, 
1927-1933; president, State Minis- 
ters' Conference, 1929; author: 
"Ten Reasons for Tithing," "Fel- 
lowship with God," Vol. I and Vol. 
II; Rotary; chairman, Near East 
Relief, East Tennessee, after war. 
Address: Russellville, Ala. . 


Homemaker, Raleigh, N. C; born, 
Scotland County, North Carolina, 
October 6, 1887; daughter of Fannie 
Memory of Whiteville, N. C, and 
Livingston Johnson of Scotland 
County, North Carolina; education, 
A.B., Meredith College; married C. 
T. Willingham, June 7, 1911; mar- 
ried James S. Farmer of Raleigh, 
N. C, Jan. 19, 1922; children, Fan- 
nie Memory, James S., Jr.; teacher, 
Olive Chapel School N. C, 1 year; 
teacher Preparatory Department, 
Meredith College, 3 years; mission- 
ary, Southern Baptist Convention, 
Japan, 10 yrs. ; Executive Com. 
and First Vice Pres., N. C. W. M. U.; 
Board of Trustees, Meredith Col- 
lege; Executive Committee, Trus- 
tees, Meredith College; author: "At 
the Gate of Asia." Address: Ten- 
acres, Rt. 1, Raleigh, N. C. 


Editor and business manager, Bib- 
lical Recorder, N. C. ; born, Stanly 
Co., N. C, Feb. 6, 1875; son of Mar- 
tha Kezia Thompson and Thomas 

Ci'oson Farmer of Norwood, N. C; 
education, high school and B.S., col-' 
lege; ordained, Aug., 1899; married 
(1) Myrtle Hart of Lunenburg Co., 
Va., June 24, 1902, and (2) Foy 
Johnson Willingham of Raleigh, N. 
C, Jan. 19, 1921, daughter of Dr. 
and Mrs. Livingston Johnson; chil- 
dren, Fannie Memory, James S., Jr.; 
pastor, Tarboro, N. C, 2 yrs.; Rocky 
Mount, N. C, 1V-2 yrs.; on staff of 
Biblical Recorder since Oct. 1, 1902; 
Circulation Mgr., 5 yrs.; Sec.-Treas. 
and Bus. Mgr., since 1908; Editor, 
Bus. Mgr., since 1931; denomina- 
tional: Exee. Com. of Gen. Bd., 12 
yrs.; member, Raleigh Natural His- 
tory Club; Natl. Geographic Soc. ; 
Am. Nature Soc. Address: Raleigh, 
N. C. 


Secretary, S. S., B. T. U. and B. 
S. U. work, Okla. ; born, Brown- 
wood, Tex., Sept. 1, 1891; son of 
Lula Beall of Rienza, Miss., and 
William Andrew Farmer of Harri- 
sonville, Miss.; education, Texas 
Christian Univ., Decatur Bapt. Col., 
Baylor Sem. (Southwestern); mar- 
ried Beulah M. Hollobaugh of Al- 
vord, Tex., Sept. 15, 1921; she is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hol- 
lobaugh of Alvord, Tex.; children, 
Thaddeus Clyde, and Floralu, both 
of Okla.; Assn. Sec, B. T. U. of 
Tex., 1920-23; elected State B. T. U. 
Sec, Okla., 1923-33; office combined, 
State B. T. U., S. S. and B. S. U. 

of Okla., 1933- ; Sec, B. T. U. 

Conv., Okla.; Sec, Bapt. S. S. Conv., 
Okla.; Sec.-Treas., Fall Creek Bapt. 
Assembly, Okla.; compiler of early 
Bapt. Adult Quarterly. Address: 
22 East Park St., Oklahoma City, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Goodman, Mississippi; born, Hol- 
ly Springs, Miss., Jan. 29, 1879: 
son of Lucy Harrell and James T. 
Farr of Holly Springs, Miss.; edu- 
cation, B.S., Mississippi College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, D.D., Mississippi College, 
Clinton; married Cynthia Brister 



of Brookhaven, Miss., April 27, 1905, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. V. Bris- 
ter; children, W. E., Jr., Cleveland, 
Miss., Ruth, Goodman, Miss., Paul, 
James, Clinton, Miss., and Frances; 
pastor, Belzoni, Miss., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Durant, Miss., 2 years; pastor, 
Columbia, Miss., 4 years; pastor, 
Blue Mountain Miss., 2 years; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Grenada, 
Miss., 10 years; pastor, Itta Bena, 
Miss., 4 years; superintendent, 
Mississippi Baptist Home, Jackson, 
Miss.; now pastor, Goodman, 
Miss.; member, State Mission 
Board, 14 years; moderator of two 
associations, 12 years; trustee, 
Mississippi Col., 14'yrs. ; helped raise 
$200,000 for our colleges; led in 
building 13 churches; evangelist; 
visited Holy Land and 15 other na- 
tions; 32° Mason, Shriner. Address: 
Goodman, Miss. 


Minister, East "Washington 
Heights Baptist Church, "Washing- 
ton, D. C; born, Savona, N. Y., 
May 17, 1905; son of Martha Be- 
dell and William Faucett of Savona, 
N. Y.; education, BA. and M.A.; 
married Edythe E. Smith of Earl- 
ville, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1927, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Smith; chil- 
dren, Nancy Lee and John Bedell; 
pastor, Columbus Quarter and 
South Edmeston Baptist Church, 
1927-1929; pastor, East Washington 
Heights Baptist Church, 1929 to 
date; chairman, Young People's 
Committee, Columbia Association; 
Mason. Address: 3332 Alabama 
Ave. S. E., Washington, D. C. 


Pastor, Gordon Street Baptist 
Church, Atlanta, Ga.; born, Ogle- 
thorpe County, Georgia, April 20, 
1881; son of Henrietta Howard and 
John Phillip Faust of Lexington, 
Ga. ; education, Th.G., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, D.D.; 
ordained Sept. 17, 1903; married 
Nellie Thrasher of Deer Park, Md., 
June 20, 1906, daughter of Franklin 
H. and Mary Clary Thrasher; chil- 
dren, Mrs. G. C. Watkins, Marietta; 

pastor and missionary, Garrett 
County, Maryland, 1904-1907; pas- 
tor, country Baptist churches near 
Lexington, Ga., 1907-1912; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Winder, 
Ga., 1912-1922; pastor, Gordon 
Street Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga , 
1922" to date; Home Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention; mod- 
erator, Atlanta Baptist Association; 
president, Atlanta Baptist Minis- 
terial Conference; chairman, Church 
Committee on Cooperation, Atlanta, 
Ga. ; president, Atlanta Evangelical 
Ministers' Conference; vice presi- 
dent, Georgia Baptist Convention; 
Mason, Shriner; vice president, 
State Farmers' Union. Address: 
1505 Lucile Ave., S. W. Atlanta, Ga. 


Pastor, Tabernacle Church, Ral- 
eigh, N. C; born, Lexington, N. C, 
1892; son of Nannie Lee Palmer and 
J. D. Feezor; education, A.M., D.D., 
Wake Forest Col., Th.M., Southern 
Sem.; D.D. degree; married Jessie 
Ray Fuller, 1927, daughter of Dr. 
and Mrs. W. T. Fuller; children, 
Anne Joy; Prof., Bible, William 
Jewell Col., Liberty, Mo., 1923-26; 
pastor. Second Ch., Liberty. Mo., 
1926-31; Tabernacle Ch., Raleigh. 
N. C, since 1932; denominational: 
member. Gen. Bd., N. C. Baptist 
Conv.; Exec. Bd., N. C. Baptist 
Conv.; Relief and Annuity Bd., S. 
B.C.; Rotary, Mason. Home ad- 
dress: 215 E. Peace St., Raleigh, 
N. C. 


Pastor, Ridgely Church. Ridgely, 
Tenn.; born, Williamson County, 
Illinois, June 30, 1898, son of W. 
G. and Martha Ralls Ferges; edu- 
cation, Tulane University. Union 
University, Baptist Bible Institute, 
Southern Sem., receiving A.B., Th 
B., Th.M., M.M.T. degrees; ordained. 
Coliseum Place Ch. New Orleans, 
Oct. 19, 1927; married Eula Clav- 
ton, May 29, 191S, daughter of W. 
E. and Cora Harper Clayton; Dir., 
Practical Activities Dept, Bapt. Bi- 
ble Inst., 1928-1930; pastor, New- 
bern, Tenn., 1930-1932; First Ch., 



Granite City, 111., 1932-1933; Ridge- 
ly, Tenn., 1934 to date; member, 
Executive Bd., 111. State Bapt. Assn., 
1932-1933; trustee, Bapt. Bible Inst., 
1933-1934; American Legion; A. F. 
& A. M. Rotary. Address: Box 345, 
Ridgely, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ft. 
Smith, Ark.; born, Floyd Co., Va., 
July 12, 1883, son of Signora A. 
Ramsey and William MacHenry 
Ferguson, Pittsylvania Co., Va. ; 
education, B.A., Wake Forest Col., 
D.D., Ouachita Col., Southern Sem.; 
ordained April 24, 1909; married 
Willie Maie Reynolds, Orange 
Grove, N. C, Sept. 2, 1912, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Reynolds; 
children, Madelyn Maie Ferguson, 
Fort Smith, Ark.; work: pastor of 
the following churches: Brassfield, 
N. C, 3 yrs.; Sandy Creek, Va., 3 
yrs.; Forestville, N. C, 2 yrs.; Me- 
bane, N. C, 2 yrs.; Berea, N. C, 2 
yrs; West Durham, N. C, 2 yrs.; 
Bloomfield, Ky, 1 yr.; First Ch., 
Fort Smith, Ark., 20 yrs.; denomi- 
national: Pres., Ark. Bapt. State 
Conv.; member of Exec. Bd., mem- 
ber of Exec. Com., and member of 
State Mission Com., Ark. Bapt. 
Conv.; member of Concord Assnl. 
Bd.; member, Ministerial Relief 
and Annuity Bd.; trustee, Southern 
Sem.; State Dir. of 100,000 Club for 
Ark.; general: Mason. Home ad- 
dress: 6 Wynona Ave., Hillcrest, 
Ft. Smith, Ark.; business address: 
408 N. 13th St., Fort Smith, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Galveston, Tex.; born, Galveston, 
Tex., Aug. 4, 1889; son of Nellie T. 
Lord of Levant, Maine, and Fred W. 
Fickett of Etna Center, Maine; edu- 
cation, Baylor University and Co- 
lumbia University School of Mines 
and Engineering, receiving B.S. and 
D.D. degrees; ordained Aug. 26, 
1924, First Baptist Church, Douglas, 
Ariz.; married Emma Gertrude Mc- 
Crary of Calvert, Tex., Aug. 6, 1913, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Mc- 

Crary; children, Harold L., Jr.; 
Woodward Iron Company, Engineer- 
ing Department, 1912-1913; member, 
Cabiness-Fi'Ckett Engineering Com- 
pany, Birmingham, Ala., 1914; chief 
engineer and assistant superintend- 
ent, Bessemer Coal, Iron and Land 
Company, 1914-1917; independent 
business, Tucson, Ariz., 1917; El 
Paso Smelter, as chemist, 1918; 
chemist and assistant chief chem- 
ist, Copper Queen Smelter, Douglas, 
Ariz., 1918-1924; supply pastor, 
Southern Arizona, 1921-1924; inter- 
im pastor, First Baptist Church, - 
Douglas, Ariz., 2 years; pastor, Mt. 
Washington Baptist Church, Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 1924-1929; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Galveston, 
Tex., 1929 to date; vice moderator, 
Union Baptist Association of Texas; 
member, Executive Board, Union 
Association; member, Executive 
Board of Baptist General Conven- 
tion of Texas; Texas representative 
on Executive Committee of South- 
ern Baptist Convention; author: 
"Why I Believe the Bible to Be the 
Word of God." Home: 1305 24th St., 
Galveston, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Chengehow, 
China; born, Navarro County, Tex- 
as, Aug. 21, 1892; graduated in Mu- 
sic, Howard Payne College, South- 
western Training School; appoint- 
ed July, 1914; married Wilson 
Fielder, Oct. 9, 1914; evangelistic 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Chengehow, 
China; born, Comanche County, Tex- 
as, Jan. 27, 1880; education, Howard 
Payne College, and Baylor Univer- 
sity, 1910; Southwestern Baptist 
Seminary; appointed Aug. 15, 1912; 
evangelistic work. 


Educational Director and Finan- 
cial Secretary, First Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex.; born, Weimar, 



Tex., July 5, 1885; son of Mettie C. 
Nicholson of La Grange, Tex., and 
John H. Fisher of Rutersville, Tex.; 
education, A.B. and B.S., Baylor 
University; married Eula Belle Ber- 
ly of Beaumont, Tex., June 3, 1914, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ber- 
ry; children, John B., Jr., and Mary 
Lucille; educational dire-tor and fi- 
nancial secretary, First Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex., 8 years; mod- 
erator, Waco Baptist Association, 
1928-1931; treasurer, Waco Associa- 
tion; trustee, Baylor University; 
treasurer, Baylor University, 1925- 
1934; president, Baylor Alumni As- 
sociation, 1918; trustee, Buckner 
Orphans' Home, Dallas, Tex.; dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Waco, 
Tex.; director (president, 1918), 
Young Men's Business League, 
1911-1918; director, Chamber of 
Commerce, 1925; director, Y. M. C. 
A., 1912-1934 (president, 1926-1928); 
director and vice president Pioneer 
Building and Loan Association; 
trustee, Waco Public Schools, 1923 
to date (secretary of the board); 
secretary, Boy Scouts, 1917; direc- 
tor, First State Bank and Trust 
Company, 1916-1924; Mason, Ro- 
tary. Home: 910 N. 18th St., Wa- 
co, Tex.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex. 


Missionary pastor to Eastern 
Cherokee Indians, Cherokee, N. C; 
born, Apison, Tenn., Jan. 13, 1876; 
son of Margaret Whittle of Sevier- 
ville, Tenn., and Rev. Asa Fitzger- 
ald of Apison, Tenn.; education, A. 
B., D.D., Carson-Newman Col., Th. 
M., Southern Sem. ; ordained Aug. 
6, 1896; married Mayme Newman 
of Alpha, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1903, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
H. Newman; children, Margaret A. 
(Mrs. C. C. Curtiss), Asheville. N. 
C, Louise E. (Mrs. Falton Garren), 
Waynesvnlle, N. C, Constance, 
Spring Creek, N. C; William, Ashe- 
ville, N. C; Mary H., Mars Hill, 
N. C; Daniel J., Asheville, N. C; 
Lois, Asheville, N. C; pastor. Beach 
Street (Highland Park) Ch., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn., 1899-1900; Meadow 

Home, Louisville, Ky., 1901-1904; 
pastor, Hardinsburg, Ky., 1902-1904; 
Riverside Ave., Baltimore, Md., 
1904-1905; First Ch., Cheyenne, 
Wyo., 1906-1910; First Ch., Jeffer- 
son City, Tenn., 1910-1915; Pleas- 
ant Grove, Blount Co., Tenn., 1916- 
1917; Mt. Olive Ch., Blount Co., 
Tenn., 1917-1918; Island Home Ch., 
Knoxville, Tenn., 1918-19; New- 
bridge and Beaverdam Chs., Ashe- 
ville, N. C, 1919-1920; Black Mtn., 
N. C, 1921-1923; Biltmore, N. C, 
1923-1934; Cherokee, N. C, 1935 to 
date; Pres., Wyo. State Conv., 1907- 
1910; Chmn., State Home Mission 
Bd., Wyo.; Rec. Sec, Wyo. Anti- 
Saloon League; Mod., Buncombe 
Assn., N. C, 2 yrs.; Pres., Asheville 
Bapt. Ministerial Conf., 2 terms; 
Pres , Asheville Ministerial Assn., 
1933; Sec, N. C. Bapt. Pastors' 
Conf., 1 yr.; author: poems, ser- 
mons; chaplain of the Wyo. Legis- 
lature, 1908; chaplain, A. F. and A. 
M., Biltmore, N. C , 3 yrs. Address: 
Cherokee, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Morristown, Tenn.; born, Shady 
Grove (near Carrollton), Ga., Sept. 
2, 1883; son of Alice Morgan and 
Geo. W. Fleming; education, Bow- 
don College, Mercer University, and 
Southern Baptist Seminary, receiv- 
ing A.B., Th.M. and D.D. degrees; 
ordained by E. J. Forrester, John 
G. Harrison, J. Clyde Turner at Tat- 
nall Square Baptist Church, May 8, 
1908; married Bertha Lovvorn, 
Bowdon, Ga., Sept. 5, 1909, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Gaines W. Lovvorn; 
children, Sarah (A.B., Carson-New- 
man), teacher, Morristown, Tenn., 
Mildred (A.B., Carson-Newman), 
sales clerk. Knoxville, Tenn., and 
Patricia, Morristown; principal, 
Boys' High School, Carrollton, Ga., 
1905-06; president, Hearn Academy, 
Cave Spring, Ga., 1909-11; pastor, 
country churches near Macon and 
Cave Spring, Ga., 1903-11; pastor 
of Baptist churches in McKinney 
and Waddy, Ky., and Borden, Ind., 
while a student in the seminary, 
1911-14; pastor, First Baptist 



Church, Dalton, Ga., 1914-16; St. 
Elmo, Term., 1917-20; Sweetwater, 
Tenn., 1921-32; Etowah, Tenn., 1932- 
33, and at Morristown, Tenn., since 
1933; teacher, Old Testament His- 
tory, Tennessee Military Institute, 
Sweetwater, Tenn., 1924-27; mem- 
ber, State Mission Board, Tennes- 
see, since 1926; member, Board of 
Trustees, Carson-Newman College, 
Jefferson City, Tenn.; served on 
many committees in associations, 
conventions and mission board 
meetings; author: two prize essays 
in Psychology and in History while 
in college; member, Rotary Club; 
Red Cross chairman; Mason from 
Blue Lodge to Shrine. Home: 823 
W. 3rd St., N.; office: 501 W. Main 
St., N., Morristown, Tenn. 


Pastor, Oakdale Baptist Church, 
Mobile, Ala.; born, Nashville, 
Tenn., Jan. 17, 1882; son of Mar- 
tha Elizabeth Mayo and George 
Lewis Fletcher of Virginia; educa- 
tion, International Bible College, 
Webster University, receiving B. of 
Sacred Literature and D.D. degrees; 
ordained June 14, 1916; married 
Louella Stephens of Nashville, 
Tenn., May 26, 1906, daughter of 
William Henry and Tennessee Bush 
Stephens; children, Mamie Dell 
(Mrs. Noah Smith), Gadsden, Ala.; 
George Marshall Thomas, Doris 
(Mrs. V. E. Connor), Edward 
Frank; insurance agent, Nashville, 
Tenn., 2 years; pharmacist, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., 6 years; pastor, Minor 
Hill, Tenn.; pastor, Dwight Baptist 
Church, Alabama City, Ala.; pas- 
tor, Mignon Baptist Church, Syla- 
cauga, Ala.; pastor, Headland Ave- 
nue Baptist Church, Dothan, Ala.; 
pastor, Oakdale Baptist Church, Mo- 
bile, Ala., 1926 to date; Executive 
Board, Alabama Baptists; former 
president, Mobile Ministerial Asso- 
ciation; former president, Mobile 
Baptist Pastors' Conference; for- 
mer secretary, Sylacauga Minis- 
terial Association; contributor to 
religious and psychological papers; 
Mason, Knight Templar, Odd Fel- 

low, Jr. 0. U. A. M., W. 0. W. Ad- 
dress: 1005 Cottrell St., Mobile, 


Pastor, Sumner and Webb, Miss.; 
born, Carroll Co., Miss., May 23, 
1876; son of Tabitha Jones and 
James Madison Flowers of Carroll 
Co., Miss.; education, B.P., Missis- 
sippi Col., Th.B., Southwestern 
Sem.; ordained April, 1902; mar- 
ried Emma Bennett of Carroll Co., 
Miss., Sept. 1, 1900, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Malcolm McNeil Bennett; 
children, Joseph Bennett, Moor- 
head, Miss.; Malcolm Madison, Wes- 
son, Miss.; Ruth (deceased); pas- 
tor, Ethel and surrounding Baptist 
churches, Miss., 1% yrs.; pastor, 
Vaiden Ch., Carroll Co., Miss., 3 
yrs.; pastor, Port Gibson, Miss., 3 
yrs.; pastor, Utica, Miss., 2% yrs.; 
pastor, Summit and Fernwood, 
Miss., 3 yrs.; pastor, Davis Memo- 
rial Bapt. Ch., Jackson, Miss., 3 
yrs.; pastor, Rollings, Fort and Au- 
quilla Bapt. Chs., Miss., 2' 1 /. yrs.; 
pastor, Shelby, Miss., 3 yrs.; pastor. 
Schlater, Miss., 6 yrs.; pastor, Sum- 
ner and Webb, Miss., 4 yrs.; clerk, 
Deer Creek Assn., 2 yrs.; clerk, Le- 
flore Co. Assn., 2 yrs.; Mod., Talla- 
hatchie Co. Assn., 3 yrs.; trustee, 
Bapt. Orphanage, 7 yrs. Address: 
Sumner, Miss. 


Preaching 60 years; still preaches 
every Sunday; born, Lake View, S. 
C, Aug. 22, 1852; son of Annie 
Jane Herring and Elias Barfield 
Ford of Marion, S. C; education, 
A.B., Wake Forest College, D.D., 
Furman University; ordained, 1875; 
married Harriet Temple of Wake 
County, North Carolina, April 6, 
1880, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. 
F. Temple; children, Mrs. A. C. Wil- 
lingham, Chattanooga, Tenn., Mrs. 
A. C. Jones, Batesburg, S. C, Mrs. 
T. B Stackhouse, Columbia, S. C, 
Mrs. B. H. Byars, Charlotte, N C, 
Rufus, Jr., Holly Hill, S. C, and 
Joseph; pastor, country churches, 
10 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, New Berue, N. C, 4% 



years; pastor, Bennettsville Baptist 
Church, Bennettsville, S. C, 10 
years; pastor, Marion Baptist 
Church, Marion, S. C., 10 years; fi- 
nancial agent, Coker College, 15 
months; enlistment work, Home 
and State Board, 1 year; teacher, 
Morris College, 5 years; member, 
State Mission Board, several years; 
moderator, Pee Dee Association, 14 
years. Address: Marion, S. C. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Kansas City, Mo.; born, Patterson; 
111., March 16, 1908; son of Flor- 
ence Prindle and W. P. Ford of 
Memphis, Tenn.; education, Patter- 
son and White Hall, 111., Memphis, 
Tenn., A.B., Southwestern, Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Th.M. and Ph.D, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained June 15, 1930; married 
Lola I. Smith of New Albany, Miss., 
June 26, 1930, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs Varda Smith; director, educa- 
tion and music, Temple Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn., 1927-1928; 
director, education and music, 
Trinity Baptist Church, Memphis, 
Tenn., 1928-1930; pastor, . Speed 
Memorial Church, Speed, Ind., 1931- 
1935; pastor, Calvary Baptist Ch., 
Kansas City, Mo., 1935 to date. 
Home: 3521 Campbell, Kansas City, 
Mo.; office: 39th and Baltimore, 
Kansas City, Mo. 


Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn.; born, Monroe, Ga., 
Nov. 21, 1900; son of Martha E. 
Cox and William H. Ford of Lo- 
gansville, Ga.; education, Wake For- 
est College, Southwestern Baptist 
Theol. Sem., receiving B.A. degree; 
D.D., Carson-Newman College. May 
8, 1936; ordained, Nov. 19, 1922; 
married, Maybelle Archibald of At- 
lanta, Ga., Oct. 15, 1919, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Jones; chil- 
dren, Walter and Robert; pastor, 
Antioch Baptist Church, Atlanta, 
Ga., 1 year; pastor, Homerville and 
Hahira, Ga., 1% years; pastor, 
Westminster and Cookville, Tex., 1 
year; pastor, Andrews, N. C, 3% 

years; pastor, Angier, N. C, 2^ 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hendersonville, N. C, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Broadway Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn., 1934 to date; for- 
mer B. S. U. state president of 
North Carolina; member, State 
Mission Board of North Carolina; 
Regional B. Y. P. U. president in 
North Carolina; clerk, Carolina 
Association; member, Southwide 
Board of Baptist Brotherhood and 
Executive Committee, Knox Coun- 
ty Association; author: "The Prin- 
ciples and Precepts of the Christian 
Religion," won state prize and first 
Southwide prize, B. S. U. contest, 
1930; "The Future of Foreign Mis- 
sions," 10,000-word essay, won state 
prize and second Southwide, 1931; 
Pi Kappa Delta, Forensic Fraterni- 
ty; Theta Kappa Nu; evangelist. 
Home: 944 Eleanor St., Knoxville, 
Tenn.; office: 971 N. Broadway St., 
Knoxville, Tenn. 


Deacon, Second Baptist Church, 
Houston, Tex.; born, Ohio, Sept. 18, 
1873; son of Martha E. Jordan and 
Rev. J. A. Foreman of Ohio; educa- 
tion, public schools of Tennessee; 
ordained, deacon, 1904; married 
Grace A. Adams (deceased, Feb., 
1929) of Tenn., Dec. 16, 1895, daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Adams; 
married Annie Laurie Sykes of 
Houston, Tex., June 30, 1930, daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. T. Sykes; mem- 
ber of Exec. Bd., Tennessee Baptist 
Convention, 1908-1910; president, 
Nashville Association, 1908-1910; 
president, Baptist City Mission 
Board, Houston, Tex., 1914 to 1925; 
moderator, Union Baptist Associa- 
tion, Texas, 1916 to 1928; member 
of Exec. Bd., Baptist Gen. Conv., 
Texas, 1924 to date; Finance Com- 
mittee, Executive Board, 1928 to 
date; vice president, Baptist Gen- 
eral Convention, Texas, 1924 and 
1929; Board of Trustees, Baptist 
Memorial Hospital, 1922 to date; 
Real Estate Developer, Houston, 
Tex., 1911 to date; past president, 
Houston Real Estate Board; mem- 
ber, Texas State and National As- 



sociation of Realtors; delivers ad- 
dresses and lay sermons. Home: 
3209 Bissonette St., Houston, Tex.; 
office: Foreman Bldg., Houston, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, San 
Angelo, Tex.; born, Lincoln, Nebr., 
Oct. 21, 1905; son of Grace Anna. 
Adams of Tennessee, and A. D. 
Foreman of Ohio; education, B.A., 
Baylor University, Th.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Houston, Tex., Sept. 21, 
1924; married, Euna Lee Scarbor- 
ough of Ft. Worth, Tex., May 28, 
1926, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L. 
R. Scarborough; children, A. D. Ill, 
Lee Scarborough, Joyce; pastor, 
Burlington, Tex., 1925-1928; pastor, 
Era, Tex., 1926-1928; assistant, 
New Testament and Theology De- 
partments, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1926-1928; 
pastor, First Baptist Ch., Gaines- 
ville, Tex., 1928-1932; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, San Angelo, Tex., 
1932 to date; Executive Board, Bap- 
tist General Convention, Texas; 
Board of Trustees, Mary Hardin- 
Baylor and Howard Payne Col- 
lege; president, San Angelo Pas- 
tors' Association, 1934-1935; Mason, 
Kiwanis. Address: 23 E. Harris 
Ave., San Angelo, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ca- 
ruthersville, Mo.; born, Pitman, 
Ark., Oct. 31, 1882; son of Sarah 
Ann Sharp of Ooltawah, Tenn., and 
Rev. Anthony Foster of Padukah, 
Ky. ; education, Southern Baptist 
Convention Mountain School, May- 
nard, Ark.; ordination, Mt. Pleas- 
ant Baptist Church, Pitman, Ark., 
April 17, 1904; married Bessie Ger- 
rish of Pitman, Ark., April 10, 1904, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. G. 
Gerrish; children, Lowell B., W. H., 
Wayman L., Washington, D. C, 
Welton K. (deceased); teacher, 
Maynard, Ark.; teacher, Success, 
Ark., 1906-1910; pastor, Callao; pas- 
tor New Cambria, Mo., 1910-1913; 

pastor, Bloomfield, Mo., 1913-1916; 
pastor, Doniphan, Mo., 1916-1921; 
pastor, Caruthersville, Mo., 1921 to 
date; Executive Board, Missouri 
Baptist General Convention; Board 
of Trustees, Home for Aged Bap- 
tists; Board of Trustees, Will May- 
field College; moderator, New 
Madrid Baptist Association; presi- 
dent, Ministers' Alliance, Caruthers- 
ville, Mo. Address: 803 Ward Ave., 
Caruthersville, Mo. 


Retired (writing), Wilmington, 
N. C; born, Glenwood, Ala., March 
3, 1861; son of Frances Cornelia 
Bacon of Augusta, Ga., and Joshua 
Hill Foster, Sr., of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; 
education, University of Alabama 
and Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., A.M., Th. 
M., D.D., and LL.D. degrees; or- 
dained May, 1887, Tuscaloosa Bap- 
tist Church, Alabama; married 
Gertrude Edith Foster of North 
Vernon, Ind., May, 1887 (deceased); 
married Eula Sparks of Cave 
Spring, Ga., Jan. 15, 1891, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Linton Sparks; 
children, Edith (Mrs, Geo. R. 
Boyd), Washington, D. C, Cornelia 
(Mrs. Henry Hale), Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., lone (Mrs. Howard A. Hanby), 
Wilmington, North Carolina, 
Frank, Ashland, Va., and Helen, 
Richmond, Va.; teacher, Camden, 
Ala., 1 year; principal, Hearn 
Academy, 2 years; organized Ger- 
mantown Mission; pastor, Union 
Springs Baptist Church, Alabama, 
1887-1889; pastor, Greenville, Ala., 
1889-1892; pastor, East Lake 
Church, Birmingham, Ala., 1892- 
1895; pastor, Parker Memorial Bap- 
tist Church, Anniston, Ala., 1895- 
1910; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wilmington, N. C, 1910-1915; presi- 
dent, Bessie Tift College, 1915- 
1922; president, Central College, 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1922-1924 ; pastor, 
Ashland Baptist Church, Ashland, 
Va., 1924-1933; retired; author: 
"The Judgment Day," a serial, "Ar- 
nold Shallcross," "The Arab Sheik," 
"The Holy City" (short stories); 
Knight of Pythias, Mason; 3 tours 



of Europe, 1 tour of Orient. Ad- 
dress: Wilmington, N. C. 


Pastor, Mine City Ch., Ducktown, 
Tenn.; born, Dahlonega, Ga., Oct. 
2, 1896; son of Mary Whitmire and 
Joe Foster of Dahlonega, Ga.; N. G. 
C. A. College, Southern Sem.; or- 
dained Sept. 20, 1922; married Mon- 
tine Stuman, Apr. 29, 1917, daugh- 
ter of W. M. and Nancy Higgins 
Stuman; children, Eckord Lewis, 
Phyllis Geneva; pastor, Verda Ch., 
1 yr.; Mine City Ch., Ducktown, 
Tenn., 1927-1932; Wetmore, Tenn., 
1933; North Etowah Ch., Etowah, 
Tenn., 1934-1935; Mine City Ch. 
Ducktown, Tenn., 1935 to date; Ma- 
son, American Legion. Address: 
Ducktown, Tenn. 


Home Board Missionary among 
Foreign Speaking People, 111.; born, 
Madison Co., 111., Aug. 27, 1881; son 
of Marie Gerard and Joshua Fou- 
lon; education, graduate, Ewing 
Col. Acad., Ewing, 111.; ordained, 
June 15, 1915; married Bertha 
Broader, Oct. 10, 1910, daughter of 
Elizabeth and Bayard Broader; 
children, Beulah Lillian, Clifford 
Webster, Ethel Marie; farmer until 
32 yrs. old; pastor, 12 yrs.; Dist. 
missionary and part time pastor, 
7 yrs.; Home Board missionary, 2% 
yrs. to date; denominational: mem- 
ber, State Mission Bd., Dist. Mis- 
sion Bd.; Mod., Dist. Assn., Kaskas- 
kia; leader, 100,000 Club, Kaskas- 
kia Assn.; Supt., S. S., and teacher; 
deacon, Ch. Treas. ; member, served 
as Pres., and trustee, Logassian Lit- 
erary Soc, Ewing Col. Address: 
829 East Vine Ave., Greenville, 111. 


Pastor, First Church, Johnston 
City, 111.; born, Bond Co., 111., 1894; 
son of Marie Jarrard and Joshua 
M. Foulon of France; education, A. 
B., William Jewell Col.; ordained 
Aug. 30, 1919; married Madge A. 
Hall of Greenville, 111.. Dec. 15, 
1915, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 

T. Hall; children, Gerald Lee, Thos. 
J., Naomi Ruth; work: pastor, An- 
tioch and Crenshaw Chs. in Wil- 
liamson Assn.; Nine Mile and Holts 
Prairie Chs. in Nine Mile Assn.; 
Providence Ch., Liberty, Mo.; Lone 
Jack, Mo., 2 yrs. ; Emmanuel Ch., 
Carlinville, 111., 6 yrs.; now at 
Johnston City, 111.; denominational: 
member, State Bd. of 111. Bapt. State 
Assn.; Literature Com.; Mod., Ma- 
coupin Assn., 3 yrs.; Rotary Club. 
Address: Johnston City, 111. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Mendoza, Ar- 
gentina; born, Athens, Tenn., Oct. 
11, 1880; education, Athens Female 
College; married F. J. Fowler, Oct. 
26, 1903; appointed July 18, 1904; 
evangelistic work. 


Pastor, East Grand Ave. Church, 
Dallas, Tex.; born, Lindale, Tex., 
March 6, 1890; son of Ola Lenora 
Lindsey and Milton Elonzo Fowler 
of Garden Valley, Tex.; education, 
A.B., Baylor Univ., Th.M., South- 
western Sem.; ordained May, 1910; 
married Faith Louella McCormick 
of Beaumont, Tex., Oct. 22, 1919, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James S. 
McCormick; children, Sterling Lee, 
Stanley Earl, Avanell; pastor, 1909- 
1919; pastor, East Grand Ave. Ch., 
Dallas, Tex., 1919 to date; Pres., 
S. S. Conv., Tex., 1934 to date. 
Home: 1031 Wayne St.; office: 1102 
Graham St., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor - evangelist, Morristown, 
Tenn.; born, Newport, Tenn., Apr. 
13, 1880; son of Nancy Netherton 
and Ezekiel Fox of Newport, Tenn.; 
education, Carson-Newman College, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, receiving A.B., M.A.. Th.B., 
D.D. degrees; ordained, First Bap- 
tist Church, Jefferson City, Tenn., 
April, 1904; married, Enfield Rog- 
ers of Blountville, Tenn., August, 
1907, daughter of Henry and Sarah 
Millard Rogers; children, Ruth 
(Mrs. Colonel C. F. Davis), Rev. 



Paul, Sarah, Arthur, Jr., Mars Hill 
College; pastor, Robertson Creek 
Baptist Church, 1904-1907; pastor, 
Leadville Baptist Church, Tenn., 
1905-1906; pastor, Whitesburg Bap- 
tist Church, Tenn., 1906-1907; pas- 
tor, Dandridge Baptist Church, 
1905-1907; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Newport, Ark., 1907-1908; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Mari- 
anna, Ark., 1908-1913; pastor, Port 
Royal Baptist Church, Port Royal, 
Ky., 1913-1914; pastor, Franklinton 
Baptist Church, Franklinton, Ky., 
1913-1914; pastor, Parkland Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 1914-1917; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Hope, 
Ark., 1917-1919; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Paris, Ky., 1919-1922; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, May- 
field, Ky., 1922-1927; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Morristown, Tenn., 
1927-1933; pastor-evangelist, 1933 to 
date; member, State Mission Board, 
Arkansas, 1908 - 1913, 1917 - 1919 ; 
State Mission Board, Kentucky, 
1922-1927; State Mission Board, 
Tennessee, 1927-1933; author: "God 
and the United States in History,'' 
"What the People Want to Know 
About Heaven." Address: 513 W. 
Main St., Morristown, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Ch., Columbus, 
Miss.; born, Baldwyn, Miss., Apr. 
16, 1884; son of Emma Jane Phil- 
lips of South Carolina and Mark 
Franks of Tennessee; ordained, Mt 
Olive Bapt. Ch., Prentiss Co., Miss. 
1905; education, Union Univ., B.A 
and D.D., Miss. Col., Th.M., South 
em Sem. ; pastor, Casey Creek 
Meadow Creek and Oak Hill Chs. 
Prentiss Co., Miss., 1905-1906; pas 
tor, Dumas, Tippah Co., Miss., 1907 
1908; pastor, Silver Creek, Jeff Da- 
vis Co., Miss., Raymond and Utica, 
Hinds Co., Miss., 1909-1911; pastor, 
Ripley, Mt. Moriah and Mt. Olivet 
Chs., Tippah Co., Miss., Iuka and 
Concord Chs., Tishomingo Co., Miss., 
1911-1912; financial agent, Miss. 
Col., 1913-1914; pastor, Durant, 
Miss., 1914-1916; married Sallie 
Graham Nance of Ripley, Miss., 
Jan. 14, 1915, daughter of Lina Mc- 

Carley and Marcus LaFayette 
Nance; children, Graham Elizabeth 
(deceased), Jesse Dee, Jr., and 
Nancy Lee; pastor, Ekron, Ky., 
1916-1917; pastor, Versailles and 
Osgood, Ind., 1916 : 1918; pastor, 
Pinevilie, La., 1918-1921; pastor, 
First Bapt. Ch., Columbus, Miss., 
1921 to date; pastor-evangelist; 
member, Miss. Bapt. State Conv. 
Bd., 1922 to date; initiated B. S. U. 
at M. S. C. W.; married Augusta 
Ethel Fort, Jan. 8, 1930, daughter 
of Evelyn Nancy Batteaste and Er- 
nest Fort; represented Southern 
Baptists at the First International 
Bapt. Youth Conf., Prague, Czecho- 
slovakia, 1931; organized Mt. Ver- 
non and Kolola Springs Bapt. Chs., 
Lowndes Co., and served as their 
first pastor, 1928-1934; member, 
Rotary Club, Columbus, Miss., 1922 
to date. Address: 705 N. Second 
Ave., Columbus, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Tsining, Chi- 
na; born, Laurens, S. C, Feb. 15, 
1901; education, Winthrop College, 
A.B., 1922, W. M. U. Training 
School, one year; appointed June 
10, 1925; evangelistic work. 


Pastor, Connell Memorial Ch , 
Ft. Worth, Tex.; born, Connehatta, 
Miss., Sept. 22, 1891; son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. L. Frazier; education, Meth- 
odist Colleges, Meridian and Jack- 
son, Miss., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem., B.A., Texas Christian Univ.; 
ordained, July 15, 1915; married 
Mary Lowman of Bernice, La., Apr., 
1916; children, S. H., Jr., James, 
Mary Louise; educational Dir., 
First Ch., Shreveport, La., 1920; 
pastor, First Ch., Homer, La., 4 
yrs.; First Ch., Marshall, Tex., 
1926-29; pastor, Connell Memorial 
Ch., Ft. Worth, Tex., since 1929; 
Army Chaplain, World War, over- 
seas. Address: Ft. Worth, Tex. 


Evangelist, Springfield, Mo.; born, 
Van Buren, Mo., Jan. 11, 1881; son 



of Jane Burnham and Daniel T. 
Frazier of Van Buren, Mo.; educa- 
tion, high school and college equiva- 
lent; ordained, Neches, Tex., 1908; 
married Mamie Pearman of Van 
Buren, Mo., Jan. 24, 1904, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pearman; 
children, Ted L., Springfield, Mo., 
Agatha (Mrs. J. C. LaMar), Los 
Angeles, Calif., William F., Jr., 
Little Rock, Ark.; pastor, Neches, 
Tex., 2 years; pastor, Timpson, 
Tex., 22 months; pastor, Hearne, 
Tex., 26 months; independent evan- 
gelist, 1917; pastor, Navasota, Tex., 
1919; evangelist, Home Mission 
Board, 5% years; director, Evan- 
gelism, Montana, 1926-1927; inde- 
pendent evangelist, 1924 to date; 
Mason. Home: 570 E. Walnut St., 
Springfield, Mo.; office: Box 311, 
Southside Station, Springfield, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Concordia, Ar- 
gentina; born, Virden, 111., April 
29, 1898; education, A. & M. College, 
Baptist Bible Institute; married Z. 
P. Freeman, March 23, 1920; ap- 
pointed June 9, 1921; evangelistic 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, El- 
vins, Mo.; born, Patterson, Mo., 
July 18, 1906; son of Winifred Mont- 
gomery and Herbert Freeman of 
Patterson, Mo.; education, Will 
Mayfield College, Jonesboro Baptist 
College, Southeast Missouri Teach- 
ers College, O. B. U. ; ordained Aug. 
24, 1927; married Roena Milam of 
Senath, Mo., Jan. 1, 1928, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Milam; chil- 
dren, Mary Sue, Wade, Jr.; pastor, 
Fornfelt, Mo., 3% years; pastor, 
Clarkton, Mo., 5 years; evangelist; 
member, Board, Franklin Associa- 
tion, and Executive Committee of 
Board. Address: Elvins, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Plaquemine, La.; born, Pickens 
County, South Carolina, Feb. 1, 

1867; son of Susan C. Smith and 
Thomas L. Freeman of Pickens 
County, South Carolina; education, 
M.A., Furman University, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, Aug. 30, 1893, 
Pendleton, S, C; married Etta M. 
Doward of Louisville, Ky., June 15, 
1895, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. 
Doward; married Ola Creager of 
Van Alstyne, Tex., April 18, 1907, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. 
Creager; children, Lilian (Mrs. H. 
A. Towles) (deceased), David C, 
Jr., Shreveport, La.; pastor, Pen- 
dleton, S. C, 2 years; pastor, York- 
ville, Union, Clover, S. C, 1 year; 
pastor, Kelton, Jonesville, Lockhart, 
Phillippi, S. C, 3 years; pastor, Sec- 
ond Baptist Church, Union, S. C, 

1 year; pastor, Kershaw, S. C, 2 
years; pastor, Van Alstyne, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, Tabernacle Baptist 
Church, Houston, Tex., 7 yrs.; Cor. 
Sec. - Treas., Union Assn., Tex.; 
assisted in organizing Baptist Tem- 
ple, West End, Magnolia Park, 
Houston, Tex., Broadway, Galves- 
ton, Tex.; pastor, Kirbyville, Tex., 

2 years; pastor, Minden, La., 8 
years; Executive Board, Louisiana, 

3 years; Louisiana College Board, 
3 years; organizer, 75 Million Cam- 
paign; organizer, Webster Associa- 
tion; $110,000 building, Minden. 
La.; pastor, Plaquemine, La., 9 
years to date. Address: 511 Baist 
St., Plaquemine, La. 


Executive Secretary, Tennessee 
Baptist Convention, Nashville, 
Tenn.; born, Allene, Ark., Feb. 25, 
1884; son of Mecha Catherine 
(Wright) and John D. Freeman 
of Little River County, Ark.; 
education, graduate Hendrix Acade- 
my; A.B., University of Arkansas; 
M.A., Duke University, Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, D.D., Union University, Oua- 
chita College; ordained June, 1914; 
married Landis Barton of Dallas, 
Tex., Oct. 9, 1918, daughter of Dr. 
and Mrs. Arthur J. Barton; chil- 
dren, Georgia May and Lucy Cath- 



erine; teacher, high school, War- 
ren, Ark., 1910-1911; teacher, Ash- 
down, Ark., 1911-1912; pastor, West 
Broadway Baptist Church, Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1914-1915; enlistment 
evangelist, Arkansas, 1916-1918; 
pastor, Springfield, Ky., 1918-1923; 
pastor, Belmont Heights, Nashville, 
Tenn., 1923-1925; editor, Baptist 
and Reflector, Tennessee, 1925-1933; 
executive secretary, Tennessee Bap- 
tist Convention, 1933 to date; re- 
cording secretary, Board of Man- 
agers, American Baptist Seminary; 
member, Sunday School Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention; vice 
president, Board of Trustees, Union 
University, 1929-1933; writer, Sen- 
ior Quarterly, Sunday School 
Board; author: "When the West 
Was Young," "The Mystic Symbol," 
"More Than Money"; Mason, 
Knight Templar, Pi Gamma Mu. 
Home: 1806 Ashwood Ave., Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; office: Executive 
Board, Tennessee Baptist Conven- 
tion, Nashville, Tenn. 

freeman, lemuel elmer 

Professor of Religion, Meredith 
College, Raleigh, N. C; born, June 
4, 1879, at Easley, S. C, son of Mar- 
garet Hurt and D. C. Freeman of 
Easley, S. C; education, Furman 
Univ., Harvard Univ., Newton Theo- 
logical Inst., Southern Sem.; de- 
grees, B.A., M.A., B.D., Th.D.; or- 
dained, June, 1902; married April 
6, 1910, Jennie Parks Lewis, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; children, Mary Margaret 
(deceased), Lemuel Elmer McMil- 
lian, Jr., Raleigh, N. C; married 
Katherine Parker, daughter of 
Penelope Alderman and T. B. Park- 
er; children, John Alderman Free- 
man, Thomas Parker Freeman, 
Charles Maddry Freeman, David 
Franklin Freeman; Prof, of Reli- 
gion, Meredith Col., 1910; pastor of 
churches near Raleigh, N. C; con- 
tributor to Introduction to Reli- 
gious Education. Address: Raleigh, 
N. C; office address: Meredith 


Educational Director, Western 
Ave. Church, Statesville, N. C; 
born, Forest City, N. C, Sept. 15, 
1905; son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. B. 
Freeman; education, Bapt. Bible 
Inst.; married Katie Todd of Col- 
lins, Miss., Aug. 9, 1929, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Todd; chil- 
dren, Willa Dean, James Todd; 
farmer, 10 yrs.; sheet metal work, 
2 yrs.; educational director, West- 
ern Ave. Ch., Statesville, N. C, 5 
yrs. to date; evangelistic singer. 
Home: 921 Boulevard; office: 700 
Western Ave., Statesville, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Concordia, Ar- 
gentina; born, Trenton, Tenn., Dec. 
17, 1888; education, Laneview Col- 
lege, Union University, A.B., 1918, 
Baptist Bible Institute; appointed 
June 9, 1921; evangelistic work. 


Field Secretary, Baptist Sunday 
School Board, Nashville, Tenn.; 
born, Lexington, Ky.; daughter of 
Nannie Riley, Owen County, Ken- 
tucky and James Marion Frost, 
Georgetown, Ky. ; education, B.S., 
Ward-Belmont, summer courses, 
University of Virginia and Colum- 
bia University, New York; work: 
taught English in private school 
since 1910, periodical writing and 
teacher training work in Baptist 
Sunday School Board, Nashville; 
pioneer in Junior Sunday School 
work for the Board; denomination- 
al: writer of Junior Quarterly and 
the Junior Teacher for many years; 
member of local board, Baptist W. 
M. U. Training School; author: 
short stories, Junior Sunday 
School Lesson periodicals, Sunny, 
published in Philadelphia; clubs: 
Louisville College Club, member, 
National Pen-Women's League of 
America. Home address: The Park, 
1345 4th St., Louisville, Ky.; busi- 
ness address; Baptist iSunday 
School Board, 161 Eighth Ave., 
Nashville, Tenn. 




Business Manager, Western Re- 
corder, Louisville, Ky.; born, Win- 
go, Graves Co., Ky., June 30, 1872, 
son of Sarah E. Emerson and John 
F. Frost, Graves Co., Ky. ; educa- 
tion, public schools, Univ. of Ky.; 
married Cora Edwards, Wingo, 
Graves Co., Ky., June 8, 1895, daugh- 
ter of Robert W. Edwards and Ag- 
nes Edwards; children, John Wil- 
son Frost, Louisville, Ky. ; work: 
engaged in flour mill business, 14 
yrs.; farming and stock raising for 
25 yrs.; member, Ky. State Senate, 
1912-20; member, Special State Tax 
Commn., 2 yrs. chief field deputy, 
Internal Revenue Service, Ky., 
1920-21; Chmn., City Board of Edu- 
cation, for 12 yrs,; member, City 
Council, 8 yrs.; denominational: 
member, Bapt. State Board of Mis- 
sions, Ky., 6 yrs.; Mod., Gen. Assn. 
of Baptists in Ky., 1920, 1921; 1922, 
elected business manager of the 
Western Recorder; general: Mason, 
Odd Fellow; home address: 43 
Pauline Road, Louisville, Ky. ; busi- 
ness address: 205 E. Chestnut St.. 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Church, Warrens- 
burg, Mo.; born, Grove Hill, la., 
Aug. 20, 1886; son of Ella M. Smith 
and Henry Fuhr of Grove Hill, la.; 
education, A.B., William Jewell 
College; B.D., Kansas City Bapt. 
Theol. Sem.; ordained, May, 1916; 
married Lillian E. Haun of Athol, 
Kans., June 2, 1909 daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Geo. Haun; children, For- 
rest D. and V. Wendell; pastor, 
Carmi, 111., 2 yrs.; Salisbury, Mo., 
5 yrs.; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 2 
yrs.; Warrensburg, Mo., since 1930; 
denominational: Mod., Johnson Co. 
Assn., 1932'-....; member, Bd. of 
Trustees, Kansas City Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., 1931-....; Mason, Eastern 
Star and Odd Fellow. Home ad- 
dress: 420 N. Miller; office: Cor. 
Holden and Gay, Warrensburg, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, At- 
lanta, Ga.; born, Cross Hill, S. C, 

April 1, 1891; son of John R. and 
Ida Lee (Adams) Fuller; educa- 
tion, Presbyterian College of South 
Carolina, Clinton, S. C, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving A.B., Th.M. and D.D. de- 
grees; ordained April, 1912; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Bates of Greenville, 
S. C, Dec. 17, 1925, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bates; chil- 
dren, Ellis A. Jr., Sara Elizabeth 
and Ida Lee; pastor, Greenwood, S. 
C, 20 mos.; Earle Street Baptist 
Church, Greenville; General Super- 
intendent of Evangelistic Work for 
Home Mission Board of Southern 
Baptist Convention, 1925-28; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Atlanta, 
since 1928; president, Home Mis- 
sion Board since 1928; president, 
Georgia Sunday School Convention, 
1932-33; chairman, Executive Com- 
mittee, Atlanta Association, 2 
years; director, Baptist Hundred 
Thousand Club for Georgia; Educa- 
tion Board of Southern Baptist 
Convention; clubs: Mason, Rotary. 
Home: 2452 Peachtree Road, N. W.; 
office: 754 Peachtree St., N. E. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Sao Paulo, 
Brazil; born, Fredonia, Ala., Nov. 
19, 1888; education, State Normal, 
Troy, Ala., University of Alabama, 
Southwestern Training School; ap- 
pointed June 10, 1920; educational 


Pastor, First Ch., Goose Creek, 
Tex.; born, Ala., Oct. 29, 1884; son 
of Sarah A. Vickers and James J. 
Fuller; education, high school and 
college; ordained, 1907; married 
Mattie Lou Moates, May 21, 1911, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. 
Moates of Ala.; children, Mattie 
Louise and Joseph Dorcas; pastor, 
Avery, Tex.; Damascus New Home, 
Bethany, Ala.; Annona, Sherry. 
Bogato, Boxelder, Swannville, Rosa- 
lie, Pine Branch, Lanes Chapel, 
Tex.: First Church, Atlanta, Tex.; 
Mt. Pleasant, Tex ; Assnl. mission- 
ary, Red River Assn., Tex.; Erath 



Co. Assn., Tex.; pastor, First Ch., 
Goose Creek, Tex., 9 yrs. to date; 
denominational: member, State Ex- 
ec. Bd., Gen. Conv. of Tex., 3 yrs.; 
Bd. of Trustees, Col. of Marshall, 
4 yrs.; Mod., Enon and Pittsburg 
Assn., Tex.; clerk, Red River and 
Erath Co. Assn., Tex.; member, 
Assnl. Exec. Bd., Union Assn., Tex.; 
Mason, Odd Fellow, Rotarian; Past 
Pres., Goose Creek Rotary Club. 
Home address: 123 W. Wright St., 
Goose Creek, Tex.; office: 210 Jones 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Jackson, Tenn.; born, Texarkana, 
Tex., Sept. 10, 1901; son of Avera 
Amelia Meredith of Texas and Ed- 
ward Monroe Fulmer of Arkansas; 
education, A.B., Union University, 
Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Sep- 
tember, 1920, First Baptist Church, 
Idabel, Okla.; married Melba Light- 
sey of Idabel, Okla., Dec. 31, 1922, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hays L. 
Lightsey; children, Betty Ann and 
Melba Jane; pastor, Beech Grove, 
Gibson County, Tennessee, 2% 
years; pastor, New Bethlehem, 
Gibson County, Tennessee, 1 year; 
pastor, Cordova, Tenn., 1% years; 
pastor, Jrving, Tex., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Hernando, Miss., 1 year; pas- 
tor, Ozona, Tex., 7% yrs.; pastor, 
Calvary Baptist Church, Jackson, 
Tenn., 1934 to date; Executive 
Board, General Convention, Texas, 
1930-1934; vice moderator, Madison 
Association, 1935; president, West 
Tennessee Pastors' Conference; au- 
thor: news articles for denomina- 
tional papers; Red Cross; pastor's 
advisor, B. S. U., Union University. 
Home: 341 E. Preston St., Jackson, 
Tenn.; office: corner Lexington 
and Tomlin, Jackson, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 
ly stationed at Kong Moon, China; 
born, Dudley, S. C; education, Tatt- 
nall College and Business Institute, 
W. M. U. Training School; appoint- 

ed June 6, 1918; evangelistic work. 
Address: Monroe, N. C. 


Pastor, Lancaster Church, Lan- 
caster, Ky.; born, Evansville, Ind., 
April 19, 1898; son of Anna May 
Rose of Henderson Co., Ky., and 
Rev. N. F. Gabbert of Hancock Co., 
Ky.; education, Bethel Col.; South- 
ern Sem.; ordained March 21, 1917; 
married Anna Louise Trathen ot 
Morton's Gap, Ky., Nov. 26, 1919, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. 
Trathen, of Hopkins Co., Ky. ; chil- 
dren, Anna Jane, Billy Ries, John 
Trathen, Neil Francis; pastor, First 
Ch., McLeansboro, 111.; First Ch., 
Fairfield, 111.; Perryville Ch., Perry- 
ville, Ky.; Lancaster, Ky., 6 yrs. on 
April 1, 1936; denominational: Mod., 
South Dist. Bapt. Assn. and Cen- 
tral Ky. Bapt. Bible Conf.; Sec, Ky. 
Bapt. Moderators' Meeting. Ad- 
dress: Lancaster, Ky. 


Pastor, Moulton Baptist Church, 
Moulton, Ala.; born, Haynes, Ala., 
Apr. 2, 1900; son of Effie Belle De 
Ramus of White City, Ala. and 
James Thomas Gaines of Haynes, 
Ala.; education, Newton Junior Col- 
lege, Howard College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving A.B. degree; ordained, Feb. 
22, 1922; married Estelle McKinley 
of Centreville, Ala., June 4, 1925; 
daughter of A. B. and Ida H. Mc- 
Kinley; children, James Luther, 
Jr.; assistant pastor, Ozark Baptist 
Church, Ala., 1 year; pastor, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Coffee County, 
Alabama, 1 year; pastor, Pleasant 
Ridge Baptist Church, Bessimer, 
Ala., 3 years; pastor Elk Creek and 
Plum Creek Baptist Churches, Tay- 
lorsville, Ky., 2 years; pastor, Cen- 
treville Baptist Church, Ala., 1 
year; pastor, Brent Baptist Church. 
Ala., 2 years; pastor, Bethel Bap- 
tist Church, Alabama, 5 years; pas- 
tor, Billingsley Baptist Church, Au- 
tauga County, Alabama, 1 year, 
State Sunday School Board, 3 
summer^. Montgomery, Ala.; pas- 
tor, Antioch Baptist Church, Bibb 



County, Alabama, 4 years; moder- 
ator, Muscle Shoals Association, 
Alabama; State Baptist Executive 
Board, Alabama. Address: Moul- 
ton, Ala. 


President, Bethel Woman's Col- 
lege, Hopkinsville, Ky.; born, Town- 
ville, South Carolina; son of Su- 
san Jane Cox and John A. Gaines 
of Townville, S. C. ; education, Fur- 
man University, Virginia Univer- 
sity, Chicago University, receiving 
B.S., M.M.P., LL.D. degrees; mar- 
ried Cora Mathewson of Westmin- 
ster, S. C; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. R. A. Mathewson; children, 
Dr. Carl A. and Harold M., Easton, 
Pa., Marion; teacher, Williamston, 
S. C; president, Cox College, Col- 
lege Parky Ga. ; dean, Shorter Col- 
lege; president, Bethel Womans' 
College, 1919 to date; chairman, 
Overseas Y.M.C.A. Training Conf., 
N. Y. and Paris, A. E. F., training 
over 10,000 men and women ; moder- 
ator, General Association, Kentucky 
Baptists; member, Kentucky Bap- 
tist Educational Society, president 
1922-1929; Chi Psi, Rotary. Address: 
Bethel Woman's College, Hopkins- 
ville, Ky. 


Pastor, Glasgow Baptist Church, 
Glasgow, Ky. ; born, Bradley, S. C, 
June 27, 1888; son of Anna Maria 
of Abbeyville, S. C, and William 
Joseph Gaines of Laurens, S. C; 
education, D.D., Bethel College; Th. 
M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; S. C. U., Columbia Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Apr. 
10, 1913; married App Pamelia 
Estes of Louisville, Ky., June 17, 
1914; daughter of Absalom Adams 
and Mary Kenney Estes; children, 
Mariana, Joseph Arnold, Jr.; pas- 
tor, Paoli and West Baden, Ind., 3 
years; pastor, Trenton, S. C, 2 
years; state B. Y. P. U. secretary, 
S. C, 2 years; pastor, Timmonsville, 
S. C, 2 years; pastor, St. John's 
Baptist Church, Charlotte, North 
Carolina, 7 years; pastor, Glasgow, 
Ky., 1928 to date; General Board, 

North Carolina Baptist Convention; 
trustee, Bethel College; trustee, 
Georgetown College; moderator, 
Liberty Association, Kentucky; as- 
sistant moderator, Kentucky Gen- 
eral Association; Kentucky State 
Leader, Baptist 100,000 Club; con- 
tributor, Baptist Courier, South 
Carolina; Biblical Recorder, North 
Carolina, Western Recorder, Ken- 
tucky; Mason, Knight Templar, Ro- 
tary, Taylor Family Association, S. 
A. R. Address: Glasgow, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lex- 
ington, N. C; born, Springfield, O., 
Jan. 22, 1898; son of Mary Louisa 
Shoup and Edmund Pendleton 
Gaines of Springfield, O.; education, 
Doane Academy, Denson University, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Springfield, O., Jan. 30, 
1922; married Lois Elizabeth Hart 
of Ravenna, O., June 22, 1921; 
daughter of Dr. Wilfred T. and 
Anna Case Hart; children, Edmund 
Wilfred, George Thomas, Robert 
Bruce, David Hart, Dorcas Anne; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Paris, 
Ky., 1922-1927; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Williamsburg, Ky., 
1927-1931; pastor, Hayes-Barton 
Baptist Church, Raleigh, N. C, 
1931-1933; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Lexington, N. C, 1933 to 
date; president, O. B. Y. P. U., 
1918-1921; Kentucky member South- 
ern Baptist Home Mission Board, 
1929-1930; secretary-treasurer, Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Evangelism in 
Southeast Kentucky, 1928-1930; 
board Managers, Western-Recorder, 
Louisville, Ky., 1926-1928; Rotary. 
Address: 414 S. State St., Lexing- 
ton, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Waichow, 
China; born, Lexington, N. C, Dec. 
29, 1885; education, Wake Forest 
College, Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; appointed June 6, 
1918; Evangelistic Work. 




Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Waichow, 
China; born, Sharon, Tenn., Nov. 
8, 1886; education, Hall Moody In- 
stitute, W. M. U. Training School, 
1917; married A. R. Gallimore, Jan. 
27, 1919; appointed June 6, 1918; 
Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Macao, China; 
born, Glasgow, Scotland; gradu- 
ated as an architect in Technical 
School; Bible Training School of 
Glasgow; came to America young 
man; went as Gospel Missionary in 
1908; appointed Jan., 1910; Evan- 
gelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Macao, China; 
born, San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 19, 
1869; worked among Chinese in 
California; appointed Jan. 1, 1910; 
married J. L. Galloway, October, 
1910; Evangelistic Work. 


Superintendent, Baptist State 
Hospital, Little Rock, Ark.; born, 
Arkansas, Aug. 16, 1898; son of 
Arch William and Barbara (Butler) 
G.; education, Pharmaceutical 
Chemist, Registered Pharmacist, Li- 
censed Technician, F. A. C. H. A.; 
married Louise Clayton Tillman of 
Nashville, Tenn., March, 1922'; 
daughter of Hon. A. M. Tillman, 
Washington, D. C; children, Kath- 
leen and Mariaji Blair; U. S. Navy, 
1917-1923; U. S. Veterans Bureau, 
1923-1928; Baptist State Hospital 
since 1928; member Second Baptist 
Church, Little Rock; author, Hos- 
pital Journals as Articles; Kiwanis, 
Spring Lake Country, Mason, Pro- 
fessional Societies; captain, M. A. 
Res. U. S. Army; president, Arkan- 
sas Hospital Council; State Organ- 
ization; Protestant Hospital Asso- 
ciation; American Hospital Associa- 
tion; member, Committee on Work- 
men's Compensation. Home: 220 
Crystal Court, Little Rock; office: 
Baptist State Hospital. 


Pastor, Hampton Baptist Church, 
Hampton, Va.; born, Stuart's Draft, 
Va., June 16, 1893; son of Mary Vir- 
ginia Pirkey and Charles David 
Garber of Augusta County, Virgin- 
ia; education, B.A., Richmond Uni- 
versity; B.D., Crozer Theological 
Seminary; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Jan. 28, 
1921; married Ammie Glenn of 
Waynesboro, Va., June 20, 1918; 
daughter of John A. and Frances 
Ellen Ramsey Glenn; children, 
Mary Frances, Virginia Glenn, John 
Howard, Jr., Paul Russell, Martha 
Ann; pastor, Union and Florence, 
Ky., 1920-192-4; pastor, Hampton 
Baptist Church, Hampton, Va., 1925 
to date; moderator, Peninsula Bap- 
tist Association, Virginia, 2 years; 
executive committee, Peninsula Bap- 
tist Association, 8 years; Pi Kappa 
Alpha, Mason. Address: 261 Cary 
St., Hampton, Va. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church 
(Mexican), San Antonio, Tex.; born 
Zacatecas, Mexico, Feb. 24, 1872; 
son of Refugio Castaneda and Mat- 
ias C. Garcia of Zacatecas, Mex.; 
education, Normal School and 
Science Institute, Zacatecas, Mex.; 
ordained, July, 1918; married Ade- 
lina Villarreal of San Antonio, Tex., 
July 28, 1927; daughter of Gil Vil- 
larreal and Virginia Fernandez; 
children, Mary (Mrs. Rodriguez), 
Kerrville, Tex., Samuel C, Mary 
Ann; assistant pastor, First Mexi- 
can Baptist Church, San Antonio, 
Tex., 4 y?ars; pastor, Mexican Bap- 
tist Church, Kerrville, Tex., 1 year; 
pastor, Mexican Baptist Church, Del 
Rio, Tex., 3 years; pastor, Calvary 
Mexican Baptist Church, San An- 
tonio, Tex., 12 years to date. Ad- 
dress: 121 S. San Marcos St., San 
Antonio, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, St. 
Petersburg, Fla.; born, Milan, 
Tenn.; son of Jessie Franklin and 
Cordelia Catherine (West) Gard- 
ner; education, Baylor University, 



Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, and D.D. from Howard 
College- in 1925; ordained, 1907; 
married Sadie Ray Woodward of 
Clarendon, Tex., June 19, 1915; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. 
Woodward; children, Sadie Ray, 
David M., Jr., and Edith Marie; 
employed by Bapt. State Mis. Bd. of 
Tex., 1910; evangelist, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1914; 
pastor, Clarendon, Tex., 1915-1916; 
pastor, Memphis, Tex., 1916-1920; 
Ensley Baptist Church, Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1920-1929; First Baptist 
Church, St. Petersburg since 1929; 
member, Executive Board, Florida 
State Baptist Mission Board; trus- 
tee, Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; author, "Rainbow 
for Every Cloud" and "God's Claim, 
Charge, Challenge." Home: 1119 
11th Ave., N., St. Petersburg; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Dunn, N. C; born, Franklin, Va., 
Nov. 12, 1894; son of Lelia J. Nor- 
fleet and Abraham Littleton Gard- 
ner of Franklin, Va. ; education, B. 
A., M.A., Richmond College; Th. 
M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; D.B., Chicago Univer- 
sity; ordained, Oct. 15, 1915; mar- 
ried Ruth Carver of Louisville, Ky., 
Dec. 30, 1920; daughter of W. O. 
and Alice Shepard Carver; children, 
Lelia, Alice Ruth; pastor, Syca- 
more and Courtland, Va., 1915-1916; 
pastor, Beaver Dam, Carrsville, 
Va., summer 1917; pastor, Buck- 
horn (Como), and Robert's Chapel 
(Pendleton, N. C), 1920-1924; pas- 
tor, Orphanage Bapt. Ch., Thomas- 
ville, N. C, 1925-1929; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Dunn, N. C, 1929 
to date; Army Y. M. C. A. secre- 
tary, Camp Taylor, Ky., 1918; 
teacher, Bible, Campbell College, 
Buie's Creek, N. C, 1930-1935; presi- 
dent, State B. Y. P. U., North Caro- 
lina, 1926-1928; chairman, Commit- 
tee on Nominations Officers and 
Trustees, North Carolina State 
Convention, 1934; vice moderator, 
Liberty Association, 1926-1929; mod- 

erator, Little River Association, 
1934 to date; Chmn., Harnett Co. 
Interracial Com.; author: "Andrew 
Stevenson, "The Social Interests of 
the New Testament Churches," 'Old 
Testament Characters;" Rotary, Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Address: Dunn, N. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Sentinel, Okla. ; born, Tuscaloosa 
County, Alabama, 1872; son of Mary 
J. Hannah of Pickerns County, 
Alabama, and Frank D. Gardner of 
Tuscaloosa, Ala.; education, South- 
western Baptist Theological Semin- 
ary; ordained, Oct. 3, 1903, Double- 
branches Baptist Church; married 
Lenne Lancaster, Nov. 14, 1894; 
married Jessie Savage of Fayett, 
Ala., Nov. 14, 1906; daughter of 
Zack and Nancy Doughty Savage; 
children, Mrs. W. B. Roark, Dun- 
can, Okla.; Mrs. G. M. Salmon, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., Mrs. Thelma 
Carpenter, Ardmore, Okla., and 
Mrs. Esther Moyers, Elk City, Okla.; 
lived in Duncan 5 yrs., and pastored 
country chs., pastor, Blanchard, 
Okla., 1919-1922; Lexington, Okla., 
5 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Sentinel, Okla., 1927 to 
date; clerk, Mullens Association, 
1917-1919; moderator, McClain 
County Association, 1919 until Mc- 
Clain and Little River Associations 
were united to make Union Associa- 
tion; moderator, 1921-1927; clerk, 
Concord-Kiowa Association, 1930- 
1934; held funeral of Wiley Post, 
assisted by Rev. W.,R. White, Aug. 
22, 1935; a Master Mason. Address: 
Sentinel, Okla. 


Pastor, Baconton Baptist Church, 
Baconton, Ga. ; born, Phelmia, Ga., 
Nov. 11, 1904; son of Jemima Dod- 
son of Americus, Ga., and Milton 
Cook Gardner of Quitman, Ga. ; edu- 
cation. Florida University, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, September, 1934, Pelham, 
Ga.; married Kathleen Weaver of 
Perry, Fla., Sept. 22, 1934; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Weaver; 



children, Milton Cook, Jr.; pastor, 
Baconton Baptist Church, Baconton, 
Ga., 1934 to date; clerk, Tucker As- 
sociation, Georgia, 1935; Phi Kappa 
Tau,. Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi 
Epsilon. Address: Baconton, Ga. 


Superintendent of Little River 
Associational W. M. U., North Caro- 
lina; born, Deatsville, Ky., Sept. 
26, 1898; daughter of William Owen 
and Alice Hughes (Shepard) Carv- 
er; education, Westhampton Col- 
lege, University of Richmond, Va., 
rejeiving B.A. degree; married Eu- 
gene Norfleet Gardner of Franklin, 
Va., Dec. 30, 1920; son of Abraham 
Littleton and Lelia (Norfleet) Gard- 
ner; children, Lelia Norfleet and 
Alice Ruth; associational superin- 
tendent, W. M. U. of Liberty Asso- 
ciation, North Carolina, 1926-1928; 
now superintendent of Little River 
W. M. U. Association; wrote Sun- 
day School lessons, Elementary De- 
partment, Sunday School Board, 
(Primary Teachers' Quarterly and 
Children's Quarterly) 1925-1926, 
1930; author, "Christ in the World" 
and "Christ's Gift to the Churches." 
Home: 308 S. Layton Ave., Dunn, 
N. C. 


Texas Baptist Training Union 
Director; born near Martin, Tenn.; 
son of Alice Cate and Jesse Griz- 
zard Gardner; education, college, 
LL.D., seminary training; on June 
4, 1917, married Lucile Blake of 
Belton, Tex, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. S. B. Blake; children, Thur- 
man C. Jr.; teacher in Jackson, 
Tenn., H. S., 2 yrs.; Pres. of Col. 
of Marshall, Marshall, Tex., 2 yr., 4 
mos.; Dir., Tex. B. T. U., 20 yrs. to 
date; denominational: member of 
committees of S. B. C, Promotion 
Com. of Bapt. Gen. Conv. of Tex., 
Gen. Conv. Com. of Tex. and Youth 
Com. of the Baptist World Alliance; 
author of "Advanced B. T. U. Meth- 
ods," "Modern B. T. U. Methods," 
"B. Y. P. U. Programs— Fifty-two 
Varieties," "Grading the B. T. IT. 
for Efficient Work," "The Eight 

Point Record System"; co-author of 
"Touring Storyland"; editor of 
Adult Union Programs; member of 
Radio Commn. of Dallas, Tex.; 
Tex. leader of United Youth; Dir. 
of Tex. Bapt. Centennial activities; 
State Publicity Dir. for 600,000 
Tex. Baptists. Home address: 5014 
Junius, Dallas, Tex.; office: 708 
Burt Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Athens Baptist Church, 
Athens, Ala.; born, Dadeville, Ala., 
Sept. 25, 1892; son of Susan Eliza- 
beth Brewer and William Lumpkin 
Gardner of Dadeville, Ala.; educa- 
tion, Howard College, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving A.B., and Th.M. degrees; 
married Hattie Delilah Hancock of 
Alexander City, Ala., Sept. 12, 1922; 
daughter of James M. and Charlotte 
Hancock; children, Charlotte Susan 
and Sarah Nell; pastor, Kellyton, 
Ala., 1917-1919; pastor, Mt. Hebron 
West, Elmore County, Alabama, 
1919-1921; pastor, Deatsville, Ala., 
1919-1921; pastor, Plantersville, 
Ala., 1920-1921; pastor, Horse 
Branch, Ky., 1922-1923; pastor, Mor- 
gan, Ky., 1922-1923; pastor, Clay 
Village, Ky., 1922-1923; pastor, 
Corydon, Ky., 1923-1925; pastor, 
Boaz, Ala., 1925-1927; pastor, Opp, 
Ala., 1927-1930; pastor, Athens, Ala., 
1931 to date; clerk, Zion Associa- 
tion, 1929-1930; moderator, Lime- 
stone Association, 1931 to date; 
member, Alabama Baptist State 
Executive Board, 1931 to date; 
president, Tennessee Valley School 
of the Prophets, 1934 to date. Ad- 
dress: 105 E. Hobbs St., Athens, 


Pastor, First Ch., Douglasville, 
Ga.; born, Rabun Gap, Ga., July 4, 
1904; son of Dr. D. L, and Minnie 
A. Franks Garland; education. 
Bapt. Bible Inst., A.B., M. A., Mer- 
cer Univ.; married Vaughna Lee 
Hastings of Princeton, W. Va., Feb. 
17, 1927, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
R. T. Hastings; supply pastor, 
West Little River Ch., Miami, Fla., 



1927; supply pastor, Park Ch., Mi- 
ami, Fla., 1928; pastor, Miami 
Beach Ch., Miami Beach, Fla., 1929; 
Montrose, Ga., 2 yrs.; West Green, 
Ga., 1 yr.; McDonald, Ga., 2 yrs.; 
Chester, Ga., 3 yrs.; Mt. Carmel 
Ch., Laurens Co., Ga., 5 yrs.; Cad- 
well, Ga., 4 yrs.; Middleground 
Ch., Dodge Co., Ga., 4 yrs.; Mt. Zion 
Ch., Laurens Co., Ga., 3 yrs.; Rentz, 
Ga., 1 yr.; First Ch., Douglasville, 
Ga., 2 yrs. to date; promotional 
chairman, Dist. No. 8; Chmn., Exec. 
Com., Concord Bapt. Conv. ; Chmn., 
Promotion Com., Concord Assn.; 
Chmn., Education Com., Concord 
Assn.; Civitan Club, Kappa Gam- 
ma; local Scoutmaster. Home: No. 
1 East Church St.; office: First. 
Bapt. Ch., Douglasville, Ga. 


Pastor, Second Baptist Church, 
Rockmart, Ga.; born, Polk County, 
Rockmart, Ga., Aug. 24, 1887; son 
of Harriet Missouri Coalson and 
H. Moses Garner of Rockmart, Ga. ; 
education, Georgia University; or- 
dained, January, 1912; married 
Elzie Mae Culver of Rockmart, Ga., 
Sept. 6, 1905; daughter of B. C. 
and Nannie Culver; children, Mrs. 
Hiram Baker, Chattanooga, Tenn.; 
Mrs. Hobson Kelley, Harrison, 
Tenn., Mrs. Thelma Cochran, Mrs. 
J. W. Burley, Alline, Lucile, Leroy, 
of Rockmart, Ga., and Culver of Sa- 
vannah, Ga.; pastor. Pleasant Hill 
Bapt. Ch., Polk Co., Ga., 3 yrs.; pas- 
tor; Rockey Mt. B. C, Haralson Co., 
Georgia, 3 years; pastor, Mt. Zion 
Baptist Church, Haralson County, 
Georgia, 6 years; pastor, Flint Hill 
Baptist Church, Floyd County, Geor- 
gia, 8 years; pastor New Prospects 
Baptist Church, Polk County, Geor- 
gia, 2 years; pastor, High Shoals 
Baptist Church, Poulding County, 
Georgia, 1 year; pastor, State Line 
Baptist Church, Floyd County, 2 
years; pastor, Live Oak Baptist 
Church, Polk County, Georgia, 1 
year; pastor, Corinth Baptist 
Church, Haralson County, Georgia, 
13 years; pastor, County Line Bap- 
tist Church, Polk County. 6 years; 
pastor, Beulah Baptist Church, 

Poulding County, Georgia, 7 years; 
pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, 
Cherokee County, Center, Ala., 8 
years; pastor, Cedar Creek Baptist 
Church, Floyd County, Georgia, 15 
years; pastor, Second Baptist 
Church, Polk County, Georgia, 13 
years; trustee, Hearn Academy, 4 
years; moderator, Tallapoosa As- 
sociation, 2 years; Mason, Odd Fel- 
low, Red Man. Address: Rockmart, 


Missionary, Guanajay and Arte- 
misa, Cuba, and all districts; born, 
Sylvania, Ga., Jan. 18, 1886; daugh- 
ter of Elspeth Thomson of Beau- 
fort, S. C, and James Green Gar- 
nett of Virginia; education, Geor- 
gia Normal, and W. M. U. Training 
School; Athens; general missionary, 
Santa Clara, 8 years; head, Baptist 
Orphans Home, Calabazar, 4 years; 
Guanajay and Artemisa and sur- 
rounding district, 5% years; presi- 
dent, Cuban Union, 9 years; re- 
built and organized church, Calaba- 
zar; organized church, Guanajay, 
1930; organized mission Artemisa; 
Department of Organization Sunday 
School, 3 years; treasurer, Union, 
7 years. Home: Narciso Lopez 5, 
Guanajay, Cuba. Office: 1416 Aber- 
corn St., Savannah, Ga. 


Pastor in Southeastern New Mexi- 
co; born, Pontotoc Co., Miss.; edu- 
cation, Miss. Normal Col.; ordained, 
First Ch., Paris, Tex., Oct. 2, 1901; 
teacher, Miss. Normal Col.; tea:her, 
Mary Connor Col., Paris, Tex.; pas- 
tor, Central Ch., Georgetown, Tex.; 
Liberty Hill, Roundrock and Bur- 
net, Tex. ; Nocona, Tex. ; attended 
Southwestern Sem.; Knox City, 
Tex.; First Ch., Colorado, Tex.; 
First Ch., Big Spring, Tex.; Mata- 
dor, Rosen Hts., Ft. Worth, Tex.; 
Electra, Tex.; First Ch., Sulphur, 
Okla.; Second Ch., Amarillo, Tex.; 
missionary in Panhandle of Tex., 5 
yrs.; missionary, Hunt Co., Tex., 1 
yr. ; pastor, Lovington, N. Mex., 4 
yrs.; evangelist, N. Mex. Bapt. 
Conv., 1934; pastor, Pecos Valley 



and Southeastern Assns. in N. Mex., 
and member of Exec. Bd. of Conv. 
Address: 106 S. Lea Ave., Roswell, 
N. Mex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ozona, Tex.; born, Medina, Tex., 
Oct. 1, 1892; son of Animate Hicks 
and Richard DeWitt Garrison of 
Medina, Tex.; education, A.B., clas- 
sical and Th.M., San Marcos Acad- 
emy, Baylor Univ., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Seventh and James Baptist 
Church, Waco, Tex., June, 1917; 
married Emma L. Koller of Waco, 
Tex., June 5, 1918; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. John Koller; children, 
Evelyn Joyce, I. V., Jr., Dorothy 
Nell; pastor, Berean Class Mission, 
Waco, Tex., 1916-1917; pastor, Bap- 
tist Church, Riesel, Tex., 1917-1918; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Ban- 
dera, Tex., 1918-1920; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Carrizo Springs, 
Tex., 1921-1922; pastor, Birdville 
Baptist Church, Birdville, Tex., 
1922-192-3; pastor New Baden Bap- 
tist Church, New Baden, Tex., 1923- 
1925; missionary evangelist, Big 
Spring Association, summer, 1924; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Pecos, 
Tex., 1925-1929; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Rio Hondo, Tex., 1930- 
1933; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Medina, Tex., 1933-1934; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Bangs, Tex., 
1934-1935; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Ozona, Tex., 1935 to date; 
vice president and director, Paisano 
Baptist Encampment, 1925-1929; 
corresponding secretary and treas- 
urer, Pecos Valley Association, 1926- 
1929; clerk Medina River Associa- 
tion, 1919-1920; superintendent, 
Lower Rio Grande Valley Sunday 
School Association, 1931-1932; super- 
intendent, Medina River Association 
Sunday School Convention, 1933- 
1934. Address: Ozona, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ar- 
lington, Ga.; born, Thomas County, 
Georgia, Nov. 28, 1912; son of Ves- 
sie Smith of Thomas County, Geor- 

gia, and J. Gorham Garrison of 
Cobb County, Georgia; education, 
A.B., Mercer University; ordained, 
Sept. 15, 1933; field pastor, Bar- 
nett's Creek, Thomas County Asso- 
ciation, 1 year; pastor, New Hope, 
Bethel Association, Georgia, 1 year; 
pastor, Colomokee, Bethel Associa- 
tion, Georgia, 1 year; pastor, Met- 
calfe, Thomas County Association, 
1 year; president, Baptist Student 
Union of Georgia, 1934; presi- 
dent student body, Mercer Univer- 
sity, 1933-1934; president, Bethel 
Association, B. T. U.; assistant 
moderator, Thomas County Associa- 
tion; Pi Kappa Phi, Mason. Ad- 
dress: Arlington, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Fukuoka, 
Japan; born, Batesville, Ark., June 
20, 1910; educated, Hendrix College, 
1929, A.B.; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1932, Th.M.; ap- 
pointed April 19, 1934; Educational 


Jewish Evangelist, Home Mission 
Board, Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion, Atlanta, Ga. ; born, Austria, 
Jan. 15, 1896; son of Cirel Feigen- 
baum and Moses Gartenhaus, now 
in Palestine; education, Jewish 
Schools of Learning; graduate of 
Rabbinical Seminary, Moody Bible 
Institute and Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
Walnut Street Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1920; 'married Lil- 
lian Brown, Toronto, Canada, June 
1, 1922; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry Brown; children, Ruth, Mir- 
iam, Frances; in charge of Hol- 
stead Street Centre, Chicago, He- 
brew Mission; 1921, first mission- 
ary to the Jews from Jewish de- 
partment, Home Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention; auth- 
or, various tracts, translated in sev- 
eral languages; a booklet, The Jew 
and Jesus; manuscripts to be pub- 
lished soon: Zionism, The Trinity 
in the Old Testament and Ancient 
Rabbinical Literature; twice Ameri- 



can delegate to International He- 
brew Christian Alliance held in 
London, England and Hamburg, 
Germany; member, Executive Com- 
mittee, American, and International 
Hebrew Christian Alliance. Home 
address: 34 Paces Ferry Place, At- 
lanta, Ga. Business address: 315 
Red Rock Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 


Professor, Bible and Philosophy, 
Stetson University, DeLand, Fla.; 
born, Champaign, 111., Oct. 8, 1884; 
son of Eva Ross and James Ed- 
ward Garwood of Champaign, 111.; 
education, A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.; or- 
dained, 1913; married Grace Smith 
of Murphysboro, 111., Sept. 10, 1914; 
daughter of A. J. and Martha Kelly 
Smith; pastor, Carlisle Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Louisville, Ky., 1914- 
1917; pastor, Stanton Memorial 
Baptist Church, Miami, Fla., 1917- 
1921; professor, Bible and Philoso- 
phy, John B. Stetson University, 
1921 to date; secretary Association, 
Southern Baptist Teachers of Bible 
and Religious Education, 1932-1934; 
contributor to denominational pa- 
pers and magazines; Athenian Club, 
Pi Gamma Mu, Mu Xi. Address: 
219 W. U. Ave., DeLand, Fla. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Austin, Tex.; born, near Hico, Tex., 
Jan. 3, 1886; son of Alice Presley 
of Illinois, and Thomas Jones Gary 
of Harris County, Texas; education, 
San Marcos Academy; A.B., Bay- 
lor University; ordained, July 21, 
1912; married Cordie Jane Smith 
of Andice, Tex., July 5, 1908; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. 
Smith; pastor around San Marcos 
and Waco, Tex., 10 years; associa- 
tion missionary, Williamson Coun- 
ty, 5 years; association missionary, 
Austin Baptist Association, Texas. 
5 years; pastor, Calvary Baptist 
Church, Austin, Tex., 3 years to 
date; Mason. Address: 1903 Can- 
terbury St., Austin, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Laichowfu, 
China; born, Fluvanna County, Va., 
Feb. 25, 1869; educated, Hollins In- 
stitute, two years; taught in Flor- 
ida and South Carolina; married 
Dr. J. McF. Gaston in 1895; appoint- 
ed Apr. 21, 1908; Medical and Evan- 
gelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Laichowfu, 
China; born, Apiahy, Brazil, Mar. 
30, 1868; came to America in child- 
hood; educated, University of Geor- 
gia, A.M.; Southern Medical Col., 
M. D.; appointed Apr. 21, 1908; Hos- 
pital and Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, First Church, Laurel, 
Miss.; born, Crystal Springs, Miss., 
May 31, 1875; son of Sarah Ellen 
Cutrer and John J. Gates; educa- 
tion, B.L., Miss. Col., Southern 
Sem., D.D. degree; ordained, Dec. 

25, 1899; married Jessie Hemphill 
of Marlin, Tex., May, 1903, daugh- 
ter of Margaret Barton and Steve 
Hemphill; children, John Paul, 
Jesse Lewis, Jessie Ruth; wife died 
Oct. 15, 1929; married again- Nov. 

26, 1930, Marion Atlee Tate of Lau- 
rel, Miss.; State Mission work, Gun- 
nison, Miss., 1 yr. ; pastor, Senato- 
bia, Miss., 2M> yrs.;' Laurel, Miss.. 31 
yrs. ; denominational : ex - Pres., 
State Conv., 1928-31; ex-member, 
Exec. State Mission Bd.; member; 
Social Service Com., State Conv.; 
Spec. Com. on "Boards," S. B. C, 
1936. Home address: 635 5th St., 
Laurel, Miss. 


Pastor, Mansfield Baptist Church, 
Mansfield. Ark.; born, Kenedy, Tex.. 
Feb. 14, 1902; son of Virginia New- 
berry and F. R. Gauntt of Kenedy, 
Tex.; education, Baylor University 
and Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary, receiving A.B., and 
Th.M. degrees; ordained, 1926; mar- 
ried Defsie Crafton of Riesel. Tex., 
June. 1926; daughter of Mr. and 



Mrs. A. P. Crafton; children, Eliza- 
beth Defsie; pastor, Pleasant Glade 
Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1 
year; pastor, Branch, Ark., 1% 
years; pastor, Hartford, Ark., 2 1 / 1 > 
years; pastor, Mansfield, Ark., 4 
years to date; assistant moderator, 
Association; Association Board; 
evangelist. Address: Mansfield, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Uvalde, Tex.; horn, Washington 
Parish, La., Oct. 12', 1880; son of 
Amanda Magee of Bogalusa, La., 
and Adolphe Gayer of New Orleans, 
La.; education, graduate Louisiana 
Normal School; Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving 
A.B., Th.M. and D.D. degrees; or- 
dained, June, 1904; married Alice 
Johnson of Zona, La., Dec. 26, 1906; 
daughter of A. J. Johnson; children, 
Theodore Sampey, ((deceased ) Delos 
Andrew; missionary pastor, Girdle- 
tree, Md., 3 years; evangelist, Flor- 
ida State Board, 18 months; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Aberdeen, 
Miss., 2 years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Bartlesville, Okla., 3 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Norman, Okla., 2% years; chaplain, 
U. S. Army, 7 months; pastor, Or- 
linda Baptist Church, Orlinda, 
Tenn., 4 years; secretary of Stew- 
ardship, Tennessee Baptist Conven- 
tion, 2 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Pineville, La., 9 years; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Uvalde, 
Tex., 1934 to date; moderator, Del 
Rio-Uvalde Baptist Association, 
Texas; Executive Board 6th Dis- 
trict, Texas; business manager and 
chairman, Executive Committee, 
Alto Frio Encampment, Texas; Ma- 
son, Rotary; president, Ministerial 
Association, Uvalde, Tex. Home: 
220 N. High St., Uvalde, Tex.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Uvalde, 


Pastor, Rose Hill Baptist Church, 
Columbus, Ga.; born, La Grange, 
Ga., Nov. 21, 1888; son of Walter 
Scott and Emma Lillian (Ferrell) 

Gibson; education, Mercer Univer- 
sity and Newton Theological Sem- 
inary, receiving A.B., A.M., B.D., 
and S.T.M. degrees; ordained, Sep- 
tember, 1913; married Nellie Kate 
Cook of Macon, Ga., June 24, 1914; 
children, Nellie Pearl and George 
C, Jr.; pastor, Geneva, Ga., 3 years, 
pastor, Shirley, Mass., 3 years; pas- 
tor, Winnsboro, S. C, 5 years; pas- 
tor, Toccoa, Ga., 4 years; pastor, 
Louisville, 1% years; pastor, Tif- 
ton, Ga., 7 years; pastor, Colum- 
bus, Ga., since 1934; member, Ex- 
ecutive Board, Georgia Baptist 
State Convention; member, Budget 
Committee, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention; Mason, Kiwanis. Home: 
2111 6th Ave.; office: Columbus, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Trion, Ga.; born, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware, Feb. 14, 1903; son of Ida Sova 
and Edward Gibson of Wilmington, 
Del.; education, Eastern University, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Philadelphia 
School of the Bible; ordained, Jan. 
23, 1930; married Lois E. Lessey of 
Wilmington, Del., Jan. 21, 1931; 
daughter of George J. and Ethel 
Mae Lessey; linotype operator, 
every evening newspaper, Wilming- 
ton, Del., 10 years; assistant pastor, 
North Baptist Church, Wilmington, 
Del., 10 months; pastor, Holloway 
Terrace Baptist Church, Wilming- 
ton, Del., 4 months; pastor, Not- 
tingham Baptist Church, Cleveland, 
O., 2' years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Trion, Ga., 1933 to date; 
pastor, Pleasant Grove Baptist 
Church, Gore, Ga., 1935 to date; 
moderator, Chattooga County Bap- 
tist Association, 1935 to date; Trion 
Civic Club, I. O. O. F., A. F. and 
A. M. Address: 8 Myers Ave., 
Trion, Ga. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Stillwater, Okla.; born, Winchester, 
Kans., May 2, 1887; son of Mary 
Hall of Easton, Kans., and William 
Gibson of Winchester, Kans.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Oklahoma Baptist Uni- 



versity; Th.M., Th.D., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, First Baptist Church, Black- 
well, Okla., Feb. 10, 1910; married 
Ora Rachel McHargue of Tyrone, 
Okla., Sept. 7, 1911; daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McHargue; 
childern, Henrietta, Cushing, Okla., 
Oscar Lee, William, Pauline, Mary 
Elizabeth, Hugh Dana; pastor, 
Kingman, Kans., 2 years; pastor, 
Osgood, Delaware and Napoleon, 
Ind., 4 years; pastor, Marlow, Okla., 
2 years; (built Baptist Church); 
pastor, New Boston and DeKalb, 
Tex., 14 months; pastor, Newport, 
Ark., 4 years; pastor, Cherokee, 
Okla., 1 year; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Guthrie, Okla., 3 years; 
pastor, Stillwater, Okla., 8 years to 
date; secretary-trustee, Board, Okla- 
homa Baptist University; modera- 
tor, Pawnee-Creek Baptist Associa- 
tion; teacher, A. and M. College, 
Religious Education; author, "The 
Anti-Liquor Agitation as a Social 
Movement;" contributor to newspa- 
pers and periodicals. Home: 309 
Ramsey St., Stillwater, Okla.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Still- 
water, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Val- 
dosta, Ga.; born, Daviston, Ala., 
May 28, 1894; son of H. Minerva 
Williams of Daviston, Ala., and D. 
Franklin Gibson of Enterprise, 
Ala.; education, A.B., Howard Col- 
lege; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Aug., 1918; married Mary 
E. Youngblood of Troy, Ala., May 
15, 1923; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Frank Youngblood; children, T. 
Baron, Jr. (deceased), John Frank, 
Mary Elizabeth, Robert Joseph; 
chaplain, U. S. Army, 1 year; pas- 
tor, rural and village churches, dur- 
ing Seminary days; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Andalusia, Ala., 
1922-1926; pastor, Earle Street Bap- 
tist Church, Greenville, S. C, 1926- 
1928; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Canton, Ga., 1928-1935; pastor. 
First Baptist Church, Valdosta, Ga., 
1935 to date; member, Board Trus- 

tees, Howard College, 1923-1926; 
member, Board, Baptist Courier, 
South Carolina, 1927-1928; member, 
State Executive Board, Missions, 
Georgia, 1929-1934; president B. Y. 
P. U. Convention, Georgia, 1932- 
1935; member, Southern Baptist 
Hospital Commission, 1934 to date; 
author, "Paul's Attitude Towards 
Roman Empire;" Mason, K. of P. 
American Legion. Address: First 
Baptist Church, Valdosta, Ga. 


Pastor, Broadus Memorial Church, 
Richmond, Va.; born, Loudoun Co., 
Va., June 2, 1873; son of Florence 
Blakely and Joseph A. Gibson; edu- 
cation, Upperville Acad., Univ. of 
Richmond, Crozer Theol. Sem., with 
B.A. and D.D. degrees; ordained 
July, 1898; married Grace Rockaf el- 
ler, Dec. 22, 1903, daughter of 
Frances and C. W. Rockaf eller ; chil- 
dren, Charles Rockaf eller; pastor, 
First Ch., Wichita, Kans., 1900-03; 
Brookland, D. C, 1904-05; Middle- 
burg and Longbranch Chs., Potomac 
Assn., Va., 1906-12; Broadus Memo- 
rial Ch., Richmond, Va., since 1912; 
denominational: has served Foreign 
Mission Bd., S. B. C, State Mission 
Bd., Va. ; member, Exec. Com., Va. 
branch, American Bible Society; 
Bapt. Council, Richmond, Va.; Mod., 
Dover Assn. of Va. ; author: "Mari- 
tal Messenger," manuscript, "Liv- 
ing in Tents." Home address: 3408 
E. Broad St., Richmond, Va. 


Pastor, First Ch., Del Rio, Tex.; 
born, Pottstown, Penn., Sept . 14, 
1894; son of Mabel Bucher and 
Howard R. Gilbert of Reading, Pa.; 
education, A.B., Univ. of Pa., Th.M., 
Southwestern Sem.; ordained, Oct. 
1924; married Lyda Margargtte 
Pearson of Waco, Tex., Mar. 12, 
daughter of Wm. B. Pearson; chil- 
dren, Leon Pearson, Barbara Joyce, 
Bettv Jane, Ruel Esther; pastor, 
First Ch., Clifton, Tex., 1927-29; 
Eliasville, Tex., 1929-30; Menard, 
Tex., 1930-32; Del Rio, Tex., since 
1932; denominational: Mod., Merid- 
ian Assn., Brady Assn., Del Rio- 



Uvalde Assn.; Mason. Home ad- 
dress: 509 E. Losoya St., Del Rio, 


Editor, The Christian Index, Ga. ; 
born, Rockford, Ala., Sept. 22, 1875; 
son of Susann Thomas and John 
Fleming Gilbert; education, Mercer 
Univ., Crozer Sem., Chester, Pa.; 
D.D., Univ. of Ga.; ordained, 1895; 
married Talula Zuleme Jordan, Dec. 
7, 1904; children, Wright Court- 
land, John Jordan, William Andrew, 
Osceola Pinckney, Benjamin Pierce, 
James Brown; pastor, Second Ch., 
Augusta, Ga., 1901-05, 1908-16; First 
Ch., Americus, Ga., 1905-08; First 
Ch., Brunswick, Ga., 1916-30; edi- 
torial writer, Brunswick Banner, 
1917-19; book editor, The Christian 
Index, 1922, and editor, publisher, 
since 1930; denominational: mem- 
ber, Exec. Com., Ga. Bapt. Conv., 
1919-30. Home address: 1309 North 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bucharest, 
Roumania, Europe; born, Hunts- 
ville, Mo., Nov. 4, 1869; educated, 
William Jewell College, 1890; South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Th.M., 1894, Th.D., 1895; appointed 
December, 1904; resigned account 
of sickness in family; reappointed 
Sept. 14, 1910. 


Pastor, St. Charles Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, New Orleans, La.; born, 
Hannibal, Mo., July 31, 1901; son 
of Emma Geraldine Williams of 
Staunton, Va., and Everett Gill, 
Huntsville, Mo.; education, A.B., 
William Jewell College, United 
States Naval Academy; Th.M., and 
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; University of Edin- 
burgh, Scotland; ordained, Sept. 11, 
1923; married Rachel Truex of St. 
Louis, Mo., Apr. 21, 1928; daughter 
of Harvey E. and Mecca Perry; 
children, Elizabeth Perry, Everett, 
III, Jane Rachel; instructor, Wil- 
liam Jewell College, 1921-1922'; pas- 

tor, Rock Port Baptist Church, Rock 
Port, Mo., 1923; pastor, Junction 
City Baptist Church, Junction City, 
Ky., 1924-1926; pastor Crab Orch- 
ard Baptist Church, Crab Orchard, 
Ky., 1925-1926; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Marshall, Mo., 1927-1934; 
pastor, St. Charles Avenue Baptist 
Church, New Orleans, La., 1934 to 
date; chairman, Saline Association 
Board, Missouri, 1930-1934; member, 
Committee on Boards, Southern 
Baptist Convention, 1932; member, 
Missouri Board of Managers, His- 
torical Society; member, from 
Louisiana, Committee on Social Re- 
search, Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1935; trustee, Baptist Bible 
Institute, 1935; author, "Christian- 
ity and Religious Liberty" (to the 
4th Century); "The Family Altar," 
"Every-Member Canvass;" Phi Gam- 
ma Delta, Chamber of Commerce. 
Home: 6029 Prytania St., New Or- 
leans, La.; office: 7100 St. Charles 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bucharest, 
Roumania, Europe; born, Staunton, 
Va., Mar. 2-5, 1870; moved to St. 
Louis; educated, Hardin College; 
married Everette Gill, Oct., 1895; 
appointed December, 1904; reap- 
pointed Sept. 14, 1910. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kaifeng, 
China; born, Waco, N. C, June 21, 
1902; educated, Mars Hill College, 
Wake Forest, A.B., 1926; Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1930; 
appointed July 23, 1931; Evangelis- 
tic Work. 


Pastor, Calvary-Sharon Field Bap- 
tist Churches, Route 4, Reidsville, 
N. C; born, Mooresboro, Cleveland 
County, North Carolina, Feb. 8, 
1868; son of Selena Elizabeth 
Hughes and John Marion Gillespie; 
education, A.B., Wake Forest Col- 
lege; Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; correspondence work, 



Temple University, Philadelphia 
and Scofield correspondence course; 
ordained, June 24, 1898; married 
Mary Elizabeth Gettys, Hollis, N. 
C, Oct. 19, 1898; daughter of Vir- 
ginia and John Carson Gettys; 
children, Rev. Arthur Samuel Gil- 
lespie of Kaifeng, Honan, China; 
Boyce Summie, Winston-Salem, N. 
C, Ralph Thomas and James Craig, 
Jr., Reidsville, N. C, Mrs. Russell 
King, Winston-Salem, N. C, Walter 
Craton and Frank Haig, Reidsville, 
N. C; pastor, Mt. Lebanon Baptist 
Church, Rutherford County, North 
Carolina, 1898-1899; missionary, 
Waycross, Ga., 1899-1900; pastor, 
Homerville, Ga., Baptist Church, 
1900-1901; pastor, Waco and other 
churches, Waco, N. C, 1902; 
churches around Shelby, N. C, 1903- 
1904; Bessemer City and Crowder's 
Mountain, 1904-06; Louise Ch. and 
North Charlotte Mission, Charlotte, 
N. C, 1906-1908; Second Baptist 
Church, Knitting Mill and Fairview, 
Union, S. C, 1906-1910; second pas- 
torate, Louise Charlotte and other 
churches, 1910-1912; Chadwrck, 
Charlotte and other churches, 1913- 
1914; Norwood Field Baptist 
Chs., Norwood, N. C, 1914-1918; 
Oakboro Field Baptist Chs,, Oak- 
boro, N. C, 1918-1919; Erlanger 
Field Baptist Chs., Lexington, N. 
C, 1920-1921; Poplar Springs and 
Beaver Dam Field, Shelby, N. C, 
1921-1926; Calvary-Sharon Field 
since Oct. 1, 1926; member, State 
Mission Board, Stanly Association, 
N. C, 1918-1919; clerk, Stanly As- 
sociation. 1916-1918; member, Ex- 
ecutive Board, Stanly Association 
for several years; member, Execu- 
tive Board, Pilot Mountain Associa- 
tion for past 5 years; author, small 
volume on "The Gillespie Family;" 
has assisted in about 100 evangelis- 
tic meetings in addition to those in 
his own church; 2300 persons have 
been received into churches where 
he has been pastor. Address: Route 
4, Reidsville, N C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Fay- 
etteville, Ark.; born, North Caro- 

lina, Apr. 18, 1893; son of Letitia 
Goode and William Gillespie of 
North Carolina; education, Wake 
Forest College and Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, re- 
ceiving A.B. and Th.M. degrees; 
ordained, December, 1916; married 
Janie Green of Philadelphia, Dec. 
23, 1918; daughter of A. W. and 
Minnie Cade Green; children, Ro- 
sanna, Alice-, Thomas, Elizabeth 
Love, Ruth, Martha Eunice, Archie, 
Mary Kate, Margaret Naomi; gradu- 
ate student and teaching fellow, 
Southwestern "Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1923-1925; head, Depart- 
ment Christianity and Greek, Okla- 
homa Baptist University, 1925-1929; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Fay- 
etteville, Ark., 1929 to date; moder- 
ator, Washington County Baptist 
Association, 1930 to date; member 
State Executive Board, 1930 to 
date; member, Executive Commit- 
tee, State Executive Board, 1933- 
1934; Arkansas member, Society 
Committee, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, 1935. Home: 20 E. Dick- 
son, Fayetteville, Ark.; office: First 
Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kaifeng, 
China; born, Bullock, N. C, Feb. 
27, 1905; educated, N. C. College 
for Women, A.B., 1929; W. M. U. 
Training School; married A. S. Gil- 
lespie, Sept. 14, 1930; appointed 
July 23, 1931; Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, Valley Head, Ala.; born, 
Etowah County, Alabama, Oct. 20, 
1894; son of Georgia Ann Gaines 
and James Henry Gilliland of Attal- 
la, Ala.; education, 3% years, A. 
M.; ordained, October, 1917; mar- 
ried Linnie Lee Drummond of Jas- 
per, Ala., Dec. 25. 1912; daughter 
of Rev. James Pery and Martha 
Evoline Rushing Drummond; child- 
ren, Esther Mae (Mrs. U. W. Led- 
better), Birmingham. Ala., Opal 
Louel (Mrs. J. B. Pruett), Gadsden, 



Ala., James Ray, N. L., Jr., Lester 
Lee, Charles Whiteman, Ralph Les- 
ley, Betty Jean; pastor, Mt. Joy 
and Oak Grove, Walker County, 
Ala., 1917-1920; pastor, Windfield, 
Marion County, Pleasant Ridge, La- 
mar County, Alabama, 1920-1922; 
pastor, S h i 1 o a h and Friend- 
ship, North Lamar County, Ala- 
bama, 1922'-1924; pastor, Bridgeport, 
Ala., and Antioch, Tenn., 1925-1926; 
pastor, 27th Street Baptist Church, 
Birmingham, Ala., 1927-1929; pastor 
Wilkes and Huey Town Baptist 
Churches, Alabama, 1930-1931; pas- 
tor, Dwight, Ala., and City, Ala., 
1932-1935; pastor, Valley Head, Ala., 
1935 to date; moderator, Lamar 
County Association, 1924; Civit- 
an Club, Mason. Address: P. 0. 
Box 514, Valley Head, Ala. 



Publicity Director, Treasurer and 
Secretary, Executive Committee, 
Southern Baptist Convention, Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; born, Moore Co., N. C., 
Jan. 10, 1869; son of Margaret 
Frances Murchison and David 
Chandler Gilmore; education, Mt. 
Vernon Springs Acad., Sanford H. 
S., A.B., Wake Forest Col., Th.B., 
Southern Sent.; ordained, Oct., 
1892; married Mary Estelle Taylor 
of Dunn, N. C, Nov. 4, 1903, daugh- 
ter of Laura and John Taylor; chil- 
dren, Walter Sledge; Prin., Pockett 
H. S., 1891-92; pastor, First Ch., 
Brunswick, Ga., Jan. 1895-June 
1904; Marshallville, Ga., June 1904- 
May 1906; Eastman, Ga., May 1906- 
Nov. 1909; Immanuel Ch., Atlanta, 
Ga., Nov. 1909-Nov. 1911; Louisburg, 
N. C, Nov. 1911-April 1918; First 
Ch., Sanford, N. C, April 1918-Aug. 
1923; denominational: Rec. Sec, 
N. C. State Conv., 1914-30; Stew- 
ardship and Mission Sec, N. C. 
State Conv., Aug., 1923-July 1, 1930; 
Publicity Dir., Exec. Com., S. B. C, 
and Promotion Com. of Southern 
Baptists since July, 1930; Treas., 
Exec. Com. and of the S. B. C, since 
June, 1933; Rec Sec, Exec. Com.. 
S. B. C, since June, 1933; clerk, 
Piedmont Assn., Ga., 1896-1903; New 

Ebenezer Assn., Ga., 1907-09; au- 
thor: "Seven Marks of a Good 
Steward," "A Glimpse at the Co- 
operative Program of Southern 
Baptists," "Laborers Together With 
God," etc.; trustee, Chowan Col., 
N. C.; Louisburg High School, N. 
C. Home address: 1707 17th Ave., 
S.; office: 161 8th Ave., N., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Russell, Ky.; born, Beaver Lick, 
Ky., May 8, 1905; son of William 
and Lucia (Jackson) Gilpin; edu- 
cation, Cumberland College, Wil- 
liamsburg, Ky., Georgetown Col- 
lege, Georgetown, Ky., and Southern 
Baptist Seminary, receiving A.B. 
degree; ordained, Baptist minister; 
married Helen Virginia Aylor of 
Walton, Ky. ; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. E. L. Aylor; children, -John 
R., Jr.; pastor, Hickory Grove Bap- 
tist Church, Kenton, Ky., 4 years; 
pastor, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 
Cincinnati, O., 1 year, 2 months; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Rus- 
sell, Ky., for past 7 years; clerk, 
Greenup Association; president, 
Tri-State Baptist Bible School, Rus- 
sell, Ky.; author, "The Security of 
the Saved," "Twelve Indictments 
Against the Modern Dance," and 
"The Historicity of Baptists." Ad- 
dress: Russell, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, retired on pension, former- 
ly stationed at Sao Paulo, Brazil; 
born, Owensboro, Ky., Jan. 16, 1865; 
educated, St. Louis, high school, 
1883; appointed in 1889; married S. 
L. Ginsburg in 1893; Evangelistic 
Work. Address: Kansas City, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Tazewell County, Va., 
Apr. 7, 1877; educated, Fincastle 
Female Institute; Touro Infirmary; 
appointed Aug. 5, 1901; married W. 



B. Glass, Mar. 30, 1915; Evangelistic 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Mount Pleasant, Tex- 
as; educated, Baylor University, 
1901; Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1903; appointed May 5, 
1903; Evangelistic Work. 


General Superintendent, Missouri 
Baptist General Association, Kan- 
sas City, Mo.; born, Auburn, Miss., 
Dec. 2, 1879; son of Mary S. Terry 
and Thomas R. Godbold of Miss.; 
education, B.S., M.A., Miss. Col., 
Chicago Univ., LL.D., Howard Payne 
Col. and Miss. Col.; married Irene 
Coleman of Robinsonville, Miss., 
June 16, 1909, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. F. Coleman; teacher, public 
schools in Miss.; Supt., Lawrence 
Co. H. S., Silver Creek, Miss.; Sec, 
Laymen's Movement, Miss., 1906; 
Prof., Biology, Miss. Col., 1906-12; 
Sec, Education Commn., La. Bapt. 
Conv., 1912-18; Prof., Biology, La. 
Col., Pineville, La., 1912-18; over- 
seas Y. M. C. A. work in Italy, 1918- 
19; publicity director, La. Bapt. 75 
Million Campaign, 1919; State Sec, 
La. Bapt. Conv., 1919-23; Pres., 
Howard Payne Col., Brownwood, 
Tex., 1923-29; member, Exec. Bd., 
Tex., Bapt. Gen. Conv., 1924-2S; 
editor, Mo. Bapt. Bulletin, 1929-33; 
Gen. Supt., Mo. Bapt. Gen. Assn., 
since 1929; Asso. Editor, The Word 

and Way, 1933- Home address: 

5815 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 


Pastor, First Mexican Church, 
Houston, Tex.; born, Leon, Mexico, 
Jan. 29, 1898; son of Frances Se- 
villa and Pablo I. Godinez; ordained 
March, 1925; married Rosario 
Flores, daughter of Nepomucena 
Sandoval and Anastasio Flores; 
children, Sara, Colima, Mex., Ester, 
Leon, Mex., Berenice, Uruapan, 
Mex., Frances, San Marcos, Tex., 
Daniel; Asst. pastor, Colima, Mex., 
2 yrs.; Guadalajara, Mex., 2 yrs.; 

pastor, Leon, Mex., 2 yrs.; Uruapan, 
Mex., 5 yrs.; Sam Marcos, Tex., 2 
yrs.; First Mexican Ch., Houston, 
Tex., 9 yrs. to date; denomination- 
al: Sec, Mexican Bapt. State Conv.; 
Pres., Mexican Bapt. Gulf Assn.; 
author: "Baptist Herald," "Why I 
Am a Baptist," one million pages 
of Gospel Tracts, many Gospel 
Songs; Vice Pres., Ministerial Al- 
liance, Houston, Tex.; Mason. Home 
address: 2804 Bering, Houston, 


Instructor, Department of Mis- 
sions and Comparative Religion, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, Louisville, Ky.; born, Mart, 
Tex., Aug. 5, 1908; son of Mary 
Cornelia Leonard of Reidville, S. 
C, and Henry Louis Goerner of 
Dallas, Tex.; education, B.A., S. 
M.U., Th.M., Ph.D., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; Yale Di- 
vinity School; ordained, Louisville, 
Ky., May 4, 1932; married Ruth 
Vinall Paddock of Dallas, Tex., Sept. 
1, 1932; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Chas. E. Paddock; pastor, Pleas- 
ant Ridge Baptist Church, Camp- 
bell County, Kentucky, 1932--1933; 
assistant pastor, Crescent Hill Bap- 
tist Church, Louisville, Ky., 1935 
to date; Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha 
Theta Phi. Home: 2800 Grinstead 
Drive, Louisville, Ky. Office: Nor- 
ton Hall, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Hot Springs Baptist 
Church, Hot Springs, N. Mex.; born, 
Joplin, Mo., Jan. 1, 1907; son of 
Goldie Tutt of Joplin, Mo., and 
W. A. Goff of Arkansas City, Kans.; 
education, A.B., Montezuma Col- 
lege; ordained, First Baptist 
Church, Albuquerque, N. Mex., Au- 
gust, 1927; married Etta Creecy of 
Rotan, N. Mex., June 1, 1929; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 
Creecy; children, Russell V., Jr.; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Az- 
tec, N. Mex., 18 months; pastor, 
Hot Springs Baptist Church, Hot 
Springs, N. Mex., 1931 to date; 



clerk, Southwestern Association, N. 
Mex., 3 years; Program Committee, 
State Baptist Convention, N. M., 
1935. Address: Hot Springs, N. 


Pastor, Lonoke Baptist Church, 
Lonoke, Ark.; born, Lonoke, Ark., 
Jan. 15, 1889; son of Fannie J. 
Bransford and Frank M. Goodbar of 
Lonoke, Ark.; education, Graduate 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, March, 1928, 
Wheatley Baptist Church, Wheatley, 
Ark.; married Lottie M. Loewer of 
Lonoke, Ark., June 19, 1912; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Loewer; 
children, Janice Goodbar, Morrilton, 
Ark., and Richard; pastor, Wheat- 
ley Baptist Church, Wheatley, Ark., 
1928; pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Blooming Grove, Tex., 1929- 
1931; pastor Lonoke Baptist 
Church, Lonoke, Ark., 1931 to date; 
moderator, Caroline Baptist Asso- 
ciation; member, Central College 
Board of Trustees; Kiwanis. Ad- 
dress: Lonoke, Ark. 


Pastor, Colfax and Rochelle Chs., 
Colfax, La.; born, Perryville, Tex., 
Sept. 24, 1897; son of Mary Nichols 
of Cora, La., and Elisha Goodman 
of Elmer, La.; education, A.B., La. 
Col., Pineville, La.; Th.B., Bapt. 
Bible Inst., New Orleans, La.; or- 
dained Jan. 23, 1924; married Beu- 
lah E. Jones of Jonesboro, La., July 
26, 1920, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
William Joseph Jones; children, 
Opal and Betty Jo; pastor, St. Lan- 
dry Ch., St. Landry, La., 1924-27; 
Ferriday Ch., Ferriday, La., 1924- 
25; organized the church; Harmon 
Ch., Harmon, La., 1925-29; Mt. Zion 
Ch., Many, La„ 1929-35; also taught 
in the public schools of Sabine Par- 
ish, 1929-32; Colfax and Rochelle 
Chs., Colfax, La., since 1935; mem- 
ber, Solomon Lodge, F. and A. M., 
221 Pineville, La. Address: Colfax, 


Circulation Manager, Baptist Rec- 
ord; born, Kenly, N. C, Sept. 12, 

1891; son of Lillie Waller of La- 
grange, N. C, and John Wright 
Goodrich of Kenly, N. C; educa- 
tion, Wake Forest Col., Southern 
Sem.; special course, Vanderbilt 
Univ.; degree, A.B.; ordained, Jan. 
15, 1916; married May 12, 1912, to 
Lille Barbour of Clayton, N. C, 
daughter of J. C. and Delia Bar- 
bour; married July 8, 192'2, to Rosa 
Mann of Merry Oaks, N. C, daugh- 
ter of M. J. and Rosa Mann; chil- 
dren, Mrs. Russell Patterson, Thy- 
ra, John Wright, Rose Ellen, Jean, 
A. L., Jr. (deceased, Jan. 1932), all 
of Pontotoc, Miss.; pastor, Gibson 
Ave., Wilmington, N. C, 2 yrs., 
Wrightsboro, Wilmington, N. C., 2 
yrs.; Point Caswell, N. C, 1 yr.; 
Centerville, N. C, 5 yrs., Harris 
Chapel (Hollister), N. C, 2 yrs.; 
Hopewell (Talmadge, Ky.), 2 yrs.; 
Lexington, Ky. (Porter Memorial), 
5 yrs.; Circulation Mgr., Baptist 
Record, Miss., since 1935; Vice 
Pres., Ky. Bapt. State Conv., 1929; 
State Mission Bd., Miss., 1931-35; 
Mod., Pontotoc Co. Bapt. Assn., 
1934; Mason, Rotary Club. Home 
address: Clinton, Miss.; office ad- 
dress: 500 E. Capitol St., Jackson, 


Moderator, Missouri Baptist Gen- 
eral Association; Macon, Mo.; born, 
New Cambria, Mo., Apr. 25, 1878; 
son of Missouri Hammack and 
Grandison Goodson of Macon Coun- 
ty, Missouri; education, Normal 
School, Missouri University, LL.B.; 
married Nellie Perin of Queen City, 
Mo., Dec. 9, 1903; daughter of Sam- 
uel and Fannie Perin; children, 
Richard Perin, Jefferson City, Mo.; 
Walter Conrad, Jr., Jefferson City, 
Mo., Margaret Perin (Mrs. Ken Cor- 
many), Kansas City, Mo.; general 
secretary, Missouri University Y. 
M. C. A., 1898-1900; superintendent, 
Sunday School, First Baptist 
Church, Macon, Mo., 1905-1919; dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Macon, 
Mo.; teacher, Men's Class, Sunday 
School, First Baptist Church, Ma- 
con, Mo., 20 years to date; assistant 
moderator, Missouri Baptist Gener- 



al Association, 1925-1926; moderat- 
or, Missouri Baptist General Asso- 
ciation, 1926; chairman, State Ex- 
ecutive Board, 1926 to date; presi- 
dent, Board of Control, Hannibal- 
LaGrange College, 1915-1935; trus- 
tee, Hannibal-LaGrange College; 
City Attorney, Macon, Mo.; State 
Senator, 1912-1920; acting Govern- 
or, Missouri, August, 1920; Mason. 
Home: 717 Jackson, Macon, Mo.; 
office: Rollin St., Macon, Mo. 


Pastor, First Ch, Suffolk, Va.; 
born, Gordonsville, Va., Feb. 16, 
1879; son of Bettie Williamson Da- 
vis of Orange Co., Va., and Robert 
Jackson Goodwin of Prince William 
Co., Va.; education and D. D., "Univ. 
of Richmond; ordained Oct. 29, 
1899; married Annie Dunn Scott of 
Richmond, Va., Dec. 3, 1901, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harvey 
Scott; children, Theodore Winston, 
Norfolk, Va.; pastor, Harmony 
Grove, Middlesex Co., Va., 6 yrs.; 
Luray, Va., 2 yrs.; Irvington, Va., 
3 yrs.; Washington, D. C, 4 yrs.; 
Waynesboro, Va., 2 yrs.; Orcutt 
Ave. Ch., Newport News, Va., 3 
yrs.; Belmont, Roanoke, Va., 3 yrs.; 
First Ch., Suffolk, Va., 10 yrs. to 
date; Mod., Peninsula Assn., 1921- 
23; Vice Pres., Bapt. Gen. Assn., 
Va., 1924 and 1935; Mod., Blackwa- 
ter Assn., 1929-1930; Pres., Va, State 
Pastors' Conf., 1931; trustee, Fork 
Union Military Acad.; Interracial 
Cooperation Commn., Va. ; Chmn., 
Interracial work, Suffolk and Nan- 
semond County, Va. ; Vice Pres., 
Lions, Suffolk, Va.; I. O. O. F., A. F. 
and A. M. Home: 235 N. Main St.; 
office: 237 N. Main St., Suffolk, Va. 


Pastor, Laurel St. Church, Amite, 
La.; born, Chester, Miss., Mar. 9, 
1888; education, Miss. Col., B.C.T., 
M.C.T., Bapt. Bible Inst., New Or- 
leans, La.; married Lucy Otto of 
Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 19, 1922; 
children, Margaret and Sam, Jr.; 
worked in office, Mo. Pac. R. R., 
Monroe, La.; mercantile business, 
Creston, La., 4 yrs.; pastor, Gret- 

na, La., 1920-22; Laurel St. Ch., 
Amite, La,, since May 1, 1922; a 
church builder. Address: Amite, 


Pastor, Temple Baptist Church, 
Tulsa, Okla.; born, St. Joseph Mo., 
Sept. 17, 1865; son of Mary C. Fly 
of Kentucky and Noah J. Gore of 
Virginia; education, A.B., William 
Jewell College; Th.G., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, Shiloh Baptist Church, Sa- 
line County, Missouri; married 
Katherine Hughes of Miami, Mo., 
1896; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. T. J. Hughes; children, Mrs. 
Jamie K. Lounsbury, Herrin, 111., 
Robert Gordon, Los Angeles, Calif., 
John K., Oklahoma City, Okla., Mrs. 
Elizabeth Pendergrass, Tulsa, 
Okla.; pastor, Brandenburg, Ky„ 2 
years; pastor, Oak Grove, Mo., 2 
years; pastor, Lone Jack, Mo., 2 
years; pastor, Gallatin, Mo., 4 
years; pastor, Coalgate, I. T., 7 
years; pastor, Madesto, Calif., 4 
years; pastor, Roswell, N. M., 1 
year; pastor, Woodward, Okla., 3 
years; pastor, Ramona, Okla., 3 
years; pastor, Herrin, 111., 4 years; 
pastor, Pershing, Okla., 2 years; 
missionary, Muskogee Association, 
Okla., 3 years; pastor, Jenks, Okla., 
6 years; frontier work; established 
and assisted in establishing 34 Bap- 
tist Churches; moderator, Associa- 
tions, Missouri, Illinois, I. T., Okla- 
homa, and California; served on de- 
nominational boards; author, pub- 
lishing association and church bul- 
letins. Home: 1712 N. Elgin St., 
Tulsa, Okla. 


President and General Manager, 
Index Printing Co., Atlanta, Ga. ; 
born, Hickory Flat, Cherokee Coun- 
ty, Georgia, July 6, 1862; son of 
Elenah Day and Joseph Graham; 
A.B., D.D., Mercer University; or- 
dained, 1887; married Nancy Ann 
Samantha Thompson of Thomaston, 
Ga., Dec. 8, 1879; children, Edward 
Jackson, James Martin, Reuben, 



Jewell .(Mrs. Matthews), Jeddie 
Pearl (Mrs. Albert B. Mobley), 
Lorena (deceased), Lynette, Mattie 
(deceased), John (deceased), Ed- 
ward Jackson (deceased), mercan- 
tile business, until 1888; pastor, Lo- 
cust Grove, Cochran, Conyers, So- 
cial Circle, Hogansville, Ga., until 
1923; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hapeville, Ga., 1923-1931; financial 
secretary, Georgia Baptist Home, 
Atlanta, Ga., 1931-1933; president, 
general manager, Index Printing 
Co., Atlanta, Ga., 1907 to date; pres- 
ident, Baptist Song Book Co.; ed- 
itor and publisher, Christian Index 
(state Baptist publication), 1900- 
1920; founder, 1927, and president, 
Co-operative Educational Society, 
to date; moderator, Atlanta Baptist 
Association; founder, Locust Grove 
Institution; author, "Regeneration 
in Relation to Other Doctrines," 
"Baptist Biography," editor, "Gos- 
pel Songs and Hymns of Praise," 
Sigma Nu, Mason; traveler, Europe, 
Orient and America. Address: 570 
St. Charles Ave., N. E., Atlanta, 


Pastor, Crescent Hill Church, 
Louisville, Ky. ; born, Louisville, 
Ky., Dec. 9, 1884; son of Alice Sta- 
ten and Charles Letcher Graham; 
education, A.B., A.M. and D.D., 
Georgetown Col., Georgetown, Ky.; 
Southern Sem.; pastor, First Ch., 
Seymour, Ind. ; DeHaven Memorial 
Ch , La Grange, Ky. ; Crescent Hill 
Ch., Louisville, Ky., 18 yrs. to date; 
denominational: trustee, Southern 
Sem.; Sec, Exec. Com., Southern 
Sem. ; member, Educational 
Commn, S. B. C; Past Grand Chap- 
lain of the F. and A. M., State of 
Ky. Address: Crescent Hill Ch., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Compton Heights Church, 
St. Louis, Mo.; born, Madison Co., 
Mo., Feb. 20, 1879; son of Susan 
Garrett Shreve of Ky., and John 
B. Graham of Mo.; education, A.B., 
Central Col.; ordained, Farmington, 

Mo., May 30, 1915; married Lillian 
N. Renfroe of St. Louis, Mo., July 
27, 1918, daughter of J. H. and Mary 
Elizabeth Renfroe; pastor, Marble 
Hill, Mo., 1915-1917; field agent, 
Will Mayfield Col., summer, 1917; 
State S. S. Sec, Mo., 1917-18; chap- 
lain, United States Army, 1918; 
State Missions Sec, St. Louis Dist., 
1919-1924; pastor, First Ch., Fay- 
ette, Mo., 1924-1928; First Ch., Her- 
rin, 111., 1928-1934; Compton Hts. 
Ch., St. Louis, Mo., 1934 to date; 
member, 111. State Mission Bd.; 
Chmn., S. S. Com., State Mission 
Bd., 5 yrs.; 111. member, Bapt. S. S. 
Bd., 6 yrs.; Chmn., Survey Com., 
S. S. Bd., 4 yrs.; Chmn., St. Louis 
Bapt. Pastors' Conf.; chaplain, Of- 
ficers Reserve, U. S. Army; past 
member, Round Table and Kiwanis 
Club; past member, Rotary Club. 
Home: 3852a DeTonty St.; office: 
3641 Russell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Temuco, 
Chile; born, Yoakum, Tex., Feb. 22, 
1888; educated, University of Texas, 
1918; W. M. U. Training School, 
1920; appointed June 10, 1920; 
Girls' School. 


Pastor, Carmel, Concord, Taylors- 
ville Chs., Hanover Co., Va. ; born, 
Alexandria, Va., May 14, 1905, son 
of Mamie Gertrude Bradley, Bar- 
boursville, Va., and Richard Mason 
Graham, Timberville, Va.; educa- 
tion, Eastern H. S., Natl. Univ. Law 
School, Washington, D. C, Southern 
Sem.; degrees, Th.G., Louisville, 
Ky. ; ordained, Metropolitan Bapt. 
Ch., Washington, D. C, Sept. 26, 
1929; married Polly Anita Ritten- 
house, Washington, D. C, July 12, 
1926, daughter of Daisy Hughes and 
William Emmett Rittenhouse; chil- 
dren, Richard Marshall, Jr., Cath- 
erine Anita, Martha Anne, Doswell, 
Va.; work: stenographer-clerk, Cor- 
poration Trust Co., Washington, D. 
C, 1% yrs.; clerk, Govt. Hotels 
Laundry, Washington, D. C; ship- 
ping clerk, Closgard Wardrobe 



Factory, Washington, D. C, 1 yr.; 
religious work Sec, Central Y. M. 
C. A., Washington, D. O, 1 yr.; pas- 
tor, Madison Field of Bapt. Chs., 
Madison, Va., 5 yrs.; pastor, Car- 
mel, Concord, Taylorsville Chs., 1 
yr.; general: radio work over 
WCHV, Charlottesville, Va., and 
"Easy Chair Philosopher" program 
over WRVA, Richmond, Va. Ad- 
dress: Doswell, Hanover Co., Va. 


President, Limestone Col., Gaff- 
ney, S. C; born, June 21, 1880, 
Brewton, Ala.; son of John M. and 
Sara E. Granberry; edu:ation, Frye 
Private School, Boston, Mass., A.B., 
Harvard Univ., B.D., Newton Theol. 
Inst., Southern Sem., D.D., South 
Carolina Univ.; married Leila Bell 
Brinson of Columbus, Ga., 1913; 
children, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary 
Brinson, Robert Colley; pastor, Di- 
vision St. Ch., Salisbury, Md.; Rose 
Hill Ch., Columbus, Ga., 6 yrs.; pas- 
tor, Tatnell Square Ch., Macon, Ga., 
6 yrs.; First Ch., Gaffney, S. C, 
1919-1923; Pres., Limestone Col., 
1923 to date; state member, Foreign 
Mis. Bd.; state member, Home Mis. 
Bd.; author: "The Things that Re- 
main"; Mason, Rotarian. Address: 
Limestone Col., Gaffney, S. C. 


Pastor, Park Heights Baptist 
Church, San Angelo, Tex.; born, 
Palo Pinto County, Texas, Oct. 3, 
1908; son of Myrtle Mott of Palo 
Pinto County, and J. L. Grant of 
Ft. Worth, Tex.; education, B.A. 
and Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; ordained, 1927; mar- 
ried Ima Gene Merrick of Lamesa, 
Tex., July 7, 1931; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. A. H. Merrick; children 
Martha Ann; pastor, rural 
churches; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Anson, Tex.. 2 years; pas- 
tor, Park Heights Baptist Church, 
San Angelo, Tex., 3 years to date; 
budget organizer, Concho Valley As- 
sociation; vice moderator, Concho 
Valley Association; member, Dis- 
trict Board. Address: San Angelo, 


President, Ouachita Baptist Col- 
lege, Arkadelphia, Ark.; born, Dov- 
er, Ark., Mar. 16, 1880; son of Mary 
Elizabeth Aiken and Daniel Rich- 
ard Grant; education, University of 
Arkansas, University of Chicago, 
Columbia. University and Peabody 
College, with B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. 
degrees; married Gracey Sowers, 
Monticello, Ark., Aug. 24, 1910; 
children, Mrs. Elizabeth Stanford, 
Little Rock, Ark., James Richard, 
Jr., Russellville, Ark., Geo. S., 
Grace Harriet and Daniel Ross, 
Arkadelphia. Taught in public 
schools of Arkansas and Missouri, 
1899-1912; taught, University of Ar- 
kansas, 1912-1920; state supervisor 
of rural schools in Arkansas, 1920- 
1926; president, Arkansas Polytech- 
nic College, 1926-1931; taught, 
Ouachita Baptist College, 1932-1933 
and president since 1933; chairman. 
Board of Deacons, Fayetteville, 
Ark.; member, Educational Com- 
mission, Arkansas Baptist Conven- 
tion; supplies for pastors some- 
times; teacher, Men's Bible Class; 
has served as Sunday School super- 
intendent; author, "Acquiring Skill 
in Teaching," "Arkansas Geogra- 
phy," "Life of Thomas C. McRae." 
"A State Teacher Training Pro- 
gram," and co-author of "Arkansas 
History;" member, Rotary Club, 
scout master, Phi Delta Kappa (Co- 
lumbia University), Tau Kappa Al- 
pha, debating fraternity. Parents 
were unable to pay high school or 
college expenses; worked as jan- 
itor, dish washer, tutor, etc., to pay- 
all expenses; lectures great deal 
on social and religious topics, em- 
phasizing Christian Education. 
Home: Arkadelphia, Ark. 


Superintendent, Baptist Orphans 
Home, Portales, N. M. ; born, Haber- 
shan County, Georgia, Sept. 7, 1864; 
son of Lovenia Deavours and J. C. 
Grant of Georgia; education, 
Brownwood, Tex.; ordained, 1891; 
married Alice Stone of Texas, De.\ 
16, 1894; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Stone; children, Mrs. Ruth 



Clark, Albuquerque, N. Mex., Mrs. 
Lena Williams, Hobbs, N. Mex., Mrs. 
Willie Grey, Bishop, Calif., Mrs. Lil- 
lie Mae Wood, Mountainair, N. 
Mex.; John Truett, Albuquerque, N. 
Mex., Mrs. Viola Sides, Lubbock, 
Tex.; missionary, New Mexico, 15 
years; pastor, Estancia, Belen, For- 
rest, 10 years; superintendent, Bap- 
tist Orphans' Home, Portales, N. 
Mex., 1929 to date; state board, 
several years; several committees; 
attended all associations, and one 
state convention a year; Mason, Odd 
Fellow, Woodman. Address: Box 
566, Portales, N. Mex. 


Associate minister, First Baptist 
Church, Columbia, Mo.; born, Ea- 
ton, Colo., Nov. 18, 1899; son of 
Mary Isabelle Crabtree of New 
York City, and William Benjamin 
Grant of Jersey City, N. J.; educa- 
tion, Ph.B., Chicago University; B. 
D., Colgate - Rochester Seminary; 
ordained, First Church, Lansing, 
Mich., Oct. 1, 1926; married Eliza- 
beth Cossum of Chicago, 111., July 
29, 1924; daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
W. H. Cossum; children, Prisailla, 
Denison; instructor, Modern Lan- 
guages, Michigan University, 2 
years; pastor, W. Middlebury Bap- 
tist Church, Linden, N. Y., 2 years; 
director Religious Education, Lan- 
sing, Mich., 2 years; associate pas- 
tor, Woodward Avenue Baptist 
Church, Detroit, Mich., 2 years; as- 
sociate pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Columbia, Mo., 1930 to date; direc- 
tor, Columbia Weekday Schools of 
Religion, Columbia, Mo. Home: 411 
S. Sixth St., Columbia, Mo.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Columbia, Mo. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Dublin, Ga.; Born, Selma, N. C, 
Feb. 9, 1872; son of Theresa Louise 
Cook and D. H. Graves; education, 
Wake Forest College, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Cornell, 
Harvard, receiving A.B., Th.M., and 
D.D. degrees; ordained, 1899; mar- 
ried Octavia Z. Bate of Louisville, 
Ky., Nov. 1, 1900, daughter of Clar- 

ence and Octavia Bate; pastor, 
Franklin, O., 1900-1903; pastor, 
Wadesboro, N. O, 1903-1907; pastor, 
Clarksville, Tenn., 1907-1912; field 
secretary, Foreign Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention, 1912- 
1916; pastor and college chaplain, 
Wake Forest College, 1916-1921; 
pastor, Dublin, Ga., 1921 to date; 
member, Foreign Mission Board, 
1908-1912. Home: 504 Bellevue 
Ave., Dublin, Ga.; office: 401 Belle- 
vue Ave., Dublin, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, 
China; born, Rienzi, Miss., July 23, 
1854; education, Blue Mountain 
Female College; work among Chi- 
nese in California, 1881; appointed, 
1887; married Dr. R. H. Graves, 
1890; educational and evangelistic 


Executive Secretary Emeritus, 
Baptist Home Mission Board; born, 
Waynesboro, Miss., June 18, 1855; 
son of Caroline Salter and John L. 
Gray; education, A.M., Miss. Col., 
Southern Sem., LL.D., Baylor Univ., 
D.D. and LL.D., Miss. Col.; ordained 
1S78; married Alma Ratliff of Ray- 
mond, Miss., Dec. 9, 1884; children, 
Carol, Mary Ratcliff, Baron De 
Kalb; pastor, Mound Bluff, New 
Hope, Miss., 1878-79; Midway, Ky., 
1879-80; Buffalo Lick, Ky., 1831-82; 
East Ch., Louisville, 1882-84; Clin- 
ton, Miss., 1884-87; Hazlehurst, 
Miss., 1888-93; First Ch., Birming- 
ham, Ala., 1893-01; denominational: 
Pres., Georgetown Col., Ky., 1901- 
03; Cor. Sec, Home Mission Bd., 
S. B. C, 1903-28; retired as Exec. 
Sec. Emeritus, 1928; trustee, Miss. 
Col., 7 yrs.; Pres.,. Bd. of Trustees, 
Howard Col.; Chmn., Com., Cecil 
Rhodes Scholarship in Ky., 1902-03; 
Chmn. of Chaplaincy Commn. dur- 
ing World War;, member of Chap- 
laincy Commn. of Fed. Council of 
Chs. ; member, Wartime Commn. of 
One Hundred. Home address: 614 
N. Main St., College Park, Ga. 




Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed . at Laichowfu, 
China; born, Rutherfordton, N. C., 
July 7, 1893; education, Columbia 
College, Lake City, Fla., Meredith 
College, A.B., 1915, Rutherford Hos- 
pital, Fordham Hospital, W. M. U. 
Training School, 1917; appointed 
June 9, 1921; nurse. 


Pastor, Grove Avenue Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va.; born, 
Greensburg, Ky., Sept. 23, 1900; son 
of Rose Althea Buck of Suffolk, 
Va., and Thomas Madison Green of 
Emporia, Va.; education, B.A., 
Wake Forest College, A.M. and B. 
D., Duke University, Harvard Uni- 
versity, Union Theological Semi- 
nary, Washington and Lee, D.D. 
(honorary); ordained, Watts Street 
Baptist Church, Durham, N. C; 
married Mary Morris, June 8, 1926, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
Morris; children, Nancy Rose and 
Chas. Morris; tea.her, English, Dur- 
ham H. S., Durham, N. C, 1922-26; 
pastor, Watts Street Baptist Church, 
Durham, N. C, 1926-1932; feature 
and editorial writer, Durham Her- 
ald-Sun, Durham, N, C, 1922 to 
date; pastor, Grove Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Richmond, Va., 1932 to 
date; president, B. Y. P. U. Con- 
vention, North Carolina, 1924-1925; 
recording secretary, Baptist State 
Convention, North Carolina, 192'S- 
1932'; secretary, General Board, 
Baptist State Convention, North 
Carolina, 1929-1932; member, For- 
eign Mission Board, Southern Bap- 
tist Convention, 1935- ; book review 
editor, The Religious Herald, 1934 
to date; contributor, state and 
southwide publications, denomina- 
tional, etc.; Mason, Rotary. Home: 
3224 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va.; of- 
fice: 1015 Grove Ave., Richmond. 


Chairman of the Board, with ex- 
ecutive power, of Tennessee Valley 
Bank, Decatur, Ala.; born on a farm 
near Jackson's Gap, Ala., Dec. 5, 

1868; son of John Berry and Levia 
Ann (Henderson) Green; educa- 
tion, B.S., Marion Military Insti- 
tute, Alabama, LL.D., Howard Col- 
lege; ordained deacon, Danville 
Baptist Church, 1896; married Al- 
ice Nail of Birmingham, Ala., June 
30, 1902, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
J. P. Nail; children, Mildred and 
Alice (Mrs. James L. Reading, Jr.) 
of Birmingham; principal, high 
school, Monterey, Ala., 1 year; prin- 
cipal, high school, Fort Deposit, 
Ala., 2 years; president, North Ala- 
bama Baptist Collegiate Institute, 
Danville, Ala., 2 years; associate 
president, Falkville Normal Col- 
lege, Falkville, Ala., 3 years; attor- 
ney-at-law and register in chancery, 
Decatur, 8 years; solicitor in law 
and equity court, Decatur, 2 years; 
vice president and general counsel, 
Tennessee Valley Bank, 9 years; su- 
perintendent of banks of Alabama, 
3 years; deputy superintendent of 
banks of Alabama, 2 years; secre- 
tary-treasurer, Baptist State Execu- 
tive Board, Montgomery, 9 years; 
vice president, Alabama National 
Bank, Montgomery, 1 year; liqui- 
dating agent, Tennessee Valley 
Bank, 1 year; moderator, Muscle 
Shoals Baptist Association, 2 years; 
member, Baptist State Executive 
Board, 6 years; member, Board of 
Trustees of Judson College, 3 years; 
president, Alabama Baptist State 
Convention, 2 years; clubs: mem- 
ber, Alabama Legislature, 1S97-9S; 
senator from Second District in 
Alabama, 1915; Democrat, Mason, 
Knight of Pythias, Woodman of the 
World, Rotary, Kiwanis. Home: 32 
Cornelian Court. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, Af- 
rica; born near London, England, 
July 2'6, 1872; came to Canada as 
a young man ; education, Woodstock 

Baptist College, 1900, Medical Col- 
lege of Virginia, M.D., 1905; ap- 
pointed Nov. 17, 1906; medical 




Pastor, Donelson Baptist Church, 
Donelson, Term.; horn, Grayson 
County, Kentucky, Nov. 26, 1892; 
son of Julia Payton and Alexander 
Hamilton Green; education, Bethel 
College, University of Louisville, 
West Kentucky State Teachers' Col- 
lege, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving Th.M. degree; 
ordained, Baptist Tabernacle 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 1918; mar- 
ried Ellenere Rose Benika of Louis- 
ville, Ky., Aug. 20, 1914; daughter 
of J. J. and Carrie Winter Benika; 
children, Alice Roberta (deceased); 
William Daniel; assistant pastor 
Baptist Tabernacle Church, Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1917; pastor, Bethlehem 
Baptist Church, Homer, Ky., 1918- 
1919; pastor, New Hope Baptist 
Church, Hermitage, Tenn., 1919- 
1921; pastor, Casky, Ky., 1919-1920; 
pastor, Muddy River Baptist 
Church, Logan County, Kentucky, 
1920-1921; pastor, New Union Bap- 
tist Church, Logan County, Ken- 
tucky, 1920-1921; pastor, Plum 
Creek Baptist Church, Waterford, 
Ky., 1921-1926; pastor, Little Mount 
Baptist Church, Little Mount, Ky., 
1921-1926; pastor, Lyndon Baptist 
Church, Lyndon, Ky., 1926-1931; 
pastor, Donelson Baptist Church, 
Donelson, Tenn., 1931 to date; as- 
sistant moderator, Nashville, Asso- 
ciation, 1934; moderator, Nashville 
Association, 1935; member, Execu- 
tive Committee, Board Directors, 
Kentucky Children's Home Society. 
Address: Rt. 1, Donelson, Tenn. 


Moderator, Beauregard Associa- 
tion and pastor; born, Beauregard 
Parish, La., Mar. 10, 1898; son of 
Laura Bailey and W. W. Greene of 
Dry Creek, La., education, common; 
ordained, Mar. 18, 1928; married 
Victoria Cooley of De Ridder, La., 
June 10, 1917; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. I. B. Cooley; children, Helyn; 
Sunday School Superintendent, 3 
years; pastor, churches, 7 years; 
moderator, Beauregard Association, 
3 years. Address: Route 1, Box 72, 
De Ridder, La. 


Student at Southern Baptist Sem- 
inary; born, Ingomar, Miss., Nov. 
27, 1912; son of Claudia Wallis and 
John Green; education, Tupelo Pub- 
lic Schools, Mississippi College and 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, 2 years, with B.A. degree; 
ordained, Clinton Baptist Church, 
Clinton, Miss.; state B. S. U. presi- 
dent, 1 year; pastor, Forks of Elk- 
horn Baptist Church, Duckers, Ky., 
2 years; fellow in Hebrew Depart- 
ment, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1 year. Address: Tupe- 
lo, Miss. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Ogbomoso, 
Africa; born, Norfolk, Va., Aug. 28, 
1880; education, Norfolk College, 
1900; married Dr. George Green, 
Jan. 9, 1907; appointed Jan. 19, 
1907; Medical Work. 


Pastor, First Church, Ripley, 
Tenn.; born, Westville, Mo., Dec. 31, 
1868, son of Missouri Ellen Hainds 
Green and Robert Wilson Green, 
Westville, Mo.; education, State 
Normal, Warrensburg, Mo., 1887-88; 
A.B., William Jewell Col., Th.M., 
Southern Sem., D.D., Union Univ.; 
ordained May, 1897, Pilot Grove, 
Mo.; married Ona Ettah Gehlken, 
Pilot Grove, Mo., June 27, 1901, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Gehlken; children, Richard Vernon, 
Mgr., Ky. Utilities Co., Paducah, 
Ky., Mrs. Ervin Leroy Floreth, Mo- 
nett, Mo.; work: teacher in public 
schools, Mo., 1888-91; taught Latin 
and Greek, Pilot Grove Acad., 1896- 
98; pastor of the following church- 
es: Mt. Vernon, Versailles, Ky., 
1901-06; Compton Hts., St. Louis, 
Mo., 1906-08; Versailles, Ky., 1908- 
15; First Ch., Mexico, Mo., 1915- 
17; First Ch., Richmond, Ky., 1917- 
24; First Ch., Hazlehurst, Miss., 
1924-29; First Ch., Ripley, Tenn.. 
since 1929; taught Bible, Hardin 
Col., 1915-17; taught English, East- 
ern Ky. State Teachers' Col., 1922- 
24; denominational: member, Exec. 



Bd., Term. Baptists; trustee, Union 
Univ.; author: "Normal Evangel- 
ism," published by Revell & Co., 
N. Y., "Revival of 1800," published 
by Bapt. State Historical Soc. of 
Ky. ; general: member, Masonic Or- 
der; Chmn., Lauderdale Co. Library 
Assn. Address: Box 33, Ripley, 


Superintendent, Towns County 
High School, Hiawassee, Ga.; born, 
near Macon, Ga., Nov. 14, 1867; son 
of Henrietta Hawthorne of Forsyth, 
Ga., and John Calhoun Greene of 
Gray, Ga. ; education, A.B., Mercer 
University; Columbia University; 
ordained, 1908; married Fannie Jen- 
kins Jackson of Gainsville, Ga., Jan. 
2, 1896; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. 
M. Jackson; children, Ruth, Mary, 
Columbia, S. C, Frances, Cumming, 
Ga., Asbury B., Atlanta, Ga., John 
H., Elberton, Ga.; president, Hia- 
wassee Junior College, 1894-1914; 
farmer, 1914-1920; president, Gib- 
son-Mercer Academy, Bowman, Ga., 
1920-1922; Prof, of Latin, Geor- 
gia State "Woman's College, 1922- 
1924; president, Mary P. Willing- 
ham School for Girls, 1924-1931; 
superintendent, Towns County High 
School, Hiawassee, 1931 to date; 
moderator, Hiawassee Baptist Asso- 
ciation. Address: Hiawassee, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Landrum, S. C, Dec. 4, 1893; 
educated, Greenville Woman's Col- 
lege, 1913; W. M. U. Training 
School, 1925; appointed June 10, 
1925; Woman's Training School. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Wake County, North Carolina, 
Apr. 16, 1866; educated, Oxford 
Seminary, 1886; married G. W. 
Greene, 1890; appointed May 3, 
1891; Training School for Women, 
also Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, East Sedalia Baptist 
Church, Sedalia, Mo.; born, Holt's 
Summit, Mo., 1884; son of Joseph 
Lee Greenway and Narcissa Virgin- 
ia; education, B.A., William Jewell 
College; Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
June, 1909; married Grace Pooley, 
Aug. 2, 1910; pastor, Osawatomie, 
Kans., 1910-1911; pastor, Fairville, 
Mo., 1912-1914; pastor, Corder, Mo., 
1914-1915; pastor, Sikeston, Mo., 
1920-1922; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Farmington, Mo., 1922- 
1926; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Granite City, 111., 1926-1930; pastor, 
East Sedalia Baptist Church, 1930 
to date; State Mission Board, Illi- 
nois, 1927-1930; Exec. Bd. and Exec. 
Com., State Missions, Mo., 1932 to 
date; Vice Pres., Missouri Ministers 
Association, 1935 to date. Address: 
1005 E. 5th St., Sedalia, Mo. 


Rolling chair evangelist and pas- 
tor, West Paris Ch., Paris, Tenn.; 
born, Butler, Tenn., Jan. 20, 1892; 
son of J. W. and Mary Duncan 
Greenwell; education, Carson-New- 
man Col.; ordained Mar. 23, 1913; 
married Lillian Curtis on July 26, 
1910, daughter of Richard and An- 
nie Curtis; children, Izora, Lorene, 
Martha, Elbert, Jr., Imogene, Ster- 
ling, Kenneth, Betty Jean; pastor, 
country Chs., near Clarksville, 
Tenn., 8 yrs.; Ashland City, Tenn.. 
3 yrs.; Greenbrier, Tenn., 3 yrs.; 
DeMoines, N. Mex , 1 yr. ; Blanch- 
ard, Okla., 3 yrs.; Greenbrier, Tenn., 
2 yrs.; Clarksville, Tenn., 3 yrs.; 
Paris, Tenn., 4 yrs. to date; evan- 
gelist. Address: Paris, Tenn. 


General Superintendent. Baptist 
Orphanage of North Carolina, 
Thomasville, N. C; born, Zionville, 
N. C, Dec. 4, 1881; son of Mary 
and Philip Greer of Todd, N. C; 
education, Appalachian State Teach- 
ers College, University of North 
Carolina, and Columbia University; 
married Willie Spainhour of Mor- 
ganton, N. C, Aug. 10, 1916; daugh- 


20 3 

ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Spain- 
hour; children, Isaac Garfield, Jr., 
student, State College, Raleigh, N. 
C, and Joe; teacher, Public Schools 
of Watauga County, 4 years; teach- 
er of History, Citizenship and So- 
ciology, Appalachian State Teachers 
College, 1909-1932; general superin- 
tendent, Baptist Orphanage, 1932 to 
date; deacon, director of choir, 
teacher of Bible, Baptist Church, 
Boone, N. C; moderator, Three 
Forks Association; alderman, 
Boone, N. C; representative of Wa- 
tauga County General Assembly of 
North Carolina, 1925. Address: 
Mills Home, Thomasville, N. C. 


Pastor, Marlow, Okla.; born, Al- 
vord, Wise County, Texas, Nov. 20, 
1892; son of Lou Justice of Mis- 
sissippi and John S. Gregg of Ala.; 
education, Decatur Baptist College, 
Decatur, Tex.; Th.B. and M.R.E., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; pastor, Bridgeport Bap- 
tist Church, Bridgeport, Tex.; pas- 
tor, Marlow Baptist Church, Mar- 
low, Okla., to date. Address: Mar- 
low, Okla. 


Pastor, First Church, Grandfield, 
Okla.; born, Paris, Miss., Mar. 24, 
1886; son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. S. 
Gregory; education, common school; 
ordained, Mt. Olive Ch., Kokomo, 
Tex., Mar. 15, 1913; married Mary 
Lyness, 1903; children, W. M. Clay, 
Stonewall, Okla., Mrs. Roy J. Lol- 
lar, Ada, Okla., Mrs. Dessie Lowe, 
Lone Wolf, Okla., J. V., Weather- 
ford, Okla., Mrs. Inez FauntLeRoy, 
Shawnee, Okla., Mable, Freeman 
Wilson; pastor, Sentinel and Roose- 
velt Chs., Okla., 1 yr.; Salem Ch., 
Okla.; Custer City, Okla.; First Ch., 
Cordell, Okla.; First Ch., Sulphur, 
Okla.; missionary, Banner-Pontotoc 
Assn., Okla., 1 yr. ; pastor, Rocky, 
Okla.; pastor, First Ch., Panhandle, 
Tex.; Lone Wolf, Okla., 6 yrs.; First 
Ch., Grandfield, Okla., 1934 to date; 
church director, 75 million cam- 
paign; County Assn. Dir., 100,000 

club; Mason. Address: Box 237, 
Grandfield, Okla. 


Superintendent, Mexican Missions, 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex.; born, Van 
Alstyne, Tex., Oct. 26, 1894; son of 
Early Greathouse and Fanny Pat- 
ton Gregory; education, A.B., Bay- 
lor Univ., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem.; ordained, First Ch., Van Al- 
styne, Tex., 1917; married Ina 
Maude Johnson of Mineral Wells, 
Tex., June 18, 1922, daughter of 
Joe B. and Maggie Jones Johnson; 
children, Ernest Jackson, Jr., Eu- 
gene Bryan; pastor, Grayson Co., 
Tex., 1920-23; missionary, Old Mexi- 
co, Sou. Bapt. Fgn. Mis. Bd., 1923-31; 
pastor, First Ch., Archer City, Tex., 
1933-1936; Supt., Mexican Missions, 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex., 1936 to date. 
Address: 737 Porter St., San An- 
tonio, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Moultrie, Ga.; born, Charlotte, 
North Carolina, Aug. 7, 1889; son of 
Alice S. Canada of Halifax County, 
Virginia and Clarence Gresham of 
King and Queen County, Virginia; 
education, G.M.A., Mercer Univer- 
sity, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., A.M., Th. 
B. and D.D. degrees; ordained, June 
1, 1921; dean, Theology Department, 
Colegios Internationales, El Cristo, 
Cuba, 1920-1921; pastor, Uniday, 
Ky., 1922-1927; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Kirksville, Mo., 1927-1929; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Moul- 
trie, Ga., 1929 to date; Executive 
Board, Georgia Baptist Convention, 
1932 to date; Hospital Committee, 
Georgia Baptist Convention, 1929- 
1932; associate director, Corpora- 
tion Ridgecrest, N. C; contributing 
editor, Christian Index; Kappa 
Sigma, Mason, Rotary, major, Q. M. 
Corps, Officers Training Camp, Ft. 
Oglethorpe, Ga.; traveled, Europe 
and Palestine, 1923; Europe, 1933. 
Address: Moultrie, Ga. 



GREY, J. D. 

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Den- 
ton, Tex.; born, Princeton, Ky., Dec. 
18, 1906; son of Lucy Keeney and 
George Lindsey Grey of Caldwell 
County, Kentucky; education, A.B., 
Union University, Th.M., Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, Nov. 26, 1925; married 
Lillian Gaines Tooke of Paducah, 
Ky., Sept. 16, 1927; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. P. C. Tooke; pastor, Som- 
erville, Tenn., 3 years; pastor, Vick- 
ery, Tex., 2 years; pastor, Taber- 
nacle Baptist Church, Ennis, Tex.; 
pastor, First Baptist, Church, Den- 
ton, Tex.; State Executive Board; 
member, Appropriations Committee, 
State Convention, Texas; State B. 
T. U., Executive Board, Texas; dis- 
trict organizer, District XII, Tex- 
as; Alpha Tau Omega, I. 0. 0. F., 
Kiwanis; chairman, Boy Scout 
Court of Honor. Home: 418 W. Oak 
St., Denton, Tex. ; office: First Bap- 
tist Church, Denton, Tex. 


Secretary in charge of V. B. S. 
department, Baptist Sunday School 
Board; born, Citra, Fla., Apr. 12, 
1883; son of Sarah Lee Bennett of 
Edwardsville, Ala., and Albert G. 
Grice of Carrollton, Ga.; education, 
A.B. and D.D.„ Mercer University; 
M.A., George Peabody College for 
Teachers; Vanderbilt University, 
Boston University School of Relig- 
ious Education and Social Service; 
ordained, First Baptist Church, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., June 22, 1913; mar- 
ried Ethel Harrison of Birmingham, 
Ala., Aug. 21, 1912; daughter of 
James M. and Josephine White Har- 
rison; teacher, Alabama rural 
schools, 1899-1901; U." S. railway 
postal clerk between Atlanta and 
Birmingham, 1902-1909; professor, 
English, Ouachita College, 1913- 
1915; pastor, Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, Ga., 1915-1924; secretary in 
charge, V. B. S. department, Bap- 
tist Sunday School Board, 1924 to 
date; member, Education Commis- 
sion of International Council of Re- 
ligious Education; Vacation Bible 
School textbooks of S. B. C. series; 

author, "Vacation Bible School 
Guide"; some of the Vacation Bible 
School textbooks; lesson writer 14 
and 15 years, and editor, New Inter- 
mediate Graded Sunday School Les- 
sons; Phi Delta Kappa. Home: 2311 
Highland Ave., Nashville, Tenn.; of- 
fice: 161- 8th Ave., N., Nashville, 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Asheville, N. C; born, Belmont, N. 
C, June 6, 1874; son of Edith Love- 
lace of Rutherford County, North 
Carolina, and John L. Grice of Lin- 
coln County, North Carolina; edu- 
cation, International Correspond- 
ence School; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; Bap- 
tist Bible Institute; ordained, Mar. 
29, 1913; married Nellie C. Line- 
berry of Randleman, N. C., July 13, 
1897; daughter of Robert W. and 
Ida L. Lineberry; children. R. Earl, 
J. Cecil, Brevard, N. C, D. Worth, 
Nellie F., Edith L.; pastor, Liberty, 
Mt. Carmel, Bethel and Inanda Bap- 
tist Churches, Buncombe County, 
North Carolina, 4 years; pastor 
West End Baptist Church, Ashe- 
ville, N. C, 1915-1918; pastor, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Asheville, N. 
C, 1918 to date; moderator, Bun- 
combe Association, N. C, 2 times; 
historian, Buncombe Association, 
several times to date; trustee, North 
Carolina Baptist Hospital, 3 years; 
trustee, Mars Hill, 9 years to date; 
chairman, 5 years; General Board 
of Missions, North Carolina Baptist 
State Convention, 3 years to date. 
Address: 27 Baker Ave., Asheville, 
N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, De- 
Land, Fla.; born, Wilson County, 
North Carolina, Feb. 21, 1891; son 
of Martha Valentine and William 
Henry Grice of North Carolina; 
education. B.A.. Hillsdale College; 
B.D., Yale University; honorary D. 
D., John B. Stetson University; 
Michigan University; Rochester 
Theological Seminary; Auburn 



Theological Seminary; married 
Laura Waskell, June 29, 1922; or- 
dained, June 17, 1921; First Bap- 
tist Church, Marcellus, Mich., 1921; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Niantic, 
Conn., 1923-1926; acting pastor, Bap- 
tist Church, Scotland Neck, N. C, 
1926; pastor, Baptist Church, South 
Hill, Va., 1926-1929; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, DeLand, Fla., 1929 
to date; associate professor, Bible, 
John B. Stetson University, 1930- 
1934; Mason, Athenian Club, Ro- 
tary. Address: First Baptist 
Church, DeLand, Fla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Walterboro, S. C. born, Effingham 
County, Georgia, Oct. 11, 1885; son 
of Walden Woodward and Molissa 
Eugenia (Wolfe) Griffin; degrees, 
B.A., M.A., and Doctor of Religious 
Education; ordained, Dec. 27, 1907; 
married Glady Frances Morris of 
Atlanta, Ga., June 5, 1912; daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Morris; child- 
ren, Mary Glady and George Ed- 
ward; Y. M. C. A. secretary, At- 
lanta, Ga., and Jackson, Miss., 1908- 
1917; war service as Y. M. C. A. 
secretary, camp pastor and student- 
chaplain in army, 1917-1920; pastor, 
Spartanburg, S. C, 1920-1931; stu- 
dent in University of South Caro- 
lina, 1931-1933; pastor, Walterboro 
since 1933; Pres., General Board 
of South Carolina; Asst. Sec, Bapt. 
State Convention; business man- 
ager, Baptist Assembly of South 
Carolina; author, "Story of South 
Carolina Baptists, 1683-1933;" has 
also written numerous articles for 
religious papers and magazines; 
Mason, Knights Templar, Shrine, 
Knights of Constantine; past presi- 
dent of Delta Chi Alpha, Major- 
Chaplain, Reserve Corps of U. S. 
Army; listed in "Who's Who in 
South Carolina. Home: 9 Neyle St., 
Walterboro, S. C. 


State superintendent, Sunbeams, 
W. M. U. of South Carolina; born, 
Atlanta, Ga., Mar. 23, 1892-; daugh- 

ter of Mary Weathers and McClure 
C. Morris of Atlanta, Ga. ; education, 
Shorter College, Rome, Ga.; mar- 
ried Chas. M. Griffin, now of Walter- 
boro, S. C; children, Mary Glady 
and Geo. Edward; Association Sun- 
beam superintendent; southwide 
committee, Young Peoples' Work; 
past grand matron of South Caro- 
lina, Order Eastern Star. Address: 
Walterboro, S. C. 


Retired minister, Lebanon, Tenn.; 
born, Cookeville, Tenn., July 29, 
1851; son of Lois Smith and John 
Grime; education, Bapt. Acad., Wa- 
tertown, Tenn.; married Eliza A. 
Vickers of White Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 
1872; deceased, 1892; married Sa- 
rah Lassiphine Young, Sept. 27, 
1893, daughter of Mary Neal and 
Thomas Young; one child by first 
marriage, Sarah Lois, a teacher; 
son, Rev. Joseph Hall, by second 
marriage; pastor, Tenn., Ky., and 
Tex.; evangelist, editor and con- 
tributor to periodicals; author: 
"History of Middle Tennessee Bap- 
tists"; booklets: "Hereditary De- 
pravity," "Close Communion and 
Baptists," "Ecclesiastical Cate- 
chism," "History of Alien Immer- 
sion," "Blood Before Water and 
Christ Before the Church," "Hit- 
ting the Mark," "A Discussion with 
the Editor of the Gospel Advocate," 
"A Brief Review of N. B. Harde- 
man's Sermons," "Roman Catholi- 
cism," two sermons: "The Church," 
and "The Right and Wrong Way"; 
in all, has had published 20 books 
and booklets; approximately 4,000 
conversions, baptized 3,000, 20 or 
more have become preachers, some 
of national note. Address: Leb- 
anon, Tenn. 


Pastor, Nacogdoches, Tex.; born, 
Fannin County, Texas, Apr. 15, 
1880; son of Martha Ann Coop- 
er and G. W. Grimes; educa- 
tion, Burleson College, Baylor 
University; ordained, Taylerville, 
Tex., September, 1905; married Lu- 
cile Giles, Apr. 30, 1905; pastor, 



Dallas, Tex., 5 years; pastor, Honey 
Groves, Tex., 10 years; pastor, Sul- 
phur Springs, Tex., 5 years; pastor, 
Nacogdoches, Tex., 13 years to date. 
Address: 421 North St., Nacog- 
doches, Tex. 


Missionary to the Spanish speak- 
ing people, and pastor, Mexican 
Bapt. Ch., McAllen, Tex.; horn, 
Rocca Priora, Rome, Italy, Sept. 13, 
1878; son of Mary Flores and Fran- 
cisco Grisciotti; education, Roman 
Catholic priest in seminary, Mastai, 
Rome, Italy; ordained priest, 1904, 
in Rome; married Concepcion Men- 
doza, May, 1918, daughter of Fran- 
ces Nesbitt and Astolfo Mendoza; 
children, Amalia, Delfina, Lidia, 
Jane, Mary, Sam Celestino; soldier, 
1900; missionary as Catholic priest, 
Shensi Meridional, 1904-10; mis- 
sionary Catholic, Lower California, 
Mexico, 1911-17; converted, El Paso, 
Tex., 1922; Christian evangelist, 
Chihuahua, Durango, Coahuila, Nue- 
vo Leon and Tamaulipas states of 
Mexico; missionary, Gambrell and 
Guadalupe Assns., 1924-27; pastor, 
Denver, Colo., 1927-28; missionary, 
Blanco Assn., 1928-32; state mis- 
sionary since 1935; pastor, Mexican 
Ch., McAllen, Tex., to date. Ad- 
dress: Box 494, McAllen, Tex. 


President, College of Marshall, 
Marshall, Tex.; born, Collin Co., 
Tex., Jan. 3, 1877, son of Cleopatra 
Clementine Dunnegan and William 
Christopher Groner; education, M. 
S., North Tex., Bapt. Col., 1896, D. 
D., Baylor Univ., 1915, student of 
law in Univ. of Tex.; married Lau- 
ra Virginia Wyatt, June 30, 1903, 
Jacksboro, Tex.; children, Willie 
Lee Groner Phillips, Edward Gro- 
ner, Russell Wyatt Groner (de- 
ceased), Frank Shelby, Jr., Laura 
Virginia, William Riley (deceased), 
Pat Neff; work: teacher, public 
schools of Texas, 1896-99; lawyer, 
county attorney, Jack Co., 4 yrs., 
and concurrently attorney for the 
Rock Island R. R.; pastor, First Ch., 
Stamford, Tex., 1905-11; Columbus 

Ave. Ch., Waco, Tex., 1911-18; Gen. 
Sec, Bapt. State Exec. Bd. for Tex., 
1918-28; Pres., Col. of Marshall 
since 1928; denominational: Pres., 
Bapt. Pastors' and Laymen's Conf., 
1 yr.; Pres., Hospital Commn. and 
Founder of the Bapt. Hosp. in New 
Orleans; author: "The Witness of 
Great Minds to Christian Verities,'' 
"Our Sainted Loved Ones"; tract on 
Christian Education, and other 
tracts; general: Knight of Honor, 
Knight of Pythias; W. O. W., 32nd 
degree Mason and Shriner. Ad- 
dress: Col. of Marshall, Marshall, 


Vice President, W. M. U. of Tex- 
as; born, Toledo, Ark., Dec. 8, 1878; 
daughter of Cornelia Lawrence 
Callaway and William Russell Wy- 
att; education, North Texas Bapt. 
Col.; married Frank Shelby Groner, 
June 30, 1903, son of Clemmie and 
Wm. C. Groner; children, Willie 
Lee (Mrs. Clyde M. Phillips), Chi- 
cago, Edward, Sou. Bapt. Hosp., 
New Orleans, Frank S., Jr., regis- 
trar, Col. of Marshall, Tex., Laura 
Virginia, teacher, Houston, Tex., 
Pat Neff, Sr. H. S. ; wife of pastor, 
Stamford, Tex., Jan., 1905-Dec, 
1911; Waco, Tex., Dec. 1911-July, 
1918; wife of Sec, Bapt. Gen. Conv., 
Tex., 1918-28; wife of Pres., Col. of 
Marshall, 1928- . . . . ; denomination' 
al: member, State Bd., W. M. U., 
Tex., since 1920; Chmn., Reading 
Com., W. M. U., Tex., 3 yrs.; Pres., 
Dist. 1, W. M. U., Tex., since 1929; 
Vice Pres., W. M. U., Tex., since 
1929; Sesame Club (literary), P. T. 
A. Address: 1112 N. Grove, Mar- 
shall, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Soochow, 
China; born, Bridgeport, Tex., July 
6, 1889; education, Decatur Baptist 
College, 1913; Baylor University, 
1916; appointed June 10, 1920; 
Evangelistic Work. 




Secretary, Mississippi Bapt. Conv. 
Bel.; born, Zion, Miss., Sept. 3, 1880; 
son of Mary Ellen Phillips of Ce- 
dartown, Ga., and George Aaron 
Gunter of Citronelle, Ala. educa- 
tion, Ph.B., Tli.M., and D.D. de- 
gree; ordained, Nov., 1908; married 
Tyna Amelia Pate of Coffeeville, 
Miss., Oct. 1, 1912, daughter of Mar- 
tha Farrell and Henry Payson Pate; 
Katie South of Florence, Miss., 
Aug. 31, 1932, daughter of Annie 
Aills and John H. South; children, 
Charles Pate and Mary Jessie; 
teacher, Leake Co., Miss., 8 mos.; 
Madison Co., Miss., 8 mos.; pastor, 
Leakesville, Miss., 6 mos.; Rowletts, 
Ky., 3 yrs. ; Laurel, Miss., 19 mos.; 
Louisville, Miss., 3 yrs., 9 mos.; 
Sec, Miss. Bapt. Ed. Com., 2 yrs., 
3 mos.; pastor, Carthage, Miss., 
Lena, Walnut Grove, and Standing 
Pine, Miss., 1 yr.; Sec, Miss. Bapt. 
Conv. Bd., since Jan. 1, 1921; Ma- 
son, Hermenian Soc Home address: 
3073 West Capitol, Jackson, Miss. 


Pastor, West Jackson Church, 
Jackson, Tenn.; born, Scottsville, 
Ky., 1882; son of Mary Elmina and 
Calvin Jasper Guy; education, B. 
S., A.B., Union Univ., Jackson, Tenn., 
Th.B., Th.M., Th.D., Southwestern 
Sem., Ft. Worth, Tex.; ordained, 
1908; married Maye Price, 1911, 
daughter of Victoria and Rev. J. L. 
Price; children, Emmett E., Gladys 
M., Robert Cal, May Elizabeth, Er- 
nest Phillip, Virginia Nell, Homer 
Leon; pastor, country, 1908-1915; 
Prof., Greek, in Union Univ., 1915- 
19; pastor, West Jackson Ch., Jack- 
son, Tenn., since 1919; denomina- 
tional: Bd. of Trustees, Union Univ., 
since 1923; member, Tenn. State 
Mission Bd., since 1923. Home ad- 
dress: 420 Lexington Ave., Jackson, 


Pastor, Holly Hill, S. C; born, 
Georgetown County, South Carolina, 
Jan. 25, 1876; son of Elizabeth 
Harriet Lynes of South Carolina and 

Nathan Hall Guyton of North Caro- 
lina; education, Th.G., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, June, 1913; married Mar- 
garet Frances Hare of South Caro- 
lina, 1900; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. D. Hare; children, Margaret 
Elizabeth (adopted) ; pastor, Pinop- 
olis, S. C, 1914-1919; pastor, Holly 
Hill, S. C, 1919 to date; mercan- 
tile business, 1900-1912; county 
treasurer, 1908-1912; clerk, Charles- 
ton Association, 1923-1928; Execu- 
tive Board, Charleston Association, 
1914-1931; trustee, Coker College, 
1923 to date; State Board, 5 years; 
Executive Committee, State South 
Carolina, 5 years. Address: Holly 
Hill, S. C. 


Editor, The Alabama Baptist, Bir- 
mingham, Ala.; born, Elberon, Sur- 
rey County, Virginia, Mar. 5, 1876; 
son of John Avington Merritt and 
Sarah Rebecca (Deering) G.; edu- 
cation, Richmond College, Union 
Theological Seminary, Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, and 
Patomac University; degrees, Th.M., 
S.F.D., and Litt.D.; ordained, Beth- 
lehem Church, Henrico County, 
Virginia, 1902; married Richie 
Thornton Peters, Coman's Well, Va., 
1902; children, Leslie Lee, Jr., 
Montgomery, Ala., Mrs. Fred A. 
Davis, and Richard Merritt G. of 
Birmingham, Ala.; pastor of 
churches in Virginia and Kentucky, 
while in College and Seminary; pas- 
tor, Prattville, Ala., 1908-1910; pas- 
tor, Greenville, 1910-1918; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Florence, 
Ala., 1918-1919; editor, Alabama 
Baptist since April, 1919; trustee, 
Southern Baptist Seminary, and 
Anti-Saloon League of Alabama; 
Pres., Alabama Bapt. State Conv.; 
author, Man's Fairest Hope and A 
Rosary of Facts. Home: 132-6 N. 
24th St., Birmingham; office: 515- 
16 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Bir- 


Pastor, First Church, Columbia, 
Tenn.; born, Dallas, Tex., Apr. 6, 



1904; son of Mary Helen Padgett 
and Ralph Emerson Gwin of Mo- 
bile, Ala.; education, A.B., Howard 
Col., Birmingham, Ala., Th.M., Bi- 
ble Inst.; ordained, May 29, 1927; 
married Nina Brice of West Palm 
Beach, Fla., Oct. 8, 1930, daughter 
of Nellie and William Thomas 
Brice; S. S. and B. Y. P. U. work, 
Beauregard Parish, La., summer of 
1926; student assistant, practical 
work, Bible Inst., 1926-27; pastor, 
Daphne and New Life Chs., Baldwin 
Co., Ala., May, 1927-May, 1928; 
Rockford, Ala., and Trafford, Ala., 
June, 1928-Sept., 1929; First Ch., 
Columbia, Tenn., since Sept., 1930; 
denominational: Chmn., Exec. Bd., 
Maury Co. Assn., since Oct., 1930; 
member, Columbia Rotary Club. 
1930-35. Home address: 604 Mayes 
Place, Columbia, Tenn. 


Retired minister; born, Meade 
Co., Ky., Feb. 12, 1856; son of Eliza- 
beth Payne and Sim Hagan of 
Washington Co., Ky.; education, 
Acad., Hart Co., Ky., Southern Sem., 
2 yrs.; ordained, March, 1883; mar- 
ried Minnie Hart, March 17, 1885, 
daughter of Sue and Silas Hart; 
children, Hart Herbert, Centralia, 
Mo., Ivanly Manly, Roy and Sallie 
Belle, all of Vine Grove, Ky. ; pas- 
tor, Centralia, Mo., 4 1 /2 yrs.; Sugar 
Creek, Mo., 2% yrs.; Prairie Grove, 
2_y 2 yrs.; Hope Well, 3 yrs.; Bethle- 
hem, 3 yrs.; Forks of Otter Creek, 
Hardin Co., Ky., 8 yrs.; Vine Grove, 
Ky., 4 yrs.; Stithron, Ky., 5 yrs.; 
West Point, 3 yrs.; Hardinsburg, 
Ky., 3 yrs.; Brandenburg, Ky., 4 
yrs.; Mill Creek, Ky., 3 yrs.; 
Hodgenville, Ky., 12 yrs.; Middle 
Creek, Ky., 2 yrs.; Trenton, Ky., 8 
yrs.; Allensville, Ky., 6 yrs.; Arma- 
gadden, Ky., 2 1 /L> yrs. Buffalo, Ky., 
10 yrs.; Magnolia, 3 yrs.; Big 
Spring, 14 yrs.; Nolynn, 31 yrs.; de- 
nominational: Mod., Bethel Assn., 
2 yrs.; Mod., Severns Valley Assn.. 
2 yrs. Address: 210 Stilz Ave., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Albertville Baptist 

Church, Albertville, Ala.; born, 
Braggs, Ala., Jan. 30, 1886; son of 
Cynthia Demovil Scott of Forest 
Home, Ala., and Thomas S. Hagood 
of Braggs, Ala.; education, Howard 
College and Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, receiving A.B., 
and Th.M. degrees; ordained, Au- 
gust 1, 1909, Evergreen, Ala.; mar- 
ried Imogen Scarborough of Natchi- 
toches, La., June 7, 1916; daughter 
of Hon. and Mrs. D. C. Scarbor- 
ough; children, Thomas Daniel, 
Martha and Margaret; pastor, 
Thomaston, Ala., 2 years; pastor, 
Greensboro, Ala., 1 year; pastor, 
Orrville, Ala., 3 years; pastor, Ox- 
ford, Ala., 8 years; pastor, Shef- 
field, Ala., 3 years; pastor, Albert- 
ville, Ala., 5 years to date; member, 
Board of Trustees of Hospital; 
chairman, State Convention Com- 
mittee, for Applications for Relief 
and Annuity Board; member, Ala- 
bama Baptist State Convention Ex- 
ecutive Board; Mason, K. of P., Ki- 
wanis, Civitan Club. Address: P. 
O. Box 435, Albertville, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Selma, Ala.; born, Washington, D. 
C, Jan. 13, 1897; son of Mary 
Clarkson of Washington, D. C, and 
Edwin Reed Haight of Rock Valley, 
N. Y.; education, B.A., Furman Uni- 
versity; Th.D., Baptist Bible Insti- 
tute; M.A., Tulane University; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Rutledge Avenue 
Baptist Church, Charleston, S. C, 
January, 1920; married Mary Thom- 
son of Madisonville, Ky., May, 1932; 
daughter of Walter Scott and 
Martha Brooks Thomson; children, 
Janet Ruth, Frances Ann, Mary 
Martha; pastor, Motlow Creek Bap- 
tist Church, Campobelle, S. C, 1919- 
1922; pastor, Millbrook Baptist 
Church, Aiken, S. C, 1 year; pas- 
tor, New River, Baptist Church, 
St. Amant, La., 2 years; pastor, 
Gonzales, La., 9 years; pastor, Nor- 
field, Miss., 4 years; pastor, Kiln. 
Miss., iy 2 years; pastor, Central 
Baptist Church, New Orleans, La., 
1 year; pastor, First Baptist 



Church, Selma, Ala., 1935 to date; 
tutor, Greek, Baptist Bible Institute, 
1922-1926; professor, Church His- 
tory, 1926-1935 (assistant in New- 
Testament and Theology) ; libra- 
rian, 1926-1929; registrar, Secretary 
of Admission; Student Aid; lectur- 
er, 1930 session; New Testament 
lecturer, mid-winter conference, 
1934 and 1935; instructor, Clear 
Creek Mt. Preachers' School, Pine- 
ville, Ky., summers, 1929-1933; lec- 
turer, New Testament and inspira- 
tional, Bible Conferences, Louisi- 
ana, Tennessee, Kentucky, South 
Carolina, Florida, Alabama; repre- 
sented Baptist Bible Inst, in State 
and Southern Baptist Conventions; 
member, Southern Baptist Histori- 
cal Committee; Louisiana Baptist 
Historical Society; Louisiana Bap- 
tist State Mission Board, 1 year; 
trustee, Judson College, Alabama; 
author, "Opposition Encountered 
by Christianity during the First 
Century," "A History of the Bap- 
tist Denomination in New Orleans 
during the Nineteenth Century;" 
Kiwanis. Address: 724 Alabama 
Ave., Selma, Ala. 


Pastor, True Missionary Baptist 
Church, Cuervo-Garita, N. M., born, 
near Tulia, Tex., May 10, 1910; son 
of Una Belle Grey of Martin, Tenn., 
and Aron B. Haile of Erath Coun- 
ty, Texas; education, graduate, 
Wayland Baptist College, Montezu- 
ma Baptist College; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Tulia, Tex., Sept. 
6, 1933; married Myrtle Elizabeth 
Boylan of Garita, N. M., Mar. 31, 
1934; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
James Albert Boylan, Jr.; pastor, 
points around Tulia, Tex., and 
Plainview, Tex.; pastor, Petaca, N. 
M., 6 months; pastor, Serville, N. 
M. ; evangelist, pastor, True Mis- 
sion Baptist Church, Cuervo-Garita, 
N. M., 1933 to date; helped open 
and reopen work, Taos, N. M., and 
Socorro, N. M. ; Relief and Annity 
Committee, New Mexico, 1933; 
"Time and Order" Committee, Tu- 
cumcari Association, New Mexico, 
1935. Address: Montezuma, N. M. 


Professor in Benedict College and 
Secretary-Treasurer of Southern 
Mutual Church Insurance Co., Co- 
lumbia, S. C; born, near Blackville, 
S. C, Mar. 22, 1869; son of Rebec- 
ca Walker and Darling J. Hair; 
education, Furman University, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina and 
Southern Baptist Seminary, receiv- 
ing A.B., A.M., and Th.M. degrees; 
ordained, July, 1902; married Alice 
Caroline Ferrell of Raleigh, N. C, 
Dec. 27, 1917; daughter of Sarah 
Smith and Alpheus Lucian Ferrell; 
children, Louise, taught at White 
Pond, S. C, 1891-1892, near Bam- 
berg, S. C, 1892-1893, Orangeburg 
County, South Carolina, 1894-1896; 
High School, Union County, North 
Carolina, 1898-1899; traveled, 1899- 
1900; principal, High School, Stella- 
ville, Ga., 1900-1901; student, South- 
ern Baptist Seminary, 1901- 
1903; evangelistic work in Tex- 
as, latter half of 1903; pastor, Un- 
ion, S. C, 1904-1905; field repre- 
sentative, Baptist Courier, 1905- 
1907; missionary pastor of churches 
in Rock Hill, S. C, 1908-1909; pas- 
tor, Walhalla, S. C, 1910; Cross 
Anchor, S. C, 1912-1915; Chester- 
field, S. C, 1917-1918; Mt. Pleasant, 
S. C, 1919; Great Falls, S. C, 1920- 
192-3; near Columbia, S. C, 1924- 
1935; organized Southern Mutual 
Church Insurance Co., 1928, and has 
been secretary-treasurer since that 
time; has been teaching in Theol- 
ogical Department of Benedict Col- 
lege, Columbia, S. C, since 1934, 
under appointment of Home Mis- 
sion Board, as missionary teacher. 
Home: 2240 Marion St.; office: 1301 
Hampton St., Columbia, S. C. 


Pastor, Forest and Oak Grove 
Chs., West Carroll Parish, La.; born, 
Milam, Tex., Aug. 27, 1899; son of 
Levi Thompson and Mary Ann Arm- 
strong Halbert of Milam, Tex.; edu- 
cation, A. A., Rusk Col., A.B., Bay- 
lor Univ., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem.; ordained, Bethany Ch., Mi- 
lam, Tex.; married Edna Elizabeth 
Smith, Troup, Tex., Aug. 31, 1924, 



daughter of George Edward and Et- 
ta B. Elliott Smith; children, 
George Levi, Bill-Lee, Mary Etta, 
Tommy Beth; Prim, Grapeland H. 
S., Grapeland, Tex., 1920-21; Goat 
Hill, near San Augustine, Tex., 
1922-23; Moody H. S., Moody, Tex., 
1924-25; Center Point, near Big 
Spring, Tex., 1926-27; checker, Gulf 
Refining Co., Port Arthur, Tex., 
1925-1926; summer evangelist, Sa- 
bine Valley Bapt. Assn., 1927; pas- 
tor, Waller, Tex., 1928-30; Katy, 
Tex., 1928-32; Friendship, Waller, 
Tex., 1928-33; Hockley, Tex., 1930- 
32; Roans Prairie, Tex., 1932-33; 
Reliance, Bryan, Tex., 1933; Saint's 
Rest, Bryan, Tex., 1932-33; Zwolle, 
La., 1933-34; Forest, La., 1934 to 
date; Mod., N. Sabine Assn., 1934; 
initiator, Spanish Mission work, La. 
Conv., 1935; Chmn., Promotion 
Com., and 100 Thousand Club, 
Bayou Macon Assn., 1935. Address: 
Forest, La. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Henderson, N. C. ; born, Van Hill, 
Tenn., June 17, 1901; son of Emma 
Ball and Nathan Gilbert Hale of 
Van Hill, Tenn.; education, B.A., 
Carson-Newman College; Th.M., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Beech Creek Bap- 
tist Church, June 16, 1923; married 
Julia C. Meyer, daughter of John 
and Mary Fei:hter Meyer, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; children, Albert S., Jr.; 
pastor, Salem Baptist Ch., Salem, 
Va., 1929-1934; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Henderson, N. C, 1934 to 
date. Address: 223 Winder St., 
Henderson, N. C. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai. 
China; born, Wilmington, N. C, 
Mar. 30, 1906; educated, Sarah Bar- 
ton Virginia High School; West- 
hampton College, A.B., 1929; W. M. 
U. Training School, 1931; B. M. T. 
appointed April 19, 1934; Educa- 
tional and Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Springfield, Mo.; born, Shelby 
County, Mo., Nov. 28, 1882; son of 
Mary Jane Baker and Rev. L. S. 
Hale of Shelbyville, Mo.; education, 
A.B., D.D., William Jewell College, 
and Th.M., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, August, 
1904; married Hattie George Babb 
of Blackwell, Okla., Sept. 3, 1913; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. 
Babb; children, Hazel Marie, George 
Erwin ; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Maryville, Mo., 1913-1916; 
pastor, Delmar Baptist Church, St. 
Louis, Mo., 1916-1925; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Springfield, Mo., 
1925 to date. Home: 455 S Ave., 
Springfield, Mo.; office: First Bap- 
tist Church, Springfield, Mo. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Yangchow, 
China; born, Sumter, S. C, Mar. 
26, 1901; educated, Winthrop Col- 
lege, A.B., 1922; W. M. U. Training 
School; B. T. M.,, 1927; appointed 
July 16, 1929; married Harold Hall, 
June 29, 1933; Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Yangchow, 
China; born, Spaninaw, Okla., Feb. 
20, 1905; educated, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist University; Southwestern Theo- 
logical Seminary; appointed on 
field December 14, 1933; Evangelis- 
tic Work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Granite City, 111.; born, Amory, 
Miss., Oct. 2, 1897; son of Monie 
Burkitt, and Thomas Halbert Hall 
of Amory, Miss.; education, A.B., 
Baylor University; Th.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological, Sem- 
inary; Th.D., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
August, 1918; married Willie Wren 
of Rutherford. Tenn., Sept. 19, 1919; 
daughter of W. A. and Jennie Al- 
ford Wren; children, Albert; teach- 
er, superintendent, Sattillo, Miss., 



1 year; teacher, Texas High School, 
Texarkana, Tex., 1 year; pastor, 
Avery, Tex., 1919-1920; pastor, Lin- 
dale, Tex., IYj years; pastor, Edge- 
wood, Tex., iy 2 years; pastor, Hope, 
Ark., 1923-1925; pastor, Hiseville, 
and West Point, Ky., 1925-1927; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Marietta, 
Okla., 1927-1930; pastor, Northwest 
Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, 
Okla., 1930-1934; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Granite City, 111., 1934 
to date; Hospital Committee, State 
Baptist Convention, Arkansas, 1924; 
president, Board of Directors, Sam- 
aritan Hospital, Oklahoma City, 
Okla., 1933 to date; Committee on 
Nominations, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, 1934-1935; author, "Christ, 
Real or Legendary," "The Growing 
Apprehension of Christ in the Sy- 
noptics;" Lions, Rotary, Mason; 
winner, William Jennings Bryan 
Prize and Everetts Diamond Medal, 
Texas State Championship, oratory, 
1917; 4 letter man (Literary-Ora- 
torical), Baylor University. Home: 
2601 Iowa, Granite City, 111.; of- 
fice: 21st and Delmar Ave., Granite 
City, 111. 


Pastor, Angier Avenue Baptist 
Church, Durham, N. C; born, near 
Fayetteville, N. C, Feb. 25, 1876; 
son of Margaret Bain and Haynes 
Lennon Hall of Cumberland Coun- 
ty, North Carolina; education, 
Campbell College; Wake Forest 
College; ordained, Antioch Baptist 
Church, Cumberland County, North 
Carolina, November, 1897; married 
Callie Stubbs of Plymouth, N. C, 
Feb. 17, 1904; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. William H. Stubbs; children, 
Wilbur Adolph (deceased); pastor, 
Plymouth, N. C, 9 months; pastor, 
Smithfield, N. C., 2 years; pastor, 
Roxboro, N. C, 1 year; pastor, 
Davis, N. C, 2 years; pastor, Rober- 
sonville, N. C, 1 year; pastor, 
Rocky Mountain, N. C, 3 years; 
pastor, Wilmington, N. C, 12 years; 
pastor, Zebulon, N. C, 1 year; pas- 
tor, Laurinburg, N. C, 1 year; pas- 
tor, Durham, N. C, 11 years to 
date; former member, State Mission 

Board, 7 years; former moderator, 
Wilmington Association, 6 years. 
Home: 301 N. Driver Ave., Durham, 
N. C; office: Angier Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Durham, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chesnee, S. C. ; pastor, Arrowwood 
Baptist Church, Spartanburg Coun- 
ty, S. C; born, Greenville, S. C, 
Jan. 7, 1896; son of Cinthia Ann 
Barton and L. K. Hall of Green- 
ville County, South Carolina; edu- 
cation, North Greenville Baptist 
Academy; Furman University; 
Baptist Bible Institute; Crozer 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
Nov. 1, 1924; married Pearl Bishop 
of Greenville, S. C, Apr. 12, 1914; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson 
Bishop; married Mary McCauley of 
Greenville, S. C, May 28, 1930; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
McCauley; children, Bruce, Green- 
ville, S. C., Preston, Jr., Asheville, 
N. C, Anna Dean, Catherine, Eliza- 
beth, Margaret; pastor, Cox's Chap- 
el, 3 years; pastor, Gap Creek and 
Middle R., 1 year; pastor, Mt. Le- 
banon, 5 years; pastor, Lima, 1 
year; pastor, Enoree Baptist 
Church, 2y 2 years; pastor, Union 
Bleachery Baptist Church, Green- 
ville, S. C, 4 years; pastor, East 
Park Baptist Church, Greenville, 
S. C, 2 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Chesnee, S. C. and Arrow- 
wood Baptist Church, Spartanburg 
County, S. C, 1932 to date; Execu- 
tive Committee, North Greenville 
Association; member, Executive 
Committee, North Spartenburg As- 
sociation; president, Sunday School 
Convention, No. Spartanburg Asso- 
ciation, South Carolina; president, 
Ministers' Conference, Spartanburg 
vicinity; Mason, K. of P., J. O. U. 
A. M. Address: Chesnee, S. C. 


Pastor, First- Church, Norman, 
Okla.; born, Havensville, Kans., 
Sept. 22', 1888; son of Eliza Ann 
Martin of St. Joseph, Mo., and Hen- 
ry Stephen Hallock of Iowa; educa- 
tion, A.B., Ottawa Univ., Rochester, 



Theol. Sem.; ordained, 1917; mar- 
ried Vera Elizabeth Day of Milwau- 
kee, Wis., June 28, 1915, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Day; children, 
Edgar Francis, Jr., Ardelle Pearl, 
Roger Williams, Vera Beth, Ann 
Hasseltine; work: student pastor, 
near Ottawa, 1911-14; Penfield, N. 
Y., 1915-17; pastor, First Ch., Pitts- 
burg, Kans., 1917-22; Nowata, Okla., 

1922-23; Norman, Okla., 1923- ; 

denominational : State B. S. U. pas- 
tor, Okla., Bapt. students, 1927; 
State Mission Bd., Kans. Bapt. 
Conv., 1920; Mod., S. E. Kans. Bapt. 
Assn., 1920-22; Bd. of Dirs., Okla. 
Bapt. Univ., 1926-29; Mason, Ro- 
tarian. Address: Norman, Okla. 


Principal, Roanoke Graded 
School, Pickens, S. C; born, Lib- 
erty, S. C, Mar. 8, 1872; son of 
Melissa Madden and John M. Hal- 
lum, Liberty, S. C; education, 
Clemson College, B.S.; married Lula 
Garrett, Cateechee, S. C, Dec. 24, 
1899; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
C. Garrett; children, Cleo, Mrs. 
Mattie Mae Alewine, Taylors, S. C, 
R. T., Jr., Bennettsville, S. C, Viv- 
ian Lucile, John J., and Fleda Ram- 
sey; Prin., Wonnamaker Sch., 2 
yrs.; County Supt., Education, 17 
years; principal, Glassy Mt. School, 
11 years; principal Cedar Rock 
School, 2 years; principal, Roanoke 
School, 3 years; moderator, Pick- 
ens Association; trustee, Six Mile 
Academy; secretary Keowee Lodge, 
A. F. M. ; secretary, Pickens Chap- 
ter, R. A. M. ; secretary, Pickens 
Counsel, R. and S. M.; associate 
patron, O. E. S. Address: Pickens, 
S. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lake City, Fla. ; born, Elizabeth 
City, N. C, Nov. 2, 1890; son of 
Margaret Elizabeth Scott and Wil- 
liam Andrew Holstead of Elizabeth 
City, N. C. ; education, A.B., Rich- 
mond University; Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, June 21, 1914; married 

Mary Lucile Lister of Elizabeth 
City, N. C, June 24, 1914; daugh- 
ter of Cornelius L. and Margaret 
Lister; children, Mary Elizabeth, 
William Talmage, Jr., Lucile Lister; 
pastor, Rural Churches, Virginia, 2 
years; pastor, Beechland Baptist 
Church, Kentucky, 3 years; pastor, 
Summerville Baptist Church, South 
Carolina, 5 years; pastor, Norman 
Park Baptist Church, and student 
advisor, Norman Junior College, 
Norman Park, Ga., 2 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Camilla, Ga., 
5 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Lake City, Fla., 1933 to 
date; chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Beulah Baptist Association; 
State Mission Board, Florida Bap- 
tist Convention; tutor, Church His- 
tory, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1919-1920; tutor, Compar- 
ative Religion and Missions, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
1918-1920; Rotary, Mason. Home: 
125 E. Duval St., Lake City, Fla.; 
office: First Baptist Church, Lake 
City, Fla. 


Evangelist, born, Jackson, Ga., 
April 29, 1882; son of Elizabeth 
Elmina Higgins and Thomas Wil- 
kinson Ham; education, Moody 
Bible Inst., Chicago, Mercer Univ., 
Macon, Ga., Univ. of Chicago; or- 
dained, 1905; married Sara Jean 
Ousley of Middendorf, S. C, June 
23, 1908; pastor. Tabernacle, New 
Bern, N. C, 1907-09; Asst. pastor, 
Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga., 1910-12; 
evangelist, 1913-17; pastor. Taber- 
nacle Ch., Atlanta, Ga., 1917-24; 
evangelist on Nation Wide Basis, 
since 1924; denominational: Pres., 
Atlanta Bible Conf., 191S-24; au- 
thor: "Present Tense Salvation," 
"Good News for All Men," "Reaping 
for Christ"; Mason. Home address: 
328 10th St., N. W., Atlanta. Ga. 


Evangelist, Louisville, Ky. ; born, 
Allen County, Kentucky, Apr. 2," 
1877; son of Lady Oliver McElroy 
and Tobias James Ham of Allen 
County, Kentucky; education, Og- 



den College, Bowling Green, Ky. ; 
D.D., Bob Jones College, Cleveland, 
Term.; ordained, Oct. 11, 1901; 
married Annie Laurie Smith of Em- 
inence, Ky., June 3, 1905; daughter 
of Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith; child- 
ren, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs. R. J. 
Morris), Dorothy (Mrs. Robert Lo- 
gan, Jr.), Annie Laurie; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Oklahoma 
City, Okla., 1927-1929; evangelist, 
1902 to date; author, "Light on the 
Dance," "Believing a Lie," "Infi- 
delity," "Cain or Abel," "Mysteries," 
"Hell," "The Jew,' "Methods and 
Agents of the Anti-Christ," "The 
Trial and Execution of Jesus Christ 
from a Legal Viewpoint." Address: 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Church, Brandon, 
Fla.; born, Stone Mt., Ga., June 6, 
1880; son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. 
Hambrick; education, Southern 
Sem., Atlanta Theol. Sem.; or- 
dained, June, 1911; married Sa- 
lena Shelton of Charleston, S. C, 
daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Geo.' E. 
Shelton; children, E. E., Fernan- 
dina, Fla., Edith, Atlanta, Ga.; pas- 
tor, Atlanta, Ga., 9 yrs. ; Macon, Ga., 
4 yrs.; Carrollton, Ga., 3 yrs.; 
Brandon, Fla., 1 yr. to date; evan- 
gelist, 8 yrs. Address: Brandon, 


Retired Baptist Missionary, Ok- 
mulgee, Okla.; born, Thorntown, 
Ind., Jan. 7, 1861; son of Mary 
Ewart and Saml. Luther Hamilton 
of Maysville, Ky. ; education, com- 
mon schools; ordained, Wellington, 
Kans., 1892; married Lois E. Pepper 
of Benton County, Arkansas, Aug. 
22, 1883; daughter of Stephen and 
Margaret Pepper; children, Mrs. 
Bessie Timmons, Mrs. Gertrude 
Sweeney, Mrs. Ramona Winslow, 
Frantz Rarey, Keystone, Okla.; Dr. 
Robert L., Keystone, Okla., Eva, 
Smith, Nev. ; pastor, Omega, Okla., 
1892-1895; missionary, Cheyenne In- 
dians, Kingfisher, Okla., 1895-1913; 
missionary, Osage Indians, Pawhus- 
ka, Okla., 1913-1915; missionary, 

students, Govt. Schools for Indians, 
1915-1930; Oklahoma State Conven- 
tion Board, 1896-1914; Oklahoma 
Baptist University Board, 1914-1926; 
American Baptist Home Mission 
Society, New York, 1895-1913; Home 
Mission Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1913-1930; author, "The 
Gospel Among the Red Men;" Ma- 
son. Home: 808 N. Oklahoma St., 
Okmulgee, Okla.; office: 204 W. 
5th St., Okmulgee, Okla. 


President, Baptist Bible Institute, 
New Orleans, La.; born, Christian 
County, Kentucky, Dec. 9, 1868; 
son of Catherine Price Roach of 
Charlotte County, Virginia, and 
William Perry Hamilton of Sulli- 
van County, Tennessee; education, 
King College; Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving A. 
B., Th.D., D.D., LL.D. degrees; or- 
dained, 1893, First Baptist Church, 
Bristol, Tenn.; married Zula Belle 
Doyle of Oxford, Miss., May 31, 
1893; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. 
Elwood Doyle, Oxford, Miss.; child- 
ren, Wm. Wistar, Jr., Perry Elwood, 
Cleveland, O., Doyle Roach, Cleve- 
land, O., and Virginia Belle (de- 
ceased); pastor, Vinton, Va., 1893- 
1896; pastor, Bonsack, Va., 1893- 
1896; pastor, E. Radford, Va., 1896- 
1898; pastor, Bluefield, W. Va., 
1898-1900; pastor, McFerran Me- 
morial Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky., 1900-1906; superintendent 
evangelism, Home Mission Board, 
Atlanta, Ga., 1906-1909; pastor, 
Lynchburg, Va., 1909-1918; superin- 
tendent, Evangelism, Home Mission 
Board, Atlanta, Ga., 1918-1921; pas- 
tor, New Orleans, La., St. Charles 
Avenue Baptist Church, 1922-1928; 
president, Baptist Bible Institute; 
New Orleans, La., 1928 to date; 
State Board Louisiana; Home Mis- 
sion Board, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention; Orphanage Board, Virgin- 
ia; promotion committee, Southern 
Baptist Convention; president, B. 
Y. P. U., South; president, Alumni, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; author, "How to Grow in the 
Christian Life," "Worldly Amuse- 



ments — How to Decide," "The Help- 
ing Hand," "Bible Evangelism," 
"Sane Evangelism," "Sermons on 
Books of Bible," "Wisdom in Soul 
Winning," "The Fine Art of Soul 
Winning;" Mason, K. of P., United 
Order American Mechanics, Rotary, 
Kiwanis, Association of Commerce. 
Home: 2835 Chestnut St., New Or- 
leans, La.; office: 1220 Washington 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wusih, China; 
born, Mouth of Wilson, Va., 1884; 
educated, State Normal and Indus- 
trial College of North Carolina, 
1905; W. M. U. Training School, 
1908; appointed May, 1909; married 
P. W. Hamlett, March, 1913; Evan- 
gelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wusih, China; 
born, Halifax County, Virginia, Oct. 
2, 1881; education, Hampden-Sid- 
ney, A.B., 1903; Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1906; 
appointed June, 1907; Evangelistic 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Wil- 
liamston, S. C; born, Clifton, S. C, 
July 19, 1901; son of Charles Brook- 
lyn and Jane (Biggerstaff ) Ham- 
mett; education, Boiling Springs 
Academy, Furman University, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, and 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, receiving B.A. and Th.M. de- 
grees; ordained, April 6, 1929; mar- 
ried Lorene Woody of Denniston, 
Va., June 8, 1929; daughter of G. 
G. and Essie Woody; children, Orin 
Woody; athletic coach, Boiling 
Springs Junior College, 3 years; 
student pastor, while attending 
Seminary, 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Williamston since 
Oct. 1. 1932: president, Salenda, 
S. C. Convention; preacher Associa- 
tional Sermon, 1935; member, Com- 
mittee on Obituaries, South Caro- 
lina Convention, 1935; author, "Im- 

plications of the Virgin Birth," pub- 
lished in Baptist Courier, and a pa- 
per on "The Oxford Moxement;" 
Mason, Pi Gamma Mu, Quaternian 
(achievement club of Furman Uni- 
versity.) Address: Williamston, 
S. C. 


Pastor, Venable Street Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va.; born, Clay, 
Ky., Oct. 27, 1890; son of Morris 
Elizabeth Wicks and James Edward 
Hammock; education, Bethel Col- 
lege; Th.G., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, New 
Harmony Baptist Church, Clay, Ky., 
October, 1911; married Willie 
Louise Adams of Elkton, Ky., June, 
1913; daughter of James and Verdie 
Bradshaw Adams; children, Colvin 
Lee, Jr.; pastor, Bramlett Baptist 
Church, Saunders, Ky., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Elkton, Ky., 2 years; pastor, 
Mulberry, Fla. 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Marianna, Ark., 9 
years; pastor, Venable Street Bap- 
tist Church, Richmond, Va., 8% 
years. Home: 1928 Princess Anne 
Ave., Richmond, Va.; office: 2101 
Venable St., Richmond, Va. 


Pastor, Oakwood Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn.; born, Morristown, 
Tenn., May 12, 1894; son of Mamie 
Bales of Knoxville, Tenn., and W. 
H. Hammond; education, Carson- 
Newman College, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving B. 
A. and Th.M. degrees; ordained 
May 23, 1921; married Ellen Peake 
of Atchison, Kans., June 30, 1926; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. 
Peake; children, Leroy Peake, and 
William Carey; pastor, Petersburg, 
Ind., 1925-1926; pastor, Kinston, 
Tenn., 1927; pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Bearden, Tenn., 1927-1930; 
pastor, Oakwood Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn., 1930 to date; vice 
moderator, Knox County Associa- 
tion, 3 years; member, Executive 
Committee Knox County, 4 years; 
vice president, Alumni Association, 
Carson-Newman College, 2 years; 
moderator, Knox County Associa- 



tion, 1935; president, Tennessee 
State Convention; pastor for Knox 
County, B. Y. P. U. Federation; vice 
president and program chairman, 
Knoxville Baptist Pastors Confer- 
ence; vice president, Knoxville Min- 
isterial Association (interdenomina- 
tional). Address: 1941 N. Central 
St., Knoxville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bethany, La.; born, Viola, Tenn., 
Apr. 19, 1887; son of Sara Frank- 
lin Brixey and Samuel Hancock of 
Viola, Tenn.; education, College of 
Marshall; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, August, 
1916; married Lucile Bryan of 
Lanesville, Tex., Jan. 24, 1909; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 
Bryan; children, Topsy, Brownie, 
Saraleen, Ernestine; pastor, Monte- 
rey and Pleasant Home, Ky., dur- 
ing Seminole days; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, DeBerry, Tex.; pas- 
tor, Providence Baptist Church, 
Springs Ridge, La., 1920 to date (re- 
built Baptist Church) ; pastor, Shi- 
loh Baptist Church, Desoto parish, 
Louisiana, 7 years to date; pastor, 
Bethany Baptist Church, Bethany, 
La., 7 years to date; moderator, 
Caddo Association; treasurer, Caddo 
Association, 3 years; Executive 
Board, Louisiana Baptist Conven- 
tion; chaplain, Caddo Parish Penal 
Farm; Mason. Address: Bethany, 


Superintendent, Central Texas 
Baptist Sanitarium, Waco, Tex.; 
born, Limestone Co., Tex., Aug. 27, 
1879, son of Alice Virginia Haney, 
Vernon, Tex., and Augustus N. 
Haney; education, Business Admin- 
istration, Toby's Bus. Col., Waco, 
Tex.; married Evelyn Oates, Waco, 
Tex., June 12, 1907, daughter of 
Emma and B. H. Oates; children, 
Emma Frances (Mrs. Allen Cross, 
Jr.), Waco, Tex.; work: Bookkeep- 
er, mercantile business, 3 yrs.; 
cashier and Pres. of First Natl. 
Bank, Penelope and Mt. Calm, Tex., 
engaged in the mercantile business 

3 yrs.; engaged in real estate busi- 
ness, 3 yrs.; Supt., Central Texas 
Bapt. Sanitarium, Waco, Tex., since 
Dec. 1, 1922; general: member, Ma- 
sonic Order, Waco, No. 92. Home 
address: 1100 N. 18th St., Waco, 
Tex.; business address: Central 
Texas Baptist Sanitarium, Waco, 


Pastor, First Church, Childress, 
Tex.; born, Pine Bluff, Ark., Nov. 
9, 1889; son of Isabelle Glover and 
William Henly Hankins; education, 
B.A. and B.S.; ordained, 1914; mar- 
ried Mary Julian, 1915, daughter of 
Anna Blackwell and B. F. Julian; 
children, Mary Jo and Martha Ann; 
work, pastor, half-time, Bells, Tex., 
Aug. 1925-Feb. 1926; full time, 
Whitewright, Tex., 1926-29; Green- 
ville, Tex., Feb. 1929-July 1929; 
Childress, Tex., July 1929- ; de- 
nominational: Vice Pres., Bapt. 
Gen. Conv., Tex., 1935; member, Bd. 
of Trustees, Howard Payne Col., 
Brownwood, Tex., 32nd degree Ma- 
son and Shriner. Address: Chil- 
dress, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kokura, Ja- 
pan; born, Harriman, Tenn., Jan. 
29, 1903; education, Carson-New- 
man College, A.B., 1925; appointed 
June 10, 1925; Music, Girls' School. 


Pastor, Main St. Church, Jack- 
sonville, Fla.; born, Denmar, 
March 4, 1897; son of Margarete 
Gram, and Peter Hansen; educa- 
tion, Des Moines Univ., Univ. of 
Fla.; degrees, D.D., from John B. 
Stetson Univ.; ordained, 1920; mar- 
ried Sept. 6, 1926, Edna Grace 
Peterson, of Elk Horn, Iowa, daugh- 
ter of Mary and Peter A. Peterson; 
children, Keith Leyton and Ken- 
neth Lowell Hansen, both of Jack- 
sonville, Fla.; work: pastor at New- 
berry, Fla., 1920-24, Storke, Fla., 
1925; Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1926, 
and Main St. Ch., Jacksonville, Fla., 
since 1927. Home address: 527 W. 



27th St., Jacksonville, Fla.; office 
address: Main St. Bapt. Ch., 8th 
and Main Sts., Jacksonville, Fla. 


Pastor, Chatham Ch., Chatham, 
Va.; born, Oxford, N. C, Jan. 16, 
1886; son of Anna Hunter of Wake 
Co., N. C, and John Steger Harda- 
way of Amelia Co., Va. ; education, 
Wake Forest Col., Th.G., Southern 
Sem.; D.D., Univ. of Richmond; or- 
dained, Central Ch., Newman, Ga., 
Sept. 21, 1913; married Nell Rus- 
sell of Newman, Ga., Dec. 15, 1908, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rus- 
sell; pastor, Royston, Ga., 1916-18; 
Union Ch., Madison Co., Ga., 1916- 
18; Crawford, Ga., 1918-23; Sandy 
Cross Ch., Oglethorpe Co., Ga., 1918- 
23; Glade Ch., Oglethorpe Co., 
Ga., 1919-1922; Chatham, Va., 1923 
to date; Mod., Pittsylvania Assn., 
Va., 1929-1934; trustee, Hargrave 
Military Acad., Chatham, Va., 1923 
to date. Address: Chatham, Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Le- 
noir, N. C; born, Oxford, N. C; 
son of Rev. John S. and Anna 
(Hunter) Hardaway; education, 
Horner Military School, Oxford, N. 
C. ; B.A., Mercer University, and 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theologic- 
al Seminary, being one of four 
speakers for the class of 1917; mar- 
ried Louise Cook Atkinson of New- 
nan, Ga. ; children, Richard E., Jr., 
Theodore Atkinson and John 
Steger; supply pastor, Rivermont 
Avenue Baptist Church, Lynchburg, 
Va., 1917; pastor, Allendale Baptist 
Church, Allendale, S. C, 1918-1920; 
pastor, Shandon Baptist Church, 
Columbia, S. C, 1920-1924; pastor, 
South Main Street Baptist Church, 
Greenwood, S. C, 1924-1929; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Lenoir since 
1929; member of Kappa Alpha fra- 
ternity, K. of P., Kiwanis. Home: 
Lenoir, N. C. 


Pastor First Baptist Church. Lin- 
colnton, N. C; born, Clifton, S, C, 

Mar. 2, 1891; son of Tallulah Can- 
non of Clifton, S. C, and Abraham 
Hardin of Grover, N. C; education, 
A.B., Furman University; Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, 1917, Mars 
Hill, N. C; married Mabel Bradley 
Clyde of Greenville, S. C, June 3, 
1919; daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
Hovey Clyde; children, Mildred Vir- 
ginia, Claire Rebecca, Mary Nell 
and Clyde Durham; textile and 
clerical work; pastor, since 1917; 
president, Law Enforcement So- 
ciety of Lincoln County, North 
Carolina. Address: Lincolnton, N. 


President, Mary Hardin-Baylor 
College, Belton, Tex.; born, Newton 
County, Mississippi, Dec. 24, 1864; 
son of Martha Crumpton and John 
Dunklin Hardy of Alabama; educa- 
tion, Mississippi College; Millsaps 
College; Cornell University, receiv- 
ing A.B., M.A., LL.B., and LL.D. 
degrees; married Kate C. Whitfield 
of Jackson, Miss., July 11, 1900; 
daughter of Judge and Mrs. Albert 
H. Whitfield; children, Dodie B. 
(deceased), Martha (Mrs. D. R. 
Anderson) Macon, Ga., Katherine 
W. (Mrs. F. F. Bell), Taft, Tex.; 
Robert Magruder, New York City; 
J. C. Hardy, Jr., Houston, Tex.; 
superintendent, City Schools, Jack- 
son, Miss., 1890-1900; president, 
Mississippi A. and M. College, 1900- 
1912; president, Baylor College for 
Women, 1912 to date; president. 
Baptist General Convention, Texas, 
1932-1935; Executive Board; moder- 
ator, Association; delegate to Na- 
tional Democratic Convention, 1928; 
Rotary, Mason, Kappa Alpha. Ad- 
dress: Baylor Station, Belton, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kaifeng. 
China; born, Orange County, Texas, 
Apr. 3, 1893; education, Baylor Col- 
lege, A.B., 1920; Southwestern 
Training School; appointed June 
19, 192-0; Evangelistic Work. 




Pastor, Hillcrest Baptist Church, 
Dallas, Tex., born Shubuta, Miss., 
July 27, 1895; son of Emma Winona 
Smith and John Wesley Hargrove; 
education, B.S., Mississippi College, 
1920; M.S., University of Colorado, 
1924; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1928; Th.D., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1932; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Clinton, Miss., 
1917; married Theta Ida Plunkett, 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 1, 1921; daugh- 
ter of Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. 
Plunkett; children, Guy Plunkett, 
Helen Hoyt, and John Lawrence; 
pastor, Utica, Miss., 1920-1923; pas- 
tor, Johnstown, Colo., 1923-1924; 
pastor, Alvord, Tex., 1925-1926; pas- 
tor, Moody, Tex., 1926-1928; pastor, 
Grand Prairie, Tex., 1928-1932; pas- 
tor, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Dal- 
las, Tex., since February, 1932; de- 
nominational member, Relief and 
Annuity Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention ; member, Executive 
Board, Dallas County Baptist Asso- 
ciation; member, Finance Commit- 
tee, Executive Board, Dallas Coun- 
ty, Association; chairman, Commit- 
tee, Evangelism and Missionary Ex- 
tension, Executive Board, Dallas 
County Association; Mason. Ad- 
dress: 2315 Idaho St., Dallas, Tex.; 
office address: 2603 Idaho St., Dal- 
las, Tex. 


Professor, Sociology and Social 
Ethics, University of Richmond, 
Va.; born, Forestville, Md., Mar. 
7, 1876; daughter of Margaret Anna 
Honner of New York City, and 
Burns Harlan of Illinois; education, 
B.A., and M.A., George Washington 
University; B.D. and Ph.D., Univer- 
sity of Chicago; ordained, Wash- 
ington, D. C, October, 1901; mar- 
ried Margaret Wade of Edinboro, 
Pa., Aug. 10, 1904; daughter of John 
Thomas and Ida Lewis Wade; child- 
ren, Mrs. Margaret Harlan Hilton, 
and Mrs. Travis T. Patterson; pas- 
tor, Evansville, Wis., 1903-1907; pas- 
tor, Dixon, 111., 1907-1909; profes- 
sor, Ottawa University, Kansas, 

1909-1910; pastor, Central Baptist 
Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1909- 
1912; dean, Ottawa University, 1912- 
1915; president, Sioux Falls College, 
South Dakota, 1915-1918; secretary, 
Social Service American Baptist 
Home Mission Society, 1918-1922; 
professor, Sociology and Social 
Ethics, Univ. of Richmond, 1922 
to date; author, "John Alexander 
Dowie," "Urbanity as a Personal 
and Social Ideal," "Brotherhood 
and Civilization" (the John Clif- 
ford Lectures in Liverpool, Eng- 
land), "A New Day for the Coun- 
try Church;" Mason, American 
Sociological Society, Cosmos Club, 
board, Richmond Community Fund, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa 
Alpha, Lambda. Chi Alpha. Address: 
Towana Road, University of Rich- 
mond, Va. 


Pastor, West Lynchburg Baptist 
Church, Lynchburg, Va.; born, Ray 
County, Missouri, Oct. 15, 1876; son 
of Octavia Slack of Ray County, 
Missouri, and Valentine Harman of 
Daviess County, Missouri; educa- 
tion, William Jewell College; hon- 
orary D.D., Southwest Baptist Col- 
lege, Bolivar, Mo.; ordained, Sept. 
2, 1898; married Etta T. Hahn of 
Lathrop, Mo., June 6, 1901; daugh- 
ter of James and Phoebe Porter 
Hahn; children, James Valentine; 
Charles Lee; Edna Pearl; pastor, 
Ray, Caldwell, Platte, Clinton and 
Daviess Counties, during school 
days; pastor, Gallatin, Missouri, 
1904-1910; pastor, Mineola, Tex., 
1910-1913; pastor, Bolivar, Mo., 
1913-1920; vice president and head 
Bible Department and Social 
Science Department, Southwest 
Baptist College, 1920-1923; pastor, 
West Lynchburg Baptist Church, 
Lynchburg, Va., 1923 to date; mod- 
erator, Daviess and Polk County 
Associations, Missouri; moderator. 
Strawburg Association, Virginia; 
Executive Board, Missouri General 
Association, 5 years; Missions and 
Educational Board, Virginia; con- 
tributor to press and tracts; I. O. 
O. F.; committee in charge of pris- 



ons and eleemosinary institutions, 
Polk County, Missouri; chairman, 
Red Cross, Polk County, Missouri, 
World War; president, Lynchburg 
Ministers' Association and Baptist 
Pastors' Conference, Lynchburg, 
Va. Address: 106 Warren Ave., 
Lynchburg, Va. 


Attorney at Law, Oklahoma City, 
Okla.; born, Morgantown, Ky., Jan. 
24, 1872; son of Martha I. Helm 
and Thomas Nelson Harreld of Ky.; 
education, National Normal Univer- 
sity, Ohio; Bryant and Stratton 
Business College, Louisville, Ky. ; 
married Thurlow Ward of Ardmore, 
Okla., Dec. 1, 1931; daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ward; children, 
Ward; member, U. S. House of 
Representatives, 1919-1920; mem- 
ber, U. S. Senate, Oklahoma, 1921- 
1927; trustee, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, 1921-1922; 
trustee, O.B.U., 20 years to date; 
Mason. Home: 3233 N. Harvey 
Parkway, Oklahoma City, Okla.; of- 
fice: 502 Equity Bldg., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 


Retired Baptist pastor, Jackson, 
Tenn.; born, Holly Springs, Miss., 
Feb. 9, 1878; son of John J. and 
Florence Farr Harrell of Holly 
Springs, Miss.; education, Baylor 
Univ., D.D., Union Univ.; ordained 
Sept., 1906, 7th and James Bapt. 
Ch., Waco, Tex.; married Beulah 
Moore of Holly Springs, Miss., June 
9, 1897; daughter of Henry C. and 
Harriet Rylee Moore; children, 
Maggie Beulah (deceased), Felix 
Malcolm (deceased), Mrs. Florence 
Harrell Fowlkes, Felix James, Jr., 
Eloise; evangelistic singer; pastor, 
Timpson, Tex., 1% yrs.; pastor, Wa- 
co, Tex., \y.> yrs.; pastor, Ripley, 
Tenn., 14 mos.; pastor, Dyersburg, 
Tenn., 10 yrs.; pastor, Jackson, 
Tenn., 2^ yrs.; evangelist, 7 yrs.; 
Education Bd., Tex.; State Exec. 
Bd., Tenn.; trustee, Hall Moody 
School ; trustee, Union Univ. ; Ro- 
tary, City Club, Dyersburg, Tenn. 

Address: 420 East College, Jackson, 


Pastor, Woodland Church, Hous- 
ton, Tex.; born, Texarkana, Tex., 
Feb. 19, 1890; son of Elizabeth Gar- 
rett of Jefferson, Tex., and Josiah 
M-Kewn Harrell of Ala.; education, 
A.B., Baylor, Southwestern Sem.; 
ordained, May, 1914, Weiner, Ark.; 
married Vonna Terrill of Spring- 
field, Mo., Nov. 27, 1913, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Terrill; chil- 
dren, Vonnabeth; pastor, Weiner, 
Ark., 1914-15; First Ch., Annona, 
Tex., 1916-19; Calvary Ch., Hous- 
ton, Tex., 1919-27; Woodland Ch., 
Houston, Tex., 1927 to date; Mod., 
Red R. Co. Assn., 1918-19; Exec. Bd., 
Union Assn., 1921 to date; Rec. 
Sec, Union Assn., 1923-1928; Vice 
Mod., Union Assn., 1932; Annona 
Lodge, A. F. and A. M. Home: 3412 
Beauchamp, Houston, Tex.; office: 
Woodland Bapt. Ch., Houston, Tex. 


Physician, Waco, Tex.; born, 
Beuna Vista, Miss., Jan. 7, 1858; 
son of John T. and Margaret (Belk) 
Harrington; education, Private 
Schools of Mississippi, M.D. degree; 
ordained, Deacon in 1887; married 
Genoa Cole of Independence, Tex., 
June 5, 1884; daughter of Rev. M. 
and Elizabeth (Downs) Cole; child- 
ren, Genoa (Mrs. A. D. Brinker- 
hoff), Waco, Tex., Jessie i(Mrs. 
Sparke Durham), Waco, Tex.; dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Waco, 
Tex.; president. Board of Trustees, 
Baylor University. Home: 1313 S. 
8th St.; office: 902 Amicable Bldg., 
Waco, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Brooklyn, Baltimore, Md.; born, 
Tunis Mills, Md., Apr. 26, 1892; son 
of Sarah Virginia Redman of Tunis 
Mills, Md., and Henry Clay Harring- 
ton of Tilgman's Island, Md. ; edu- 
cation. Association Institute Y. M. 
C. A., Baltimore, Md.; Crozer Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Orange 
Park, Fla., Dec. 19, 1926; married 



Leah Virginia Brown of Baltimore, 
Md., Nov. 16, 1920; daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. William George 
Brown; children, Norman William, 
bundle wrapper, Hutzler Bros. Co., 
Baltimore, Md., 1908-1909; clerk- 
steno, Baltimore and 0. R. R., 1909- 
1918; U. S. Army, Chemical War- 
fare Service, Long Island, N. Y., 
1918-1919; steno-junior accountant, 
Baltimore and O. R. R., 1919-1926; 
supply pastor, Orange Park Bap- 
tist Church, 1926; pastor, Orange 
Park Baptist Church, Florida, 1926- 
1928; pastor, Kensington Baptist 
Church, Kensington, Md., 1930-1931; 
pastor, Brooklyn Baptist Church, 
Baltimore, Md., supply pastor, 1933- 
1934; pastor, 1934 to date; associ- 
ate secretary, Maryland Baptist Un- 
ion Association, 1933-1935; secre- 
tary, Baltimore Baptist Ministers' 
Conference, 1935 to date; A. F. and 
A. M., 1919 to date. Address: 724 
Reservoir St., Baltimore, Md. 


Corresponding Secretary, Wom- 
an's Missionary Union of North 
Carolina; born, Spartanburg Coun- 
ty, South Carolina, Aug. 25, 1871; 
daughter of Anna O. Wingo and 
William H. Richardson; education, 
Limestone College; married Albert 
Harris (deceased) of Toccoa, Ga., 
Nov. 25, 1891; son of Janie E. 
Thompson and Albert Gallatin Har- 
ris; children, Alberta (Mrs. Brian 
Bell) of Los Angeles, Calif., Edna 
Earl (Mrs. Joel I. Allen) of Mul- 
lins, S."C., William Albert, Jr., Ral- 
eigh, N. C; lived in Waco, Tex., 
1891-97; when Mr. Harris died, re- 
turned to South Carolina; taught 
in public schools of Gaffney, S. C, 
1898-1914; lady principal, State 
School for Blind, Raleigh, N. C, 
1914-26; corresponding secretary, 
Woman's Missionary Union of 
North Carolina since 1926. Office: 
215 Recorder Bldg., Raleigh, N. C. 


Pastor, Swope Park Baptist 
Church, Kansas City, Mo.; born, 
Dublin, Tex., July 26, 1904; son of 
Claire Jackson and David Lewis 

Harris of Dublin, Tex.; education, 
A.B., Ouachita College, Th.M., 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, University of Southern 
California, Simmons University; 
ordained, Baptist Church, Dublin, 
Tex., 1925; married Dorothy Scott 
of El Paso, Tex., June 23, 1933, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. 
Scott; children, Jo Anne; assistant 
and supply pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Pampa, Tex., 2' years; as- 
sociate pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Mexico, Mo., 15 months; pastor, 
Swope Park Baptist Church, Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 4 years to date. 
Home: 2221 E. 67th St., Kansas 
City, Mo.; office: 2521 Meyer Blvd., 
Kansas City, Mo. 


Pastor, Maysville Baptist Church, 
Maysville, N. C; born, Anson Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, April 15, 1882'; 
son of Catherine Frances Gale of 
Anson County, North Carolina, and 
Franklin P. Harris of Lilesville, N. 
C; education, Pee Dee Institute, 
and Wake Forest College, receiving 
B.A. degree; ordained May, 1908; 
married Lucy L. Shearon of Wake 
Forest, N. C, Dec. 24, 1913; mar- 
ried Estelle Jones of Bethel, N. C, 
May 20, 1923; children, Joseph P., 
Jr., Washington, D. C, William 
Shearon, Wake Forest, N. C; 
Franklin Gradner, Maysville, N. C; 
pastor, Warren County, North Caro- 
lina, 8 years; pastor, Bethel, Pitt 
County, North Carolina, 4 years; 
pastor, Fuquay Spring, Wake Coun- 
ty, N. C, 2 1 / 2 years; pastor, Beau- 
ford, Cartaret County, N. C, 6V 2 
years; pastor, Maysville, Jones 
County, N. C, 2 years to date; clerk. 
Roanoke Assn., 3 yrs.; clerk, Atlan- 
tic Assn., 3 yrs.; member, State 
Promotion Com., 2 yrs. to date; part 
time representative of State Mis- 
sion Board, 3 years; Mason; organ- 
izer and secretary-treasurer, Build- 
ing and Loan Association, Bethel, 
N. C. Address: Maysville, N. C. 


Pastor, Speedway Terrace Baptist 
Church, Memphis, Tenn.; born, 



Trezevant, Tenn., March 2, 1898; 
son of Maude Hillsman of Treze- 
vant, Tenn., and Rutledge Mitchell 
Harris of Columbus, Miss.; educa- 
tion, Union University, Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
receiving A.B. and Th.M. degrees; 
ordained, First Baptist Church, 
Jackson, Tenn., April 15, 1920; mar- 
ried Dorothea Frances Furr of 
Wesson, Miss., Dec. 22, 1925, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Furr; 
children, Mark Alexander and 
Yvonne Dorothea, and Sylvia Pa- 
tricia, 3 mos. old; pastor. Ridgely, 
Tenn., 3 years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Martin, Tenn., 3 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, New- 
port, Tenn., 5 years; pastor, Speed- 
way Terrace Baptist Church, Mem- 
phis, Tenn., 1934 to date; State Ex- 
ecutive Board of Tennessee, 6 
years; Baptist and Reflector Com- 
mittee, state paper of Tennessee 
Baptists, 3 years; moderator of as- 
sociation, 2 years; president, Alum- 
ni Association of Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1 
year; member, Relief Executive 
Committee of Cocke County, Ten- 
nessee, 2 years; chaplain, Ameri- 
can Legion, Newport, Tenn., 2 
years; Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club. 
Home: 706 Dickinson, Memphis, 
Tenn.; office, Speedway Terrace 
Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Gunterville, Ala.; born, Harrisville, 
N. C, Oct. 2, 1878; son of Mollie 
George and Roderick Edward Har- 
ris of Harrisville, N. C; education, 
graduate Raeford Military Insti- 
tute; A.B., Wake Forest College; 
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, October, 1904, 
Wilson, N. C; married Annie D. 
Jacobs of Scottsboro, Ala.. May, 
1910; daughter of J. C. and Eliza- 
beth Jacobs; children, John Clin- 
ton, Scottsboro, Ala., Roderick Ed- 
ward, Bridgeport, Ala., Elmer J., 
Ruth, Mitchell L., Jr.; pastor. 
Scottsboro, Ala., 1908-1909; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Cullman, Ala., 
1909-1911; pastor, Ozark, Ala., 1912- 

1918; pastor, Prattville, Ala., 1918- 
1932; pastor, Guntersville, Ala., 
1932 to date; board director, Bap- 
tist State Mission Board, 1912-1932; 
member, Baptist State Executive 
Committee, 1932 to date; trustee, 
Judson College, 1933; Civitan Club, 
Mason. Address: Guntersville, Ala. 


Pastor, Hogansville, Ga.; born, 
Penfield, Ga., Dec. 18, 1866; son of 
Sarah Frances Johnson and Dr. W. 
L. M. Harris of Penfield, Ga.; edu- 
cation, Mercer University; ordained, 
Sept. 29, 1889; married Ida Farmer 
of Crawfordville, Ga., Dec. 17, 1891; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 
Farmer; children, Mary Fanny; 
pastor, Scotland, Ga., 1890; pastor, 
Crawfordville, Ga., 1892-1896; pas- 
tor, Lexington, Ga., 1892-1896; pas- 
tor, Jewel,. Ga., 1893-1899; pastor, 
Lincolnton, Ga., 1896-1899; pastor, 
Social Circle, Ga., 1900; pastor, Cov- 
ington, Ga., 1900; pastor, Thomson, 
Ga., 1901-1902; pastor, Marshall, 
McDuffie County, Georgia, 1902- 
1908; pastor, Flint Hill, McDuffie 
County, Georgia, 1903-1909; pastor, 
Harlem, 1904-1908; pastor, Union 
Point, Ga., 1901-1903; pastor, Sweet 
Water, McDuffie County, Georgia, 
1903-1906 pastor, Shiloh, Greene 
County, Georgia, 1905-1907; pastor, 
Horeb, Hancock County, Georgia, 
1904-1906; pastor, Sparta, Ga., 1907- 
1909; pastor, Bethlehem, Washing- 
ton County, Georgia, 1908; pastor, 
Claxton, Ga., 1910; pastor, Collins, 
Ga., 1910; pastor, Woodlawn, Au- 
gusta Ga., 1911-1914; pastor, Heph- 
zibah, Ga., 1914-1917; pastor, Bots- 
ford, Burke County, Georgia, 1915- 
1916; pastor, Warren, Richmond 
County, Georgia, 1915-1916; pastor, 
Ebenezer, Wilkes County, Georgia, 
1916-1919; pastor, Clifford's Grove. 
Wilkes County, Georgia, 1916-1920; 
pastor, Sandy Cross, Taliaferro 
County, Georgia, 1918-1919; pastor, 
Penfield. Ga.. 191S-1920; pastor. 
Bethesda, Greene County, Georgia. 
1918-1920; pastor, County Line, 
Oglethorpe County. Georgia. 1920- 
1921; pastor, Columbia Mines. Mc- 
Duffie County, Georgia, 1920-1921; 



pastor, Sharon, Columbia County, 
Georgia, 1920-1921; pastor, Pine 
Grove, McDuffie County, Georgia, 
1920-1921; pastor, Beaverdam, 
Wilkes County, Georgia, 1921-1922; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Eu- 
faula, Ala., 1922-1925; pastor, Chris- 
tian Grove, Barbour County, Ala., 
1923; pastor, Talbotton, Ga., 1925- 
1927; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hogansville, Ga,, 1927-1929; pastor, 
Providence, Troup County, Georgia, 
1927-1934; pastor, Providence, Cow- 
eta County, Georgia, 1927-1928; pas- 
tor, Grantville, Ga., 1928-1935; pas- 
tor, Franklin, Ga., 1930-1931; pastor, 
Bethel, Heard County, Georgia, 
1929-1931; pastor, Mt. Zion, Meri- 
wether County, Georgia, 1930-1931; 
pastor, Bethlehem, Coweta County, 
Georgia, 1930-1935; pastor, New 
Hope, Coweta County, Georgia, 1933- 
1935; chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Washington Association, 2 
years; moderator, Western Associa- 
tion, 1 year; member, State Mis- 
sion Board, 1 year; member, State 
B. Y. P. U. Executive Committee, 
4 years; president, Protestant Min- 
isters' Association, Augusta, Ga., 1 
year; author, few special Hymns 
on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter 
and so forth. Address: Hogans- 
ville, Ga. 


Born, Feb. 8, 1862, Lee Co., Miss.; 
son of Jane Elizabeth McMaster of 
Itawamba Co., Miss., and Geo. 
Washington Harris of Lawrence 
Co., Ala.; education, A. M. Col., and 
Miss. Col., and Southern Sem. ; or- 
dained, Aug., 1892; licensed May 28, 
1888; married Dec. 31, 1896, to 
Alice Gullett of Plantersville, Miss.; 
children, Mary Elizabeth Harris 
(deceased); pastor, Plantersville, 
Sharon, Saltillo and Center Hill 
Chs., Lee Co., Miss.; served two 
churches in Delta Co., Tex., for 4 
yrs. ; returned to Miss, in 1899 be- 
cause of ill health; began preach- 
ing again, after ill health, in 1904, 
in Miss.; taught school, 20 yrs. be- 
fore and after ordination ; came to 
Texas in 1914, where he began his 
pastoral labors, first at Manor, then 

Sequin 4 yrs., and last pastorate 
here at Boerne, Tex. for 12 yrs. 
where he built the house of wor- 
ship, and retired from the minis- 
try Nov., 1932, because of failing 
health; he died Dec. 26, 1935, at 
Boerne, Tex., after this sketch had 
been sent in. Address of wife: Box 
33, Boerne, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, North Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark.; born, Grundy Co., 
Mo., Feb. 19, 1888; son of Mary 
Elizabeth and Rev. Jesse B. Harris 
of Grundy Co., Mo.; education, 
Grand River Academy, Wm. Jew- 
ell Col., 3 yrs.; ordained Oct. 21, 
1912; married Ruth Brennenstuhl 
of Trenton, Mo., June 25, 1911; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
Brennenstuhl; children, Wilford M., 
Ouachita Col., Alberta Ray; pastor, 
Livingston Co., Mo., 1912-22; Webb 
City, Mo., Nov. 1922-Feb. 1925; 
First Ch., N. Little Rock, Ark., 
Ark., since 1925; Assnl. organizer 
for 75 Million Campaign, Livings- 
ton, Assn., Chillicothe, Mo.; de- 
nominational: member, Arkansas 
Bapt. State Bd., since 1932; Ch. 
Com., Ark. Bapt. and Book Store 
since 1932; Bd. of Trustees, Central 
Col., Conway; Sec. of Bd. and Exe3. 
Com., Ark. Bapt. State Bd.; Mod., 
Livingston Assn., Chillicothe, Mo., 
1920-22; Spring River Assn., Joplin, 
Mo., 1922-25; Pulaski Co. Assn., 
1931-32; preached annual sermon, 
Ark. Bapt. Conv., Jan. 21, 1936; 
Camp Dir. of State R. A. Camp, 2 
yrs.; recreational leader, 1 yr., of 
State R. A. Camp. Address: 2200 
Main St., North Little Rock, Ark. 


Pastor, Grosbeck, Tex.; born, Gus- 
tine, Tex., Mar. 29, 1899; son of 
Naomi Ferrell Blankenship and 
James Henry Harrison of Gustine, 
Tex.; education, Rusk College; B.A., 
Baylor University; ordained, 1922; 
married Eula Peral, Gray of Rose- 
bud, Tex., Aug. 23, 1926; daughter 
of Delia Collins and Wallace Gray; 
children, Bilijo, Betijean; pastor, 
Lonestar Baptist Church, Falls 



County, 1925-1926; pastor, Glidden 
Baptist Church, 1925-1926; pastor, 
Lillian Baptist Church, Johnson 
County, 1926-1927; pastor, Chilton 
Baptist Church; pastor, Galinda 
Baptist Church, Palls County, 1928- 
1931; pastor, College Baptist 
Church, Limestone County, 1931- 
1932; pastor, Groesbeck, Tex., 1932 
to date; moderator, Limestone 
County Association, 1934 to date. 
Address: Groesbeck, Tex. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Concepcion, 
Chile; born, Essex County, Virginia, 
Nov. 26, 1879; education, McGuire's 
School, Richmond, Va.; Richmond 
College, 1900; Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, three years; 
appointed December, 1903; Evange- 
listic and Educational Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Concepcion, 
Chile; born, Meade County, Ken- 
tucky, Sept. 21, 1881; education, 
Brandenburg Normal Institute, 
1897; Shelbyville College, 1901; ap- 
pointed Mar. 15, 1904; married J. 
L. Hart, March, 1904; Educational 
and Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, Brevard Baptist Church, 
Brevard, N. C; born, Big Lick, N. 
C, Jan. 9, 1894; son of Maggie 
Howell and Pearson Gamaliel Hart- 
sell of Stanley County, N. C; edu- 
cation, Wake Forest College, and 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, receiving A.B. and M.A. de- 
grees; ordained, Big Lick Baptist 
Church, Big Lick, N. C, August, 
1914; married Fannie Gertrude 
Bragg of Stem, N. C, Nov. 27, 1917; 
daughter of H. M. and Emma 
Bragg; children, Pauline, Harold 
McPherson, Charles Kent, Caroline; 
pastor, Warren and Granville Coun- 
ty, while at Wake Forest College: 
pastor, while in Louisville, Ky.; 
pastor, Person County, North Caro- 
lina, 1916-1917; pastor, Star and 
Biscoe, N. C, 1918-1921; pastor, 

Stovall Field, N. C, 1924-1930; pas- 
tor, Brevard Baptist Church, Bre- 
vard, N. C, 1931 to date; moderator, 
Montgomery Baptist Association, 
1918-1919; director, Million Dollar 
Camp, Christian Education, Mont- 
gomery Association; director, 75 
Million Camp, Montgomery Associa- 
tion; director, Meredith College 
Camp; moderator, Transylvania 
Baptist Association, 1931 to date; 
Mason, Kiwanis. Address: Bre- 
vard, N. C. 


Pastor, First Ch., Eastman, Ga.; 
born, Tallahassee, Fla., March 17, 
1880; son, of Sylvester and Emma 
Lawrence Hartsfield; education, 
Howard Col., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained Nov. 24, 1907; married Ethel 
Stockton, Oct. 8, 1911; children, 
Lawrence S. Hartsfield, Stetson 
Univ., DeLand, Fla.; pastor-evan- 
gelist, Ala. State Mis., Bd., 2 yrs.; 
city missionary, Columbus, Ga., 1 
yr.; Assnl. evangelist, State Mis. 
Bd., 9 mos.; pastor-evangelist, Ga. 
Mis. Bd., while ' serving Jefferson, 
Ga., 2 yrs.; pastor, Jesup, Ga., 18 
mos.; First Ch., Eastman, Ga., 4 
yrs.; First Ch., Toccoa, Ga., 6 yrs.; 
First Ch., Jackson, Ga., 18 mos.; 
First Ch., Blakely, 4% yrs.; re- 
called, First Ch., Eastman, Ga., aft- 
er 11 yrs., where now serving; mem- 
ber, Exec. Com., State B. T. U. 
Conv., 6 yrs.; Ga. Baptist Conv., 5 
yrs.; Chmn., Assnl. Exec. Com., 6 
yrs. (now serving) ; various com- 
mittees of State Conv., Gen. Mgr., 
Associated Charities, Blakely, Ga.; 
Pres., Red Cross of Dodge Co., Ga.; 
Rotary Club, Blakely; Kiwanis 
Club, Eastman; Chmn., Fed. Relief 
work, Dodge Co., Ga. ; private, army 
during Spanish-American War; Hon- 
orary member, American Legion 
and chaplain. Address: 205 Oak 
St., Eastman, Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Hwanghsien, 
China; born, Tengchow, China, Mar. 
6. 1870; parents missionaries in 



China; education, San Francisco 
High School, 1889; B. M. T. School, 
Chicago, 1891; appointed, 1892; 
Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Stuttgart, Ark.; horn, Marmaduke, 
Ark., Jan. 17, 1885; son of Susan 
Allie Ross, Ky., and Callis L. Har- 
vey, Tenn. education, university 
and seminary; degrees, Th.M.; or- 
dained June, 1923; married Ollie 
Gertrude Harvey, Marmaduke, Ark., 
May 29, 1913, daughter of James P. 
Early and Jennie Snowden; chil- 
dren, Jack Harvey, Pollyanna Har- 
vey, Stuttgart, Ark.; work: teach- 
er, Marmaduke, Ark., 12 yrs.; Asst. 
cashier, hank, Paragould, Ark., 4 
yrs.; pastor, Bapt. Ch., Mansfield, 
Tex., 3 yrs.; pastor, First Bapt. Ch., 
Stuttgart, Ark., 10 yrs.; denomina- 
tional: member, Exec. Bd., Ark. 
State Conv.; member, Exec. Com., 
Exec. Bd., Ark. Bapt. State Conv.; 
Pres., Pastors' and Laymen's Conf., 
Ark. Bapt. State Conv.; author: 
monograph, "Some Things the 
Tithe Will Do," Oct., 1935. Address: 
309 South Grand St., Stuttgart, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mil- 
len, Ga.; born, Dublin, Ga., Feb. 
15, 1902; son of Mary Guyton Rowe 
and Rev. W. E. Harvill of Dublin; 
education, A.B., Mercer University; 
Th.B. and Th.G., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
First Baptist Church, Dublin, Ga., 
Oct. 5, 1923; married Elizabeth 
Hobbs of Dublin, Ga., Sept. 16, 1925; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. 
Hobbs; children, Thomas Rowe, Jr., 
Dublin, Ga., William Morgan, Clio, 
S. C, Betty Ann; pastor, Clio, S. 
C, 2 1 / 2 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Millen, Ga., 1929 to date; 
moderator, Middle Association, 1930- 
1931; chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Middle Association, 1930 to 
date; vice president, Georgia Bap- 
tist Sunday School Convention, 1935 
to date; Executive Committee, State 
of Georgia, 1933-1937; preacher, 

Georgia Baptist Convention, 1936; 
Civic Club. Address: 105 College 
St., Millen, Ga. 


Assistant Executive Secretary, 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Okla.; born, 
Sharon, Tenn., March 2, 1891; son 
of Rosa Esther Durham and Wil- 
liam Edward Haskins; education, 
college, 3 yrs., seminary, 1 yr.; or- 
dained, July 11, 1911; married Lois 
Mable Baker, Nov. 28, 1911, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Baker; 
children, Thomas P., Jr., Ruth Es- 
ther, Truett Estes, Dathel Lois; 
pastor, Macedonia, near Kenton, 
Tenn., 1911-12; Okla., 1913-36; Fair- 
fax and Ralston, 1913; Ralston and 
Pawnee, 1914-15; Hennessey, 1915- 
16; missionary, Perry Assn., 1917; 
Asst. pastor, Enid, 1918; Walters, 
1919-21; Pauls Valley, 1921-24; Fred- 
erick, 1924-27; Duncan, 1927-33; 
First Ch., Enid, 1933-Sept, 1935; 
Asst. Exec. Sec, Bapt. Gen. Conv., 
Okla., since Sept., 1935; denomina- 
tional: Mod., Tillman Assn., 1925- 
27; Mullins Assn., 1928-32; member, 
State Exec. Bd., 1926-28, 1933-35; 
Bd. of Trustees, Okla. Bapt. Univ., 
1929-33; Lions Club, 1924-27; Ki- 
wanis, 1927-35. Home address: 2545 
N. W. 13th St., Oklahoma City, 
Okla.; office: 223% West First St. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Monroe, La.; born, Bedford County, 
Tennesese, July 28, 1884; son of 
Mary Frances Bledsoe of Bedford 
County, Tennessee and Wiley Stev- 
ens Hastings of Marshall County, 
Tennessee; education, A.B., Union 
University; Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; 
Haynes-McLean Preparatory; or- 
dained, Aug. 12, 1908; married Cora 
Brownlow of Columbia, Tenn., Mar. 
6, 1913; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. P. Brownlow; children, Mary 
Frances (deceased), Carroll Brown- 
low; pastor, rural churches, during 
Seminary and College days; pastor, 
Central Baptist Church, Jackson- 
ville, Tex., 1917-1919; evangelist, 
Tex. Bd., 1919; evangelist, La. Bd., 



1920; pastor, Coliseum Place Bapt. 
Church, New Orleans, La., 1920- 
1925;. pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Monroe, La., 1925 to date; Board 
of Trustees, Baptist Bible Institute, 
10 years; recording secretary, 
Board, 5 years; moderator, More- 
house-Ouachita Association 5 years; 
Executive Board, Louisiana, 10 
years; vice president, Louisiana 
State Convention. Home: 1410 
South Grand, Monroe, La.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Monroe, La. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at El Paso, Texas, 
(Mexico); born, Livingston Parish, 
La., Jan. 29, 1870; educated, Nacog- 
doches University, Texas; Baylor 
University; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1895; appointed 
Dec. 20, 1900; Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Blackwell, Okla. ; born, Bessie, 
Okla., Oct. 15, 1903; son of Susie 
Kimmel and William David Hatch- 
ett of Glenrose, Tex.; education, B. 
A., Oklahoma Baptist University; 
ordained, Draper Street Baptist 
Church, Shawnee, Okla., Feb. 9, 
1927; married Leona Irene Hardi- 
man of Pond Creek, Okla., July 30, 
1926; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. 
H. Hardiman; children, Donnis De- 
Los; pastor, Beaver, Okla., 2 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Mara- 
mec, Okla., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Pryor, Okla., 4 
years, 4 months; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Blackwell, Okla., 1935 
to date; Executive Board, Okla- 
homa, 1932 to date; vice moderator, 
Northeastern Baptist Association, 
1932-1935; Lions. Home: 210 W. 
Bridge, Blackwell, Okla.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Blackwell, 


Illinois AV. M. U., corresponding 
Secretary, Carbondale, 111.; born 
near, Anna, 111., Aug. 4; daughter 
of Anne Wright and James B. Wall, 
near Anna, 111.; education, B.M.T., 

W.M.U. Training School; married 
John Hathaway of Johnston City, 
111.; children, Louise Southall; mis- 
sionary, Home Mission Board, 1918- 
1922'; W.M.U. corresponding secre- 
tary, 1922; state W.M.U. president, 
1927-1929, Illinois; state Intermedi- 
ate Sunday School worker, 1929- 
1933, Illinois; state W.M.U., corre- 
sponding secretary, 1933 to date; 
Home: 908 Washington Ave., John- 
ston City, 111.; office: Baptist Bldg., 
Carbondale, 111. 


Pastor, Central Church, Corbin, 
Ky. ; born, McKinney, Tex., Oct. 21, 
1891, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo 
L. Hatler; education, Ph.G., Univ. 
of Tex., A.B., Baylor Univ., Th.M., 
Southern Sem.; ordained, July 29, 
1923; married Grace A. Parris, Dec. 
31, 1911, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
S. H. Parris; children, Harry Gant 
Moore, Jr., Grace Lenora, Verna 
Christine, Dorothy Enid, Houston 
Eugene; pastor, Bell Mead Ch., 
Waco, Tex., 1923-25; Ballardsville 
Ch., Ballardsville, Ky., 1927-28; 
Vernon, Ind., 1927-28; Gatliff, Ky., 
1928-31; Central Ch., Corbin, Ky., 
1932 to date; Climn., Exec. Bd., Mt. 
Zion Assn., Ky., 1935-36. Home: 
501 Fourth St., Corbin, Ky.; of- 
fice: 4th and Ky. Sts., Corbin, Ky. 


Pastor, Bales Baptist Church, 
Kansas City, Mo.; born, Nichols- 
ville, Ky., Apr. 27, 1892; son of 
Katie Winstead of Sturgis, Ky., and 
George Samuel Hause of Grove Cen- 
ter, Ky. ; education, graduate Eng- 
lish Bible; ordained, Wolcott, Kans., 
May 11, 19n ; married Bertha Hun- 
ter of Independence, Mo., July 25, 
1920; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
James H. Hunter; children, Truett 
Alvin, David George, Dwight Hun- 
ter, Lois Elane; pastor, Wolcott 
Baptist Church, Wolcott, Kans., 3 
years; pastor, May wood Baptist 
Church, Kansas City, Mo., 14 years, 
5 months; pastor, Bales Baptist 
Church, Kansas City. Mo., 3 years 
to date; publicity director, Missouri 
Baptist General Convention; Execu- 



tive Committee, Kansas City Bap- 
tist Association; member, Board of 
Trustees, Kansas City Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, and Executive 
Committee; author, "Enlist or Dis- 
miss Our Unenlisted," weekly col- 
umn, Word and Way, entitled 
"What Would Jesus Do?"; author: 
"A Church at Work"; Executive 
Committee, Kansas City, Mo., Coun- 
cil of Churches; president, Jackson 
County Tax Payers Protective As- 
sociation; member, Executive Com- 
mittee, Federation Association, 
Kansas City, Mo. Home: 1062 E. 
18th St., Independence, Mo.; office: 
Bales Baptist Church, Kansas City, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Okeene, Okla.; born, Augusta, Wis., 
Dec. 25, 1884; son of Martha A. 
Hewitt and Luther B. Hawes of 
Fox Lake, Wis.; education, Whea- 
ton College; department Religious 
Education, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
Olivet Baptist Church, Oklahoma 
City, Okla., Oct. 3, 1923; married 
Alice S. Corbett of Ft. Worth, Tex., 
Oct. 10, 1911; daughter of Oliver 
H. and Sarah Corbett; children, 
Julius Moulton, Jr., Alice Louise, 
Helen Hewitt; educational director, 
Polytechnic Baptist Church, Ft. 
Worth, Tex., 1 year; educational di- 
rector, Exchange Avenue Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, 4 months; 
educational director, Olivet Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1 
year; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Afton, Okla., 2% years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Boise City, 
Okla., 7y 2 years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Okeene, Okla., 2 years 
to date; clerk, Panhandle Associa- 
tion, Oklahoma, 5 years; moderator, 
Panhandle Association, 2% years; 
assistant clerk and treasurer, Perry 
Baptist Association, Oklahoma, to 
date; manager, cafeteria, grocery, 
confectionery, Baptist State Assem- 
bly,' Fall's Creek, Okla., 1923 to 
date; secretary, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Boise City, Okla., 1929-1933; 
secretary, Lions, Boise City, 1928- 

1933; Red Cross Relief Committee, 
1928-1933; Mason, Modern Woodmen 
of America; Kiwanis. Address: 
Box 155, Okeene, Okla. 


Pastor, Fort Gaines and Coleman 
Baptist Churches, Ft. Gaines, Ga., 
and Coleman, Ga.; born, Richland, 
Ga., Oct. 20, 1900; son of Fannie 
Stewart and Rev. Adolphus Butler 
Hawkes of Sumter County, Georgia; 
education, Th.B., A.B., Mercer Uni- 
versity; ordained, Dec. 11, 1929, 
First Baptist Church, Macon, Ga.; 
married Grace Brown of Coleman, 
Ga., Sept. 29, 1935; daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown; sales- 
man, J. A. Flourney, Macon, Ga., 
3 years; traveling salesman, Doth- 
an, Ala., 3 years; assistant cash- 
ier, Bank, Macon, Ga., 3 years; 
pastor, Elim Baptist Church, Jones 
County, Georgia, 1 year; pastor, 
Cross Keys Baptist Church, Macon, 
Ga., 2 years; pastor, Fort Gaines, 
Ga., and Coleman, Ga., 4 years to 
date; Executive Committee, Bethel 
Association; Association B. Y. P. 
U. pastor; Lions, Sigma Nu, Chi 
Alpha Omega. Address: Ft. Gaines, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Statesville, N. C; born, Anderson 
County, South Carolina, May 9, 
1893; son of Addie L. Meeks of 
Blairsville, Ga., and Rev. William 
Benjamin Hawkins of Gainsville, 
Ga.; education, A.B., Mercer Uni- 
versity; Th.M., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; graduate 
student, Harvard Divinity School; 
Union Seminary, New York; or- 
dained, Mt. Creek Baptist Church, 
Anderson, S. C, June, 1918; mar- 
ried Ruby Alice Bennett of Clio, 
S. C, Nov. 11, 1919; daughter of 
John Lindsay and Alice Wilkes 
Bennett; children, Barbara Bennett, 
Frank Carter, Jr.; supply pastor, 
Mt. Bethel, Neil's Creek, Mt. Creek 
and Hopewell Baptist Churches, 
1916-1921; pastor, River View Bap- 
tist Church, Cox's Creek, Ky., 1918- 
1920; pastor, Kingstree Baptist 



Church, Kingstree, S. C, 1921-1927; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, San- 
ford, N. C, 1927-1934; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Statesville, N. C, 
1934 to date; Order of Business 
Committee, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, 1933; Time Place Preacher 
Committee, North Carolina State 
Baptist Convention; guest speaker, 
North Carolina Laymen's Conven- 
tion, 1934; Sigma Nu, Browning 
Club, Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, Kiwanis, Athletic Asso- 
ciation, Howard University; Phil- 
lips Brooks Club, Duke University; 
Statesville Country Club and Pine- 
hurst, Inc. Address: 207 E. Broad 
St., Statesville, N. C. 


State recording secretary of W. 
M. U., Little Rock, Ark.; born, 
Hamburg, Arkansas; daughter of 
Sarah T. Crook of Brownsville, 
Tenn., and Abner W. Files of Tusca- 
loosa, Ala.; education, advanced 
High School; married John Lawson 
Hawkins of Hamburg, Ark.; child- 
ren, Leslie F., St. Louis, Mo., and 
Bert W. ; recording secretary, W. 
M. U. of Arkansas, 42 years to date; 
teacher, Second Baptist Church 
Sunday School, Little Rock, Ark., 
49 years; member and officer, Ex- 
ecutive Board, Baptist W. M. U. 
of Arkansas; Typographical Auxil- 
iary, Little Rock, A.rk. Address: 
1307 W. 3rd St., Little Rock, Ark. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rafaela, Ar- 
gentina; born, Randolph County, 
Alabama, Nov. 29, 1896; education, 
Judson College, A.B., 1920; W. M. 
U. Training School; appointed June 

8, 1921; married T. B. Hawkins, 
July 8, 1921; Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Rafaela, Ar- 
gentina; born, Lynchburg, Va., Dec. 

9, 1897; educated, Randolph Macon 
Academy; Roanoke College; Uni- 
versity of Richmond; University of 
Louisville; Southern Baptist Theo- 

logical Seminary; appointed June 
8, 1921; Evangelistic and Sunday 
School Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Iceland, Jan. 20, 1872; edu- 
cation, Los Angeles Department of 
Medicine, University of California, 
June 13, 1901; B. M. T. School, 
Chicago; appointed December, 1901; 
married Dr. C. A. Hayes, Feb. 11, 
1902; Medical and Evangelistic 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pernambuco, 
Brazil; born, Tuscaloosa, Ala., July 
7, 1893; education, Alabama Poly- 
technic School; appointed Jan. 16, 
1919; Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Canton, China; 
born, Odell, 111., July 15, 1872; edu- 
cation, University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, Academic Department; Los 
Angeles Department of Medicine; 
University of California, June 14, 
1900; appointed Dec. 10, 1901; Medi- 
cal and Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pernambuco, 
Brazil; born, Fordsville, Ky., Aug. 
23, 1895; education, Georgetown 
College; married A. E. Hayes, Au- 
gust, 1918; appointed Jan. 16, 1919; 
Evangelistic Work. 


Pastor, Tuskegee Baptist Church, 
Tuskegee, Ala.; born, Greenville, 
Ala., Mar. 19, 1900; son of Rosine 
E. Kern and James M. Haygood of 
Greenville, Ala.; education, B.S., 
Alabama University; MA., Vander- 
bilt; B.D., Yale Divinity School; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, September, 1926: 
married Alexina Gordon Boyle of 
Arbroath Scotland, June 7, 1926; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexan- 
der G. Boyle; children, Ashby 



James, Gordon Boyle; assistant 
pastor and educational work, At- 
lanta, Ga., 2 years; pastor, Strat- 
ford, Conn., 2 years; teacher, Bible, 
B. S. U. work, Alabama University, 
1 year; pastor, Fort Deposit, Ala., 
4 years; pastor, Tuskegee Baptist 
Church, Tuskegee, Ala.; author, "In- 
terracial Cooperation Between 
Southern Baptists and the Negro 
During the 19th Century." Ad- 
dress: Pine Hill, Ala. 


Pastor, First Ch., Durant, Miss.; 
born, Blue Mt., Miss., Aug. 23, 1895; 
son of Deucilla Lowrey and Geo. M. 
Haynie of Blue Mt., Miss.; educa- 
tion, Ph.B., Miss. Col.; ordained, 
Nov., 1916; married Myrtis Vivian 
Pell of Hazelhurst, Miss., May 12, 
1913, daughter of Geo. G. and Alice 
H. Pell; children, Lowrey, Mem- 
phis, Tenn., William S., Myrtis D., 
Gloria Ann, Bobbie Mae; pastor, 
First Ch., Glenmora, La., 2 yrs.; 
First Ch., Albany, Mo., 2 yrs.; evan- 
gelist, 3 yrs.; pastor, Budora Ch., 
Memphis, Tenn.; First Ch., Durant, 
Miss., 1934 to date; Mission Bd., La. 
1924-1925; Shriner, Mason, I. 0. 0. 
F., Rotarian. Address: Durant, 


Pastor, Bethel and Wedgefield 
Chs., Sumter Co., S. C; born, Sum- 
ter, S. C, July 30, 1865; son of 
Mary Lide Charles of Darlington, 
S. C, and William F. B. Hayns- 
worth of Sumter, S. C; education, 
A.B., S. C. Col., (now Univ.), Th.M., 
Southern Sem.; ordained July, 
1891; married Ida May Guess of 
Denmark, S. C, Nov. 7, 1899, daugh- 
ter of Mattie Prothro and Joseph 
G. H. Guess; children, May (Mrs. 
Curtis 0. Bull), Cameron, S. C; 
pastor, Manchester, Ky., July, 1891- 
Jan., 1894, under Home and State 
Mission Bd.; Denmark Ch., and 
country churches, 1894-Nov., 1899; 
Pacolet Mills Ch., Spartanburg Co., 
S. C, 2 yrs.; Second Ch., Darling- 
ton, S. C, and High Hill Ch., 5 yrs.; 
Bethel and Wedgefield Chs., Sum- 
ter Co., S. C-. Jan. 1907 to date; 

part of that time, pastor, Claren- 
don Ch., Alcolu, S. C. ; denomina- 
tional: trustee, Connie Maxwell 
Orph., Greenwood, S. C, 25 yrs.; 
member, Chi Psi fraternity, S. C. 
Col. Address: Sumter, S. C, Rt. 2 
(Privateer, Sumter Co.). 


Special Assistant to the Adminis- 
trator of Resettlement, Washington, 
D. C; born, Russellville, Ark., Aug. 
9, 1898; son of Sallie Butler and 
Adelbert Steele Hays; education, 
A.B., Ark. Univ., LL.B., Geo. Wash- 
ington Univ.; married Marian Pra- 
ther of Ft. Smith, Ark., Feb. 2, 
1922; children, Betty Brooks; Ma- 
rion Steele; member, Hays, Priddy 
& Hays, Russellville, Ark., 1922-25; 
Asst. Atty. Gen., Ark., 1925-27; mem- 
ber, Hays & Turner, Little Rock, 
Ark., 1928-1933; lawyer, 1933 to 
date; Supt., S. S., First Ch., Rus- 
sellville, Ark., 1923-1924; assisted in 
organizing Second Ch., Russell- 
ville, Ark., 1924; teacher, Young 
Men's Class, Second Ch., Little 
Rock, Ark., 1925-35; Chmn., Rural 
Ch. Commn., Ark. Conv., 1928-29; 
Exec. Bd., Ark. Conv., 1929-30; 
Chmn., Bd. of Deacons, Second Ch., 
Little Rock, Ark., 1934; Chmn., 
Ouachita Col., Enlargement Cam- 
paign, 1936; Democratic National 
Committeeman, Ark., 1932 to date; 
directed surveys and Chmn., Ark. 
Rural Ch. Commn., 1928-29, and Pu- 
laski Co. Hosp. Commn., 1929-30; 
Labor Compliance Officer, Ark., 
NRA, 1934; Dir., Little Rock Y. M. 

C. A., Pulaski Co. Tuberculosis 
Assn., ArkT; Pres., Ark. Children's 
Home and Hosp., 1928-29; Pres., 
Ark. Conf. of Social Work, 1932 to 
date; American Bar Assn., Sigma 
Chi, Phi Alpha Delta, Tau Kappa 
Alpha, Mason, Lions. Home: 1123 
Prospect Ave., Little Rock, Ark., 
2844 Wis. Ave., N. W., Washington, 

D. C; office: 1028 Barr Bldg., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


President, Louisville Seed Co., 
Louisville, Ky. ; born, Hardin Coun- 
ty, Kentucky, Nov. 15, 1871; son of 



Nannie Hicks and H. Clay Hays; 
education, Honorary Doctor of 
Laws, Georgetown College; married 
Lena Myrtle Willett, Apr. 26, 1899; 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. C. 
Willett; children, Geo. E., Jr.; 
president, Louisville Seed Co., 35 
years; associate camp secretary, Y. 
M. C. A., Camp Taylor, World War; 
trustee, Georgetown College; trus- 
tee and secretary, Hope Rescue Mis- 
sion; State Board of Missions; trus- 
tee, Kentucky Baptist Hospital and 
superintendent Kentucky Baptist 
Hospital, 5% years; moderator, 
General Association, Kentucky Bap- 
tists; deacon and trustee, Walnut 
Street Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky. ; teacher, Baraca Class, 33 
years ; Executive Committee, 
Southern Baptist Convention; rep- 
resentative, Kentucky 75 Million 
Campaign; Mason. Home: Brown 
Hotel, Louisville, Ky. ; office: 831 
W. Main St., Louisville, Ky. 


Pa tor, First Ch., Snyder, Tex.; 
born, Mullin, Tex., May 3, 1902; son 
of Julia Ann McCutchen and Rev. 
L. L. Hays; education, A.B., How- 
ard Acad.; M.A., Howard Payne 
Col., Divinity School, Southern 
Methodist Univ., Th.B., Southwest- 
ern Sem.; ordained June, 1924; 
married Evelyn Townsen of Lam- 
pasas, Tex., Aug. 10, 1928, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Townsen; 
children, Gwendolyn Ann and Peggy 
Laurell; pastor, School Creek Ch., 
Lampasas, Tex., 1926-29; First Ch., 
Irving, Tex., 1929-32 ; Tahoka, Tex., 
1932-34; First Ch., Snyder, Tex., 
since 1934; denominational: mem- 
ber, Bd. of Trustees, Wayland Col., 
Plainview; Mod., Brownfield A sn.; 
Dallas City Mis. Bd., while at Ir- 
ving; Texas Centennial Committee- 
man; Pres., Scurry Co. League for 
Prohibition, Snyder; Chmn., West 
Tex. Drys, Tahoka. Address: First 
Bapt. Ch., Snyder, Tex. 


Pastor First Baptist Church, New 
Born, N. C; born, Montgomery 
County, N. C., Jan. 6, 1868; son of 

Harrietta Baldwin and William 
Haywood of Montgomery County, 
North Carolina; education, D.D., 
Wake Forest College; ordained, 
1886, Kendal's Church, Stanley 
County, North Carolina; married 
Marian Pleasants, 1896; pastor, 
Bristol, Tenn., Greenville, Tenn., 
and Morristown, Tenn., 1890-1898; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Jack- 
son, Tenn., 1898-1902; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Waterbury, Conn., 
1902-1907; pastor, Collegiate Baptist 
Church of the Covenant, New York 
City, 1907-1918; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, New Bern, N. C, 1930- 
1935; member North Carolina Gen- 
eral Assembly, 1927; moderator, 
New Haven, Conn. Baptist Associa- 
tion, 1906; life member, N. Y. City 
Baptist Ministers' Conference; 
president, N. Y. City Baptist Minis- 
ters' Conference, 1912; author. 
"Jean Val Jean," 1900; member, In- 
ternational Lyceum Association; 
president, Andrew Johnson Memor- 
ial Commission. Address: New 
Bern, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Houston, Tex.; born, Sparta, La., 
Nov. 15, 1892; son of Lucy Venetia 
Hardy of Mt. Lebanon, La., and 
James Douglas Head of Sparta, La.; 
education, A.B., A.M., Baylor Uni- 
versity; Th.M. and Th.D., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semin- 
ary; ordained, First Baptist Church, 
Waco, Tex., May, 1914; married Ef- 
fie McDaniel of Vinita, Okla., May 
10, 1924; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Robert McDaniel; children, Eldred 
Douglas, Jr.; pastor, rural churches, 
1913-1916; pastor. First Baptist 
Church, Valley Mills, Tex., 1916- 
1923; pastor, rural churches, 1923- 
1925; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Whitney, Tex., 1925-1931; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Houston, Tex., 
1932 to date; associate professor. 
Bible, Baylor University, 1920-1932; 
member. Executive Board. Texas; 
trustee Baptist Standard; trustee, 
Memorial Hospital, Houston, Texas; 
moderator, Union Association, and 
member, Association Board; Thesis 



for MA. "The Indian Renaissance," 
thesis for Th.D., "Reflections from 
Papyri on New Testament Life and 
Literature." Home: 3026 Oakdale, 
Houston, Tex.; office: 1020 Lamar, 
Houston, Tex. 


Pastor, Langdale Baptist Church, 
Langdale, Ala.; born, Bangor, Ala., 
June 25, 1903; son of Georgia Cath- 
erine Sapp, Arkadelphia, Ala., and 
James Cleveland Head, Blountsville, 
Ala.; education, Jefferson County 
High School, Howard College; 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary;, degrees, A.B., Th.M.; or- 
dained, Southside Baptist Church, 
Birmingham, Ala., May 2, 1926; 
married Dora Lee Thompson, Brent, 
Ala., Apr. 22, 1928 ; daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. 0. Thompson; child- 
ren, John David; executive secre- 
tary, Pike Avenue Baptist Church, 
Ensley, Ala., 1 year; music direc- 
tor, Norwood Baptist Church, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Colbert, Okla., 1% 
years; pastor, Godley, Tex., 1% 
years; pastor, Langdale, Ala., since 
October, 1932; Mason, Woodmen of 
the World. Address: Langdale, Ala. 


Pastor, Victory Memorial Church, 
Louisville, Ky. ; born, Stamping 
Ground, Ky., Jan. 28, 1900; son of 
Lou Roberts of Owenton, Ky., and 
Richard Colgate Head of Monterey, 
Ky.; education, A.B., college, 2 yrs. 
seminary; ordained May 2, 1920; 
married Leona May Cralle of Har- 
rodsburg, Ky., Aug. 12, 1924, daugh- 
ter of Margaret Jackson and Clar- 
ence Barclay Cralle; children, Da- 
vid Conwell, Margaret Ercell; 
work: freshman coaoh, Georgetown 
Col., 1924; pa tor, Blanket Creek 
Ch., Ky., 1919; First Ch., New Rich- 
mond, Ohio, 1919-20; Providence 
Ch., Woodlake, Ky., 1920-25; Asst. 
Prin., Bridgeport H. S., Bridgeport, 
Ky., 1925; pastor, Mt. Vernon Ch., 
Versailles, Ky., 1925-27; Louisville, 
Ky., 1927- . . . . ; denominational: 
Exec. Bd., Long Run Assn.; mem- 
ber, Exec. Bd„ Gen. Assn., Ky. Bap- 

tists; Chmn., Ky. B. T. U. Com., 
1935-36; Pres., Blue Grass Minis- 
ters' Assn., 1926; Sec, Time and 
Place Com., S. B. C, 1935; author: 
tracts on "Temperance" and "My 
Life as a Sailor"; Chmn., Jefferson 
Co. Dry Forces campaign, 1935; 
Speakers' Bureau, Ky. State Citi- 
zens' Com., 1935; Natl. Chaplain, 
V. F. W., 1925-30; State Chaplain, 
1925-34; Chmn., Natl. Com. on U. S. 
Soldier Dead, 1933 aide de camp to 
Commander-in-Chief of V. F. W., 3 
yrs. Home address: 4601 S. Sixth 
St., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Jonesboro, Ark.; born, Uvalde Coun- 
ty, Texas, Nov. 7, 1896; son of 
Wyatt Hubbard and Mary Elizabeth 
(Cummings) H. ; education, College 
of Marshall, B.A., Baylor Univer- 
sity, Waco, Texas; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Uvalde, Texas, Dec. 
5, 1917; married Minerva Tennessee 
Gulley of Uvalde, Tex., Sept. 13, 
1917; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John 
Lightfoot G. ; children, Dow H., Jr., 
John G., Wyatt H., and Robert Lee; 
pastor, Second Baptist Church, Mar- 
shall, Tex., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Waelder, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Big Spring, Tex., 6 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, 
Ark., since 1930; member, Arkan- 
sas State Board; chairman, Com- 
mittee Ministerial Relief and An- 
nuity, Arkansas State Convention, 
1935; member, Executive Board, Mt. 
Zion Association; Rotary, Royal 
Arch 'Mason; vice president, Bap- 
tist General Convention of Texas, 
1928. Home: Jonesboro, Ark.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Jones- 
boro, Ark. 


Associate Secretary, Training 
Union Dept., S. S. Bd., Nashville; 
born, Albertville, Ala., April 6, 
1907; son of Delia Jane Hubbard 
and C. L. Hearn; education, A.B., 
Howard Col., Yale Univ., LL.B., M. 
A., Vanderbilt Univ.; married Flor- 
ence Rebecca Conner of Andalusia, 



Ala., Sept. 1, 1933, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Thos. G. Conner; children, 
Charles Lee; teacher, Etowah Co. 
H. S., Attalla, Ala., 1926-29; Asso. 
Editor, B. Y. P. U. Magazine, 1930- 
33; Asso. Sec, Training Union 
Dept., S. S. Bd., Nashville, since 
June 15, 1933; Delta Theta Phi, Ma- 
son. Office address: 161 8th Ave., 
North, Nashville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pa- 
ducah, Ky.; born, Parkersburg, W. 
Va., Nov. 8, 1908; son of Emma Ger- 
trude Dudley and George De Witt 
Heaton of Parkersburg, W. Va. ; 
education, A.B., Denison Univer- 
sity; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, Nov. 
21, 1928; married Emily Ann Wood- 
ruff of Louisville, Ky., May 16, 
1931; children, George D., Ill; pas- 
tor, South Side Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 2 years; pastor, Fe- 
lix Memorial Baptist Church, Lex- 
ington, Ky., 4 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Paducah, Ky., 1 
year to date; Phi Delta Theta, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Rotary. Home: 303 N. 
Fifth St., Paducah, Ky.; office: 5th 
and Jefferson Sts., Paducah, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, La- 
verne, Okla.; born, Arapah'o, Okla., 
Aug. 13, 1908; son of Gaylord Fill- 
more and Charles T. Hebard of 
Arapaho, Okla.; education, A.B., 
Oklahoma Baptist University; Okla- 
homa University; ordained, Feb. 25, 
1931; University Baptist College, 
Shawnee, Okla.; married Vivian 
Iola Roberts of Taloga, Okla., May 
31, 1931; daughter of William and 
Lora Roberts; children, Vivienne 
Elaine, Carolyn Jane, and Eloise 
Ann; superintendent, public schools, 
Putnam, Okla., 1931-1933; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Taloga, Okla., 
1932-1933; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Laverne, Okla., 1933 to 
date; president. Student Council, 
Oklahoma Baptist University, 1930- 
1931; B. T. U. director, Northwest 
Baptist Association, 1935; clerk, 
Northwest Baptist Association, 

1935; director, Chamber of Com- 
merce, 1935-1936; chaplain, Laverne 
Valley Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 1935- 
1936. Home: Texas and 7th, La- 
verne, Okla.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Laverne, Okla. 


General missionary and evangelist 
to Europeans in Texas, Waco, 
Tex.; born, Vienna, Austria, Mar. 
28, 1869; son of Louisa Braun and 
Emmanuel Held of Vienna, Austria; 
education, in Austria; Baylor Uni- 
versity; receiving A.B., A.M., and 
D.D. degrees; ordained, First Bap- 
tist Church, Brownwood, Tex., 1896; 
married Annie C. Hardie of Green- 
ville, Tex., Dec. 29, 1896; daugh- 
ter of Rev. and Mrs. E. B. Hardie; 
children, Emilie i(Mrs. Fielding L. 
Byars), Peoria, 111., John A., Jr., 
Longview, Tex., Elisabeth (Mrs. T. 
F. Davis), Mexia, Tex., Helyn (Mrs. 
Floyd Davis), Palestine, Tex., Mc- 
Donald Watkins, Evanston, 111.; 
Colbert Colgate, and Ann Adine; 
vice president and financial secre- 
tary, Howard Payne College, 1 year; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Com- 
anche, Tex., 1 year; pastor, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Tyler, Tex., 
2 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Natches, Miss., 4 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Tay- 
lor, Tex., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, San Marcos, Tex., 
4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Stamford, Tex., 2 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Byr- 
an, Tex., 7 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Mexia, Tex., 4 
years; General Missionary and 
Evangelist to Europeans in Texas; 
State Mission Board, 5 years; auth- 
or, "The Organized Class," "Euro- 
pean Mission in Texas," writer, de- 
nominational subjects, stories and 
travel to many lands; many trips to 
Europe, the Holy Land, Egypt; con- 
ductor of parties to Europe and 
anywhere else; member, State Mis- 
sion Board, 22 years; moderator of 
several associations; chairman, In- 
ter-racial Commission, Texas State 
Convention, 10 years; member, sev- 
eral College Boards; vice president, 



Baptist General Convention, Texas; 
vice president, Executive Board of 
Missions; preached the Convention 
Sermon, Texas Baptist State Con- 
vention; speaker, Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, Mis- 
sion Day and Founders Day; speak- 
er, Palacios, Tex., 4 years; presi- 
dent, Organized Class Convention of 
Texas; president, Adult Division, 
International Sunday School Con- 
vention; K. of P., Odd Fellows, Ma- 
son; director, Camp Pastor, Dom- 
ing, N. M., War Work. Home: 2310 
Morrow Ave., Waco, Tex.; office: 
Baptist Headquarters, Burt Bldg., 
Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Shandon Ch., Columbia, 
S. C; born, Monroe, N. C, May 1, 
1889; son of Frances P. Austin and 
E. M. Helms; education, Wingate 
Jr. Col., Univ. of S. C, Moody Bible 
Inst., Th.M., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained, June, 1914; married Marie 
Antoinette Anthon, Oct. 11, 1917, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George F. 
Anthon; children, Mary Frances 
and William Clyde; pastor, Boston, 
Ky., Aug., 1917-Oct., 1919; Jenkins, 
Ky., Beaufort, S. C, Oct. 1919-Dec. 
1924; Shandon Ch., 1925 to date; 
denominational : Social Service 
Commn., S. C. State Conv.; member, 
Exec. Com., Fairfield Assn.; written 
number of sermons and articles for 
papers; Pres., local unit of the 
Woman's International League for 
Peace and Freedom; Past Pres., In- 
terdenominational Ministers' Assn.; 
Heptagon Club. Address: 2620 
Preston St., Columbia, S. C. 


Manager, Baptist Book Store, Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark.; born, Jasper, Fla., 
Oct. 2; daughter of Mary Jane 
Goolsby and John Madison Cald- 
well, Jasper, Fla.; education, high 
school, normal, business school; 
married Leroy W. Helton, Live Oak, 
Fla., Dec. 25; children, Ethna Wy- 
nelle (Mrs. Milton I. Hudson) Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Max Caldwell, Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Earle Leroy (de- 
ceased); work: teacher, public 

schools, Hamilton Co., Fla., 2 yrs.; 
bookkeeper and secretary, Jackson- 
ville Ptg. Co., Fla., 1 yr.; Asst. book- 
keeper and comptometer operator, 
Jacksonville Ship Outfitting Yard, 
Fla., 2 yrs.; Asst. bookkeeper and 
secretary, Jacksonville Coca-Cola 
Bottling Co., Fla., 1 yr.; Sec, State 
S. S. Secretary, Fla., 1922-25; Mgr., 
Bapt. Book Store, Fla., 1925-34; 
Mgr., Bapt. Book Store, Little Rock, 
Ark., since 1934; general: member, 
Bus. Women's Social Service Club; 
member, First Bapt. Ch., Little 
Rock, Ark.; teacher, Kinozelian 
Class in Y. P. Dept.; active in B. A. 
U. Dept.; Sec, S. S. Assn., Pulaski 
Co. Home address: 1100 La. St.; 
business address: 716 Main St., Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark. 


Pastor, Immanuel Ch., Nashville, 
Tenn.; born, Forsyth Co., Ga., Mar. 
7, 1881;. son of Isaac Thomas and 
Margaret Light Henderson, educa- 
tion, A.B., Mercer Univ., M.A., Univ. 
of Penn., B.D., Crozer Theol. Sem., 
Th.D., Univ. of Dubuque, and D.D., 
Miss. Col.; ordained, 1908; married 
Elsie R. Weaver of Pekin, 111., Sept. 
5, 1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Harrison H. Weaver; children, El- 
sie Elizabeth, Charles Strother, 
Jr., Margaret Bmelyn; pastor, Park- 
side Ch., Camden, N. J., 1915-17; 
Army Y. M. C. A.; Camp Wheeler 
and France, 1918; lecturer and 
evangelistic speaker; English teach- 
er, Boys' H. S., Atlanta, Ga., 1919; 
pastor, Calhoun, Ga., 1920-25; First 
Ch., Greenville, Miss., 1926-33; Im- 
manuel Ch., Nashville, Tenn., since 
1934; denominational: Mod., Gor- 
don Co. Assn., Deer Creek Assn.; 
member, Ga. State Conv. Bd.; Miss. 
State Mission Bd.; trustee, Miss. 
Col.; member, Exec. Com., Southern 
Conv.; author: "The Church and 
the Delinquent Child," numerous 
magazine articles; Mason, Shriner, 
Nashville Palaver Club. Home ad- 
dress: Golf Club Lane, Nashville, 




General Secretary, Baptist Broth- 
erhood of the South, Knoxville, 
Tenn.; born, Belltown, Monroe 
County, Tennessee, July 27, 1858; 
son of Benjamin Peck and Mar- 
garet A. (Hammontree) Hender- 
son;; education, A.B., Carson Col- 
lege, 1883; A.M., in 1895 and LL.D. 
from Carson-Newman College, 1917; 
graduate study in Columbian Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C, 1899- 
1900; married Martha C. Williams 
of Rural Vale, Tenn., May 14, 1883; 
daughter of H. P. and Nancy Jane 
Williams; children, Maude Lee 
(Mrs. J. V. Henderson, Knoxville, 
Tenn.), and Margaret Mata (de- 
ceased) ; professor, Mathematics, 
Carson and Newman College, 1883- 
1892; president, Carson and New- 
man College, 1893-1903; president, 
Virginia Intermont College, 1903- 
1914; president, Tennessee Baptist 
Convention, 11 years; vice presi- 
dent, Southern Baptist Convention, 
1898 and 1917; ' declined -office of 
corresponding secretary, Tennessee 
Baptist State Mission Board in 
1902; president, Virginia Baptist 
General Association, 1907 ; general 
secretary, Baptist Brotherhood of 
the South since July 1, 1908; trus- 
tee, Carson and Newman College, 
Jefferson, Tenn., and Virginia In- 
termont College, Bristol, Va., more 
than 25 years; author, "Financing 
a Church," "The Office of Deacon" 
and "The Preacher from the Lay- 
man's View Point." Home: Hotel 
Farragut; office: Hamilton Nation- 
al Bank Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn. 


Pastor, Baptist Church, Tahle- 
quah, Okla.; born, Atkins, Ark., 
July 27, 1890; son of Emma Howell 
of Ola, Ark., and James A. Hen- 
drick, Atkins, Ark.; education, 
Ouachita College; Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, 1910; married Scena Cheek 
of Atkins, Ark., July 15, 1914; 
daughter of Elisha. and Elizabeth 
Cheek; children, Gerald and Win- 
burne; pastor, Hermitage, Ark., 1 
year; pastor, Hopewell, New Hope, 

2 years; pastor, Atkins, Ark., 1 
year; pastor, Dover, Ark., 3 years; 
pastor, Lamar, Ark., I 1 /* years; 
pastor, Mulberry, Ark., 3 years; 
pastor, Salisaw, Okla., 2 years; pas- 
tor, Tahlequah, Okla., 10 years; 
moderator, Russellville Baptist As- 
sociation; moderator, Sequoyah 
Baptist Association; moderator, 
Muskogee Baptist Association; 
member, Oklahoma Baptist Hospital 
Bd.; Bd. of Dirs., State Convention, 
Okla.; Kiwanis Club. Address: 126 
W. Shawnee St., Tahlequah, Okla. 


Retired minister, Coral Gables, 
Fla. ; born, Jefferson, Va., Sept. 15, 
1863 son of Pocahontas Boiling 
Megginson of Nelson County, Vir- 
ginia and William Henry Hening 
of Powhatan County, Virginia; edu- 
cation, D.D., Cozer Seminary; or- 
dained, July, 1891, Bruington; mar- 
ried Peachey Fleet Bagby of King 
and Queen County, Virginia, June 
1, 1892; daughter of John and Lucy 
Ella Fleet Bagby; children, Wave 
Randolph (deceased), and Clarice 
Shockford; pastor, Bruington, Va.; 
pastor, Richmond, Va. ; pastor, 
Bristol, Va.; pastor, Knoxville, 
Tenn.; pastor, Elizabeth City, N. C; 
pastor, Miami, Fla.; corresponding 
secretary, Baptist Education Com- 
mission of Virginia, 1908-1918; as- 
sistant general director, Baptist 75 
Million Campaign, 1919; led move- 
ment to estabzlish W. Hampton Col- 
lege; trustee, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; trustee, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; trustee, Virginia Inter- 
mont College; trustee, Tennessee 
College; trustee, Carson-Newman 
College; vice president, Southern 
Baptist Convention, 2 times; auth- 
or, tracts and newspaper articles. 
Address: 532 San Esteban Ave., Cor- 
al Gables, Fla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Bartlesville, Okla.; born, Howe, 
Okla., Aug. 1, 1900; son of Jane 
Tiffee and James Henry; education, 
A.B., Oklahoma Baptist University; 



ordained, Irnmanuel Baptist Church, 
Shawnee, Okla., Dec. 15, 1920; mar- 
ried Avo Edmunds of Wister, Okla., 
July 24, 1921; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. R. Edmunds; children, 
Auguie, Jr., Betty Jane, Georgenia; 
assistant pastor, Immanuel Baptist 
Church, Shawnee, Okla., 3 years; 
pastor, Pryor, Okla., 3 years; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Alva, 
Okla., 3 years; pastor, Bethany Bap- 
tist Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1 
year; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Blackwell, Okla., 3 years, 4 months; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Bar- 
tlesville, Okla., 1934 to date; Okla- 
homa representative, Home Mission 
Board, Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion; Order of Business Committee, 
Southern Baptist Convention, 1936; 
director, Baptist General Conven- 
tion, Oklahoma, since 1934; trustee, 
Oklahoma Bapt. "Univ., 7 yrs. ; Ki- 
wanis, Mason. Home: 716 Chero- 
kee, Bartlesvilley Okla.; office: 
First Baptist Church, Fourth and 
Cherokee, Bartlesville, Okla. 


Pastor, Carpenter Street Baptist 
Church, Moberly, Mo.; born, near 
Green Castle, Mo., June 16, 1912; 
son of Truman and Ivah (Moddrell) 
Hensley; education, A.B., William 
Jewell College; ordained, July 18, 
1930; married Juanita Lucille Hurt 
of LaGrange, Mo., Aug. 28, 1932; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. 0. 
Hurt; pastor of churches in Mis- 
souri, pastor, Gilead Baptist Church, 
1930; pastor, Yellow Creek Baptist 
Church, 1930-1931; pastor, Dover 
Baptist Church, 1930-1932; pastor, 
Wyaconda Baptist Church, 3 
months; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Polo, 1932-1935; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Holt, 1933- 
1935; pastor, Carpenter Street Bap- 
tist Church, since June 1, 1935; 
president, North Central Associa- 
tional B. Y. P. U., 1927-1928; as- 
sistant moderator, Central Associa- 
tion, 1930-1931; Sunday School su- 
perintendent, Caldwell-Ray Associa- 
tion, 1933-1935; vice chairman, Ex- 
ecutive Board, Caldwell-Ray Asso- 
ciation, 1933-1934; secretary, Execu- 

tive Board, Clay County Associa- 
tion, 1933-1934; member, Board of 
Control, Hannibal LaGrange Col- 
lege, 1935; Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gam- 
ma Mu. Home: 425 Cleveland, Mo- 
berly, Mo. 


Pastor and Editor, Benton, Ky.; 
born, Marshall County, Kentucky, 
Mar. 8, 1873; son of Nancy K. Mc- 
Leod and John Lewis Henson of 
Marshall County, Kentucky; educa- 
tion, A.B. and D.D. degrees; or- 
dained, Olive, Ky., December, 1901; 
married Nancy Brooks Gold of 
Marshall County, Kentucky, Mar. 
12, 1902; daughter of Monroe and 
Adaline Gold; children, Lucile 
(Mrs. Louis E. Lilly), Benton, Ky.; 
John Gold, Lexington, Ky. ; pastor, 
Benton, Ky., 5 years; pastor, Far- 
mington, Ky., 16 years; pastor, 
Salem, Ky., 20 years to date; pas- 
tor, Elm Grove, Ky., 12 years; pas- 
tor, Locust Grove, Ky., 23 years; 
pastor, Gilbertsville Baptist Church, 
6 years; editor, "West Kentucky 
Baptist;" clerk, Blood River Asso- 
ciation, Kentucky, 20 years; author, 
"Holy Spirit and His Work," "Bibla 
Doctrine of Election." Address: 
Benton, Ky. 


Pastor, Forrest and House, N. 
Mex.; born, Fannin County, Texas, 
Jan. 23, 1888; son of Mary Alice 
Parmenter of Illinois and John 
Read Henson of Missouri; educa- 
tion, Simmons College; Montezuma 
College; ordained, Vaughn, N. M., 
Oct. 28, 1917; married Minnie Mary 
Camp of Throckmorton, Tex., Dec. 
16, 1908; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
V. A. Camp; children, Mary Ruth 
(deceased), John Arthur, Forrest, 
N. M., Lois, Lubbock, Tex., Eliza- 
beth, Montezuma College, Ernest, 
Spurgeon, Wilson, Jerry; pastor, 
Belen Socorro, N. M., 1917-1920; 
pastor, Mountainair, N. M., 1920- 
1930; pastor, Forrest, N. M., 1930 to 
date; pastor, House, N. M., 1933 to 
date; pastor, Bellview, N. M., 1933- 
1934; pastor, Valleyview, N. M., 
1932-1933; pastor, Ranchvale, N. M., 



1931; association representative, 
State Mission Board, 1 year; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, State Mission 
Board, 1 year; member, Operating 
Co., Montezuma College; clerk, Cen- 
tral Association ; clerk-treasurer, 
Portales Association; author, "God's 
Remedy for Business Depression;" 
built Baptist Church, Mountainair, 
N. M.; finished Baptist Church, So- 
ccorro, N. M.; Mason. Address: 
House, N. M. 


Pastor, Calvary Church, Casa 
Grande, Ariz.; born, Dallas, Ore., 
Sept. 18, 1893; son of Annie Bell 
White and Rev. Merit F. S. Henton; 
education, H. S., Montezuma Col., 
Las Vegas, N. Mex., B.S., State 
Teachers' Col., Silver City, N. Mex.; 
ordained July, 1923; married Joan 
Vivian Marlow, Nov. 29, 1929, 
daughter of Lena and W. J. Marlow 
of Oklahoma City, Okla.; children, 
Mary Louise; power engineer; pas- 
tor, Bernalillo; missionary; organ- 
ized church, Sandoval Co., other 
than Catholic, 2% yrs.; field work- 
er, Montezuma Col., 1927; pastor, 
Silver Citv, N. Mex., 1927-32; Mel- 
rose, N. Mex., 1932-36; Casa Grande, 

Ariz., 1936- ; denominational: 

member, State Bd., N. Mex., 1932- 
36; Exec. Com., State Bd., N. Mex., 
1932-36; Mod., Portales Assn., N. 
Mex., 1933-35; Dist. Dir., Missions in 
N. Mex. — Portales and Tucumcari 
Assn., 1934-35; Montezuma Col. 
Male Quartet. 1924-27; Rotary Club, 
Sec, 1929-32, Silver City, N. Mex. 
Address: Box 575, Casa Grande, 


Pastor, Columbus Ave., Ch., Wa- 
co, Tex.; born. Ashton, West Va., 
May 10, 1901, son of Nanny Blazer 
and John Thomas Hereford, Hunt- 
ington, W. Va.; education, H. S.. Ar- 
cadia, Fla., Marshall Col.. W. Va., 
Southwestern Sem.; degrees, A.B., 
Th.M.; ordained Oct. 15, 1921; mar- 
ried Eula Vesta Cook, Charleston, 
W. Va., Sept. 6, 1921, daughter of 
Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Cook; children, 

Ruth Cook Hereford, Waco, Tex.; 
work: pastor, Walker Memorial, 
Huntington, W. Va., 1921-23; Engle- 
wood Hts., Ft. Worth, Tex., 1924-25; 
First Ch., Handley, Tex., 1925-28; 
North Fort Worth Ch., Fort Worth, 
Tex., 1928-32; Columbus Ave. Ch., 
Waco, Tex., since 1932; denomina- 
tional: member, State Exec. Bd., 
Texas Gen. Conv.; trustee, Mary 
Hardin-Baylor Col., Belton, Tex. 
Home address: 1901 Colcord Ave.; 
office: 1300 Columbus Ave., Waco, 


President, William Jewell Col- 
lege, Liberty, Mo.; born, St. Louis, 
Mo., Oct. 7, 1873; son of Margaret 
Lynds, John Herget; education, 
William Jewell College; Rochester 
Theological College; degrees, B.A., 
M.A., LL.D.; ordained, 1895; mar- 
ried Oct. 31, 1900, Julia Lawrence 
Minor, Louisville, Ky. (died Sept. 
1, 1916); married July 28, 1919, 
Johanna Nordman, Cincinnati, 
Ohio; children, John Minor (de- 
ceased), Lucy Lynds, Albert Nord- 
man; pastor, Maple Street Mission, 
Buffalo, N. Y., 1895-1898; pastor, 
Water Tower Church, St. Louis, 
1898-1902; superintendent, Missions, 
St. Louis Baptist Association, 1902- 
1904; pastor, 9th Street Church, 
Cincinnati, 1904-1928; president, 
William Jewell College, Liberty, 
Mo., since 1928; denominational 
president, Ohio Baptist Convention, 
1911-1916; Federated Churches, Cin- 
cinnati, 1919-1920; author, Bible 
City, 1905; Questions Evolution 
Does Not Answer, 1923; "The Ab- 
bey of Remembrance," a book of 
poems. 1935; Comdt. 1st Lt. Chap. 
O. N. G., Apr. 16. 1917; Chap., 134th 
Machine Gun Battalion. December. 
1917; senior chaplain, 37th Division, 
Robecourt, France, July, 1918; 
served in Meuse-Argonne offensive 
and engagements on Lys and Escaut 
Rivers, Belgium; captain, February, 
1919; honorable discharge, Apr. 9. 
1919; now lieutenant colonel, chap- 
lain 102nd Division, O. R. C; Dec- 
orated War Cross (Belgian) ; Phi 
Gamma. Delta, Clerical Club. Ad- 



dress: William Jewell College, Lib- S. 8th St., Waco, Tex.; office: Bay- 
erty, Mo. . lor University, Waco, Tex. 


Professor of Bible, Baylor Univer- 
sity, Waco, Tex.; born, Bardwell, 
Tex., Jan. 27, 1889; son of Martha 
Jane Loveless of Dallas, Tex. and 
Stephen A. Herring (deceased); 
education, A.B., and A.M., Baylor 
University; Th.M. and Ph.D., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
Texas University; ordained, First 
Baptist Church, Oak Cliff, Dallas, 
Tex., 1916; married Bertha Ship- 
lett of Waxahachie, Tex., Oct. 20, 
1909; daughter of W. P. and Fannie 
Perry Shiplett; children, Glen Wil- 
son (deceased), Raymond Benjamin 
and Jack William; teacher, public 
schools, Palmer and Ovilla, Tex., 
1909-1912; bookkeeper and account- 
ant, Dallas, Tex., 1912-1916; assist- 
ant pastor, East Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky., 1918-1919; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Pembroke, 
Ky., 1919-1921; pastor, Shiloh and 
China Springs Baptist Churches, 
Waco, Association, Texas, 1921- 
1923; pastor, West Baptist Church, 
West, Tex., 1923-1924; instructor in 
Bible, Baylor University, 1924-1927; 
assistant professor, Bible, Baylor 
University, 1927-1931; associate pro- 
fessor, Bible, Baylor University, 
1931-1935; professor, Bible, Baylor 
University, 1935 to date; pastor, 
Robinson Baptist Church, near Wa- 
co, Tex., 1924-1932; pastor, Bosque- 
ville, near Waco, Tex., 1925-1928, 
1933-1935; pastor, Shiloh Baptist 
Church, near Waco, Tex., 1928 to 
date; vice moderator, Waco Associa- 
tion, Waco, Tex.; chairman, Com- 
mission, Mexican Mission Work, 
Waco Association; recording secre- 
tary, Executive Board, District 14, 
Baptist General Convention of Tex- 
as; Executive Board, Waco Associa- 
tion, Waco, Tex.; contributor to de- 
nominational press; guides for 
some classes in Baylor (not pub- 
lic); charter member, Baylor 
Chapter, National Scholarship So- 
ciety; charter member, Texas Beta 
Chapter, Pi Gamma Mu. Home: 1809 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary; retired on pension; for- 
merly stationed at Chengchow, 
China; born, Pender County, North 
Carolina, July 13, 1858; educated, 
Wake Forest College, 1882; South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
1885; Gospel Missionary several 
years; appointed 1885; Evangelistic 
work; reappointed, 1907. Address: 
Raleigh, N. C. 


Pastor, First Ch., Winchester, 
Ky. ; born, Sampson Co., N. C, July 
23, 1892; son of Katherine F. Da- 
vis of Sampson Co., N. C, and Amos 
Repton Herring of Sampson Co., N. 
C; education, Wake Forest Col., 
Southern Sem., receiving W.F.C., A. 
B., A.M., S.B.T.S., Th.M. and Th.D. 
degrees; ordained Sept., 1919; mar- 
ried Ethel F. McConnell of Athens, 
Ala., June 16, 1932, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. H. McConnell ; children, 
Owen Fennell III; work: teacher, 
Dell School, 3 yrs. ; Prin., 2 yrs.; 
pastor, Evergreen Ch., Frankfort, 
Ky., 1920-24; Hopewell Ch., Tur- 
ners Sta., Ky., 1923-24; First Ch., 
Maysville, Ky., 1924-27; First Ch., 
Winchester, Ky., 1928- . . . . ; denomi- 
national: Ky. State Bd. of Missions, 

1928-29, 1934- ; Pres., S.B.T. 

Seminary Alumni, 1935; Mod., 
Friendship Assn., 1935- . . . . ; Rotary, 
1924-27, Maysville, Ky.; Mason, 
1925; Kiwanis, 1928- Home ad- 
dress: 125 French Ave., Winches- 
ter, Ky. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church Win- 
ston-Salem, N. C; born, Pender Co., 
North Carolina, Aug. 18, 1901; son 
of Alice Jane Rea of Sydney, Aus- 
tralia and David Wells Herring of 
North Carolina; education, A.B., 
Wake Forest College; Th.M., Ph.D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, July 8, 1923; mar- 
ried Mary Wileen Tull of Arkansas, 
August 5; daughter of Dr. J. F. 



and Fannie Jackson Tull; children, 
Ralph A., Jr., David Franklin, Jack- 
son; assistant pastor, West Broad- 
way Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky., 1924; pastor, Crestwood Bap- 
tist Church, Crestwood, Ky., 1925- 
1930; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ashland, Ky., 1930 to date; State 
Board, 1932-1935; moderator, Green- 
up Association, 1934-1935. Home: 
824 Rogers Court, Ashland, Ky.; of- 
fice: First Baptist Church, Ashland, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Camden, Ark.; born, Malvern, Ark., 
Apr. 28, 1900; son of Benjamin 
Thomas and Alice (Davis) H.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Ouachita College; Th. 
M., Southwestern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; ordained, Central 
Baptist Church, Bald Knob, Ark., 
Sept. 10, 1919; married Eva Inez 
Tobey of Arkadelphia, Ark., June 
8, 1924; daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
C. E. Tobey; children, Shirley Ann; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Eng- 
land, Ark., 1927-1930; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Camden since 1931; 
moderator, Liberty Baptist Associa- 
tion; member, Executive Board, Ar- 
kansas Baptist Convention; mem- 
ber, Executive Committee of the Ex- 
ecutive Board, Arkansas Baptist 
Convention; member, Board of Di- 
rectors, Arkansas Baptist Assem- 
bly; chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Ouachita Alumni Association; 
president, Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, Alumni As- 
sociation; author, manuscript re- 
cently accepted by publisher for 
publication in book form; president, 
Ministerial Alliance, Camden; Ma- 
son. Home: 303 Helen St., Camden; 
office: First Baptist Church. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bucharest, 
Roumania, Europe; born, Canna- 
dian, Okla., May 16, 1902; educa- 
tion, East Central Teachers College, 
A.B., A.M.; W. M. U. Training 
School; appointed July 16, 1929; 
Educational Work. 


Professor of Bible, William Jew- 
ell College, Liberty, Mo.; born, Ly- 
ons, Ga., Mar. 17, 1895; son of 
Sarah Jane Inman of Tabor, N. C. 
and Dan Hester of Chadbourn, N. 
C; education, Wake Forest College 
and Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., Th.M., 
and Th.D. degrees; ordained, Au- 
gust, 1916; married Carolyn Louise 
Geer of Anderson, S. C, Nov. 1, 
1921; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. 
Geer; pastor, Fayetteville, N. C, 
1916-1918; Fellow O. T., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 1921- 
1924; acting associate professor of 
Bible, Furman University, 1924- 
1926; Head of Department of 
Bible, William Jewell College, 1926 
to date; pastor, 2 country churches, 
Marion County, Kentucky, 1920- 
1922; pastor, New Salem Baptist 
Church, Deatsville, Ky., 1923-1924; 
pastor, Reedy River Baptist Church, 
Greenville, S. C, 1924-1926; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Kearney, Mo., 
1928 to date; Executive Committee 
of Southern Baptist Education 
Association; charter member and 
secretary, Association of Southern 
Baptist Teachers of Bible and Re- 
ligious Education; custodian of ar- 
chives, Missouri Baptist Historical 
Society; member, National Associa- 
tion of Bible Instructors; member, 
Association American University 
Professors; member, Lions Club. 
Address: Liberty, Mo. 


Chaplain, United States Navy, U. 
S. S. Chester, San Pedro, Calif.; 
born near Elizabethtown, N. C, 
Dec. 1, 1890; education, graduate. 
Wake Forest College and Crozer 
Theological Seminary; post gradu- 
ate work in University of Penn- 
sylvania; ordained, St. Paul's 
Baptist Church, St. Pauls, N. C, 
May 29, 1914; married Margaret 
McNaughton at Constantinople, 
Turkey. June 18. 1921; daughter of 
Rev. and Mrs. James P. McNaugh- 
ton; children. Virginia, James Mc- 
Naughton, Montgomery Raymond ; 
pastor, Cedar Falls Field, Fayette- 



ville, No. Carolina, 1912-17; pastor, 
First Baptist Church., Roxboro, N. 
C; pastor, North Roxboro Baptist 
Church; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Lexington, Va.; chaplain, 
1918 to date (lieutenant, junior 
grade), 1918-1922; lieutenant, 1922- 
1930; lieutenant commander, 1930 
to date) ; president, Ministerial As- 
sociation, Wake Forest College; an- 
niversary orator, Philomathesian 
Literary Society; winner, Junior 
Orator's Medal and John E. White 
Orator's Medal. Permanent address: 
Navy Dept., Bureau of Navigation, 
Washington, D. C. 


Pastor, Fulton Avenue Baptist 
Church, Baltimore, Md.; born, East 
Lynne, Mo., May 12, 1884; son of 
Mary Abagail Farmer of Knoxville, 
Tenn., and Thomas Jefferson He- 
witt of Martinsburg, W. Va.; educa- 
tion, Washington University; Occi- 
dental College; William Jewell Col- 
lege; Litt.M., D.D., Webster Uni- 
versity; ordained, Cordova, Md., 
Sept. 9, 1909; married Minnie Grace 
Darby of Salisbury, Mo., Oct. 9, 
1911; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Richard Darby; children, Mary 
Kathryn; evangelist, Board South- 
ern California, 6 months; pastor, 
Cordova, Mo., 2 years; pastor, 
Salisbury, Mo., 2 years; pastor, 
Fourth, Baltimore, Md., 3 years; 
pastor, Harrisonburg, Va., 2 years; 
pastor, Hampden, Baltimore, Md., 
7 years; pastor, Martins Ferry, 0., 
4 years; associate pastor, Baptist 
Temple, Philadelphia, Pa., 4% 
years; pastor, St. Albans, W. Va., 
1 year; pastor, Fulton Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, Baltimore, Md., 2 years 
to date; pastor, Hackensack, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, 1931-1934; 
moderator, Union Association; past 
president, Ministerial Associations, 
Baltimore and Hackensack; attend- 
ed American Legion Convention, 
Paris, France, representing Lafay- 
ette Post, Philadelphia, Pa.; Mason; 
chaplain, World War; Rotary, Ki- 
wanis. Address: 1835 W. Baltimore 
St., Baltimore, Md. 


Director Glee Club, head Spanish 
Department, Southwest Mississippi 
Junior College; born, Muzquiz, Coa- 
huilla, Mex., Sept. 28, 1889; daugh- 
ter of Ava N. Burton of Mitchel, 
lnd., and Asa Carroll Watkins of 
Clinton, Miss.; education, Hillman 
College, voice, Frank Slater, Jack- 
son, Miss., Tulane University, 
Louisiana State University, Univer- 
sity of Mexico, Mexico, D. F., receiv- 
ing B.A. and honorary M.A., Mexi- 
co; married Thos. Eugene Hewitt 
of Summit, Miss., March 3, 1910, 
son of Thos. J.' and Emily Loflin 
Hewitt; children, Ava Burton <Mrs. 
Harold D. Alford), McComb, Miss., 
Asa Carroll (deceased), Thos. Eu- 
gene, Jr., and William Campbell; 
head of Music Department, Madero 
Institute, Saltillo, Coahuilla, Mexi- 
co, 1907; piano and voice, Bogue 
Chitt, Miss., 1909; piano and 
voice, Liberty, Miss., 1915-1921; 
piano and voice, Summit, Miss., 
1921-1924; Glee Club and Spanish, 
Pike County, A. H. S., Summit, 
Miss.; director, Glee Club, head of 
Spanish department, Southwest 
Mississippi Junior College; summer 
school, Spanish Department, Whit- 
worth College, 1929; Glee Club and 
Music Appreciation, 1933; Southern 
Band Camp, Gulfport, Miss., 1933; 
public speaker and lecturer; Sun- 
beam leader, R. A. leader, Y. W. A. 
sponsor, W. M. S. president; mem- 
ber, State Central Committee, 1927; 
superintendent of W. M. U., Missis- 
sippi Association, 1916-1921; super- 
intendent of W. M. U., Pike County 
Association, 1924-1931, 1935 to 
date; author: Bible studies, histor- 
ical sketches, short stories, miscel- 
laneous columns, verses; Past 
Worthy Matron, O. E. S., Chas. Car- 
roll Chapter; president, Tri-county 
Medical Association Auxiliary, 2 
years; member, Business and Pro- 
fessional Women's Club; president, 
Pike County Musical Association, 
1929-1930; member, Mississippi Edu- 
cation Association; member, Missis- 
sippi Federation of Women's Clubs; 



member, National Delphian Club. 
Address: Summit, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Hot Springs, Ark.; born, Reming- 
ton, Va., April 19, 1898; son of John 
B. and Florence (Brown) Hicker^ 
son; education, University of 
Richmond, Va., University of Louis- 
ville, Ky., and Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, with BA. 
and Th.M. degrees; ordained, Rem- 
ington, Va., May, 1921; married 
Amy Compere of Little Rock, Ark., 
Oct. 20, 1923, daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. J. S. Compere; children, Amy 
Florence, Martha Sue, Margaret 
Elizabeth, and Louise Lile; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Russellville, 
Ark.,. 1923-34, 5 years of this time 
taught Bible in Arkansas Polytech- 
nic College, Russelville; ; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Hot Springs, 
since 1934; member, Arkansas Ex- 
ecutive Board and Central College 
Board; president, Arkansas State 
Alumni of Southern Baptist Semi- 
nary; member, Board, Baptist Bible 
Institute; author: "Recognizing 
Spiritual Values in Education," a 
chapter in study course book for 
P. T. A. of Arkansas, 1935; clubs: 
Kiwanis, Mason. Home: 1622 Cen- 
tral Ave.; office: Court and Ex- 
change Streets, Hot Springs, Ark. 


Pastor, First Church, Commerce, 
Tex.; born, Tullahoma, Tenn., July 
16, 1890; son of Louise Essman, de- 
ceased, and C. F. Hickerson, de- 
ceased; education, Univ. of Tenn., 
B.A., William Jewell Col., Th.M., 
Southwestern Sem., D.D., Howard 
Payne Col.; ordained, 1912; married 
Anna Coon of Grand Island, Nebr., 
1916, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 
R. R. Coon; children, Eva Louise 
and Julius Raht, Jr.; Prof., History, 
Sioux Falls Col.; pastor, West Sioux 
Falls Ch.; Dept. of Agriculture dur- 
ing World War; pastor, First Ch., 
Mercedes, Tex.; First Ch., Com- 
merce, Tex., to date; denomination- 
al: member, Exec. Bd., and Exec. 
Com. of Exec. Bd.; Bd. of Trustees, 

Howard Payne Col.; Bd. of Dirs., 
North Tex. State Encampment. 
Home address: 1405 Washington 
St., Commerce, Tex. 


Pastor, East Baptist Church, Bel- 
mont, N. C; born, Burke County, 
North Carolina, Aug. 3, 1892; son 
of Mary Jane Denton and Joseph 
Hicks of Burke County, North Car- 
olina; education, A.B., Wake For- 
est College, Th.B., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; ordained, 
July 28, 1915; married Dicie White- 
side of Dincolnton, N. C, Aug. 1, 
1914, daughter of Posey Caldwell 
and Louvenia Whiteside; children, 
Jeter Joseph and Paul Albert; pas- 
tor, Hilderbran, Maiden, N. C, 
1912-1914; pastor, S. Henderson, 
New Hill, Pleasant Plains, Kennons- 
ville, N. C, 1914-1918; pastor, 
Thrift Baptist Church, Charlotte, 6 
months; pastor, Chadwick Baptist 
Church, Charlotte, 3 years; pastor, 
Camp Greene, Charlotte, 1 year; 
pastor, White Mills Baptist Church, 
Ky., 1 year; pastor, Burney, Ind., 
and Lewis Creek, 1 year; pastor, 
Western Avenue Baptist Church, 
Statesville, N. C, 4 years (built 
Sunday School building) ; pastor, 
Boone, N. C, 7 yrs. (built Sunday 
School building); pastor, East Bap- 
tist Church, 1934 to date (built par- 
sonage) ; clerk, South Yadkin 
Association, 1926; vice president, 
Baptist State Convention, 1933; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, South Yad- 
kin Association, 1924-1926; associ- 
ation trustee, Liberty Piedmont 
High School, 1924; former, Civitan 
Club; Patriotic Sons of America, 
Statesville, N. C; W. 0. W. Home: 
412 Church St., Belmont, N. C; of- 
fice: 530 Catawba St., Belmont, 
N. C. 


Professor, Bible, Dean-Registrar, 
Campbellsville Junior College, 
Campbellsville, Ky.; born, Skinner- 
ton, Ala., Feb. 20, 1896; son of 
Corrie Floyd Howell of Forest 
Home, Ala., and Bodie John Hig- 
don of Evergreen, Ala.; education, 



Howard College, George Peabody 
College for Teachers, receiving A.B., 
MA. degrees; ordained Aug. 25, 
1920; married Lena Elizabeth 
Franklin of Thorsby, Ala., June 
28, 1928, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Benjamin Franklin; rural mail car- 
rier, Jay, Fla., 1915-17 and 1919-21; 
World War service, 1918-19; pastor, 
rural and urban Baptist churches, 
Western Florida, Southern Ala- 
bama, 1920-1929; teacher, Sunday 
School Training, Alabama State 
Board of Missions, summers 1924 
and 1926; Sunday School and B. Y. 
P. U. work, Florida State Board of 
Missions, summer 1925; associate 
principal, Jay High School, Jay, 
Fla., 1926-1927; Prin., Laurel Hill 
(Fla.) H. S., 1927-29; dean-registrar 
and Prof., Bible, Campbellsville Jun- 
ior College, 1930 to date; clerk, 
Santa Rosa Association, Florida, 
1926-1928; contributor, Western Re- 
corder; author: "History of Sunday 
School Teacher Training Among 
Southern Baptists"; Mason, Ameri- 
can Legion. Home: 101 Under- 
wood, Campbellsville, Ky.; office: 
Campbellsville Junior College, 
Campbellsville, Ky. 


Director, Division of Instruction- 
al Service, State Dept. of Public In- 
struction, Raleigh, N. C; born, 
Sampson Co., N. C, Oct. 5, 1877; son 
of Margaret Tatum and Lewis Whit- 
field Highsmith of Sampson Co., N. 
C; education, A.B., Trinity Col., 
A.M., 1902, T.C., Columbia Univ., 
1904-06, D.Ed., Wake Forest Col., 
LL.D., Catawba Col.; married Lula 
V. Johnson of Durham, N. C, 1907, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. 
Johnson; children, J. H., Jr., Ral- 
eigh, N. C, Lula Belle, St. Augus- 
tine, Fla.; married (2nd) Kate M. 
Herring of Raleigh, N. C, 1921; 
children, Katherine, Louise; Prin., 
elementary school, Durham, N. C, 
1901-04; Prof., Education and Bible, 
Meredith Col., 1906-07; Prof., Edu- 
cation and Philosophy, Wake For- 
est Col., 1907-17; State Dept., Pub- 
lic Instruction, Raleigh, N. C, 1917 
to date; instructor, summer school, 

State Normal, Baton Rouge, La. 
1906; instructor, summer school 
Woman's Col., N. C. Univ., 1913-16 
instructor, summer school, N. C 
State Col., Raleigh, N. C, 1917 
1934; instructor, summer school 
Duke Univ., Durham, N. C, 1935 
. . . . ; Dir., Reorganization of Sec 
ondary Schools, Okla., 1928, Miss. 
1929; Chmn., Com. on Education 
Gen. Bd., Bapt. State Conv.; Chmn. 
Exec. Com. of Gen. Board; Supt. 
Col. Dept., First Bapt. S. S., Ral 
eigh, N. C; author: "Educational 
Principles of Froebel"; contributor 
to magazines and newspapers and 
bulletins; Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, J. O. 
U. A. M., N. C. Education Assn., 
Southern Assn. of Colleges and 
Secondary Schools; Chmn., Com. on 
Secondary Schools, 1926; Natl. 
Assn. of High School Supervisors, 
Chmn., 1927; Exec. Com., Cooper- 
ative Study of Secondary School 
Standards. Home: 832 Wake For- 
est Road; office: State Dept. of 
Public Instruction, Raleigh, N. C. 

Pastor, Calvary Church, Ports- 
mouth, Va.; born, Salisbury, N. C, 
1891; son of Bertie Cornelison and 
Riston A. Hill; education, Mars 
Hill Col., A.B., Wake Forest Col., 
Th.M., Southern Sem., Moody Bible 
Inst., 1 yr.; ordained, 1914; mar- 
ried Evelyn Middleton , Dec. 25, 
1920, daughter of Elizabeth Crump 
and Theo. Middleton; children, 
Gladstone M., Theo. Riston; Prin., 
Magnolia Public Schools, 1 yr.; pas- 
tor, F'armville Ch., 2 yrs.; Arling- 
ton Street Ch., Rocky Mt., N. C, 4 
yrs.; Calvary Ch., Portsmouth, Va., 
7 yrs. to date. Home address: 2115 
Glasgow St., Portsmouth, Va. 


Secretary, Dept. Sunday School 
and Student Work, Va. Bapt. Bd. of 
Missions and Education; born, Re- 
publican Grove, Va., April 24, 1886; 
son of Eldora James Stowe and 
Sterling Price Hill of Republican 
Grove, Va. ; education, B.A., M.A., 
Richmond Col., M.A., Univ. of Pa., 
B.D., Crozer Theol. Sem.; ordained, 



June 27, 1909; married Grace 
O'Donnell of Newark, N. J., Dec. 27, 
1919, daughter of Helen Etta and 
Jesse Ott O'Donnell; children, 
Helen James and Sydney Lee; Prof, 
and Dean, Hargrave Military Acad., 
1910-13; pastor, Cambridge, Md., 
1916-July, 1917; Burrows Memorial 
Ch., Norfolk, July, 1917-March, 
1918; chaplain (1st Lt.) overseas, 
March, 1918-May, 1919; pastor, Man- 
ly Memorial Ch., Lexington, Va., 
1920-22; Weatherford Memorial Ch., 
Richmond, Va., 1922-28; Prof., Bible, 
Univ. of Richmond, 1922-2-4; pastor, 
Orcutt Ave. Ch., Newport News, Va., 
1928-30; Sec, Dept. S.S. and student 
work, Va. Bapt. Bd., Missions and 
Education, Richmond, Va., 1930 to 
date; denominational: member, Va. 
Bapt. Bd., Missions and Education, 
1924-30; Mason, Pi Gamma Mu; 
member, First Ch., Richmond, Va. 
Home address: 112 Dundee Ave., 
office: 906 Grace American Bldg., 
Richmond, Va. 


Book Editor, S. S. Board, S. B. C, 
and Editor, Home and Foreign 
Fields; born, Owen Co., Ky., Sept. 
15, 1878; son of Bettie Haydon and 
Rev. George William Hill; educa- 
tion, A.B., A.M., Litt.D., LL.D., 
Georgetown Col., Ky., Harvard, 
Univ. of Cincinnati, Columbia , 
Univ.; married Emma Wilson, Aug. 
21, 1907, daughter of Nannie Kerr 
and Dr. John M. Wilson; teacher, 
Coeducational Col., Bardstown, Ky., 
1900-01; H. S., Mt. Sterling, Ky., 
1901-04; Covington, Ky., 1904-06; 
Univ. School, Louisville, Ky., 1906- 
09; Prof., History and Pol. Science, 
Georgetown Col., 1909-22; dean, 
1913-22; Book Editor, S. S. Bd., S. 
B. C, and Editor, Home and For- 
eign Fields, since 1922; instructor, 
Religious Education, Peabody Col., 
since 192'8; denominational: Sec, 
Gen. Assn., Baptists, Ky., 1909-22; 
State Dir.. Ky., $75,000,000 Cam- 
paign, 1919-20; trustee, Tenn. Col.; 
Pres., Ky. Bapt. Assembly; trustee, 
Ky. Children's Home; Vice Chmn., 
trustees, Georgetown Col.; trustee, 
Am. Theol. Sem. and Tenn. Bapt. 

Orphanage; author: "The Chapel 
Book," "Outlines in Life of Christ," 
"From Joshua to David," "Some 
Learning Processes"; member, 
Round Table, Rotary, District Gov- 
ernor, 1931-32; Dir., Boy Scouts, 
Y. M. C. A. and Carnegie Library. 
Home Address: 3611 Central Ave., 
office: 161 8th Ave., N., Nashville, 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, Chi- 
na; born, Spring Creek, N. C, Feb. 
12, 1884; education, Moss Hill Col- 
lege, Wake Forest College, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
1913; appointed July, 1913; Shang- 
hai College and Seminary. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, Chi 
na; born, Ames, Iowa, Aug. 10 
1890; education, Des Moines Col 
lege, Oberlin Conservatory of Mu 
sic; married J. B. Hipps, June 29 
1921; appointed June 9, 1921. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lancaster, Tex. ; born, Lindale, Tex., 
May 16, 1899; son of Mary R. Hol- 
lis and Bowling Green Hitt of Lin- 
dale, Tex.; education, A.B., Baylor 
University, Th.M., Southwestern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, A.M.. 
Austin College; ordained June 2, 
mo, First Baptist Church, Waco, 
Tex.; married Anna Mary Shank of 
Swan, Tex., Sept. 18, 1922, daugh- 
ter of Henry Mercer, Sr., and Alice 
Swann Shank; children, Mary Al- 
ice, Clark, Jr., Bowling Mercer, Bil- 
ly Swann, Harold Parks, and Ben 
Paul; Bible teacher, Rusk Junior 
College, 1924-1925; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Rising Star, Tex., 
1926-1927; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Van Alstyne, Tex., 1927- 
1932; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Lancaster, Tex., 1932 to date; evan- 
gelistic Committee, Dallas County- 
Baptist Association. Address: Lan- 
caster, Tex. 




Director of Music, Phoenix Ave- 
nue Baptist Church, West Tulsa, 
Okla.; born, Forest City, Mo., Oct. 
10, 1909; son of Florence Lee 
France and William Marshall Hitt 
of Forest City, Mo.; ordained dea- 
con, 1934, Phoenix Avenue Baptist 
Church, West Tulsa, Okla.; married 
Doris Marie Woodward of Chicka- 
mauga, Ga., June 7, 1931, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Woodward; 
teacher, Juniors, Intermediates, 
Young People, First Baptist Church, 
Nogales Avenue Church and Tab- 
ernacle Baptist Church; B. Y. P. U. 
director, First Baptist Church, 
Tulsa, Okla., 1 year; director of 
music, Nogales Avenue Baptist' 
Church, Tulsa, Okla., 1 year; di- 
rector of music, Baptist Tabernacle, 
Tulsa, Okla., 2 years; president of 
Brotherhood, Phoenix Avenue Bap- 
tist Church, West Tulsa, Okla., 1 
year; associate B. T. U. director, 
Phoenix Avenue Baptist Church, 
West Tulsa, Okla., 1 year; teacher, 
Men's Bible Classes, Phoenix Ave. 
Baptist Church, West Tulsa, Okla., 
3 years to date; director of music, 
Phoenix Avenue Baptist Church, 
West Tulsa, Okla., 3 years to date; 
president, Brotherhood, Tulsa-Rog- 
ers Bapt. Assn., 1934 to date; as- 
sociational B. T. U. chorister, 3 
years to date; Northeast District 
Adult Sunday School leader, 1 
year to date; Automobile Club of 
Oklahoma. Home: 734 N. Delaware 
Place, Tulsa, Okla.; office; Van- 
dever Dry Goods Company, 14-16 E. 
5th St., Tulsa, Okla. 


Young People's leader, W. M. U., 
Middle Tennessee; born, Shelby- 
ville, Tenn., July 13, daughter 
of Virginia Parker and Finis P. 
Hix of Shelbyville, Tenn.; gradu- 
ate, Brandon Training School; 
Young People's leader, W. M. U., 
Duck River Association, 1926-1929; 
superintendent, Junior Department, 
First Baptist Church, Shelleyville, 
1933 to date; Young People's leader, 
W. M. U., Middle Tenn., 1928 to 
date; treasurer, Woman's Auxiliary, 

Bedford County Hospital. Address: 
517 Madison St., Shelbyville, Tenn. 


Superintendent, Kentucky Bap- 
tist Children's Home, Glendale, Ky.; 
born, Uniontown, Ky., Feb. 25, 1873; 
son of Martha Ann Hoagland and 
Johnathan Hoagland of Spencer 
County, Kentucky; education, 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, 1908, 22nd and 
Walnut Streets Baptist Church, 
Louisville, Ky. ; married Mula 
Thomas of Louisville, Ky., June, 
1905; daughter of Wesley and Mary 
Thomas; pastor, Kesmasdale, 4 
years; pastor, Pleasant Grove and 
Little Flock, 3 years; pastor, Long 
Run and Ballardville, 2 years; pas- 
tor, Cox's Creek, 8 years; Ninth 
and "0" Baptist Church, Louisville, 
Ky., 10 years; superintendent, Ken- 
tucky Baptist Children's Home, 3 
years to date. Address: Glendale, 


Pastor, Disston Avenue Baptist 
Church, St. Petersburg, Fla.; born, 
Bibbs County, Alabama, June 5, 
1862; son of Mary Catherine Shows 
and Francis Marion Hobson of Ala.; 
education, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, Alabama Univer- 
sity, A.B., D.D., Howard College; 
ordained, 1884, Liberty Baptist 
Church, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; married 
Lou Alma Cheek of Birmingham, 
Ala., Oct. 2, 1887, daughter of Tol- 
bert Fanning and Mary Jackson Sim- 
mons Cheek; children, Mary Kate 
(deceased), Tolbert Francis, St. 
Petersburg, Fla.; pastor, Warrior 
and Trusville Baptist Churches; 
pastor, Leitchfield, Ky.; pastor, 
Woodlawn Baptist Church, 2 years; 
Ruhama, seat of Howard Col., Bir- 
mingham, 4 yrs.; pastor, First Bapt. 
Church, Jacksonville, 23 years; pas- 
tor, Grace Temple, St. Petersburg, 
3 years; representative, Stetson 
University, 3 years; pastor, Disston 
Avenue Baptist Church, St. Peters- 
burg, 3 years; moderator, Tampa 
Bay Association, 2 years; editor, 
Florida Baptist Witness, 2 years; 



in connection with Jacksonville 
pastorate; organizer and dean, 
School of the Prophets; Pres., Bd. 
of Ministerial Education, Ala.; 
State Bd. of Missions, Fla., 12 yrs.; 
president-member since 1900; teach- 
er, Bible, in Howard Col.; trustee, 
Stetson Univ., 1903 to date; trus- 
tee, Fla. Baptist Orphanage, char- 
ter member; Fla. member of Exec. 
Com., S. B. C, since 192-7; host, 
S. B. C, 1911 and 1922. Address: 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 


Pastor, First Ch., Biloxi, Miss.; 
born, Silver City, Miss., Dec. 18, 
1892; son of Maryi Josephine Wal- 
lace of Bentonia, Miss., and William 
Thomas Hodge of Silver City, Miss.; 
education, B.A., Miss. Col., Th.M., 
Southwestern Sem.; ordained, Clin- 
ton, Miss., Oct. 15, 1914; married 
Alma Simmons of Pass Christian, 
Miss., July 10, 1918, daughter of 
William N. and Rosalie Schaeffer 
Simmons; children, Grover Cleve- 
land, Jr., William Thomas, Alma 
Simmons; pastor, Fayette, Miss., 
1921-1924; Union Ch., Miss., 1924- 
1927; Exec. Sec, Stewardship and 
Budget Dept., Miss. Conv. Bel., 
Jackson, Miss., 1927-1931; pastor, 
First Ch., Biloxi, Miss., 1931 to 
date; Miss. Conv. Bd.; Vice Pres., 
Miss. Pastors' and Laymen's Conf. ; 
Vice Mod., Tri Co. Assn.; member, 
Social Service Com., Miss. Conv. 
Address: Biloxi, Miss. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
South Pittsburg, Tenn.; born, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn.. May 12, 1893; son 
of Flora Anne Holman of Sale 
Creek, Tenn., and James Edward 
Hodge of Chattanooga, Tenn.; edu- 
cation, graduate Moody Bible Insti- 
tute; A.B., University of Chattanoo- 
ga; ordained, January, 1917; mar- 
ried Carrie Lee Allison of St. Elmo, 
Tenn., Sept. 17, 1925, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Allison; chil- 
dren, Charlotte Ann, Lyman Ward, 
and Mary Helen; pastor, Ooltewah 
Baptist Church, Ooltewah, Tenn., 

1916-1919; pastor, Shepherd Baptist 
Church, Shepherd, Tenn., 1916-1919; 
pastor, Silverdale Baptist Church, 
Silverdale, Tenn., 1916-1919; pastor, 
Georgetown Baptist Church, George- 
town, Tenn., 1916-1919; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, South Pittsburg, 
Tenn., 1919 to date; member, Ex- 
ecutive Board of Tennessee Baptist 
Convention; clerk, Sequatchie Val- 
ley Association, Tennessee, 1923- 
1932; moderator, Sequatchie Valley 
Association, Tennessee, 1934-1935. 
Address: 501 Laurel Ave., South 
Pittsburg, Tenn . 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, El 
Reno, Okla.; born, Thackersville, 
Okla., April 4, 1892; son of Sarah 
Elizabeth Lynn of Dardanelle, Ark., 
and John Warren Hodges of Tenn.; 
education, Oklahoma Baptist Col- 
lege, Simmons University, Texas 
University, Southwestern Seminary, 
Southern Seminary, receiving 
A.B., A.M., and Th.M. degrees; or- 
dained, University Baptist Church, 
Abilene, Tex., 1914; married Myra 
Jane Barnes of Corpus Christi, 
Tex., March 19, 1919, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Barnes; chil- 
dren, Frances Lea, Julius Olsen, 
Martha Jane, James Harold, Ruth, 
Daniel Huston, Mary Lou (de- 
ceased) ; pastor, village and rural 
Baptist Churches, West Texas, 
1914-1917; chaplain, U. S. Army, 
1918-1919; pastor, South Austin 
Baptist Church, Austin, Tex., 1919; 
pastor, Kentucky, Indiana, during 
days at Southern Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminary; pastor, Vinita, Okla., 
1921-1923; pastor, Okemah, Okla., 
1923-1934; pastor, El Reno, Okla., 
1934 to date; Education Commis- 
sion, Southern Baptist Convention, 
1928-1935; trustee, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist University; secretary, Trustee 
Board, Nuyaka Baptist Academy, 
Oklahoma, 1923-1933; clerk, North- 
eastern Baptist Association, Okla- 
homa, 1922-1923; clerk-treasurer, 
North Canadian Association. 1923- 
1930; moderator. North Canadian 
Association, 1930-1934; led in estab- 
lishing public libraries, Vinita and 



Okemali, Okla.; chairman, Red 
Cross Chapter; president, Minis- 
terial Alliance, Kiwanis. Home: 
1120 S. Barker Ave., El Reno, Okla. ; 
office: First Baptist Church, El 
Reno, Okla. 


Pastor, Heights First Baptist 
Church, Houston, Tex.; born, Savoy, 
Tex., July 20, 1890; son of Zona 
Dyer and T. L. Hodges of Nocona, 
Tex.; education, Decatur Baptist 
College, Baylor University, and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, receiving A.B., and Th.B. 
degrees; ordained, Sept. 1, 1925; 
married Grace Adams of Ringgold, 
Tex., Oct. 1, 1918, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. A. Adams; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Nocona, Tex., 1919- 
1921; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Wellington, Tex., 5 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Alvoid, Tex., 
2 years; pastor, Heights First Bap- 
tist Church, Houston, Tex. Home: 
341 Columbia St., Houston, Tex.; 
office: 201 E. 9th Ave., Houston, 


Pastor, Hartwell Baptist Church, 
Hartwell, Ga. ; born, Hagan, Ga., 
May 7, 1890; son of Synthia Tip- 
pins of Daisy, Ga., and Newton B. 
Hodges of Hagan, Ga.; education, 
Brewton Parker Institute, Mt. Ver- 
non, Ga.; A.B., Mercer University; 
ordained, October, 1913; married 
Annie B. Coleman of Swainsboro, 
Ga., Aug. 30, 1916, daughter of 
James E. and Sarah Coleman; chil- 
dren, Sarah, Mary Alice, Rufus D., 
Jr.; pastor, Harrison, Ga., 4 years; 
pastor, Graymont and Garfield, Ga., 
4 years; pastor, Baxley, Ga., 15 
months; pastor, Wrightsville, Ga., 3 
years; pastor, Viena, Ga., 1 year; 
pastor, Tennille, Ga., 5 years; pas- 
tor, Hartwell, Ga., 2 years; vice 
president, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1927 and 1933; preached Con- 
vention sermon, Georgia Baptist 
Convention, 1934; Mason. Address: 
Hartwell, Ga. 


Retired Baptist preacher, Louis- 

ville, Ky. ; born, Mead County Ken- 
tucky, Feb. 12, 1856; son of Eliza- 
beth Payne of Mead County, Ken- 
tucky, and Sim Hogan of Washing- 
ton County, Kentucky; education, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary; ordained, March, 1883; mar- 
ried Winnie Hart, March 17, 1885, 
daughter of Silas and Sue Hart; 
children, Hart Herbert, Centralia, 
Mo., Ivanly Manly, Vine Grove, Ky., 
Roy, Vine Grove, Ky., Sallie Belle, 
Vine Grove, Ky. ; pastor, Centralia, 
Mo., 4% years; pastor, Sugar Creek, 
Ky., 2y 2 years; pastor, Prairie 
Grove, Ky., 2% years; pastor, Hope- 
well, Ky., 3 years; pastor, Bethle- 
hem, Ky., 3 years; pastor, Forks of 
Ottes Creek, Ky., 8 years; pastor, 
Vine Grove, Ky., 4 years; pastor, 
Stithen, Ky., 5 years; pastor, West 
Point, Ky., 3 years; -pastor, Har- 
dins Burg, Ky., 3 years; pastor, 
Brandenburg, Ky. ; pastor, Mill 
Creek, Ky., 3 years; pastor, Hodgen- 
ville, Ky., 12 years; pastor, Middle 
Creek, Ky., 2 years; pastor, Tren- 
ton Todd County, Kentucky, 8 
years; pastor, Hillerisville, Ky., 6 
years; pastor, Armagadden, Ky., 
2y 2 years; pastor, Buffalo, Ky., 10 
years; pastor, Magnolia, Ky., 3 
years; pastor, Big Spring, Ky., 14 
years; pastor, Nolynn, Ky., 37 
years; moderator, Bethel Associa- 
tion, 2 years; moderator, Severn- 
valley Association, 2 years. Ad- 
dress: 210 Stilz Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Lincolnton, New Hope, 
Rehobeth, Danbury, Double 
Branches, Kiokee Baptist Churches, 
Ga.; born, Agnes, Ga., Feb. 1, 1869; 
son of Priscilla Clark Ware and 
John Hogan of Lincolnton County, 
Georgia; education, A.B., D.D., 
Mercer University, Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; ordained 
December, 1895; married Minnie F. 
Davis of Greensboro, Ga., Nov. 26, 
1891, daughter of George C. and 
Mary Evans Davis; children, Ruth, 
Georgia ((Mrs. W. G. Robertson), 
Hephzibah, Ga., Rachel (Mrs. V. C. 
Bently), Wayne Ambrose, Warthen, 
Ga.; pastor, New Hope Baptist 



Church, 39 years; pastor, Rehobeth 
Baptist Church, 39 years; pastor, 
Danburg Baptist Church, 35 years; 
pastor, Double Branches Baptist 
Church, 31 years; pastor, Lincoln- 
ton Baptist Church, 28 years; pas- 
tor, Kiokee Baptist Church, 2S 
years to date; to date, Georgia; 
Board of Trustees, Mercer Univer- 
sity, 1906 to date; moderator, Geor- 
gia Association, 29 years; vice pres- 
ident, Georgia Baptist Convention, 
1913 and 1934. Address: Lincoln- 
ton, Ga. 


Exec. Sec.-Treas., S. S. Bd. of the 
S. B. C; born, Purvis, Miss., Dec. 
22, 1882; son of Rev. William B. 
and Ada (Broom) H.; education, 
B.S., Miss. Col., Clinton, 1904, D.D., 
1921, Th.G., Southern Sem., Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1908, D.D., Howard Payne 
Col., Brownwood, Tex., 1928; mar- 
ried Willie Jenkins, May 8, 1910; 
children, Luther Jenkins, Louise; 
ordained, 1904; pastor successively, 
First Ch., Durant, Miss.; Yazoo 
City, Pontotoc (erected Ch. Bldg. 
and pastor's home), Columbus until 
1918; Y. M. C. A. Rel. Dir. in 
Prance, 1918-19; pastor, Columbus. 
Miss., 1919-21; First Ch., Sherman, 
Tex. (dedicated church free of 
debt), 1921-28; Sec. of Missions, 
Tex. Bapt. Gen. Conv., 1928-29; pas- 
tor, First Ch., Oklahoma City, Nov., 
1929-June, 1935 (erected educational 
Bldg. at cost of $120,000.00); trus- 
tee, Okla. Bapt. Univ.; member, 
Central Promotion Com., S. B. C; 
Mason (Shriner), Kiwanian; be- 
came Exec. Sec. and Treas., the 
S. S. Bd. of the S. B. C, 161 8th 
Ave. N., Nashville, Tenn., June, 
1935; member, Com. on Improved 
Uniform Lessons; Internat. Council 
Religious Education, 1936. Home: 
Lynwood Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Shattuck, Okla.; born, Canton, Van- 
zandt County, Texas, Jan. 6, 1885; 
son of Virginia Elizabeth McMaster 
and James Washington Holder of 
Clarkton, Mo.; education, Simmons 

University; ordained April 8, 1925; 
married Dora Etta Hanna of Long- 
worth, Tex., March 27, 1910, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Hanna; 
children, Mrs. Alba Shores, Good- 
night, Tex., Verbena Myrtle, and 
James Gladstone; organized and 
pastor, Center Baptist Church, Cis- 
co Association, Texas, 13 months; 
organized and pastor, Dothan Bap- 
tist Church, Dothan, Tex., 16 
months; organized and pastor, 
Grapevine Baptist Church, Cisco 
Association, Texas, 1 year; organ- 
ized and pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Obex, Tex., 17 months; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Good- 
night, Tex., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Booker, Tex., 8 
months; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Beaver City, Okla., 2 years; 
pastor, Floris Baptist Church, 
Floris, Okla., 1 year; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Shattuck, Okla., 
5% years to date; evangelist. Ad- 
dress: 516 Locust St., or P. O. 114, 
Shattuck, Okla. 


Pastor, Newton Ch., Newton, 
Miss.; born, Vossburg, Miss., June 
22, 1904; son of Alice Brasher and 
Benjamin F. Holland; education, A 
B., Miss. Col., Th.B., Southern Sem.; 
ordained Dec, 1925; married Anna- 
bel Arledge, June 13, 1930; children, 
Charles Davis and Mary Ann; pas- 
tor, rural churches, Grenada Co., 
Miss.; Derma, Miss., 1929-30; Ir- 
vington, Ky., and Lewisport, Ky., 
1932-34; Newton Ch., Newton, Miss., 
1934 to date; denominational: Pres., 
Clarke Memorial Col., 1935 to date; 
Rotary Club. Address: Newton, 


Manager, Camden Chamber of 
Commerce, Camden, Ark.; born. 
Bryan, Tex., Sept. 21, 1901; son oi 
Fannie Cloud, Oglethorpe, Ga., and 
David F. Holland, Luverne, Ala.; 
education, graduate Texas A. & M., 
B.S. degree; married Agnes Mary 
Conway, Bryan, Tex., Aug. 22, 1924, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. 
Conway; children, George Dewey, 



Jr., Jack Conway; work; manager, 
Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, 
Tex., 1924-29; manager, Organiza- 
tion Service Department, East Tex- 
as Chamber of Commerce, 1930-31; 
manager, Chamber of Commerce, 
Atlanta, Tex., 1932-1934; manager, 
Chamber of Commerce, Camden, 
Ark., 1935-....; denominational: 
taught Men's Bible Class since col- 
lege days; filled pulpits in East 
Texas and Arkansas; clubs: Mason, 
Rotarian. Home address: 117 W. 
Washington, Camden, Ark. 


Associate Professor of Bible, 
Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, 
Ark.; born, Alexander, Ark., Dee. 
4, 1908 son of Minnie Mae Thomas 
of Alexander, Ark., and T. N. Hol- 
land of Apex, N. C; education, B.A., 
Ouachita College, Th.B., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained December, 1933; pastor, 
Lake Hamilton Baptist Church, Hot 
Springs, Ark., 1 year; pastor, Union 
Baptist Church, Eldorado, Ark., to 
date; associate professor, Bible, 
Ouachita College, 1933 to date; Sig- 
ma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu. 
Home: 1012 Haddock St., Arkadel- 
phia, Ark.; office: Ouachita Col- 
lege, Arkadelphia, Ark. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Cleveland, Tex.; born, Geneva, Ala., 
Jan. 7, 1884; education, Rusk Col., 
Rusk, Tex.; Center Bus. Col., Cen- 
ter, Tex.; ordained, March, 1914, 
Diboll, Tex.; married Ora Young of 
Apple Springs, Tex.; children, Ger- 
ald, Letha Dale, Lois, and Truett; 
pastor, Ball Hill, Tex., 1913-14; pas- 
tor, Grand Ch., Lufkin, Tex., 1915- 
16; Prairie Creek, Lindale, Tex., 
1915-17; pastor, Sacul, Tex., 1917; 
pastor, Nooday, Tex., 1917; pastor, 
Apple Springs, Tex., 1920-22; pastor, 
Wells, Tex., 1922-24; pastor, Gand 
Ch., Lufkin, Tex., 1924-25; pastor, 
Burke, Tex., 1924-25; pastor, Was- 
kom, Tex., 1926-30; pastor, Cleve- 
land, Tex., 1930-1936; Mod., Tryon 
Evergreen Assn., 1935 to date. Ad- 

dress: First Bapt. Ch., Cleveland, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Crystal City, Tex.; born, Middle- 
burg, N. C, Dec. 10, 1881; son of 
Pattie Tasmer of Clarksville, Va., 
and James Marsellers Holloway of 
Warren County, Va. ; education, 
A.B., Baylor University, Trinity 
College, Southwestern Baptist The- 
ological Seminary; ordained, Uval- 
de, Tex., Sept. 15, 1907; married 
Erma T. Matthews of Rock Springs, 
Tex., Oct. 15, 1905, daughter of Rev. 
and Mrs. D. W. Matthews; children. 
First Lt. Ben G. Holloway, Brooks- 
field, San Antonio, Tex.; mission- 
ary, Milan County, Texas, 1906; 
missionary, Uvalde, 1907-1908; pas- 
tor, Crystal City, Tex., 1909-1912; 
pastor, Central Baptist Church, 
Jacksonville, Tex., 1912-1915; gen- 
eral state evangelist, 1915-1918; as- 
sociate pastor, Dr. S. J. Porter, San 
Antonio, Tex., and director, war 
work, San Antonio, Tex., 1918-1919; 
enlistment director, Smith County, 
1922-1924; head, extension depart- 
ment, Baylor College, 1924-1927; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Sha- 
ton, Tex., 1927-1930; field man, 
Burleson College, 1930-1931; pastor, 
Crystal City Baptist Church, Tqx., 
1931 to date; supply pastor, San An- 
tonio, Tex., 1931; evangelist, mod- 
erator, Lubback Association, 1928; 
chairman, Executive Board, 1929; 
Board of Trustees, San Marcas 
Academy, Rusk College, Burleson 
College, Baptist General Conven- 
tion, Cherokee County Missions, 
Uvalde Association, Rio Grande, 
San Antonio; author: "Her Soldier 
Boy"; Rotary, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Sparton, Jacksonville, Crys- 
tal City, Tex.; president, Philo Lit- 
erary Society, Baylor University; 
president, Preachers Council, Chris- 
tian Association; raised $107,000.00 
— 75 million campaign; assisted in 
building and paying out 31 church 
buildings; preached in over 300 
churches in Texas; won over 16,000 
souls to Christ; raised over $108,000 
in cash for Baptist Denomination 



in general work. Home: Box 693, 
Crystal City, Tex.; office: First 
Baptist Church, Crystal City, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Mullins, S. C; born, Montgomery, 
Ala., April 10, 1894; son of Rose 
Lee Stall and Lee Roy Holmes of 
Montgomery, Ala.; education, How- 
ard College, Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary and University of 
Louisville, receiving A.B., M.A. and 
Th.M. degrees; ordained July 16, 
1916, Louisville, Ky. ; married Lil- 
lian Birdie Harris of Montgomery, 
Ala., March 3, 1920, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Harris; chil- 
dren, Dorothy Louise, and Rose- 
mary; U. S. Army Chaplain in 
France and Germany, 1918-1919; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Abbe- 
ville, Ala., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Auburn, Ala., 5 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Attalla, Ala., 3 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Mullins, S. C, 4 
years ; member, General Board, Bap- 
tist State Convention (orphanage 
committee) of South Carolina; mod- 
erator, Marian Baptist Association; 
Commander, American Legion Post 
No. 89; member, Masonic and Jun- 
ior Orders. Address: Mullins, S. C. 


Pastor, McKinney Ave. Ch., Dal- 
las, Tex.; born near Simsboro, La., 
May 1, 1896; son of Ellen C. White- 
head of Parmerville, La., and Wil- 
liam H. Holmes of Ohio; education, 
B.A., La. Col., Th.D., Bible Inst.; 
ordained, 1921; married Pearl But- 
ler of Monroe, La., Oct. 13, 1925; 
children, Pearl and Helen; Prin., 
school, Wyatt, La., 1914; Worley- 
Dykesville School, Claiborne Parish, 
1924; pastor, Riverview, Bentley, 
Montrose and Redwood Chs., while 
in La. Col.; Union Ch., Grand Bay, 
Ala., built beautiful brick building; 
Ardia Memorial Ch., Bossier City, 
La., 1928-35; head, English Dept. 
Bible Inst., 1 yr.; editor, La. Col. 
Annual, "The Pine Knot"; founder, 
school paper, Bible Institute, and 

named it "The Magnet"; denomi- 
national: Pres., Shreveport Minis- 
terial Assn., 1931; Sec, Northwest 
Pastors' Conf., 1932; member, Bd. 
of Trustees, La. Col.; member, 
Special Hospital Com., and Rec. 
Sec, La. State Exec. Bd. ; preached 
La. State Conv. sermon, 66th annual 
session, Lake Charles, La., 1933; 
member, Relief and Annuity Bd., 
S. B. C. Address: 4339 Holland 
Ave., Dallas, Tex. 


Enlistment evangelist, Newellton, 
La.; born, Sabine Parish, La., Mar. 
9, 1892; son of Victory (Lester) 
Holt and William Travis Holt of 
Sabine Parish, La.; education, B.A., 
La. Col.; ordained, Jan. 22, 1922; 
married Virgia Lee Jordan of Vic- 
tory, La., July 18, 1915, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan; chil- 
dren, Theresa Virginia, John Tru- 
ett and Dorothy Lee; pastor, Red 
Land Bapt. Ch., Plain Dealing, La., 
1922-23; pastor, Blan chard, La., 3 
mos.; pastor, Goldona Bapt. Ch., 
Goldona, La., 1923-26; pastor, Atcha- 
falaya Bapt. Ch., Jacoby, La., 1924- 
27; pastor, Simmsport Bapt. Ch., 
Simmsport, La., 1925-27; pastor, 
Lone Pine Bapt. Ch., Cheneyville, 
La., 1926-27; pastor, Mangham Bapt. 
Ch., Mangham, La., 1927-35; pastor, 
Alto Bapt. Ch., Alto, La., 1927-31; 
pastor, Oak Ridge, La., 1934 r 35; 
missionary evangelist, Newellton, 
La., La. Bapt. Conv., 1935 to date; 
Exec. Bd., La. Bapt. Conv., 1927-35. 
Address: Newellton, La. 


Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Waco, Tex.; born, Pittsburg, Tex., 
Dec. 15, 1889; son of Sallie Malone 
of Texas, and W. P. Holt of Pitts- 
burg, Tex.; education, Th.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, B.A., Baylor University; or- 
dained, July, 1910; married Runa 
Brown of Wichita Falls, Tex., Sept. 
3, 1918, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
E. H. Brown; children, Judson, 
Margaret Ellen, Edward Harold; 
pastor, Pine, Tex., 1910-1911; pas- 
tor, Hopewell, Tex., 1912-1914; pas- 



tor, Newsome, Tex., 1914-1916; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Dainger- 
field, Tex., 1916-1917; pastor, First 
Baptist Church , Bridgeport, Tex., 
1917-1918; pastor, Lamar Avenue 
Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, Tex , 
1919-1925; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Mart, Tex., 1926-1928; pas- 
tor, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, 
Tex., 1928 to date; Executive Board, 
State of Texas; secretary, Minis- 
ters' and Laymen's Conference, 
Texas. Home: 1907 Bosque Blvd., 
Waco, Tex.; office: 18th and 
Bosque, Waco, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, Kilgore, 
Tex.; born, Cunningham, Ky., Sept. 
30, 1894; son of Mollie M. Powers 
and Gus Eugene Holt; education, 
high school, A.B., Ouachita Col.; or- 
dained, March 5, 1911; married Wil- 
lie Grace Young of Jackson, Tenn., 
Feb. 21, 1918, daughter of Minnie 
Good, deceased, and Rev. Walter Q. 
Young; children, Eidwin Eugene, 
Una Mae, Nylwon Lee; pastor, Shi- 
loh, Flat Creek, Mt. Olive and Union 
Hill Chs., 1911-12; Second Ch., Mal- 
vern, Ark., 1913-17; Hampton, Ark., 
state missionary, 1917-19; First Ch., 
Bearden, Ark., 1919-24; Lone Oak 
Ch., Paducah, Ky., 1924-29; Inde- 
pendent evangelist, 1929-32; pastor, 
First Ch., Kilgore, Tex., since 1932; 
evangelistic work, Ark., Ky., HI., 
Mich., La., and Tex.; denomination- 
al: member, Ark. State Mission Bd., 
2 yrs.; State Mission Bd., Ky.; 
Assnl. Bds. in Ark., Ky. and Tex.; 
Chmn. and member many commit- 
tees, both associational and state. 
Address: Box 906, Kilgore, Tex. 


Moderator, Ouachita Assn.; born, 
Washington, Ark., Jan. 2, 1870; son 
of Mary Jane Johnson and John 
William Holt of Washington, Ark.; 
education, Ouachita Col.; married 
Blanche Lester of Lewisville, Ark., 
1895, daughter of Emaly Smith and 
T. J. Lester; children, Mrs. J. E. 
Bishop, Mena, Ark.; drug store and 
dry goods, 1885-1889; dry goods 
store, 1889-1900; dry goods, Mena, 

Ark., 1900-28; traveling salesman, 
4 yrs.; grocery business at present; 
denominational: missionary; Mod., 
Ouachita Assn., 28 yrs. to date; 
member, State Bd., 4 yrs. Home ad- 
dress: Mena, Ark. 


Pastor, Covington Baptist Church, 
Covington, Va.; born, Eagle Rock, 
Va., Nov. 13, 1907; son of Maude 
Peters Brugh of Fincastle, Va., and 
George Edward Honts of Zion Hill, 
Va.; education, B.A., Richmond Uni- 
versity, and Th.M., Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained May 30, 1931; married 
Meville Ann Rhoads of Owensboro,- 
Ky., Oct. 19, 1933, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. E. E. Rhoads; pastor, 
Washington Baptist Church, Wash- 
ington, Va., 2 years; pastor, Hills- 
boro Baptist Church, Versailles, 
Ky. ; pastor, Covington Baptist 
Church, Covington, Va., 1933 to 
date; Resolutions, Augusta Associa- 
tion, Virginia; representative, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, Augusta Association, Vir- 
ginia; Kiwanis, Omicron Delta Kap- 
pa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Ep- 
silon; Advisory Committee, Alle- 
ghany County Welfare Board; 
Tennyson Literary Club, Covington 
Dramatic Club. Address: 315 
Court St., Covington, Va. 


Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Ch.. 
Baton Rouge, La.; born, Meridian, 
Miss., July 16, 1890; son of Annie 
Marian Brown and G. C. Hooks; 
education, Cooper's Institute, B.A., 
Clarke College, graduate, Mississip- 
pi College, Th.G., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, D.D., South- 
ern School of Divinity; ordained, 
1911; married Annie Earle Travis, 
June 25, 1919; children, John, Jr., 
and Kathleen; teacher, public 
schools, 3 years; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Winona, 2 years; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Belzoni, 
4 years; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Lexington, 2 years; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Moorhead, 3 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 



Greenburg, Ky., 2 yrs.; pastor. 
First Bapt. Ch., Grenada, Miss., 5% 
yrs.; now pastor, Emmanuel Bapt. 
Ch., Baton Rouge, La. Address: 
1944 North Blvd., Baton Rouge, La. 


Moderator, Atlanta Baptist As- 
sociation, Atlanta, Ga. ; born, Amer- 
icus, Sumter County, Ga., April 21, 
1895; son of Frank Arthur and 
Lena (Callaway) Hooper; educa- 
tion, Georgia School of Technology 
and admitted to Georgia Bar; mar- 
ried Carolyn Newton of Gainesville, 
Ga., June 29, 1926, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Charles L. Newton; chil- 
dren, Frank Arthur III and Chas. 
Newton; Sec, Ga. Ct. of Appeals, 
1917; officer in Naval Res. force 
during World War, 1918-19; Mem., 
Ga. Legislature, 1925-28; practicing 
attorney since 1916, except as above; 
judge, Georgia Court of Appeals, 
1932; state president, Georgia B. Y. 
P. U.; moderator, Atlanta Associa- 
tion, 1933-35; member, Executive 
Committee, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion; clubs: Mason, Knights of 
Pythias, S. A. E. Home: 83 Park 
Circle, N. E.; office: The 22 Mari- 
etta St. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

State Sunday School Secretary, 
Texas; born, Neosho, Mo., Oct. 10, 
1878; son of Lousetta and Louis F. 
Hopkins of Albany, Ky.; education, 
public school, Grayson Col.; mar- 
ried Mabel McDonald of Bethel, 
Tex , Jan., 1902, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. F. M. McDonald; children, 
Marion Louise (Mrs. Bernard W. 
Smith), San Angelo, Tex.; Gran- 
ville Edison, Donald O'Neal; taught 
school, principal, 4 yrs.; worked in 
post office, Amarillo, Tex., 1906-19; 
clerk, Supt. of mails, Asst. Post- 
master under Dr. M. W. Cunning- 
ham; he resigned, appointed Post- 
master; Sec, Civil Service Bd., 
same city; Supt., S. S., First Ch., 
Amarillo, Tex.; Educational Dir., 6 
yrs., with Dr. Wallace, Cliff Tem- 
ple Ch., 1919-26; State S. S. Sec, 
since Jan. 1, 1926. Home address: 
3504 Lexington Ave., Dallas, Tex.; 
office: 707 Burt Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 


Pastor, Coggin Avenue Baptist 
Church, Brownwood, Tex.; born, 
Liberty Hill, Tex., March 9, 1881; 
son of Lou McDonald and Charles 
Martin Hornburg of Halletts Ville, 
Tex.; education, B.A., Howard 
Payne Co., D.D., Howard Payne Col- 
lege; ordained, Feb. 14, 1904; mar- 
ried Sue Miller of Burnet, Tex., 
Feb. 28, 1904, daughter of N. J. and 
Pollie Cox Miller; children, Iris Es- 
telle (Mrs. Harold Scott), Pecos, 
Tex., Robert Charles (deceased), 
Spurgeon Miller, Bobbie Ruth; 
pastor, Kingsland, Tex., 1905-1906; 
pastor, Florence, Tex., 1906-1910; 
pastor, Liberty Hill, Tex., 1910- 
1912'; pastor, Burnet, Tex., 1912- 
1914; pastor, Marble Falls, Tex., 
1914-1918; pastor, Coggin Avenue 
Baptist Church, Brownwood, Tex., 
1918-1922; acting president, How- 
ard Payne College, 1922-1923; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Belton, 
Tex., 1923-1924; pastor, Coggin Ave- 
nue Baptist Church, Brownwood, 
Tex., 1924 to date; trustee, How- 
ard Payne College, 1918-1935; mod- 
erator, Brown County Baptist Asso- 
ciation, 1928-1930; chairman, En- 
dowment Committee, Howard Payne 
College, 1935; member, Text Book 
Committee, Baptist General Conven- 
tion, Texas, 1923; Mason, Odd Fel- 
low; Lions; president, Brownwood 
Ministerial Association, 1934-1935. 
Home: 1410 Avenue E., Brownwood, 
Tex.; office: Coggin Avenue Baptist 
Church, Brownwood, Tex. 


Pastor, Magnolia. Baptist Church, 
Magnolia, Miss.; born, Glenmora, 
La., Oct. 18, 1902; son of Currie 
Belle Farmer and Guy Taylor Hor- 
ton; education, B.A.. Th.D.; or- 
dained. First Baptist Church, 
Shreveport, La., December, 1924 ; 
married Mattie Elizabeth Mclver of 
Shreveport, La., Aug. 24, 1926, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Mc- 
lver; children, E. K, Jr., James 
Harris; pastor. Cedar Grove Baptist 
Church, Lecompte. La., 1925-1926; 
pastor, Frierson Baptist Church, 
Frierson, La,, 1925-1934; pastor, 



Gueydan Baptist Church, Gueydan, 
La., 1926-1929; pastor, Gloster Bap- 
tist Church, Gloster, La., 1929-1934; 
pastor, Woodville Baptist Church, 
Woodville, Miss., 1929-1934; pastor, 
Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty, 
Miss., 1934-1935; pastor, Magnolia 
Baptist Church, Magnolia, Miss., 
1935 to date; State Mission Board, 
Mississippi, 1935 to date; Mason. 
Address: Magnolia, Miss. 


Superintendent, Kennedy Memori- 
al Home (Baptist Orphanage of 
North Carolina) ; born, Norwood, 
Stanly County, N. C, Sept. 7, 1897; 
son of William Amos and Vara Ann 
(McManus) Hough; education, A. 
B., Wake Forest College, graduate 
work at University of North Caro- 
lina; ordained Sept. 10, 1926; mar- 
ried Edity Weber Wooldridge of 
Lynchburg, Va., June 1, 1925, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Wool- 
dridge; children, Joseph Carl; Syl- 
va Collegiate Institute, denomina- 
tional school work, 4 years, 2' years 
as superintendent; superintendent, 
Moss Hill Consolidated School, 2 
years; superintendent of Eastern 
Department of the North Carolina 
Baptist Orphanage, Kennedy Me- 
morial Home, 7% years; member, 
Promotions Committee, North Car- 
olina State Convention, clerk of as- 
sociation, 3 years; clubs: Kiwanis, 
5 years, served as president, one 
term; member, Farm Debt Adjust- 
ment Committee, appointed by Gov- 
ernor of North Carolina, 1935-36; 
President North Carolina Orphanage 
Association, 1935. Address: Ken- 
nedy Memorial Home, Kinston, 
N. C. 


Superintendent, Baptist Orphan- 
age of Virginia; born, Brief, N. C, 
Sept. 27, 1890; son of Vera McMan- 
us and William A. Hough of Mon- 
roe, N. C; education, A.B., Wake 
Forest Col.; ordained, layman; mar- 
ried Elma Johnson of Lumber 
Bridge, N. C; (2) Mrs. Ethel 
Leatherwood Cowan of Sylva, N. C; 
children, Franklin and Mac, by first 

wife; enlisted in army (late in 
war) Oct. 1, 1917; honorable dis- 
charge, Dec, 1919; promoted to 1st 
Lieut.; Supt., Sylva Col., Jan. 1920- 
April 1924; Supt., Kennedy Memo- 
rial Home, Kinston, N. C, April 1, 
1924-June 15, 1928; Supt., Bapt. Or- 
phanage of Va., since June 15, 1928; 
Pres., Va. Conf. of Social Work 
(state organization) April, 1923- 
April 15, 1935; denominational: 
Dir., 75 Million Campaign, 1920-24; 
Inter-Racial Relations and Promo- 
tion Com., Bapt. Gen. Assn. of Va.; 
Chmn., Southwide Brotherhood of 
the South, representing, Va. ; Ki- 
wanis Club, 8 yrs.; Pres. in 1932; 
Chmn., Program Com.; represented 
his club, International Conv., June, 
1932, Los Angeles, Cal. Address: 
Baptist Orphanage of Va., Salem, 


Pastor, First Ch., Cleveland, 
Tenn.; born, Knoxville, Tenn., May 
27, 1894; son of Nannie Elizabeth 
Payne and Thomas Oliver House- 
holder; education, B.A., Carson- 
Newman Col., Th.M., Southern 
Sem.; ordained Dec. 31, 1920; mar- 
ried Bordie Belle Bevins of Con- 
cord, Tenn., June 25, 1926, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Bevins; chil- 
dren, Lloyd Thomas, Jr.; Assoc, 
pastor, Clifton Ch., Louisville, Ky., 
1923-26; pastor, First Ch., Clinton, 
Tenn., 1926-29; First Ch., Cleveland, 
Tenn., since 1929; denominational: 
member, Exec. Bd., Tenn. Bapt. 
State Conv.; Vice Mod., Ocoee Assn., 
Tenn.; Chmn., Exec. Com., Ocoee 
Assn., Tenn.; trustee, Carson-New- 
man Col., Jefferson City, Tenn.; 
Pres., Alumni Assn., Carson-New- 
man Col. Home address: 2717 
Worth St., Cleveland, Tenn. 


Pastor, Campbell College, Buie's 
Creek, N. C; born, Salemburg, N. 
C, Dec. 2, 1900; son of Bettie Coop- 
er and Henry Bizzell Howard of 
Salemburg, N. C; education, B A., 
Wake Forest College; Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 



dained, Baptist Church, Salemburg, 
N. C, Mar. 16, 1920; married Alma 
Estelle Dark of Siler City, N. C, 
June 24, 1931; daughter of Mary 
Emma Burns and Joe S. Dark; 
children, Dorothy Pattison, Mary 
Jo; pastor, Sampson County, N. C, 
1918-1921; pastor, Franklin County, 
N. C, 1921-1930; pastor, Cary, N. 
C, 1931-1932;; pastor, Enfield, N. 
C, 1933-1934; pastor, Campbell Col- 
lege, Buie's Creek, N. C, 1934 to 
date; North Carolina State Promo- 
tion, 1931-1933; moderator, Central 
Association, 1931-1932; president, 
State B. Y. P. U. Convention, North 
Carolina, 1929-1931; vice president, 
State Baptist Convention, North 
Carolina, 1933-1934; Mason, Kiwan- 
is. Address: Buie's Creek, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Caffney, S. C; born, Jefferson 
County, Georgia, July 19, 1890; son 
of Virginia Ardell Chambers and 
Willis J. Howard of Wrens, Ga. ; 
education, D.D., Mercer University; 
Southern) Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Wrens Baptist 
Church, Wrens, Ga., Dec. 20, 1913; 
married Lucy Winslow Hamilton of 
Grovetown, Ga., Dec. 23, 1915; 
daughter of William Winslow Ham- 
ilton; children, David Albert, Lu:y 
Winslow, Elizabeth Hamilton; pas- 
tor, Little Brier Creek, Warren 
County, Georgia, 1912-1914; pastor, 
Providence, Jefferson County, Geor- 
gia, 1914-1915; pastor, Providence, 
Warren County, Georgia, 1915; pas- 
tor, Sharon, Columbia County, Geor- 
gia, 1915; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Harlem, Georgia, 1916; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Grove- 
town, Ga., 1916; pastor, Marshall, 
McDuffie County, Georgia, 1916; 
pastor, Gold Mine, McDuffie Coun- 
ty, Ga., 1920; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Thomson, Ga., 1918-1921; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Fort 
Valley, Ga., 1921-1927; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Hartwell, Ga., 1927- 
1930; pastor, Highland Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky., 1930-1933; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Gaff- 
ney, S. C, 1933 to date; Executive 

Committee, Georgia Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1922-1930; president, Louis- 
ville, Ky., Baptist Ministerial As- 
sociation, 1932; Kiwanis, 1923-1927; 
Rotary, 1933 to date. Home: 357 
Victoria Ave., Gaffney, S. C; office: 
First Baptist Church, Gaffney, S. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Car- 
negie, Okla. ; born, Livingston, 
Tenn., 1900; son of Ermine Guth- 
rie and P. E. Howard of Granite, 
Okla.; education, Oklahoma Baptist 
University, B.A. ; ordained, July 16, 
1922; married Nettie Reid Hays of 
Meridian, Miss., Sept. 1, 1926; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. 
Hayes; children, Vann Hayes, G. 
D., Jr., Rhonda Lou; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Gotebo, Okla., 3 
years; pastor, Dale, Okla., 1928- 
1931; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Granite, Okla., 2 years; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Carnegie, Okla., 
1933 to date; secretary, Pastors' and 
Laymen's Conference, Oklahoma*; 
clerk, Jackson-Greer Missionary 
Baptist Association; Mason, Odd 
Fellow. Address: Box 564, Carne- 
gie, Okla. 


Pastor, Kelham Avenue Baptist 
Church, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
born, Devine, Tex., June 26, 1887; 
son of Texas Leona Blevins and 
Robert Samuel Howard of Devins, 
Tex.; education, Common School; 
ordained, June, 1924; married, Het- 
tie Viola Tilley of Devine, Tex., 
June 10, 1906; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. E. G. Tilley; children, Hazel 
(Mrs. O. E. Downs), Konawa, Okla., 
R. C, Jr., Samuel B., John Ellis; 
commercial school teacher, Memph- 
is, Tenn., 1905-1906; bookkeeper and 
stenographer, Del Rio, Tex., 1907- 
1908; went into Life Insurance busi- 
ness, 1908-1913, South Texas, 1913- 
1914, New Mexico; 1915 to date, 
Oklahoma State Manager, Oklahoma 
City, Okla.; pastor, Kelham Ave- 
nue Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, 
Okla,, 1924 to date (no salary from 
the Baptist Church); treasurer, 



Oklahoma County Association, 12 
years; director, Endowmen, Okla- 
homa Baptist University, for the 
raising of one million dollars. 
Home: 428 N. E. 16th, Oklahoma 
City, Okla.; office: 207-8 Hightow- 
er Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Tamaroa, 111., and Paradise Baptist 
Church, Nine Miles Association, 111.; 
born, Vandalia, 111., Dec. 28, 1891; 
son of Ida May Smith and John 
William Howell of Vandalia, 111.; 
education, graduate, Ewing College, 
Illinois; Illinois University; or- 
dained, Apr. 19, 1911; married 
Leoda Lucille Davis of Vandalia, 
111., July 26, 1911; daughter of 
Hickman and Maude Morton Davis; 
children, John William, Agnes Ei- 
leen, Hudson Davis, Donald Wilton, 
Beth Lou, Jack Robert; pastor, 
Thompsonville, 111., 1914-1915; pas- 
tor, McKinley Avenue Baptist 
Church, Harrisburg, 111., 1916; pas- 
tor, Raleigh and Logan, 111., 1917; 
cashier bank, 1918-1928; pastor. 
Paradise and Tamaroa Baptist 
Churches, Nine Mile Association, 
Illinois, 1927 to date; General In- 
surance Agency, West Frankfort, 
111., to date; moderator, Franklin 
Association, 5 years to date; mod- 
erator, Nine Mile Association, 2 
years; Mission Board, vice chair- 
man; Lions, Mason, Odd Fellow. 
Home: 1801 E. Poplar St., W. 
Frankfort, 111.; office: 132 W. Main 
St., W. Frankfort, 111. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Pikeville, Ky. ; born, near Rock- 
port, Ohio County, Kentucky, Dec. 
18, 1880; son of Anna Eliza Dwyer 
of Beech Creek, Ky., and Eldard 
Taylor Howerton of Paradice, Ky. ; 
education, Bethel College and South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
receiving Th.G. degree; ordained, 
Apr. 8, 1906; married Ora Wolfe 
of Ironton, 0., June 2, 1912; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wolfe; 
married Gladys Sprague of Grants 
Lick, Ky., Aug. 21, 1928; daughter 

of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sprague; 
children, Layton W., Virgie, Ky., 
Ellis Paul; missionary, colporter, 
summers 1903-1906; pastor, Olive 
Hill, Ky., 1906-1908; pastor, Lorain 
Street Baptist Church, Ironton, O., 
1908-1910; state evangelist, Ken- 
tucky; pastor, First Church, Central 
City, Ky., 1911-18; chaplain, World 
War, 1918 to Armistice; overseas, 
World War, to July, 1919; Kentucky 
state evangelist, 1919-21; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Pikeville, Ky., 
15 years to date; representative, 
Baptist Hundred Thousand Club, 
Enterprise Association, Kentucky; 
Board of Missions, Kentucky; chap- 
lain, Reserve Army Corps; K. T., 
K. of P., W.O.W., Rotary. Address: 
Pikeville, Ky. 


Pastor, Fountain Memorial Bap- 
tist Church, Washington, D. C; 
born, Appomattox County, Vir- 
ginia, October 9 ; son of Ann Jane 
and Samuel R. Hubbard of Halifax 
County, Virginia; ordained, Dec. 
31, 1899, Charlestown Baptist 
Church, Shenandoah Association, 
Virginia; (licensed, October 23, age 
21, Quarterly Conference, Prospect 
District, Olive Branch M.E. Church) ; 
pastor, Tabernacle, Middleway, W. 
Va.; evangelist, Shenandoah Asso- 
ciation; pastor, Broadway Baptist 
Church, Broadway, Va., 4 years; 
pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, 
Radford, Va., 8 years; pastor, Foun- 
tain Memorial Baptist Church, 
Washington, D. C, 9 years; Army, 
World War, 15 months; Junior Ed- 
itor and Associate Editor, several 
weekly papers; correspondent, re- 
ligious paper; publisher, "Taught 
the Will of God;" Richmond Post 
No. 1426 of Veterans of Foreign 
Wars, U. S. A., conferred honorary 
membership, 1933. Address: 140 
F St., S. E., Washington, D. C. 


Minister; born, McComb, Miss., 
Oct. 7, 1903, son of Bessie Holmes 
and A. A. Hucabee, Summit, Miss.; 
education, McComb, Baptist Bible 
Inst., Clark Memorial Col.; degrees, 



B.C.T.; ordained May 9, 1928, New- 
ton, Miss.; married Theodate B. 
Hobbs, April 13, 1929, daughter of- 
W. D. and Elizabeth Hobbs; chil- 
dren, Wallace Moffat Hucabee; 
work: McComb City Enterprise 
Newspaper office, 6 yrs.; Promo- 
tional Com., Chmn. and Vice Mod., 
East La. Assn.; State Obituary and 
State Missions Com.; volunteer 
worker for American Red Cross; 
former Boy Scout leader. Address: 
Box 27, Walker, La. 


Pastor, Nashville, Tenn.; born, 
Waynesboro, Tenn., June 9, 1874; 
son of Malinda J. Shields and S. 
M. Huckaba of Waynesboro, Tenn.; 
education, A.B., Union University; 
ordained, Nov. 27, 1903; married 
Fannie E. Austin of Alabama, Aug. 
20, 1899; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
F. M. Austin; children, C. J., 
Brownsville, Tenn., Rev. Floyd W., 
Miss Rubye Mae, and Charles E.; 
teacher, 10 years (history and eng- 
lish, 2 years, during World War); 
pastor, North Edgefield Baptist 
Chuch, Nashville, Tenn., 8 years; 
evangelist; member, Tennessee Bap- 
tist State Mission Board; member, 
Sunday School Board, Southern 
Baptist Convention; Ma-son. Ad- 
dress: 236 Foster St., Nashville, 


Pastor, West Durham Ch., Dur- 
ham, N. C; born, Catawba Co., N. 
C, Feb. 15, 1889; son of Martha 
Lingerfelt of Catawba. Co., N. C, 
and William W. Hudson of Burke 
Co., N. C; education, B.A., Wake 
Forest Col.; Th.M., Southern Sem.; 
5 yrs. graduate work, Duke Univ., 
1929-34; ordained Dec. 14, 1914; 
married Helen B. Sparks of Mor- 
ganton, N. C, Sept. 19, 1917, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sparks; 
children, John Sparks, Charles 
Franklin, Jr.; pastor, North and 
South, Henderson, N. C, Chs., 1914- 
16; Franklinton, Ky., 1917-20; Port 
Royal. Ky., 1917-20; First Ch., 
Washington. N. C, 1920-23; John L. 
Jullen Ch., Raleigh, N. C, 1923-27; 

West Durham Ch., Durham, N. C, 
1927-35; retired for year's rest; de- 
nominational: Vice Pres., N. C. 
Bapt. Conv., 1932-33; author: mono- 
gram, 'Adolescent Conversion," 
"Paul's Conception of the Resurrec- 
tion Body," ready to publish; Mon- 
arch Civic Club; Mason; Phillips 
Brooks Club, Duke Univ. Address: 
Durham, N. C. 


Associate Secretary, Church Ad- 
ministration Dept, Bapt. S. S. Bd., 
Nashville, Tenn.; born, Tuskegee, 
Ala., Jan. 21, 1884, son of Mary 
Frances Parker and Felix Thurman 
Hudson, Sr., Wedowee, Ala.; educa- 
tion, Ala. Polytechnic Inst., How- 
ard Col., Union Univ., Peabody Col.; 
degrees: D.D., Howard Col., 1928; 
ordained, Opelika, Ala., Aug., 1905; 
married Colice Cecile Corbitt, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1909, daugh- 
ter of Hattie Belle Stuart and 
James F. Corbitt; died March 15, 
1927; married Mary Brewer Bow- 
ers, Wake Forest, N. C, Dec. 21, 
1929; children, Evelyn Estelle Hud- 
son, Nashville, Tenn.; work: pastor 
of the following churches: North 
Edgefield Ch., Nashville, Tenn., 
1908-10; First Ch., Decatur, Ala., 
1911-13; First Ch., Athens, Ala,, 
1913-18; First Ch., Cullman, Ala., 
1918-24; Pritchard Memorial Ch., 
Charlotte, N. C, 1924-27; Asso. Sec, 
Church Administration Dept., Bapt. 
S. S. Bd., Nashville, Tenn., since 
1927; denominational: Mod., Cull- 
man Assn., Ala., 1918-24; author: 
Asso. editor, Church Administra- 
tion Magazine, Baptist S. S. Bd.; 
leaflets on Church Administration; 
"A Financial Program for a New 
Testament Church"; general: Four 
Minute Speaker. World War; SAE 
Greek Letter Frat., Tenn., ETA, 
K. of P., 32nd degree Mason. Home 
address: 1300 Norvel Ave.; business 
address: Bapt. S. S. Bd., 161 Eighth 
Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn. 


Pastor, Cramerton Ch., Cramer- 
ton, N. C; born, Shelby, N. C, Jan. 
28, 1892; son of Margaret Chapman 



and W. M. Hudson of Burke Co., 
N. C; education, A.B., Wake Forest 
Col., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Sem.; 
ordained June 12, 1914; married 
Margaret Rucker of Charlotte, N. C-, 
June 2, 1924, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. P. Rucker; children, Wil- 
liam Rucker, Catherine Lewis, Sally 
Morton; pastor, Cross Hill, S. C, 2 
yrs. ; Cramerton Ch., Cramerton, 
N. C, 10 yrs. to date; Mason. Ad- 
dress: Cramerton, N. C. 


Pastor, Calvary Ch., Gastonia, N. 
C; born, Lilesville, N. C, Sept. 7, 
1892; son of Mattie Atkinson and 
David D. Hudson of Lilesville, N. 
C; education, B.A., Wake Forest 
Col., Th.M., Southern Sem.; or- 
dained Aug., 1920; married Maye 
Helms of Monroe, N. C, Aug. 16, 
1919, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
W. Helms; children, Marilee Ann, 
Nancy Jane; pastor, Angier Ch., An- 
gier, N. C, 1% yrs.; Marietta St. 
Ch., Gastonia, N. C, 2 yrs.; Calvary 
Ch., Gastonia, N. C, 5 yrs. to date; 
member, Kiwanis International. Ad- 
dress: Pinkney Station, Gastonia, 
N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Red 
Springs, N. C; born, Sampson 
County, N. C, February, 1893; son 
of Lucy Daughtry and Samuel Peter 
Hudson of Sampson County, North 
Carolina; education, Union Univer- 
sity; Wake Forest College; South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
receiving A.B. and Th.M. degrees; 
ordained, Bellevue Baptist Church, 
Memphis, 1918; married Mary Sue 
Woody of Person County, North 
Carolina, Sept. 10, 1921; daughter 
of J. Sam and Laura Woody; child- 
ren, Marguerite, Lucy, Samuel Fed- 
son; pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, 
Shiloh, N. C, 1922-1925; pastor, Cal- 
vary Baptist Church, Portsmouth, 
Va., 1925-1928; pastor, Red Springs, 
N. C, 1928 to date; Committee Re- 
port of Home Mission Board, South- 
ern Baptist Convention, 1928; gen- 
eral Board of Missions, North Caro- 

lina. Address: Red Springs, North- 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Laichowfu, 
China; born, Jefferson County, Ala., 
Feb, 25, 1877; educated, Judson 
College, Ala.; appointed July 31, 
1907; Evangelistic Work Among the 


Superintendent, Louisville Bap- 
tist Orphans Home; born, Union, 
Ky., May 24, 1862; son of Sarah 
Williams of Napoleon, Ky., and Geo. 
Washington Huey; education, % A. 
M. degree, Georgetown Col.; or- 
dained, July 4; married Katie 
Kathrine Kennedy of Union, Ky., 
March 11, 1885, daughter of Lizzie 
Durham and J. W. Kennedy; chil- 
dren, Lee Manly, deceased; Samuel 
Floyd, Lexington, Ky., Geo. W., Ed- 
ward O.; evangelist, 2 yrs.; Elan- 
ger, Ky., 4 yrs.; Carrolton, Ky., 7 
yrs.; Stanford, Ky., 3 yrs.; Somer- 
set, Ky., 7 yrs.; field man, George- 
town, Ky., and pastor, Great Cross- 
ing Ch., 1 yr.; Crescent Hill Ch., 
Louisville, Ky., 5 yrs.; Camp pas- 
tor, Camp Taylor, 1 yr.; Pres., Camp 
Bellburg School, 1% yrs.; Supt., 
Louisville Orphans Home since 
1918; denominational: member, Ex- 
ec. Bd., Ky., Simmons Univ., col- 
ored; on committees, S. B. C, and 
Gen. Assn. of Ky.; Mason, Odd Fel- 
low, Rebekah, Redman, K. of P. Ad- 
dress: 2123 Woodbourne Ave., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, First Bapt. Ch., New Or- 
leans, La.; born, Colbert Co., Ala., 
March 29, 1887; son of Joshua A. 
and Elmira Witt Huff; education, 
Howard Col.; ordained, 1907; mar- 
ried Gertrude Boynton, Nov. 23, 
1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. 
L. Boynton; children, Helen Lou- 
ise; pastor, Oklahoma City, Okla., 
9 yrs.; pastor, New Orleans, La., 10 
yrs.; Home Mission Board; Exec. 
Com., La. Bapt. Conv. ; chairman, 
Com. on Bds., S. B .C. : Chmn., Com. 
on Committees, S. B. C. Home: 2225 



Peniston St.; office: 3436 St. 
Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 


Head Department of English, 
Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, N. 
C; born, Mars Hill, N. C, Sept. 
26, 1879; son of Bregetta Carter 
of Mars Hill, N. C, and Leonard 
C. Huff of Parrottsville, Tenn.; 
education, Mars Hill College; grad- 
uate, A.B., Wake Forest College; 
M.A., University North Carolina; 
candidate for Ph.D., University 
North Carolina; married Cornelia 
V. Orr of Ft. Myers, Fla., 1905; 
daughter of Christopher C. and 
Margaret Gladney Orr; married 
Mattie L. Ireland, Louisville, Ky. ; 
children, Leonard Orr, Sylva, N. C, 
James L., Richard E., Joseph B., 
Alfred W., Dorothy and Henry B.; 
principal Dothan High School, 
Dothan, Ala., 2 years; principal, 
Wilmington High School, Wilming- 
ton, N. C, 3 years; dean, Mars Hill 
College, 11 years; head of English 
Department, Carson-Newman Col- 
lege, 1 year; president, Wingate 
Junior College, 6 years;; head, De- 
partment English, Mars Hill Col- 
lege, 6 years to date; member, Na- 
tional Educational Association; 
various boards and committees, 
North Carolina Baptist State Con- 
vention; inter-racial commission for 
North Carolina; author, various 
studies in field of social sci- 
ence and English Literature; 
mayor, Mars Hill; director, Bank 
Mars Hill; chairman, public school 
committee; chairman. Board Dea- 
cons, Mars Hill Baptist Church, Ki- 
wanis Club, Rotary Club, Civitan 
Club. Address: Mars Hill, N. C. 


Pastor, Center View Baptist 
Church, Belmont, N. C; born, Hen- 
derson County, North Carolina, 
Nov. 11, 1882; son of Olivia Sen- 
telle and Charles C. Huggins of 
Henderson County, N. C; education, 
B.A., Wake Forest College; Th.G., 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; graduate, Fruitland Insti- 
tute; ordained, Fruitland Baptist 

Church, Henderson County, North 
Carolina, May 28, 1911; married 
Grace Graves of Cropper, Ky.; May 
31, 1915; daughter of Mrs. Anna 
Graves; children, Anna Sentelle, F. 
M., Jr., Charles, Elaine, David; 
teacher, Public Schools, Henderson 
County, North Carolina; teacher, 
Round Hill Academy, 1911-1912, Un- 
ion Mills, N. C; pastor, Monford 
Cove, Bethel and Glenn Wood Bap- 
tist Churches, McDowell County, 
North Carolina, 1911-1912; pastor, 
Gratz, Cropper and Union Baptist 
Churches, Kentucky; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Belmont, 1916-1920; 
pastor, Boone, Blowing Rock and 
Cove Creek Baptist Churches, 1920- 
1926; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Abingden, Va., 1927-1930; teacher, 
Pleasant Hill School, Henderson 
County, North Carolina, 1930; pas- 
tor, Bat Cave Baptist Church; pas- 
tor, Centerview Church, Belmont, 
N. C, 1931 to date; member, 
State Mission Board, 1923-1926; di- 
rector, 75 million campaign, Three 
Forks Association, 1921-1925; active 
against repeal of the 18th Amend- 
ment; Reserve Chaplain, U. S. A. 
with grade of Captain. Address: 
Belmont, N. C. 


General Secretary, Baptist State 
Convention, N. C; born, Dillon Co., 
S. C, Oct. 5, 1890, son of Alice Lun- 
dy and A. R. F. Huggins, S. C. ; edu- 
cation, Wake Forest Col., B.A., M. 
A., Univ. of N. C, MA.; student, 
Columbia, Univ., the Sorbonne, Par- 
is, France; married Katiebet Mor- 
ris, Franklinton. N. C, July 13. 
1918, daughter of Mr. and Mrs: E. 
W. Morris, Franklinton, N. C; chil- 
dren, Minnie Morris, Katherine 
Elizabeth, Raleigh, N. C; work: 
Prin., H. S., Washington, N. i C, 
1912-13; teacher. Latin and Greek, 
Union Univ., Jackson, Tenn., 1913- 
15; Supt. of schools, Clayton, N. C, 
1915-17; teacher of H. S., Durham, 
N. C, 1917-18; with the A. E. F. in 
France, 1918-19; Supt. of schools, 
Scotland Neck, N. C, 1919-24; Sec, 
Education, Bapt. State Conv.. N. 
C„ 1924-29; Prof., Education, Mere- 



dith Col., Raleigh, N. C, 1929-32; 
Gen. Sec, Bapt. State Conv., N. C, 
since 1932; denominational: Educa- 
tion Bd., S. B. C, 1927-28; author: 
"High School Libraries in North 
Carolina," "Baptists Working 
Toward a World Program"; gener- 
al: member, Raleigh History Club, 
Raleigh, N. C; home address: 1210 
Mordecai Drive; business address: 
Biblical Recorder Bldg., Raleigh, 
N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jas- 
per, Fla.; born, Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 
23, 1890; son of Augusta L. Almand 
and Humphrey 0. Hughes, Sr., of 
Georgia; education, Mercer Univer- 
sity; Th.B., ordained, Dec. 26, 1917; 
married Augusta Louise Howard of 
Atlanta, Ga., July 17, 1909; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Howard; 
children, Robert 0., Louise (Mrs. 
M. L. Bryan), Clarence, George, 
Helen, Richard; pastor, Southside 
Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga., 4 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Richland, Ga., 2 years; Field Rep- 
resentative, Bessie Tift College, 1 
year; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Ozark, Ala., 3 years; pastor, Ma- 
lone Baptist Church, Malone, Fla., 
2 years; pastor, Greenwood Bap- 
tist Church, Greenwood, Fla., 2 
years; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Jasper, Fla., 3 years to date; pas- 
tor, Butler Baptist Church, Butler, 
Ga., Bay Branch Baptist Church, 
Scriven County, Georgia, and An- 
tioch Baptist Church, Taylor County, 
Georgia, 3 years; Mission Board, 
Florida Baptist Convention, 1935; 
vice moderator, Jackson County As- 
sociation, Florida, 1931-1935; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Summerhill As- 
sociation, Georgia, 1925-1927; Dale 
County Association, Alabama, Ex- 
ecutive Committee, 1927-1930; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Suwannee Asso- 
ciation, Florida, 1932-1935; Execu- 
tive Committee, Atlanta Baptist 
Sunday School Convention, 3 years; 
Mason. Address: Jasper, Fla. 


Pastor, First Church, Kingsport, 

Tenn. ; born, Trousdale Co., Tenn., 
Sept. 30, 1892; son of Lieuvenia 
Shipp ' and John Walker Hughes; 
education, A.B., Union Univ.; D.D. 
degree; ordained, Aug. 3, 1913; 
married Beulah Brown, June 28, 
1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. 
A. Brown; children, J. G., Jr., 
Royce Brown; pastor, Eddyville, 
Ky., Kuttawa, Ky., 1917; First Ch., 
Clinton, Ky., 1918-21; First Ch., 
Quanah, Tex., 1921-23; First Ch., 
Lebanon, Tenn., 1923-28; First Ch., 
Union City, Tenn., 1928-33; First 
Ch., Kingsport, Tenn., since 1933; 
denominational: member, Exec. 
Bd., Tenn. Bapt. Conv.; Vice Pres., 
Tenn. Bapt. Conv.; trustee, Union 
Univ., 5 yrs. ; member, Administra- 
tive Com., Tenn. Bapt. Conv., 3 yrs.; 
Mason, Kiwanis Club, Alpha Tau 
Omega Frat. Home address: 1353 
Watauga St., Kingsport, Tenn. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chattanooga, Tenn.; born on a farm 
in North Missouri, Oct. 26, 1886; 
son of Milton and Elizabeth 
(Schultz) Hughes; education, A.B. 
and D.D., William Jewell College, 
attended University of Chicago, 
1915-1916; ordained, 1907; married 
Rachel Mary Smith of Amboy, 111., 
Oct. 9, 1920; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. T. Smith; children, Ruth 
Elizabeth and Hazel Joyce; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Mexico, Mo., 
7 years; Baptist Temple, Chicago, 
2 years; Hillcrest Baptist Church, 
Columbus, Ohio, 3 years; First Bap- 
tist Church, Chattanooga since 1930. 


Pastor, Hillsville, Va.; born, Ev- 
ington, Va., Oct. 23, 1880; son of Em- 
ma May Fields and Pinkney Scott 
Hughes of Evington, Va.; education, 
Scofield Bible School; theological 
corresponding; ordained, First Bap- 
tist Church, Bedford, Va., June 26, 
1911; married Agnes Mae Wood, 
Dec. 22, 1902, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles Wood; children, Be- 
atrice O. (Mrs. J. S. Hackler), 
Martinsville, Va., Dr. G. C, Boston, 



Mass.; pastor, Bedford County, 5 
years; pastor, Jefferson Street, Ro- 
anoke, Va., 1916-1921; Baptist 
Board, North Carolina, 1922-1927; 
evangelist; pastor, Axton, Va., 1928- 
1935; pastor, Hillsville, Va., 1935 
to date; president, Blue Ridge Sun- 
day School Convention, Blue Ridge 
Association, Virginia; Mason, I. O. 
0. F., W. 0. W., K. of P. Address: 
Hillsville, Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Owensboro, Ky.; born, Morristown, 
Tenn., June 10, 1893; son of Mar- 
garet B. Hutton and Nathaniel K. 
Humphreys of Johnson City, Tenn.; 
education, A.B., Carson-Newman 
College; Th.G., Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; D.D., Bethel 
Woman's College; ordained, 1915; 
married Willie Eola Renfro of 
Spring City, Tenn., May 11, 1918; 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William 
Renfro; children, Martha Jane, 
Robert Edward, Margaret Emeline, 
pastor, rural churches, during Col- 
lege and Seminery days; pastor, 
Central Baptist Church, Bear den, 
Tenn., 1919-1927; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Owensboro, Ky., 8 
years to date; State Board of Mis- 
sions, Kentucky; member, Board 
Baptist Ministers Aid Society, Ken- 
tucky; director, Baptist Education- 
al Society, Kentucky. Home: 1735 
Freeman Ave., Owensboro, Ky. ; of- 
fice: Third and Lewis Sts., Owens- 
boro, Ky. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Kaifeng, 
China; born, Dublin, Texas, Jan. 
14, 1888; educated, John Tarleton 
and Simmons College; Southwest- 
tern Training School; appointed 
June 9, 1919; Evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Collin County, Texas, 
Sept. 25, 1898; educated, Wayland 
Baptist College; Baylor University, 

1922; Southwestern Training 
School, one year; appointed June 
14, 1923; Eliza Yates School. 


Pastor, Cliffside Baptist Church, 
Cliffside, N. C. ; born, Pickens 
County, South Carolina, Sept. 14, 
1889; son of Sarah Elizabeth Stew- 
art and Lewis Earl Hunnicutt of 
Pickens County, South Carolina; 
education, graduate, Mars Hill Col- 
lege; Furman University; Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; re- 
ceiving A.B.; resident work for 
Ph.D., North Carolina University; 
ordained, Dec. 28, 1913; married 
Mollie Elizabeth Davis of Coolee- 
mee, N. C, June 27, 1918; daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Davis; mar- 
ried Katie Montrose Wings of Fair 
Forest, S. C, June 12, 1928; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wings; 
children, William Davis, James Al- 
len; pastor, Apalache Baptist 
Church, Apalache, S. C, 1913-1916; 
pastor, Tyger Baptist Church, Ty- 
gerville, S. C, 1913-1916; pastor, 
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Green- 
ville Association, 1915-1916; pastor, 
Managhan Baptist Church, Green- 
ville, S. C, 1917-1918; pastor, Pace- 
let, S. C, 1917-1918; Travelers Rest, 
S. C, 1917-1918; pastor, City Mis- 
sion and Port Work, Baptist State 
Board, S. C, Charleston, S. C, 1918- 
1920; pastor, country field, Collison, 
S. C, 1920-21, Boldsprings, Moun- 
tain View, and Bethany Churches; 
pastor, First Ch., Landrum, S. C, 
1922-24; Carrboro, N. C, 1924-1927; 
pastor, First Ch., Mt. Gilead, N. C, 
1927-1930; pastor, Cliffside Baptist 
Church, Cliffside, N. C, 1930 to 
date; vice moderator, Sandy Run 
Baptist Association; pastor, Advis- 
or, Association B. T. U.; pastor. 
Advisor, Association Sunday School 
Convention; secretary, Board Trus- 
tees, Boiling Springs Junior Col- 
lege, North Carolina; clerk, 2 asso- 
ciations; member, Executive Com- 
mittee, Associations and County; 
contributor to newspapers; Mason, 
Rutherford Country Club; com- 
mencement addresses; evangelistic 
work. Address: Cliffside, N. C. 




Editor of Illinois Baptist; pastor, 
Grand Tower, 111.; born, Anna, 111., 
March 14, 1895; son of Carrie Haw- 
kins of Cairo, 111., and John Willis 
Hunsaker of Anna, 111.; education, 
A.B., Ewing Col., Baylor Univ.; or- 
dained, Anna, 111., 1925; pastor, 
Pleasant Grove, 111., 8 mos.; pastor, 
Reynoldsville, 111., 1 yr. 3 mos.; 
pastor, Ullin, 111., 6 mos.; pastor, 
Grand Tower, 111., Sept. 1925-May 
27, 1928; pastor, Cobden, 111., 6 yrs.; 
second pastorate, Grand Tower, 111., 
Aug. 19, 1934 to date; editor, State 
Bapt. paper, 111.; Mason. Address: 
Cobden, 111. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Kil- 
leen, Tex.; born, Hill County, Tex- 
as, Apr. 18, 1869; son of Nettie Mc- 
Cabe of Bosque County, Texas, and 
Waddie Thomas Hunt of Greenville, 
S. C; education, Baylor University, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, Leon Baptist 
Church, Hill County, Tex., 1889; 
married Emma L. Crozier of Col- 
lins County, Texas, Sept. 6, 1900; 
daughter of John Rufus and Nannie 
L. Crozier; children, Mary (Mrs. 
Ben F. Brown), Waco, Tex., Louise, 
Dallas, Tex., James, College Sta- 
tion, Tex.; pastor, Lampassas, Tex., 
2 years; pastor, Mastendale, Tex., 
1 year; pastor, McKinney, Tex., 2 
years; pastor, Wiley, Tex., 2 years; 
pastor, Garland, Tex., 5 years; pas- 
tor, Rockwall, Tex., 5 years; pas- 
tor, Grapevine, Tex., 7 years; pas- 
tor, Killeen, Tex., 9 years to date; 
moderator, Bell County Baptist As- 
sociation, 2 years. Address: Kil- 
leen, Tex. 


Pastor, Eighteenth Street Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky.; born, Calla- 
way Co., Mo., July 1, 1860; son of 
William Bearl and Jennie Nichol- 
son Hunt; education, William Jew- 
ell College, Southern Sem.; or- 
dained May 17, 1884, Holt, Clay Co., 
Mo. ; married Ef f ie Ann Newman of 
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 26, 1886, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. 

Newman; pastor, Gallatin, Mo.; 
Ellsworth, Kans.; Twenty-second 
and Walnut, Louisville, Ky. ; West 
Broadway, Louisville, Ky.; Eight- 
eenth Street, Louisville, Ky., 10 yrs. 
to date; pastor, Patee Park, St. Jo- 
seph, Mo.; Fayetteville, Ark.; west- 
ern Sec, three Bds., S. B. C, head- 
quarters, Kansas City, Mo., 1904-05; 
Exec. Sec, Louisville Council of 
Churches, Louisville, Ky., 1918-19; 
Exec. Sec, Anti Race Track Gam- 
bling Commn, Ky., 1920-21; Pro- 
motional Dir., Ky. Bapt. Hosp., 10 
yrs.; trustee and Sec, Ky. Bapt. 
Hosp. Bd., member Hosp. Commn., 
S.B.C.; associated with Dr. J. N. 
Prestridge in founding the Baptist 
Argus Oct., 1897 (Baptist World); 
author: "Paul's Superlative and 
Sermons," "The Exposure of Mil- 
lennial Dawnism, the Preacher's 
Imperative Duty," "The Evils of 
Gambling and Gaming," "Christian 
Science vs. the Bible," "What's the 
Harm in Dancing." Home: 824 Ce- 
cil Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


Architect, Chattanooga, Tenn.; 
born, Elbert County, Georgia, Feb. 
2, 1862; son of Mollie E. McCrary 
and Reuben Smith Hunt; education, 
public schools; married Kate De- 
Georgis of Chattanooga; children, 
Louise i(Mrs. Thomas G. Street). 
Entire career has been spent prac- 
ticing architecture in Chattanooga 
and Dallas, Texas, with operations 
covering practically the entire 
south; member and deacon, First 
Baptist Church, Chattanooga; trus- 
tee, Tennessee College. Business 
Address: Chattanooga Bank Bldg. 
Res. Address: 37 S., Chattanooga, 


Treasurer, North Carolina, W. M. 
U., Raleigh, N. C; born, Cary, N. 
C; daughter of Emma Gunter and 
Rev. A. D. Hunter; education, 
Kings Business, Meredith College; 
secretary, Dr. Hight C. Moore, and 
Dr. Kingston Johnson, while they 
were editors, of Biblical Recorder; 
U. S. Quarter Master's Dept, Wash- 



iiigton, D. C, 1 year; secretary, 
Dr. Hight C. Moore and Dr. E. C. 
Dorgan, Baptist Sunday School 
Board, Nashville, Tenn., 1919-1920; 
office secretary-treasurer, W. M. U., 
North Carolina, 1920 to date. Ad- 
dress: 215 Recorder Bldg., Raleigh, 
N. C. 


President, Western Carolina 
Teachers College, Cullowhee, N. C; 
born, Mars Hill, N. C, Mar. 26, 
1883; son of Martha Caroline Brad- 
ley and James Hardy Hunter, Madi- 
son County, North Carolina; educa- 
tion, Mars Hill College, Wake For- 
est College, Columbia University 
and Harvard University, receiving 
A.B., M.A., and Ed.M.; married 
Glen C. Weaver of Weaverville, N. 
C, Aug. 7, 1912; daughter of Rob- 
ert H. and Lou Webb Weaver; 
children, Marthalou, Lucy, Jane, 
Elizabeth Ann; public school work, 
North Carolina, 8 years; head Eng- 
lish Dept., Woman's Col., Richmond, 
Va., 2 yrs. ; head education depart- 
ment, S. M. U., 2 years; head educa- 
tion department, Baylor College, 
1 year; head education depart- 
ment, Wake Forest College, 3 
years; president, W. C. T. C, 12 
years; director, Sunday School, 
Wake Forest College; vice presi- 
dent, B. Y. P. U. Convention, Vir- 
ginia; vice president, organized 
class convention, Virginia; assist- 
ant to general secretary, Baptist 
Sunday School Convention, Virgin- 
ia; articles, religious and educa- 
tion papers; member, executive 
committee, North Carolina Educa- 
tional Association; president, 
Western District of North Carolina 
Education Association; Rotarian 
(former president). Home: Cullow- 
hee, N. C; office: W. C. T. C, 
Cullowhee, N. C. 


President, Board of Trustees, 
Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C; 
born, Wake County, North Carolina, 
June 6, 1865; son of Piannetta 
Beckwith and Joseph Calvin Hunter 
of Wake County, North Carolina; 

education, A.B. and A.M., Wake 
Forest College, and Ph.D., Johns 
Hopkins University; married Nancy 
Gordon Willis of Fredericksburg, 
Va., April, 1912, daughter of Ma- 
rion G. and Lucy Taylor Willis; 
teacher, high school, North Caro- 
lina, 2 years; teacher, State Nor- 
mal, Wisconsin, 2 years; professor, 
Chemistry, Richmond College (now 
University of Richmond), 1895- 
1905; Life Insurance Business, 
Joint State Agent for North Caro- 
lina; Financial Correspondent, Un- 
ion Central Life Insurance Co., 
1905-1931; Pres., Board of Trustees, 
Meredith College; member, Board 
Deacons, First Baptist Church, Ral- 
eigh, N. C; Sunday School teach- 
er, 40 years. Address: 1543 Carr 
St., Raleigh, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Somerset, Ky. ; born, Rienzi, Miss., 
Dec. 10, 1874; son of Mary Eliza- 
beth Holt and Edward L. Hunter 
of Rienzi, Miss.; education, B.A., 
Union University; Th.G., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained, July 13, 1896; married Mary 
Marguerite Leftwich of Aberdeen, 
Miss., Mar. 1, 1911; daughter of 
Geo. J. and Elgie Leftwich; child- 
ren, William Edward Graham (de- 
ceased), Ruth, George Leftwich, 
Mary Marguerite; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Princeton, Ky., 1906- 
1912; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Somerset, Ky., 1912 to date; Ken- 
tucky trustee, Baptist Bible Insti- 
tute; Kentucky Baptist State 
Board; Baptist Education Society, 
Kentucky; moderator, General As- 
sociation, Baptists in Kentucky, 
1924-1925. Address: Somerset, Ky. 


Pastor, Lyon Baptist Church, 
Lyon, Miss.; born, Mashulaville, 
Mississippi, Feb. 24, 1902; son of 
Ella J. Lipscomb and Walter M. 
Hunter of Mashulaville, Miss.; edu- 
cation, A.B., Mississippi College; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary; ordained, Apr. 17, 1934; as- 
sociate Sunday School secretary, 



Mississippi, 1923-1933; pastor, Lyon 
Baptist Church, Lyon, Miss., 1934 
to date; pastor, Jonestown Baptist 
Church, Jonestown, Miss., 1934 to 
date; pastor, Irvington Baptist 
Church, Irvington, Ky., 1934 to 
date; president, Mississippi Baptist 
Pastors and Laymen's Conference, 
1933. Address: Lyon, Miss. 


Pastor, First Ch., West Monroe, 
La.; born, Avoyelles Parish, La., 
Sept. 9, 1885; education, A.B., La. 
Col., Th.B., Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem., Ft. Worth, Baylor Univ.; 
married Mabel Merritt of Crowley, 
La., Sept. 24, 1913, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. T. J. Merritt, graduate of 
Southwestern Training Sch. at Ft. 
Worth, attended La. Col. and Bay- 
lor Univ.; pastor, Dry Bayou, 
Campti and Jonesville, La., while in 
college; Diamond Hill Ch., Ft. 
Worth, while in Sem.; evangelist, 
Texas and La., under State Bds.; 
pastor, Fifteenth Ave. Ch., Merid- 
ian, Miss., 1920-24, erected $100,000 
Ch.; independent evangelist; pas- 
tor, First Ch., West Monroe, La., 
$100,000 Ch. Bldg., with 1,950 mem- 
bers, since 1931; denominational: 
evangelist, under Home Mis. Bd., 
S. B. C; assisted in 75 Million 
campaign; aided the government 
during World War in Liberty Drive. 
Address: West Monroe, La. 


Pastor, First Church, Leesville, 
La.; born, Ruby, La., Dec. 4, 1904; 
son of Rebekah Chellette of Grant 
Parish and Ed. Huntsberry of Ru- 
by, La.; education, Acadia Bapt. 
Acad., and B.A., La. Col.; ordained, 
1926; married Mae Folse of Ruby, 
La., Oct. 19, 1922, daughter of Oney 
Ryland and Ralph J. Folse; chil- 
dren, Helen, Harry and Mildred; 
pastor, First Ch., Iota, La., 5y 2 yrs.; 
Bayou Des Glaze Ch., Big Bend, La., 
2% yrs.; Cedar Grove Ch., Le- 
Compte, La., 1 yr.; Forest Hill Ch., 
La., 2% yrs.; First Ch., Lecompte, 
La., S 1 /^ yrs.; Rochelle Ch., Rochelle, 

La., 1 yr.; Friendship Ch., Pine 
Prairie, La., 3 yrs.; First Ch., Lees- 
ville, La., 7 mos. to date; denomina- 
tional; Vice Mod., La. Assn., 1 yr.; 
member, Exec. Bd., Vernon Assn.; 
Assnl. and State work. Address: 
Leesville, La. 


Editor,, The Christian Thinker, 
author, and pastor, Pt. Clear, Ala.; 
born, Meridian, Miss., Sept. 4, 1887; 
son of Alice Easterling of Jackson 
County, Mississippi, and Theodore 
L. Hurlbutt of New Orleans, La.; 
education, A.B., Mercer University; 
Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; B.D., Newton 
Theological Institute; Th.D., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
and Mississippi College; Harvard 
University; Yale University; or- 
dained, Sept. 17, 1911, Mobile, Ala.; 
married Berney Ray Waddell of 
Meridian, Miss., Nov. 15, 1933; 
daughter of James D. and Pinkie 
M. Waddell; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Ellijay, Ga., 1915-1917; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Ironton, 
O., 1918-1920; professor, English, 
Mississippi College, 1920-1921; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Hot 
Springs, Ark., 1922-1926; editor, 

The Christian Thinker, 1935- ; 

author, "Wings of the Spirit," 
"Windows and Wings," "Manual of 
English Diction"; American Asso- 
ciation of Teachers of speech; vice 
president, Poetry Society, Alabama; 
special correspondent, Managing 
Editor of New Standard Diction- 
ary. Address: Point Clear, Ala. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Bucharest, 
Roumania, Europe; born, Wades- 
boro, N. C, Aug. 13, 1897; educated, 
North Carolina College for Women; 
Meredith College; Southwestern 
Training School; married D. T. 
Hurley, July 27, 1922; appointed 
June 14, 1923; Educational Work. 


Pastor, Union Ave. Ch., Memphis, 
Tenn.; born, Winona, Miss., 1873; 



son of Catherine Pittman and Dr. 
W. A. Hurt; education, B.L., Miss. 
Col., and Th.B., Southern Bapt. 
Sem., D.D. from Union Univ.; or- 
dained, 1894; married Lillian Bell 
of Pontotoc, Miss., 1905, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bell; children, 
Carrie (Mrs. Charles E. White), 
Muskogee, Okla. ; pastor in Mem- 
phis, 32 yrs.; denominational: 
member, Bd. of Trustees, Bapt. 
Hosp., Memphis; civic: member, 
Housing Authority, Memphis, and 
of Federal Govt., Dir., Federal con- 
struction of over $6,000,000 in city 
of Memphis. Home address: 31 E. 
Parkway, South, Memphis, Tenn. 


Pres., Union Univ., Jackson, 
Tenn.; born, Ballsville, Va.., March 
1, 1873; son of Laura E. and Geo. 
S. Hurt; education, Bryant and 
Stratton Bus. Col., Richmond Col., 
Th.G., Southern Sem., D.D., LL.D. 
degrees; ordained, 1901; married 
Ethelyn Lovell of Ft. Smith, Ark., 
June 30, 1908; children, John Jeter, 
Jr., and Harrison, Jackson, Tenn., 
Thurston, Knoxville, Tenn., James 
L., Nashville, Tenn., Mary Lee 
(Mrs. Howard Bennett), Humboldt, 
Tenn.; pastor, First Ch., Durham, 
N. C, 1912-16; First Ch., Wilming- 
ton, N. C, 1916-23; First Ch., Jack- 
son, Tenn., 1923-32; Pres., Union 
Univ., since 1932"; editor, The Bap- 
tist Advance, 1900-03; denomina- 
tional: Pres., Bd. of Trustees, Cen- 
tral Col., Ark., 1906-12; trustee, 
Bapt. Bible Inst.; Pres., Bd. of Edu- 
cation, Bapt. State Conv., N. C, 
1914-22; Pres., Bapt. Seaside Assem- 
bly, N. C, 1916-22; Alumni Assn., 
Southern Sem., 1923; Vice Pres., 
Tenn. Bapt. Conv., 1927; 2nd Vice 
Pres., S. B. C, 1934-35; author: 
"Struggles for Religious Liberty in 
Virginia," 1912; "Baptist Whys 
and Wherefores," 1919; "The Laws 
of the Land and the Laws of the 
Lord on Trusteeship," 1928; "A 
Handbook" for the Every-Member 
Canvass, 1931; Mason, Rotarian. 
Home address: 564 E. Main St., 
Jackson, Tenn. 


Pastor, Trinity Church, Houston, 
Tex.; born, Wichita Falls, Tex., Dec. 
20, 1891; son of Rosa Fitzgerald 
and J. S. Hutcherson; education, 
Burleson Col. and Southwestern 
Sem., Th.D.; ordained, 1912; mar- 
ried Edna Phelps, Aug. 31, 1920, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. 
Phelps; children, Rose Margaret 
(deceased), and Lillian Ruth; pas- 
tor, West Paris, Ch., Paris, Tex., 
5 yrs., First Ch., Cameron, Tex., 7 
yrs., Trinity Ch., Houston, Tex., 
1931 to present; denominational: 
Mod., Milam Co. Assn., 6 yrs.; Pres. 
of Pastors' and Laymen's Conf., 
Tex., 1 yr.; Chmn. of Gen. Com. for 
Bapt. Gen. Conv., Tex., for Houston 
session, 1935. Home address: 2117 
Marion; office: 1202 Hogan, Hous- 
ton, Tex. 


Pastor, Inskip Baptist Church, 
Knoxville, Tenn.; born, Campbell 
County, Tenn., Feb. 4, 1880; son 
of Sarah Heatherly and William 
Russell Hutson of Campbell County, 
Tennessee; education, Hiwassee Col- 
lege; Carson-Newman College; 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, and University of Chicago, 
receiving A.B., A.M., and Th.M. de- 
grees; ordained, Nov. 6, 1902; mar- 
ried Grace Whitlock of Jefferson 
City, Tenn., Dec. 29, 190S; daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Whitlock; 
married Mally Combs of Hazard, 
Ky., Aug. 2, 1927; children, Andrew 
Carter, Jr., William Franklin, Mary 
Katherine, John Eliot, Charles 
Combs, and Sarah Rhoda; pastor, 
LaFollette, Tenn., 1903-1904; pastor, 
Central-Magnolia, Ark., 1908-1910; 
pastor, Gillespie Avenue, Knoxville, 
Tenn., 1910-1911; pastor. Two Lien, 
Ky., 1905-1908; pastor, Barbourville 
Baptist Church, Barbourville, Ky., 
1911-1913; pastor. Whitesburg Bap- 
tist Church, Whitesburg, Ky.. 1914- 
1918; pastor, Inship Baptist Church, 
Knoxville. Tenn.. 1929 to date; gen- 
eral missionary, East Kentucky, 12 
years; organized 22 Baptist 
Churches; building or completing 9 
meeting houses; member, State 



Board, Arkansas Convention, 1909- 
1910; moderator, Three Forks As- 
sociation, Kentucky, 6 years; assist- 
ant moderator, Kentucky General 
Association, 1928. Address: Foun- 
tain City Branch No. 2, Knoxville, 


Pastor, First Church, Paris, Ky. ; 
born, Hingham, Wis., Sept. 4, 1906, 
son of Cynthia B. Oosterhuis and 
James Herbert Huyck of Sheboy- 
gan Falls, Wis.; education, Shurt- 
leff Col., Southwestern Sem.; or- 
dained, 1930; married Charlie Mae 
Anderson of Texas, Dec. 12, 1931, 
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. C. W. An- 
derson; children, Albert and Jean; 
pastor, New Salem, Walters, Okla., 
1929-31; First Ch., Maysville, Ky., 
1931-33; First Ch., Paris, Ky., since 
1933. Home address: 1421 Cypress 
St., Paris, Ky. 


Pastor, Temple Church, Miami, 
Fla.; born, Washington Co., Ga., 
Aug. 7, 1882; son of Sarah Francis 
Barnes and John James Hyman of 
Warren Co., Ga.; education, Ga. 
Normal Col., Mercer Univ., South- 
ern Sem.; ordained, Oct., 1905; 
married Virgie Home of Jasper, 
Fla., Sept. 11, 1907, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Eli C. Home: children. 
Virgie (Mrs. E., E. Cone), Tampa, 
Fla., John Eli, Jacksonville, Fla.; 
pastor, Apalachicola, Fla.; Brooks- 
ville, Fla.; Marianna, Fla.; Sanford, 
Fla.; Temple Church, Miami, Fla.; 
Sec, S. S. and B. Y. P. U., Fla., 3 
yrs.; Sec, City Mission work, Tam- 
pa, Fla., 4 yrs.; chaplain in World 
War, 2 yrs.; denominational: mem- 
ber, Foreign Mission Bd., 5 yrs.; 
State Bd. of Missions, Fla., 14 yrs.; 
trustee, Southwestern Sem., 3 yrs.; 
now State Leader, Fla., 100,000 
club; author: "Serving Europe and 
the Holy Land," "An Active Life"; 
Kappa Sigma in Col., Mason, Shrin- 
er; Sec, Chamber of Commerce, 
Jasper, Fla., 1 yr. ; Sanford, Fla., 1 
yr. ; Kiwanis Club, Miami, Fla. 
Home address: 40 S. E., 4th St., 
Miami, Fla. 


Pastor, First Church, Jasper 
Tex.; born, Whitesboro, Tex., Sept 
17, 1887; son of Elizabeth Ellen 
Draper and Allen Burns Ingram of 
Basin Springs, Tex.; education 
Bus. Col., Baylor Univ, Southwest 
ern Sem., Yale Univ., and Pikes 
Peak Bible Sem., receiving A.B. 
Th.M., and Th.D. degrees; ordained 
Dec. 23, 1911, Frederick, Okla.; mar 
ried Lola Cook of Jasper, Tex., Dec 
30, 1915, daughter of William Park 
er and Sarah Etta Lee Cook; chil 
dren, Lola Elizabeth (Mrs. Walter 
Leabo, Jr.), Shreveport, La.; Grace 
Doris; pastor, First Ch., Jasper, 
Tex., 1912-1913; pastor, First Ch., 
Calvert, Tex., 1914-18; missionary, 
S. B. C, 1918-1930; Pres., Girls' 
School, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1919-28; 
supply, Highland Ch., Shreveport, 
La., 1925 ; supply, First Ch., Orange, 
Tex., 1928-30; pastor, Highland 
Ch., Shreveport, La., 1930-1933; 
First Ch., Jasper, Tex., 1933 to 
date; Pres., Bd. of Trustees, Bryan 
Bapt. Acad., 1916-18; State Mis. Bd., 
Sao Paulo, Brazil; Home Mis. Bd., 
Natl. Conv., Brazil; Exec Com., So. 
Brazil Mission; State Mis. Bd. and 
Exec. Com., La. Conv. ; faculty mem- 
ber, La. State, Southwest La., and' 
Tex. State Encampments; Pres., 
Dist. 3, Tex. State S. S.; athletic 
editor, "Lariat" and "Round-up," 
Baylor Univ., 1909-1910; co-author: 
"In the Land of the Southern 
Cross"; co-organizer, World War 
Red Cross Liberty Loan Drives; or- 
ganizer, Boy Scouts, Jasper, Tex., 
1912; American Chamber of Com., 
Sao Paulo, Brazil; Pres., Ministerial 
Assn., Orange, Tex., Shreveport, 
La.; Kiwanis; Dist. Chmn., Boy 
Scouts, Jasper, Tex., 1934-35; Chmn., 
Red Cross Roll Call, Jasper Co., 
Tex., 1933-35; Hon. member, Sunset 
Grove Golf Club, Orange, Tex.; 
Club A. Paulistano, and Sao Paulo 
Country Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 
Pres., Am. Current Events Club, Sao 
Paulo, Brazil; honorary member, 
Shreveport and Broadmoor Country 
Clubs, Shreveport, La.; Mason, 
Beta Theta Pi; Bres., Press Club, 



Baylor Univ., 1910; varsity letters, 
tennis, basketball, track, Baylor 
Univ. Address: P. 0. Box 416, Jas- 
per, Tex. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Montgomery, Ala.; born, Hico, Tex., 
Jan. 6, 1890; son of Perry Monroe 
and Margaret Marie Smith Inzer; 
education, Peacock Military School; 
Southwest Texas Normal School; 
Simmons College, D.D.; Southwest- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
married, Marie LaMitis Smith of 
Sylacauga, Ala., Dec. 21, 1918; or- 
dained, 1909; pastor, South Avon- 
dale Baptist Church, Birmingham, 
Ala., 1913-1917; pastor, Dauphin 
Way Baptist Church, Mobile, Ala., 
1917; chaplain, U. S. Army, 1918- 
1919; national organizer American 
Legion, 1919; national chaplain, 
1920; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Chattanooga, Tenn., 1919-1920; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Mont- 
gomery, Ala., 1930 to date; trustee, 
Tennessee Baptist College; member, 
Home Mission Board, Southern 
Baptist Church; Tennessee Baptist 
Mission Board; president, General 
Pastors' Association, Chattanooga, 
1928-1929; past national chaplain 
Sons Confederate Veterans; Mason, 
Shriner, K. of P. Address: First 
Baptist Church, Montgomery, Ala. 


Executive Secretary, La. Bapt. 
Brotherhood; born near Hammond, 
La., March 11, 1897; son of Sarah 
Arnold and Arthur N. Isom; educa- 
tion, Y. M. C. A. Preparatory, Den- 
ver, Colo., Chenet Inst., New Or- 
leans, Loyola Univ., New Orleans, 
D.D.S. degree; married Inez Voor- 
hies, April 24, 1924; children, Iris 
Mae, Jaqueline Ann, Roberta Inez, 
Peggy Jean; practiced dentistry, 
Hammond, La., June, 1924-27; Baton 
Rouge, La., 1927-29; Sec, Bapt. 
Brotherhood, La., 3 yrs. and 6 mos.; 
dentistry, Shreveport, La., since 
July, 1932; Calvary Ch., Denver, 
Colo.; First Ch., New Orleans, La.; 
Hammond, La.; Emmanuel Ch., Ba- 
ton Rouge, La»; First Ch., and 

Highland Ch., Shreveport, La.; Sec, 
State Brotherhood, since 1929; act- 
ive deacon; Scoutmaster, 3% yrs.; 
denominational: Pres., Hammond 
Baptist Brotherhood, 1925; Tangi- 
pahoa Assn. Brotherhood, 1926; au- 
thor: "The Baptist Brotherhood 
Manual." Address: 428 Rutherford 
St., Shreveport, La. 


Pastor, West Asheville Baptist 
Church, Asheville, N. C; born, 
Sandersville, Ga., Mar. 19, 1899; 
son of Sallie Pilcher and George 
N. Ivey of Sandersville, Ga.; edu- 
cation, Mercer University and 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, receiving A.B. and Th.M. de- 
grees; ordained, September, 1920; 
married Eunice Viola Kersey of Sa- 
vannah, Ga., May 22, 1924; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Kersey; 
children, James A., Jr., and Helen 
Ruth; pastor, Four Oakes Baptist 
Church, Four Oakes, N. C, 3 years; 
pastor, Highland Baptist Church, 
Hickory, N. C, 15 months; Sunday 
School field worker, North Caro- 
lina, 7 months; North Carolina B. 
Y. P. U. secretary, 4 years; pastor, 
West Asheville Baptist Church, 
Asheville, N. C, 4 years; trustee, 
Fruitland Institute; vice-president, 
State Pastor's Conference; chair- 
man, Boncombe Association Promo- 
tion Convention. Address: 22 Bol- 
som Ave., Asheville, N. C. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Troy, Ala.; born, Talladega, Ala., 
Aug. 9, 1902; son of Jane Baker 
of Kymulga, Ala., and James H. 
Ivey of Talladega, Ala.; education, 
Wake Forest College; University of 
Alabama; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, and Chicago Uni- 
versity, receiving B.A., M.A., and 
Th.M. degrees; ordained, June, 
1926; married Ida Glover Cross of 
Louisville, Ky., June 11, 1929; 
daughter of Mary Short and Hugh 
Cross; children, Mary Jean; assist- 
ant pastor, Fourth Avenue Baptist 
Church, Louisville, Ky. ; assistant 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Tus- 



caloosa, Ala.; pastor, Wetumpka, 
Ala., 1929-1932; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, West Point, Ga., 1933- 
J.934; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Troy, Ala., 1934 to date; member, 
Executive Board; Executive Com- 
mittee of the Board; recording sec- 
retary, Board and Committee; presi- 
dent, Alabama Baptist Sunday 
School Convention, 1934-1935; So- 
cial Service Commission, 1934-1935; 
Phi Gamma Delta, Kiwanis. Home: 
College St., Troy, Ala.; office: First 
Baptist Church, College St., Troy, 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sa- 
vannah, Ga. ; born, Mansfield, Ga., 
Jan. 31, 1886; son of Sarah Emma 
McCart of Covington, Ga., and Rob- 
ert Foster Jackson of Mansfield, 
Ga.; education, A.B., and D.D., Mer- 
cer University, and Th.M., South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
ordained, Dec. 13, 1908, Hayston, 
Ga.; married Adeline Eulaine Ad- 
ams of Royston, Ga., Sept. 4, 1923; 
daughter of Geo. A. and Edna 
Brown Adams; children, Elizabeth 
Eulaine and Martha George; pastor, 
Union Hill, Jones County, Georgia, 
1908-1910; pastor, Hebron Baptist 
Church, Jasper County, 1909; pas- 
tor, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, 
Butts County, 1909-1915; pastor, 
Macedonia Baptist Church, Butts 
County, 1910-1913; pastor, Moores 
Chapel Baptist Church, Butts Coun- 
ty, 1912-1914; pastor, Flovilla Bap- 
tist Church, Butts County, 1912- 
1915; pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, 
Jasper County, 1912-1915; pastor, 
Danville Baptist Church, Twiggs 
County, 1914-1915; pastor, Sligo 
Baptist Church, Sulphur, Ky., 1917- 
1918; pastor Dry Ridge Baptist 
Church, Grant County, Kentucky, 
1917; pastor, Verona, Ky., 1918; 
supply pastor, Tatnall Square Bap- 
tist Church, Macon, Ga., 1918; sup- 
ply pastor, Ft. Valley Baptist 
Church, 1918; pastor, Royston 
Baptist Church, Royston, Ga., 1919- 
1920; pastor, Pleasant Grove Bap- 
tist Church, Franklin County, Geor- 
gia, 1919; pastor, First Baptist 

Church, Barnesville, Ga., 1920-1926; 
pastor, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, 
Barnesville, 1923-1924; pastor, An- 
tioch Baptist Church, Barnesville, 
1923-1924; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Hendersonville, N. C, 1926- 
1931; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Savannah, Ga., 1931 to date; clerk, 
Central Baptist Association, Geor- 
gia, 1909-1915; member, Board of 
Trustees, Bessie Tift College, 1922- 
1926; secretary, Board Trustees, 
Fruitland Institute, 1927-1931; 
member Board Trustees, North 
Carolina Baptist Hospital, 1927- 
1928; Promotion Committee, North 
Carolina, 1930-1931; clerk, Carolina 
Association, 1930-1931; preacher, 
North Carolina Baptist Convention 
Sermon, 1931; Board of Trustees, 
Mercer University, 1932 to date; ex- 
officio member, Georgia Executive 
Committee, 1934-1935; vice presi- 
dent, Georgia Baptist Convention, 
1934-1935; author, newspaper ar- 
ticles and tracts; Civitan Club, 
1923-26, Kiwanis, K. of P., F. and A. 
M. Home: 504 E. 50th St., Savan- 
nah, Ga.; office: First Baptist 
Church, Savannah, Ga. 


Pastor, Texico, Aztec and Mel- 
rose, N. M., Melrose, N. M.; born 
near Trenton, Tenn., May 21, 1867; 
son of Sarah B. Bradshaw and Car- 
rol Jackson of Tennessee; educa- 
tion, B.A., Baptist University, Jack- 
son, Tenn.; ordained, September, 
1892; married Cora May Rosaman 
of Gadsden, Tenn., June 13, 1889; 
daughter of John W and Mary War- 
math Rosaman; children, Jessie 
(Mrs. W. C. Fielden), Gladstone, N. 
M.; pastor, McNairy, Tenn., and 
superintendent schools, 4 years; 
pastor, Maury City, Tenn., 6 years; 
pastor, Laneview, Tenn., teacher of 
Greek and Natural Science, Lane- 
view College, 4 years; pastor, Lex- 
ington, Watonga, Wayuoka, Okla., 
5 years; pastor, Texico, Aztec, and 
Melrose, N. M., 25 years; member, 
Baptist State Mission Board, New 
Mexico, 2 years. Address: Melrose, 
N. M. 




Pastor, Baptist Church, Harrison- 
burg, Virginia; born, Front Royal, 
Virginia, July 2, 1867; son of Cor- 
nelia Maria Kerfoot, Fauquier 
County, Virginia, and John Rich- 
ard Jackson, Front Royal, Va. ; edu- 
cation, Front Royal High School; 
B.S., B.A., George Washington Uni- 
versity; Th.G., Crozer Theological 
Seminary; D.D., University of 
Richmond; ordained, Oct. 28, 1892; 
New Duluth, Minn.; married Cor- 
nelia Mclver Davis, Charleston, S. 
C, Oct. 7, 1902; daughter of Col. 
Zimmerman Davis and Cornelia 
Jane Mclver; children, Zimmerman 
Davis, B. C. S., Baltimore, Md., 
Eugene Kerfoot, B.S., Civil En- 
gineering, Culpeper, Va., John Mc- 
lver, B.S., M.D., Huntersville, N. C, 
Richard Andrew, B.A., student, law 
school, Univ. of Va. ; pastor, New 
Duluth, Minn., 1892-1895; pastor, 
Winchester, Va., 1896-1901; pas- 
tor, Summerville, S. O, 1901-1905; 
pastor, Blacksburg, Va., 1905-1912; 
pastor, Warrenton, Va., 1912-1916; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Alex- 
andria, Va., 1916-1923; pastor, Lex- 
ington, Va., 1923-1928; pastor, Har- 
risonburg, Va., since 1928; denom- 
inational moderator, Potomac and 
Augusta Associations, Virginia; 
twice vice president, General As- 
sociation of Virginia; chairman, 
Building Committee, Memorial to 
Religious Liberty (Washington) of 
Southern Baptist Convention Com- 
mittee; trustee, University of Rich- 
mond; first vice president, Virginia 
Baptist Historical Society; author, 
The Romance of Historic Alexan- 
dria; general, addresses before 
General Association of Virginia; 
Alumni address at Crozer Theolog- 
ical Seminary; address, Northern 
Baptist Convention, National Me- 
morial; address in Washington at 
dedication of National Memorial to 
Religious Liberty; many commence- 
ment sermons, frequent addresses 
before colleges, speaker at church 
dedications and anniversaries, ad- 
dresses before teachers' associations. 

Home address: 206 Newman Ave., 
Harrisonburg, Va.; office: Baptist 
Church, Harrisonburg, Va. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wusih, China 
born, Trenton, S. C, Aug. 15, 1892 
educated, Furman University, A.B. 
Southern Baptist Theological Sem 
inary; appointed June 11, 1919 
evangelistic Work. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Wusih, China; 
born, McGregor, Tex., Feb. 4, 1894; 
educated, Baylor Academy; Baylor 
University; married J. E. Jackson, 
Dec. 20, 1922; appointed June 8, 
1921; Evangelistic Work. 


Judge, Chancery Court, Mississip- 
pi; born, Summit, Miss., May 20, 
1882; son of Alice Causey and 
Thomas N. Jackson; education, pub- 
lic schools; Mississippi College; 
Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.; 
LL.B. degree; married Edith Bates, 
Liberty, Miss., Apr. 28, 1909; daugh- 
ter of Charles C. and Maud E. 
Bates; children, Charles N., New 
York, N. Y., Jean Jackson, Robert 
E. Jackson, Jr.; practiced law since 
1907; Judge of Circuit Court; 
Judge, Chancery Court; denomina- 
tional, superintendent Sunday 
School Liberty and First Baptist 
Church, Cleveland for 28 years; 
moderator, Bolivar County Baptist 
Association, 12 years; member, 
Board Trustees, Mississippi College; 
member, Board Mississippi State 
Convention; treasurer, First Bap- 
tist Church, Cleveland, Miss.; 
chairman, Board Deacons, First 
Baptist Church, Cleveland, Miss. 
Address: Cleveland, Miss. 


Dean of Administration, Wom- 
en's College, U. N. C, Greensboro, 
N. C. ; born, Hayston, Ga., June 
2fc, 1879; son of Jane Granade of 
Rockdale County, Georgia, and Al- 



bert L. Jackson, Newton County, 
Georgia; education, Mercer Uni- 
versity; Chicago University and 
Columbia University, receiving B. 
S. and LL.D. degrees; married Mat- 
tie R. Redford of Raleigh, N. C, 
1903; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. 
C. Redford; children, Walter Clin- 
ton, Jr., Virginia E., and Lilian 
M.; teacher, Georgia Public Schools, 
1900-1902; teacher and principal, 
Greensboro High School, 1902-1909; 
professor, History, Woman's Col- 
lege, 1909-1932; Dean of Woman's 
College, 1915-1922; vice-president, 
Woman's College, 1922-1932'; Dean, 
School Public Administration, U. N. 
C, 1932-1934; Dean, Administration, 
Woman's College, 1934 to date; 
author, "Boys Life of Booker T. 
Washington," co-author, "Poems by 
American Negroes," co-author, "The 
Story of North Carolina;" presi- 
dent, North Carolina State Literary 
and Historical Association, 1924; 
president, North Carolina Confer- 
ence for Social Service, 1925; presi- 
dent, Southern Commission on In- 
ter-Racial Cooperation, 1928-1932. 
Home: 1102 Spring Garden St., 
Greensboro, N. C; office: Woman's 
College, U. N. C, Greensboro, N. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pingtu, China; 
born, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 23, 
1892; education, Georgetown Col- 
lege, B.S., 1917; appointed July 3, 
1917; went into army; reappointed 
June, 1920; Boys' School. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Pingtu, China; 
born, Simpson County, Kentucky, 
January, 1891; educated, George- 
town College; W. M. U. Training 
School, one year; appointed Febru- 
ary, 1922; married R. A. Jacob, 
May, 1922; Educational Work. 


Recording secretary, Maryland 
W. M. U.; born, Baltimore, Md., 

September 12; daughter of Ada 
Laws, Accomac County, Virginia, 
and Richard Currie Lee, Middlesex 
County, Virginia; education West- 
ern High School, Baltimore, Md.; 
married James Monroe Jacques, 
New York, Feb. 7, 1917; denomina- 
tional, State Mission Board, Mary- 
land Baptist Union Association; Ad- 
visory Board, W. M. U., Maryland; 
recording secretary, Maryland W. 
M. U.; Missionary Committee, Uni- 
versity Baptist Church, Baltimore, 
Md. Address: 2843 N. Calvert St., 
Baltimore, Md. 


Pastor, First Ch., Phenix City, 
Ala.; born, Norcross, Ga., 1872'; son 
of Mary Anne Street of Ga., and 
John Shelton James of Greenville, 
S. C; education, A.B., Ouachita Col., 
Th.M., Southern Sem.; ordained, 
1900; married Sallie May Bond, 
1904; children, Mary Bond (Mrs. F. 
C. Randall), Americus, Ga., ana 
Martha Dell (Mrs. Montague Cook), 
Brewton, Ala.; pastor, Morrillton, 
Ark., 2 yrs. ; Columbia, Ala., 3 yrs.; 
Oxford, Ala., 3% yrs.; Searcy, Ark., 
2 yrs.; Lineville, Ala., 3 yrs.; Haley- 
ville, Ala., 3 yrs.; Attalla, Ala., 5 
yrs.; Phenix Lity, Ala., 1924-...., 
entering into twelfth year; denomi- 
national: member, Ark. State Bd. 
and Bd. of Education, member of 
State Bd. in Ala., 3 yrs., and Russell 
Co. Assn., past 3 yrs.; served on 
Red Cross and Temperance Com. 
Address: Phenix City, Ala. 


Pastor, First Church, Cisco, Tex.; 
born, Butler, Okla., March 1, 1900; 
son of Sophronia Turner of Weath- 
erford, Tex., and Albert D. James of 
Dover, Ark.; education, Okla. Bapt. 
Univ., A.B., Southwestern Teachers 
Col.; ordained June, 1922; married 
Opal Clark of Leedey, Okla., Sept. 
1, 1925, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 
L. Clark; children, Ramona, Shirley 
Sue, Billie Ewing, Jo Ann; Supt., 
public schools, Cheyenne and Ham- 
mon, Okla., 2 yrs.; pastor, Leedey, 
Okla., 4 yrs.; Custer City, Okla., 2 



yrs. ; Liberal, Kansas, 2% yrs.; 
First Ch., Cisco, Tex., 5% yrs. to 
date; denominational: trustee, 
Howard Payne Col.; Vice Mod., 
Cisco Assn.; A. F. and A. M., But- 
ler, Okla.; Pres., Eastland Co., Pas- 
tors' Assn. Address: Cisco, Tex. 


Pastor, First Church, Logan, N. 
Mex. ; born, Gideon, Okla., April 5, 
1904; son of Mary Lou and William 
R. James of Gideon, Okla.; educa- 
tion, 0. B. U., Shawnee, Okla., work- 
ing on A.B., Baylor Univ.; ordained, 
Waco, Tex.; married Aldine Hel- 
lams of Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. 
27, 1930, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. E. Hellams; children, William 
Harold; evangelistic work, Okla. 
and Colo., 2 yrs.; Y. M. C. A. work, 
Waco, Tex., 5 yrs.; Assoc. Sec, Y. M. 
C. A., Waco, 2 yrs.; pastor, First 
Ch., Slick, Okla., 2' yrs.; half-time 
churches, First Ch., Logan, N. M., 
and First Ch., Santa Rosa, N. M.; 
denominational: Gen. Sec, Assnl. 
work, Tucumcari Bapt. S. S. Assn. 
Address: Box 174, Logan, N. Mex 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Tus- 
caloosa, Ala.; born, Kelly's Ford, 
Culpeper County, Virginia, Dec. 
29, 1880; son of Harriet Elizabeth 
Kelly and Rev. Fleet Henderson 
James; education, A.B., LL.B., D. 
D., Richmond University; Th.M., 
Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; ordained, 1908; married 
Jessie Jenkins Truett, Oct. 9, 1917; 
children, George Truett, Powhatan 
Wright, Josephine; practiced law, 
Richmond, Va., 2*4 years; pastor, 
Nowata, Okla., Selma, Ala., Gaston 
Avenue Baptist Church, Dallas, 
Tex., First Baptist Church, Lynch- 
burg, Va., until 1925; pastor, Im- 
manuel Baptist Church, Nashville, 
Tenn., 1926-1932; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1934 
to date; instructor, English Bible, 
Alabama University; author, "Rea- 
sons for Christian Eudcation" (first 
prize, nation-wide contest), 1914; 
contributor on religious subjects; 
adult Bible Class Lessons, Baptist 

Sunday School Board; associate ed- 
itor, Kappa Alpha Journal; Rich- 
mond Light Infantry Blues, 1906- 
1908, Kappa Alpha, Mason, Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Address: Tus- 
caloosa, Ala. 


Pastor, North Baptist Church, 
Kannapolis, N. C; born, near 
Marshville, Union County, North 
Carolina, Feb. 26, 1907; son of 
Druoella Evelyn and J. Sylvester 
James of Marshville, N. C; or- 
dained, Sept. 28, 1930; married Viola 
Elizabeth Price of Monroe, N. C, 
July 26, 1925; daughter of John 
Luther and Ella Gertrude Price; 
one daughter, Marjorie Nell James; 
farmer; textile worker, five 
years; organized and pastor, North 
Baptist Church, Kannapolis, N. C, 
1930 to date. Address: Box 546 
Kannapolis, N. C. 


Pastor, Williamsburg Churc h, 
Williamsburg, Va. ; born, Planters- 
ville, Tex., June 17, 1867; son of 
Annie Pedelia Howell and William 
Wesley James; education, A.B., D. 
D., Univ. of Richmond; Th.D., 
Southern Sem.; ordained, Beech- 
land Ch., Valley Station, Ky., Dec. 
25, 1904; married Minnie Lou Ken- 
nedy, June 20, 1894, daughter of 
John Thomas and Anna Johnson 
Kennedy; children, Margaret Es- 
telle, deceased; pastor, Russellville, 
Ky., 1905-1907; Grove Ave. Ch., 
Richmond, Va., 1907-1920; Cor. Sec, 
Education Bd., Southern Conv., Bir- 
mingham, Ala.. 1920-24; Pres., Beth- 
el Col.. 1924-28; pastor, Williams- 
burg, Va., 1928 to 1936; Va. Bapt. 
Historical Soc, Southern Bapt. His- 
torical Soc; Beta Theta Pi. Ad- 
dress: 2622 Idlewood Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ox- 
ford, Ala.; born, Rosser, Ala., Apr. 
11. 1886; son of Eliza McAnn of 
Choctaw County, Ala., and Lytle 
Edward James of Sumter County, 



Alabama; education, Howard Col- 
lege; Alabama University; Roches- 
ter Theological Seminary; Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; re- 
ceiving A.B., and Th.G. degrees; 
ordained, Sept. 8, 1908; married 
Kathrina Brown of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 
Aug. 8, 1917; daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Robison Brown; children, 
Katherine, William King Edward, 
Jr., Stella Elizabeth, Marion Cor- 
delle, and Robison Brown; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Holt, Ala., 3 years; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Camden, 
Ala., 2% years; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Greensboro, Ala., 2% years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Key 
West, Fla., 2 x / 2 years; pastor, Col- 
lege Street Baptist Church, Dade 
City, Fla., 4% years; pastor, South- 
side Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., 2 years; Florida Baptist Board 
of Missions, 4 years. Home: 200 
W. Oak St., Oxford, Ala.; office: 
P. O. Box 4, Oxford, Ala. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ho- 
bart, Okla.; born, Paris, Tenn., 
March 27, 1896; son of Lillie Wes- 
cot and Edward Wesley Janes of 
Paris, Tenn.; education, Hall Moody 
Institute, Union University, receiv- 
ing B.O. degree; married Rubye 
Cooper of Paris, Tenn., Sept. 10, 
1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
J. Cooper; children, Dathel Lee 
Janes, Edwinna Joy, Arline; pastor, 
Wynnburg Baptist Church, 7 years, 
Wynnburg, Tenn. ; pastor, Big Sandy 
Baptist Church, Big Sandy, Tenn., 
3 years; pastor, West Paris Baptist 
Church, West Paris, Tenn., 3 years; 
pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, 
Paris, Tenn., 3 years; mission work, 
1914-1920; pastor, Mt. Lebanon Bap- 
tist Church, Paris, Tenn., 3 years; 
pastor, Texhoma, Okla., 18 months; 
pastor, Cardell, Okla., 2% years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Ho- 
bart, Okla., 10 years; evangelist; 
State Board, Oklahoma, 4 years; 
assistant moderator, Concord-Kiowa 
Association, 6 years; member, 
Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Bap- 
tist Univ., 1 yr., now member State 
Bd., term 4 yrs.; author, newspaper 

articles; addressed high schools 
and colleges. Address: 121 Jeffer- 
son St., Hobart, Okla. 


Chairman, Board, General Shoe 
Corporation, Nashville, Tenn.; born, 
Murfreesboro, Tenn., July 28, 1867; 
son of Penelope Corothers and Geo. 
Washington Jarman; education, M. 
A., Union University; married Eu- 
genia Maxey of Louisville, Ky., Jan. 
6, 1903; daughter of J. W. and At- 
tie Miller Maxey; children, Walton 
Maxey, Mrs. T. P. Kennedy, Jr., and 
James Franklin, Jr.; shoe manu- 
facturer, Nashville, Tenn., 1903 to 
date; member, Board of Deacons, 
First Baptist Church, Nashville, 
Tenn.; member, Sunday School 
Board of Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion; member, Board Trustees, Geo. 
Peabody College for Teachers, 
Nashville, Tenn. Home: Golf Club 
Lane, Nashville, Tenn.; office: care 
of General Shoe Corporation, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Yangchow, 
China; born, Roanoke, Ala., Sept. 
21, 1892; educated, University of 
Alabama; University of Valparaiso, 
Ind.; graduate, Florence State Nor- 
mal, 1919; Southwestern Training 
School; M. M. T., 1923; appointed 
June, 1923; Girls' School. 


Member of Executive Board, W. 
M. U., Alabama, and superintend- 
ent, Home Department, Roanoke, 
Ala.; born, Tennille, Ga., Mar. 27, 
1872; daughter of Thenie Wilds 
Singriefield of Eufaula, Ala., and 
Charles Irwin Davis of Tennille, 
Ga.; education, High School, Ten- 
nille, Ga.; married James Albert 
Jeffers of Wrightsville, Ga., Nov. 
29, 1888; children, Irene, Yang- 
chow Ku, China, Eugene, Washing- 
ton, D. C, Charlie, Washington, D. 
C, Mae Lillie (Mrs. O. C. Bartlelt), 
Claribel, Hendersonville, N. C, 
Kathleen .(Mrs. S. V. Roach), 
Miami, Fla., Ruth (Mrs. John D. H. 



Lester), San Angelo, Tex., Joe, 
Miami, Fla., Jack, Washington, D. 
C, James A., Oakland, Calif., Clare, 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Willie, Miami, 
Fla., Livingstone, Richmond, Va., 2 
children deceased; training her 
children for 48 years; housewife; 
Alabama W. M. U. Board, 5 years; 
Stewardship chairman, County, 7 
years; president, Missionary So- 
ciety, (W. M. S.) Address: Ro- 
anoke, Ala. 


Pastor, Baptist Church, Rolla, 
Mo.; born, Canton, Mo., Feb. 3, 
1879; son of Elizabeth Smallwood 
and William Jeffries of Canton, 
Mo.; education, B.S., LaGrange Col- 
lege; D.D., Crozer Seminary; or- 
dained, Lewistown, Mo., Mar. 3, 
1904; married Alma Wilson of Lew- 
istown, Mo., June 10, 1903; daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilson; 
children, Luciele (Mrs. Walkley), 
St. Louis, Mo., William, Farming- 
ton, Mo., Ruth, James M., Alyce, 
St. Louis, Mo.; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Randall, Kan., 1904-1906; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Freeland, 
Penn., 1908-1910; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Gettysburg, S. D., 1910- 
1912; state evangelist, South Da- 
kota, 1912-1916; pastor,. Baptist 
Church, Algona, la., 1916-1918; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Louisiana, Mis- 
souri, 1918-1925; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Shelbina, Mo., 1925-1927; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Farming- 
ton, Mo., 1927-1929; president, Will 
Mayfield College, Marble Hill, Mo., 
1929-1931; pastor, Morley Baptist 
Church, Morley, Mo., 1931-1934; pas- 
tor, Baptist Church, Rolla, Mo., 1934 
to date; clerk, Phelps County Bap- 
tist Association, Missouri; Scout 
Executive, I. O. O. F., A. F. and 
A. M.; Mason. Home: 100 E. 15th 
St., Rolla, Mo.; office: Olive at 7th 
St., Rolla, Mo. 


Pastor, Boiling Springs Baptist 
Church, Boiling Springs, N. C; 
born, Albemarle, N. C, July 16, 
1883; son of Elizabeth Littleton and 
Lewis Tyson Jenkins of Albemarle, 

N. C; education, A.B., Wake For- 
est College; Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary; ordained, South- 
port, N. C, June, 1910; married 
Kate McArn Watson of Wagram, N. 
C, Jan. 2, 1916; daughter of D. A. 
and Ella McNeill Watson; children, 
James L., Jr., Catherine, Ella Mc- 
Neill, Betty Lew; pastor, Bagdad, 
Ky.; pastor, Pleasant Grove, Ky., 
2 years; pastor, Parkton, N. C, 8 
years; state evangelist, North Caro- 
lina, State Mission Board, 3 years; 
pastor, First Baptist Church, Uma- 
tilla, Fla., 4 years; president, Boil- 
ing Springs College, 3 years; pastor, 
Boiling Springs, N. C, 9 years to 
date; North Carolina Baraca Ex- 
ecutive Board; moderator, Lake 
County, Florida; Pastors Relations 
Committee, North Carolina, State 
Convention; author, "Perils and 
Possibilities of Home." Address: 
Boiling Springs, N. C. 


President, Foreign Mission Board, 
Southern Baptist Convention, Rich- 
mond, Va.; born, Richmond, Va., 
Nov. 3, 1882; son of Rosa King and 
Luther Howard Jenkins of Rich- 
mond, Va. ; education, Univ. of 
Richmond; married Ruby S. God- 
ley of Dallas, Tex., Feb. 20, 1907, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. God- 
ley; children, L. Howard, Jr.; presi- 
dent, Foreign Mission Board, South- 
ern Baptist Convention; trustee, 
University of Richmond; trustee, 
Fork Union Military Academy; di- 
rector, Y. M. C. A.; director, West-, 
hampton Citizens Association; dea- 
con, First Baptist Church, Rich- 
mond, Va.; former superintendent, 
Sunday School, First Baptist 
Church, Richmond, Va.; former 
member, Board of Missions and 
Education; former moderator, Do- 
ver Baptist Association; director, 
Chamber of Commerce; former di- 
rector. Children's Home Society, 
Virginia; Advisory Board, Baptist 
Home for Aged Women; Board of 
Negro Welfare Agency; chairman, 
Finance Committee, Sons of the 
American Revolution; president, L. 
H. Jenkins, Inc., Edition Book 



Manufacturers; active in many civ- 
ic enterprises. Home: 5908 Three 
Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va.; office: 
2201 W. Broad St., Richmond, Va. 


Pastor, First Baptist Church, Abi- 
lene, Tex.; born, Asheville, N. C, 
Nov. 17, 1872; son of Nancy Jones 
and Alford Jefferson Jenkins of 
Asheville, N. C; education, Judson 
College, Wake Forest College, elect- 
ive course, research in Europe, 
D.D., Bethel College; ordained, 
French Broad Avenue Baptist 
Church, Asheville, N. C, September, 
1892; married Margaret Holman of 
Athens, Ga., June 14, 1911, daugh- 
ter of Col. and Mrs. W. S. Holman; 
children, Margaret Edelweiss, Mil- 
dred Lucile, Holman, Millard Al- 
ford, Jr.; book seller; teacher, 
country schools; evangelist; pastor, 
Biltmore, N. C, 1891-1892; pastor, 
Waynesville, N. C, 1893-1895; pas- 
tor, Tattreall Square Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 1896-1898; pas- 
tor, East Side Baptist Church, Ma- 
con, Ga., 1899-1901; pastor, First 
Baptist Church, Dublin, Ga., 1902- 
1905; pastor, First Baptist Church, ' 
Hopkinsville, Ky., 1906-1908; pas- 
tor, First Baptist Church, Athens, 
Ga., 1909-1910; pastor, First Baptist 
Church, Owensboro, Ky., 1911; pas- 
tor, Twenty-second and Walnut 
St., Louisville, Ky., 1913; pastor, 
Calvary Baptist Church, Asheville, 
N. C, 1914-1915; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Abilene, Tex., 1915 to 
date; president. Executive Board, 
Texas General Convention; Sunday 
School Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention; moderator, Sweetwater 
Baptist Association; trustee, Har- 
din-Simmons University; founder 
and trustee, Texas Baptist Sani- 
torium; author: "Archangel of 
Death," "Sunday School for the 
Times"; Abilene Texas Civic Club, 
Odd Fellow, K. of P. Home: 320 
Beech, Abilene, Tex.; office: 320 
Hickory, Abilene, Tex. 


Pastor, Tecumseh Baptist Church, 
Tecumseh, Okla.; born, Afton, 

Okla., April 25, 1890; son of Margie 
Breeding of Eurika, Ark., and 
James Edward Jenks of Center, 
Mo.; education, A.B., Oklahoma 
Baptist University, Th.M., South- 
western Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, M.A., Oklahoma University; 
ordained, April, 1920, Shawnee, 
Okla.; married Tressie Jackson of 
Afton, Okla., May 25, 1920, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jackson; 
children, Jackson Lee, Edna Pearl; 
pastor, 15 years; author: "Federal 
Military Policy in Western Okla- 
homa, 1865-1885"; American Le- 
gion. Address: Box 555 Tecumseh, 


Pastor, First Ch., Bradenton, 
Fla.; born near Athens, Ga., Dec. 6, 
1883; son of Susie Thompson and 
Giles Robt. Jennings; education, 
Perry-Rainey Inst., Univ. of Ga., 
Southern Sem., Louisville; ordained 
Jan. 15, 1903; married Bertie Mil- 
ler of Auburn, Ga., Dec. 28, 1906, 
daughter of Rhoda and Henry Mil- 
ler; children, Serena and William 
B.; preached to rural and village 
churches, student days; Lawrence- 
ville, Ga., 2 yrs.; Greensboro, Ga., 
1% yrs.; First Ch., Dothan, Ala., 5 
yrs.; Prince Ave. Ch., Athens, Ga., 
6% yrs.; built commodious church 
house; First Ch., Bradenton, Fla., 
13% yrs. to date; denominational: 
member, State Bd., Ala.; trustee, 
Judson Col., Ala.; Orphanage trus- 
tee, Ga.; State Bd., Fla.; now mem- 
ber, Education Commn., S. B. C; 
author: a frequent contributor to 
denominational papers; Kiwanis 
Club; Mason. Address: Bradenton, 


Pastor, Merton Avenue Church, 
Memphis, Tenn. ; born, Cedar Falls, 
la., March 9, 1901; son of Mary 
Petersen of Independence, la., and 
George Jensen; education, H. S., 
A.B., Texas Christian Univ., Univ. 
of Redlands, Th.M., Southwestern 
Sem., Ft. Worth; ordained, 1924; 
married Rozella Viola Christensen 



of Selma, Calif., Sept. 6, 1923, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. 
Christensen; children, Viola Rose, 
deceased, Wendell Ray, deceased; 
pastor, Mildred Ch., Corsicana, Tex., 
1924-30; First Ch., Brady, Tex., 
1930-33; Merton Ave. Ch., Memphis, 
Tenn., since Aug., 1933; denomina- 
tional: Mod., Brady Bapt. Assn., 
1932 and 1933; Chmn., Program 
Com., Shelby Co. Assn., Tenn., 1936; 
pastor advisor, Shelby Co. Assnl. 
Training Union, 1935 and 1936; au- 
thor: numerous magazine articles; 
Rotary Club; member, Protestant 
Pastors' Assn., Memphis, Tenn.; 
Chmn., Program Com., Pastors' 
Assn., Memphis, 1936. Address: 337 
Merton Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 


Dean of Faculties, Oklahoma 
Baptist University, Shawnee, Okla.; 
born, Franklin, Ky., March 19, 
1877; son of Nannie Jackson of 
Franklin, Ky., and William Thomas 
Jent of Allen County, Ky.; educa- 
tion, Th.B., Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1907, Th.M. and 
B.L., Baylor University, A.B. and 
A.M., Yale University, Th.D., South- 
western Baptist Theologial Semi- 
nary, A.M., Columbia University, 
and LL.D., Oklahoma Baptist Uni- 
versity; ordained July 6, 1899, Ore- 
gon Baptist Church, Jasper County, 
Missouri; married Jesse Pollard of 
Columbia, Mo., Aug. 4, 1905, daugh- 
ter of Rev. S. H. and Nannie Jesse 
Pollard; children, William Pollard 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., and John Thomas 
Oklahoma City, Okla.; pastor, Lan 
caster, Tex., 1912-1913; pastor 
Henrietta, Tex., 1913-1914; regis 
trar and professor, Social Sciences 
Oklahoma Baptist University, 1914 
1917; professor, Sociology, 1916 
1926; acting dean, 1921; dean, 1922 
26; professor Rural Church and 
dean Theological Seminary, Mercer 
University, 1926-1928; president, 
Southwest Baptist College, 1928- 
1930; professor, Education and So- 
ciology, Union University, 1930- 
1932; acting dean, 1931; professor, 
Psychology and Philosophy, Okla- 
homa Baptist University, 1932 to 

date; vice president, 1932; dean of 
faculties, 1932 to date; trustee, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, 1924-1926; member, Edu- 
cation Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1924-1926; standardiza- 
tion and promotion commission of 
Board; chairman, Rural Church 
Commission, Georgia Baptist Con- 
vention, 1926-1927; trustee, South- 
ern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
vice president, Oklahoma Baptist 
General Convention, 1922-1923, 1925- 
1926; author: "Primacy of Perso- 
nality in Pedagogy," "Challenge of 
the County Church," "Rural Church 
Development," "Rural Church Prob- 
lems," "After Fifty-eight Years"; 
Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi; 
Southern Sociological Congress; 
Mason. Address: Okla. Baptist Uni- 
versity, Shawnee, Okla. 


General evangelist, Greenville, S. 
C; born, Clay County, Georgia, 
June 8, 1875; son of Thomas P. and 
Martha Frances Roberts Jester; 
education, student Southwest Geor- 
gia Agricultural and Military Col- 
lege, B.S., Mercer University, stu- 
dent Southern Seminary, D.D., Ok- 
lahoma State Baptist College, Beth- 
el College, Mercer University; or- 
dained, 1896; married Annie Allen 
Perry of Hartsville, S. C, Oct. 25, 
1900; children, Perry N., Dana E., 
Harold T., and Arthur M.; pastor. 
Georgia, 1897-1904; corresponding 
secretary, Georgia Baptist Educa- 
tion Board, 1906-1908; president, 
Oklahoma State Baptist College, 
1908-1910; pastor, Broadway Bap- 
tist Church, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1911- 
1915; field secretary, Foreign Mis- 
sion Board and University of Rich- 
mond, 1915-1918; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Greenwood, S. C, 1918- 
1922; pastor, First Baptist Church, 
Winston-Salem, N. C, 1922-1935; 
vice president, Oklahoma Baptist 
State Convention, 1909-1910; vice 
president, North Carolina Conven- 
tion, 1930; member, Mission Board, 
Oklahoma, 1909-1911; member, Edu- 
cation and Mission Boards, Texas, 
1912-1915, South Carolina, 1919- 



1922; member, Board of Trustees, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, 1924-1927; member, Executive 
Committee, Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, 1927-1930; member, Promo- 
tion Committee, Southern Baptist 
Convention, 1932-1933; vice presi- 
dent of Convention, 1932; member, 
North Carolina Interracial Commit- 
tee since 1931; president, General 
Board, State Baptist Convention, 
North Carolina, 1924-1935; Sigma 
Nu, Pi Gamma Mu, Civitan Club, 
S. A. R. Independent Democrat, Ma- 
son (32°, K. T., Shrine). Address: 
105 E. Prentiss Ave., Greenville, 
S. C. 


Assistant to editor, Western Re- 
corder, Louisville, Ky. ; born, Louis- 
ville, Ky., Feb. 22, 1898, son of Ger- 
trude Amanda Huggins, Louisville, 
Ky., and Curtis Davis Jewell, Elk 
Creek and Louisville, Ky. ; educa- 
tion, graduate, Clark Col. of Com- 
merce, Louisville, Ky., 1913; Beth- 
el Col., Russellville, Ky., 1924; A.B., 
Univ. of Louisville, 1931; Louisville 
School of Art, Southern Sem.; 
work: stenographer, Union Central 
Life Ins. Co.; office, Louisville, Ky., 
1913-14; stenographer, Louisville 
Freight Tariff Bureau, 1915-20; 
Sec. to ' Pres., Bethel Col., Russell- 
ville, Ky., 1920-24; artist, Sacksart 
Studios, Louisville, Ky., 1925; 
stenographer, Western Recorder, 
1926-29; assistant to editor, West- 
ern Recorder, since 1929; denomi- 
national: member, Long Run Bapt. 
Assn. Exec. Bd.. 1918-19; Pres., 
Bethel Assnl. B Y. P. U., Ky., 1922- 
23; author: "John Wikliffe" (manu- 
script), "Tennyson, the Artist" 
(manuscript), "Descendants of 
John Huggins of New Hampshire" 
(in preparation), "The Jewell Fam- 
ily of Spencer County, Ky." (in 
preparation); general: collector of 
data and source materials bearing 
on Baptist history in Kentucky. 
Address: 2629 Portland Ave.; busi- 
ness address: 205 E. Chestnut St., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Pastor, Cornelia Baptist Church, 
Cornelia, Ga. ; born, Acworth, Ga., 
Sept. 27, 1873; son of Henrietta 
Northcutt and J. N. Johnson of 
Acworth, Ga.; education, A.B., Mer- 
cer University, and Th.M., Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary; or- 
dained July 4, 1897, Acworth Bap- 
tist Church, Acworth, Ga.; married 
Minnie Glover of Flovilla, Ga., Dec. 
27, 1900, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
S. M. Glover; children, James 
Glover, New Haven, Conn., Ralph 
Newton, Rome, Ga., and Sarah Hen- 
rietta, Rome, Ga.; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Jacksonville, Ala., 3 years; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Attalla, 
Ala., 2 years; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Cornelia, Ga., 4% years; 
pastor, Baptist Church, Boaz, Ala., 
1 year; pastor, Baptist Church. Ox- 
ford, Ala., 7 years; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Macon, Ga., 5 years; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Jefferson, Ga., 4 
years; pastor, Baptist Church, Nor-' 
cross, Ga., 7 years; pastor, Baptist 
Church, Cornelia, Ga., 1% years; 
moderator, Lawrenceville Associa- 
tion, Georgia; moderator, Haber- 
sham County Association, Georgia; 
Executive Committee, Georgia Bap- 
tist Convention; Mason, Kiwanian. 
Address: Cornelia Ga. 


Southern Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sionary, stationed at Shanghai, 
China; born, Lumberton, N. C, Oct. 
2, 1879; educated, Meredith College, 
A.B.; W. M. U. Training School; 
married T. N. Johnson, July 9, 1916; 
appointed June, 1923; Shanghai 


Pastor, Third Baptist Church, St. 
Louis, Mo.; born, Anderson County, 
Tenn., Sept. 22, 1886; son of Mar- 
garet Isabel Shinliver and John 
Calvin Johnson of Anderson Coun- 
ty, Tennessee; education, Carson- 
Newman College, Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, receiving A. 
B., Th.M. and D.D. degrees; mar- 
ried Rose Lee Long of Morristown, 
Tenn., Sept. 6, 1910; children, Ralph 



M., Lynwood, Calif., Frank, Deni- 
son University, Granville, 0., Ruth 
E.; pastor, Baptist Church, New- 
port Beach, Calif., 1910-1911; pas- 
tor, South Park Baptist Church, Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1911-1915; pastor, 
Baptist Church, Campbellsburg, 
Ky., 1915-1920; pastor, First Bap- 
tist Church, Tacoma, Wash., 1920- 
1931; pastor, Third Baptist Church, 
St. Louis, 1931 to date; president, 
Northern Baptist Convention, 1932- 
1933; Board of Trustees, Shurtleff 
College, Alton, 111.; Board of Trus- 
tees, Hannibal-LaGrange College, 
Hannibal, Mo.; president, St. Louis 
Metropolitan Church Federation; 
Executive Committee, Anti-Saloon 
League; Executive Committee, St. 
Louis Mission Board; Executive 
Committee, Veterans' Bureau; Ki- 
wanis. Home: Gatesworth Hotel, 
245 N. Union Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; 
office: 620 N. Grand Ave., St. Louis, 


Pastor, First Bapt. Ch., Abbeville, 
Ala.; born, Samson, Ala., June 2, 
1900, son of Mary Elizabeth McDuf- 
fie, Samson, Ala., and Edwin Pink- 
ney Johnson, Pine Level, Ala.; edu- 
cation, Samson High School, Marion 
Military Inst., Howard Col., Univ. 
of Ala., Southern Sem.; degrees, 
A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.; ordained Aug. 

24, 1924; married Claudia Merle 
Summerville, Aliceville, Ala., Feb. 

25, 1928, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. M. Summerville; children, Claudia 
Anne, Edwin Eugene, Jr., Abbeville, 
Ala.; work: supply pastor, First 
Bapt. Ch., Decatur, Ala., 1926; pas- 
tor, Aliceville, Ala., 1926-29; pastor, 
several rural Ky. churches during 
graduate study at Sem., 1930-31; 
teacher, Bob Jones Col., 1932; pas- 
tor, Abbeville Bapt. Ch., since 
1933; denominational: member, 
Ala. State Bd. Ministerial Educa- 
tion; author: "The Minister's Re-